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00:04<gpd>I now find myself with 1xlinode, 1xG5, 2xGenericIntelServer, 1xHomeDesktopPC, 1xLaptop - all running Linux. Question: how do I manage my ssh keys and other crap? /me considers svn
00:05[~]gpd awaits - 'well i've got xxx servers more than you' posts
00:12<Battousai>well i've got xxx servers more than you
00:12<Battousai>even though xxx is not a number
00:17<fo0bar>well i've got more .xxx servers than you
00:17<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
00:17[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
00:17<fo0bar>even though .xxx was rejected by ICANN
00:18<gpd>the point was: how do you manage all your profile over multiple boxes
00:18<linbot>Battousai: *click*
00:18<gpd>[i am already dead]
00:19<gpd> /op linbot
00:19<Battousai>or rsync perhaps
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00:50|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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01:32<Internat> so anyone know if there are any programs that will basicly search through all hdds mounted on my computer and search for duplicates
01:32<Internat> files
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01:57<interferon>i killed a process that was listening on port 4005 about a half hour ago, but now whenever i try to start a server on the same port, i get an EADDRINUSE error
01:57<interferon>but nmap shows nothing listening on port 4005
01:58<Internat>yeah i had that problem when i was coding ages ago, if the program doesnt set a flag that says the file can be in use etc
01:58<Internat>do a lsof
01:59<Internat>and see if the port is still open in that i think
01:59<Internat>not sure
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02:01<interferon>thanks, lsof helped
02:03<Internat>did it say what process was still using it or something?
02:29<Internat>awsome :)
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02:48<Eman>excellent, ssl all around
02:49<Eman>Eman is connected via SSL (secure link)
02:49<Internat>shame im not on ssl so all ur stuff is still unencryptedd :P
02:49<Eman>i dont care if others can see it
02:50<Internat>isnt that kinda the point?
02:50<Eman>my isp doesnt need to see my traffic
03:24<Internat>whats the command to view a output from a command and pipe it to a file at the same time?
03:46<Dreamrr_3>anyone do client work?
03:46<Internat>actually the command is tee
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04:51<alnr>are there any special restrictions with ports, such as 111 ?
04:52<Internat>depends what datacentre ur in, but im not sure there is a list of what is filtered
04:53<alnr>its looking like 111 is filtered even though I know my firewall should allow it (to a particular client)
04:53<Internat>yeah 111 is blocked
04:54<alnr>yeah i had a vageu memory of it :)
04:55<alnr>tx. i need to server some nfs, maybe I can make rpc be on another port. what a pita
04:57<alnr>ping caker mikegrb
04:58<Internat>!ping caker
04:59<alnr>was just trying to serve some nfs and ran into port 111 blockage. what could I do?
04:59<@mikegrb>best bet is VPN
04:59<@mikegrb>NFS isn't typically the kind of thing you want to do over the open internets
05:02<alnr>mikegrb: even with the various protections of hosts.allow and firewall etc?
05:02<alnr>or deny that is
05:02<@mikegrb>yeah it's less secure then ftp
05:02<@mikegrb>and I wouldn't run ftp over the internet
05:02<@mikegrb>unless you were making some files available to the public or some such
05:03<@mikegrb>(for ftp that is)
05:05<Internat>yeah plaintext passwords kinda suck
05:05<@mikegrb>nfs doesn't have any passwords
05:05<@mikegrb>at least, not that I know of
05:06<Internat>i meant fo ftp
05:06<alnr>i think i do have things covered (in firewall), enough to let one machine be an nfs client though. any way?
05:07<alnr>I would like to use the port :)
05:07<@mikegrb>we don't have any control over that
05:08<Internat>the datacentre filters it correct?
05:08<alnr>maybe rpc can run on another port?
05:09<alnr>also, any pointer on the vpn approach
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08:08<warewolf>Whirlwind (featuring Jenna Fer(Bitstream Dream), 256 kbit/s j-stereo (4m 51s)
08:08[~]warewolf lurves this song
08:09[~]warewolf wishes his tags were correcrt
08:11<warewolf>also like this song, Boards of Canada - Roygbiv.
08:22[~]warewolf plays with vmware at home to test his fully-automated windows xp install cd
08:23<tsi>music has a right to corrupt the children
08:23<warewolf>s/corrupt the/
08:23<warewolf>c'mon man
08:23<warewolf>be nice to boards of canada
08:23<warewolf>that's a good album
08:23<warewolf>you want that song Roygbiv?
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08:27<warewolf>my fileserver box is a little low on memory
08:27<warewolf>especially for vmware
08:39<warewolf>it's a dark omen when vmware server crashes your fileserver, and vmware-server-client crashes X on your desktop.
08:39<Spads>come on host28
08:39<Spads>let me in
08:40<Spads>bah, probably just networking nonsense on my end
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08:45<sonorous>host7 issues?
08:46<warewolf>running vmware-srver-console under Xnest works just fine
08:46<sonorous>or did theplanet just have some sort of network outage?
08:46<warewolf>I'm getting massive packet loss on host 47
08:47<warewolf>ok who pissed off who at theplanet
08:47<warewolf>50% packet loss
08:47<darkbeholder>im noticing some problems on 47 also lish isnt responding either
08:47<sonorous>I just had a server linked to an irc net that had ~400 users and now zero
08:47<sonorous>definitely some sort of out total outage :(
08:48<warewolf>lish is respinsive, but I'm just getting good packet loss
08:48[~]warewolf hits redstart in MTR
08:48<warewolf>looks like the packetloss is gone
08:48[~]warewolf logs into RML
08:48<warewolf>sonorous- if you havn't signed up for rate my linode, please do :)
08:48<warewolf> :)
08:49<warewolf>RML doesn't show anyone (signed up) hitting the limiter on 47
08:50<warewolf>network hiccup.
08:50<warewolf>gone now.
08:50<warewolf><-- happy
08:50<darkbeholder>ok lish now works for me
08:50<npmr>was all of linode totally gone just a minute ago or am i on teh crakc?
08:50<warewolf>npmr- some pretty good packet loss
08:51<warewolf>npmr- gone now
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08:52<warewolf>dude, it didn't last long
08:52<warewolf>and boxes didn't go down
08:52<warewolf>so I don't see what you're upset about
08:52<intuiworx-leonard>hi guys, just got on. We having a DDOS?
08:52<npmr>i cut off my vpn connection between my workstation and the domain controller
08:52<npmr>the workstation is totally frozen now and i need to restart it
08:52<warewolf>intuiworx-leonard: some pretty bad packet loss for a while, but it's gone now
08:53<intuiworx-leonard>ok, thanks
08:53<npmr>how's that for "nothing to be upset about", warewolf?
08:53<warewolf>no comment.
08:53<intuiworx-leonard>It was really slow for a few minutes and now everything is ok
08:53<npmr>and by "i" i meant "it"
08:55<intuiworx-leonard>what ended up happening, upstream bandwidth issues?
08:55<npmr>felt like a flapping route to me
08:55<warewolf>npmr: I only saw packet loss on my host, the hop before the host saw zero packet loss.
08:55<@mikegrb>npmr: DOS
08:56<npmr>that widespread?
08:56<@mikegrb>well, it's one uplink
08:56<npmr>i see
08:58<warewolf>I suspect caker/mikegrb will be figuring out who/what the target of the DoS was, and will take the appropriate action in accordance with the Linode TOS.
08:58<intuiworx-leonard>mikegrb de N9URK
08:58<@mikegrb>it's already done
08:59<warewolf>intuiworx-leonard: CQ CQ CQ DE KE4POK
08:59<intuiworx-leonard>u doing ok today?
08:59<intuiworx-leonard>greetings Warewolf
08:59<sonorous><- m0clw ;)
08:59<intuiworx-leonard>73, I am going to back out of here
08:59<intuiworx-leonard>thanks for the response earlier
09:00[~]npmr knows n9nl irl
09:00<intuiworx-leonard>warewolf, you work for linode?
09:00[~]mikegrb got to operate WA4USN on an aircraft carrier
09:00<warewolf>intuiworx-leonard: no
09:01<warewolf>intuiworx-leonard: only mikegrb and caker work for linode
09:01<intuiworx-leonard>that is cool mikegrb
09:01<intuiworx-leonard>ok, that was what I was thinking, just askign though (incase something changed)
09:01<intuiworx-leonard>I work NI4BK a few times a year
09:01<warewolf>my dad's call is like .. earlier than that call
09:01<warewolf>his is USB
09:01<intuiworx-leonard>the Battleship NC
09:02<warewolf>I should get my dad to sign with 'Whiskey Alpha Four, Universal Serial Bus'
09:02<@mikegrb>warewolf: it's a vanity call sign, chronology has nothing to do with it
09:02<warewolf>mikegrb- well his wasn't :)
09:02<intuiworx-leonard>mike you from SC? I am in NC
09:02<intuiworx-leonard>You in OKC now, right
09:02[~]warewolf notes he appears to have broken his .xauthority at home
09:03<@mikegrb>PNS now
09:03<@mikegrb>from okc
09:03[~]warewolf cannot spawn new applications :(
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09:03<intuiworx-leonard>I have never been to PNS, it hot down there yet?
09:04<@mikegrb>73 at the airport right now
09:05<intuiworx-leonard>got to run
09:05<intuiworx-leonard>have a good day guys
09:05<intuiworx-leonard>Enjoy the weather down there. It is nice here as well
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10:11<barkint>is there anyone from linode suport
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12:23<gpd>should X11 over ssh -c blowfish with 3M/768K be unuseably slow?
12:23<gpd>I know 50KB/sec isn't *fast* but it should be faster than crawl
12:29<gpd>I wonder if it is because I'm on OSX at the other end
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17:21[~]fo0bar stabs mikegrb
17:35[~]mikegrb enjoys
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17:35<@mikegrb>fo0bar: your mom said to tell you she wishes you would call more often
17:41<fo0bar>oh yeah? well YOUR MOM
17:41<fo0bar>that's it
17:41<fo0bar>YOUR MOM
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17:54<@mikegrb>she's dead though
17:55<@mikegrb>fo0bar: your selection is rather close to mine, I'm looking forward to the multifactor authentication doobar
17:56<@mikegrb>* Storage, uninterrupted -- or Open source project management -- or Anatomy of a distro: How to get from a pile of source code to a shiny CD!
17:56<@mikegrb>^-- You will be the guest speaker!
17:58<fo0bar>mikegrb: :)
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18:25<fo0bar>mikegrb: ouch
18:27<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I bet they could use the money from recycling to pay for the cost of clean up
18:27<Spads_>consider your feed burned
18:27|-|Spads_ changed nick to Spads
18:28<Griswald>thats just great mike
18:28<Griswald>but thats a shitload of beer :o
18:30<Griswald>The cans were recycled for 800 dollars, an estimated 70,000 cans: 24 beers a day for 8 years.
18:31<@mikegrb>so they had the numbers in the article
18:31<@mikegrb>was going to do the math when I finished catching up in the rss reader
18:32<Griswald>you have to click the link on the bottom of the page
18:32<@mikegrb>yeah, I never do that, waste of time ;)
18:33<Griswald>I'd rather do that then calculate it all
18:35|-|Quizzer [] has joined #linode
18:35<@mikegrb>well a quick google would give either the payout per ounce or al or an estermiate per can
18:35<@mikegrb>and then it is a simple matter of multiplication
18:45<Griswald>thats alot more work
18:45<Griswald>cuz then you have to SEARCH for the value
18:45<Griswald>it's still easier to just click a link :D
18:53<Griswald>I hate virtual pc :(
18:54<Griswald>mounting a physical hd to run linux :D
18:54<Griswald>/dev/hda6: recovering journal
18:54<Griswald>fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda6
18:54<@mikegrb>virtual pc? is that windows software?
18:54<Griswald>alot of linux distro's work with it
18:55<@mikegrb>haven't had a windows box in 2 or three years
18:55<Griswald>but mine dosen't seem to like using a physical HD to boot off of
18:55<Griswald>I just like it because it can actually USE an hd, instead of a file on an hd
18:55<encode>Griswald: why dont you use the free vmware player instead?
18:55<@mikegrb>or you could just install linux on the computer
18:55<encode>vmware is much better than virtual pc
18:56<encode>mikegrb: or that, which is obviously better
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18:56<Griswald>"VMware Player runs any virtual machine created by VMware Workstation, GSX Server or ESX Server."
18:56<Griswald>I'm not running a virtual pc
18:56<Griswald>so to speak
18:56<Griswald>I'm booting a full HD
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18:56<Griswald>not a file
18:56<Griswald>as in
18:57<encode>vmware can do that
18:57<Griswald>if I took the HD out and put it as main HD
18:57<Griswald>it would boot into linux
18:57<encode>yeah i know what you mean
18:57<Griswald>so VMWare Player can boot a physical HD?
18:57<Griswald>I never heard of that
18:57<Griswald>only heard about VMware virtual machines =)
18:58<@mikegrb>virtual has nothing to do with the storage medium
18:58<Griswald>yeah, I was asking for clarification based upon the data in the page I'm reading
18:59<Griswald>oh, yes, and...
18:59<encode>well, you need a non-player vmware product to create the vmware configuration aka virtual machine
18:59<encode>you can use a trial vmware workstation for that
19:00<Griswald>I don't have it
19:00<Griswald>time to head to torrentspy
19:00<encode>well, you can do it legally
19:00<Griswald>thats to morally ethical.
19:02<encode> <-- you can also download prebuilt images, not that that is very helpful in your case
19:02<Griswald>is it possible to mount an ext3 partition in windows? :P
19:02<Griswald>I really just want to pull about 50gb of info off the hd
19:03<encode>if it doesnt need an fsck
19:03<Griswald>when it complains
19:03<gpd>sorry i missed all the above - can you confirm: can you boot a native hd in vmware and vica verca?
19:03<Griswald>it tosses me into shell
19:03<Griswald>I can still mount the partition
19:03<Griswald>and access the data
19:03<encode>there is a driver you can use so that windows shows it as a normal drive
19:03<encode>gpd: i'm not certain, since i
19:03<Griswald>where is said driver? I've never heard of this.
19:03<encode>ve never done it
19:03<encode>Griswald: umm, i dont remember the name of it
19:03<Griswald>gpd: I dunno about vmware
19:04<Griswald>but you can in Microsoft virtual pc
19:04<Griswald>thats why I was trying
19:04|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
19:04<Griswald>it boots into maintenance mode atleast
19:04<encode>sifnt google :P
19:05<Griswald>I think mike has his lol stuff aliased
19:05<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:05<Griswald>it's macroed!
19:05<encode>Griswald: you're only just figuring that out now???
19:05<Griswald>I'm never around
19:05<encode>well, dont abuse the script
19:05<Griswald>I come in once a month about
19:05<encode>else you get kicked / banned
19:05<Griswald>just to say I'm alive
19:07<@mikegrb>autobanning is the best feature
19:08<@mikegrb>you're pretty close
19:08<encode>ooh ooh
19:08<encode>i want to see an autoban
19:08<encode>please Griswald
19:08<Griswald>mike = mean
19:08<@mikegrb>check the logs
19:08<encode>mikegrb: yeah i know, ive seen them before
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19:12<gpd>so - i have a 200G disk in an old box (PII) and it is showing up as 8G in the bios. I have the latest bios update... any magick to be had or give up?
19:12<gpd>linux found it as 200G but mkfs gave errors 1/2 way thru
19:13<gpd> hdb: task_out_intr: status=0x61 { DriveReady DeviceFault Error }
19:13<gpd>looks pretty hopeless to me
19:13<encode>to me too
19:14<encode>you could try changing which mode the bios is using - lba, chs, etc
19:14<encode>but i doubt it will help
19:14<gpd>yeah, that is what i'm doing now
19:15<encode>on some drives there was a jumper to make the drive look smaller (and probably decrease the usable capacity)
19:15<encode>you could try that if you're really desperate i guess
19:15<encode>otherwise just get a smaller drive :P
19:15<Griswald>I have a 6.2 gb drive I don't need
19:16<gpd>i'm only putting this drive in here 'cos the alternative in a G4 where only 128G is seen...
19:16<encode>i think i have an 800MB drive spare
19:16<Griswald>I also have two 800mb drives
19:16<gpd>err... i thought 750G was the largest single drive atm
19:16<encode>dude, see the M?
19:16<Griswald>highest I've personally seen is 500gb
19:16<Griswald>thats like $300 USD I think
19:17<Griswald>probably more now
19:17<Griswald>brb, rebooting for this driver
19:17<Griswald>then to test it out
19:17|-|Griswald [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
19:18<encode>if i had an 800GB drive, it sure as heck wouldnt be spare
19:18<gpd>my brain won't compute a drive as small as 800Mb
19:19<gpd>although I had a 20Mb in my pc
19:19<gpd>1st pc that is
19:19<encode>i dont remember how big the hdd was in our 286, which was the first pc we owned
19:19<gpd>Writing inode tables: 1022/1330 <-- so far so good with CHS
19:20<encode>but, at school there were microbee's, which had no hard disk drive at all
19:20<gpd>Writing inode tables: 1250/1330 <-- crash and burn :(
19:21<encode>well that sux
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20:04<Secutor>I want to set up a mail server. Could anyone suggest a "howto" for this, I have a slight preference for Debian because I use it but any well written how to would help. Thanks.
20:04<gpd>might be over the top
20:05<Secutor>thanks, I'll check it out.
20:11<Secutor>Yes, the article appears thorough and well written. I'll study it now.
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20:49<@linbot>caker: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.17-rc4-git7; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.17-rc4-mm1.
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20:56<Quizzer>how do i remove a problem i installed via rpm
20:56|-|darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
20:56<@caker>a problem?
20:57<Quizzer>yeah i was installing webmin and forgot to setup my hostname to be my domain
20:57<Quizzer>so i wanna remove it ..
20:57<Quizzer>i sued this to install it
20:57<Quizzer>rpm -Uvh webmin-1.270-1.noarch.rpm
20:57<@caker>rpm -e webmin
20:57<@caker>or, use apt-get remove webmin
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23:12<Lukine>(Repair filesystem) 4 # fsck.ext3 /dev/hda6
23:12<Lukine>e2fsck 1.34 (25-Jul-2003)
23:12<Lukine>/dev/hda6: recovering journal
23:12<Lukine>fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda6
23:24<Lukine>any suggestions... anyone? :)
23:28<@caker>Lukine: dunno what that means, exactly, sorry
23:28<@caker>Lukine: tried a force check? (fsck.ext3 -f)
23:29<Lukine>one sec
23:30<Lukine>I did go into debugfs and run stats, etc :P
23:30<Lukine>this is what I get for pulling it out of a linux machine I haven't used in 3 months
23:31<@caker>if it was "can't find superblock" you can specify the backup blocks to fsck
23:32<Lukine>I dunno the backup blocks :D
23:32<@caker>you can find them pretty easily
23:32<Lukine>how? O_o
23:32<Lukine>I'm just trying to solve this issue so I can get the system to not boot into maintenance
23:32<Lukine>long enough to pull data off
23:32<Lukine>and format to a new linux version
23:32<Lukine>(this version is 3 years old :X)
23:32<@caker>tune2fs -l /dev/hda6 | grep "Block size"
23:33<Lukine>it's a virtual pc XD
23:33<Lukine>binding a physical hd to it instead of a virtual hd
23:33<Lukine>the system it WAS in died
23:34<@caker>man e2fsck, look at the -b option
23:34<Lukine>I'm using a Pentium D right now
23:34<Lukine>OS:(WinXP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600)) ¤ Up:(3h 43m) ¤ CPU:(1 CPU - Intel Pentium D, 2.81 GHz, L2: 1024KB (9% Load)) ¤ Mem:(Usage: 1150/2048MB (56.15%) ¤ (||||||----)) ¤ HD:(Total/Free: 344.66/168.32GB)
23:35|-|Lukine changed nick to Griswald
23:35<@caker>fo0bar: nice .. typical from what I've read about the D .. it's the shit
23:36<fo0bar>caker: I've heard bad things about it on the desktop, not being worth the extra money... I got set straight with that
23:36<fo0bar>I'm curious about the X2s, etc
23:36<Griswald>I can compare it to a similar system that uses a P4 of the same speed, etc
23:36<Griswald>huge improvement :)
23:38<fo0bar>caker: and I have much more of a respect for the Turion processors after seeing the results :)
23:38<@caker>What's the deal with Turion, they mega cheap or something?
23:38<fo0bar>cheaper than the Pentium M
23:38<fo0bar>and 64-bit to boot
23:39<fo0bar>power consumption is about on par with an equivalent Pentium M
23:39<fo0bar>they run hotter though (but were designed to handle it)
23:39<fo0bar>my laptop runs anywhere between 50 and 65C
23:39<fo0bar>but I still get anywhere up to 8 hours battery life
23:41<Griswald>that in a graphical environment?
23:41<Griswald>I can never seem to get more then 2 hours :X
23:41<fo0bar>Griswald: yes, Debian etch, xorg, fluxbox window manager
23:42<Griswald>I use a cheap little dell inspiron 1000 laptop
23:42<Griswald>and it's very rare I ever touch it
23:42<Griswald>it's usually just gathering dust =/
23:42<fo0bar>google for the compaq v2000z series
23:42<Griswald>I'm not a compaq fan
23:43<fo0bar>I had one bad experience with a compaq, but I figured I'd give them a try after years of dell stuff that always seems to fall apart right around the 1.5 year mark
23:43<fo0bar>I'm quite happy
23:43<Griswald>about the compaq curse that is
23:43<Griswald>it ALWAYS seemed to happen 2 days after the warranty ended
23:44<Griswald>so I vowed never to use compaq again
23:57<Griswald>-f resulted in same issue
23:57<Griswald>Block Size is 4096
23:57<Griswald> e2fsck -B 4096 /dev/hda6
23:57<Griswald>gonna see if that helps :X
---Logclosed Sat May 20 00:00:24 2006