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01:09<@caker>ares6: hello
01:10<SupaZubon>I am teh London!
01:10<ares6>I want to cry :(
01:10<ares6>I cant use "su" :(
01:10<ares6>I have no root access now
01:11<@caker>ares6: init=/bin/bash to the rescue (in your config profile settings)
01:11<@caker>SupaZubon: wow, really?
01:11<ares6>well... su still doesnt work after changing password
01:11<SupaZubon>just arrived last night
01:11<SupaZubon>it's 7am here
01:11<SupaZubon>long painful flight, but we're here to look for apartments
01:12<ares6>I cant even do a "su ares" from my ares user
01:12<warewolf>ares6- maybe you should reboot, and add init=/bin/bash to your config in your profile.
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01:13<warewolf>ares- it sounds like your /etc/nsswitch.conf or pam configuration is broken
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01:13<warewolf>ares- it sounds like your /etc/nsswitch.conf or pam configuration is broken
01:15<erikh>holy crap
01:15<erikh>mikegrb: thanks for that screen tip!
01:15<ares>yeah.. but I cant get it to work again
01:16<erikh>I tried hacking this in screenrc about 9 months ago and couldn't find anything about this.
01:20<ares>oh, I think it's some permission problems
01:20<ares>wrong permission on some files
01:27<ares>ok, quick question.. how do you force a reinstall using apt?
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04:13[~]taupehat got kicked by some random person
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04:58<warewolf>windows networking file-sharing across the intaweb.
04:59<efudd>CIFS is very chatty in M$ implementations.
05:08[~]warewolf figures out how to remove internet explorer from windows xp before install
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06:15<warewolf>there we go.
06:16<warewolf>no IE, no "IE Core", FireFox, Thunderbird, VNC, WinZip, Spybot S&D, AdAware Personal, Symantec Antivirus, GAIM, DirectX 9.0c, all the hotfixes up to this month
06:16<warewolf>I think this custom packaged windows XP will be quite good.
06:29<efudd>sounds like too much work.
06:29<efudd>is this "no ie core" thingy documented?
06:32<warewolf>and god was this ever simple as hell
06:33<warewolf>documented as in you check a checkbox that == REMOVE THIS
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06:33[~]efudd doesn't remember that option.
06:33<warewolf>riight. This would be in this application I used called nLite
06:34<warewolf>it customises the winxp install
06:37<encode>warewolf: wouldnt it be easier to use a ubuntu cd?
06:38<warewolf>because ubuntu (or any other linux) doesn't play windows games 100% accurately
06:38<warewolf>no matter how much cedega tries to do it right
06:38<warewolf>it's still a game of catch-up.
06:38<warewolf>hopefully, this streamlined XP w/o IE and other JUNK will be super stable
06:39<encode>i doubt it
06:39<encode>im pretty sure IE is part of the windows api
06:39<warewolf>and I'm pretty sure you're wrong.
06:39<encode>in which case its going to cause some issues if theres bits missing
06:39<encode>well i could be totally wrong
06:39<encode>its not something i've researched
06:39<encode>to any great extent
06:39<warewolf>IE's not "part of the windows API", it's just heavily used
06:40<warewolf>it's used in the windows xp (non-corp edition) activation
06:40<warewolf>it's used in some video games for HTML rendering (think Steam)
06:40<encode>is it used in windows update?
06:40<warewolf>yep that too
06:40<warewolf>you don't need IE for automatic updates
06:41<warewolf>there's a freebie open source windows update too
06:41<encode>well, let us know how it goes
06:41<warewolf>will do :)
06:43<encode>but then you're installing symantec, which is massive bloatware
06:43[~]encode prefers mcafee viruscan enterprise
06:44<warewolf>it's a corp edition
06:44<warewolf>auto updates
06:44<encode>still bloated imo
06:47<warewolf>I gotta see if I can change the clsid of the "mozilla control" so that apps that try to embed IE will instead embed firefox
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07:52<elw00d>Anyone know what's up with host57?
07:53<Quizzer>have no idea ... would like to know as well ..
07:53<Quizzer>cant connect to it at all
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07:59<elw00d>You reckno it's support ticket time then
08:01<Quizzer>i just entered one ..
08:01<Quizzer>for my accoun
08:02<elw00d>cool. You reckon there's anyone in, it's what 9am or summint at the datacentres?
08:04<Quizzer>not sure ...
08:04<Quizzer>im sure someone will be around here shortly ..
08:05<elw00d>Tis always fun when there is a horde of angry roleplayers waiting for their webiste...
08:06<elw00d>They might actually have to talk to each other...
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08:17<elw00d>has anyone else been quizzed repeatedly by 84.244.?.?
08:17<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host57 in System and Network Status <>
08:19<afv-13>elw00d: as in a semi-brute?
08:20<elw00d>Enough of a boot to set fail2ban off from about 10 times in the last 2 days
08:24<elw00d>I'm trying to get logs of it now to reply to the lycos abuse people
08:33<elw00d>You having problems booting Quiszzer?
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08:39<Quizzer>says mine is running but cant login to it
08:47<@linbot>New news from forums: Who wants to manage my linode?! in General Discussion <>
08:48<elw00d>LISH logview claims mine can't find it's block devices.
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08:56<newcastle>Anyone know the status of host57?
08:57<Griswald>[09:17] <@linbot> New news from forums: Reboot: host57 in System and Network Status <>
08:57<Griswald>it was rebooted about 40 minutes ago
08:57<elw00d>The host appears to be up, i'm having issues with my distro not finding it's block devices. what does logiew on LISH tell you?
08:58<newcastle>For some reason whenever I click boot on my linode it goes into the job queue and appears to execute but I cannot connect and within 30-45 seconds its listed as powered off again
08:58<newcastle>I can't get to my lish console, it just says here is no screen to be resumed
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08:59<newcastle>ok wait
08:59<newcastle>here we go
09:00<@mikegrb>elw00d: looks like some wonky permissions, shouldn't be much longer
09:00<newcastle>i got into lish
09:01<newcastle>hmm for some reason my host's networking is defunct
09:01<@mikegrb>newcastle: try rebooting
09:01<newcastle>mikegrb: Will do
09:02<elw00d>W00t I appear to be up
09:02<@mikegrb>elw00d: yeah sorry about that, took some time to identify and correct the problem
09:03<@mikegrb>newcastle: excellent
09:03[~]mikegrb reboots everyone on host57
09:03<newcastle>Whew glad that's sorted out. Glad you guys got someone around sunday morning :)
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09:04<elw00d>Yeah, what is the time over at 'linode central' anyway.
09:04<@mikegrb>9 am
09:04<elw00d>So you've been on this since 8 then
09:06<elw00d>You have much respect. It's 3pm over here and i'm still recovering from it being saturday yeasterday
09:08<@mikegrb>may go back to sleep for a couple of hours once I'
09:08<@mikegrb>m done
09:12<Griswald>l o l
09:13<Griswald>hah! I didn't trigger mike's auto-response
09:13<Griswald>10:13 am
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09:32<afv-13>has anyone tried APC (Alternative PHP Cache) with lighttpd?
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11:30<Griswald>shutting down to remove the hd that was giving me issues
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11:33<dggoldst>anybody here running a mail server?
11:36<dggoldst>that many, eh?
11:36<gpd>your question is scary and promotes lurk response
11:37<gpd>it implies that you don't and that you want someone to help you change this fact ;)
11:38<gpd>i run courier,postfix on my linode
11:39<dggoldst>not to your running those
11:39<dggoldst>to the lurk response
11:41<dggoldst>so you have it set up so mail sent to goes to your mail server?
11:42<dggoldst>(this correct / incorrect model is good). so you just had to put an MX entry at your DNS saying that your mailserver is
11:43<gpd>hmm - not sure you need mail. but yes
11:44<dggoldst>right now, mail sent to is handled by a private ISP, but I want to ditch them b/c I have a linode now. But I'm afraid to set up a mail server. Wi
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11:44<dggoldst>ll probably get hacked or broken. My ultimate goal is to get off the ISP and have mail sent to to go to, say, gmail.
11:45<gpd>unless you have a particular reason for doing it... it is alot of effort
11:45<gpd>you can forward to gmail at your domain registrar
11:45<dggoldst>If you pay them, right?
11:45<gpd>no - should come with domain registration
11:46<gpd>godaddy etc allows free redirect
11:47<dggoldst>let's see. the registrar asks for your DNS server. The DNS server tells it where the mail server is. The mail server could then forward to gmail. But the registrar doesn't provide a mail server. Only the ISP does.
11:50<gpd>yes, once you remove dns to your isp the domain registar can't foward anymore
11:51<gpd>setting up mail to forward should be simple enough
11:52<gpd>if you install postfix in debian you can just put .forward in each unix account
11:52<dggoldst>and you just need to tell the DNS to use your linode as the mail server
11:53<gpd>that implies you have multiple servers - mine is all on my linode
11:53<gpd>you said mail.mylinode... but that would be the same IP as www.mylinode
11:56<dggoldst>I have a non-linode private ISP that's handling my mail now. My site is hosted there, too. I have other sites on linode.
11:57<afv-13>propper handling or it's actually
11:59<dggoldst>no, it's sort of thing
11:59<afv-13>cause whiles i'm moving over to my gmail account, i've got a croned fetchmail (daemon uses too much ram) that then forwards the mail to gmail
11:59<afv-13>with exim
12:00<gpd>I find gmail slightly disturbing
12:00<dggoldst>So you are running your own mail transfer agent, exim.
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12:01<afv-13>exim is the lazy mans MTA
12:01<dggoldst>Does it eat bandwidth everytime it forwards to gmail?
12:01<afv-13>well it's double a single mails b/w
12:01<afv-13>first pull then forward
12:01<dggoldst>yeah, i hear ya.
12:02<dggoldst>i see that exim comes out of cambridge, here in the UK, that's nice.
12:02<afv-13>but in my case as the migration goes further, the b/w used gets less and less
12:02<dggoldst>so it's safer/easier than running a full-on mail server.
12:03<afv-13>althougg for me it's actually 3x the b/w since i use squid when checking gmail cause i don't trust the people at work
12:03<dggoldst>when you say "as the migration goes further" you mean you are now giving out a addy?
12:04<afv-13>me -> ssh tunnel -> squid -> gmail
12:04<dggoldst>why not just go that way people will know it's good for lifetime use
12:04<afv-13>although that is not my email addy and since this is a public # that is logged, please no more email addresses
12:05<afv-13>cause that sounds lame
12:05<afv-13>it would have to be
12:05<afv-13>and that's worse
12:06<dggoldst>huh? just register the domain, point the DNS to your exim, forward the emails to gmail. that's what i'm looking to do.
12:07<dggoldst>gmails a pretty good external disk drive and will be 3GB soon
12:07<afv-13>k, i own afv-13:za:net|sed s,":",".",
12:07<dggoldst>awk, it's sed
12:07<afv-13>that would end up being afv-13@ what is above
12:08<afv-13>i really don't like's
12:08<dggoldst>i guess you are a modest one
12:10<dggoldst>so, how long would it take a n00b (to MTAs) to setup exim, and will it lead to my indavertently sending nigerian spam worldwide?
12:10<afv-13>exim on debian will take you 2 minutes
12:10<dggoldst>i do have 2 minutes
12:10<afv-13>that's if you read slowly
12:11<dggoldst>and then what you gotta do at the DNS, add an MX line?
12:12<dggoldst>you just give it the IP of your linode?
12:12<afv-13>if i could remember who manages my dns i'd show you
12:12<dggoldst>that's crazy easy
12:13<dggoldst>absolutely terrifying, but easy sounding
12:13<dggoldst>i use everydns b/c it's $0.00
12:13<afv-13>thanks, "easy" reminded me
12:13<afv-13>everydns ftw
12:14<gpd>not when you have >5 domains :(
12:14<afv-13>register for anoter account and i'm sure their limit is 25
12:14<dggoldst>i've got 20 when i joined
12:14<afv-13>oh, 20
12:14<gpd>bah - i just do it all myself with bind9
12:15<dggoldst>yeah, well i am writing one in assembler
12:15<afv-13>again it's a case of using your resources vs others :p
12:15<dggoldst>using my left hand only
12:16<gpd>bah meh and indeed grumpf
12:17<dggoldst>ok, so you've got 5+ domains on one debian installation. you set up MX records so that all point to the IP of your linode? Like one exim handles all those domain names?
12:18<afv-13>it resolves ip and uses that
12:18<gpd>you need to setup the domains in exim|postfix
12:19<gpd>i use postfix virtual mailboxes so i don't have to create accounts for each domain user
12:19<afv-13>dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
12:20<gpd>but i use flat files rather than mysql to lower overhead
12:21<dggoldst>makes sense
12:21<gpd>that way i can forward some ppl's mail to gmail|wtf and i can keep all my /precious/ mail in /home/vmail/domain/user/Maildir :)
12:21<dggoldst>you have precious mail?
12:21<gpd>then i know where it is... and that GOOOOOGLE or some other retard isn't looking after / about to delete / scanning it for WMDs
12:22<gpd>mmm precious
12:22<dggoldst>you'd be surprised how many WMDs get into this country by gmail
12:22<gpd>EMDs ...
12:22<dggoldst>they're gzipped first and hard to detect
12:24<afv-13>might be pgp'd instead
12:25<dggoldst>i accepted in 1996 that i have no privacy
12:26<afv-13>can i quote you on that?
12:26<gpd>yeah, but *giving* your mail to someone who *tells* you they are going to scan it for *adverts*...
12:26<gpd>if it was 10Mb would you do it?
12:26<dggoldst>this chat is getting googlized
12:27<gpd>so they have *bought* you.
12:27<dggoldst>anyway, i've got a firefox extension that filters out the gmail ads.
12:28<dggoldst>and it doesn't bug me that a pattern matching algorithm is reading my email.
12:28<dggoldst>pattern matching algorithms need something to keep themselves amused
12:35<dggoldst>.za eh?
12:38<afv-13>south africa yes
12:39<afv-13>saudi arabia beat us to it
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12:42<dggoldst>i always wondered.
12:42<afv-13>always is a long time
12:42<dggoldst>you have good linux people down there
12:43<dggoldst>right, i wondered since may 11, 1996, shortly before i lost my privacy
12:43<dggoldst>do you know that RUTE guy?
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12:51<robertsa>Does anyone know how long it takes for changes to reverse DNS to propagate to the rest of the world?
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12:53<dggoldst>give it a day
12:58<robertsa>I made the change yesterday, but I only need it to set up e-mail and I haven't had time to set up the server yet so it doesn't matter yet. :)
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14:48<@mikegrb>==-;l-07 logged in as mcnabb-1-host11, sprmahonri5-1-host15,
14:48<@mikegrb>[12:52] |-| spr [~spr@c-677 logged in as mcnabb-1-host11, sprmahonri5-1-host15,
14:48<@mikegrb>[12:52] |-| spr [~spr@c-677 logged in as mcnabb-1-host11, sprmahonri5-1-host15,
14:48<@mikegrb>[12:52] |-| spr [~spr@c-67=42300.307 logged in as mcnabb-1-host11, sprmahonri5-1-host15,
14:49<@mikegrb>son goes straight for the mouse
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17:18<gpd>what could i do with a 2G usb flash drive versus a 1G... [prepare your smartass answers now]
17:18<Eman>half a dvd iso!
17:19<gpd>2G = $60, 1G = $33
17:19<gpd>just need to justify the extra cash to myself but having a hard time
17:20<gpd>i suppose you could boot a reasonable Linux system from 2G
17:20<gpd>looks quite cool - want to use it as a keyring too
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17:33<gpd>anyone have any tech gadgets i should be buying instead?
17:34|-|albert [] has joined #linode
17:34<gpd>i would recommend a garmin color gps
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18:56<gpd>how would you do s/<span.*?>/ or equivalent in Vim ? ie. search minimum not max?
18:58<gpd>conservative quantifiers \{-n,m} *?, +?, ??, {}?
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18:59<taupehat_>dude, where's my server? =]
18:59<taupehat_>10 ( 67.861 ms 261.734 ms 177.313 ms11 ( 67.002 ms 66.436 ms 65.262 ms
19:00|-|taupehat_ kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
19:00[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
19:00|-|taupehat_ [] has joined #linode
19:00<taupehat_>anyhow, I just got dc'd from my machine
19:01<taupehat_>looks like host56 is down?
19:02<taupehat_>really looks like it's down
19:02<taupehat_>host56 isn't responding to pings etc
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19:04<taupehat_>that's host56 falling over =[
19:06<gpd>since you have no machine taupehat_ can you advise on vim search?
19:06<taupehat_>what do you need to know?
19:06[~]taupehat_ has other machines
19:07<taupehat_>my desktops run linux...
19:07<gpd>conservative quantifiers\{-n,m}
19:07<gpd>how would i use that?
19:07<taupehat_>no idea
19:07<taupehat_>my version of searching in vim goes like this:
19:07<taupehat_> /
19:08<gpd>yeah i probably should learn sed
19:08<gpd>do you know if sed can do <span.*?>
19:08<gpd>or is there a simpler regex that i should be using?
19:08<gpd><span[^>]+> ?
19:10<gpd>:%s/<span[^>]*>//g works :)
19:11[~]taupehat_ whines about a server being wedged
19:11<gpd>you haven't uttered the magic words...
19:11<gpd>but i imagine they are on it
19:11<taupehat_>I actually posted an arrticle on the blog today and sent it out to the relevant mailinglist
19:11<taupehat_>mikegrb: caker: rofl!
19:11<taupehat_>I mean
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19:28<egatenby>anyone else having problems on host56?
19:28<egatenby>I don't see anything in the forums
19:29<taupehat_>it fell over a little while ago
19:29[~]taupehat_ submitted a support ticket
19:30<TheFirst_>i knew things were too stable lately
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19:34<fendrish>is there anything going on with host56?
19:35<fendrish>ok thanks
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19:47[~]taupehat_ ponders
19:54<robertsa>hm, I had a reverse DNS issue earlier.
19:54<robertsa>One of the DNS servers at work fell over and I had to restart it, it's now giving the updated hostname.
19:54<robertsa>So it's probably just not updated yet, even though the config on linode's end is correct.
19:55<robertsa>Reverse DNS updates always take forever at work, but I always thought that was beurocracy with bigpipe.
20:00<TheFirst_>hmm 56 is back up
20:00<TheFirst_>my node is not
20:01<robertsa>They probably stagger the bootups.
20:01<TheFirst_>they do
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20:19<taupehat>so I spent the outage making some killer brownies
20:19<taupehat>no, not THAT kind
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20:20<taupehat>just really good ones from scratch
20:21<taupehat>if caker and mikegrb weren't halfway or all the way across the country I'd share
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20:55<Secutor>Does anyone know of a "howto" explaining how to set up Dovecot configurations? I'm reading the .config file in /etc/dovecot but it gives clues that than recommendations.
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20:55<Secutor>Where does one enter the mail accounts in Dovecot?
20:56<Secutor>I'm running Debian.
20:58<robertsa>We run that at work, lemme just check...
21:00<robertsa>Are you looking for mailboxes or usernames and passwords?
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21:02<Secutor>Well, I'm trying to set it up with just one, for now, mailbox.
21:02<robertsa>The path to the passwd file should be given by the "passdb passwd-file" directive in the dovecot.conf file in /etc.
21:03<Secutor>I have found someone's .conf file that I may be able to plagerize.
21:04<Secutor>Something like this I guess "auth_userdb = passwd-file /etc/dovecot/users"
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23:41<@linbot>New news from forums: LASIK surgery in /dev/random <>
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