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02:01<linbot>New news from forums: host56 ssh console inaccessible in Xen Public Beta <>
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02:01<tompuppy>!seen caker
02:01<linbot>tompuppy: caker was last seen in #linode 7 hours, 51 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <caker> I think so .. it'll be just a minute...
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02:37<linbot>New news from forums: Majority of mail not being delivered... in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
02:49<warewolf>!seen my_penis
02:49<linbot>warewolf: I have not seen my_penis.
02:50<warewolf>even better
02:50<warewolf>!seen my_penis_in_years
02:50<linbot>warewolf: I have not seen my_penis_in_years.
03:01[~]efudd yawns
03:01<efudd>6 hour conference calls at 10pm == good!
03:16[~]encode thinks efudd has a different definition of good than his
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04:18[~]warewolf wishes more people would publish SPF records.
04:18<warewolf>they'd bypass my greylist milter then.
04:19<encode>whats an SPF record? how do i publish one?
04:20<encode>and speaking of email, i need to figure out how to create another ssl certificate for my imap server, since my current one expired in march
04:20<warewolf>don't create a new one
04:20<warewolf>did you self-sign it?
04:21<encode>as in, i created it myself using openssl
04:21<encode>i *think* i know where all the files are
04:21<warewolf>then just extend it
04:22<encode>but i definitely dont remember the secret phrase thingy i generated it with
04:26<encode>hmm, i'll have to experiment
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06:23<luis>Hello. Is there any news regarding linode's Xen support? Prices, status (still beta?), availability, etc..
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06:42<warewolf>luis- it's in a public beta right now
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06:51<luis>warewolf: yeah but if I sign up now, are there Xen plans available?
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08:33<kriby>gpd: oh well
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11:03[~]erikh can't resist
11:03<erikh>when is my 240 going to be ready? :)
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11:03<TheFirst>they need to wake up...xen box lish is inaccessible
11:04<erikh>ah, i'm not in the xen beta
11:04<erikh>and I'm just having trouble with patience
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14:22<polariced>are there any current problems with
14:22<Spads>it pings fine from here
14:22<polariced>my hard drive appears full but I know it's not
14:23<Spads>how are you determining this?
14:23<polariced>du -shc * from within /
14:23<Spads>what about df -h?
14:23<polariced>2.8G total
14:23<Spads>I mean
14:23<Spads>what makes you say it "appears full"
14:23<Spads>are you talking about the disk allocation readout on your linode web console?
14:24<Spads>because that just indicates how much of the drive is used by the partitions
14:24<Spads>it confuses a lot of us
14:24<polariced>thanks for the help
14:24<Spads>but once you get caught by it, you never forget
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16:42<Spads> <-- ZOMFG
16:45<taupehat>Spads: nice
16:49<Spads>I used to be so good at my armatron
16:58<@caker>wow .. armatron
16:58<@caker>that takes me back
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17:21<xavier>I cannot boot the latest 2.6 kernel: Kernel panic - not syncing: save_registers -
17:21<xavier>2.6.10-linode11 works. Any suggestion?
17:21<gpd>you mean the .17-rc2 ?
17:22<xavier>2.6.15, 2.6.16 and 2.6.17 all fail
17:22<lucca>Spads: I still think the steam centipede is cooler
17:22<gpd>well if 2.6.10 works then it isn't /lib/tls... what host?
17:24<xavier>that's using CentOS 4.3 (with /lib/tls disabled) if that makes a difference
17:24<gpd>oh centos... yes there was a bug iirc
17:24<gpd>centos requires some kernel config with latest kenels
17:25<xavier>is there a way to fix it? Any pointer would be appreciated.
17:26<encode>xavier: *any* pointer?
17:26<gpd>no clue -- I asked on #centos and they said 'fix the kernel' (very helpful)
17:26<encode>xavier: 0 is a pointer
17:26<xavier>gpd: thanks for your help. I'll keep using 2.4 for now
17:27<gpd>xavier: any other info from the dump?
17:28<gpd>why can i never get apt-get remove --purge package to work?
17:28<xavier>it crashes after "INIT: version 2.85 booting" then "Initializing hardware... storage network audio done[ OK ]" followed by the kernel panic
17:29<gpd>xavier: try the .17-rc2 it might have required uml fixes
17:29<gpd>worth a shot
17:29<gpd>wait - you said you did - sorry
17:29[~]gpd attempting to do 12 things at once
17:32<@caker>xavier: it's probably because the host's kernel is so old
17:33<xavier>caker: is an update planned?
17:33<@caker>not planned, but this is new so I suppose it should be done sooner rather than later
17:35<xavier>I'd really like to use the latest 2.6 kernel to solve db4 problems with NPTL/tls. Any idea when you can solve thiss
17:35<@caker>for now I suggest recompiling db4 without requiring nptl ..
17:36<@caker>which distro?
17:36<xavier>tried that but I still get problems whether rebuilding the rpm or building from sleepycat's tarball
17:36<xavier>distro: CentOS 4.3
17:38<xavier>I've seen it before but didn't want to install from an unknow source. I guess I'll give it a try now
17:52<fo0bar>huh, I didn't think centos/rhel 4 had nptl-only stuff
17:52<fo0bar>I thought that started with FC4
17:54<gpd>apt-get remove --purge package
17:54<gpd>package not installed so not removed
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17:56<gpd>gpd: dpkg --purge package
17:56<gpd>gpd: thanks gpd
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18:11<@caker>fo0bar: db4 has been picky for a while now, but I don't think the entire distro expects it
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19:23<macdan>People, the advantages to having a Colocated server or VPS, it WON'T fall over at 1:15 in the morning with a god almighty crash, destroy a fan inside with whirr a whizz and a bang and take out half your IRC network not to mention scare the living shit out of you while you're trying to keep quiet.
19:23<macdan>just some friendly advice :P
19:24<Battousai>thanks... i guess
19:24[~]Battousai will keep such a situation in mind
19:24<macdan>i had to tell *someone*
19:24<macdan>and my only other server in my autoconnect list...
19:24<macdan>it fell over :P
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19:25<macdan>i'm just glad it's built like a brick shithouse and only broke a £1 fan!
19:25<macdan>sleep beckons
19:25<macdan>g'night all
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20:05[~]gpd stabs iTunes' proprietary binary library file
20:15[~]gpd punches RMySql, Mysql then kicks OSX in the nuts whilst glaring at gcc 4.0
20:15<gpd>and calm
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20:56<lucca>gpd: you can export it to xml
20:56<lucca>not Good xml, but xml.
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21:33<gpd>lucca: 'fraid not - i need to get R to access MySQL data :(
21:39<gpd>do DSL modems have a set speed? my neighbor has 3mbit DSL but is only getting 768k?
21:42<@caker>gpd: speed vs distance from telco's office/switch
21:43<Eman>gpd: how old is the neighbourhood?
21:43<gpd>but there is no '3mbit dsl modem' that he should have then?
21:44<gpd>Eman: old neighborhood (our apt 1935) but not sure about cables
21:44<gpd>however, in center of LA!
21:44<fo0bar>hah, Finnix boots fine with 32MB (as stated in the requirements), but bumping it down to 24MB, it loads everything in startup, but runs out of memory trying to load a bash shell
21:44<Eman>tell them to try having the line replaced... it helps a lot
21:45<fo0bar>28MB works though
21:46<gpd>Eman: yeah - might be an idea, but any interaction with Verizon is painful
21:47<@caker>gpd: it helps to threaten to move away from their service
21:47<@caker>in my experience (with others), anyhow...
21:47[~]caker works it with commiecast and sprint
21:48<Eman>or do what happens here when you want a new line... cut the old one and say it broke
21:49<gpd>Eman: good thinking :)
21:50[~]caker wonders if his UML book has shipped yet
21:51<gpd>go Jeff Dike!
21:51<@caker>I "almost" followed through being an editor (received the first few chapters last year), but had to forfeit 'cause I was too busy ...
21:51<@caker>yeah, Go Jeff! :)
21:52<fo0bar>caker: you should have written a foreward or something :)
21:53<@caker>LOL BUY LINODE (to quote fo0bar)
21:54<Eman>LOL BUY LINODE now with added lolz
21:56<@caker>8500 host jobs ran last month, 7600 logins
21:56<fo0bar>I've been thinking about writing a "pocket reference" book for Finnix (mainly because I doubt I could fill out an entire normal book)... I imagine the best publisher for that sort of thing would be oreilly, but that would be a hard sell
22:00<fo0bar> <-- hah, a book on how to write an oreilly book, "published" by oreilly
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22:19<@caker>huh .. pocketputty needs more features
22:19<@caker>like a port option
22:19[~]caker downloads the source
22:19<@caker>no clue how to compile for it
22:21<@caker>ahh .. <-- version with a port option
22:24<gpd>what port are you requiring?
22:24<@caker>sekrit port
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