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01:14<cmantito>upon ordering a second IP, does one have to reboot?
01:14<erikh>all you have to know is
01:14<erikh>chunky bacon
01:14<erikh>and all your ruby problems are solved.
01:14<erikh>damn, I had a really good joke and echoed it to the wrong channel.
01:15<erikh>cmantito: you probably just have to dhclient against a second interface
01:15<erikh>oh, but how to get it.. :)
01:16<cmantito>well, if you use a subinterface, it's part of an existing one, theoretically.
01:17[~]cmantito checks the wiki again
01:18<cmantito>wiki says to use a sub-interface (ie, eth0:1), so it's just an issue of will it assign the IP to the subinterface without a reboot.
01:41<@caker>cmantito: you need to reboot
01:41<cmantito>crap. ok then, I'll wait until I have a good reason to. thanks.
01:41<@caker>it says that somewhere .. network info page, methinks
01:42<cmantito>thanks, gotcha. any thoughts on that arch image yet perchance while I've got yer attention?
01:42<@caker>I tried today, but my dev box won't POST
01:42[~]gpd tries to remember what /dev/sdb1 is in grub speak
01:43<cmantito>gpd: scsi(1,1) I *think*.
01:43<@caker>easy way to tell .. go into the grub commandline
01:44<@caker>then something like "configfile (hd<tab,<tab>)/<tab<tab>
01:44<@caker>look for the files you're after
01:45<cmantito>caker: lemmeh know when it's up there, because once there's an arch image, I'm restructuring all my files, installing that over slack, and order my second IP all at the same time.
01:45<@caker>cmantito: ok
01:45<@caker>cmantito: you'll be the first to know, cause you're gonna test it for me
01:45<cmantito>da. works for me.
01:46<gpd>doesn't seem to find any scsi drives - only my hd0 ide :(
01:46<cmantito>there's an archbootstrap script out there for loading up an arch UML image from the pacman repositories that works well, I've used it in 3 UMLs on a test box around here somewhere.
01:47<@caker>works in chroot, I assume?
01:47<cmantito>believe so..
01:47[~]cmantito googles for it, he'd paste a link to it on the webserver on his test box, were it not in 5 pieces.
01:48<cmantito>that's not the actual script, just instructions for something.
01:49<@caker> ?
01:49<cmantito>that sounds closer, but appears down ;)
01:50<@caker> ?
01:50<cmantito>that's the one.
01:50[~]caker tries
01:52<@caker>it's afetching
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02:03<@caker>cmantito: what package management system does arch use?
02:06<cmantito>you can grab a package from a repository (pacman -S package), download the package and install it (pacman -A package.pkg.tar.gz), or download a PKGBUILD and use it with makepkg to compile the package from source and it'll spit out a package file for use with pacman.
02:06<cmantito>pkgbuilds are available for just about every package in the repositories as well.
02:06<cmantito>...if not all.
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02:10<@caker>cmantito: ok, which host are you on?
02:11<cmantito>[if needed for anything, username kleacock]
02:12<@caker>got time to test it?
02:13<cmantito>yup, give me 10 minutes to make some dns changes and smack some people real quick.
02:14<@caker>you'll need about 510 MB free
02:15<cmantito>hmm, well, no time like the present to test IRC backup links I suppose ^.^
02:16<@caker>ok, it's out there
02:17<cmantito>thanks, I'll give it a shot shortly.
02:19<@caker>I'm headed to bed .. good luck
02:19<cmantito>thanks ^^
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02:44<erikh>ack, is there a network problem where host27 is located?
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02:52<cmantito>jeezus....netsplits round the world.
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02:54<gpd>ya - serious lag and weird stuff happening
02:54<cmantito>well, I caused my netsplits.
02:55<cmantito>'halt' is not your friend ^^
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03:30<cmantito>caker: problems with arch image so far: didn't do the whole giving access to tty0 for root login. booted finnix and did it myself.
03:30<cmantito>and somehow, lost some io_tokens.
03:30[~]cmantito waits for them to crawl back up.
03:42<cmantito>and...fstab is BADLY bodged.
03:42[~]cmantito fixes.
03:42<cmantito>/dev/ubda / ext3 defalts 0 0
03:42<cmantito>that explains a *lot*.
03:43<cmantito>not to mention it used ubdb for swap instead of ubdc, where ubdb is a disc image.
03:45<cmantito>yeah, the defalts typo fixed almost every problem I hit.
03:49<cmantito>hmm, other than the fstab thing, the securetty thing, and the not defaulting to dhcp, seems ok so far.
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04:29<neurosis>i desperately need help
04:29<neurosis>i got sendmail and dovecot working
04:30<neurosis>but im sending mail to and im not getting it
04:30<neurosis>i can see w/ mailq
04:30<cmantito>then it's not working ;)
04:30<neurosis>that its being rejected by sendmail
04:30<neurosis>i mean they are actually running
04:30<neurosis>and I have tricked em a few times to send and recieve local mail
04:30<neurosis>but that hardly helps
04:31<neurosis>sendmail is all thats broken
04:31<neurosis>its not accepting the way it should
04:31<cmantito>did you add to /etc/mail/local-host-names ?
04:31<neurosis>yea i tried that too
04:31<neurosis>and i thought it worked
04:31<cmantito>you know you have to restart sendmail after doing that?
04:32<neurosis>yea to rebuild the db
04:32<neurosis>i did
04:32<neurosis>it only seemed to work for the local stuff tho
04:32<neurosis>like echo "hello neurosis" | sendmail
04:32<neurosis>that would work
04:32<neurosis>if i sent a mail from like yahoo or another server
04:32<neurosis>it never even hit the mailq it seemed
04:33<cmantito>and neurosis is a system user?
04:33<neurosis>he check get into pop fine and when his mail is actaully accepted by sendmail he can read it fine
04:33<neurosis>but sendmail seems to be rejecting everything
04:33<cmantito>try opening /etc/mail/virtusertable. add the line:
04:34<cmantito> neurosis
04:34<cmantito>save it
04:34<cmantito> makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable < ./virtusertable
04:34<cmantito>run that
04:34<cmantito>and then restart sendmail?
04:34<neurosis>still should keep in the local-host-names also?
04:36<neurosis>k i did that and restarted and all
04:36<neurosis>did the echo email test again
04:36<neurosis>worked for THAT
04:36<neurosis>but wait on
04:37<neurosis>i just sent one from which i know may take a sec to get there but.. im also gonna send one from my isp
04:38<neurosis>no new msgs now
04:38<neurosis># mailq
04:38<neurosis> Total requests: 0
04:38[~]neurosis pulls out all his hair
04:38<cmantito>did it bounce?
04:39<cmantito>[root@dustpuppy ~]# telnet 25
04:39<cmantito>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
04:39<cmantito>sendmail's not running.
04:40<neurosis>holy shit
04:40<neurosis>i swear it was on
04:40<neurosis>21224 ? 00:00:00 sendmail
04:40<neurosis>21234 ? 00:00:00 sendmail
04:40<neurosis>its running
04:40<neurosis>but i got no clue why suddenly its not listening
04:40<cmantito>I spelled the domain right, right?
04:41<cmantito>and that's your IP?
04:41<neurosis>]# telnet localhost 25
04:41<neurosis>Connected to localhost.
04:41<neurosis>Escape character is '^]'.
04:41<neurosis>220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.12.11/8.12.11; Thu, 27 Apr 2006 05:41:00 -0400
04:41<neurosis>its not listening on the domain
04:41<neurosis>o btw
04:41<neurosis>i've no clue about /etc/hosts
04:41<neurosis>u can hit me with a brick now
04:41<neurosis>thats it isnt it
04:41<cmantito>possibly, but I doubt it.
04:42<neurosis>i left it alone... i played with it on the other distros i installed this week so atm it only has the loopback one
04:42<neurosis>also my hostname is still li8-47
04:42<cmantito>tail /var/log/maillog, what's the last line or two?
04:43<cmantito>and for the record, I hate apache2.
04:43<neurosis>Apr 27 05:38:03 li8-47 pop3-login: Login: neurosis [::ffff:]
04:43<neurosis>Apr 27 05:42:46 li8-47 sendmail[21257]: k3R9f00Z021257: localhost.localdomain [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA
04:43<neurosis>my webserver is on?
04:43<neurosis>i been so consumed with mail
04:43<cmantito>I meant, my apache2 ;)
04:43<neurosis>k :)
04:43<neurosis>yes u did spell it right tho
04:44<cmantito>hm. I'm no sendmail expert, so I don't know how much help I'll be past those basics, but that's all what got it working for me. What distro?
04:45<neurosis>fedora core2... but before you vomit all over urself
04:45<neurosis>i tried EVERY distro
04:45<neurosis>past 4 days
04:45<cmantito>fc2 is one of the few of that mental category I like ;)
04:45<cmantito>well, fc* really.
04:45<neurosis>i can get apache mysql php... ftpd...etc. all running but i cant seem to make snedmail work
04:46<neurosis>but get this
04:46<neurosis>on the redhat 9 large
04:46<neurosis>i could just started sendmail made the users and everything worked lol
04:46<cmantito>heh. what problems did slackware give you?
04:46<neurosis>it made me want to kill puppies
04:47<cmantito>I meant other than mental anguish and self-mutilating tendencies.
04:47<neurosis>all the other distros were tiny so i had to install... apt-get or compile most things myself... some worked some didnt... i think my problems are to do with the hostname etc...
04:48<neurosis>cuz im not running bind/named
04:48<cmantito>I don't either.
04:48<neurosis>im useing to do my nameservers
04:48<neurosis>works for the httpd and ftpd
04:48<cmantito>I use, but I used to use zoneedit.
04:48<cmantito>eventually I ran out of free zones and decided it wasn't worth the cash.
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04:48<cmantito>nameservers are on my list of things to do eventually.
04:49<cmantito>but I'm far too lazy.
04:49<neurosis>im scared to touch my puTTY for a month after i get this working
04:49[~]cmantito shoots apache in the foot.
04:49<cmantito>I like 1 better.
04:49[~]neurosis kicks sendmail in the balls
04:52<neurosis>i got this in the .mc
04:52<neurosis>DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MTA')dnl
04:52<neurosis>cuz my book said to remove the loopback addr
04:52<neurosis>so as to be able to get mail from the net
04:52<neurosis>the mc file sez it too
04:52<neurosis>dnl # The following causes sendmail to only listen on the IPv4 loopback address
04:52<neurosis>dnl # and not on any other network devices. Remove the loopback
04:52<neurosis>dnl # address restriction to accept email from the internet or intranet.
04:52<neurosis>i didnt mean to paste that
04:52<neurosis>i was gonna pastebin it
04:52<cmantito>meh, s'short.
04:53<neurosis>im gonna reboot this thing... cuz either way sendmail should be listening on 25
04:55<neurosis>should i reinstall sendmail maybe? its one of the few things that was actually on this distro by default
04:55[~]cmantito shrugs
04:55<cmantito>slack's default install worked for me, but fc2's might be different
04:56<neurosis>its insane
04:57<neurosis>it cant connect to the ip
04:57<neurosis>but it can connect to localhost
04:57<neurosis>on 25
04:57<neurosis>should i add to /etc/hosts?
04:58<neurosis>o i dont have a dns MX record.. just the 'a' record
04:58<neurosis>is that bad?
05:00<neurosis>cuz my book sez.... the line in that limits sendmail to accept inbound email from the local system only is : daemon_OPtions(`PORT=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA`)dnl
05:00<neurosis>so remove the addr= bit
05:00<neurosis>and once you restart sendmail
05:01<cmantito>you do need an mx record
05:01<cmantito>but it won't make a difference if it's not listening
05:01<cmantito>I should still be able to telnet it, regardless of your MXs
05:01[~]neurosis cries
05:02<cmantito>FINALLY apache2 is configured
05:02<cmantito>ye flipping gods, that was ridiculous.
05:15<neurosis>i just uninstalled sendmail
05:15<neurosis>and reinstalled
05:15<neurosis>now i got all default vlaues
05:15<neurosis>i dont change nuttin
05:15<neurosis>i can still only telnet on localhost and never from outside
05:15<neurosis>this is seriously ghetto shite
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05:16<cmantito>wait a sec
05:17<cmantito>echo ALL: ALL: ALLOW >>/etc/hosts.allow
05:19<neurosis>telnet 25
05:19<neurosis>Connected to
05:19<neurosis>it wasnt that
05:19<neurosis>i found it
05:19<neurosis>u know how stupid this is?
05:19<neurosis>ur gonna throw a kitten out a window when i tell you
05:19<cmantito>I doubt it
05:19<cmantito>I love my kitteh.
05:19<cmantito>a president maybe.
05:19<cmantito>but that's a given.
05:20<neurosis>you know how when you restart sendmail it re does the db's from the .mc ?
05:20<neurosis>you remember what program does that
05:20<cmantito>not offhand.
05:20<neurosis>didnt have it installed
05:25<neurosis>appreciate the help tho :)
05:26[~]cmantito goes back to smacking apache2
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06:32<neurosis>if i install and *correctly* use named.... i dont have to use anymore?
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07:32<cmantito>wow. I really broke something.
07:32<cmantito>go postfix.
07:34<cmantito>Host Duration 2 minutes, 11 seconds
07:34<cmantito>longest shutdown ever?
07:34<neurosis>i am at a milestone
07:35<neurosis>lol i wish i could image this HD and install it with the distro wizard later when i am done jacking it up bass ackwards
07:35<neurosis>need smokez
07:35<cmantito>neurosis: hah. you could image it onto another parition and then image it back.
07:36<cmantito>dd is your friend.
07:36[~]neurosis types dd and his linode explodes
07:37<cmantito>sucks for you. :P
07:37<neurosis>now i wish i hadnt made one phat partition
07:38<cmantito>resize is also your friend.
07:38<neurosis>wow never used that b4
07:38<neurosis>isnt it dangerous to resize a partition with data on it?
07:38<cmantito>make sure the linode is off
07:38<cmantito>should be ok
07:38<cmantito>and make sure you don't resize smaller than your used space
07:44<faye77>nice! mod_fcgid-1.09 is released. useful if you're using apache2 mpm worker with PHP or ruby on rails
07:45<cmantito>postfix. is. fucking. rude.
07:45<cmantito>It's supposed to be a "drop-in replacement for sendmail".
07:45<cmantito>If that were the case, I'd install the package, and my sendmail configs would work.
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07:57<neurosis>how do i delete a symlink?
07:58<neurosis>that was easier
07:58<neurosis>i tried all crazy -rf and such
07:58<neurosis>simple rm did it
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08:03<npmr>linbot, roulette
08:03<linbot>npmr: *click*
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08:20[~]neurosis snuggles with his operational server
08:20<neurosis>im gonna sleep like a baby tonite
08:20<neurosis>a dead baby
08:20<neurosis>cuz im exhausted
08:20<neurosis>and strung out from coffee
08:21<Spads>just like a real dead baby
08:21<cmantito>...does anyone know why sendmail might throw an OS error? -_-
08:21<cmantito>k3RDGCEu002614 6 Thu Apr 27 08:16 <>
08:21<cmantito> (Operating system error)
08:21<cmantito>fucking special -_-
08:22<iggy>because it's one of the worst peices of code aside from glibc ever
08:22<cmantito>and you'd reccomend?
08:25<cmantito>right, and here we have a perfect example of the fatal flaw of asking a question on IRC.
08:32<iggy>yeah, people get busy at work and can't answer your question for 5 minutes
08:33<iggy>personally, I use courier and postfix at various places
08:33<iggy>courier at home/personal servers and postfix for work stuff mostly
08:34<cmantito>sorry about that, I'm getting annoyed by people on IRC in general, not for disappearing, but other stuff.
08:34<cmantito>I might give postfix another shot.
08:34<cmantito>I already spent 2 hours with that before going BACK to sendmail.
08:36<iggy>you have learning to do with most anything
08:36<iggy>I personally think postfix has more useful documentation
08:36<cmantito>of course I have learning to do. however, none of these mtas are making log files, which really doesn't help me at all ^.^
08:37<iggy>there's basically 3 pieces of commonly found docs for courier a) the main website (which isn't great) b) perlstalker's site and c) various incarnations (ripoffs) of mine for Gentoo
08:38<iggy>they should all log straight to syslog
08:38<cmantito>yeah...they don't.
08:38<iggy>so it's a matter of your $syslogd being setup correctly
08:38<cmantito>syslog seems to be working with everything else.
08:39<iggy>what syslogd do you use?
08:39<iggy>it's default config, is notorious for not handling mail very well
08:40<iggy>yeah, I generally copy over my conf from another machine to get all the bits right
08:41<cmantito>that's what I was trying to do with sendmail configs ;)
08:41<iggy>I know by default with courier all the msgs go straight to the main log instead of a maillog
08:42[~]iggy shivers at the words "sendmail configs" together in a sentence
08:43<iggy>yeah, it's a long story... let's just say, I'm not a fan
08:43<cmantito>well, I've got a slack disk, if I chroot to it and launch sendmail, it works. but not in arch, so my configs should be fine.
08:44<iggy>not necessarily....
08:44<cmantito>right, rephrase, the actual mail handling and aliases setup and domains and relay rules and crap should be fine.
08:44<iggy>software version differences, hostname differences, hostname/domainname handling differences.....
08:44<cmantito>hostname/domain name are the same.
08:44<iggy>there's probably hundreds of differences between the 2 that could cause problems
08:45<cmantito>right, but not with the actual configuration.
08:46<iggy>f.ex. different distributions handle hostname/domainname handling differently... one could return fqdn for `hostname`, some could return just the first bit of it
08:46<iggy>that would probably screw sendmail up
08:47<cmantito>good points.
08:48<cmantito>at the same time, I don't see how that would be an Operating System Error, but that's beside the point :P
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08:48<iggy>good point, but it was just a for instance
08:48<cmantito>as I said, that's beside the point :P
08:51<cmantito>well, I've had enough of this for a while. I'm booting into slack, and taking a nap, I've been working on this all night.
08:55|-|cmantito changed nick to karmatik
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09:00<cmantito>there we go
09:00[~]cmantito -> afk.
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10:20<iggy>I'm trying to register a new domain and trying to use the linode name as the dns server... it's saying it can't contact it... anybody run into anything similar?
10:21<gpd>no - i registered a domain yesterday with my linode as ns1 and ns2 (shock!) and all was fine
10:21<iggy>did you use the name?
10:22<gpd>no, in godaddy you can set an ip address to a name eg.
10:22<gpd>then you can use the ns1 as your dns
10:22<iggy>where's that?
10:23<gpd>let me look
10:23<TheFirst>bottom option you have to specify the ns hostnames and then you have to set the dns servers
10:24<gpd>ya - it is in 'domain host summary'
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11:00<tompuppy>!seen caker
11:00<linbot>tompuppy: caker was last seen in #linode 8 hours, 41 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <caker> I'm headed to bed .. good luck
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11:18|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:27|-|heidi [] has joined #linode
11:27<@caker>cmantito: let me know when you're back
11:28<cmantito>caker: aroudn.
11:28<cmantito>physically anyway
11:30<cmantito>oh right, arch image. few issues with it: 1. securetty needs to have tty0 by default, I added it using finnix, and 2. it does some nasty things to fstab when I created the profile. I also fixed that with finnix.
11:30<cmantito>once I made those two happy, it seems to work fine. ^.^
11:32<cmantito>as soon as I get (?:sendmail|postfix) working, I'll be moving my data from my slack image over to it for more regular usage.
11:32<cmantito>but I got tired :P
11:33|-|konoko [] has quit [Quit: reboot]
11:34|-|spr [] has joined #linode
11:37<@caker>cmantito: dhcp works (after those fixes)?
11:37<cmantito>da, it wasn't enabled by default, but when I set it to use dhcp, it did indeed work.
11:37<cmantito>eth0="dhcp" in /etc/rc.conf, if you're interested.
11:37<@caker>cmantito: ok, what's involved in making that work?
11:37[~]caker makes those fixes
11:37<@caker>also, is this Arch Linux 0.7 ?
11:38<cmantito>.7.1 I believe.
11:38|-|konoko [] has joined #linode
11:38<cmantito>yea, .7.1, "Noodle"
11:38<gpd>noodly appendage?
11:39[~]gpd switches to archlinux :)
11:39<cmantito>it is teh pwn ;)
11:39<gpd>ah - but is it ftw?
11:39<cmantito>now, if only I knew how to make postfix work...
11:39<cmantito>it is indeed ftw as well.
11:40<@caker>ok .. made those changes .. should I deploy this to the rest of the hosts, or you want to give it one more shot?
11:40<cmantito>I'll give it another shot.
11:40<cmantito>maybe this time around, I'll get postfix working too ^.^
11:45|-|Karmatik [] has joined #linode
11:45|-|cmantito [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:45|-|Karmatik changed nick to cmantito
11:45<cmantito>before rebooting linode
11:45<cmantito>reconnect to IRC networks without the proxy.
11:54<cmantito>I did something to kill my io
11:55<cmantito>well, that's what I get.
11:56[~]cmantito shoots tar
11:59[~]caker waits for new machines to arrive
12:01[~]cmantito waits for his disc resize.
12:02[~]kriby waits for no man.
12:04|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
12:04<TheFirst>the belated cmantito: postfix? bah qmail! :P
12:05<cmantito>this morning, I got yelled at for using sendmail
12:05<cmantito>and got told to use postfix.
12:05<cmantito>tried it, didn't work, back to sendmail, didn't work eitehr.
12:05<cmantito>now I'm hearing qmail?
12:05<gpd>there is a theme here...
12:05[~]cmantito runs into a wall and smacks a stickynote on it and shoots macdan because he can.
12:06<TheFirst> ... good docs for setting it up if that's the problem (was my problem...mta's are confusing as hell to me)
12:06<cmantito>I shall give it a shot.
12:06<TheFirst>not trying to sway you one way or the each their own, really
12:07<cmantito>it's worth a shot.
12:07<cmantito>I had sendmail working on slack, but barely.
12:07<TheFirst>well if you go by the qmail rocks guide you shouldnt have a problemj
12:07<TheFirst>just if you're on an 80 disable spamassassin
12:07<macdan>cmantito, that's somewhat rude, you are aware yes?
12:08[~]cmantito shoots macdan again.
12:08<TheFirst>(edit and change the installed scanners line)
12:08<cmantito>TheFirst: gotcha.
12:08<cmantito>While I'm not on an 80, I have no intention to use spamassassin ;)
12:08<cmantito>macdan: just because I can ^^
12:08<TheFirst>yah well the guide installs it...and to get some of the later stuff working it's easier to install and just disable it
12:09<TheFirst>oh and the force tls config option isn't mentioned in that guide...or setting up rbl, both quick after hacks
12:09<cmantito>caker: dunno if this is all linode distros, been a while since I installed it, but fstab is still funny. it defaulted to using ubdb as swap, whereas my swap is ubdc, and ubdb and ubdd are discs that aren't included in fstab
12:10<cmantito>TheFirst: gotcha.
12:10<cmantito>caker: but then, are we supposed to always edit fstab on our own? I can't remember.
12:10<TheFirst>i've never touched fstab
12:11<TheFirst>and whats so great about this arch linux? only heard of it by name...
12:11<cmantito>not sure, it's something I used once and quckly fell in love with.
12:12<cmantito>I can't say the same for any other distro I tried.
12:12<macdan>it's clean
12:12<macdan>lightweight and gets the hell out of your way ;)
12:12<cmantito>the package management is like a cross between gentoo's portage and apt.
12:13<cmantito>so you can compile what you want using a pkgbuild or just grab a binary, from the same repository
12:13<cmantito>[sort of]
12:16<cmantito>macdan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLE.
12:18|-|afv-13 [] has joined #linode
12:32<@caker>cmantito: ubdb is always swap, by my defaults
12:32<@caker>cmantito: so, is it working enough to deploy to the rest of the hosts?
12:33<cmantito>seems to be ^^
12:53[~]gpd waits for OSX to stop throwing a wobbler
12:54<gpd>when sudo kill -9 doesn't work you are in trouble :(
12:56<linbot>New news from forums: Distro: Arch Linux 0.7.1 in Announcements <>
13:01|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:13|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
13:33|-|MarcelH [] has joined #linode
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13:41|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:50|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
16:11|-|macdan [] has quit [Quit: Got Itch?]
16:14|-|macdan [] has joined #linode
16:16<erikh>SA works nice and quick if you've got a milter in use
16:16<erikh>no spamc to run
16:27|-|MarcelH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:28<TheFirst>even that wouldn't save it on a 80 i suspect
16:35<warewolf>spamassassin is quite a bit of a memory hog, sadly.
16:37[~]caker is now Sprint PPC 6700 enabled :)
16:38<@caker>phone doohickie
16:38<warewolf>I assumed phone, from "sprint"
16:38<warewolf>but the PPC part confused me.
16:38<warewolf>oh interesting.
16:38<warewolf>Pocket PC
16:38<warewolf>not PowerPC
16:39<@caker>$340 with business account, new line ($10/mo)... WAY cheaper than what they wanted me to pay ($599)
16:39[~]caker works it
16:40<gpd>what is the coverage for the high speed data?
16:40<@caker>everywhere I go, basically
16:41<gpd>how much is the 'plan' --- you said 'new line' $10/mo
16:42<gpd>or it it $340/yr ? + $349 for device?
16:42<@caker>$10/mo for adding a line, I already have a few lines .. family fair+flexible+whatever plan
16:42<@caker>the device was $340, plus $36 activation fee
16:42<npmr>upper midwest ++
16:42|-|macdan [] has quit [Quit: Got Itch?]
16:42|-|cmantito changed nick to karmatik
16:43<gpd>so minutes for data are the same as minutes for calls?
16:43|-|TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:43<@caker>unlimited data for $7.99
16:43<@caker>right, so $17.99/month
16:43|-|cmantito [] has joined #linode
16:43<@caker>once my contract for my main line is done, I'll remove it .. it was just cheaper this way
16:44|-|karmatik [] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by peer? Oh yeah? RESET THIS PEER-BOY!]
16:44<gpd>but cheapest plan is $29.99 for 0-200 minutes - so for new person it would be $37 with unlim data
16:44[~]gpd considers
16:44<@caker>for the primary line, it's $15.00 for unlimited data
16:45<fo0bar>$10 for me
16:45<fo0bar>err $20
16:45<@caker>fo0bar: :))))
16:45<gpd>but it does WiFi - so you can cafe up as required :)
16:46<@caker>I have no clue how to work this thing yet
16:46<@caker>much manual reading time this evening
16:46<fo0bar>caker: beware; it doesn't do AES WPA, only TKIP WPA
16:46<fo0bar>and of course WEP and regular
16:47<gpd>not sure why they insist on putting cameras on everthing these days
16:47<fo0bar>gpd: and it's a crappy camera on top of it
16:47<fo0bar>(I think all cellphone cameras are)
16:47<gpd>but if it did video conference it would be ftw
16:47<fo0bar>caker: have you downloaded any apps yet?
16:47<@caker>fo0bar: no .. just got home
16:48[~]fo0bar checks his list
16:50<@caker> - - [27/Apr/2006:17:50:04 -0400] "GET /images/tab_bg_left.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 86 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; Sprint:PPC-6700; PPC; 240x320)"
16:51<fo0bar>Total Commander (file manager, haven't used it much), IMPlus (decent IM program, but $$$ and I haven't registered it yet), PocketRSS (kinda nifty), SynchroTime (because it doesn't automatically sync time against the GSM service, how stupid is that), Microsoft Voice Command (GET THIS NOW), Opera, and PocketPuTTY
16:51[~]caker writes down
16:52<warewolf>your phone is now under a DoS
16:52<warewolf>you do realise that pasting your IP is going to result in people flooding your phone right?
16:52<fo0bar>warewolf: cell providers use proxies and crap
16:52<fo0bar>phones don't have direct ip addresses
16:53<warewolf>that's what you think :)
16:53<fo0bar>unless you're connecting via 802.11
16:53<warewolf>I'm certian that phones have direct IP addresses -- but yes I am aware that they use proxies.
16:53<warewolf>infact, I reconfigured my phone to use my own proxy 8-)
16:53<gpd>voice command - can you talk to pocketputty with it and get it to translate for IRC :)
16:54<fo0bar>gpd: sadly, no :(
16:54<fo0bar>but it is excellent at dialing numbers, recognizing names in your phone book, etc
16:55<@caker>hmm .. 3:00 in Fremont ...
16:55[~]caker wonders what the chances are HE will get those machines installed
16:57<fo0bar>caker: I'll drive down to the datacenter with the baseball bat
17:00<@caker>I just made the tech there talk in circles
17:00<@caker>"Has any progress or updates been made in regards to this ticket?"
17:00<@caker>"Yes, you just sent us an update"
17:00<@caker>ok, lemme try this anyother way...
17:01<@caker>etc, etc
17:02<@caker>basically, NO, they're is no update, and NO we don't schedule installs, and NO I have NFI what's been done
17:02<@caker>he did tell me that they try to install the machines the day they come in, and that's been my experience
17:02<@caker>just the guy trying to bullshit me wasn't going to happen :)
17:03<@caker>I love when they ask me questions that I've already answered in the ticket...
17:03<@caker>ticket subject: Schedule 3 machine install into 11-18 for Thursday
17:03<@caker>first thing he asks me: where are these being installed?
17:03<@caker>oh well
17:04<fo0bar>caker: I casually know somebody who works there... monkeys abound
17:06|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
17:20<gpd>can you store 'ratings' in mp3 tags? iTunes doesn't
17:22<gpd> <- seemingly not
17:34|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
17:37|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:53<FireSlash>gpd, You could put them in the comments field.
18:12|-|caker-test [] has joined #linode
18:12|-|caker-test [] has quit [Quit: ]
18:16|-|spr [] has joined #linode
18:17<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:17<npmr>no cake stuck to the knife
18:43|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:46|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:49<warewolf>mmm... in id3v2 you can do custom tags
18:49<warewolf>with pretty much anything you want
18:50<npmr>heh... mp3
18:51<gpd>nice - and there is probably a cunning way to get iTunes/other to sort by the comment field - nice talking to you
18:52|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:54<gpd>11:56 [EFNet] You are banned from this server- Don't IRC from your webserver.
18:54<gpd>err... wtf?
18:54<warewolf>just pick another server
18:55<gpd>i'm not bothered - just curious why they say that
18:55<warewolf>maybe they don't like CGI::IRC gateways
18:55<gpd>but it was from irssi in screen!
18:55<gpd>from my linode...
18:56<gpd>same as this channel which has been connected for 21 days
18:56<gpd>11:56 [EFNet] You are banned from this server- Don't IRC from your webserver.
18:57[~]gpd slaps putty's right button paste
19:11<warewolf>holy crap this is gay
19:12<warewolf>this compaq addon lights out management card actually uses a loop-back keyboard/mouse cable
19:13|-|zOorK [] has joined #linode
19:13<zOorK>Is IRC allowed on Linode?
19:14<warewolf>you can do anything on your linode aslong as it isn't illegal.
19:14<sonorous>zOorK: yes, as long as it doesn't invoke DDoS attacks or the like.
19:15<zOorK>10 dollars per SETUP?
19:15<sonorous>yes, hardly breaking the bank
19:15<zOorK>I wont pay 10 dollars for the setup!!
19:15<zOorK>Could anybody give me a Cuopun?
19:15<sonorous>what the fook
19:15[~]warewolf hands zOorK a cluepon
19:15<sonorous>man, I'm from the UK
19:15<sonorous>that would buy me a packet of 20 cigarettes
19:15<zOorK>a discunt
19:16<zOorK>Uk is the Expensive place..
19:16<zOorK>You can buy 1 cigarret with 1 dollar
19:16<sonorous>yes it is the expensive place
19:16<sonorous>oh good for you
19:16<zOorK>bye bro
19:16<zOorK>thanks for nothing
19:16<sonorous>do you know what GNU/Linux is?
19:17<sonorous>I'm curious.
19:17<zOorK>Yes, I do
19:17<zOorK>off course
19:17<sonorous>off course, gr12!
19:17<sonorous>(that is like gr8 but four better)
19:17<warewolf>is english your native language?
19:18<zOorK>nop, is not
19:18<warewolf>and quite honestly, how the US dollar compares to the Euro, $10 is nothing.
19:18<zOorK>that's true..
19:18<zOorK>US' economy is getting worst..
19:18<sonorous>here we go
19:19<sonorous>go on, slate the US
19:19<sonorous>you know you want to
19:19<zOorK>I think is the Europe && Asia Oportunity to get the best economy ..
19:19[~]gpd yawns
19:19<sonorous>quite, gpd
19:19<sonorous>enough is enough
19:19<sonorous>you pay the $10 setup
19:19<sonorous>you enjoy your Linode
19:20<sonorous>if you can't afford the setup, I am terribly sorry
19:20|-|Netsplit <-> quits: spr, TheFirst
19:20<sonorous>but you cannot have a coupon.
19:20<sonorous>if you cannot afford the setup, I am deeply fearful of whether you'll be able to pay the monthly fee in the long term
19:20<warewolf>oh man
19:20<warewolf>I really should fire up another irc client and see how many people have split bugs
19:21<sonorous>(btw, disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Linode)
19:21<sonorous>split bugs, warewolf?
19:21|-|Netsplit over, joins: spr
19:21|-|Netsplit over, joins: TheFirst
19:21<warewolf>those kind of split bugs
19:22<sonorous>that'd just paste a quit message of "" here
19:22<warewolf>not quite
19:22<warewolf>that would quit with the message ""
19:22<sonorous>ah okay, not in irssi :p
19:23<warewolf>which causes some clients to BELIEVE that split from
19:23<sonorous>haha, amusing
19:23<sonorous>which client?
19:23<warewolf>dumb ones.
19:23<sonorous>indeed :p
19:23<warewolf>it varies.
19:23|-|Antitribu [] has joined #linode
19:23<Antitribu>heya, is it possible to have 2 linodes under one account?
19:23<warewolf>not at the moment no
19:23<Antitribu>(sorry if thats answered elsewhere)
19:23<warewolf>just sign up a second account
19:24<Antitribu>ahh k
19:24|-|womble [] has joined #linode
19:24<Antitribu>all good
19:24<sonorous>use the same password/gpg keys on your host :)
19:24<sonorous>ssh keys
19:24<Antitribu>i want to "move" linodes
19:24<Antitribu>quasi upgrade/format/rebuild/rename sorta thing
19:24<sonorous>ah. You want a larger allocation or so?
19:24<sonorous>ohh oka
19:25<Antitribu>to go from an 80 -> 120 but i want to take this opertunity to rebuild too
19:25<warewolf>you have two options
19:25<Antitribu>fix a bunch of things that are just sorta "hanging in there"
19:26<warewolf>either you can "upgrade" your linode from an 80 to a 120 just by buying more ram and disk space, or you can actually "move" your linode from the 80 host to a 120 host.
19:26<Antitribu>i'm liking option 2
19:26<Antitribu>but i need to rebuild it
19:26<Antitribu>and i cant have down time
19:26<Antitribu>so i was just going to make a new account
19:26<warewolf>you .. can't have down time
19:26<Antitribu>get new linode
19:26<sonorous>You could replicate your configuration files (generally)
19:27<sonorous>but you'd still need downtime
19:27<Antitribu>swap dns
19:27<sonorous>but that might not work very well because of caching etc
19:27<sonorous>YMMV :)
19:27<Antitribu>the linodes acting as a head server
19:27<Antitribu>this is the internet :P
19:27<Antitribu>everyones millage varies
19:27<sonorous>absolutely :)
19:28<Antitribu>its relaying email
19:28<Antitribu>so as soon as i stop seeing email relayed through, i know we are _fairly_ safe
19:29|-|zOorK [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
19:29<Antitribu>oh what a fun evening ahead for me :P
19:29<Antitribu>ok, guess i'm running with the two account option
19:31|-|Spads [] has joined #linode
19:32|-|Spads [] has quit [Quit: ]
19:32<sonorous>you could setup your new linode
19:32<warewolf>why is colo so damn expensive
19:32|-|Spads [] has joined #linode
19:32<sonorous>setup MX on there
19:32<sonorous>change DNS
19:32[~]warewolf cries
19:32<sonorous>stop MX on your other host
19:32<warewolf>why does linode have to be so damn cheap
19:32<sonorous>and then anything that is trying to deliver to your current linode...
19:33<npmr>what prices are you finding for colo?
19:33<sonorous>will get rejected/connection refused
19:33<sonorous>so... that means either your mail will go to your secondary MX
19:33<sonorous>or your new box
19:33<sonorous>(dependant on caching)
19:33<Antitribu>thats a good idea
19:33<Antitribu>there is only one minor failing
19:33<Antitribu>the biggest reason i'm changing
19:33<Antitribu>is i now want to host my own dns
19:33<sonorous>warewolf: hah, UK colo is stupidly expensive :p
19:34<sonorous>ah okay
19:34<Antitribu>my old dns provider is well.... $%&#
19:34<sonorous>yes, host your own DNS.
19:34<Antitribu>they have dropped the ball on one of my domains for 5 days now
19:34<sonorous>If you're polite I could host secondary++
19:34<sonorous>(somewhere other than linode)
19:34<npmr>yeah, my old dns provider sucked, too, so i shot him
19:34<Antitribu>as in people in the usa cant resolv it
19:34<npmr>damn that hurt my foot
19:34<Antitribu>australia fine
19:34<Antitribu>usa no
19:34<Antitribu>aparently "routing issues"
19:34<sonorous>I run BIND9 on a couple of well-connected hosts.
19:35<sonorous>If you can setup your NS records, it will send notifies to my servers
19:35<Antitribu>that would definitely be the way to go
19:35<Antitribu>ooo, i might take you up on that
19:35<sonorous>let me know :)
19:35<Antitribu>will do
19:35<Eman>well, take a host that does 80s, site says 40 linodes per host, at 19.95 per month, it would gross $798... seems enough for colo fees and profit...
19:35<sonorous>simon _AT_ is my email addy
19:35<sonorous>I did that because chat here is logged :p
19:36<Antitribu>oh yes :) know that one well
19:37<npmr>Eman, there's also caker's and mikegrb's income, the cost of hardware amortized over.... five years? break out of that number before profit
19:37<Eman>npmr: thats all what i mean by "profit"
19:38<sonorous>Antitribu: I use little traffic. As long as I don't get pwned bandwidth-wise, I'm fine with that :)
19:41<Antitribu>sonorous: all good, i'll keep you posted and see how i go, i dont think it would be that bad, i may not need it but thanks for the offer, either way i'll let you know
19:41<sonorous>sure. you're welcome. Just let me know etc.
19:41<sonorous>take as long as you like, etc
19:43|-|Antitribu [] has left #linode []
19:44|-|Antitribu [] has joined #linode
19:44<Antitribu>much better...
19:44<Antitribu>real irc client
19:44<Antitribu>i like the web based one for quickies
19:44<Antitribu>really good idea for support
19:46<Antitribu>i've never run dns before
19:46<Antitribu>least not externally to the world
19:47<Antitribu>is bind still the swiss cheese of security on the internet or IIS take that crown?
19:50<sonorous>bind9 isn't _too_ bad security-wise
19:50<sonorous>if you're running sarge, you'll be fine
19:52<Antitribu>yeh i'm thinking i'll stick with debian/stable this time
19:52<Antitribu>dont know _what_ i was thinking when i did testing last time
19:52<Antitribu>that was my own dumb fault
19:53<gpd><catchphrase>You could try Ubuntu Breezy - soon to be Dapper</catchphrase>
19:54<Spads> <-- "Thursday, April 27, 2006, clergy from around the Washington, DC and MD area will gather in downtown DC to pray for the lowering of gas prices."
19:54<gpd>no comment
19:55<gpd>did you see that study where they tested the effect of prayer on cancer victims
19:55|-|weasel [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:55<gpd>... strangely it had NO EFFECT
19:56|-|weasel [] has joined #linode
19:57|-|Netsplit <-> quits: Antitribu, womble, TheFirst, spr
19:57<erikh>bind9 is great security-wise
19:57<erikh>it's just a widely used, popular program
19:57<sonorous>gpd: haha :p
19:58<sonorous>erikh: indeed.
19:58|-|Netsplit over, joins: Antitribu
19:58|-|Netsplit over, joins: womble
19:58|-|Netsplit over, joins: spr
19:58|-|Netsplit over, joins: TheFirst
19:58<erikh>DNSSEC ftw
19:58<sonorous>sarge gives you, what.. 9.2.x?
19:58|-|^GaveUp^ [] has joined #linode
19:58|-|TheFirst [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:58<erikh>yeah, you have to use testing to get 9.3
19:58<sonorous>anything other than bind 8 is good :p
19:58<erikh>but the sarge is patched
19:58<sonorous>is it in backports?
19:58<erikh>9.3 has all the good dnssec patches
19:58<sonorous>backports can be useful.
19:58<sonorous>I use lighttpd
19:58<erikh>not sure. I'm not a very fluent debian guy these days... I spend most of my time in FreeBSD
19:58<sonorous>rather than that apache crap :p
19:59<sonorous>that I had to get from backports
19:59<sonorous>backports is useful :)
19:59<gpd>ubuntu breezy has 9.3.1
20:00<erikh>ubuntu is just debian with a slick gui and updated deb packages?
20:00<erikh>or is there more to it than that?
20:00<warewolf>for the last time
20:00<warewolf>except that debian sucks.
20:01<gpd>not if you are at the 'which distro should i use on my linode' stage
20:01<gpd>and you have not yet become a fanboy :)
20:01<erikh>warewolf: then explain to me when my centos machines have traceroute installed by default but my debian machines don't
20:01<gpd>or an antifanboy
20:01<erikh>gpd: yeah, I was sincerely curious
20:03<gpd>ubuntu is debian with more money and a sightly different attitude
20:03<erikh>gpd: thanks for the link
20:03<gpd>i like the regular releases and fast fixes
20:04<sonorous>bastard "my distro is better than yours" dick waving :p
20:04<Eman>current ubuntu is like what debian will be in 30 years
20:04<sonorous> 02:04:22 up 15:14, 8 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
20:04<sonorous>LOOK MA!
20:04<sonorous>15 hours uptime!
20:04<erikh>heh, hold on a sec..
20:04<gpd>easy sonorous
20:04<sonorous>okay. steady on, myself.
20:04<taupehat>sonorous: go have a beer or something, m8
20:04<erikh>uptime_penis() { uptime | perl -ne "/(\d+) d/;print 8,q(=)x\$1,\"D\n\""
20:05<erikh>it's safe. I promise.
20:05<sonorous>okay okay.
20:05<sonorous>point taken :p
20:05<sonorous>I should calm down. :p
20:05<sonorous>but, seriously. It's all Linux beneath
20:05<erikh>$ uptime_penis
20:05<gpd>this is not your average irc # :)
20:05<Eman>Uptime: 1w 4d 4h 14m 35s which makes my e-Penis is 21.97 inches (55.81 cm) erect! Largest erection ever was 21.97 inches (55.81 cm)!
20:05<taupehat>erikh: you didn't install centos on your linode??
20:05<Antitribu>i'll weigh in here by saying "yay debian!"
20:05<erikh>taupehat: you know how I feel about centos.
20:05<gpd>we are all sensible in here and dicks mostly don't get waved
20:06<erikh>and that's all i'm saying.
20:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
20:06<taupehat>I want some cake, dammit!
20:06[~]taupehat is away (getting cake)
20:06<Antitribu>so avoid bind 8 was the gist of that?
20:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
20:06<warewolf>mmmm .. cake
20:06<sonorous>old mikegrb and
20:07<Antitribu>oh, whats the xen beta?
20:07<erikh>it'll be hard to find a recent distro with bind 8 still.
20:07<sonorous>I have 2*xen hosts :)
20:07<sonorous>and 1*UML (Linode)
20:07<sonorous>but, either way..
20:07<Antitribu>we going to see any "winodes" any time soon?
20:08<Antitribu>(dont hate me)
20:08<sonorous>ask billy gates.
20:08<sonorous>only gates has the answer
20:08<Antitribu>i thought xen could do windows?
20:08<sonorous>but I sure as hell hope not :)
20:08<sonorous>no, not afaik
20:08<sonorous>licensing stuff, primarily
20:08<sonorous>though I could be talking waffle
20:08<Antitribu>i'm still yet to find anything anywhere as decent as outlook/exchange
20:09<sonorous>exim4 + IMAP?
20:09<Antitribu>damni just went on the record as saying that didn't i
20:09<Antitribu>exim4/dovecot is nice... but far from perfect
20:09<Antitribu>and what about calenders?
20:09<sonorous>I use mutt though :p
20:09<Antitribu>i use outlook & an O2 xda atom
20:10<sonorous>Antitribu: you're from the UK?
20:10|-|^GaveUp^ changed nick to TheFirst
20:10<sonorous>oh okay
20:10<sonorous>sorry, you already mentioned that.
20:10<Antitribu>we have o2 here as well :P
20:10<sonorous>I am drunk, slightly :p
20:11<sonorous>most have probably already guessed that
20:11<Antitribu>though over there they are a network or something yeh?
20:11<sonorous>(by my bastardness)
20:11<sonorous>here they're a network
20:11<sonorous>we have O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile
20:11<sonorous>and "3" (3G)
20:11<Antitribu>we have optus, vodaphone and <shudders> telstra
20:12<Antitribu>i did the maths on telstra
20:12<Antitribu>using their internet on a mobile to capacity
20:12<Antitribu>for an entire month will cost you approximately AU$1.9 million
20:13<Antitribu>whats that around 800,000 pounds?
20:13<Beirdo>so $50US? :) (sorry, had to say it)
20:13<Antitribu>ah touche!
20:13<Antitribu>this country seriously blows for connectivity
20:13<Beirdo>the $AU ain't that bad lately though, is it?
20:14<Beirdo>$CDN is kicking butt and you used to be nearly on par with us
20:14<Antitribu>AU$1 = round USD$0.75
20:14<Beirdo>not too bad
20:14<Antitribu>its been worse
20:14<Eman>$CDN is supposed to be 1:1 with USD by the end of the decade
20:14<Beirdo>$1CDN = about $0.88US lately
20:15<Beirdo>Eman, I'll give it less time than that :)
20:15<Eman>just keeps making my linode cheaper :D
20:15<Antitribu>i just dispise our net over here
20:16<Antitribu>shockingly expensive
20:16<Beirdo>Antitribu, I don't blame ya
20:16<Antitribu>we just dont have the population
20:16<Beirdo>stop sending TCP via kangaroo and get with the program :)
20:16<Antitribu>went to japan over xmas
20:16<Antitribu>they have damn fibre to the home
20:16<Antitribu>and take it as an insult that their might be some sort of download "cap" or limit
20:17<Beirdo>yah, but you have the Aussie chicks
20:17<sonorous>sorry Antitribu
20:17<sonorous>I had to fetch another smirnoff :p
20:17<Antitribu>mmm smirnoff
20:17<Eman>Beirdo: we have canadian chicks, which are supposed to be hot... but i see lots of fat cows :(
20:17<Antitribu>i get the same feeling about most aussie chicks...
20:17<sonorous>same in the UK
20:17<Beirdo>Eman: a fair number of hottish ones here in Toronto
20:18<sonorous>it's all stereotyping :P
20:18<Beirdo>but with 4M people one would hope you'd see a few hotties
20:18<Antitribu>though i live about 30 minutes walk from surfers paradise (big tourist hotspot)
20:18<Antitribu>and you occasionally see a lot of beautiful people go by
20:18<Beirdo>why would you walk 30 minutes to get there? :)
20:19<Antitribu>cause you'll spend 40 minutes parking :P
20:19<Beirdo>I understand, forgot about htat
20:19<Antitribu>that and you'll spend a night in jail if you get hammered and drive home :P
20:19<Beirdo>get a stupid mate to drop you off and pick you up
20:19<Antitribu>yet nobody seems to care about you running down the middle of the road pissed as a loon
20:19<Antitribu>go figure
20:20<Beirdo>it's the British heritage, dude
20:20<Antitribu>with a spice of ex-convicts :P
20:21<Beirdo>but of course
20:21<Beirdo>wow, 21:20, and I'm ready to go to sleep
20:21<Beirdo>I suck
20:22<Antitribu>linode people ever thought about some big disk space options?
20:22<Antitribu>like 100gb or so?
20:22<Beirdo>OMG, you don't ask for much, do ya? :)
20:22<Antitribu>something you could mount as an nfs share from your linode
20:22<Antitribu>how hard can it be :P
20:23<Antitribu>couple 1tb san boxes
20:23<Beirdo>or I'm sure you could get a dedicated server for less than it would cost :)
20:23<Antitribu>mmm your probably right :(
20:23<Antitribu>i just want off site backups
20:24<Antitribu>"only" need around 100gb
20:24<Antitribu>wonder how many gmail/gmailfs accounts i can tie together :P
20:24<Beirdo>just buy a drive and carry it to work
20:24<sonorous>Antitribu: you ever thought about VPS elsewhere?
20:25<sonorous>though I don't want to sound a bastard
20:25<sonorous>asking such a question here
20:25<Beirdo>100GB as a disk is pretty cheap :)
20:25<Beirdo>I have a few.
20:25<sonorous>because, I have 2*xen domains here in the uk
20:25<sonorous>as i said before
20:25<sonorous>one gives me 30GB disk
20:26<Beirdo>yeah, but then you get to deal with UK's bandwidth issues too :)
20:27<Antitribu>i like my linode though
20:27<Antitribu>its worked consistently for about a year now
20:27<Antitribu>and its freeking cheap
20:27<Beirdo>knock on wood, and all
20:28<sonorous>Beirdo: eh?
20:28<sonorous>UK bandwidth issues?
20:28<Beirdo>the pipe between US/UK gets saturated at times last I looked
20:28<sonorous>(besides LINX being the largest peering point in the world)
20:28<Antitribu>like it or not USA is sorta the centre of the world internet wise
20:29<sonorous>that makes no sense.
20:29<Antitribu>or am i that out of touch
20:29<sonorous>there are multiple UK/US links
20:29<sonorous>depends on your transit
20:29<Antitribu>whats an ip in .uk?
20:29<Antitribu>(something i can tracert to)
20:29<Beirdo>depends on the sharks too :)
20:29<sonorous>me host
20:30<Beirdo>anyways, UK has fewer issues than AU for sure, and fewer as the years go by
20:30<sonorous>I think you're very much out of touch
20:30<sonorous>no offence :)
20:30<Antitribu>none taken :P
20:30<sonorous>that was aimed at Bierdo :p
20:31<sonorous>a very bizarre statement
20:31<sonorous>but never mind
20:31<Antitribu> block pings?
20:31<sonorous>no, not pings
20:31<sonorous>just traceroute
20:31<sonorous>depends on the ICMP packets.
20:31<Antitribu>ok, cause even if it doesn't
20:32<Antitribu>my traceroute from here is _ugly_
20:32<sonorous>in what sense?
20:32<Antitribu>7 damn hops before i leave this country _sigh_
20:32<Antitribu>-> the USA
20:32<Antitribu>then -> UK
20:32<sonorous>well, yes.
20:32<Antitribu>but not before bouncing round the us and losing a few packets
20:32<sonorous>any route from here goes east coast USA -> west coast usa
20:33<sonorous>to AU
20:33<Antitribu>its also +100ms over a linode
20:33<Antitribu>for the sake of my ssh'ing sanity :P
20:33<Beirdo>light can only go so fast :)
20:34<sonorous>pings between Europe and AU always go via the States
20:34<Antitribu>as close to .au withought actually staying in .au :P is what i'm after
20:34<sonorous>never via, e.g. AS
20:36<erikh>traceroute is udp and icmp
20:36<Antitribu>what ever happened to the good old sea-me-we
20:37<sonorous>I don't care what it is :p
20:37<sonorous># icmp...
20:37<sonorous>/sbin/iptables -A OUTPUT -p icmp -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT
20:37<sonorous>/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
20:37<sonorous>/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -m limit --limit 1/s -i eth0 -j ACCEPT
20:37<sonorous>that's what I have
20:37<sonorous>okay :P
20:37<sonorous>as far as I see, that's ICMP-only.
20:37<warewolf>I hope state tracking works for ICMP
20:37<sonorous>dick waving again
20:38<sonorous>state tracking? :)
20:38<erikh>wait a sec, now I'm not trying to be rude
20:38<warewolf>who's waving their dick around again?
20:38<erikh>but being correct is "dick waving"?
20:38<Beirdo>tracerouting uses UDP > 33000 if I remember correctly
20:38<warewolf>Beirdo: it can use udp and icmp
20:38<warewolf>Beirdo: it depends on what OS yo're on, and what switches you use
20:38<Beirdo>yeah, a funky combination
20:39<erikh>yes, that's how I learned it too.
20:39<erikh>but blocking ICMP will accomplish blocking traceroute
20:39<warewolf>don't forget that there are things such as host unreachable icmp codes that make proper internet networking work correctly
20:40<sonorous>well. whatever.
20:40<sonorous>I don't know
20:40<sonorous>the atmosphere is kinda getting not-so-great
20:40<sonorous>I hope I haven't invoked that.
20:40[~]gpd waves dick at 1 day old SATA disk failing with: ioatacontroller device blocking bus on OSX - POS
20:40<erikh>gpd: OUCH.
20:41<erikh>gpd: is that in an iMac or some such?
20:41<gpd>no it's a powermac g5
20:43<erikh>gpd: did you lose any data?
20:43<gpd>not yet - in the middle of 'consolidating' my iTunes library to it
20:43<gpd>oh well
20:44<gpd>it goes back in the post tomorrow - no biggie
20:44<erikh>well that's good, at least it's not the whole mac.
20:45<taupehat>I've got tiger server running on my iBook right now
20:45<taupehat>am testing some swervices on it
20:45<erikh>taupehat: tiger /server/?
20:46<taupehat>os x server 10.4 (.6, currently)
20:47<taupehat>it's funny
20:47<taupehat>I can use it entirely like a regular laptop
20:47<taupehat>only with steroidal enhancements =]
20:47<taupehat>but it's got all the client stuff installed
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23:21<Eman>HE routing problems?
23:22<Eman>or not
23:24|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
23:27<Eman>any (hopefully simple) solutions for throttling bittorent use on a shared internet connection?
23:29<Spads>yes, run bittornado with --max_upload_rate and --max_download_rate set
23:30<Eman>i mean network wide... im forced to share my net connection with my brother... and he wont limit his upload speeds
23:37|-|josterpi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:47<Antitribu>unplug the little blue wire from the switch and hit him with it until he complies?
23:47<Antitribu>that said the easiest way i've ever seen was with a billion adsl router that let you rate limit ports
23:49<Eman>i want to limit every port to 10kb/sec outbound
23:51<Antitribu> <- the router i used
23:51<Antitribu>was an older model no longer listed
23:51<Eman>is that just using QoS?
23:52<Antitribu>oh and include the usual disclaimer.h (not a billlion rep, not affiliated, not a shareholder), just they are the only modems i've tried that actually work
23:53<Antitribu>no you can actually "rate limit" the port
23:53<Antitribu>like set a hard limit of X/kbps
23:54<Antitribu>what time/day is it in the states?
23:54<Eman>1am in EST
23:54<Antitribu>(read are the linode people around to activate my linode) :P
23:55<Antitribu>what day?
23:55<Antitribu>friday i assume
23:55<Antitribu>damnit what do you mean they arn't awake and working at 1am
23:55<Eman>go back 3 hours and you have cakers time, i think
23:57<Antitribu>anyone in here used nagios?
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