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01:06<hawk>Hi, what is the possibility of lish receiving bruteforce attack?
01:07<cmantito>how safe is your password?
01:07<hawk>safe enough
01:07<cmantito>I better check how secure your password is, what is it? ;)
01:08<hawk>oh sure..
01:08<hawk>lemme see how good is your guess
01:09<hawk>fun apart.. I can see several attempts from one of the linode on my lish screen
01:10<D[a]rkbeholder>how did you guess?
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01:58<warewolf>(speaking of passwords)
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03:54<mikegrb>fo0bar: ha ha, nuclear powered car
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04:11<konoko>is something up with host39 ??
04:12<mikegrb>yes, should just be another few minutes
04:12<konoko>thanks mikegrb
04:13<konoko>i guess i can go and get some breakfast and fix my ircd when i get back then... lol
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05:24<warewolf>man, what does it take to get php to recognize that libgd does infact support jpeg?!
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05:52<warewolf>I don't like how many FAILs I'm getting in 'make test' in php.
06:21<Redgore>anyone know of a good document on LDAP ?
06:25<warewolf>bang. got php working correctly FSCKING FINALLY
06:25<warewolf>good lord
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07:20<Viking69>Hi! Is Host39 down again?
07:22<OvrLrd-Q>yup, 2nd time today
07:23<Viking69>Anyone know what's wrong with it? I couldn't find info in the forum about either of the downtimes today
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07:26<OvrLrd-Q>not a clue
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07:54<alnr>everything ok on host39?
08:18<konoko>my linode seems to be down too
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08:21<alnr>can you lish to it?
08:21<linbot`>New news from forums: Outage: host39 in System and Network Status <>
08:22<FireSlash>gg linbot`
08:40<FireSlash>Fetched 13.5MB in 12s (1116kB/s)
08:40<FireSlash> <-- :drool:
08:40<FireSlash>(- the \r\n)
08:43<FireSlash>I'd move into the linode data center and live there if I could. Can't beat that kind of bandwidth :o
08:44<FireSlash>thats almost 9 megabits !!! :o
08:44<FireSlash>NIC: PeoplePC Online via Generic 56K HCF Data Fax Modem @ 26400 bps (Rec: 3.40MB Sent: 0.54MB)
08:44[~]FireSlash cries
08:59<warewolf>I'm confused.
08:59<warewolf>which do I use?
08:59<warewolf>OpenSWAN or KAME?
08:59<warewolf>and which one is preferred in linux?
08:59<warewolf>I thought one got officially added to the kernel
09:00<warewolf>I thought that KAME won, but according to, KAME is dead.
09:00<warewolf>someone hep me
09:00<warewolf>hep me plz
09:00<afv-13>it kame, it saw, it pisssed off
09:00[~]warewolf kicks webserver
09:01<OvrLrd-Q>bah, who uses bsd anyways ;)
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09:11<warewolf>alright I'm going home. I've put in my reqresite 10 hours.
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10:58<caker>ugh. that is all
10:58<linbot`>New news from forums: Outage: host39 (is now host37) in System and Network Status <>
10:58|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
10:59<OvrLrd-Q>we can rebuild him, we have the technology
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11:43<alnr>in what ways is host37 different from host39?
11:44<Redgore>different box, different number :P
11:46<alnr>but seriously
11:47<alnr>I assume its functionally identical (eg ip address etc) but any other difference? spec? is it a faster box?
11:48<alnr>bios level?
11:49<Redgore>it might be a different spec, but only ones who know for sure would be mikegrb and caker
11:49<Redgore>the site only states what hardware they use, not which hosts uses what
11:49<alnr>thats who i'm asking :)
11:50<iggy>then you may want to make them light up
11:50<alnr>light up?
11:50<Redgore>yer plug them into the mains :P
11:51<Redgore>say caker or mikegrb and their client will most likely highlight that
11:51<iggy>say their names... they don't just listen to every word spoken in here
11:51<iggy>and beep
11:51[~]alnr <- dug
11:51[~]alnr <- duh even
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11:52<alnr>the box seems subjectively a little snappier, (but i did not want to lead the question)
11:55<alnr>caker mikegrb pls see above
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13:56<neurosis>hey i got a question for the admin guys :) ...
13:56<neurosis>i am using your gentoo distro
13:56<neurosis>and for one i just wanna say its my first exp with gentoo and i love it
13:56<neurosis>dont worry im not here to ask for help with using gentoo
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13:58<afv-13>get on with it
13:58<neurosis>what i would like to know is... since this is an automated install... would it be possible for me to view the defaults set in it? what i mean is.. i would like to know what kind of configuration the automated install puts on when its used... and how you guys have it configured by default... if you have a logfile or index of some sort that would be wicked
13:58<neurosis>long line
13:59<neurosis>since i am not actaully installing it myself I just wanna be able to know what options were set... or if i could get a copy of the image used and view its settings...
13:59<afv-13>what options?
14:00<neurosis>well.. i mean.. installing gentoo is a fairly complex process... I look thru the handbook and I realize Since its automated I have no clue how this thing was built by whoever made the automated image...
14:02<neurosis>bah.. its no big deal just an idea..
14:02<neurosis>i guess i could figure it all out in reverse by checking everything in the system once installed
14:02<neurosis>just a thought
14:02<gpd>i imagine most info will be in /etc (or possibly in /var/log/?)
14:02<neurosis>yea i just thought of that as wel
14:02<afv-13>and also the package.list file
14:02<gpd> /var/log/debian-installer ;)
14:02<neurosis>ahh yes :)
14:02<afv-13>in var somewhere
14:04<neurosis>k thnx guys
14:04<gpd>is there anything in particular you need this info for? or just curious
14:06<gpd>--unroll --O7 --mineIsFasterThanYours --flameOn --gentooFTW :P
14:06[~]gpd runs
14:06<afv-13>you can't forget pipe
14:06<gpd>how about prelink... do that too :)
14:07<afv-13>that's not a cflag afaik
14:07<gpd>apt-get install prelink however :)
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14:07<OvrLrd-Q>mine is, it's an alias to fdisk and install debian :)
14:07<gpd>allegedly helps with kde
14:07<iggy>mandrake prelink's too
14:08<gpd>where does 'for the win' come from anyhow?
14:08<OvrLrd-Q>originally? I'd probably say Hollywood Squares
14:09<iggy>family feud?
14:10<OvrLrd-Q>well . . maybe
14:11<neurosis>gpd: just curious
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14:15<gpd>neurosis: be aware that several gentoo-linoders have resorted to offsite-emerge-funk to avoid problems with io_token deprivation
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14:16<mtrojnar>I entered in the middle of a conversation. Is it a good idea to use prelink on a Linode?
14:16<neurosis>i will be aware of that...
14:16<neurosis>although i have no idea what it means
14:16<gpd>you can also achieve the same 'learning experience' with rm -rf /etc on other systems :/
14:17<gpd>no - i was being a little facetious
14:17<OvrLrd-Q>nah, it's more fun to take out bin first
14:18<OvrLrd-Q>was reading some story about that some guy accidently did that
14:18<OvrLrd-Q>but they still had an editor
14:18<OvrLrd-Q>and backups, but deleted the programs to get stuff off the backups
14:18<OvrLrd-Q>so they had to do some weird coding by hand fu
14:19<neurosis>i've spent all weekend trying to get apache/sql/php lol
14:19<neurosis>i hate computers
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16:08<gpd>neurosis: just checking - but you do realize that you can setup LAMP on debian in a single line - apt-get install phpmyadmin <return>
16:13<neurosis>no i didnt
16:13<neurosis>never used debian
16:17<afv-13>debian is perfect for lazy people
16:19<neurosis>are you trying to say im fat?
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17:00<taupehat>debian is perfect for people who use their hardware for something other than emerging aka reinventing the wheel =P
17:01<afv-13>and for people who don't mind slightly slower packages
17:01<taupehat>yeah, that's true
17:01<taupehat>heaven knows I'm going to benefit from better framerate on my linode
17:01<cow>screw that, install window
17:02<taupehat>or 0.0004ms difference in page load from apache
17:02<taupehat>crontab -a
17:02<taupehat>ergh, wrong window =]
17:02<afv-13>your sarcasm needs work
17:03<cow>im beginning to like debian/ubuntu
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17:03<afv-13>debian, not ubuntu
17:03<cow>why not ubuntu?
17:04<taupehat>ubuntu is nice for desktops =]
17:04<taupehat>afv-13: we agree
17:04<taupehat>that whole sudo thing is silliness
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17:04[~]taupehat has kicked fo0bar in the shins!
17:04<cow>hehe thanks fo0bar... im glad it wasnt me who had to say it
17:04<fo0bar>cow: I live to please
17:05<fo0bar>cow: every 9 months or so the local LUG list gets into a "which ISP is best" flamewar. that's usually how I end it
17:06<cow>using logic against trolls just feeds them
17:06<gpd>however - explaining why something is useful may help others
17:06<cow>its nice to see a comparison between things
17:07<cow>but to startpretending like its something you own/created...
17:07<gpd>neurosis: didn't sound like he was too pleased with gentoo
17:07<gpd>i'm not sure what the big problem with sudo is - but if I agree with the complaint i may change my view
17:08<gpd>sudo -s seems to work when i need lots of root goodness
17:08<cow>-s --> gives you root shell?
17:08<gpd>or sudo su -
17:08<cow>is each command logged the same way as if you did sudo <command> ?
17:09<gpd>should all go into /var/log/auth.log
17:09<gpd>... actually it doesn't seem to be
17:09<gpd>not sure whether that is good or bad
17:10<cow>probably unavoidable... unless you modified the user's shell
17:10<cow>the root user's shell that is
17:10<gpd>actualy it may only be logged if i do something that requires permission
17:12<gpd>but then i don't suppose everything root does is normally logged on a system that doesn't use sudo?
17:12<cow>maybe in .bash_History
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17:14<fo0bar> <-- uhh
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17:40<encode_>fo0bar: lmao @ your $MYDISTRO line above
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18:52<efudd>wow. closest way to nevada is through alaska
18:53<taupehat>where the hell are you?
18:54<taupehat>looks like it took the wrong bus
18:54<taupehat>and it was in reno, too
18:54<taupehat>fo0bar: is that your package?
18:56<taupehat>I do find it ironic that they offer the "reduce future mistakes" feature right next to their rather egregious mistake
18:57<taupehat>efudd: it's like the closest way across reno is through alaska
18:58<fo0bar>taupehat: yeah
18:58<taupehat>fo0bar: did you phone fedex?
18:58<taupehat>I'm sure it would be an amusing call...
18:58<fo0bar>nah, I'm pretty sure it's actually in reno
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18:59<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I ate your chili, it was delicious, thanks
18:59<fo0bar>I don't think you could fly from reno to anchorage in 3 hours
18:59<fo0bar>mikegrb: YOU! you stole my chili!
18:59<fo0bar>it was in my fridge
18:59<fo0bar>then it was gone
18:59<@mikegrb>I know.
18:59<taupehat>the hours do add up
18:59<@mikegrb>It was in my stomach
18:59<@mikegrb>and then it was in the air
19:00<@mikegrb>don't normally fancy chilly but it was quite delicious
19:00<fo0bar>oh, am/pm
19:00<@mikegrb>the dr will be mad
19:00<taupehat>fo0bar: I think you should phone them just for kicks
19:00<taupehat>"Hey, why did my package go to alaska?!"
19:00<fo0bar>I think I will
19:00<@mikegrb>told me I have dangerously high cholesterol and needed to make massive changes to my diet
19:00<taupehat>it is possible that it got put on a plane...
19:01<@mikegrb>and come back for a retest in three months
19:01<@mikegrb>then go on cholesterol meds if it isn't significantly better
19:01<taupehat>mikegrb: o rly
19:01<taupehat>like are you serious?
19:01<Beirdo>that sounds familiar
19:01<Beirdo>welcome to the world of lipitor
19:01<@mikegrb>so easting that chili is the most cholesterol I've had since
19:01[~]taupehat just gets scolded for being fat
19:02<@mikegrb>haven't really paid any attention to fat and colories
19:02<fo0bar>mikegrb: yeah, that chili isn't for everyday
19:02<@mikegrb>so it hasn't been too dificult to stay at 10-20% of recommended daily values for cholesterol
19:02<@mikegrb>a serving of cheetos is like 1%
19:02<@mikegrb>potatoe chips have 0, etc
19:03<taupehat>define a serving where cheetos are concerned?
19:03<@mikegrb>went there for a walk today]
19:03<taupehat>we're about to walk down to the river... nice beach down there, and it's in the 70s now
19:03<@mikegrb>must be nice
19:03<fo0bar>taupehat: maybe since it was an overnight package, but since it happens over the weekend, they decided to give the server a world tour
19:03<@mikegrb>80s/90s here
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19:04<taupehat>mikegrb: eesh
19:04<taupehat>not ready for summer yet
19:04<taupehat>just propa spring
19:04<taupehat>fo0bar: heh. They don't have to deliver until tomorrow?
19:04<fo0bar>taupehat: yes
19:05<taupehat>ok, plenty of time then
19:05<taupehat>it really does look like it flew to anchorage, though
19:05<taupehat>now it'll fly right back
19:05<Beirdo>we had a package fly to Argentina instead of Arkansas once
19:05<taupehat>3:53AM - 6:53PM is exactly 12 hours if you count timezones
19:06<fo0bar>taupehat: this is one of 8 packages I'm currently tracking, all the others look fine
19:06<fo0bar>but this is the one I really want tomorrow to play with
19:06<taupehat>phone them =]
19:06[~]taupehat wants to know what happened
19:07<taupehat>dude, where's my box?
19:07<fo0bar>it's a Pentium D 3ghz with VT server
19:11<fo0bar>hmm, their hyoomans are closed on sunday
19:12<taupehat>well, keep us posted, eh?
19:12<erikh>you know
19:12<erikh>err, they told me that my 240 would be ready this weekend
19:12<erikh>maybe that's related
19:13<taupehat>hi erikh
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23:18<neurosis>remember u asked what i needed to know about that gentoo install on linode distro wiz?
23:19<neurosis>amd64, or hardened, or stack-protector in CFLAGS?
23:19<neurosis>i need to know that
23:19<neurosis>the linode isnt an amd64 is it?
23:20<neurosis>u know which it is?
23:20<neurosis>cuz im getting an error emerging perl portion of mysql
23:20<neurosis>and the guy in gentoo is trying to help me
23:21<neurosis>its some sort of RPATH (rpath_security_checks():) problem
23:22[~]neurosis cries
23:33<gpd>linodes are not amd64
23:34<neurosis>i see it now
23:34<neurosis>im not hardened or stack protected :P
23:34<neurosis>did emerge info
23:34<neurosis>i like gentoo but its steadily pissing me off
23:34<neurosis>and im slowly driving the guys in #gentoo insane
23:35<gpd>are you fairly new to linux?
23:35[~]taupehat reckons so
23:35<neurosis>not new but not expert either
23:36<neurosis>i think on slackware i could have had a much easier time installing lamp
23:36<gpd>what made you choose gentoo?
23:36<neurosis>its was pretty barebone-ish and alot of my friends use it
23:37<taupehat>there are plenty of barebone distros that are pretty easy
23:37<taupehat>slack is one
23:37<taupehat>debian is another
23:37<neurosis>im contemplating that now
23:37<taupehat>I had to do some work on a centos machine a couple weeks ago
23:37<neurosis>so... if i were to choose the slack small distro... i could just install all the stuff myself?
23:37<taupehat>ran screaming out from under that task...
23:38<taupehat>neurosis: yeah, or you could make it even easier and use debian
23:38<taupehat>the debian small image here is perfect
23:38<erikh>debian is what i'm using as well
23:38<erikh>it's pretty nice
23:38<erikh>ideally i'd use freebsd
23:38<gpd>depends what you want to get out of installing it yourself
23:38<taupehat>start with nothing, then add to that
23:38<erikh>but for a variety of reasons I can't do that.
23:38<neurosis>i just dont like it when stuff is already installed and I have to go hunting for it
23:38[~]taupehat has done a couple of linux from scratch builds. If you really want to learn linux, that's the way to go...
23:39<neurosis>rh9 had php and mysql installed and the mysql didnt work lol
23:39<erikh>neurosis: me neither. I also hate it when 400 things are installed that I don't need
23:39<neurosis>that too
23:39<taupehat>rh9 is wretched
23:39<gpd>you don't really hunt with debian - you use the package manager - apt
23:39<erikh>rh-anything is that way
23:39<taupehat>apt-cache search programname
23:39<taupehat>apt-get install program
23:39<neurosis>i put up gentoo and searched thru the files and i fell in love... i started emerging and had my poor lil heart broken lol
23:39<taupehat>all dependencies are handled
23:39<gpd>and the configs in /etc/ are well documented /within/ the file
23:39<erikh>eh, I think he meant "hunt for things" as in /usr/lib/cgi-bin :)
23:40<erikh>which makes NO sense whatsoever.
23:40[~]neurosis likes package managers
23:40<taupehat>neurosis: man apt
23:40<neurosis>i have used apt before :)
23:40<gpd>you can hunt for things too with dpkg -S /foo
23:40<taupehat>I quite like it, but then again, I like yast also
23:40<gpd>or apt-file search /foo/bar/somefile
23:40<taupehat>wouldn't go running suse on a linode though
23:40<taupehat>too much overhead
23:41[~]erikh can't wait for his 240
23:41<gpd>but then you can also run gentoo with binary only - so there is that
23:41<taupehat>o rly?
23:41<taupehat>that's new
23:41<erikh>they've been working on it for a long time, I know that much
23:41<erikh>vida linux has anaconda too
23:42<erikh>so you don't have to go through hell to install it.
23:42[~]erikh might have to take a new look at gentoo
23:42<gpd>i spent a week playing with gentoo -but the novelty wore off
23:42<gpd>too much to break
23:42<taupehat>yeah, you bsders would naturally gravitate toward gentoo...
23:42<taupehat>packaging same
23:42<erikh>gentoo is basically freebsd with s/make/python/ && s/BSD/linux/
23:43<taupehat>gpd: about three years back I did a stage1 gentoo install on an iBook G3 400. OMG.
23:43<neurosis>yes TOO MUCH TO BREAK... that my problem.. im a skilled OS breaker
23:43<neurosis>i fart and my core dumps lol
23:43<taupehat>I did manage to get all the way to KDE though.
23:43<gpd>breaking things is fun - but only when fixing them might take less than a week :)
23:43<taupehat>about two weeks after beginning =]
23:43[~]erikh loves working ports
23:43<gpd>taupehat: that is about how far it got :)
23:43<taupehat>then I wanted apps
23:44<taupehat>and said wtf am I doing here, and spend an hour putting OSX back on it
23:44<gpd>after the third overnight compile i said - screw this
23:44<erikh>taupehat: yeah, that's where packages in FBSD really pays off
23:44[~]erikh seriously might have to reconsider gentoo
23:44<erikh>damn whoever mentioned the binary thing
23:44<erikh>now I have to check something ELSE out
23:44<taupehat>between compiling hell, and the whole "OMG RICE" effect, I was and remain pretty turned off toward gentoo
23:44<gpd>sorry erikh - I was lying :|
23:45<taupehat>that'd be a bitchin license plate
23:45<taupehat>OMG RICE
23:45<taupehat>put it on a beat-up old F350
23:45<gpd>i hate to think how many hours i have wasted 'testing' distros
23:45<gpd>'my name is gpd, i am a distro junkie '
23:46<taupehat>about once a year I'll take a look at the top contenders
23:46<taupehat>and then go back to what works _for_ _me_ (which isn't what will work for you)
23:46<TheFirst>distro testing gets old fast
23:46<gpd>i think i am due for a test - it has been a couple of years now
23:46<taupehat>so far, I'm consistently happy with debian servers and suse desktops
23:47<TheFirst>but realizing redhat/rpm dirivatives suck shaves off about 99% of them so it's not that bad to test the rest out ;)
23:47<taupehat>TheFirst: suse doesn't suck
23:47<taupehat>RPM sucks
23:47<taupehat>but suse doesn't
23:47<TheFirst>i never had a problem with suse...i had a problem with rpm
23:47<gpd>what ever happened to SymphonyOS ?
23:48<neurosis>im installing slack 10
23:48<neurosis>bye bye gentoo
23:48[~]neurosis kicks the slightly retarded looking penguin
23:49<TheFirst>kicking the penguin? them der fightin' words
23:49<neurosis>not all the penguins
23:49<neurosis>just the gentoo one
23:49<taupehat>no, he was just kicking the penguin that has the ford escort with taillight inserts and yellow seat-covers
23:50|-|alnr [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:53<neurosis>wtf is this doing in my root folder? swaret-1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz
23:53[~]neurosis is all confused and stuff
23:54<gpd>slack is one that i never tried - no idea why
23:54<taupehat>I've tried it three times
23:54<taupehat>once it installed
23:54<@caker>neurosis: I put that there, in the template fs, since it's a frequently used/useful package manager (I believe)
23:54<taupehat>but I didn't see the advantage of it
23:54<taupehat>ahh hi caker
23:54<taupehat>hey caker io_tokens are opened file descriptors, right?
23:54<darkbeholder>i used it twice and then switched to ubuntu
23:55<@caker>but there were reasons which excape me now, why I just didn't install it by default, and decided to leave it up to the end user to decide...
23:55<neurosis>ty caker
23:55<neurosis>just curios
23:55<@caker>taupehat: each token represents an IO operation (regardless of size) to ubd block devices
23:56<erikh>caker: so, something like sendfile would be more efficient?
23:56<erikh>e.g., enabling it in apache
23:56<@caker>erikh: no idea what that is ...
23:56<@caker>erikh: but, anything that makes you hit disk less is better
23:57<erikh>or rather, I guess mmap would be better
23:57<erikh>sendfile just does dma between disk and network
23:57<@caker>there's a tradeoff .. caching pushes other things out of memory, which can swap ...
23:57<@caker>same boat
23:57[~]taupehat has happily left his cache partition alone since upgrading
---Logclosed Mon Apr 24 00:00:00 2006