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01:06<@linbot>New news from forums: A (hopefully useful) Summary of Memory Tweaks in Performance and Tuning <>
01:27<fo0bar>is everybody happy?
01:28<gpd>i am very pleased - just got DRI working on my laptop
01:28<gpd>only had it 2 years - gotta love ATI IGP chips
01:28<fo0bar>every time I see DRI I think Desert Research Institute, which is, well, a research institute in Nevada
01:29<gpd>now that i have synergy running the laptop has become useful again
01:40[~]gpd stabs macromedia flash 8+ requiring sites
01:47<cmantito>synergy is teh pwn ^.^
01:49<cmantito>toenails, on the other hand, aer teh suck.
03:10<warewolf>that app that lets you share a keyboard/mouse on multiple computers?
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12:56<alvinswim>what happens if I install my own kernel?
12:56<afv-13>people will laugh
12:57<alvinswim>yeah. but the question is, will it work?
12:57<alvinswim>thats all I need to know
12:58<alvinswim>which one did you install?
12:58<afv-13>your initial question could've been more direct
12:58[~]npmr is using 2.6.16-linode18-bb1
12:58<afv-13>after asking in # for opinions
12:59<alvinswim>eh, this is my first hour, I'm sure to be more wise soon enough
12:59<afv-13>i was having issues with the .16 kernel
12:59<npmr>what kind of issues?
12:59<npmr>how did it fail?
12:59<afv-13>it's a rather scared kernel that
13:00<afv-13>paniced all the time
13:00<npmr>during any particular operations?
13:00<gpd>gpd@www:~$ uname -r
13:00<gpd> 10:59:52 up 21 days, 2:25, 4 users, load average: 0.40, 0.31, 0.28
13:00<afv-13>mostly things like "kernel couldn't sync ...."
13:00<npmr>that's what happens after a panic
13:00<npmr>it's not the cause
13:00<npmr>do you know what might have caused the panics?
13:01<afv-13>that would be my guess
13:01<npmr>squid is not a part of the kernel
13:01<Spads>maybe on your system
13:01<afv-13>no chance of taking down the kernel?
13:01<afv-13>hmmm, well then i have nfi
13:01<npmr>if some part of the kernel has bugs, then yes, it could
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13:02<npmr>but that's what i'm trying to figure out, what part of the kernel might be buggy
13:02<afv-13>lemme try to dig it up
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13:03<afv-13>scroll down to afv-13's 2nd post
13:11<gpd>Spads: npmr with the new kernel is your load average minimum ~0.2 ?
13:12<Spads> 11:12:11 up 4 days, 23:12, 17 users, load average: 2.89, 3.24, 2.81
13:12<Spads>my node works too hard for that
13:12<afv-13>which host?
13:13<afv-13>tg i'm not with you
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13:26<bosco>i have a couple of questions about the linode server
13:27<Milliways>you've got questions... someone's got answers..
13:27<bosco>lets say that the sight i am building is flash bassed and Css and all that other good stuff. i am putting video downlaods picture galaries the whole nine yards which linode should i go with
13:28<bosco>and that is the only site on the server
13:28<bosco>i want comfortably enough stuff but cheep too
13:29<anderiv>that information doesn't help much traffic are you anticipating? How much data would you need to store on the server?
13:29<Milliways>you've basically just listed stuff that is static, as far as the server is concerned
13:29<bosco>anderiv, we have about 50000 hit our site
13:29<bosco>per month
13:29<bosco>if not more
13:29<bosco>some months
13:29<anderiv>50000 annually? daily? hourly?
13:30<bosco>so if 10000 people download a 10mb file
13:30<afv-13>mine gets 50000 over a 10 year period, half of them are me checking if it's still up
13:30<Milliways>how you are defining 'hit'?
13:30<bosco>looking at the site going to it and viewing it in your browser
13:31<bosco>i am rebuilding the website
13:31<anderiv>if you're only serving up static content, and the disk space and bandwidth limitations aren't an issue, a 64 would certainly be able to handle 50,000
13:31<bosco>what 64
13:31<Milliways>that's 192 megs of transfer a month..
13:31<afv-13>there is no 64
13:31<gpd>by 64 he means linode 80
13:31<afv-13>smallest is 80
13:31[~]anderiv is stuck in 2005 :-)
13:32<bosco>so what about ram
13:32<bosco>i mean with all that flash and vidoe
13:32<bosco>i kjnow
13:32<bosco>that is static
13:32<afv-13>flash is static
13:32<anderiv>serving up static content isn't ram intensive.
13:32<bosco>the most on our page at one time is like 6
13:32<Milliways>main.php.. is the php doing anything other than printing html?
13:33<Milliways>databases on the backend? what db do you use?
13:33<TheFirst>if php intensive a cacher helps
13:33<Milliways>do you do mail on eternalcry?
13:33<Milliways>any sort of spam filtering?
13:33<bosco>Milliways, no no mail other that phbb mail
13:33<Milliways>i'd suggest you start with an 80
13:33<bosco>my bad
13:33<afv-13>still needs an mta
13:34<Milliways>once you get the 80, tune things and then see where you are
13:34<bosco>i just want enough without paying a fortune
13:34<afv-13>that's mysql isn't it?
13:34<Milliways>if needed, you can upgrade easily from there
13:34<bosco>i dont want alot more than i need
13:34<bosco>but i dont want less than i need
13:34<gpd>bosco: get a linode 80 - if you need more you can upgrade
13:35<bosco>so what if i go over my bandwith are they going to charge me
13:35<anderiv>bosco: if you really want to squeeze performance out the node, consider running lighttpd instead of apache.
13:35<anderiv>bosco: yes
13:35<bosco>anderiv, what is the cost if i go over
13:35<anderiv>bosco: not sure - it's all itemized on I believe.
13:35<bosco>anderiv, well i am familar with apache
13:36<afv-13>bosco: i think you'll just get a mail suggesting an upgrade
13:36<bosco>aha i c
13:36<anderiv>bosco: lighttpd is a cinch to set up.
13:36<bosco>anderiv, i will read up on it
13:36<Milliways>if you used 192 megs last month, going over your bandwidth is the least of your worries at this point
13:36<gpd>Extra Bandwidth *$0.50/GiB/mo
13:36<bosco>i got to stop using lol cuz it trigers mikegrb script i can tell
13:37<afv-13>50g is quite a bit of b/w
13:37<Spads>bosco: good idea.
13:37<bosco>afv-13, i know that but still if we have 30000 people downlaod a 25 mb video
13:37<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:37<Milliways>bosco: congratulate yourself on that idea by eating some cake
13:37<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:38<Milliways>and, don't worry about hypotheticals wrt bandwidth
13:38<Milliways>you're currently at 1/250th of the bandwidth limit of an 80
13:38<bosco>Milliways, how do you know my bandwith on the site
13:38<Milliways>i'm good
13:38<bosco>Milliways, is that if i used that
13:38<bosco>those #
13:38<bosco>i c
13:39<bosco>my ba
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13:40<gpd>linode collective sales team hold out begging hand in the direction of one Mister C.Aker
13:40<bosco>anderiv, so even with all the mail in phpbb and everything else like the big forums and a calender of some sort that you can post on go with the 80 or 120
13:41<anderiv>bosco: like I and others have said, yes...start with an /80 and after a few months you determine that it's not enough, the upgrade path is very easy.
13:41<afv-13>i have 6mb ram free, but still 2mb is chached, how do i uncache?
13:41<Milliways>you don't
13:41<Milliways>the system will uncache it if it needs it
13:41<afv-13>restart the service that's cached?
13:41<bosco>well thank you for all your help
13:41<anderiv>bosco: np.
13:41<bosco>cake lol
13:41<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:42<bosco>is there anymore of his scripts
13:42<afv-13>so lol > cake
13:42<bosco>i am just curious
13:42<afv-13>not that i know of
13:42<bosco>kk jst curious
13:43[~]Milliways likes bacon.
13:43<bosco>* boscos loves bacon to
13:43<bosco>*bosco loves bacon
13:43<bosco>never mind
13:43<afv-13>hmmm bacon
13:43[~]gpd misses Danish Bacon that actually includes meat
13:43<Milliways>as an aside, why in the world are you using flash on the main page for the text?
13:44<anderiv>Milliways: hehe - good question :-)
13:44<TheFirst>bacon isn't bacon if it isn't meat
13:44<TheFirst>particularly the fatty unhealthy kind ;)
13:44<bosco>Milliways, well here is the thing our whole intro is flash and i just incorperated the buttens and made them flash
13:44<bosco>it was esier
13:45<Milliways>i'm not talking about the buttons.. they are at least animated..
13:45<Milliways>i'm wondering about the text itself
13:45<afv-13>bosco: rather use text and and audio with the option to turn it off
13:45<afv-13>or even a pic and the optional sound?
13:45<bosco>afv-13, you mean when it asked you to skip intor
13:45<bosco>if you dont have flash 8
13:45<afv-13>well an intro could be cool
13:46<bosco>yes and it is alot of work
13:46<afv-13>especially flash, so i hang around
13:46<bosco>i am rediong the whold sight
13:46<npmr>gpd, my loadavg looks about the same as it ever was
13:46<Milliways>i'm talking about the text "Eternal Cry strives to show the love.. all the way down to Isaiah 9:2"
13:46<afv-13>but audio i know will be lame, so i skip
13:46<bosco>Milliways, ok
13:46<Spads>ha ha flash
13:46<gpd>k thanks npmr - must be related to sarge-->ubuntu, not kernel
13:47<bosco>well the text is flash cuz it went better with the intro
13:47<Milliways>at any rate, i'm not here today to dissect your html.. start with an 80, tune it (that's an important step), and go from there
13:48<bosco>Milliways, haha well either way i am a computer science major so i like talking about that stuff but thank you for all your help
13:48<anderiv>bosco: check out the linode wiki...there's a few good articles about tuning in there.
13:48<bosco>so lets say i have a prob just like in linux like whith my os or something not working is it best to ask in here or send my ticket in
13:48<gpd>bosco: what is your URL
13:49<bosco>mine which is no where near done cuz i am working on that one
13:49<bosco>for my ministry group
13:49<Milliways>bosco: ask here or the forums.. send a ticket if you need to
13:49<bosco>but it is better to ask in here
13:49<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:49<Milliways>but, as a kindness to mike and the cake, try asking around here first
13:49<Milliways>they get paged for tickets
13:49<bosco>Milliways, well thank you that is nice to know
13:50<bosco>my basic webpage was done in like 30 min cuz i had have no time to mess with it
13:50<Milliways>terre haute, huh?
13:50<bosco>Milliways, do you know the town
13:50<Milliways>i'm in champaign/urbana
13:50<bosco>Milliways, nice that is cool how far are you from me
13:50<bosco>do you know
13:50<Milliways>i've never actually been there.. i just know its there
13:50<Milliways>umm.. 120 miles, maybe
13:50<bosco>Milliways, oh ok
13:51<Milliways>89.6 miles, according to google
13:51<bosco>Milliways, so in your opinion what did you think of the site
13:51<bosco>Milliways, we are builidng
13:51[~]gpd shudders
13:52<bosco>a comepletely different site bigger and better
13:52<Milliways>i think you need more background info on what you are
13:52<bosco>could a linode 80 run as is now
13:52<anderiv>bosco: I'm an ardent anti-flash activist, so I'll refrain from commenting :-)
13:52<Milliways>webwise, what you've got there could easily run in a linode 40, if they existed
13:52<bosco>anderiv, i understand
13:52<bosco>Milliways, wow
13:52<Spads>bosco: I don't have the flash plug-in
13:53<bosco>Spads, wait what do you run os wise
13:53<Spads>bosco: Ubuntu
13:53<Milliways>and, after leaving that one page that i was talking about (with all the flash text).. i haven't figured out how to get back to it
13:53<bosco>Spads, so do i
13:53<Spads>bosco: I bet you have non-free as well
13:53<bosco>Spads, what?
13:54<bosco>Spads, i paid nothing for mine
13:54<Spads>bosco: the packages that aren't Free Software
13:54<linbot>New news from forums: host56 xenode down in Xen Public Beta <>
13:54<Spads>bosco: no, that's not what I mean by "free"
13:54<Spads>I mean freedom.
13:54<Milliways>also, get rid of links that say 'coming soon'. add the link back when you actually have content. 'coming soon' links just annoy people
13:54<bosco>Spads, well either way you have to custom compile flash in ubuntu
13:54<bosco>Milliways, i agree
13:55<Spads>Spads: no, you don't. because flash is proprietary software and I refuse to sign away my freedoms just to watch someone's dancing baloney web site
13:55<Milliways>Spads: quit talking to yourself
13:55<bosco>Milliways, we just pulled all of the content off
13:55<Spads>bosco, that is
13:55<anderiv>lol @ dancing baloney
13:56[~]Milliways wanders over to to see if you can find any dancing baloney.
13:56<bosco>Spads, just out of curiousity what is wrong with flash i like it but it is a pain in the but to mess with and create
13:56<Spads>bosco: it is proprietary software.
13:56<bosco>Spads, so i relize that to and i am all about open source
13:56<bosco>anti window
13:56<anderiv>bosco: there are serious issues w/ accessability w/ flash.
13:56<Milliways>i think everything has a place. flash is dandy for online games and stuff.. but if it is just being used to replace text i have a problem with it
13:57<Spads>anti-windows is misguided
13:57<Spads>you're saying you don't want the blind to read your site
13:57<@mikegrb>and what about people with laptops?
13:58<bosco>Spads, i combated that by adding
13:58<bosco>a sep page
13:58<@mikegrb>it's against macromedia's terms to install flash on a laptop
13:58<taupehat>nothing more fun than loading a site that has all the nav buttons loaded as individual flash files
13:58<Spads>yeah, I have a laptop
13:58<Spads>the flash license requires that you use a desktop
13:58<Milliways>i would hypothesize that few people <present company excluded, of course> other than your fortune 500 people seriously worry about whether or not the blind can read their sites
13:58<gpd>what about people who want rational thought - not prescribed religious zeal in their moment of weakness?
13:58<bosco>and even then with the new site i am going to make a non flash site idenicel to the one we have
13:58[~]gpd hides
13:58<Spads>Milliways: that is unfortunate, as blind people should be able to use the Internet.
13:59<Milliways>Spads: i report. you decide.
13:59<taupehat>gpd: you're obviously following the rumble in #freenode-social =]
13:59<linbot>New news from forums: host56 xenode panic in Xen Public Beta <>
13:59<bosco>so other than the content not bieng there cuz i pulled it off how does the site look
13:59<Spads>Milliways: Fair and Balanced.
13:59<@caker>faux news
14:00<taupehat>did you know that it's impossible to get cable TV around here without paying for faux news channel?
14:00<gpd>taupehat: what is happening on freenode-social?
14:00<@mikegrb>mmm cake
14:00<taupehat>gpd: I engaged with tsume about windows and ethics
14:00<taupehat>summary: He likes the former, and lacks te latter.
14:00<bosco>well either way we are comepletely redoing the whole thing
14:00<bosco>so i have one other question
14:01<Milliways>I once met a girl from Ipanema.
14:01<taupehat>ooh, nice find
14:01<Milliways>let's keep the religious topics centered around macromedia and the like
14:01<bosco>gpd, nice site
14:02<bosco>so what if the group wants music in the background what do think about that
14:02<bosco>i mean do i herd people love it and people hat it
14:03<Milliways>if you really feel compelled to do that, i'd put a little mini 'play' button in the corner (fine, use Flash) and let interested people click 'go'
14:03<Milliways>but don't have music on by default
14:03<Milliways>it's a sign of an amateur web design
14:04<bosco>Milliways, i relize that people hat music by default but we minister to the 16 19 year olds
14:04<bosco>i mean they love to hear a rap beat or to
14:04<Milliways>fine, let 'em click play
14:04<Milliways>what if they decide to they want to visit your fine non-secular site in the middle of CS class in school
14:05<Milliways>best to not have them automatically attracting the attention of those around them
14:05<bosco>Milliways, well then they should have ther sound off
14:06<taupehat>frankly, I don't expect my web pages to sing at me
14:06<Milliways>why? less than 0.0001% of website are going to automatically accost them?
14:07<bosco>Milliways, well i relize that but what if that is what the leader wants
14:08<Milliways>fight him on it. but, choose your battles.
14:10<bosco>Milliways, well he has been doing ministry all of his life and i respect his descion on it so i am going to do what he knows how do to best and that is minister and if midis do then they do
14:10<Milliways>i'd postulate that music on a webpage isn't "ministry" persay
14:11<Milliways>not of the type, at any rate, that makes his lifelong minstry an asset in making the decision
14:11<Milliways>I'd MUCH rather see a link on your site called "music" where interested people can go and click on song titles and listen
14:12<bosco>well that is cool
14:12<bosco>i was planning on diong that
14:12<bosco>Milliways, how would i create a turn tabe so that people could mess around with beats
14:12<bosco>Milliways, never done that before
14:12<Milliways>i'll leave that up to you to figure out
14:13<bosco>Milliways, thanks
14:13<bosco>Milliways, no prob i need to learn it anyways
14:13<bosco>Milliways, if would almost have to be flash based
14:15<Milliways>well, unless some of the fine folk around here, i'm not 100% anti.. anything.. i wouldn't say that flash is the only way to accomplish something, either
14:15<Milliways>but if you want to use flash for something like that, fine..
14:15<Milliways>but give people without flash the option to click on a href to listen to the music, too
14:15<Milliways>if they have flash, fine.. give them more capabilities
14:15<Milliways>but don't exclude the ones without
14:16<bosco>Milliways, i well
14:16<bosco>i wil
14:22<neurosis>im confused
14:22<neurosis>i just installed slackware 10 from the distro wizard
14:22<neurosis>and now... i dont seem to be running inetd
14:23[~]neurosis is confused
14:23<neurosis>*help* im trying to install a ftpd and it wont let me
14:26<afv-13>did you ask nicely?
14:26<neurosis>yes it told me to piss off
14:26<neurosis>it is not very friendly
14:27<neurosis>trying to install pute-ftpd but it says "cannot start standalone: address in use" So i assumed i needed to install for the superserver but i dont seem to be running one which makes me wonder why I cant use the standalone
14:27<neurosis>its wierd
14:28<neurosis>pure* not pute
14:28<@caker>netstat -pln
14:28<neurosis>got a bunch of stuff
14:29<@caker> "cannot start standalone: address in use" <-- something's already listening on port 21
14:29<@caker>netstat -pln will show you what
14:29<neurosis>telnet localhost 21
14:29<neurosis>telnet: connect to address Connection refused
14:29<neurosis>nothing in that listing is on 21
14:30<neurosis>thats what i thought it was too thats why im so confused
14:30<afv-13>tried nmap localhost?
14:30<@caker>maybe it's not listening on localhost (doubtful).. netstat -pln for teh win
14:31<neurosis>i get
14:31<neurosis>maybe im wrong but i dont see anything on port 21
14:33<taupehat>caker: mind if I bring something to you in pmsg?
14:33<@caker>taupehat: not at all
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14:37<Milliways>been seeing a fair number of web hits today for CONNECT IP.ADD.RESS:25 HTTP/1.0 wonder if there's something newish out in the wild..
14:38<@caker>that's a pretty typical exploit of open proxies, no?
14:38<taupehat>fail2ban has been more active than usual on my box
14:39<@caker>that's used to circumvent checks for mail relays (since it'll be coming from localhost)
14:41<Milliways>ya, i agree.. just hadn't really noticed a lot of attempts on it before..
14:41<Milliways>have seen several today
14:42<@caker>don't take my word for it, but I don't believe there's any new vulnerabilities that it's trying to exploit... just configuration problems
14:45|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
14:46<Milliways>right.. i agree.. i'm just wondering what new worm (or whatever it is) that is floating around trying to do this.. no doubt something windows-based..
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14:53|-|jekil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:06<neurosis>"Fatal: unable to determine IP address of "hostname:
15:06<neurosis>i've been getting that from alomst every server i use
15:06<neurosis>I was gonna run netconfig but i didnt wanna screw up my ssh ability
15:07<neurosis>how should i configure this to correctly get my hostname etc..
15:08<afv-13>any php smarties in #?
15:08<neurosis>this is on the slackware 10 distro
15:09<neurosis>i suck @ php
15:11|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
15:15<gpd> -- Gospel of FSM
15:21|-|pclissold [] has left #linode []
15:23|-|jekil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:32<gpd>digg has become useless :(
15:32<gpd>why didn't they learn from /. and automatically link to a cache
15:57<encode>because of copyright and ad revenue issues
16:00<OverlordQ>google does it
16:00[~]erikh just moved all his shell profiles into svn
16:00<erikh>sweet goodness this rules
16:01<gpd>how about /etc/ while you are at it
16:03<gpd>So i'm cleaning up crap in /etc and /var and i'm wondering if there is a apt-clean or something to identify crap
16:03<gpd>a bit like deborphan, but for files
16:03<erikh>etc would be too hard because of all the different types of machines I'm on
16:03<erikh>(not a lot, just almost every box is different)
16:04<gpd>ok - i see what you mean - i thought you meant for changes
16:05<@caker>dpkg --purge $(deborphan)
16:05<@caker>dpkg --purge $(dpkg --list | grep ^rc | awk '{ print $2; }')
16:06<gpd>this is true - but the files i was looking at were in /var/log
16:06<gpd>and obviously weren't purged
16:07<gpd>eg. /var/log/ksymoops
16:20<bosco>do you have full root access to the linode servers just as if it was in your living room but you could not tuch it physicly
16:21<bosco>just curuiuos
16:21<bosco>getting ready to purchase
16:21<gpd>you do with LISH
16:21<bosco>gpd, what is LISH
16:21<@caker>bosco: console and root access, yes
16:21<bosco>caker, just as if i was sitting right in front of it
16:21<@caker>bosco: yes
16:21<bosco>caker, thank you
16:22<bosco>i will purchase now
16:22<@caker>bosco: even if networking is disabled, or you're booted to single user mode, or init=/bin/bash
16:22<bosco>caker well yah but i want full root acess
16:22<@caker>bosco: you'll have it
16:22<bosco>as if it was mine that i paid for the whole server but it was not at my house
16:22<bosco>that type of thing
16:23<bosco>could do anything to it i wanted to
16:23<@caker>bosco: you can rm -rf /, if you want
16:23<bosco>when i wanted ti yo
16:23<bosco>kk that is what i thought
16:23<bosco>just wanted to make sure
16:23<bosco>thanks caker i am off to buy
16:28|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:30<gpd>I have lots of crap in /etc/ - eg. wtf is that?
16:32|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:32<JasonF>.cf is a sendmail file
16:32<erikh>c-client, sure that isn't cclient from uw-imap?
16:32<erikh>deleting random things, not a good idea
16:32<JasonF>.cf is the extention for a sendmail file
16:32<erikh>apt has a tool to tell you what files belong to what package
16:32<JasonF>sendmail conf file
16:32<gpd>i am living on the edge :)
16:32<JasonF>maybe for other stuff too
16:32<erikh>JasonF: other things have a .cf extension
16:32<gpd>dpkg -S /etc/ shows nothing
16:32<JasonF>.cf = short for conf?
16:33<gpd>apt-file search -- nothing
16:33<gpd>must be reminant from my debian install
16:33<erikh>what's in it? :)
16:33<JasonF>gpd: you still probably don't want to do it
16:33<gpd>or a random package
16:33<gpd>i have a backup :)
16:33<gpd>root@www:/etc# cat /backup/etc/
16:33<gpd>I accept the risk
16:33<gpd>set disable-plaintext nil
16:36<gpd>how about /etc/gateways ?
16:37<erikh>gpd: that's definitely from cclient
16:38<erikh>do you have anything like squirrelmail that is php and uses imap?
16:38<gpd>i have squirrelmail and ilohamail
16:38<erikh>ok, they might break if that file isn't there.
16:38<erikh>I'd check
16:40<gpd>both seem to work so far
16:41<gpd>/etc/gateways is just commented lines anyway
16:42<gpd>although my system breaks down with shadow- and gshadow-
16:42<gpd>but they are just backups
16:45|-|afv-13_ [] has joined #linode
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17:28|-|Shaun2222 [] has joined #linode
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17:56|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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18:06|-|ra [] has joined #linode
18:06<ra>hi all
18:13|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
18:16<linbot>ra: (weather <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
18:16<ra>!weather 90210
18:16<linbot>ra: Temperature: 63°F / 17°C | Humidity: 60% | Pressure: 29.97in / 1015hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in the evening...then a chance of showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms after midnight. Lows in the lower to mid 50s. Southwest winds around 15 mph in the evening. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.; (1 more message)
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18:20|-|cakertest [] has joined #linode
18:20<cakertest>hello from the sprint store
18:21<cakertest>testing the ppc6700
18:22<@mikegrb>you silly tester you
18:23<@mikegrb> <-- note the stainless steel hardware
18:25<ra>that reminds me...need help with rough traffic guesstimate. if news article is posted at about interesting new app, what is a reasonable CTR guess? people use 2% CTR for adword estimating, but i think an article at focused website would be higher. any ideas?
18:25|-|cakertest [] has quit [Quit: ]
18:29<Spads> <-- "Finally, this report appeared to be the first to show the high page faults activity of ReiserFS on most usual file operations."
18:30<ra>one wonders why debian unstable STILL has jfsutils 1.08 when 1.12 came out mid-2005
18:32<ra>oops, i mean jfsutils was reported 180 days ago too.
18:34|-|afv-13_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:47<@caker>I read today that reiser-fs with in-file reiser-fs filesystems, an fsck will totally screw them up
18:47<Spads>caker: haha yes!
18:47<Spads>caker: no doubt in my mail archive
18:47<@caker>it finds the superblock or whatever, sees the geometry errors, and says "ok, let's start fixing stuff"...
18:47<Spads>I helped spread that one
18:48<Spads>ted t'so is a bit tough to read sometimes, but the reaction of all the EVALS people was priceless
18:49<gpd>XFS is reportedly for teh win... but never tried it myself
18:49<Spads>I've run XFS
18:49<Spads>it was nice
18:49<Spads>I liked mkfs.xfs
18:49<Spads>it just wrote a little doodad to the front of the partition
18:49<Spads>it auto-grows
18:49<Spads>but that link also shows some reliability problems with XFS
18:55<Spads>that's what started this conversation, gpd
18:57<@caker>my new label maker:
18:57[~]caker is excited
18:57<@caker>no more printing a boatload of labels manually each time :)
18:58<gpd>Spads: nice talking to ya
18:58<Spads>caker: that is like the site of the endless redirect
18:58<@caker>Spads: yeah ...
18:59<Spads>No I do not want your cookie.
18:59<Spads> Someone who isn't a moron.
18:59<@caker>anyhow .. it's a brother QL-500
18:59<gpd>prints up to 3 feet long... mmm labels
19:00<Spads>don marti once replied to a LUG list request from a sysadmin, asking what to buy a newly-hired Jr. Admin for a workstation. Don replied "Brother Labelmaker"
19:00<gpd>you should get it to print updyke for each machine
19:02<bosco>so why do linodes go cheap unlike other servers there hard drive space is small and cheeper they have smaller proportioinal stuff
19:02<@caker>I didn't parse that
19:03<Spads>caker: haha, sorry, I wrote it all jumbled
19:03<bosco>they have alot less of everything the dont force you to by a huge hard drive and other stuff for 99 per month only what you need
19:03<bosco>why is thta
19:03<@caker>Spads: I meant bosco's, but I think I get what he's asking now
19:03<@caker>bosco: you want to know why Linode is less expensive?
19:04<Spads>it's jumble day on #linode
19:04<@caker>bosco: compared to a dedicated server?
19:04<Spads>IRC can be so distracting sometimes
19:04<bosco>caker, yes and why they dont make you purchase a huge server that you dont need the space on
19:05<@caker>bosco: why WE don't? I'm confused.. I build my own servers to spec, divide them up into Linodes, and that's why it's less than a dedicated box
19:06<bosco>why linode doesnt make you purchase something you dont need like a huge hard drive they are miniutre when it comes to that they are the smallest servers i found
19:07<@caker>I'm sorry, I really don't understand what you're asking
19:07<bosco>caker one sevc
19:07<@caker>we're gearing up for resource increases, but that's a few months away
19:08<bosco>caker, there is no other companya that allows you to purchase that small of a server for hard drive space / ram / and other stuff you are a mini big server
19:08<bosco>just enough to put one page on or 2
19:09<bosco>i like em that small
19:09<bosco>cuz i would never use all of it other wise
19:09<bosco>do you get it now
19:09<Spads>do you mean like geocities type small?
19:09<@caker>well, you can't compare dedicaed servers to virtual servers .. that's kinda the point. Virtual Servers fit the void between shared hosting and a full dedicated box
19:10<bosco>caker, well i like that cuz i only am going to be putting 2 sites on the server
19:10<@caker>bosco: perfect
19:12<bosco>caker, but after i install ubuntu and phpbb and some other programs i wont have any space left will i on the linode 80 i have to make the 80 or 120 work
19:12<bosco>one of the 2
19:12<bosco>have to do the job
19:12<gpd>bosco: is English your first language?
19:13<bosco>gpd, yes it is lol
19:13<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:14<Spads>bosco: you're in Indiana, yes?
19:15<bosco>well either way forums with like 500 post on avg and 500 pictures and about 30 videos small ones mb size\
19:15<bosco>Spads, yes
19:15<Spads>your call center is in Terre Haute
19:15<Spads>took me a while to decode that
19:15<bosco>will the 80 be enough in hard drive spce
19:15<bosco>Spads, what call center
19:15<Spads>bosco: for your ISP
19:15<bosco>Spads, yes
19:16<Spads>anyway, bosco, I am pretty sure that there are folks running phpBB on 80s
19:16<Spads>an 80 comes with 3GB of space
19:16<bosco>what about having like 500 pictures and 60 20mb vidoes
19:17<Spads>a standard OS install shouldn't even reach a third of that
19:17<Spads>well, try doing the math
19:17<Spads>assume you're talking about 500 1.5MB images
19:17<Spads>that's 750MB, or about 1/4 of the drive space
19:17<Spads>60 20MB videos is a little more
19:17<Spads>so it might get a little snug with those figures
19:18<Spads>but it's possible
19:18<bosco>Spads, well without all those vidoes i shold be fine right
19:18<Spads>what you said is about 2G of data
19:18<Spads>assume maybe 500MB of software, if you play your cards right
19:18<Spads>maybe less
19:18<Spads>maybe more
19:19<bosco>Spads, even with the vidoe
19:19<Spads>but that leaves you with a few hundred MB to store logs and messages and so forth
19:19<Spads>a little tight
19:19<gpd>pay for a year for teh win
19:19<Spads>yeah, I'm counting 1.2GB for the videos, like you said
19:19<Spads>60 videos, each 20MB == 1200 MB
19:19<bosco>Spads, kk thanks
19:19<Spads>oh yeah
19:19<bosco>Spads, what?
19:19<Spads>bosco: that's another thing, you get a drive space bonus for ordering yearly
19:19<Spads>gpd is right
19:19<Spads>paying yearly is the win!
19:19<bosco>Spads, well i am not ordering yearley
19:19<bosco>Spads, i cant do that
19:20<Spads>then you may want to go for a 120
19:20<Spads>it'll ensure that you'll have all the breathing space you want
19:20<Spads>another thing you can do is buy an 80 and then buy more drive space
19:20<gpd>or use YouTube to store your videos :P
19:20<Spads>or just provide torrents
19:20<bosco>Spads, so i mean if i have flash and other huge stuff going what about from a ram prospective
19:20<Spads>without the videos, an 80 is more than enough for a phpBB site like you describe
19:21<gpd>or delete them in the name of free thinking (/me ducks god's wrath)
19:21<Spads>bosco: well your server just serves flash files like any HTML file
19:21<Spads>bosco: flash is all loaded on the browser side
19:21<bosco>Spads, that and css and php
19:21<Spads>bosco: php is server-side
19:21<bosco>Spads, so it is a full php boy
19:22<Spads>bosco: the phpBB and the db will be the resource hogs, but there are lots of tutorials you can find via the linode forums on making your database less memory-hungry
19:22<Spads>bosco: it's a full system
19:22<Spads>yeah, phpBB needs a database for some reason
19:22<bosco>Spads, my bad i am out of it i got it
19:22<gpd>bosco: also consider using a CMS - eg. drupal
19:22<bosco>Spads, i knew that
19:22<Spads>heh, cool
19:23<bosco>someone told me not to use apache
19:23<Spads>bosco: I recommend looking into vanilla as a discussion tool that's better than phpBB in my experience
19:23<Spads>bosco: some people are big fans of lighttpd, which claims to be smaller and faster than apache. It could be useful on an 80
19:23<Spads>I haven't used it though
19:23<bosco>Spads, nor have i i use apache
19:24|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:24<Spads>well, you'll find that most of the help out there assumes you're using apache
19:24<Spads>more people are familiar with it
19:24<bosco>Spads, right i agree
19:24<Spads>but if there are fans of lighttpd who are willing to help you get set up, that may be a good way too
19:24<gpd>Spads: ?
19:24<bosco>Spads, so is linode like linux in a sense i come in here and you help me as the community helps out others lol
19:25<Spads>bosco: there tends to be a lot of mutual technical support in here
19:25<Spads>gpd: I think so. lemme check
19:25<Spads>yeah, that's the one
19:25<gpd>first ten minutes free - after that we start billing
19:25<Spads>much cleaner interface than phpBB
19:25<bosco>gpd, hahaa
19:26<bosco>Spads, so is it better to come in here with my prob or send the ticked in
19:26<Spads>well, I'd leave tickets for problems with the linode itself
19:26<Spads>like problems with billing or an inability to boot or something
19:26<Spads>but if you want help with something like apache or lighttpd, it's probably best to hit the linode forums or in here
19:26<bosco>Spads, that is what i thought any OS problems or stuff like that come in here
19:27<@caker>Linode doesn't provide support for the configuration inside your Linode
19:27<Spads>yeah exactly
19:27<bosco>Spads, kk will do
19:28<Spads>anyway, I'm off to do laundry
19:28<Spads>best of luck
19:28<bosco>Spads, thank you
19:33<bosco>*goes to purchas a linode*
19:33<bosco>anyone there
19:33<gpd>bosco: are you sure you have the leet skilz to do da linux?
19:33<bosco>gpd, i run ubuntu and i have been for the last 6 months i have the skills
19:34<gpd>!leet go for it then dude - linode is da bomb
19:34<linbot>gpd: g0 f0r !+ +h3n dud3 - 1!n0d3 !z d4 b0mb
19:34<bosco>gpd, not that i am bragging but i can get by really well
19:34<bosco>^goes to purchase a linode 80^
19:42<linbot>New news from forums: Debian/Gentoo ponderings in Performance and Tuning <>
20:23|-|bosco [] has quit [Quit: Talk to you later]
20:33|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
20:37|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
20:41|-|xbmodder_lappy [] has joined #linode
20:45<xbmodder_lappy>Hey, anyone looking at getting a VPS here, that has not got one yet?
20:48<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, Just curious, why?
20:49<xbmodder_lappy>Because I want to know why people are holding off...
20:49<xbmodder_lappy>Does linode own their IPs?
20:49<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, The main reason is none are available sometimes! ;)
20:51<FireSlash>I'm not sure about your IP question, could you re-phrase it?
20:51<FireSlash>It has a number of meanings right now :P
20:52<xbmodder_lappy>Do they own their IPs?
20:52<xbmodder_lappy>Do they buy their IP blocks from ARIN
20:52<xbmodder_lappy>or does someone own them
20:52<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, do you have a linode?
20:52<FireSlash>Yes, xbmodder_lappy.
20:52<xbmodder_lappy>and/or work at linode?
20:53<xbmodder_lappy>do you work at linode?
20:53<FireSlash>I don't know if they "own" them, I'd assume so though. I know the IPs are assigned static to your linode, and you can purchase additional ones, which makes me believe they have a full range.
20:53<npmr>there are two employees
20:53<TheFirst>they're ips are owned by the dc, but that matters none
20:53<npmr>FireSlash is not one of them
20:53<FireSlash>I own a linode, but I don't work for them
20:53<xbmodder_lappy>TheFirst, slightly
20:53<FireSlash>caker and mikegrb do, though.
20:53<FireSlash>s/own/rent, I suppose. Whatever. :)
20:53<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, hmm, I own a VPS company, and I don't understand the "out-of-stock" concept...
20:54<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, What?
20:54<xbmodder_lappy>I wonder why they are out-of-stock so often
20:54<npmr>you probably oversell your hosts
20:54<FireSlash>Each server has a maximum contention ratio.
20:54<npmr>either they or you're buying new hardware like crazy
20:54<xbmodder_lappy>npmr, nope
20:54<FireSlash>This gives each host a minimum amount of CPU power
20:54<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, We give ~118 Mhz on our 13.95 plan gauranteed
20:55<FireSlash>118mhz? Thats a useless figure :)
20:55<xbmodder_lappy>on our 40.95 we give something like 400Mhz
20:55<FireSlash>118mhz off a 486? :)
20:55<npmr>what vps company do you own?
20:55<xbmodder_lappy>npmr, atarack, we are a start-up...
20:55<FireSlash>Well, it'd be a 586 since 486s never hit 120mhz, but whatever.
20:55<xbmodder_lappy>but within two weeks we have got 5 customers
20:56<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, 40:1 on a quad xeon 3.0Ghz
20:56<npmr>the main reason for near constant unavailability of new linodes is that demand exceeds supply
20:56<TheFirst>486 had 120 chips...well those overdrive chips
20:56<xbmodder_lappy>and some of the higher plans have a minimum of 1Ghz
20:56<FireSlash>TheFirst, "overdrive" was a 586 chip, IIRC. :)
20:56<TheFirst>you may be right
20:56<npmr>FireSlash, some of them were
20:56<npmr>the later ones
20:57<FireSlash>npmr, They were based off pentium tech, weren't they?
20:57<xbmodder_lappy>npmr, you know, I might be able to help linode with that... I mean help them quench the demand for VPSes
20:57<FireSlash>or the predecessor to it, I don't remember which
20:57<TheFirst>xbmodder_lappy: cpu is really one of the lesser concerns in a vps contention is much more important
20:57<FireSlash>TheFirst, That depends on what you use it for.
20:57<FireSlash>But he has a point.
20:58<FireSlash>Especially depending on the amount of allocated ram.
20:58<TheFirst>cpu affects your node, io has the potential to affect everyone on that host
20:58<FireSlash>Oh, thats right. There were 486 AND pentium "overdrive" chips.
20:58<xbmodder_lappy>Anywhere from 64-256
20:58<xbmodder_lappy>Ram wise
21:00<FireSlash>But the 486 overdrives only went to 100mhz :]
21:00<TheFirst>i had one that went to 133....well still have it actually
21:00<FireSlash>TheFirst, Does it have a fan?
21:01<TheFirst>think it did
21:01<FireSlash>Then its a pentium Overdrive chip. Not a 486.
21:01<TheFirst>could verywell was labeled as a 486dx4 chip...that much i remember
21:01<FireSlash>Fanless operation was one of the features of the 486 overdrive line.
21:02<FireSlash>Haha, oops.
21:03<FireSlash>Oh well. Whatever.
21:03<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, The main thing that keeps linode busy is that its well known and respected. your startup company is just that. It'll take time to get the same customer base.
21:03<FireSlash>(That, and the excellent prices)
21:04<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, well it disk performance, is around 743.163 in reading and 76.217
21:04<xbmodder_lappy>in writing
21:04<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, I can say, linode overcharges!
21:04<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, Oh? They're cheaper than any other VPS I've seen.
21:04<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, what Linode do you have?
21:04<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, Ok, but what kind of limits are placed on each account for IO access?
21:04<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, The cheapest one :)
21:05<FireSlash>because I'm poor.
21:05<TheFirst>linode is not the cheapest....but especially at the pricepoints it's at they can't be beat
21:06<xbmodder_lappy>I can offer you that at 13.95 a month or 60.00 one time fee
21:06<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, We do priority-based IO limits
21:06<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, How does that work?
21:06<TheFirst>and for basically unrestricted use linode doesn't attract lots of ddos or crap
21:06<TheFirst>only place i can think of that doesn't restrict irc and hasn't had (since i've been here) any ddos issues
21:07<xbmodder_lappy>My partner figured out how to do that
21:07<xbmodder_lappy>We don't restrict IRC/d
21:07<FireSlash>TheFirst, Don't foget the nice community, and great OS choice list.
21:07<FireSlash>Debian small ftw
21:07<xbmodder_lappy>we offer literally every image out there
21:08<TheFirst>heh well....nice...yah ok ... we can go with that... :P
21:08<xbmodder_lappy>The only downside out there, is that our provisioning takes upto 24/7
21:08<TheFirst>yah os choice is nice, though so long as there's debian i dont care
21:08<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, What kind of connection are you behind?
21:09<xbmodder_lappy>100 mbit/sec
21:09<FireSlash>Thats it?
21:09<xbmodder_lappy>thats what we allow our clients to burst to
21:09<FireSlash>Oh, I thought you meant that was your entire pipeline. Thats what I was asking
21:09<xbmodder_lappy>That would not work too well....
21:10<TheFirst>why oh why am i smelling someone trying to skype biz....ballsy
21:10<FireSlash>I assume you're running RAID arrays for data retention?
21:11<FireSlash>Ok then.
21:11<erikh>dunno, heh.
21:11<FireSlash>You have a similar cheaper service. Is there something we can help you with?
21:12<xbmodder_lappy>just wondering if anyone here wants to go with the alternate
21:12<FireSlash>Heh. Thats kind of low. :)
21:13<FireSlash>"Lets steal our competitor's clients in his own IRC channel!"
21:13<erikh>people are here because they're happy
21:13<TheFirst>echo echo echo
21:14<erikh>frankly, the only thing that would sway me at thi spoint would be getting my full colocation back up, but that's not goign to happen anytime soon.
21:14<erikh>IMO, the service and support is what sells the product
21:14[~]erikh breaks the soapbox by trying to get off it
21:15|-|vitrum [] has joined #linode
21:15<xbmodder_lappy>erikh, only problem is don't buy service that they don't know exists
21:16<FireSlash>xbmodder_lappy, Advertise.
21:16<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, how did you find linode?
21:16<FireSlash>Someone else I know suggested I check them out for what I was doing.
21:16|-|fs` [] has joined #linode
21:17<erikh>same here
21:17<iggy>xbmodder_lappy: I think you'll find quite a few people here are referrals
21:20<xbmodder_lappy>erikh, why will it take you a while to get your colo back up?
21:20<erikh>moving soon
21:20<erikh>my wife is doing her masters and we're going to be moving a lot in the next year
21:20<xbmodder_lappy>Are you buying a property?
21:21<erikh>having a colo when work and school making living arrangements a state of flux...
21:21<fs`>$14/mo for a colo is a bit much either way :)
21:21<TheFirst>not to mention moving and all of that costs...and colo's aren't the cheapest...
21:22<fs`>Unless were talking about something else.
21:22<fs`>colo == colocation == offsite emergancy backup?
21:23<fs`>Or am I on crack again.
21:23<xbmodder_lappy>TheFirst, 75 a month..
21:23<TheFirst>doesn't need to be a backup....just means your box in a dc
21:23<xbmodder_lappy>for a cheaper one
21:23<xbmodder_lappy>that isn't bad...
21:24<fs`>See kids, crack is bad.
21:28<FireSlash>btw, stickk with "Sargun". xbmodder isn't helping your professional image.
21:31<xbmodder_lappy>FireSlash, you looked at the site?
21:31|-|xbmodder_lappy changed nick to sargun
21:32<FireSlash> Yeah
21:32<sargun>now, I need 100 bucks for a new domain...
21:32<FireSlash>100 bucks?
21:32<sargun>FireSlash, you didn't have to _announce_ it...
21:32<sargun>10 years I get the name for
21:32<FireSlash> /whois sargun
21:32<FireSlash>* [sargun] ( Unknown
21:33<chris>When did #linode turn into the kiddie channel?
21:33<chris>Calm down
21:33<chris>We'll have none of these shenanigans you youngins are known for
21:33<fs`>What? but chris, NOW what am I going to do with this barrel and 20 monkeys? :/
21:33<chris>Eat them
21:34<fs`>They throw poo at me when I get close :p
21:34<sargun>yeah, fixing it...
21:38|-|vitrum [] has quit [Quit: ]
21:38|-|smohekey [~smohekey@] has joined #linode
21:41|-|dc0e [~dc0e@] has quit [Quit: ↻ or ↓]
21:46<iggy>mmmm, poo throwing monkeys in a barrel
21:46|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
21:53|-|fs` [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
21:54|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:03<erikh>fs`: server colocation. and they go from anywhere between $100 and $300/mo
22:03<erikh>(for a 2U box)
22:05<sargun>erikh, for a 2U takes 500 bucks...
22:06<sargun>14/mo is for VPSes...
22:06<erikh>depends on how much pipe you need with most places I've seen
22:09<erikh>good lord I love the standard mac keyboard
22:10<@mikegrb>erikh: indeed
22:11<@mikegrb>not much wasted space
22:11<@mikegrb>so it's nice and small
22:11<@mikegrb>yet "full sized"
22:11<erikh>yeah.. the powerbook keyboard isn't bad either, but the mac is.. yep!!
22:11<erikh>do you have a cat?
22:11<@mikegrb>heh, no
22:11<@mikegrb>was flipping the keyboard up to confirm that there was no adustable tilt before I said so ;)
22:12<@mikegrb>have only had it about 2 or 3 weeks
22:12<@mikegrb>I take that back, I do have a cat, but the cat was not the cause for the ++++
22:15<erikh>yeah, there's no tilt on it, but I always flatten that on keytronics, etc.
22:17<@mikegrb>I generally do
22:17<@mikegrb>and the fixed tilt amount seems about perfect
22:17<@mikegrb>it just be nice to have some adjustability
22:17<erikh>awlays is... but apple hardware can be like that
22:17<erikh>they have their "best" way, and that's it
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:11|-|darkbeholder [] has quit [Quit: bbl]
23:15<@caker>my label maker won't print :(
23:15<@caker>stupid windows
23:24<gpd>does anyone have a dual boot 32bit/64bit system with the same distros?
23:24<linbot>New news from forums: SSH Brute Force Attacks in General Discussion <>
23:27<sargun>gpd, why do that?
23:28<gpd>well - you might have it for testing - i did a while ago
23:28<gpd>but i want to test whether you can boot into the 32bit distro with the 64bit kernel
23:28<gpd>some say it is possible
23:28<gpd>others says no or that you need a Pacifica processor
23:28<gpd>but if you can... then Caker's problems are solved
23:29<gpd>I am highly skeptical
23:32<iggy>how would it be any different than running in a 32bit chroot with a 64bit kernel?
23:32<gpd>this is why i am only skeptical - rather that dismissive
23:32<sargun>gpd, You can, its ugly though..
23:32<sargun>I've done it..
23:33<gpd>sargun: explain...
23:33<iggy>people have been doing it on sparcs for a long time... although iirc, they have an abi for it
23:34<gpd>ok well i've unpacked a 64bit .deb kernel and i'm going to try it
23:34<gpd>intersting that ar x file.deb unpacks it :)
23:35<sargun>I did it, and nothing would install correctly
23:35<sargun>Until I recompiled glibc and GCC
23:35<gpd>sargun: what distro?
23:39<gpd>hmm... the .deb doesn't provide an initrd.img
23:48<gpd>well it is booting
23:50<gpd>remove nvidia module... X11 starts... gnome starts...
23:51<gpd>caker: it seems to be working!
23:51<gpd>sargun: any ideas for things that might break - other than install
23:53<gpd>gpd@beasty:~$ sudo apt-get install ccze
23:53<gpd>Setting up ccze (0.2.1-1) ...
23:53<gpd>all good
23:55<sargun>most compilations
---Logclosed Wed Apr 26 00:00:38 2006