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05:51<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.17-rc2-linode19 (with NPTL/TLS support) in Announcements <>
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10:51<afv-13>load on host32 seems rather high, but it's handling it very well
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12:07<warewolf>ok this is mildly frustrating
12:08<warewolf>os I got a speeding ticket at the end of last month
12:08<warewolf>I have until almost the end of /next month/ to pay it
12:09<warewolf>my "arrest/ticket" record has been publicized, and I can find my two tickets online at (the police department dumps a list of all tickets given, and puts it on their website)
12:09<warewolf>but I can't find my damn ticket on the court's website to pay it :(
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13:59<aspuru>Greetings to all... I am a Linux fan since 1997 or so :) and finally decided to move my Cpanel-based account to a Linode. My question is: is there a script that 'ports' all the cpanel config to a working linux install. Let's say, starting from the Cpanel backup to creating the mail acocunts, uploading the WWW data, etc. ?
14:00<gpd>never been mentioned on here...
14:01<aspuru>Thanks gpd :) then I guess it is quite some work
14:02<gpd>yeah - doing *everything* yourself is time consuming - but gives you *lots* of flexibility
14:02<gpd>depends what you are after
14:03<gpd>apache is fairly simple to move... mail might be more tricky
14:03[~]aspuru wants to install a MoinMoin wiki with Latex Support. My Cpanel hosting gave me problems and got fedup
14:03<gpd>depends how many accounts you have and whether you want virtual mailboxes etc
14:04<aspuru>gpd: yep, I guess. I will decide soon
14:05<gpd>if you enjoy playing around with linux then you will love linode
14:05<gpd>if you want something that 'just works' - stick with cpanel
14:05<gpd>OR... you could go with something like ispconfig
14:05<aspuru>what's ispconfig?
14:05<gpd>or one of those free cpanel immitations
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14:08<aspuru>sorry got disconnected. Never used a Java IRC client be4
14:08<gpd>what was teh problem with the wiki?
14:08<aspuru>thanks, this ispconfig thing might be the right blend of what I want (a web interface that says 'add e-mail account' or 'phpmyadmin' rather than adduser, etc.
14:09<aspuru>Well, the damn cpanel thing doesn't have latex
14:10<gpd>and there is no userland latex or php latex... or something... ???
14:11<gpd>that is for wordpress... but hey
14:11<gpd>... but it depends on /usr/bin/latex... forgetaboutit...!
14:12<aspuru>wordpress is not good enough for what i want
14:12<aspuru>I tried using textpattern too
14:12[~]aspuru decided that moinmoin or wikimedia were better
14:13<gpd>i assume there is MATH involved ;0
14:14<aspuru>yep it is the homepage of my research group
14:14<gpd>looks like some cpanel host providers provide latex support
14:14<gpd>depends if you want to enter the joy/pain of virtual hosting ;)
14:16<gpd>I thought MathML or other such was supposed to fix this
14:16<aspuru>mathml sucks
14:16<aspuru>it is not well supported by the browsers
14:16<aspuru>yep, I googled cpanel latex that might be the best way to go about it
14:17<aspuru>thanks gpd you have been very helpful
14:17<gpd>np - linode is very cool...
14:19<aspuru>Ok, a million thanks gotta go to lunch :)
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14:20[~]gpd hides from caker
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16:47<@mikegrb>gpd: nah, if Linode is not the best solution for somebody needs, it is best that they go with someone whom is a better fit
17:17<@caker>^-- they're all blurry, but the concert was great
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17:42<TheFirst>i guess the question is who the fsck are they?
18:23<gpd>basic sql question: how do i merge two columns into one during a select? eg teaser + body --> article
18:28<gpd>looks like it might be concat
18:29<gpd>yup - select concat(teaser, "\n", body) :)
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18:37<afv-13>does UML support ZFS?
18:40<gpd>any clues in /proc/config.gz ?
19:01<linbot>New news from forums: Add Ultima Linux as a distro option? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
19:03<gpd>'the developer'...
19:05<afv-13>wonder how he'd react if i replied "sounds crap, try harder next time"
19:05<gpd>you might push him over the edge ;)
19:06<linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: How to setup your Linode with CentOS in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
19:06<gpd>debian has a hard enough time maintaining a distro with /hundreds/ of ppl - how can 1 person do it?
19:06<@mikegrb> slackware is a one person show
19:07<gpd>serious? wow
19:07<@mikegrb>one of the many reasons for it's suckage
19:07<@mikegrb>and it likely contributes to mose of the other reasons
19:08<gpd>never used it...
19:08<afv-13>i thought about it once
19:08<afv-13>then someone laughed at me
19:08<afv-13>so i moved on
19:09<gpd>any idea why a longtext field would give 'data truncated' errors when loading? it isn't very long?
19:09<@mikegrb>I used slackware in 93 or so
19:10<gpd>ah - weird chrs in the file... ~V ...?
19:12<afv-13>lol, i like how the second step in 'how to setup your linode with centos' is install apt
19:12<gpd>yuk -- webmin
19:16<afv-13>after moving to 2.6.17 my load average isn't below 1, seeminly as if it's just added 1 to what i used to use
19:16<gpd>hm.. looks like I am getting truncation becase i am trying to load latin1_swedish_ci into utf...
19:16<afv-13>io is the same though
19:17<gpd>but the truncations seem to be at the point of 'weird' chrs when the file is viewed in vim
19:17<gpd>i am donig select stufff into outfile '/tmp/out.sql';
19:17<gpd>is that wrong?
19:18<gpd>load data infile '/tmp/out.sql' into table foo (fields, morefields);
19:18<gpd>(but i don't really know what I am doing...)
19:40<gpd>looks like it need to select convert(latin using utf8) etc...
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20:05<gpd>mikegrb: any assistance with this:
20:05<gpd>I have data in latin1_sweedish_ci that I want to insert into a utf8 table - i am doing: insert into utf8table (utf8field) select convert(concat(latinfield1, latinfield2) using utf8) from latintable; but I doesn't work?
20:05<gpd>if i do select convert(latinfield1 using latin1) from latintable; I see the correct characters... but if I do that in the above - i get truncations.
22:02<@caker>18:42 < TheFirst> i guess the question is who the fsck are they?
22:02<@caker>James Taylor?
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22:41[~]gpd does first unicode s/// in vim :)
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23:20<erikh>I need to take a deeper look at vim.
23:20[~]erikh has been using nvi and emacs for years, and is a little afraid of switching to a different code editor.
23:21<erikh>but the last time I sat next to someone using vim that really knew what they were doing, it was an amazing experience.
23:21<gpd>I switched from emacs to vim when i sat next to someone who knew what they were doing in vim ;)
23:22<gpd>it has extra shizzle
23:22[~]gpd remembers that vim 7 was released recenlty...
23:30<@mikegrb>gpd: sorry, haven't really messed with tables and funky characters so I'm not much help with that
23:45<gpd>no problem mikegrb - I sorted it in the end
23:51<erikh>hey, is anyone in here using cfengine?
23:51<erikh>it looks pretty neat:
23:52<womble>erikh: Not on my linode, but yes, I use cfengine a lot for work.
23:52<erikh>yeah, I'm looking at it for work, too.
23:52<womble>erikh: My suggestion, though, is to use Puppet instead:
23:53<womble>Same concept as CFEngine, but it fixes a lot of cfengine's practical problems
23:53<efudd>what is it? (cannot effecvtively look from the blackberry)
23:53<erikh>efudd: it's a centralized management system for large amounts of machines
23:53<erikh>I have 8 hosts that I need to do this with now, and the number looks to grow substantially.
23:54<erikh>luckily i'm getting rid of the old system and installing new ones, so having this in my kit will be helpful when things get started
23:54<womble>Both CFEngine and Puppet have the same goal: allow you to specify how your host is supposed to be configured, and then let the software turn your host into that config
23:55<womble>Then you classify hosts, conglomerate the same configuration for different hosts into classes, and then specify hosts in terms of what classes they "are", and the system configures it all for you
23:55<erikh>and then you can issue maintenance to the class, right?
23:55[~]erikh has only read a little
23:56<womble>F'r instance, I've got Puppet classes called 'breezy', one called 'ha_load_balancer'. The machine gets setup with an Ubuntu Breezy sources.list, installs ldirectord and heartbeat, and voila! I've got a redundant failover load balancer cluster node, in about lines of config file
23:56<womble>4 lines*
23:58<womble>I've also got a class for the backend webservers -- that means with 4 lines, I can specify a new host to be a webserver for my cluster -- with autoinstallation of the base OS, I can have a new machine in about 20 minutes and almost zero effort
23:58<womble>Makes deploying large clusters and other such things *trivial*
23:58<womble>Less time spent worrying, more time at the pub. <grin>
23:59<womble>And *every* machine is guaranteed to be configured exactly the same way, so I know there's no nasty skew
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