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01:05<encode>fo0bar: did you right that hardware detection script?
01:05<encode>argh, flu is messing up my brain
01:14<fo0bar>encode: yes
01:14<fo0bar>err, the one I pasted, yes
01:15<fo0bar>the original in finnix currently was made by klaus knopper
01:15<encode>fo0bar: cool. i like the one you pasted, its very...elegant
01:16<encode>apart from the lack of using strict :P
01:16<fo0bar>yeah, I'm bad about that
01:17<warewolf>don't do that. please.
01:17<warewolf>give me the script
01:17<warewolf>I will fix it
01:17<warewolf>is it that pastebin url you linked a while ago?
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01:19<warewolf>fo0bar: what version of perl is in finnix, 5.6 or later?
01:19<warewolf>I hope?
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01:25<fo0bar>warewolf: yes
01:25<fo0bar>I'm throwing out that script as of now
01:25<warewolf>I was about to remove any dependencies on things outside of core perl
01:25<fo0bar>as I just found out that pciutils has a program that does the EXACT SAME THING
01:25<warewolf>what app
01:26<warewolf>redhat doesn't appear to install it
01:26<fo0bar>I even happened to name my program very similarly (pcimodscan)
01:27<warewolf># Load the pci-specific contents of modules.alias into an hash.
01:27<warewolf>my ($kernel) = (POSIX::uname())[2];
01:27<warewolf>no more `uname -r`
01:27[~]warewolf :q!
01:27[~]warewolf goes back to doing work-like things
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03:28<warewolf>dropping 20lbs of paper from about 8 inches off the ground (a case of paper) makes quite a fucking loud sound.
03:29<macdan>so does dropping an Apple Personal LaserWriter 300 on your foot
03:30<macdan>...and they're quite small :-/
03:31<macdan>though to be fair, i think most of the noise was me :P
03:32<warewolf>I was trying to scare the shit out of a coworker
03:32<warewolf>but he moved from where I expected him to be
03:33<macdan>a guy at work tried to scare the shit out of one of his coworkers at his old job by setting his sleeve on fire
03:33<macdan>it worked :P
03:33<macdan>"i had a lighter, he was there *shrug*" was the quote
03:36<warewolf>I scared the snot out of one of my female coworkers once
03:36<warewolf>she went to the break room to make some tea, but made a pit stop at the restroom first
03:37<warewolf>we have two vending machines in the reck room that are lit from the inside
03:37<warewolf>I managed to position myself in the darkness inbetween them before she entered the break room
03:37<warewolf>when she finished making her tea, I repositioned myself so I was backlit by one of the vending machines, just standing there silently
03:38<warewolf>she said to me "Don't ever do that again. *evil look* *waves piping hot cup of water* You almost had this all over you."
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04:47<Narada>hi guys
04:47<Narada>recently i saw a try xen link in my admin
04:47<Narada>does that result in migration of your linode to xen
04:49[~]Narada wonders if he is connected.
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06:28<linbot>New news from forums: Linode locked up in General Discussion <>
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06:32<Narada>hi guys
06:32<Narada>anyone around?
06:43<warewolf>what's up
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07:09<Narada>i've had the classic error of "INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes" for several months now and i've tried all the prescribed solutions on the forum but this still persists; what else can i try to fix this problem
07:12<Narada>i'm on host10
07:13<Narada>not that, that should make any difference
07:13<Narada>have to go now; bbl
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12:07<erikh>I am at a donut shop w/ free wireless
12:07<erikh>a /donut shop/
12:07<erikh>this is pretty much geek heaven
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12:37<JasonF>caker: you around?
13:11<linbot>New news from forums: Switch distros without downtime? in General Discussion <>
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13:36<gpd> <- Colbert :)
13:44[~]JasonF screams at xen
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15:51<gpd>if you wanted to compare two directories for differences in the presence or absence of files - would you use diff or something faster?
15:51<gpd>diff -r --brief dir1 dir2 <-- slow because 000s of mp3s
15:51<kriby>what output are you looking for?
15:51<gpd>just want to know if any files are missing
15:51<kriby>so... yes or no?
15:51<gpd>rsync works too
15:52<gpd>or different size would be nice
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15:52<gpd>find dir1 > dir1 && find dir2 > dir2 && diff dir1 dir2 ? also might work
15:53<iggy>I'd think "find > file" or rsync -n would be your quickest bets
15:54<afv-13>problem is diff goes line by line
15:54<afv-13>so even one extra file in in a dir will make everything else look out
15:55<iggy>how so?
15:55<gpd>not sure about that afv-13 - i think diff is cleverer than that
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15:56<afv-13>it's pretty dumb for me, but that might be because i don't use man all that often
15:56<gpd>hmm... dirdiff - Display and merge changes between two directory trees.
15:57<afv-13>the problem with sync's is determining which source is the authoritative source
15:57<afv-13>one way sync is well simple
15:57[~]iggy huggles unison
16:06<gpd>unison - interesting /me tries
16:09<iggy>don't think it'll help your current situation, but for 2 way sync's it's nice
16:11<gpd>yeah - nice to know about these things :)
16:12<gpd>have you tried duplicity? i heard something about that recently
16:12<gpd>i think it is more backup however
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16:38<gpd>caker: OSX can read/write UFS and EXT2(3?) - BSDxenodes ??
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17:41<linbot>New news from forums: INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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17:57<maher>hi! is it possible to get upgraded from an 80 to a 120?
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18:01<kriby>maher: fill out a ticket
18:01<maher>kriby: I did...
18:01<linbot>kriby: Linode80 - 39, Linode120 - 30, Linode160 - 18, Linode240 - 11, Linode320 - 11
18:02<kriby>i suspect you just need to wait, then. :)
18:02<maher>kriby: i can wait - I was just going to hassle people :)
18:03<gpd>hassle them like this: caker mikegrb
18:03<gpd>but ticket should be sufficient hassle
18:03<gpd>i think pagers are involved
18:03<maher>gpd: its not urgent - but if they were here i would ask for an eta...
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18:17<@mikegrb>maher: you are setup
18:18<encode>mikegrb: you've set him up to take the fall? excellent...mwahaha
18:19<@mikegrb>you're next
18:24<taupehat>encode: just lock your car and mow the lawn... that will limit the opportunities for mischief.
18:24<taupehat>maybe mount a searchlight on your roof...
18:25<encode>why would i mow the lawn?
18:25<taupehat>in case he planted a marijuana garden in it
18:26<taupehat>(old but horribly-effective prank)
18:27<encode>our lawn isnt tall enough to hide a marijuana garden in
18:28<encode>unless you can get really miniature marijuana plants
18:29<taupehat>iirc, our high school had a wide variety thereof one year
18:29<taupehat>big scandal ensued, all the stoners in the scool looked slightly puzzled and disclaimed any such horticultural activities
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18:32<Nihil>does your kernels support IPSec tunnels?
18:40<Nihil>is there anybody out there? is there anybody who can hear me? is there anyone at all?
18:40<maher>mikegrb: thanks a lot! all done :0
18:40<maher>mikegrb: s/:o/:)/
18:40<maher>Nihil: the list of kernel options for each kernel is avialable somewhere...
18:41<Nihil>maher: there are no info abt ipsec...
18:42<maher>Nihil: how would i know if my kernel had ipsec?
18:44<Nihil>maher: maybe sysctl -a | grep ipsec
18:44<maher>Nihil: no
18:46<@mikegrb>Nihil: yes, the recent 2.6 kernels have ipsec support
18:46<maher>Nihil: i'm on 2.4.xx
18:48<Nihil>mikegrb: thanks a lot. so there will be no need to recompile, it is already on?
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18:54<gpd>according to: there are various kernel configs that you need (none called ipsec)... but you can find them all in /proc/config.gz (2.6.x)
18:55[~]gpd was just curious
19:03<Nihil>how do i use that configs without recompile? i think that ipsec option must be already on in 2.6 kernels that linode provide, otherwise cannot use it. am i wrong?
19:04<gpd>yes - you can only check to see if it is there - you cannot recompile
19:04<encode>rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *
19:04<encode>what does the y mean?
19:05<gpd>does it work?
19:05<encode>(its taken from the rename man page)
19:05<encode>which says it uses a perl regular expression
19:06<encode>but i dont remember perl regexps having a leading y like that
19:09<Nihil>mikegrb: "yes, the recent 2.6 kernels have ipsec support". is this support activated at linode?
19:10<gpd>encode looks like it is sed backcompat and is eqivalent to tr in perl
19:10<maher>Nihil: what kernel are you running?
19:10<encode>gpd: ok cool. thanks
19:10<Nihil>i am not a client of linode
19:10<gpd>Nihil: sorry, assumed you were - yes all is good
19:11<gpd>Nihil: if you look in the forum caker posts the configs for each available kernel
19:11<maher>Nihil: you can run any of the kernels supplied by linode on your linode
19:16<Nihil>seems ipsec is on =) thank you
19:20<Eman>just to fill my own curiosity, would it be possible to run UML on a bsd or even a windows host?
19:21<maher>Eman: no
19:21<gpd>User Mode /Linux/ -- clue is in the name ;)
19:21<gpd>sorry - that came out a bit harsh
19:22<Eman>heh, i guess i had misunderstood how it works
19:22<Nihil>Q2 =) if i get extra IP (for $1), is it in the same subnet?
19:24<gpd>Nihil: caker will give you a definitive answer, but i expect so
19:24<@mikegrb>if you get a second ip at the time you sign up, yes, most likely
19:25<@mikegrb>if you add it later, the chances are more likely that it will be a different subnet
19:25<@mikegrb>as it just takes the next available ip at the time
19:25<oneman>I got an 82day uptime on my linode everythings been great, just FYI
19:25<Nihil>mikegrb: thanx
19:26<gpd>oneman: kernel/distro ?
19:26<oneman>In the next few days im going to start running astericks on it...
19:26<oneman>stock linode kernel, debian + some debian unstable, running lighttpd,postgres,rails and mono
19:27<oneman>and soon astericks as well
19:32<Nihil>just for my stats - i'm going to order VDS. are there any chances that IP of VDS would change in future?
19:34<gpd>by VDS you mean a linode - correct?
19:34<gpd>mikegrb: confirm - IP only changes if you move datacenters?
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19:35<Nihil>gpd: yes, VDS=linode
19:35<gpd>there may be other reasons for ip change - but mine is static since i got my linode (18mo+)
19:37<Nihil>but in case of ip is changing - will i be informed about change in advance?
19:47<JasonF>caker: ping
19:47<JasonF>oooh, mikegrb, you might know!
19:48<JasonF>Nihil: I've never heard of anyone being forced to change IPs unless they chose to change datacenters.
19:50<@mikegrb>so far it's been purely by request
19:50<@mikegrb>I can't think of very many situations where it would be necessary otherwise
19:51<@mikegrb>but if such a situation was to come up, you would certainly get lots of warning
19:52<Nihil>ok, thank you for the answers. going to order vds at linode =)
19:54<oneman>How is the xenode deal coming, any estimate of when it will be supported?
19:55<Dreamer3>mikegrb: hey
19:55<Dreamer3>mikegrb: how is Xen migration going?
19:56<@mikegrb>once preformance is better
19:56<@mikegrb>all of our support is complete
19:57<Dreamer3>so it works, but it's slow?
19:57<Dreamer3>new problems?
19:57<Dreamer3>Nihil: ips are quite static
19:58<Dreamer3>Nihil: my two haven't changed in a LONG time... maybe at first when I moved from TX to CA... but not after that :-)
19:58<oneman>my interest in xen is mainly getting more performance for the same price ;]
19:58<Dreamer3>oneman: yeah, i'm just curious how it's going
20:00<Nihil>Dreamer3: for me it's no matter where datacenter is... i'm quite far away from both of them =)
20:02<Dreamer3>i just have a server in TX, so i wanted them in two diff places
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21:15<Ciaran>Hiya. :)
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21:16<Ciaran>I have a quick question - I'm already a Linode customer. If I wanted to sign up for another Linode, would I need to sign up from scratch again for a new account, or is there a method by which I can use the same account for two Linodes?
21:17<Ciaran>I may or may not actually do it, I'm just wondering for the moment.
21:17<efudd>afaik, from scratch.
21:17<@mikegrb>need to sign up again
21:17<efudd>historically i had to do that.
21:17<Ciaran>Okay, thanks. :)
21:19[~]Ciaran idles.
21:36<linbot>New news from forums: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:00<linbot>New news from forums: Perfect, I love it in General Discussion <>
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23:02<fo0bar>for i in $(find /sys/block -name dev); do mknod /foo/dev/$(basename $(dirname $i)) b $(sed 's/:/ /' $i); done
23:02<fo0bar>I'm starting to like sysfs more and more
23:03<fo0bar>now I no longer have to blindly poke through /dev/[hs]d* for devices, most of which don't exist
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