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00:08<gpd>pop quiz: you have several tables with weird collation in SQL, the following changes one table:
00:08<gpd>ALTER table `node_revisions` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci ;
00:08<gpd>how do you change all?
00:18[~]caker is unfamiliar with COLLATE
00:18<@caker>gpd: SQLServer?
00:19<gpd>I probably just need to select * in some way (you can tell i don't know SQL)!
00:19<@caker>you can actually save it with the table structure? (rather than specifying it at SELECT time)
00:19<gpd>i am resorting to exporting to SQL and doing a text replace
00:20<@caker>huh .. COLLATE is interesting
00:20<@caker><-- SQL nut
00:23<@caker>gpd: anyhow, like most things, you'd need to make an alter statement for each table
00:23<gpd>ok - so does that mean i have to shift into php or something?
00:24<@caker>AFAIK, there's really no "ALTER TABLES (table1,table2) ..." syntax in the SQL standard
00:24<@caker>or use a front-end that'll make life easier
00:24<gpd>i am using phpmyadmin
00:24<@caker>yeah -- I don't use that, sorry
00:24<gpd>how would you do it?
00:25<@caker>I'm a mysqlcc guy, but even with that, you'd still need to repeat "Edit Table, point/click changes, save"
00:25<gpd>actually i have done all the top level tables by hand (!) but now i have all the rows within :(
00:25<@caker>you could use a text editor to create your commands, then paste them all in at once
00:26<@caker>all the rows?
00:26<gpd>right now i have the entire data dumped into file.sql and i am editing using vim (praise be to vim)
00:26<gpd>ok - not all - but those with collation
00:26<@caker>so it exported as one charset (with funky stuff, I assume) which you want removed/changed?
00:27<@caker>I dunno what you're trying to do, really
00:27<gpd>phpmyadmin by default sets tables with latin1_swedish_ci
00:27<gpd>but I want utf8...
00:28<@caker>ALTER TABLE tbl_name CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET charset_name [COLLATE collation_name];
00:29<@caker> <-- user commentrs
00:29<gpd>see ^^ that is what I had :)
00:30<gpd>that converts the table, but not the rows within
00:30<@caker>read that last URL
00:30<gpd>ok - that is almost exactly what i am doing :)
00:30<@caker>well, without the finding/replacing
00:30<@caker>looks like an import can force the conversion .. /me shrugs
00:31<gpd>vim :%s/latin1/utf8/g
00:31<@caker>well, I didn't know if that'll convert the data
00:31<@caker>lemme know how it goes :)
00:31<gpd>[didn't know about chgrep]
00:32<@caker>also, <-- ++
00:33<fo0bar>god my legs hurt
00:33<fo0bar>(company softball game)
00:34<@caker>fo0bar: oh? Enterprise guys vs FOSS guys?
00:34<@caker>Execs vs peons?
00:34<fo0bar>heh, no... company team in a city softball league
00:34<fo0bar>tonight was our 3rd game, 1st win
00:35<fo0bar>I got a run, an RBI, and made an out
00:35<fo0bar>if I would have gotten the chance to knock out some teeth, it would have been a perfect night :)
00:43<@caker>fo0bar: which position?
00:44<gpd>hmm... seem to be getting duplicate key errors - maybe vim isn't utf8 after all, must find chgrep
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00:51<fo0bar>caker: third
00:51<@caker>you go :)
00:52<@caker>speaking of auto-increments .. around host3 or so, I added then deleted some rows in my Host table, so of course, all HostIDs for hosts from then on aren't hostNN, they're hostNN+5 or something
00:52<@caker>very annoying
00:53<@caker>I really should fix/reset that (along with a conf file on all those hosts, and any foreign references)
00:54<@caker>bah ... which I knew about this: ALTER TABLE theTableInQuestion AUTO_INCREMENT=1234
00:54<fo0bar>yes, table ids should IMHO never correspond to anything but a globally unique id. So if you didn't want to skip 5 in the naming scheme, you should have had be an auto-increment, and something like hosts.hostid as the "human friendly" id
00:55<@caker>fo0bar: that's a very long debate .. db purists like the unique ID field used for nothing be local references to that table/row
00:55<gpd>ok - seems to be fixed - wasn't vim's fault - was a duplicate key in the dump - looks like i now have full utf8 funk (cheers caker)
00:55<fo0bar>yeah, I fall in that category
00:55<fo0bar>mostly for cross-referencing
00:56<@caker>I suspect it's because of some Oracle or Enterprise experience
00:56<fo0bar>I have a lot of bad programming habits, but I started my SQL experience in san fran under a "oracle nazi" :)
00:56<@caker>fo0bar: I think replication is a big reasoning for that thinking, as well
00:56<@caker>and restoring, etc
00:56<@caker>auto-increments and clustering don't mix well
00:57<fo0bar>mysql has some workarounds
00:57<@caker>at HealthStream, (partly due to poor DB design, but we were stuck with it), we were adding GBs of data/month
00:57<@caker>it got pretty insane
00:57<fo0bar>oracle defaults to having auto-increment being 4353450000001, 4353450000002, etc (where 435345 is the node ID)
00:58<@caker>that entire experience taught me a lot
00:58<fo0bar>you should never rely on the first part of that being which node it was actually created on
00:58<@caker>Once we hired a DB guy that actually knew more than the two main developers (me and another guy), it was awesome ... (FINALLY)... I think he was in love with GUIDs
00:58<@caker>...knew more about database admin stuff, that is...
00:59<@caker>like, what we actually needed in a person in that position
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00:59<fo0bar>funny enough, I know a lot about oracle on the front end (OCI, interfacing, etc), but know NOTHING about setting up an oracle server
00:59<fo0bar>because we had kickass DBAs
01:00<fo0bar>including one woman whose main job was to look at queries us programmers wrote, and optimize them
01:00<fo0bar>so yeah, I'm one of those anal database types :)
01:01<fo0bar>in my last personal project (, I cringed when I had to make an outer join. you NEVER make outer joins.
01:01<fo0bar>or really anything that will trigger a full table scan
01:02<gpd>hampr scratches gpd's itch
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01:04<fo0bar>beware: the "add bookmark" js bookmarklet will do a popup BEHIND the main window in FF 1.5 for windows (but not any other combination I've found).... I don't know why
01:04<gpd>centralized must be heavy on you (or could be soon!)
01:04<fo0bar>gpd: could be, but I doubt I'd get that popular. if I do, I'll just get yahoo to buy me :)
01:05<gpd>get some digg action going once you polish it up a bit :)
01:06<fo0bar> <-- "Warning! This functionality is alpha-quality, buggy, evil, and will eat your dog. That being said, give it a try!"
01:09<Spads>but you said it was a beta!!!!
01:10<fo0bar>Spads: (production + beta + beta + beta + beta + alpha) / #pages = beta
01:11<fo0bar>DO THE MATH
01:11<Spads>math is HARRRD
01:12<fo0bar> <-- "On another note, my friend and I were trying to think of some funny "Web 2.0" domain names. My laundry hamper happened to be in my room, so we looked at it and check for "" Low-and-behold, its already taken... and it could definitely be considered a Web 2.0 product."
01:12<fo0bar>that's great
01:12<fo0bar>I'm certified Web 2.0!
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01:19<@mikegrb>fo0bar: caker is my dba
01:19<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I write queries, make tables/cols for stuff and he optimizes it, it's nice
01:19<fo0bar>and god is your financial advisor
01:19[~]mikegrb runs away
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01:20<@mikegrb>well I guess it is good and bad, it has caused me to put off learning some of that type of stuff
01:20<@mikegrb>but I learn each time he shows me something new
01:21<fo0bar>what's on the backend? mysql?
01:31<@caker>fo0bar: binary fixed-field-length files
01:32<@caker>all fields are TEXT
01:32<@caker>one giant table
01:33<@caker>speaking of ... /me checks thedailywtf
01:36<fo0bar>caker: ...
01:40<fo0bar>oh, and you have to stare at today's wtf to get it
02:01<fo0bar> <-- great
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02:03<fo0bar> <-- watch it until the very end
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07:02<emcnabb>caker, mikegrb: you around?
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09:17<warewolf>holy cow
09:17<warewolf>don't upgrade your version of openvpn on your openvpn server OVER your openvpn
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09:18<warewolf>amazing thing: the vpn connection came back after everything was done having a heart attack
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09:18<bozo>Hey, does Linode have any sort of uptime gaurantee ?
09:18<warewolf>but the hosts don't go down very fequently
09:19<warewolf>frequently even.
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09:19<kriby>Uptime Guarantee: provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all Linode hardware, and on network connectivity. In any given month, if your Linode is down for more than 0.1%, your account will be refunded a pro-rated amount for the down-time.
09:19<warewolf>ok well then there's that :)
09:19<warewolf>OH RIGHT
09:19<bozo>kriby. Awesome man. Thanks.
09:19<warewolf>you have to enter a support ticket for it.
09:19<warewolf>kirby- thanks for the correction
09:20<bozo>What in the world are they running coldfusion for, hehe ?
09:20<bozo>Anyway, very cool. My boss wanted an uptime gaurantee. Now I can probably talk him into going with Linode.
09:20<warewolf>linode is very cool.
09:20<warewolf>the support is the best.
09:21<warewolf>and fuck, it's dirt cheap too.
09:21<bozo>What do you think of the basic/starter plan ?
09:21<warewolf>good for simple services
09:21<warewolf>what do you intend to run?
09:21<bozo>Is 100 mHz fast enough for a pookie little site with very little traffic ?
09:21<kriby>ignore the speed ratings
09:21<warewolf>cpu speed isn't really the benchmark
09:22<warewolf>memory is what you need to figure what you require
09:22<warewolf>you can "burst" CPU speed up to the max on the host
09:22<bozo>FTP, www, smtp, DNS
09:22<bozo>I think that's it.
09:22<kriby>email, dbms?
09:22<warewolf>ok -- those alone would probally run on a basic plan.
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09:22<bozo>Just exim probably, using maildir. Nothing fancy.
09:22<bozo>No web interface even.
09:22<kriby>spam filtering?
09:22<warewolf>once you start adding enhancements to your webserver or mail server, you may start to hit memory caps.
09:23<warewolf>eg, spam filtering like spamassassin is a memory hog.
09:23<bozo>And oh yeah, a pop3 server too.
09:23<warewolf>use dovecot.
09:23<kriby>perl/php, etc on the www?
09:23<bozo>No. Static pages only. Very simple.
09:23<warewolf>bozo- then you'll probally be just fine on the basic plan
09:23<warewolf>bozo- as you're setting up, load something that will monitor your memory/cpu usage
09:24<bozo>I think my blog gets more traffic than our company website !
09:24<warewolf>bozo- if you're constantly pushing stuff into your swap, then that'll be a problem
09:24<kriby>regardless, upgrading is quite simple..
09:24<bozo>Is there some sort of resource monitor you would recommend ?
09:24<warewolf>bozo- linodes go very _very_ slow if they're constantly swapping. That's bad. Make sure you keep the majority of your applications in ram, and that they don't take up too much.
09:24<warewolf>bozo- munin?
09:25<warewolf>bozo- I've got a community website that will tell you if your linode is hitting the IO token limiter
09:25<warewolf>bozo- go sign up on once you've got your linode
09:26<bozo>Very cool. Thanks for the heads up on dovecot and munin. Both look pretty cool.
09:26<bozo>I'm tired of qualcomms pop3 server.
09:26<warewolf>havn't heard that name in forever re: internet stuff
09:28<bozo>So, what do you guys think of Ubuntu as an internet server ?
09:28<bozo>I know that's not the primary focus of the distro.
09:28<kriby>use whatever you are most familiar with
09:29<bozo>I'm familiar with Debian and Ubuntu primarily.
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11:32<linbot>New news from forums: Cant punch EJABBERD through FIREHOL, I'm lost! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
11:39<TheFirst>bozo: i guess why ubuntu over debian? the big thing, to me anyway, with ubuntu is newer packages that a desktop user would want...not an issue for a server so i'd rather stick with the known stable stuff, unless of course there's security problems
11:48<emcnabb>our Linode has been powered off twice today. I don't see anything in the logs that shows that it is something on my end (although it could be). Any ideas?
11:48<taupehat>amavis frikkin rules
11:48<taupehat>and clamav
11:49<taupehat>A virus was found: HTML.Phishing.Bank-362
11:49<taupehat>Scanner detecting a virus: ClamAV-clamd
11:49<taupehat>Notification to sender will not be mailed.
11:49<taupehat>The message WAS NOT delivered to:
11:49<taupehat>notice the second from last line there
11:49<taupehat>"do not backscatter spam!"
11:49<taupehat>man, someone just tried to spear-phish us at work here.
11:50<taupehat>someone in china...
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12:22<afv-13>are we running through some kind of transparent proxy?
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12:31<andrew23452>I have a question about server failure policy
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12:32<andrew23452>If a server gets fried, anyone know how long it takes to have your VPS up and runing again?
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12:37<andrew23452>anyone in here?
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13:51<fo0bar>I want
13:52<gpd>fo0bar: agreed they look very cool and suprisingly detailed
13:52<linbot>New news from forums: xen update in Xen Public Beta <>
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13:58<fo0bar>gpd: I'm staring at my steam account, and thinking "I'm going to be spending some money..."
13:58<gpd>I just can't get that *noise* out of my head - thanks
13:59<gpd>also - there is an alarm that goes off occasionally near our apartment - sounds EXACTLY like one in HL2 - it disturbs me greatly
13:59<fo0bar>HL2 Episode One is pre-loaded, I just have to pre-order... The new SiN looks interesting... I liked the original, but for the LAN play much more than multiplayer. but pre-ordering the new SiN gets you access to the original SiN, backported to steam (err forward-ported?), so I'll probably buy that
14:00<gpd>tempting... just bought San Andreas (PC) so need to play that for a while - however the controls make it less addictive atm
14:12<fo0bar>I loved vice city, I still play it regularly... but I bought and played san andreas and played it for awhile, but it didn't interest me
14:13<gpd>why? just bored with the format?
14:13<gpd>or do you live in Florida ;)
14:13<fo0bar>I think it was the 80s/miami vice style that made me interested
14:14<gpd>ok - yeah i had it on the PS2, but some of the tasks were beyond my skill with a PS2 controller...
14:14<fo0bar>yes, controlling the helicopter-mounted machine gun was nearly impossible
14:14<fo0bar>I liked the PC controls better
14:15<gpd>plus i now have 1024x768x32 :)
14:15<fo0bar>I also need to buy Need For Speed Most Wanted one of these days
14:15<fo0bar>NFS:HP2 was kickass
14:15<gpd>F.E.A.R was quite good
14:15<fo0bar>as was the original Hot Pursuit
14:16<fo0bar>but anyways, I am now $40 in the hole
14:16<fo0bar>preordered sin and hl2 episode one
14:17<gpd>not too bad... or is that just the preorder deposit?
14:17<fo0bar>nope, each game is $20
14:17<fo0bar>but they're not "full-sized games" from what I've heard
14:17<fo0bar>maybe 10 hours gameplay each
14:18<gpd>oh well - HL2 engine is supercool - that playground :)
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14:29<smitty>Is anyone on who could look at a ticket I opened yesterday?
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15:19<warewolf>NEWSFLASH: I killed my bonsai tree. News at 11.
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15:23<gpd>do you know a good way to escape file names on the fly during a pipe. eg. to prevent problem with spaces etc
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15:24<afv-13>gmail giving anyone problems?
15:24<gpd>yeah - my gmail talk just dropped connection
15:24<afv-13>gmail being down is quite historic
15:24<afv-13>went down last night as well
15:27<warewolf>you see, this is why I run my own jabber server.
15:27<warewolf>If anyone is to blame for a service outage, it's me!
15:27<afv-13>i see that as a waste
15:27<warewolf>mine's SSL encrypted.
15:28<afv-13>why use your own resources when you can use someone elses?
15:28<warewolf>mine also supports group chat.
15:28<afv-13>gtalk is ssl isn't it?
15:28<warewolf>mine is completely-fucking-compatible with Google talk.
15:28<warewolf>any questions?
15:28<gpd>yes - ^^ ;P
15:29<warewolf>I dunno
15:29<warewolf>mine's completely encrypted
15:29<afv-13>what are you using?
15:29<warewolf>the plain old jabber server from
15:29<warewolf>plus the mu_conference group chat add-on
15:30<afv-13>so when you're chatting to someone on gtalk, can they join a group chat and get messages from everyone in the group?
15:30<warewolf>they should be able to
15:31<warewolf>send me an im
15:31<warewolf>look at my /whois and this is my address
15:31<warewolf>(gotta be creative since #linode's logs are public, and scoured by bots)
15:32<gpd>are irc names scanned in a similar way?
15:32<afv-13>as soon as gtalk is up again
15:32<gpd>is that why ppl have rDNS funk for their IP
15:32<warewolf>I'm warewolf!
15:32<warewolf>for my IRC name :)
15:33<warewolf>I don't think you can get more vanity than that
15:33<afv-13>gpd: what i do is go through a bitlbee gateway so i have irc and all my ims through irssi
15:33<gpd>ims from which networks?
15:33[~]gpd looks
15:34<afv-13>msn, yahoo, oscar, jabber
15:34<afv-13>oscar is aim obviously
15:34<gpd>wow - that sounds v. useful
15:34<gpd>can you go both ways?
15:35<gpd>so your IRC client becomes your ^^ clients ?
15:35<afv-13>that's the way it is
15:36<gpd>i tried centericq (console) for multichannel - but it is annoying
15:36<gpd>your way sounds UBERFUNK... /me does a little dance
15:36<afv-13>you connect to the gateway, then given a control channel where you can register and add your accounts
15:36<afv-13>then they get added as people in a #
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15:36<afv-13>you then /msg them
15:36<warewolf>afv-13: still waiting on that im ..
15:37|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
15:37<afv-13>warewolf: gtalk is down
15:37<warewolf>I just saw someone on
15:37<gpd>afv-13: you run bitlbee on your linode?
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15:37<smitty>has anyone seen caker lately?
15:37<gpd>!seen caker
15:37<linbot>gpd: caker was last seen in #linode 14 hours, 4 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <caker> speaking of ... /me checks thedailywtf
15:37<gpd>!seen mikegrb
15:37<linbot>gpd: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 9 minutes and 25 seconds ago: <mikegrb> lolz
15:37<afv-13>gpd: i use a public server
15:38<afv-13>not going to use my ram when i can use someone elses
15:38<afv-13>but i did have it up for a while
15:38<gpd>mikegrb's l o l script is clearly a way for him to avoid 'clocking in'
15:38<gpd>smitty: what's up?
15:38<smitty>i opened a ticket yesterday
15:38<gpd>afv-13: so the configs are all stored on the external site?
15:38<smitty>says it is still <new>
15:39<gpd>smitty: is it billing related or might we be able to help?
15:39<smitty>trying to get an upgrade
15:39<smitty>my mail scanner needs more resources
15:39<afv-13>gpd: yes
15:40<smitty>using spamassassin, amavisd, clamav
15:40<smitty>it works great but slow
15:40<gpd>smitty: ouch - presumably you have trimmed down elsewhere :(
15:41<smitty>it is killing my performance on apache
15:41<smitty>had to back off the virus scanner for now
15:42<smitty>virus scanning is the killer
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15:48<smitty>apache,postfix,mysql,vm-pop3d,spamassasin,amavis & clamav on a linode 80
15:49<afv-13>wow, which host?
15:49<warewolf>holy crap
15:49<warewolf>spamassassin alone is enough to kill a linode 80
15:50|-|Netsplit <-> quits: alnr, Zymurgy
15:50<afv-13>cool, not same as me
15:50<smitty>everything runs fine until i turn on clamav
15:50|-|Netsplit over, joins: Zymurgy
15:50<smitty>it pages a lot but keeps up just fine
15:50<smitty>i could use more resources tho
15:51|-|Netsplit over, joins: alnr
15:51<smitty>load average is 0.35
15:51<afv-13>not bad
15:53<smitty>clamav pushes the load over 5.0
15:54<afv-13>how much mail do you push through?
15:56<smitty>about 10 megs per hour
15:56<smitty>most of it spam
15:57|-|erikh [] has joined #linode
15:57<afv-13>clam kicks in after the spamass?
15:57<smitty>no...that is the problem
15:58<smitty>i need to work on the config
15:58<smitty>i am running around 85% spam
15:58<smitty>it is pretty ugly
15:58<afv-13>spam that gets scanned then dropped
15:58|-|Netsplit <-> quits: alnr
15:59|-|Netsplit over, joins: alnr
16:00<smitty>spamassasin seems to be pretty effective
16:01<smitty>along with amavis
16:03<afv-13>which is?
16:04<afv-13>oh. nm
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16:25|-|smitty [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)]
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17:02<Ciaran>caker: Are you there?
17:02<Ciaran>Or mikegrb.
17:04<warewolf>DCC SEND HowManyPeopleAreRunningSymantecPersonalFirewall
17:04<warewolf>looks like zero
17:05<Ciaran>warewolf: You know, that's funny. Or it would be if it wasn't an incredibly lame thing to do and is in the same spirit as the whole Norton Internet Security bug from before.
17:08|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
17:10<fo0bar>I did it again
17:10<Eman>DCC SEND
17:10<Eman>DCC SEND "string" 0 0 0
17:10<Ciaran>fo0bar, Eman: We get the idea. You're not cool, and you're not funny.
17:11<Eman>wasnt trying for either :p
17:11<Ciaran>What were you trying for?
17:11<@mikegrb>Ciaran: wgat;s up?
17:11<@mikegrb>what's up even
17:12|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:12<fo0bar>I was trying to be cool. :(
17:13<Ciaran>mikegrb: I'm signing up for a second account for a bit to test the waters - I'd love to have a server I can call stable as my existing one is more of an experimental box. But it wants my card issuer's phone number, and the only one on the card is the one for lost/stolen cards.
17:13<@mikegrb>that's fine
17:13<Ciaran>But I can't go on without entering one, so should I enter that? Or go to their website and look for a contact number there?
17:14<@mikegrb>that number will be fine
17:14<Ciaran>There are actually two - one for phoning within the UK and one from abroad. Which should I enter?
17:14|-|Marcel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:15<Ciaran>(The one within the UK is a freephone number that isn't valid outside the UK)
17:15<@mikegrb>it's not too important
17:15<Ciaran>Okay. I'll enter the one from abroad then.
17:16<afv-13>isn't there a way to get an additional linode without going through the whole sign up process again? Oh, and would the charges come through seperately or one combined charge?
17:17<Ciaran>afv-13: I asked before, and they said you had to go through the process again.
17:17<Ciaran>And I'd assume it's separate. I'll be able to let you know in a minute, probably. :D
17:17<afv-13>cause i get charged a % of the cost for the forex transactions
17:21<linbot>New news from wiki: Main Page <>
17:32<fo0bar>I have 2 accounts, and they are separate
17:32<fo0bar>and receive 2 bills per month
17:38<afv-13>how to block spam using a simple filter list when using fetchmail and exim?
17:41|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
17:45|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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18:38<gpd>afv-13: how do you setup bitlbee? Their site has almost do docs - or broken links to docs
18:44|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
18:45|-|womble [] has joined #linode
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20:00<taupehat>language potentially NSFW
20:04<encode>caker: ping
20:06|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:07<encode>i have a pedantic gripe about the 'extras' page
20:08<encode>Under the additional IPs section, it says I have exceeded the max number of IPs allowed for this linode, which is not strictly accurate - I have reached the maximum number, not exceeded it
20:09|-|somazx [~somazx@] has joined #linode
20:09<somazx>when picking a linode - it says 'pay annually and get extra disk space' ... how much disk space?
20:10<somazx>for an 80 node
20:11<gpd>taupehat: lengthy buildup - but nice finish!
20:11<gpd>somazx: 50% iirc
20:11<encode>somazx: 1.5 times the normal disk space
20:11<encode>in other words, what gpd said
20:12<encode>gpd: seen ?
20:12<somazx>k thanks
20:13<somazx>I'm trying to decide between linode and another shared environment plan. I'd really like to go Linode, but I'm thinking I will want 10G of HD not 3
20:13<somazx>and at $1/G - seems high
20:13<somazx>the extra 50% helps tho
20:34<taupehat>gpd: glad you enjoyed
20:35<linbot>New news from forums: Non-breaking hyphen? in General Discussion <>
20:43<taupehat>caker: when booting a UML node, and you get (none), what's missing?
21:00<linbot>New news from forums: I nedd some help in General Discussion <>
21:01<warewolf>!calc 60*0.25
21:02<linbot>warewolf: 60 * 0.25 = 15
21:16|-|somazx [~somazx@] has quit [Quit: somazx]
21:18|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
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21:27<TheFirst>warewolf: do you need to be sent back to 3rd grade math? :P
21:32|-|thoth39 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:32<taupehat>!calc 365/0
21:32<linbot>taupehat: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
21:32<taupehat>!calc 365/1
21:32<linbot>taupehat: 365 / 1 = 365
21:34<encode>wow, thats groundbreaking math
21:37<taupehat>I like the /0 error
21:38|-|dc0e [] has quit [Quit: ↻ or ↓]
22:09|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
22:31<gpd>afv-13: biltbee is ftw - i'm so there
22:39<encode>i was so there about 3 years ago during uni
22:39<encode>when it was the only feasible way to access IM networks at uni
22:39<gpd>wish you'd evangelized about it a bit more ...
22:39<gpd>dude share the joy!
22:39<encode>i wonder if its changed much since then
22:40<encode>yeah, its pretty awesome
22:40<encode>now, if only i could get utf-8 working with putty + screen + irssi
22:40<encode>they're all set to use utf-8
22:40<gpd>is that hard? i had just put it off out of laziness...
22:40<encode>except all i see is question marks for characters that arent part of the ascii set
22:41<encode>gpd: well i havent successfully done it yet
22:41<gpd>trying a coral cache firefox digg extension atm
22:41<gpd>since digg is totally pointless right now as all links are digg'd
22:41<gpd> /.'d
22:41<gpd>whatever the web 2.1 term is
22:43<gpd>'changes the via url to a coral cache'... wtf is a 'via url'?
22:43<encode>they're not *all* flooded
22:43<gpd>doh! - just under the heading
22:43<encode>but thats a good idea, if everyone uses it then the site shouldn't get hit so hard
22:53<Eman>now why on earth would you be able to do this?
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23:16|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
23:17<gpd>Eman: some interesting pictures in that directory o_O
23:28<xptek>mustapha.jpg please.
23:28<Eman>hey ty
23:29<Eman>our favourite myspace terrorist... and
23:29<taupehat>my god, the centos channel is full of 16-year-old opers
23:30<Eman>are they all city managers too?
23:30<gpd>Eman: enlighten about the myspace (I live under a rock)
23:31<xptek>taupehat: But.. I'm a 16-year-old oper. :(
23:31<xptek>meh, brb
23:31<taupehat>xptek: in #centos?
23:31<xptek>taupehat: Negative. CentOS is evil.
23:31<taupehat>best use of sed ever!
23:32|-|xptek [] has quit [Quit: brb]
23:32|-|xptek [] has joined #linode
23:34<Eman>~600,000 phished usernames and passwords... mustapha was a busy little boy
23:34<xptek>Eman: Scaring the hell out of him was pretty amusing. :D
23:35<gpd>looks like he's about ready to have that basketball shoved where it belongs
23:35<Eman>haha, ya, Tom! scared him shitless
23:35[~]taupehat decides to go ahead and read
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