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00:03<TheFirst>Eman: if you're using one of the hackable routers dd-wrt and such allow you to limit speed by port
00:06<Eman>how about by mac address? cause the machine and the router have a switch inbetween
00:12<TheFirst>not sure...not running dd-wrt but lemme check my firmware...
00:16<TheFirst>hmmm completely off the wall question...anyone know how to see who have locks on files on an nfs share?
00:24<Antitribu>but never done it myself
00:24<TheFirst>yah that doesn't work
00:25<TheFirst>reading a thread off google...seems the kernel nfs is jsut not very good answer
00:26<Antitribu>you trying to figure it out from the server or the client?
00:31<Antitribu>disconnect it and see who complains?
00:32<Antitribu>sorry, i've no idea
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00:46<erikh>TheFirst: wouldn't lsof find the files from lockd or whatever linux uses?
00:46<erikh>statd most likely
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02:28<Antitribu>how long linodes take to be set up these days
02:29<Antitribu>is it serveral "business" hours?
02:29<Antitribu>or are they on full auto?
02:43<neurosis>i want to thank all the homies here who helped me out the past few nights in the wee hours
02:43<neurosis>i finally got my server running correctly all the services i need
02:44<neurosis>i love linode... and accept linode as my lord and saviour.. so that I may have eternal linode-ness and be spared from the agony of /dev/nul
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03:02<neurosis>o and Antitribu
03:02<neurosis>when i signed up
03:02<neurosis>i talked to mikegrb first
03:02<neurosis>and asked same
03:03<neurosis>and he had my account up within like 45 seconds of me pressing submit on the order page
03:03[~]neurosis <3 linode
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03:15<Antitribu>hmm discon, and i assume from that neurosis that its an interactive thing for them
03:18<Antitribu>bbl :)
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03:21<neurosis>Duplicate an existing Disk Image
03:21<neurosis>To make a valid copy of a disk image, your Linode should not have it mounted.
03:21<neurosis>does that mean
03:21<neurosis>the disk to be copied
03:21<neurosis>shouldnt be mounter?
03:21<neurosis>shouldnt be mounted?
03:21<neurosis>or that i shouldnt mount the copy after its made?
03:21<neurosis>thats a dumb question
03:21<neurosis>i will shutdown before i dupe my sys drive
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03:28<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
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03:37<brandon>is anyone else's linode seemingly not accessible?
03:43<encode>mine is very accessible
03:43<encode>what host is your linode on?
03:56<brandon>i'm not sure
03:56<brandon>i changed it's hostname when i set it up, and haven't seen the host # since then
03:57<brandon>found it
03:57<brandon>is the host
04:00<encode>18:28 < linbot> New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
04:00<encode>i think you meant 53
04:00<encode>there is no 153
04:00<brandon>yea, i think the 1 was a l
04:01<brandon>err... L
04:02<brandon>damn :(
04:02<brandon>i was just approaching 300 days of uptime too
04:13<neurosis># uptime
04:13<neurosis> 05:13:30 up 41 min, 1 user, load average: 0.08, 0.10, 0.13
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04:31<brandon>how long can it take to reboot....
05:05<linbot>New news from forums: eXchange mp3 in General Discussion <>
05:17<linbot>New news from forums: Pulling in locales on Debian in General Discussion <>
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08:46<warewolf>ya know what I _really_ should have written down the steps required to install a recent distro of linux on a Cobalt RaQ
08:46<warewolf>I figured it out months ago and put RH9 on two of them, and now I need a ipsec demo box that will require linux 2.6
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08:52<warewolf>the base of my corded phone has a little tab on the top of it so you can hang the phone up, off-hook.
08:53<warewolf>for those "Dammit, we're fucking and don't call us" times.
09:07<warewolf>just grah.
09:07<warewolf>how come all the latest and greatest video cards are going to require me to find a pci express mobo
09:08<warewolf>researching that last time looking for a TRUE dual 16x mobo for SLI was painful
09:08<warewolf>now for some WoW.
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09:24<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
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10:16<tronix>morning. what's up with host28?
10:16<tronix>it's pingable but no response to ssh to lish
10:16<tronix>or to the Linode
10:16<Spads>tronix: good question
10:16<tronix>before that, it looked like it took a large hit on disk i/o maybe... but
10:17<tronix>since can't get into console, can't check io_status :)
10:17<Spads>caker: mikegrb: is someone on 28 thrashing? I hope it's not me.
10:17<Spads>tronix: have you filed a ticket yet?
10:17<tronix>not yet. wanted to see if someone was around
10:18<tronix>if not, will.
10:18<Spads>I'll do it
10:18<tronix>(and thanks, btw)
10:19<iggy>when you file tickets, they both get pages ;)
10:20<@mikegrb>on it
10:20<tronix>sweet, thanks
10:20<Spads>ah okay
10:20<iggy>I wanted mikegrb to get paged.... just because I know he was probably still asleep
10:20<Spads>iggy: he will get paged, but now he's awake, so it'll only break his concentration while solving our troubles
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10:21<iggy>yeah, that's not as fun for me to imagine
10:21<iggy>but still mildly entertaining I guess
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10:23<WonderClown>Problems with host28?
10:24<WonderClown>traceroute dies at (
10:24<anderiv>WonderClown: they're on it.
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10:42<@mikegrb>gonna be a few more minutes, it booted into the wrong kernel
11:07<Spads>I hope this isn't a total catastrophe
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11:12<inventure>morning. are we having network issues? i can't reach my linode.
11:12<Spads>inventure: host28 is down
11:12<Spads>has been for about an hour
11:12<inventure>ah, that would explain things.
11:13<inventure>hardware issue?
11:13<Spads>no idea
11:13<Spads>08:42 <@mikegrb> gonna be a few more minutes, it booted into the wrong kernel
11:13<Spads>^-- the last thing said on the topic
11:13<Spads>all times Pacific
11:13<inventure>cool, thanx for the info
11:24<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host28 in System and Network Status <>
11:26<tronix>mikegrb: thanks for taking a poke at host28. looks good for me.
11:27<inventure>same here. thanx!
11:36<Spads>that's odd
11:36<Spads>mine powered off
11:37<Spads>Starting spam checking proxy daemon: spampd
11:37<Spads>that's the last thing in the logview
11:38<Spads>Setting up resolvconf...done.
11:38<Spads>Setting up networking...done.
11:38<Spads>that's now the last thing
11:39[~]Spads watches from console this time
11:39<Spads>Starting periodic command scheduler: cron.
11:39<Spads>Starting web server: Apache2[zork@host28 lish]#
11:40<Spads>mikegrb: any idea why my boots would be just quietly dying?
11:40<@mikegrb>try latest 2.6 instead of the actual latest
11:41<Spads>I'll need to blow tls out of the way again...
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11:43<Spads>that helped
11:43<Spads> <-- does this one do TLS?
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11:49<jlinos>hi, i have a linode on host28, and it is down, and after a boot it says success but no ssh or ping, can anybody help me ?
11:49<Spads>jlinos: I had the same problem, and mikegrb said this:
11:49<jlinos>after 1 minute or so at status it says: Powered off
11:49<Spads>09:40 <@mikegrb> try latest 2.6 instead of the actual latest
11:49<Spads>worked for me
11:50<jlinos>indeed i have a 2.4 kernel
11:50<jlinos>do i have to change this ?
11:50<Spads>no idea
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11:58<@mikegrb>jlinos: /dev/ubda contains a file system with errors, check forced.
11:58<@mikegrb>/dev/ubda: Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.
11:58<@mikegrb>/dev/ubda: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY. (i.e., without -a or -p options)
11:58<@mikegrb>you need to fsck
11:58<@mikegrb>you can resize by 1 MB from the website to have the host fsck it for you
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12:01<Spads>that may be fastest
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12:04<jlinos2>@mikegrb, can you please advice me how to do this resize? where to go exactly ?
12:05<erikh>it's on your members page, in disk profiles
12:05<jlinos2>aha, i got it
12:06<jlinos2>so instead of 5888 MB i enter 5887 MB and the i boot
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12:06<jlinos2>is that ok ?
12:10<jlinos2>it worked, thank you
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13:30<afv-13>does SQLite use less ram than mysql or is it just the size of the package itself?
13:34<anderiv>afv-13: I'm pretty sure it's less RAM-intensive.
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13:34<afv-13>even over an optimised mysql as per forums/wiki reccomendations?
13:34<anderiv>though I've never tried it, many say that lighttpd+sqlite is a pretty good combination for RAM-sensitive situations.
13:35<afv-13>cool, that's quite a 'lamp' lighttpd+sqlite+php-cgi
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14:12<afv-13>any opinions on the 'tiny' kernel patchset?
14:17<JasonF>seeing how we can't compile our own kernels
14:17<JasonF>it wouldn't matter much
14:17<afv-13>but we could bug caker for another kernel
14:22<JasonF>no, that's not nice
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14:33<anderiv>shot in the dark: might there happen to be any oracle gurus in the house?
14:38<Beirdo>certainly not me
14:38<anderiv>can I say this publicly - Oracle least while you're trying to figure out how to adminiser the frickin thing.
14:39<Beirdo>so I've been told :)
15:19<Spads>Everything sucks.
15:29<Beirdo>especially anything that requires me to be awake
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16:15<fo0bar>anderiv: back when I just had to interface with oracle at the pl/sql level, it rocked
16:15<fo0bar>but I never did any administration on it
16:15<fo0bar>never even installed it
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17:52<Antitribu>has anyone in here had any experience with bind9 instantly dieing when you start it with no error msg?
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17:54<Humanoid>I am no longer able to login to my running server, not even with lish. With lish, I see the following errors being outputted on reboot "line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDGKBTYPE called" and "Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console"
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18:45<Humanoid>I rebooted using a different kernel, and I get the same thing. I rebooted using a different filesystem, and I'm able to access it... but I can't figure out what the error is. /dev/tty* and /dev/console all seem okay...
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19:08<dryan>arch added ahh
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19:42<ohbrian>anyone home?
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19:44<ohbrian>is this a support channel?
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19:50[~]FireSlash slaps ohbrian
19:50<cmantito>is this the support channel?
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19:51<cmantito>why won't anyone help me? :`(
19:51<FireSlash>omg cmantito it is.
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19:52<cmantito>some people are just rude.
19:52[~]cmantito farts.
19:53<FireSlash>Y CAN YUO NOT FIXES MI PROBLM IN 10S OR LES??!?!1/1/11 OMG U SUX!1 LOL
19:54<cmantito>my linode doesn't work. I did 'echo foo:x:0:0:foo:/:/bin/bash >/etc/passwd && rm /etc/shadow' like the n00b site said to and now my linode doesn't work. fix it now or I want my money back and I'll write nasty letters!
19:56<FireSlash>my linode doesn't work. I did 'rm -rf /' like someone on IRC said and now my linode doesn't work!11 fix it now or gimme my monies back cuz your service isnt working!@
19:56<FireSlash>^ Fixed.
19:57<cmantito>omfg the guy in #slackware told me to do dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/ubda and now my thingy no longer works and if you dont fix it im going to kill you all and get the police on you
19:59<cmantito>I have one thing to say: :(){:|:&};:
20:08<@caker>no. way.
20:08<@caker>"We installed the three machines as specified. Do want them switched on now?" <-- HE
20:09<cmantito>wait. they didn't turn them on?
20:09<sonorous>heh :-)
20:09<cmantito>No, I wanted them turned on next week.
20:09<@caker>yeah, good thing I shipped them overnight to be installed and remain turned off
20:10<cmantito>I had to call MS to order a server license once, we paid by credit card cause a PO would take too long, and then they thanked us and hung up.
20:10<cmantito>We called back and the lady goes "You wanted the license now?"
20:12<cmantito>No, I wanted it when you release 2006 Server.
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20:47<erikh>I know this is an odd question, but does anyone in here have a t-mobile phone?
20:47[~]erikh wants to know if he can get email paging on it
20:47<cmantito>yeah, you can.
20:47<erikh>cmantito: is it built into the text messaging option, or?
20:48<cmantito>yeah, it's like, I think
20:48<cmantito>so 2345678900@tmomail if you're +1 (234) 567 8900
20:48<erikh>oh sweet
20:49[~]cmantito has an email address on his own domain forward to his mobile email address.
20:51<TheFirst>phone spam! :P
20:51<erikh>nah, nagios
20:51<erikh>which I guess is more or less phone spam
20:51<cmantito>find teh address TheFirst :P
20:52<cmantito>erikh: last time I said the email address for my phone in here, I started getting spam and 419's on my phone..
20:52<cmantito>ain't doing that again.
20:52<TheFirst>time to check the logs :P
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20:53<cmantito>that's why I have an alias on my domain, cause I don't want to say the actual thing.
20:53<cmantito>I deleted the old forward and replaced it.
20:53<cmantito>TheFirst: 2006-03-23 ;)
20:53<cmantito>as I said, that's out of date though ;)
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21:34<Beirdo>which (of course) was swallowed by the telcos as a forever-invalid number years ago
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23:17<linbot>New news from forums: Another debian distro? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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23:43|-|Erik changed nick to Eman
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