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00:09<thread>my linode is slow as ballz... (host55)
00:09<thread>prolly gonna move to dreamhost soon...
00:14<gpd>cat /proc/io_status --- paste here thread
00:14<thread>io_count=113796 io_rate=65 io_tokens=399980 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
00:14<thread>how long doe sit take to come up for you?
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00:15<thread>no kidding
00:15<gpd>check mtr yourhost
00:15<gpd>see if there are dropped packets
00:16<gpd>apt-get install mtr-tiny | mtr
00:16[~]thread searches
00:18<thread>haha 13 deps
00:18<gpd>do you get Loss ?
00:19<thread>turned off the gtk use flag, now there are 0 deps
00:19<thread>:) one sec while I build mtr
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00:23<gpd>[the joys of gentoo]
00:23<thread>don't I know
00:24<thread>um yea it doesn't look like we're losing any packets....
00:24<thread>nifty prog tho
00:25<gpd>well if it isn't i/o and you have low load and free memory...
00:25<gpd>not sure what else it could be
00:25<gpd>what is that site powered by?
00:25<gpd>does it have cacheing ?
00:26<thread>typo, yeah it should be served right up static
00:26<thread>maybe it's just my network over here
00:26<thread>my friend was also slow, but that's just one other person
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00:26<gpd>try openload localhost 5
00:27<gpd>if you have it...
00:27<thread>on the linode or my client?
00:28<thread>someone else says it's fast
00:28<gpd>either way just point it at your linode
00:28<gpd>and look at top
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00:29<gpd>it may also be that you have a thrasher on your host
00:29<thread>yeah that's what it was last time
00:30<thread>but maybe it's not as bad as I thought right now
00:30<thread>it is generally slow, though... to do operations...
00:30<thread>it's the lowest plan, I'm sure I'm crammed with a zillion other people
00:30<gpd>what sort of operations?
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00:30<thread>intensive stuff... like using portage
00:30<gpd>ya i have a 120 now
00:31<gpd>you could always switch to debian|ubuntu [shock]
00:32<thread>that wouldn't really solve the thrashing issue, tho
00:33<@caker>host looks fine, btw
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00:36<thread>caker: is it usually perfectly comfortable capacity wise? seems like this are often sorta slow...
00:38<@caker>thread: ping me next time and I'll look, but otherwise no complaints from host55 users; lot of free RAM on the machine (in fact, more than 50% free/cached)
00:38<thread>caker: alright, thanks
00:41<@caker>thread: also, your site loaded find for me
00:41<thread>yeah, I'm hearing it does for some
01:08<anderiv>evenin'. host52 issues?
01:26<anderiv>caker: did you head to sleep? I'm guessing so. I submitted a ticket about the issue...
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01:58<warewolf>caker- did the clock get reset on host52?
01:59<warewolf>2:36 and 2:37 I got a slew of errors from RML users attempting to update a record in the past
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04:06<warewolf>I wonder how much bandwidth vmware takes up.
04:06<warewolf>I'm talking vmware server <-> client bandwith
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07:20<encode>after purchasing more disk, do i have to reboot for my linode to be able to access it?
07:30<warewolf>shut down, and then resize via the linode control panel
07:30<warewolf>then boot.
07:31<encode>so theres no way for caker or mikegrb to do what is described in
07:34<warewolf>*reads* 1 sec
07:35<warewolf>they may be able to
07:35<warewolf>are you bent on not rebooting?
07:37<warewolf>you're not going to have very much downtime
07:37<warewolf>the resize for adding space is near instant
07:39<encode>yes, but any downtime is something i'd prefer to avoid if at all possible
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09:36<shrap>something happening? I cant access my linode
09:39<warewolf>what host
09:39<shrap>seems VERY lagged
09:46<anderiv>so....any word on what happened to host52 around 1 AM CST last night?
09:47<warewolf>last host 52
09:48<warewolf>I could have sworn linbot said something
09:48<warewolf>I think mikegrb handled it
09:48<warewolf>whatever it iwas
09:48<warewolf>no, that was 57.
09:49<anderiv>the whole host seemed to be down for about 30 mins and then it came back response, though, to the ticket I submitted. Oh well - it's working now.
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10:51<@mikegrb>encode: still around?
10:56<@mikegrb>encode: you are doing about 10 mbit outgoing, is the expected?
10:56<@mikegrb>it's not a problem, just want to make sure you are aware
10:57<@mikegrb>encode: also re disk space, ping me when you are around
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11:12<warewolf>woah that's some bandwidth
11:20<warewolf>holy crap
11:21<warewolf>my birthday is the same as sir arthur conan doyle
11:21<anderiv>mikegrb: still around?
11:22<@mikegrb>anderiv: yeah, lemme look
11:24<@mikegrb>anderiv: no reboots so I'm guesssing it was a networking blip, could have also been a thrasher that caker throttled
11:25<anderiv>mikegrb: okay...thanks.
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12:36<alnr>is host39 down?
12:37<alnr>er host37 I mean
12:38<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host 37 in System and Network Status <>
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12:41<andrewtaylor>Hi, is host37 screwed? I can't even ssh
12:42<andrewtaylor>never mind, I can now? I've been trying for the past 15 minutes!
12:43<andrewtaylor>thanks - I did check the forum, but I see it's just been posted. Thanks again.
12:43<andrewtaylor>could this be the same problem that host39 was having?
12:44<alnr>I still cant ssh
12:44<andrewtaylor>i can get to lish but no screen as yet
12:44<@mikegrb>linodes come up one at a time
12:44<andrewtaylor>oh right, I'll give it an hour or so
12:45<@mikegrb>shouldn't take that long
12:45<@mikegrb>15-20 minutes
12:45<andrewtaylor>i'm in no rush, excuse to find something to eat ;)
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14:04<gpd>mikegrb: looks like ssh-bruteforce is no longer cutting it...
14:05<gpd>I am now getting attacked every 2-3 minutes instead of every 10 seconds
14:06<@mikegrb>you can adjust the values
14:06<gpd>yeah true dat
14:07<@mikegrb>I'm still seeing only attacks with multiple attempts per second lasting 30-45 seconds or so
14:07<gpd>or i should probably just turn off *all* password access
14:07<@mikegrb>I do that too
14:07<@mikegrb>I just use the iptables foo to keep the log files uncluttered
14:08<gpd>so if password is off why does it even tell you in the logs... ?
14:08<gpd>i would have thought it would just be silent
14:09<@mikegrb>it's still an authentication failure
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15:38<encode>mikegrb: i am kinda around
15:38<encode>i will be more around in a few hours
15:39<@mikegrb>encode: lemme know when you want to add the new space ;)
15:39<encode>not sure about the network traffic, usually it would be normal, but i cant see anything in my log for around that time
15:39<encode>unless you're referring to earlier in the day
15:40<encode>could have been yahoo indexing my site, i dont know how hard they hit
15:40<encode>but ive got a bunch of stuff in my logs from them
15:44<encode>actually, it would've been my offsite rdiff
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15:51<djayc>hsot50 .. any issues?
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15:52<@caker>djayc: no
15:56<djayc>lish 'status' is returning powered off, but it's not
15:56<@caker>djayc: username?
15:57<djayc>caker: It's almost like networking is down or something..
15:57<@caker>oh yeah, I remember that -- it's a bug with long usernames, fixed in our new version but I haven't deployed it to older hosts yet
15:57<djayc>caker: That's ok.. the real problem is that my box seems to have no network connectivity all of a sudden
15:58<djayc>caker: sudo seems to lock up when I run it, but i think it might just be trying to reverse whatever hostname lish connects to the box with
15:58<@caker>djayc: run in your console for me: ifconfig && route -n
15:59<djayc>sudo: unable to lookup li10-204 via gethostbyname()
15:59<djayc>anyways, let me run that, one sec
16:01<djayc>caker: What do you want from that?
16:01<@caker>djayc: your routing table
16:01<djayc>Kernel IP routing table
16:01<@caker>djayc: I can see it already, btw (I can tail your console log)
16:01<djayc>ah ok
16:02<@caker>djayc: weird -- issue a reboot, should fix it
16:02<djayc>iptables -L showed nothing
16:02<djayc>I reran my firewall script and it seems fine no
16:02<djayc>er now
16:03<@caker>yeah, and never mind my reboot comment -- config looks fine on the host (firewall, interfaces, etc)
16:03<djayc>I kept getting dropped FTP connections so I flushed.. forgot my default was drop
16:03<djayc>I'm trying to upload a webapp to GoDaddy, and it keeps killing my FTP half way through or so
16:04<djayc>my bad ;-)
16:04<djayc>I'm assuming it's an issue on godaddys side
16:04<djayc>but I forgot I had cleared my iptable rules
16:07<djayc>anyways, thanks
16:29<gpd>how would you split a file into two halves or after x occurances of a regex from a command line - or should i give up and use perl?
16:30<gpd>hah! --- man split
16:32<gpd>actually better is csplit :)
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17:16<encode>mikegrb: ok, im ready to do stuff with my disk
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17:24<encode>caker: is mikegrb around?
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17:58<@mikegrb>encode: howdy
17:58<@mikegrb>encode: went to the grocery store
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18:06<encode>mikegrb: ok, cool
18:06<encode>so, is what that forum post mentioned possible?
18:07<@mikegrb>the add a disk image bit
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18:08<encode>ok, so what info do you need from me?
18:08<@mikegrb>nothing really
18:08<@mikegrb>ubdc, right?
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18:11<@mikegrb>(/linodes/en) config ubdc=/linodes/encode/30644.fs
18:11<@mikegrb>hooray \o/
18:11<encode>sweet, thanks
18:11<@mikegrb>check dmesg
18:12<encode> hdc: unknown partition table
18:12<encode># mount -t ext3 /dev/udbc /mnt/disk/
18:12<encode>mount: special device /dev/udbc does not exist
18:12<encode>am i doing something wrong?
18:13<@mikegrb>need to create the device node
18:13<@mikegrb>since the device didn't exist on boot, it wasn't created
18:13<encode>is there a guide somewhere? forum? wiki?
18:14<@mikegrb>mknod /dev/ubdc b 98 32
18:15<encode>thanks :)
18:15<@mikegrb>don't forget to add it to /etc/fstab so it gets mounted next time you boot
18:15<encode># mknod /dev/ubdc b 98 32
18:15<encode>mknod: `/dev/ubdc': File exists
18:15<encode>now i'm confused
18:16<@mikegrb>[18:12] <encode> # mount -t ext3 /dev/udbc /mnt/disk/
18:16<@mikegrb>you had the b and d out of order ;)
18:16<encode>ahh yes
18:16<encode>i just realised that
18:17<encode>thanks again
18:17<@mikegrb> <-- frik'n awesome
18:17[~]encode gets some more coffee
18:17<@mikegrb>just saw these at the grocery store
18:17<@mikegrb>we got five
18:17<@mikegrb>hope they taste as good as they look
18:17<@mikegrb>in fact we got the first 5 on that list
18:17<@mikegrb>that's all the store had
18:18<encode>i wonder if they'd be any good shipped out to .au?
18:18[~]mikegrb normally prefers thin crust though
18:18<@mikegrb>appearantly they are a pizzaria in california
18:18<@mikegrb>but make frozen pizzas for the supermarket now
18:20<@mikegrb>ohhh, seems they have more locations then just california
18:21<@mikegrb>encode: they have locations in ap region
18:21<@mikegrb>not very close for a pizza though
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18:47<lucca>mmm cpk is tastey
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19:10<cvera>i have some questions about smtp
19:11<cvera>from a technical point of view, when i use an external smtp server it mean that i REALLY bypass the server of my ISP?
19:12<efudd>what an interesting question.
19:12<efudd>99% right. :)
19:12<cvera>but all the communications in fact go through my ISP server?
19:13<cvera>i.e i continue loading the ISP with my traffic or the traffic is on another way?
19:16<cvera>so whay should i wish use a smtp server like 1st smtp server or similar?
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19:32<@mikegrb>cvera: the traffic goes through the smtp server
19:32<Battousai>you stink
19:33<@mikegrb>lucca: the frozen pizzas were great, we looked at the menu, looks awesome
19:33<@mikegrb>lucca: we will be eating there for dinner on the 3rd as we will be passing through a town with one
19:34<@mikegrb>if it's half as good as it looks, we will probably make the 3 hour journey once a month or so to dine there with a friend that's about an hour away on the other side
19:47<lucca>they're a little pricey, but it's been good food and service each time I've gone.
19:53<@mikegrb>we saw the frozen pizzas at the grocery store, got one of each type they had as they all looked good to us
19:58<gpd>mikegrb: don't bother - CPK is not that great
19:58<gpd>they are *all over* LA... like a rash ;)
19:59<gpd>very popular - but not worth 3 hour drive!
20:00<@mikegrb> well it will be on the way on the 3rd
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20:23<fo0bar>I wonder, is it considered bad form to give out Finnix CDs (based on Debian) at a Red Hat conference?
20:24<Battousai>useful livecds are pretty well-accepted i think
20:25<fo0bar>good enough for me :)
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20:26<@mikegrb>fo0bar: it would be bad form not to do it
20:27<@mikegrb>fo0bar: would you concider it bad form to hand out pills that cure cancer at cancer day at disney world?
20:27[~]Battousai would
20:27<Battousai>but that's because it's disney world
20:27<@mikegrb>s/disney world/battousai world/
20:28<@mikegrb>but he doesn't have cancer day with free admission for those with cancer
20:28<@mikegrb>he does have bi day with free admission for bi girls though
20:28[~]fo0bar prints up a dozen full-color CDs and plans to bring a few generic blank CDs just in case
20:28<@mikegrb>but I don't know what you would hand out there
20:28<@mikegrb>maybe digital cameras
20:29<fo0bar>BTW, I found a craft protective spray that seals the top of inkjet-printed CDs, so if you get them wet (or have sweaty fingers), you don't ruin the top
20:29<fo0bar>the added benefit is everything is completely dry in 1 hours, vs 2-5 days :)
20:30<fo0bar>the downside is the spray stinks, gives you a decent buzz (not the good kind), and has big warnings about giving you cancer
20:30<@mikegrb>then you can go to cancer day!
20:31[~]fo0bar builds kernels
20:32[~]mikegrb builds fo0bar
20:49[~]encode builds loonux
21:04<@caker>awesome .. I get to help a friend build a garage over the next few weeks
21:04<heidi>caker: except for next week
21:05<@caker>heidi: yeah, not next-next weekend
21:05<@caker>I think he's only working on it on weekends
21:05<chris>What doesn't give you cancer these days?
21:05[~]caker gets to buy a toolbelt :)
21:05<@caker>and display carpenter crack
21:06<chris>I think that's plumbers
21:06<heidi>they both do it
21:06<heidi>its cause their toolbelt is heavy
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21:07<chris>Dunno, geeks carry a lot of crap in their pockets
21:09<@mikegrb>heidi: it's because they wear pants/shorts that are too big without a normal belt to keep them up
21:10<@caker>zomg, no rain tomorrow!!
21:10[~]caker peers through the window at the motorcycle
21:19<fo0bar>!weather krno
21:19<linbot>fo0bar: Temperature: 55°F / 13°C | Humidity: 44% | Pressure: 29.90in / 1012hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h; Tonight - Partly cloudy with isolated showers through early evening. Lows 36 to 46. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph in the evening becoming light.; Tuesday - Partly cloudy. Highs 72 to 77. Light winds becoming southwest 10 to 15 mph in (1 more message)
21:20<fo0bar>jeez, it was 85 last week
21:27<@caker>damnit .. I can never remember the order of the ports on the 3ware cards
21:27<@caker>3-ware 9550SX Ports
21:27<@caker> card: -------------------------------------
21:27<@caker> --port2-- --port0--
21:27<@caker> --port3-- --port1--
21:28<@mikegrb>it's supposed to be over 90 on thursday :<
21:29<@caker>well, crap.. memtest made the machine reboot
21:29[~]caker bisects
21:38<fo0bar>caker: yes, it doesn't help that the card is "upside down" when installed in a riser
21:46<@caker>heh, I was wrong on my ascii art, even..
21:47<@caker> card: -------------------------------------
21:47<@caker> --port3-- --port1--
21:47<@caker> --port2-- --port0--
21:47<@caker>^-- correct
21:47<@caker>also, found the bad ram :(
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