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00:30<encode>that story links to an 18 page pdf describing their findings
00:31<encode>i've only read the first page so far, but it seems to be pretty thorough
00:48<TheFirst>at 18 pages i'd hope so
00:57<encode>2.6.10 - was that really released December 2004?
00:58<gpd>when did sarge come out - 'cos that uses 2.6.8
00:58<encode>no idea
00:58<gpd>June 6th, 2005
00:59<gpd>which proves nothing... i'll go back to sleep
00:59<gpd>encode: do they make any suggestions to fix the problem - or just moan?
01:00<encode>gpd: haven't seen any suggestions
01:00<encode>i doubt it
01:01<@mikegrb>mmm cake
01:01<gpd>if they mention a hot cup of tea and a fairy cake - delete the file
01:08<encode>lol @ mikegrb's script
01:20<@caker> :)
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01:29<@caker> <-- TXT and SRV added, along with another green gradient
01:30<@caker>the gradient needs to be fixed, still
01:37<warewolf>caker- cool
01:39<@caker>hmm .. a bulk-add option might be useful
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01:40<@caker>go to add a A record, enter "bulk add" mode, get a giant textarea input field, paste in that chunk from your existing bind zone file, "foo [ttl] IN A $IPADDRESS", parse it all, etc
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02:43<Antitribu>any probs on host4?
02:43<Antitribu>second time my linodes just powered off
02:49<Battousai>what the hell?
02:49<Battousai>you're gonna sell dns?
02:50<Battousai>caker, you sir, are teh rawk
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03:06<@caker>Battousai: :)
03:07<@caker>Antitribu: I copied the stack trace -- I'll ask Jeff about it tomorrow
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04:55[~]Rezantis stabs Antitribu. In the head.
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04:57<Thrakka>/whois Antitribu
04:57<sonorous>Sort it out, honestly! :)
04:57<Thrakka>no support for whois in this client, soz
04:58<Thrakka>hey sonorous (this is antitribu) i got my dns stuff sorted, thanks though
04:58[~]Rezantis notes that emails apparently work, and stabs Antitribu again.
04:58<Rezantis>I have GOT to stop doing that.
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05:17<Antitribu>Does anyone know if there are any problems with host 4
05:18<Antitribu>or is it just me?
05:23<Antitribu>quiet night huh?
05:39<warewolf>ow ow ow ow ow ow
05:39<warewolf>burned my esophagus with some very hot food
05:39<warewolf>ow ow ow ow ow
05:41<Antitribu>why did you do that :P
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05:41<warewolf>I did it on accident?
05:41<Antitribu>were you eating from a frying pan?
05:46<warewolf>no, over microwaved some taco bell.
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06:01<Antitribu>never had taco bell
06:01<Antitribu>whats it like?
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07:30<Antitribu>mt sorry
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08:18<wibble>My Initial Linode Configuration job failed because /linodes/accountname doesn't exist. I've raised a ticket hours ago. I'm on host50. Any ideas when the problem will be fixed ?
08:19<kriby>when they wake up, i'm guessing
08:19<Antitribu>s all good
08:20<wibble>oic. bah. it's still 8am in Tennessee.
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10:33<vodka>caker (or mikegrb), my linode is unreachable, as is the host it is on
10:34<kriby>send in a ticket
10:34<TheFirst>statusd or something caused a lot of the nodes to lose networking ... reboot fixes
10:35<vodka>I see... *tries*
10:37<vodka>hmm, that solved the problem of the unreachable linode, thanks :)
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12:33<linbot>gonna take a ride in to the dangerzone
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14:09<thin>if i sign up for linode (again, need to downgrade heh) can i get xen right away?
14:16<@caker>thin: no, xen is still in beta
14:16<@caker>(on our end)
14:16<thin>so all the beta spots are taken?
14:20<thin>when do you expect it to finish beta?
14:21<@caker>That depends on when Xen is stable, right now it hasn't proven to be
14:22<thin>so you mean xen 2.0 suddenly crashes and that sort of thing?
14:22<@caker>3.0, but yeah
14:22<@caker>also, there's no method for disk I/O fairness
14:23<thin>hmm, so if its not fair, what happens? one person gets first use for all his i/o ?
14:24<@caker>It's fairly trivial for a domain to suck up all the disk IO, causing the other domains to starve
14:25<kriby>"Scotty! I need more IO!" "I'm giving you all she's got, Cap'n!"
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15:08<@caker> <-- awesome
15:10<kriby> <-- more awesome
15:15<taupehat>caker: hehe, aircraft motor, eh?
15:16<taupehat>can't be much fun to ride
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15:37<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host51 in System and Network Status <>
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15:53[~]Eman launches a rocket at 51
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16:33<linbot>for a minute there, I lost myself
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16:36[~]JasonF mumbles and grumbles
16:40<sonorous>linbot: ;-)
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16:54<@caker>anyone have an example of zoneedit's nameserver names?
16:54<@caker>I'm curious as to their naming scheme
16:55<@caker>look like just
16:55<@caker>ns1 - ns19
16:55<Quizzer>Name Server:NS2.ZONEEDIT.COM
16:55<Quizzer>Name Server:NS12.ZONEEDIT.COM
16:56<Quizzer>those are what i got told to set my domain to
16:56<Quizzer>for use here
16:56<@caker>I thought they might have had more geo info in there ... ns2.$
16:56<Quizzer>probably take too much programming
17:10<@caker>Are there any special formatting options I need to keep in mind for IPv6 stuff?
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17:13<@caker>AAAA records...
17:16<@caker>NIMLOC 32 Nimrod Locator
17:17<@caker> ... crazy
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17:30<thoth39>I remember two IPv6 records, AAAA and A6.
17:30<Eman>A6? AAAAAA wasnt good enough?
17:31<cow>probably goes by size of IP address
17:31<cow>ipv6's ip addresses are 4 times in size as ipv4
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17:39<sonorous>are theplanet native ipv6?
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17:49<iggy>anybody know how to copy an array in php5?
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17:58<JasonF>caker: whatg happened to host51?
18:04<@caker>JasonF: freezola... we'll be doing a round of BIOS updates in a few weeks
18:06[~]Eman cries
18:06<Eman>damn OOM killed my ircd
18:06<@caker>Eman: your swap not mount er something?
18:07<Eman>unless it magically decided to unmount, its still supposed to be mounted
18:07<@caker>Eman: gentoo? In which case, you might have been de-devfs-ified
18:08[~]Eman rips his hair out
18:09<@caker>sonorous: no, they're not (IPv6)
18:09<sonorous>ah, shame
18:09<@caker>and HE has a separate IPv6 network, but you have to pay megabucks to be on it
18:10<sonorous>Hah, really? Hmm
18:10<@caker>I forget the quote they gave me a year or two ago, but it was stupid...
18:10<sonorous>That doesn't really make a lot of sense to me, but hey, that's me ;)
18:11<sonorous>They should be encouraging more folk to take up ipv6. Sure, up to them how they price it (higher if need be), but not megabucks...
18:11<thoth39>It is expensive to offer a service few people want.
18:13<sonorous>They have a presence in Europe, I'm sure it needn't be that expensive.
18:14<tierra>I read some article about what was going on with that, why it was taking so long to adopt, and why it was so expensive, but don't remember now
18:14<sonorous>I have 2*Xen hosts in the UK, both are native IPv6, both are only small two-man establishments, like freenode, paying for their own transit etc
18:15<@caker>sonorous: so I guess you would know then -- for a managed DNS service, what's required to serve up DNS for IPv6? Just AAAA records?
18:15<@caker>I imagine people with tunnel brokers, that they'd want that as a feature
18:15<thoth39>IPv6 isn't necessary. here. Like SRV records, it's a great idea, but unecessary.
18:16<thoth39>You'll find more IPv6 infrastructure in the east, where allocated IP ranges are smaller.
18:16<sonorous>caker: I don't have a totally IPv6 zone. I have nameservers listening on ipv6 addresses, too of course
18:16<tierra>caker: just AAAA records as far as I know
18:16<sonorous>All I have, e.g. is:
18:16<sonorous>itanic IN A IN AAAA 2001:1b40:0:1102:d993:5eab:0:1
18:16<tierra>it's all I needed back when I had it setup
18:16<sonorous>d'oh, irssi "clever" paste
18:17<sonorous>supposed to be a CR after the v4 IP
18:17<@caker> IN AAAA 2001:1b40:0:1102:d993:5eab:0:1 <-- correct line?
18:17<tierra>minus the ipv4 ip
18:17<@caker>ok, that makes sense ... I guess I could cludge them into the "Add/Edit an A record" form
18:17<@caker>and it can figure out if they entered an IPv6 target or not, and change it to AAAA
18:17<tierra>I wouldn't see why not
18:18<@caker> <-- most of the Add/Edit forms (just one page)
18:21<tierra>hehe... article written in 2001: "This is no small matter since many predict that the four billion addresses available under IPv4 will be depleted by the year 2005 brought on by an anticipated explosion in the number of devices, like cell phones, PDAs and even kitchen appliances, that will need their own address."
18:21<thoth39>NAT to the rescue.
18:21<thoth39>It's a shame, really. NAT sucks.
18:22<thoth39>caker, it's looking good.
18:22<Eman>nat is great, makes a fast, cheap firewall
18:23<tierra>yes and no, it's a godsend to your average home user that just wants internet as it's saved millions of computers from thousands of exploits
18:24<tierra>but yes, I'd love an ISP willing to give me hundreds if not my own little "subnet" of the internet for me to allocate myself rather than running on one IP with $5/mo extra for additional
18:25<tierra>and NAT has killed that dream
18:25<@caker>think of all those custom RDNS names we've missed out on
18:25<thoth39>True. :(
18:26<Eman>at first i was wondering wtf was going on with my ssh session kept dying but my irc session to the same box stayed up... OOM was killing sshd too
18:26<@caker>Eman: what's the cause?
18:26<@mikegrb>caker: appearantly the person at HE that gave you that quote was wrong
18:26<Eman>i have no idea
18:26<@caker>mikegrb: oh?
18:27<@caker>Eman: top, M <-- sort by memory usage
18:27<@mikegrb>mentioned it in a discussion on NANOG and some higherup from HE contacted me off list
18:27<@mikegrb>said that you just pay for the bandwidth the same as with ipv4
18:27<@caker>mikegrb: oh, the IPv6 quote
18:27<@mikegrb>I don't remember if he said the seperate port part was a requirement or not
18:27<@caker>that was my recolection -- port fee
18:28<thoth39>An IPv6 address would be very nice to experiment with.
18:28<thoth39>It's difficult to write software for protocols you cannot test.
18:28<@mikegrb>he was pretty adament about it not being any momre expensive for ipv4
18:28<@caker>mikegrb: when was this?
18:28<tierra>thoth39: get yourself a tunnel through HE, it's free
18:29<@mikegrb>but yeah, if it still requires an additional port, the port could just be the same as an ipv4 port, but that is still more money
18:29<@mikegrb>caker: I'd have to look
18:29<@caker>mikegrb: found it -- 10/14/2005
18:29<@mikegrb>it was like 6 or 8 months ago
18:29<thoth39>tierra, where can I learn more?
18:29<@mikegrb>7 months ago
18:29<@mikegrb>surprised my recollection was so accurate
18:30<sonorous>mutt++ ;)
18:30<tierra>thoth39: also: (gentoo, but you can adapt
18:31<thoth39>Thanks. :)
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18:51<Eman>23989 root 9 0 212m 38m 80 D 0.0 65.9 5:42.60 yum
18:51[~]Eman curses at yum
18:52<Eman>i just wanted to install mysql-python :(
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18:53<@caker>Eman: fc2?
18:53<@caker>Eman: rpm -Uvh
18:53<@caker>Eman: apt-get update; apt-get install mysql-python
18:54<@caker>yum is way buggie in FC2 -- pretty sure there are updates (which apt-get will also happily install for you)
18:54<Eman>so now i find out :(
18:55<@caker>Eman: also: apt-get upgrade (in case you're unfamiliar with apt)
18:58<Quizzer>how do you stop a service from running on boot ..
18:58<@caker>Quizzer: distro?
18:58<Eman>gah, its hanging at: 99% [Connecting to (]
18:58<Quizzer>debian i guess is the same
18:59<@caker>Quizzer: sysv-rc-conf, I believe (not too sure)
18:59<Quizzer>thats in /etc
18:59<Eman>Fetched 4102B in 2m0s (34B/s)
19:00<@caker>Quizzer: no, I mean run "sysv-rc-conf"
19:00<Eman>wtf is this thing doing connecting at 300 baud dialup?
19:00<@caker>Quizzer: or install it, if not found .. apt-get install sysv-rc-conf
19:01<@caker>Eman: was lagging for me, too
19:01<@caker>Eman: might want to get better sources .. lemme look
19:01<Eman>its just one of those days for me :(
19:02<@caker>Eman: edit /etc/apt/sources.list, and use this instead of what's in there:
19:02<@caker>rpm fedora/linux/2/i386 core updates freshrpms
19:02<@caker>Eman: then, apt-get update, again
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19:06<Eman>there it goes
19:06<Eman>i had to remove from some file that said 'do not edit' ;)
19:17<Quizzer>anyone know where i can find the UserDir Module for Apache2
19:18<@caker>Quizzer: didn't that come pre-built with apache2 install from ubuntu?
19:19<Quizzer>will try enabling it in a minute
19:19<@caker>Quizzer: apt-get install apache2-common, no?
19:19<@caker>it's probably just in the apache2-whatever you already have installed
19:20<tierra>a2enmod userdir
19:20<tierra>if it's not already, but yeah, I thought that was default
19:20[~]caker googles
19:20<tierra>some handy scripts I noticed were in debian
19:21<@caker>a2enmod - enables an apache2 module
19:21<tierra>(even though I'm a Gentoo fan, heh)
19:21<tierra>also a2ensite
19:21<Quizzer>is the user_directory set via apache2.conf
19:21<@caker>hah .. a test node I deployed to test a new host got 0wned ...
19:22<TheFirst>is that really something to brag about? :P
19:22<@caker>guess I won't be using "foobar" for root passwords on quick deployments anymore
19:22<tierra>Quizzer: I think it's in /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.conf
19:22<@caker>TheFirst: or maybe it was a honeypot of mine -- you never know
19:22<@caker>good to keep up with the script kdidies
19:24<encode>caker: how did you determine it got owned?
19:24<@caker>encode: well, it was scanning IP ranges, but now I've got the bash history, etc
19:25<@caker>also, lastlog
19:26<encode>so the scanning of IPs was what alerted you
19:28[~]encode updates a password or two, just in case
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19:28<Antitribu>is that something you could offer to linodes?
19:28<@caker>Antitribu: hmm?
19:28<Antitribu>like "hey you've been scanning ip blocks, sure your not compromised?"
19:29<encode>dont you guys already do that?
19:29<Quizzer>where do you set the defualt email for apache ..
19:29[~]encode fires up nmap
19:29<@caker>we always report them, if we get reports of scanning -- but we don't have any IDS on our end -- the datacenters do
19:30<Antitribu>ahhh fair enough
19:30<Antitribu>i've always wondered how the heck you tell if you've been owned
19:31<Antitribu>i mean if they have done a good enough job of it
19:31<Antitribu>how would you notice?
19:31<encode>well, we can't run kernel modules
19:31<@caker>you wouldn't -- it's usually their activity that gives them away
19:31<encode>so that eliminates one method
19:31<@caker>encode: BTDT, ages ago
19:31<encode>so your process list should at least give a hint
19:31<@caker>it sucks :)
19:31<Antitribu>mmm the kernel mods is a good thing
19:31<@caker>netstat -pln, look for users in /etc/shadow that shouldn't have passwords, etc
19:31<@caker>been there,done that
19:32<encode>ahh lol
19:32<erikh>Antitribu: four letters - l s o f
19:32<encode>6th result in google told me what it meant
19:32<encode>but i only noticed after you told me anyway
19:32<Antitribu>more words apt-get install lsof ; lsof
19:34<erikh>eh, keep a version that's statically compiled, will run on your system offsite on a usb key or something for those ultra-paranoid moments
19:34<Antitribu>ooo not a bad idea
19:34<@caker>what was that kick ass static shell+many builtins that Spads schooled me on a few weeks ago?
19:34[~]encode wonders why he can't see his irc connections listed in netstat -pln
19:35<Spads>caker: sash
19:35<@caker>mmmmm sash
19:35<encode> argh @ typo
19:35<erikh>I've heard about sash, how does it differ from ash + busybox?
19:35<Spads>erikh: it's similar
19:36<Spads>erikh: the point is that on a system with exec broken for whatever reason, sash has all those commands as builtins
19:36<Spads>designed to be very resistant to a broken system
19:37<@caker>erikh: you want it
19:38<erikh>I will check it out!
19:38<erikh>thanks for the tip
19:39<erikh>caker: oh, btw, if I didn't thank you for helping me migrate on a saturday at 12am my time, I'm going to do so now :)
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19:39[~]encode wonders if finnix has sash
19:39<@caker>erikh: np
19:39<encode>or is sash kinda useless for something like finnix
19:40<encode>i guess you wouldn't expect finnix to be broken to the point of requiring something like sash
19:41<@caker> <-- not listed
19:41<@caker>but one could apt-get install it
19:47<FireSlash>Anyone know where I can get a cheap AGP riser? The cheapest ones I can find online are $41 or more shipped!
19:48<erikh>do you know a wholesaler/small computer shop in the area?
19:50<FireSlash>erikh, Yeah, but I've scoured them for AGP risers and came up dry.
19:54|-|gcain [] has joined #linode
19:58<Eman>yay, no more ram problems
20:04|-|odedra [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:04<Antitribu>has there been any problems on host4?
20:05<Antitribu>or am i missing something?
20:07[~]gcain ignores Antitribu's question along with everyone else in the channel.
20:07<gcain>Man, the silence in here is deafening!
20:08<Antitribu>what time is it in the states?
20:08<gcain>which coast?
20:09<gcain>roughly 6pm on the west coast.
20:09<Antitribu>wherever the linodes are?
20:09<@caker>Antitribu: your node is 160M into swap
20:09<@caker>Antitribu: that's bad -- you need to tune your apps to use less memory
20:09<Antitribu>which one?
20:10<Antitribu>antitribu or antitribu2
20:10<Antitribu>cause antitribu is a failed horible experiment that needs to die
20:10<@caker>Antitribu: the one on host4 is antitribu2
20:10<Antitribu>ahhh, feck
20:11<Antitribu>ok, will tune asap
20:14<Antitribu>the only reason i asked about host 4 is i've had my linode power off twice, no reasons in the log
20:14<Antitribu>just "odd"
20:15|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
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20:23<Quizzer>how do you get a list of all processes running
20:24<Antitribu>ps aux
20:24|-|Netsplit <-> quits: darkbeholder
20:24|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:25<gcain>okay then, how about top?
20:27|-|[] changed the topic of #linode: The Linode Virtual Server hang out | | | | | This is a public channel which is logged; don't submit information you don't want to see in search engines (email addresses, etc)
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20:27|-|[] changed the topic of #linode: The Linode Virtual Server hang out | | | | | This is a public channel which is logged; don't submit information you don't want to see in search engines (email addresses, etc)
20:27<OvrLrd-Q>. . . services wars!
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20:57<fo0bar>encode: sash is rather large, being statically-compiled... and since it's not really needed, I left it out
20:59|-|Antitribu [] has left #linode []
20:59<encode>fo0bar: ok
21:00|-|Antitribu [] has joined #linode
21:36<FireSlash>Total swap: 256 MB
21:36<FireSlash>Used: 0 MB
21:36<FireSlash>Free: 256 MB (100%)
21:38|-|gcain [] has left #linode []
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22:05<gpd>apt-cache show supybot
22:05<gpd>err... nice
22:07|-|nybble [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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