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10:06<myren>hate to ask kinda odd q's like this,
10:07<myren>but anyone have experience with unixshell? i'm wondering how the disk i/o compares... unixshell gives me plenty of cpu, but my disk access.... not so good
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10:38<linbot>New news from forums: Who wants to manage my linode?! in General Discussion <>
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13:51<gpd>why would a tulip nic work from a LiveCD and not from a HD install using the SAME kernel?
13:51<TheFirst>tulip as a module never works for me
13:51<TheFirst>unless from cd
13:51<gpd>wtf? -- what can I do then?
13:52<TheFirst>compiling it in always worked for me
13:52<gpd>compiling a new kernel with builtin tulip you mean...
13:52<gpd>did you work out why this might be happening?
13:53<gpd>when booting from the CD i see tulip in lsmod but no mention of eth0
13:53<gpd>and a diff of the hd install and cd versions of the kernel and /lib/modules shows no difference...
13:53<gpd>what would the live cd be doing differently?
13:54<TheFirst>forget the error i got as a module....been a long while since i've used a tulip card
13:55<gpd>TheFirst: which distro?
13:55<gpd>I'm using Ubuntu Dapper so I suspected it might be 'cos bleeding edge
14:26<gpd>clearly nothing to do with tulip as an intel card does the same thing... must be an IRQ issue related to this old mobo
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17:32<linbot>New news from wiki: User talk:Harleypig <>
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18:04<fo0bar>heh, maybe linbot should ignore talk and user pages
18:05<Spads>or when people say "!!!!!!"
18:09<nybble>i love it when mikegrb's script continuously lol's
18:09<Spads>it does not
18:10<Spads>it only does in reaction to your drooling sound effect
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19:56<Luana>i have a question
19:56<Luana>how i active a FTP in my linode?
19:57<Quizzer>install an ftp server
19:57<Quizzer>what distro
19:57<Luana>red hat Quizzer
19:58<Luana>where is FTP ? /etc ?
19:58<Quizzer>would be either vsftpd or proftpd
19:58<Quizzer>are the two more common ones
19:58<Quizzer>I use ubuntu ..
19:58<Quizzer>and its proftpd
19:58<Luana>i find
19:59<Quizzer>ubuntu (debian based)
19:59<Luana>i give ./proftpd ?
19:59<Quizzer>in redhat im not sure .. depends if it installed one on default
19:59<Quizzer>you might have to install and configure the ftp server
19:59<Quizzer>and in redhat im not sure ..
20:00<Luana>ok Quizzer, thank you again :)
20:00<Quizzer>try the forums
20:00<Quizzer>i think their are a couple tutorials
20:02<TheFirst>luana a linux beginner?
20:04<Quizzer>TheFirst : can vsftpd be installed on any distros
20:04<Luana> vsftpd
20:04<Luana>fonts lynx.cfg.cs profile.d vsftpd.ftpusers
20:04<Luana>fstab lynx.cfg.ja protocols vsftpd.user_list
20:04<Luana>in my /etc
20:05<Quizzer>how do you kill a proftpd server
20:06<Luana>my english is bad... i am from brasil
20:06<Luana>the command basic for begginer ftp in vsftpd is ./proftpd ?
20:08<TheFirst>Luana: seriously speaking, you really should check out some linux for beginners docs/books/etc ... it'd really give you a leg up no all this stuff
20:08<TheFirst>Quizzer: why couldn't you
20:09<Quizzer>yeah i figured my question out
20:10<TheFirst>don't message me, and no i wont work on your server....
20:14<Luana>[root@li13-134 vsftpd]# vsftpd
20:14<Luana>500 OOPS: vsftpd: does not run standalone, must be started from inetd
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