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00:11<linbot>I'm never as tired as when I'm waking up
00:28<Antitribu>arn't you a robot?
00:28<Spads>I thought *you* were.
00:29<Antitribu>its possible all my memories up to this point are a static rom image, proove otherwise, however, i'm not a robot
00:29<Antitribu>i dont think
00:30<Antitribu>i've been watching a lot of battlestar galactica lately though, its entirely possible i'm a cylon agent sent to depelete earth of all fried chicken
00:30<Antitribu>i maintain its unlikely
00:32<fo0bar>what is it like maintaining an unlikely?
00:32<Antitribu>its a type of fruit plant
00:32<Antitribu>its not hard
00:32<Antitribu>you just water it occasionally
00:34<Antitribu>dont try to outwierd me buddy i get stranger things than you in my breakfast cereal :P
01:04<fo0bar>VPS For Power Users
01:04<fo0bar>Virtual Servers, multiple distros Powered by User Mode Linux, $19.95m
01:04<fo0bar>on the finnix front page :)
01:04<fo0bar>sorry for costing you whatever you pay; I thought it was for a competitor ;)
01:18<@caker>fo0bar: hah
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01:33<erikh>good lord.
01:33<erikh>some background, here:
01:34<erikh>nm, shit still feeding into fan
01:39<erikh>so, I just started helping this guy run a game server provider a while back
01:39<erikh>the setup is done by two non-technical guys that think they're technical. to put it simply, there is absolutely no ground work done to handle the 8 servers that are currently in place, everything is literally done right at the command line.
01:40<erikh>last weekend we had one of our machines go down, and I had to relocate some 8 daemons to other boxes
01:41<erikh>so my boss, who's worried about the bottom line, just decided to disregard me when I said "the box is having kernel panics and needs to be pulled and have hardware swapped" and just signed more clients up onto it
01:41<erikh>lo and behold, the server crashed again
01:41<erikh>guess who got to deal with all the mess?
01:42<erikh>sorry, I needed to vent. This guy is slowly taking my sanity and splitting the stock
01:43<Eman>he must think your servers run on FM
01:43<Eman>fucking magic
01:43<Battousai>frequency modulation
01:43<erikh>Eman: yes
01:43<erikh>I agree
01:43<erikh>and I'm trying to fix that, but the constant interruptions are making it hard, and then there's the political issues that surround it
01:44<erikh>things have calmed down tonight and I finally got him to pull the server
01:44<erikh>let's hope he comes through
01:44<erikh>if not, i'm gone
01:55<warewolf>run on FM
01:55<warewolf>that's almost as good as my standard resolution code: CBFM
01:56<Battousai>i personally like STFUGBTW
01:56<Eman>cbfm: could be fucking morons?
01:57<warewolf>Cured By Fucking Magic
01:57<Eman>i love it
01:57<erikh>it's just so frustrating to work in this environment, it's taken a lot of conditioning to get to this point too
01:57<erikh>if I didn't love the work ...
01:57<erikh>(and it's not the work, it's 100% people)
01:58<Battousai>and 20% the work
01:58<Battousai>plus 40% zinc
01:58<Eman>i wonder if ut2k4 would be a good test app for xen ;)
01:58<Battousai>totalling 160% frustration
01:58<Battousai>damn zinc
01:58<erikh>Eman: i have several srcds servers running under vmware right now
01:58<erikh>it's not that bad, although I haven't load tested it thoroughly yet
02:00<Eman>ok, so hopefully i wont cause host48 to slow to a crawl
02:00<erikh>I imagine xen would be much smoother
02:00<erikh>the nice thing is that game servers are pretty much CPU-bound
02:00<erikh>not a lot of I/O, save map loads and network
02:01<Eman>id love to run a ut99 server on a linode.. but i cant get the damn thing to even run locally
02:02<Eman>and from what ive seen is that ut99 is a complete pain in the ass to get running on linux
02:03<erikh>Battousai: great boxes take work?
02:03<erikh>the acronym above.
02:04<Battousai>get back to work
02:04<erikh>ah, heh
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03:38<encode>Eman: whats your appreviation for the opposite of FM?
03:39<encode>because we get that a lot, disks failing from zinc whiskers, excessive coal dust
03:39<encode>it can be a lot of non-fun
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06:10<Dreamer3>can you get system load from the lsh?
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06:12<x1199>hi, I have a few old profiles that I want to delete
06:13<x1199>How can I delete them?
06:14<x1199>ok, I found it
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08:00<rh>got any ideas on how to make ssl/sasl authentication fail for some users when database is set to shadow?
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08:18<warewolf>holy shit I understand how diffie-hellman works
08:28<Dreamr3>caker: ping
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11:15<tofu>hello, was there any unplanned outtages?
11:15<tofu>I can not get to a server and it says it is powered off
11:15<@mikegrb>which host?
11:16<@mikegrb>musc, eh
11:16<tofu>well, it is backup now
11:16<@mikegrb>I used to love in goose creek
11:16<tofu>oh, cool :)
11:16<tofu>I live in Mt. Pleasant.
11:17<@mikegrb>worked a the naval hospital on rivers for a couple of years
11:17<@mikegrb>mt. pleasant >> goose creek
11:17<@mikegrb>how's the cooper river bridge comming along?
11:17<tofu>it is finished
11:17<@mikegrb>oh? crazy
11:18<heidi>mikegrb: it has been two years since we lived there
11:18<@mikegrb>watched a documentary on the discovery chanell a few months ago
11:18<heidi>wow thats pretty
11:19<@mikegrb> <- I took that one
11:19<@mikegrb>and they took out the old bridges, that sure doe make it look a lo nicer
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11:20<tofu>that is a good site too :)
11:20<tofu>it has some cool explosions
11:20<@mikegrb>what's the username for your Linode? I can look and see why it was off
11:21<tofu>I am asking for the person who owns it, so I do not know the username, hold on
11:21<@mikegrb>do you know an IP?
11:23<@mikegrb>the Linode had a kernel panic
11:23<@mikegrb>I'm pretty sure caker has seen this particular panic before but I'll check to be on the safe side
11:25<tofu>was it the virtual kernel that paniced? or the whole machine?
11:27<@mikegrb>just the virtual kernel
11:27<@mikegrb>host has 386 days uptimt
11:27<@mikegrb>uptime, even
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11:29<tofu>ok, thanks a lot!
11:30<@mikegrb>no problem
11:44<anderiv>random question...has anyone ever gotten a response from an abuse report sent to
11:44<@mikegrb>nobody has
11:49<@mikegrb>you can click on the graph for a giant version
11:50[~]mikegrb steps out for a cigarette
11:50<anderiv>since around 9:00 CST this morning, my Barracuda box has intercepted somewhere north of 300 spams from them. Luckily it hit the SMTP rate limiter...
11:51<taupehat>link is work-safe:
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11:57<@mikegrb>anderiv: mostly from the same ip I presume? what ip?
11:57<anderiv>mikegrb: yah - all from the same sec.
11:58<anderiv>it strikes me as funny that it's a MN roadrunner address, as I'm in MN as well.
11:59<@mikegrb>you can try
11:59<anderiv>thanks - I'll send along to those addresses as well.
12:00<@mikegrb>In the old days that was a surefire way to get action
12:00<@mikegrb>as the individual regions were all seperatly managed
12:00<@mikegrb>now that RR is more unified dunno, but I would guess it is worth a shot
12:00<anderiv>sweet. we'll see. email sent.
12:01<@mikegrb>1-703-345-3416 <- abuse/noc
12:01<@mikegrb>follow up with a call there in an hour or two
12:02<@mikegrb>make sure you emphasize the volume
12:04<@mikegrb>just started a batch of spam running through the processor
12:04<@mikegrb>first several were from RR
12:04<anderiv>what a surprise :-)
12:04<@mikegrb>though not MN, houston/dallas area
12:06<@mikegrb>someday, all my spam processing scripts and the web page scripts will be available for download
12:06<@mikegrb>gotta make everything easy to setup
12:06<@mikegrb>it's very easy to use but install/config is a bish
12:06<anderiv>heh just ran a report...this rr host is actually the first host to ever hit the SMTP rate limiter on my barracuda.
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12:33<@mikegrb>anderiv: RR is #6 now
12:49<gpd>anyone got any bright ideas why DAV would give me 403 with PUT - sarge, apache2, mod_dav* enabled, .htpasswd made, Dav On in site config, Dav locks setup... what else?
12:49<gpd>followed that, copied system from another box that is working
13:10<gpd>I suspect switch in CNAME for host and publishing boxes
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14:17<gpd>folowed this:
14:17<gpd>still no luck :(
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16:03[~]gpd stabs self in eyes - just spent 3 hours trying to debug DAV not working - turns out it was drupal's .htaccess!
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16:19<NGenesis>Hey, does Linode allow IRCd processes to be run?
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17:04[~]tierra sees NGenesis coming back later to put up a botnet
17:06<anderiv>waited till he left to speak up, huh? :-)
17:09<tierra>I actually didn't check IRC til now, but yes, I would of anyway being respectful of prospective Linode customers
17:09<anderiv>good thing this channel isn't logged....err wait....
17:25<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:26<fo0bar>mikegrb: good bot
18:04<Quizzer>is this error normal on booting and shutdown of my linode.
18:04<Quizzer>hwclock is unable to get I/O port access: the iopl(3) call failed.
18:06<Quizzer>i also get this error .. mount: unknown filesystem type 'sysfs'
18:09<@mikegrb>Quizzer: yes
18:09<@mikegrb>fo0bar: thank you, finnix cooked my em ergency bacon the other day
18:10<fo0bar>in my continued quest to be the MASTER OF GODDAMNED EVERYTHING, I'm trying to figure out how to make firefox extensions now
18:10<fo0bar>Quizzer: UML automatically keeps the client hwclock in sync with the host
18:11<fo0bar>taupehat: how did you make your little DHS extension? did you read a tutorial or something, or did you just examine other people's code?
18:11<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I even gave you some hwsubmit love
18:12<fo0bar>mikegrb: oh, the latest dev snapshot ( should detect all known SATA stuff now
18:12<taupehat>fo0bar: pretty much used sed to make that
18:13<fo0bar>the new autodetection compares the PCI table directly to the kernel modules export list, as opposed to a hand-updated list
18:13<taupehat>it's a series of nested jar/zip files
18:13<taupehat>use unzip to extract and examine
18:13<@mikegrb>fo0bar: this was on my lown pc
18:13<@mikegrb>fo0bar: no sata
18:14<fo0bar>taupehat: yeah, I'm looking at it now... the httprequest stuff is something I'll need to do for my extension, but also much more :(
18:14<taupehat>yeah I'm working on a big one
18:14<fo0bar>basically I want to write an extension that ties into -- IE replaces the bookmarks dropdown with a tie into your hampr account, but looks all integrated and stuff
18:16<taupehat>couldn't you just put a live bookmark up instead?
18:17<fo0bar>no, I want the ability to add bookmarks through the "normal" mechanism, etc
18:17<fo0bar>the sidebar is cool, but an extension is even more ambitious :)
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18:43<linbot>Life feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on life
18:44<warewolf>Life requires movement. Movement in search of resources, water, minerals. Either you move, or the land kills you where you stand.
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19:23<warewolf>wget --header="Referer:"
19:23<warewolf>I hate having to outsmart people.
19:24<Eman>whoevers idea it was to make a referer should be bitchslapped... HARD
19:25[~]warewolf shrugs
19:25<warewolf>throw referrer checks on things you don't intend to share.
19:25<warewolf>or things you don't want people to leech.
19:25<warewolf>not freeware :)
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21:42<Antitribu>anyone know how in bind9 in a zone file specify the mx server for that domain?
21:59<Antitribu>all good :)
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