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00:00<taupehat>maybe I should contact them and ask if they know a trick to reach my mother
00:00[~]taupehat wears a white carnation on mother's day
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02:17<gpd>Dreamer3: you've lost it
02:19<Dreamer3>not complete, but my grip is slipping
02:26<TheFirst>someone needs a swift blunt hit to the back of the head
02:28<Dreamer3>surely you're not thinking me?
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02:37<RainBowX>is all of linode glined from UnderNet?
02:38<Dreamer3>is it?
02:38<RainBowX>i cant connect to undernet
02:38<RainBowX>on my linode, with a bot
02:38<Dreamer3>are you in TX or CA?
02:38<RainBowX>i believe
02:38<Dreamer3>give me a server name and i'll try in a sec
02:39<RainBowX>i cant connect with irssi eather
02:43<Dreamer3>well of course if your giines your glined
02:43<RainBowX>i havent done anythin to undernet
02:44<gpd>i was kicked with message 'don't connect from your webserver'
02:44<gpd>no reason other than that... bastards
02:45<RainBowX>with irssi and eggdrop i get Glined
02:47<Dreamer3>so pick a more cool network
02:47<Dreamer3>undernet is so dated
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03:09<erikh>so just drop their port 80 checker
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03:48<fo0bar>Linux finnix 2.6.16-xen0 #1 Mon May 15 01:10:04 PDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
03:48<fo0bar>boo. ya.
03:49<fo0bar>finnix running as a dom0
03:50<warewolf>holy batshit robin
03:52<fo0bar>I had to do some major reworking of the startup scripts... before now, finnix always thought the existence of /proc/xen meant domU, IE reduced capabilities
04:01<fo0bar>root@0:~# mount -o remount,size=256M /
04:01<fo0bar>ahh, if only it were that easy normally
04:01<Dreamer3>fo0bar: you having fun on xen?
04:02<fo0bar>Dreamer3: in what context? :)
04:02<Dreamer3>in any context
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04:04<fo0bar>well, I'm currently working on dom0 support for finnix. finnix has had domU support for awhile now, but this has been interesting... I will say, working with xen's source tree for anything non-default isn't the easiest
04:04<fo0bar>but I'm getting there
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04:57<Ciaran>Hi all.
05:02<Ciaran>Is it normal on a Debian Linode 80 box to see most of your RAM eaten up with just minimal services running? :/
05:03<Ciaran>I mean, that doesn't even have ssh or any httpd processes. Just wondering.
05:03<warewolf>is that graphic a screencap of the 'top' application?
05:03<Ciaran>Oh, hang on.
05:03<warewolf>also, 403 permission denied.
05:03<Ciaran>Yeah, I noticed. Let me fix the perms. And yes, it is.
05:03<warewolf>you do realise that linux uses all available memory as a filesystem cache, right?
05:03<Ciaran>Okay, fixed.
05:04<Ciaran>And no, I didn't.
05:04<warewolf>here, look at this
05:04<warewolf>look at the memory usage graph
05:04<warewolf>ignore the pink and blue lines at the bottom
05:04<warewolf>the rest, used/buffers/cached/shared/free are how much memory are being used.
05:05<warewolf>subtract cached and free, and that's how much memory APPLICATIONS are using.
05:05<Ciaran>Ah, okay.
05:06<Ciaran>Does that correspond to the "cached" number on the Swap line in top?
05:06<efudd>ewf. apparently i just spent 65 usd on 3 drinks :/a
05:06<Ciaran>Or, actually, I suppose running "free" would be best.
05:06[~]efudd sighs
05:06<warewolf>the Swap line in top is regaring just swap
05:07<warewolf>er wait
05:07<warewolf>in my graph, cached == the cached line in the swap line in your top
05:07<efudd>alcohol in singapore is rediculously expensive
05:08<efudd>props to the us
05:08<Ciaran>So, in that screenshot, that would mean the amount of memory apps are using would be (45488k - 9048k) = 36440k?
05:08<efudd>way too much thinking dude. drink more
05:08<Ciaran>Or (66340k - 45488k) = 20852k?
05:08<Ciaran>efudd: Sorry, I don't drink.
05:09<efudd>really. jack daniels.
05:09<warewolf>Ciaran: you're missing out on a lot.
05:09<warewolf>Ciaran: nothing says you can't have a single drink once in a while. Some liquors are quite tasty.
05:09<efudd>oh! that sucks. one can undetstand linux kernel internals much better wasted
05:09<Ciaran>*shrugs* I just don't drink. It's a choice.
05:09<efudd>mmmm jack daniels
05:10<efudd>(but not at $20usd/double)
05:10<efudd>by bar tab on a bad night in the us barely reaches 60
05:10<Ciaran>warewolf: So, are either of my calculations correct? Or is it something different? (using the screenshot at , whose permissions I fixed earlier)
05:10<efudd>(including food)
05:11<efudd>fuck the blackberry tiny keyboartd
05:11<efudd>and fucjk the fact i am still in singapore
05:11<Ciaran>efudd: :(
05:12<efudd>i miss my wife. how sad.
05:12<warewolf>efudd: stop ircing from your blackberry, and go to bed before you embarass yourself.
05:12<warewolf>whoops, already done.
05:12<Ciaran>You know, one thing I don't get is when people use the word 'fuck' to mean something bad, whereas in any other context it would be a good thing according to them.
05:13<efudd>bed? emberass? first, it isn't even 6pm. second, i could not be embarressed to/by irc folk
05:13<efudd>but thanks.
05:13<efudd>ciaran, the problem is i am not fucking my wife at the moment
05:14<efudd>i have been sitting in this hotel bar the last 3 hours revese engineering the logic ina texas holdem game
05:14<Ciaran>warewolf: Did you catch my question? Or did I miss your answer?
05:15<efudd>linux memory management is so 1999
05:15<warewolf>Ciaran: sorry, I'm actually multitasking and quite a bit preoccupied
05:15<Ciaran>warewolf: No worries.
05:16<warewolf>take your memory, and subtract free, cached, and buffers and that == total used
05:16<efudd>i am mutitasking my gawking at asian women, drinking jack, and ignoring the question on the table whilst waiting on my client to understand their shite is fixed. :/
05:17<efudd>ww, want a job at ntap?
05:17<warewolf>efudd: doing what exactly?
05:17<efudd>oh, want to relocatie to rtp also?)
05:17<efudd>tech support probably.
05:17[~]warewolf shudders
05:17<warewolf>phone support?
05:18<efudd>depending on your history, you would have to start as a tse (phones) more than likely. the eal world sucks that way.
05:18<efudd>i somehow managed to avoid that bit
05:19<efudd>i am somewhere between an escalations enginneer and a critical problems dude
05:19<efudd>(on a crit prob case in sing now, just do not have the years in at ntap yet to qualify for promotion)
05:20<warewolf>efudd- seeing as how I have very little netapp experience I don't think I'm qualified.
05:22<efudd>ok then.
05:22<efudd>(i had ut exp instorage industry for 7 years)none
05:23<efudd>holy crap that was typo hell
05:23<warewolf>put the crackberry down.
05:23<efudd>ya. back to holdem
05:26[~]encode wishes he had a job where he did real work
05:28<encode>and got sent to singapore to fix problems
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05:35<efudd>mm. full size keyboard
05:42<efudd>65 fucking us dollars for 6 shots of jack daniels. Sigh.
05:43<encode>thats...quite expensive
05:46<efudd>that is a full nighjts worth of getting wasted+food
05:47<efudd>so top gear this past week did 0-170mh in the length of a runraw in a c6 z06
05:47<efudd>i can only do 0-~104mph in mine (3rd gear)
05:48<encode>i can't do 0 to anything mph in mine
05:48<encode>SI units ftw
05:48<efudd>torque is good.
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07:30<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
08:06<warewolf>god I hate ipsec.
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09:02<warewolf>why are you still on irc
09:02<efudd>why did host53 go down _this_ time?
09:03<efudd>it's only 10pm
09:03<efudd>just got back from some brief bar hopping
09:03<efudd>waiting on the status of some customer shite
09:04<efudd>~82 american dollars later, i'm still no tdrunk.
09:04<efudd>(just cna't type with this latency)
09:11<JasonF>oh, I'm on 51
09:25<erikh>anyone here familiar with using puppet on a debian testing machine?
09:46<NeonNero>puppet? you mean, like Kermit?
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09:55<erikh>it's a system management ... system
09:55<erikh>to manage large numbers of machines
09:55<erikh>I have a job which could really use this but I'm encountering either an odd bug or a configuration issue
09:56<erikh>(of which I can't find the solution for)
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10:08<thin>hi caker & mikegrb you guys there
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14:49<afv-13>is there no virtuals in debian like there is in gentoo?
14:50<afv-13>things wanting apache when i have lighttpd installed
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15:16<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ apt-cache show apache | grep Provides
15:16<npmr>Provides: httpd-cgi, httpd
15:16<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ apt-cache show lighttpd | grep Provides
15:16<npmr>W: Unable to locate package lighttpd
15:16<npmr>E: No packages found
15:16<npmr>afv-13, what's the lighttpd package called?
15:17<afv-13>it's in testing
15:17<npmr>i see
15:17<npmr>run "apt-cache show lighttpd | grep Provides" and paste in the channel
15:18<afv-13>root@soultrap:/home/afv-13# apt-cache show lighttpd | grep Provides
15:18<afv-13>Provides: httpd, httpd-cgi
15:18<npmr>what package are you trying to install that claims it needs apache?
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15:32<afv-13>but i've just installed the deps mentioned on their site and then the package manually (consisted of extracting it :p)
15:33<afv-13>Depends: apache | apache-ssl | apache-perl | apache2, .....
15:46<@mikegrb>so the gallery package is broken
15:46<npmr>yeah, basically
15:47<afv-13>works nicely under lighttpd though
15:48<afv-13>gallery2 needs mysql, gallery1 not so that's cool
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16:41[~]schultmc is the gallery package maintainer for Debian
16:41<schultmc>file a bug and I'll fix it
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16:49<Spads>I am busy moving away from gallery
16:50<Spads>it's the one thing keeping php installed
16:50<Spads>I'll be glad to finally be rid of PHP
16:54<@caker>Spads: to?
16:55<Spads>makefiles and shell scripts and javascript
16:56<Spads>it's an image gallery, not a budgeting system
16:56<Spads>it shouldn't need a "database"
16:56<Spads>it's just collections of files
16:56<Spads>see for my current playpen
16:56<Spads>those thumbnails are misshapen on the top page, but after that it should all be good
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16:58<gpd>Spads: have you looked into storing photo descriptions in EXIF?
16:59<gpd>that seems like it is a missed opportunity atm wrt most photo software
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17:02<Spads>gpd: My script grabs the caption from EXIF
17:02<gpd>also igal and other scripts already exist for doing that stuff
17:03<gpd>ok - so what do you use to store the coption in exif?
17:03<gpd>last time i looked most programs didn't cope well with that
17:05<Spads>I forget. It's in my script
17:06<gpd>jhead ?
17:08<gpd>looks like jhead -ce can edit comment fields
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18:40<Quizzer>anyone know what this means ...
18:40<Quizzer>configure: error: cannot find setupterm or tgetent
18:41<@caker>my guess is that configure can't find either of those needed programs...
18:42<Quizzer>do you know which package they woudl be in
18:42<Quizzer>to apt-get them
18:42<Spads>apt-cache search
18:42<Quizzer>debian .. ubuntu
18:43<gpd>Quizzer: what are you compiling?
18:43<Quizzer>ubuntu 5.10 actually
18:43<Spads>why not just install the package for it?
18:43<gpd>that is what i feared
18:43<Spads>better yet, why not just use irssi
18:43<Spads>but that's another discussion
18:43<Quizzer>didnt know about irssi
18:43<Spads>Package: bitchx
18:43<Spads>Priority: optional
18:43<Spads>Section: universe/net
18:43<Spads>irssi >> bitchx
18:43<@caker>^-- big time :)
18:43<Spads>I know
18:44<Spads>I used to use bitchx when it was the least sucky of them all
18:44<Spads>which was not long
18:44<Quizzer>is thier a package for irssi
18:44<Spads>sagi irssi irssi-scripts
18:44<sonorous> :)
18:44<gpd>Quizzer: apt-cache search irc client
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18:44<gpd>would have identified many for you
18:45<Quizzer>sorry for all the questions ..
18:45<Quizzer>newbie here
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18:45<gpd>with your name it is quite appropriate :P
18:47<Quizzer>been using google alot to find most of my answers ..
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19:40<gpd>still having problems with this box - 2 different nics (tulip|intel) neither works from HD installed kernel - both work fine when booted from SAME kernel from Live CD...
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20:42<@caker>gpd: /etc/modules.whatever problem?
20:47<gpd>not sure, booted from cd, chrooted, updating, crossing fingers
21:22<warewolf>I hate windows.
21:22<warewolf>I fucking hate windows with a passion.
21:22<warewolf>especially when he tells me it can't start my video card for some nonsensical absurd "resource conflict"
21:23<warewolf>it's a fucking AGP card.
21:23<warewolf>what the hell are you going to conflict with
21:34<gpd>well that fixed nothing - and not much diff between cd /etc and hd /etc... ho hum
21:34<gpd>maybe it is time for to test BSD oO
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22:11<thin>caker: you around?
22:12<thin>mikegrb: you around?
22:16<thin>caker: pm, hope you don't mind heh
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22:50<@caker>Underwood Deviled Ham sandwiches++
22:52<@caker>Soon thereafter, the "Underwood devil" was born. In 1870, the Underwood Company was granted a patent on this now world-famous logo. Advertising showing the little red devil began to appear nationally as early as 1895. Today, the Underwood devil is the oldest existing trademark still in use in the United States (reference 12).
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23:23<smitty>anyone there
23:23<smitty>i have a ticket from may 13
23:25<smitty>it still shows new
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