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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-05-14

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00:05<Dreamer3>anyone use doing Ruby on Rails hosting?
00:09<gpd>Dreamer3: yes they do - can't remember who - search the logs:
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11:09<DarthClue>I realize it's Sunday and I wouldn't ever expect you to work on Sunday but I know you do anyhow. So here's a little ping to let you know someone just registered.
11:13<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: ^^
11:14<JasonF>there you go. I pinged the people who mattered :)
11:20[~]DarthClue goes off to evangelize the masses...even on Sunday (Mother's day Sunday no less) an account is created and activated in less than 15 minutes... :)
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15:38<afv-13>damn kernel steelinf my ram
15:40<TheFirst>oh yes because it just steals so much
15:46<afv-13>and what?
15:47<TheFirst>not that much
15:47<TheFirst>still leaves ya with 74.571... mb left at min.
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19:08<webtrog>r these ready to start hosting websites out of the box?
19:10<gpd>you need to setup your linux distro to do so
19:11<webtrog>is there a walkthrough somewhere? on the wiki?
19:12<kriby>the forums have guides. if you are just wanting a simple website, linode likely isn't for you. linode is a complete linux install that you have administer and manage.
19:12<erikh>yeah, it's probably a lot more work than you want
19:12<gpd>however - it does give you a great way to learn linux etc
19:13<erikh>eh, learn linux behind the nat, I'm tired of all the spam :)
19:13<webtrog>yeah i've got about 10 sites i need to move, im considering hosting my own but im not sure i like the idea
19:13<webtrog>its not a bad deal really for the price
19:14<gpd>webtrog: linode is more like a dedicated host than a regular hosting site (eg. cpanel)
19:14<erikh>you setup everything.
19:15<erikh>it's highly likely it's not what you want.
19:15<gpd>like having your own PC in a coloco somewhere...
19:15<gpd>fantastic -- if that is what you want :)
19:15<erikh>heh, yes
19:16[~]erikh returns to the lurk
19:16[~]gpd returns to the shizzle
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19:20<Dreamer3>evening all
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19:20<webtrog>after you set up apache, like in ubuntu, how do you make the link to the user's files?
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19:22<gpd>what do you mean? user's files?
19:22<npmr>by "set up" do you mean "install"?
19:23<npmr>because it sounds like you have *not* finished setting it up
19:23<webtrog>don't you have to link the /var/www/site to their home/user files
19:23<webtrog>im trying to think through it lol
19:23<npmr>what's one of the domains?
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19:24<webtrog>im in the process of buying one now, but i was trying to set it up on a laptop i have at home to make sure that i could do it
19:24<npmr>you said you had about 10 sites to move
19:24<webtrog>kk i have
19:25<npmr>that address currently resolves to
19:25<npmr>is that the address of your linode?
19:25<webtrog>i am buying one now, i have to transfer all of these
19:26<npmr>i see
19:26<gpd>webtrog: you are brave :)
19:26<gpd>you will need to setup apache for each domain - you can set the DocumentRoot to wherever you want
19:27<gpd>eg. /home/user/www
19:27<gpd>or you can do /var/www/domain/
19:27<npmr>yes, each domain you wish to host on your linode will require a VirtualHost definition in apache
19:27<gpd>if you use apache2 then the domains are all in sites-available
19:27<gpd>ubuntu 5.10 uses apache2 by default iirc
19:28<webtrog>yeah i read that
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19:35<Antitribu>anyone in here used quagga? (or zebra, or cisco ios)
19:35<Antitribu>and can tell me how to enable ospf on an interface?
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19:53<Quizzer>is thier an rpm to install TCL 8 in centos
19:54<Quizzer>or a tutorial that will install it
19:58<npmr>are you sure you can't just use yum to install it?
19:59<Quizzer>dont know what to use as the package name
19:59<Quizzer>its not tcl
19:59<gpd>yum search tcl ?
19:59<gpd>yum apropos tcl
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19:59[~]gpd stabs yum
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20:00<Spads>leave it to yellowdog to avoid a simple word like "search"
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20:00<npmr>| sed -e 's/Macintosh/Mackertosh/'
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20:29<FireSlash>caker or mikegrb, are you around?
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21:14<Dreamer3>anyone home
21:29<DarthClue>maybe, maybe not
21:41<DarthClue>see, caker never goes home.
21:44<FireSlash>You know you want to :]
21:44<@caker>10mbit is expensive, homeslice
21:44<@caker>so, I'll pass
21:52<FireSlash>I figured not, I just figured if you had the spare bandwidth and space, it might be good advertising.
21:52<FireSlash>I don't know how much slack is in linode's fat pipes :)
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22:08<fo0bar>caker: <-- you could mirror gentoo, and get threatened by a DMCAbot like I did ;)
22:10<fo0bar>wow, it's the 14th already
22:11<Dreamer3>you can't mirror gentoo?
22:11<fo0bar>Dreamer3: RTFA
22:11<Dreamer3>i am
22:11<Dreamer3>just asking :-)
22:13<fo0bar>at the time I was mirroring gentoo (both portage rsync and distfiles),,,, lnx-bbc, requesttracker, and a lot of distro ISOs
22:14<fo0bar>80GB of crap, but I was only pushing about 5mbps on average
22:15<fo0bar>oh, and 2 dedicated servers donated to PHP for development
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22:17<fo0bar>but probably the neatest thing I did was when RHL9 was released, it was first real distro release on bittorrent. I threw 4 machines into the mesh, and was pushing 120mbps :)
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23:21<taupehat>completely offtopic:
23:21<taupehat>but work safe
23:34<taupehat>got served!
23:35<taupehat>after that I have to watch AWB again
23:59<encode>The NSA would like to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system.
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