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00:08<efuddSigh>Who screwed up host53?
00:08<gpd>efuddSigh: you don't have much luck do you :(
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00:08<efuddSigh>apparently not.
00:09<efuddSigh>Also, why does LPM lie to me and tell me my linode is running. :-)
00:09<efuddSigh>(based on host52 being reachable and the assumption that host53 is in the same physical location.)
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00:10<efuddSigh>Just for sanity sake, can anyone else reach (or via ICMP before I open a ticket?
00:10<@mikegrb>efuddSigh: on it
00:11<efuddSigh>ignor emy ticket then
00:11<efuddSigh>unless you find humor in it. ther eis some sly humor there.
00:12<@mikegrb>it's posting atm
00:12<@mikegrb>so shouldn't be much longer
00:12<efuddSigh>nod. oops?
00:12<@mikegrb>looks like it
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00:12<efuddSigh>I'm guessing the SameThingAsAlways.
00:13<@mikegrb>ok, it's up
00:13<@mikegrb>reboot jobs entered
00:13<efuddSigh>BTW, make an action item for yourself. (1) See if you can determine the microcode versions on your Pentium IV (they are 4s, right?) CPUs/motherboards. See if you have the latest-n-greatest. There are perhaps a couple of bitflip bugs on intel p4s.....
00:13<efuddSigh>I guess I don't have a point 2.
00:14<efuddSigh>(I just wrote a ~20 point email to a coworker... didn't knwo where to stop myself.)
00:15<efuddSigh>mikegrb, just for posterity and for record keeping purposes. I hate these unexpected downtimes. That's the last time I'll complain on this occurance. :-)
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00:15<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
00:16<rko>linbot was reading my mind
00:16<encode> roflz
00:16<efuddSigh>linbot is sm4t.
00:17<efuddSigh>sm4rt too.
00:17<efuddSigh>jason@forever ~ $ screen -wipe
00:17<efuddSigh>^^ sadface
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00:20<efudd>die efuddsigh!
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00:21<efudd>mikegrb, thanks for manually kicking host53 and/or watching while it kicked itself.
00:26<@mikegrb> takes a manual kick
00:26<@mikegrb>we do get a page though
00:31<encode>a4 or letter?
00:32<taupehat>Eman: that is indeed a legendary post
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00:36<encode>what is the legendary post?
00:37<efudd>noe to self; do not work drunk
00:37<efudd>18 points, not including point 0 added after the fact with subpoints a-b.
00:37<efudd>whole shite.
00:37<encode>The requested URL /emails.txt was not found on this server.
00:38<taupehat>encode: don't worry about that, just read the posts
00:38<encode>i am missing the humour
00:38<encode>it must be due to my tiredness
00:38<taupehat>note: most of the links to myspace are either fixed or VERY nsfw
00:38<encode>taupehat: heh ok thanks
00:38<encode>for the warning
00:40<encode> odd
00:42<encode> hahaha
00:42<efudd>give me nsfw myspace links. Thanks.
00:43<taupehat>sigh, how much goatse do you really need to see?
00:44<encode>i was thinking of sending efudd goatse links
00:44<encode>but taupehat's brain is clearly working faster than mine
00:44<efudd>encode, that would be a foul.
00:50<encode> <-- that kind of foul?
00:52<encode> take that cmdr taco
00:52<encode> also i'd like to know the answer to that
00:53<encode>at least, i think i would
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02:24[~]gpd experiences nasty lag/packet loss
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04:50<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host33 in System and Network Status <>
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05:15<timbee>I would love to provide anyone the opportunity to use my linode to create their own hosting company.
05:17<timbee>In return they would look after my websites too.
05:17<timbee>Do you know anyone that is contemplating running a linode (hosting) company?
05:17<timbee>I am going to create a local web news site (as well) - it would be an ideal platform for someone to market a hosting operation
05:18<timbee>I have been writing about local communities and the local web for several years
05:33<linbot>New news from forums: Right Alt Key for Emacs using Putty in General Discussion <>
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05:58<timbee>Topic set by caker [Thu Apr 27 07:47:06 2006]
05:58<timbee>timbee jh_ tierra ThickAsABric
05:59<timbee>what does the rest mean?!
06:10<timbee>I have to admit that I do not know anything about unix so it must be a bit awkward for everyone else
06:11<timbee>However, I have been told that restarting the server frequently is not a good idea.
06:12<timbee>Is that correct?
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06:27<timbee>Bye for now, thanks - look forward to hearing from you.
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06:35<timbee>A 'local web news' hosting service or a 'kaisu' hosting service does sound comforting. AIf anyone wishes to take it up and market it through what I do they are most welcome.
06:35<timbee>A 'local web news' hosting service or a 'kaisu' hosting service does sound comforting. AIf anyone wishes to take it up and market it through what I do they are most welcome.
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07:39<linbot>New news from forums: Cant punch EJABBERD through FIREHOL, I'm lost! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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09:39<alnr>hmm cant irssi to freenode no identd response, wonder what changed
09:43<alnr>strange, freenode is ok with no identd from my (real) machine but times out the connection from my linode
09:59<NeonNero>caker,mikegrb: could someone please delete that last thread that was created? i see canned luncheon meat all over it (latest poll thread created in General Discussion)
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10:11<npmr>alnr, perhaps freenode treats broadband and datacenter ip ranges differently
10:12<npmr>alnr, also, ha ha freenode
10:12<alnr>ha ha?
10:12<npmr>freenode is like the north korea of irc networks
10:12<Spads>ha ha freenode
10:13<alnr>anyway it was my screwup i was on my own machine all along not linode. sometimes it times out sometimes it goes through
10:13<Spads> <-- ha ha freenode
10:13<alnr>oh, i thought it was THE place for all things open source. or is there another
10:14<npmr>alnr, yes, the internet
10:14<Spads>there are many others
10:14<Spads>freenode spends a lot of effort to make itself appear to be THE PLACE
10:14<alnr>say like mysql. isnt freenode the only place to find the masses on that
10:14<Spads>hell, the admin even calls himself "lilo" to try and make you think he's a major Linux developer
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10:15<linux>i submitted a patch once
10:15<linux>bow before me
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10:15<gcc>I forked this package once
10:15<gcc>and nobody used it
10:15<linux>(and pay my cell phone bill too plz)
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10:16<linux>i live in houston and have to drive to go anywhere
10:17<linux>with gas prices so high, freenode desperately needs your contributions
10:17|-|linux changed nick to npmr
10:18<npmr>seriously, dude, ha ha freenode
10:19<Spads>with a ha ha cherry on top
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10:21<alnr>yeah seriously it sucks but if you got a mysql question or something, thats the place
10:24<alnr>haha ok i looked at the .png
10:26<npmr>in answer to your question which was formulated as a statement: mass exodus
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10:39<johnf_>hey, I'm having some issues with a fresh linode I had created the other day
10:39<johnf_>network performance has slowed to a crawl
10:39<johnf_>caker / mikegrb either of you around?
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10:43<johnf>please advise, I'm kind of down here
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11:21<gpd>johnf: try mtr yourlinode to identfiy source of network problems
11:21<gpd>if linode is slow try cat /proc/io_status
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11:50<johnf>gpd: I resolved the issue with a reboot, things seem to be ok now
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12:12<emcnabb>caker, mikegrb: you around today?
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14:07<emcnabb>I think we're about through with Linode
14:07<emcnabb>We've been with them a long time
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14:35<linbot>New news from forums: Fedora Core 4 Support? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
14:45<gpd>emcnabb: what's up?
14:47<emcnabb>we're having lots of I/O problems, the Linode has been randomly powering off (nothing in the logs to tell us why), and you can get twice as much of every resource from a hosting company like
14:48<emcnabb>and every person I personally know who uses Unixshell has had no major problems
14:48<gpd>weird - which host?
14:49<gpd>what do you mean by i/o problems? not just lack of tokens i presume
14:53<emcnabb>I've got to go (off to the airport), but I'll be on later this weekend
14:53<emcnabb>I'll give better details then :-)
14:53<gpd>looks like host11 had kernel problems a while ago.
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15:17<linbot>New news from forums: 'Storage' Linodes? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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16:37<gpd>what would be your suggestions for sharing a directory between osx and linux machines?
16:41<gpd>I'd say nfs > samba >>> appletalk - no idea about fuse etc
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16:51<Eman>osx handles samba really well, no idea about nfs tho
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17:00<beigecougar>hello, I just signed up Linode160 about 1 hour ago, I am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to activate a new account
17:10<npmr>it varies
17:10<npmr>someone on staff has to take a look at it
17:10<npmr>and there are only two of them
17:11<beigecougar>just got the activation letter, thanks
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19:46<linbot>New news from forums: DRDB on linode in Linux Networking <>
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21:46<warewolf>there are times that I really fucking hate GDM.
21:46<warewolf>one of those times are when it decides to reconfigure /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
21:46<warewolf>Thanks for blowing away all my settings that I had to figure out 'cause the nvidia binary drivers in linux don't work correctly w/ two nvidia cards in my machine.
21:47<warewolf>Also, thanks for blowing away my wacom tablet definitions.
21:52<Battousai>youre welcome?
21:54<warewolf>thanks for saying "youre" instead of "your", even if you didn't use an apostrophe.
21:55<warewolf>I have coworkers who keep saying "your welcome"
21:55<warewolf>and I am not an english nazi.
21:55<warewolf>it's become a pet peeve of mine recently
21:55<gpd>well... what did you do to GDM to get it to hate you?
21:55<warewolf>I booted into a newer kernel that didn't have the nvidia kernel module
21:55<warewolf>therefore, X wouldn't start
21:55<warewolf>and GDM REALLY WANTED TO HELP
21:56<warewolf>kindly leave my configs alone, you kudzu-wannabe
21:56<gpd>never seen that b4
21:56<warewolf>first thing I do on a redhat box is rpm -e --nodeps kudzu
21:56[~]warewolf hates on kudzu
21:56<gpd>redhat box... 'theres yer problm'... /me hides
21:56<warewolf>gpd- unplug your mouse from your linux box that has GDM as the display manager and watch X come up, and go down repeatedly because X can't find the mouse.
21:57<gpd>I have a USB mouse...
21:57<warewolf>gpd- GDM will then inform you that it couldn't start X, and gives you a couple options on "fixing" it.
21:57<gpd>and I often boot into a kernel with no nvidia drivers
21:57<warewolf>gpd- telinit 3, remove mouse, telinit 5. You'll see what I mean
21:57<gpd>GDM just says --- here are the logs...
22:41<gpd>so... i mount a drive as /mnt/sda1 and then ln -s /mnt/sda1/home /home
22:42<gpd>is that worse than just mounting the drive as /home?
22:42<warewolf>why would you do that
22:42<warewolf>IMHO that's a little counter-intuitive
22:42<gpd>not sure...
22:42<warewolf>and not really necessary
22:42<gpd>what if i want some space
22:42<warewolf>if you want to "see" what filesystem is mounted, just run the mount command
22:42<gpd>i can dump it in /mnt/sda1/foo
22:42<warewolf>what some space?
22:43<warewolf>oh god please don't do that
22:43<warewolf>that'll be a management nightmare
22:43<gpd>for something other than /home stuff
22:43<warewolf>do that if you have a massive raid
22:43<warewolf>not ever otherwise
22:43<gpd>hmm... so move all users to top level... of that drive then... that also feels a bit exposed... not entirely sure why
22:44<gpd>but apart from weirdness... does the ln -s impose any performance issues do you think?
22:46[~]warewolf signs off ICQ .. for a fscking long ass time again because he's getting way too much spam on ICQ again
22:46<gpd>what is your number?
22:46<gpd>+/- 1000
22:48<gpd>i'm still very pleased with biltbee :)
22:50[~]gpd tries to remember how to name a disk partition
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22:57<bysaf>can i run multiple VPS's at the same time, if i purchase more than one IP?
22:57<gpd>no - you need to buy multiple VPSs
22:57<bysaf>okay, thanks.
22:58<bysaf>What if i decide to run UML inside my VPS?
22:58<bysaf>then can i bind it to an IP i own?
22:58<iggy>you can't
22:58<warewolf>no you get an IP one of the data centers has.
22:58<gpd>you must use linode kernels
22:58<iggy>they have that disabled
22:58<bysaf>then i will grab a linode kernel
22:58<bysaf>and boot that.
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22:59<warewolf>bysaf: I think you need to
22:59<iggy>they have the recursion level set to 1
22:59<gpd>no - you can only run kernels supplied by
22:59<bysaf>hm okay
22:59<bysaf>thank you.
22:59<gpd>but you can have multiple ips on the same linode
22:59<gpd>why do you want two?
22:59<bysaf>heh =P
23:00<bysaf> is a complete ripoff of
23:00<bysaf>they offer same packages, same control panel
23:00<gpd>so is
23:00<bysaf>provps has no setup fee
23:00<warewolf>bysaf: do you mean people trying to hack into other linodes?
23:00<bysaf>but they have poor support
23:00<gpd>there is - only one linode however ;)
23:01<bysaf>warewolf: no.. i mean, using, in a controlled environment, tools to acquire access to Linodes owned by myself... i want to learn security in linux, but i dont have spare computers.
23:01<bysaf>i guess i cant do that now, can i?
23:01<iggy>run uml or vmware on your own computer
23:01<warewolf>I would suggest doing that at home.
23:01<bysaf>not everyone can buy VMware.
23:01<bysaf>kk ty
23:01<warewolf>so don't buy vmware.
23:01|-|bysaf [] has quit [Quit: ]
23:01<warewolf>use Xen
23:02<iggy>they have a demo
23:02<warewolf>also, vmware is free now.
23:02<warewolf>god I hope that fool doesn't get a linode.
23:02<gpd>err... some parts of vmware are free iirc
23:03<warewolf>gpd- it's free now. Go look.
23:03<iggy>can anyone access ssh on host56?
23:03<warewolf>I use vmware for free at work
23:03<warewolf>their ESX or GSX beta
23:03<warewolf>works like a champ
23:03[~]gpd looks with some interest
23:04<gpd>esx v. gsx in one line?
23:05<gpd>gsx - free, esx -- contact your vmware rep after demo expires
23:06<gpd>i thought it was just the 'player' that they made 'free'
23:06<warewolf>like I said, free :)
23:06<warewolf>vmware has massive competition, called "Xen"
23:06<warewolf>oh, and microsoft's VM
23:07[~]warewolf -c WoW &
23:08<gpd>hmm... requires soul sucking registration
23:09<gpd>in answer to ^^ tune2fs -L LABEL /dev/xx
23:11<@caker>hmm .. btw, nothing is stopping anyone from compiling their own UML kernel and bridging an (extra/unused) IP assigned to their Linode to it
23:13<gpd>how does that work then?
23:13<@caker>iggy: sshd on host56 is dead until reboot, but telnet is open for now (in case the topic comes up again)
23:14<gpd>caker: how do you boot a kernel from a running linux box? - or am i missing the point?
23:14<@caker>gpd: download linux, make menuconfig ARCH=um, set CONFIG_NEST_LEVEL to 1, compile, run
23:15<@caker>./linux $bunch_o_args
23:15<gpd>that is UML funk baby
23:15<@caker>but before that you configure bridging -- read
23:15<gpd>that only works on your UML kernel linode... i presume
23:16<gpd>or is uml so embedded in the kernel now that any 2.6.x can do it?
23:16<iggy>I thought you guys had that stuff disabled (i.e. you guys set the nesting level to 1)
23:17<@caker>any UML kernel can run nested UMLs
23:18<@caker>iggy: nesting level is 0 on our kernels because, well, we're not nesting
23:18<@caker>but that doesn't imply you can nest more kernels
23:18<@caker>zgrep NEST /proc/config.gz
23:18<iggy>I thought that setting was a limiter not an indicator of how nested it was
23:22<@caker>BBQ chicken (actually off the grill)+++++++
23:24<FireSlash>I have a random question.
23:24<FireSlash>There is Xen BETA stuff going on
23:24<encode>i have a random answer
23:25<FireSlash>Is Linode going to eventually transition everyone to Xen? Or is it going to be offered only on some servers?
23:31|-|omirix [] has joined #linode
23:31<omirix>can I run XWindows on my linode?
23:32|-|omirix [] has left #linode []
23:34<gpd>what's with all the random questions
23:34<gpd>oh - same person
23:35<FireSlash>Whats with people joining, asking a question, and leaving in under 2 total minutes?
23:35<gpd>it was the same guy -
23:35[~]gpd feeds the spambots (although there is likely no email on that)
23:36<FireSlash>Haha. I just checked out their hosting.
23:36<FireSlash>What a joke
23:36<FireSlash>Limited number of processes
23:36<FireSlash>And they're connected to a WHOLE GIGABIT. WAOW.
23:38<FireSlash>I can't even select options that match linode's weakest plan
23:43<darkbeholder>caker you might want to delete this spam from the forum:
23:44<FireSlash>But hey
23:44<FireSlash>Its not valium for me, its valium fo me
23:45<gpd>did you mean to me ?
23:45<gpd>or am i a 'tard
23:46<gpd>oh - you were refering to the spam...
23:49<encode>gpd: considering you only offered two options
23:50<encode>and the first doesn;t apply
23:50<encode>i guess that makes you a 'tard :P
23:50<gpd>at this point i concur - especially as i spelt referring incorrectly
23:51<encode>don't feel bad about it. theres nothing wrong with mental deficiency
23:51<encode>ok i should stop before i sound really mean, nasty, and derogatory
23:52<gpd>since i have a PhD - i do feel rather ashamed for my species
23:52<gpd>mean and derogatory is good - don't hold back baby
23:52<encode>now you're making me feel mentally deficient
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23:52<encode>i'm only a graduate - i never even did honours
23:53[~]encode bows before gpd's PhD'ness
23:53<gpd>i wouldn't worry - it hasn't got me anywhere useful
23:53<encode>how long did it take you to finish it?
23:53<gpd>I did it in the UK - so only 3.5 years
23:54<gpd>Got into Linux when i had to write my thesis - was told about LaTeX
23:55<encode>i learned about latex 3/4 of the way through my degree
23:55<encode>used it for basically everything after that
23:55<gpd>what degree?
23:56<alnr>linux101: is there a command that works like which but for non-executable files (ie searches the path)?
23:56<gpd>well locate would do it - but that isn't the asnwer to your q
23:56<gpd>(assuming you haev run updatedb recently)
23:57<gpd>but non-executables shouldn't really be in your 'path' i expect...
23:58<encode>i think youre looking for `find`
23:59[~]gpd notices he has 1613G of disk on his DESKTOP at HOME... wonders how this hapened
---Logclosed Sat May 06 00:00:19 2006