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00:35<Eman> eh? why does that scare me
00:47<warewolf>damn even.
00:47<warewolf>I can't /quote map anymore :(
00:47<Eman>what about /links ?
00:48<warewolf>not nearly as useful
00:53<Eman>hrm.. ever since the power flickerd, one of my switches has been sending fucked up packets out all ports
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00:55<Eman>and with a power cycle, its back to normal
01:00<warewolf>my netgear used to do that
01:00<erikh>my wireless is acting wonky
01:01<erikh>linksys WRT54G
01:01<erikh>acting so odd
01:01<Eman>i guess i got what i paid for
01:02<erikh>if I keep a steady ping going, it won't lose connection
01:02<erikh>otherwise I get a complete drop for long enough to lose the connection
01:03<Eman>tried turning all the wifi protection crap off and tested?
01:04<erikh>wep is still on
01:04<erikh>other than that, I don't think there's any other protection on
01:04<erikh>and I'm certianly not far enough away
01:06<Eman>stock firmware or one of the alternatives?
01:06<erikh>no, stock
01:07<erikh>I was on openwrt for a while
01:09<Eman>after the dcc send linksys "exploit"... im scared to think what goes thru linksys' peoples heads
01:10<erikh>I just switched wep off
01:10<erikh>didn't seem to make much difference
01:10<warewolf>that was linksys?
01:10<warewolf>the router?
01:10<warewolf>you're shitting me
01:10<Eman>its them
01:10<warewolf>I thought that was nortan antivirus
01:10<warewolf>oh dear god
01:10<Eman>ive got one of the effected ones on my desk
01:11<Eman>unhooked cause its crap
01:11[~]warewolf withholds the urge to say "your welcome"
01:12<warewolf>I have guys at work who are 30 years older than me who still do that
01:12<warewolf>I need that icon I keep seeing floating around livejournal
01:12<warewolf>"Your is yours"
01:12<warewolf>"You're is you are"
01:12<warewolf>along with 17 other "pages" of corrections
01:12<warewolf>it's a blast
01:14<Eman>this stupid router... i think its something in the wrt54g V5 firewall that makes the dcc send crap do its magic... and it dont go away when you shut the firewall off
01:17<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:~$ xsetwacom set WacomStylus PressCurve 75 0 100 25
01:17<warewolf>Error (5): WacomConfigSetRawParam: Unknown X error
01:17<warewolf>Set: Failed to set WacomStylus value for 'PressCurve'
01:18<warewolf>although it seems to have worked somehow, the pressure sensitivity isn't nearly as absurd anymore
01:22<Eman>holy hell... 2.66ghz celeron oc'd to 4.1ghz uses nearly 500watts of power
01:24<Eman>my two p4 desktop beasts barely use that much power
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01:26<Eman>id like to find out what model intel board this stupid dell box has in it
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02:38<erikh>ok, this windows box is HOSED
02:38<erikh>and i'm starting to think it might be the cause of wireless troubles
02:39<erikh>sorry, I wasn't trying to exploit anyone but myself, probably should have put that in msg
02:40<erikh>oh, it's if the firewall enabled
02:40[~]erikh pats pf on the head
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10:01<Quizzer>i have the command make .. but i want gmake .. how would i use apt-get to get gmake
10:12<npmr>there is no such command
10:13<npmr>gmake is GNU Make, and it installs a program called "make"
10:13<npmr>if you are used to using GNU Make on a proprietary unix operating system, it may have been installed as "gmake"
10:14<npmr>but GNU Make is the de facto standard make application on GNU/Linux, and so it is conventionally installed as just "make"
10:16<npmr>if you run "make -v" and the first line of output says GNU Make, then it is gmake
10:16<Quizzer>how come some programs say use gmake not make
10:18<kriby>it's the safe thing to say. they just mean 'gnu make'
10:19<Quizzer>ah k
10:20<Quizzer>any tutorials for setting up ircd on a linode around
10:21<kriby>'on a linode' makes no difference
10:22<Quizzer>ok .. any easy tutorials for setting up ircd on linux
10:22<sonorous>There are many different ircds
10:23<sonorous>bahamut, ratbox, hybrid, unreal etc are all popular ones, and they vary slightly. Read the "INSTALL" file in the tarball (or whatever)
10:29<warewolf>phpbb complained that I'm running a release two revisions behind
10:30<anderiv>warewolf: shame on you
10:34<warewolf>my webserver is chrooted.
10:34<warewolf>PHP worms don't really concern me.
10:34<kriby>that makes it ok
10:34<warewolf>all the worms I've seen out there require wget/perl/sh/other shell utilities
10:35<warewolf>from the php point of view, they don't exist 8-)
10:35<anderiv>I really need to look into implementing mod_security.
10:35<warewolf>it is really quite excellent
10:35<warewolf>the basic rules are good enough for most everyone
10:36<warewolf>but you'll really feel the benefit of it if you know your webserver well, and all the applications running on ot.
10:36<warewolf>then you can enable all the per-application rules and tweak them for your particular environment
10:37<warewolf>for the longest time I couldn't HUP (restart) my chrooted apache because the chroot jail wasn't set up quite exactly right
10:37<warewolf>I could start and stop, but not restart
10:37<warewolf>I had to duplicate the non-chroot portion of the chroot under the chroot :)
10:37<warewolf>eg, in the real filesystem apache is at /chroot/apache/START HERE
10:37<warewolf>so under /chroot/apache I have another /chroot/apache that points to / under the chroot
10:41<warewolf>one of these days all these little gems of unix-fu will end up in some wiki of mine
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11:05[~]warewolf groans at amazon
11:05<warewolf>yesterday, for the order I placed on may 4th, you said that my bonsai trees would not arrive on the 10th, but between the 12th and 15th. Ok, not too bad.
11:06<warewolf>today you tell me that there's a "delay", and that my bonsi trees now will not arrive until somewhere between the 22nd and 26th.
11:06<warewolf>and I can't cancel the oder because it is SHIPPING SOON.
11:06<kriby>they grow slowly
11:07[~]warewolf boggles
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11:40<mike_pp>hello linode people
11:40<mike_pp>im with troubles with cyrus.. anyone can help ?
11:40<mike_pp>im getting dberror db4:panic fatal region error detected
11:41<mike_pp>i delete /var/lib/imap/db
11:41<mike_pp>and then restore a backup and works for half an hour.. and then i get the same error
11:41<mike_pp>any ideas ?
11:42<mike_pp>caker ?
11:46<TheFirst> ... try that
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11:50<mike_pp>the first i delete and restart
11:57<TheFirst>that link talks about conflicting versions causing the problem
12:01<mike_pp>allright.. what i dont see it wich version do i have to fix this.
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12:08<mike_pp>maybe the update of clamav its the problem ?
12:20<mike_pp>clamav doesnt have anything to do on cyrus.. so its the update of cryus :(
12:22<mike_pp>wich version of db4 i have to use to not have troubles ?
12:28<mike_pp>caker ?
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12:34<gpd>mike_pp: caker may be the font of all knowledge but is a little unreasonable to expect him to answer any random question about your linode setup...
12:39[~]gpd checks the color of his kettle - oh black!
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12:49<mike_pp>bye.. no support here :(
12:50<mike_pp>when we were a few caker answered :)
12:50<mike_pp>now i dont any type of response of nobody.. neither caker.
12:50<gpd>sorry mike_pp
12:50<gpd>not many ppl around atm
12:50<mike_pp>thanks gpd
12:51<gpd>what distro btw?
12:51<gpd>strange... mabye more help on #centos or #cyrus ?
12:51<gpd>i don't run either...
12:52<mike_pp>i will try.. thanks
13:17[~]TheFirst kicks openssl
13:21<gpd>what do ppl use for terminal colors? I like black on yellow but the default LS_COLORS is rather nasty... but to change them it looks like i have to manually set all the colors
13:22<kriby>black on yellow? doesn't that burn your eyes?
13:22<gpd>it is a light yellow
13:22<gpd>it is quite pleasant
13:22<gpd>white on black i find burns my eyes
13:22<gpd>esp. when switching from black on white (most of the internet)
13:23<TheFirst>white on gray or white on black for me
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13:25[~]gpd looks for dircolors 'themes'
13:26<afv-13>gpd: the height of boredom?
13:27<gpd>pretty much! --- waiting for an experiment...
13:27<afv-13>what kind?
13:28<gpd>protein binding microarray - currently incubating
13:28<afv-13>old cheese?
13:28<gpd>no cheese today (?)
13:29[~]tierra loves the green on black colors, they are pleasant and easy to read
13:29<tierra>and is a simple dropdown setting to change in gnome-terminal
13:30<gpd>yeah - that is fine - but ls --color still gives you the same colors
13:31<afv-13>i like white on black
13:31<afv-13>erm, for sh/bash that is
13:31<tierra>anything I have the ability to change to white on black, I change
13:32<gpd>yeah - but I use a lot of PDF & most intarweb is b On w...
13:32<tierra>I spend a lot of time in MSVC, so between that and all my shells, I don't have to deal with black on white nearly as much
13:33<tierra>afv-13: most of the stuff I watch is dark, does that count?
13:34<afv-13>sure does
13:38<tierra>it's too bad Wikipedia doesn't have a dark skin
13:38<tierra>there's a good chuck of my web browsing time
13:42<gpd>if you use gnome-terminal then try the black on light yellow - it is one of the builtin options - i switched recently from white on black - got tired of fighting
13:42<warewolf>why must my parents follow up every email they send me with an instant message "Did you get my mail?"
13:43<warewolf>no reference as to what in the IM
13:43<warewolf>just "did you get it"
13:43<gpd>my pet theory: with dark background|desktop your pupil dilates... then the white text burns on your exposed retina...
13:43<gpd>warewolf: my boss does that - but he uses the phone
13:44<Eman>my mom does that to me too... i just blocked her
13:44<warewolf>learn your boss not to do that.
13:44<gpd>trying - but he has a goldfish memory... so i have to keep relearning him
13:45<tierra>I'll have to give the black on yellow a shot for a while
13:46<warewolf>xterm -fg grey -fn fixed -ls -bg black &
13:46<warewolf>^ my preference
13:46<gpd>yeah - that isn't bad - better than white text
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15:06<afv-13>no cachemgr by default with debian?
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17:43<dryan>is there a problem with host18?
17:47<@mikegrb>looks fine to me
17:47<dryan>when i try to connect to lish it times out
17:47<@mikegrb>working fine for me
17:47<@mikegrb>what about pings?
17:47<sonorous>mikegrb: I know you're probably tired of hearing this question, but I have to ask - any ETA as to when Xen will go live?
17:48<@mikegrb>when xen is ready for production use, it isn't so far, preformance is worse then uml
17:48<sonorous>How many domains per host?
17:48<@mikegrb>well, in testing, we've done the same as uml
17:48<dryan>i cant ping it
17:49<dryan>its working now
17:49<sonorous>mikegrb: I'm not sure what that means :)
17:50<@mikegrb>it means xen isn't ready for production use
17:50<@mikegrb>all of our support for xen is complete, so it is just a matter of the issues with xen itself being corrected
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18:01<TheFirst>a long list of issues taht is :P
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20:41<erikh>anyone have a d-link dwl-g510 and are using it on windows?
20:42<erikh>thing pegs the machine at 100% from the time it connects to when I turn it off
20:42<erikh>(it's a wireless adapter)
20:44<encode>no, but dlink is your problem
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23:19<erikh>yeah, i bought it on an impulse
23:19<erikh>turning pnp os on in bios fixed it.
23:20<erikh>it doesn't like having an irq all to itself, apparently
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