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00:00<encode>but how many people would use it when they already use free services provided by zoneedit / some equivilent service
00:00<encode>i like having my DNS records in a different data centre
00:00<warewolf>there are two or three linode DCs at the moment
00:01<tierra>I'd use it... I'm not a fan of zoneedit, and currently run Bind on my Linode and would love to be able to not have to run Bind
00:01<encode>well i suppose if linode have a dns server in each DC they're in
00:01<encode>tierra: whats not to like about zoneedit?
00:01<tierra>and yes, caker could run primary in one DC and secondary in the other
00:02<tierra>encode: how much of a pain it is to edit zone info... I haven't used it in a long time, but I rememebr page load times of more than 30 seconds
00:02<encode>tierra: i've never had that problem
00:02<tierra>and it didn't get any better after a month of use
00:02<encode>its always been snappy for me
00:02<encode>offers everything i'd want
00:03<tierra>also, I reached my 5 domain limit some time ago
00:03<warewolf>holy crap
00:03<warewolf>five domains?
00:03<encode>of course, i have no particular need to use them, its just who i use, and i don't have any issues with them
00:03<warewolf>$ cd /var/named/richard_harman/
00:03<warewolf>bash-2.05$ ls -1 | wc -l
00:03<warewolf> 24
00:03<warewolf>I have 22 domains active right now
00:03<encode>warewolf: their services are only free for 5 domains
00:04<warewolf>20 (as I remove trash files in that directory
00:04<tierra>yeah, I'm up around 10
00:04<encode>you could easily pay, or (presumably) create 4 or 5 seperate accounts
00:04<tierra>also, for a free service, I wasn't fond of how much personal information they needed
00:04<warewolf>, eggebuh.{com,},,,,,,, smyahawks.{com,org},,,, xabean.{com,net,org},
00:05<tierra>I trust Linode with that info (and they need it anyway) so it's not a problem
00:06[~]encode starts up a spambot for all of warewolf's domains
00:07<encode>(just kidding)
00:07<warewolf>go right on ahead
00:07<warewolf>all your spam will be rejected
00:08<encode>warewolf: i wouldn't have a clue as to the names of any spambots, least of all actually obtain, install and run them
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01:29<Dreamr3>when is the best time to move a server?
01:30<encode>Dreamr3: when most of your customers are asleep
01:30<Dreamr3>yeah, but i wondered if midnight, or 4am was faster with linods
01:31<encode>i think its about the same no matter what time, but its probably going to be better to move it when caker / mikegrb are awake ;)
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06:53<israel7>site downloads new --->
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07:28<Dreamr3>mikegrb: ping
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09:26<antony>hi, are there any known network service issues for the last 40 mins?
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09:27<antony>showing some bursts of packetloss to europe at around 1340 and 1400 UTC
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10:45<dryan>is anyone else running arch on their linode
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10:50<wow>site downloads new --->
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15:36<Dreamrr_3>are all the hosts up?
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16:08<gpd>how does one re-op an opless channel? /mode gpd +r ?
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16:41<anderiv>, but has anyone ever set up a scp chroot using openssh?
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16:53<Spads>scp is just a normal unix program that runs its stdio through ssh
16:53<Spads>so you'd have to set up the ssh chroot for the user doing scp
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18:23<neale>Hello, I'm wondering when I can expect ticket #17025 to be closed?
18:24<neale>we need to migrate to HE
18:24<neale>on account of router filters at TP
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18:40<encode>8/05/06 Nathan Coad Backups
18:40<encode>damn right click, i always do that
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20:11<Quizzer>how long does it usually take for account setup
20:13<gpd>Quizzer: not long - esp if you get caker or mikegrb on here :)
20:13<funkycow>caker (owner) calls you soon after registration to prevent fraud, etc etc
20:13<funkycow>itll be soon
20:13<funkycow>you'll like it here :)
20:14<Quizzer>was just curious figured i would ask ..
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21:40<Dreamr3>mikegrb: ping
22:00<@caker>Dreamr3: what's up?
22:00<Dreamr3>caker: just wanting to know mike's fav rbl lists
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22:28<@mikegrb>Dreamr3: I think they are in a forum post
22:28<efudd>haillo from singapore.
22:33<encode>haillo from my linode
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22:41<dryan>when i try to login to my linode via lish or ssh a prompt never appears
22:41<dryan>it seems like it just freezes
22:41<dryan>does anyone know why that might happen
22:44<@caker>dryan: which distro?
22:44<dryan>it worked fine for a while
22:44<dryan>then it just stops all of a sudden
22:44<@caker>did you futz with /etc/inittab?
22:44<@caker>I see a login prompt on your console now...
22:45<@caker>sure you didn't hit control-s?
22:45<@caker>maybe a few control-q's might unstick it
22:45<dryan>99% sure
22:45<dryan>i get a login prompt
22:45<dryan>but once i login
22:45<dryan>it just freezes
22:45<dryan>bash prompt never appears
22:46<@caker>does it eventually timeout?
22:46<@caker>ie, shoot you back to a prompt?
22:46<dryan>just sits there
22:47<dryan>the exact same thing before
22:47<dryan>i figured i had messed something up by mistake so just wiped and reinstalled
22:47<@caker>Login timed out after 60 seconds.
22:47<@caker>^-- it does timeout
22:48<dryan>yeah it just did
22:48<@caker>hmm ... you're missing something
22:48<@caker>wouldn't be an entry in /etc/securetty, cause it would just say login incorrect...
22:49<@caker>is this after an update of some kind?
22:49<dryan>the only thing i can think is something to do with the arch postfix package
22:49<TheFirst>pam misconfigure?
22:49<dryan>because it seems to happen after i have set that up
22:49<@caker>anything useful in syslogs (I guess via ssh)?
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22:50<dryan>i cant get the logs
22:51<@caker>dryan: you could always boot with init=/bin/bash, and make your console login a bash shell (yuk), but at least that way you could install sshd, revert the initab changes and investigate
22:51<dryan>its worth a try
22:52<@caker>0:2345:respawn:/bin/bash -login >/dev/tty0 2>&1 </dev/tty0 <-- required voodoo
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23:55<@mikegrb>qwin 2
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