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02:56<warewolf> [-]parenb
02:56<warewolf> generate parity bit in output and expect parity bit in input
02:56<warewolf>I can't see how that would be useful
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02:59<gene203>you guys know that host53 id dead now, right?
03:00<@caker>on it
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03:13<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
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03:13<rko>did something happen to host53?
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03:14<gene203>rko: booting now.
03:14<rko>thank you
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03:16<hotmetal>anyone got a large'ish file on the network? (i'd like to test the speeds out before buying)
03:20<gene203>mine is up, thanks. bye
03:24<rko>lish is messed up now...
03:24<rko>Can't locate Term/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl /usr/l
03:24<rko>BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /vbin/lish line 22.
03:24<rko>Connection to closed.
03:28<@caker>rko: fixed
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03:31<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host31 in System and Network Status <>
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03:34<efudd2>host load on host53 is so high that it takes -minutes- to connect via ssh to lish.
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03:37<gcain>Hi Guys, my linode just suddenly disappeared and is not responding, can anyone give me a clue as to what is going on?
03:38<gcain>The thing has been running for months with no problems... so it's a bit out of character.
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03:40[~]efudd goes back to being on-call and more pissed off at that than linode
03:41<gcain>caker: thanks!
03:41<gcain>Would of been nice if someone had told us.
03:41<@caker>gcain: it wasn't something planned
03:42<gcain>caker: have to admit, first time probably every it has let me donw. :P
03:42<gcain>Thanks for letting me know.
03:44[~]efudd attempts to hazard some sleep
03:45<warewolf>(male) coworker: "How come your roots aren't blonde?"
03:46<warewolf>(female) coworker: "Because I'm a natural red-head, duh. I like to SHOCK them when they find out. I like them to find out how FIREY my ass really is!"
03:46<warewolf>me: "And how LITERAL that is!"
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05:22<Ciaran>Hmm. I don't know enough about Apache tuning to know how to stop it from guzzling large amounts of memory. :/
05:23<Ciaran>Check out . Those are the memory and swap lines from "top" just now when Apache was running and after I restarted it.
05:24<Ciaran>It swaps way too much. :/ I'm not sure if it's something I can control though; I don't know enough about Apache tuning to know, as I say.
05:25<Ciaran>Is there anybody who can help in that regard?
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06:12<warewolf>Ciaran: what version of apache, 1.x or 2.x
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09:20<linbot>New news from forums: SMTP Precedence/Priority in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
09:24<Ciaran>warewolf: 2.0.54, sorry.
09:25<Ciaran>(as also evidenced by the "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart" command I used in that pastebin, but I'll admit that's easy to miss.
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10:43<Spads> <-- caker
11:05<fo0bar>Spads: who doesn't do that on a daily basis?
11:05<fo0bar>ok, off to work
11:20<gpd>Ciaran: I just played around with apache2 to reduce memory a little.
11:20<gpd>On debian, remove things from the mods-enabled unless you are sure you need them
11:21<gpd><IfModule prefork.c>
11:21<gpd>StartServers 3
11:21<gpd>MinSpareServers 2
11:21<gpd>MaxSpareServers 5
11:21<gpd>MaxClients 10
11:21<gpd>MaxRequestsPerChild 0
11:21<gpd>remove any unused virtual hosts in sites-enabled
11:22<gpd>check conf.d for any random crap
11:23<gpd>35480k free && start apache2 = 22708k free
11:23<gpd>but it tends to creep... so i use monit to restart it occasionally
11:24<gpd>[all other suggestions welcome]
11:25<gpd> <-- more stuff
11:29<Spads>routing trouble at theplanet?
11:29<Spads>19. 53.3% 61 204.2 161.2 156.1 204.2 8.9
11:29<Spads>20. ???
11:30<Spads>seems to be less bad now
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11:38<gpd>Ciaran: also - /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini - memory_limit = 8M
11:39<gpd>unfortunately I am running gallery2 and it requires 16M :(
11:39<gpd>I may just dump gallery2 as it just annoys me these days
11:41<gpd>dumped... now at 8M I have 50204k free after apache2 restart :)
11:43<gpd>right that's enough fiddling - need to do some work b4 my boss returns from vaccation! /me STFU
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12:37<Spads> <-- drwiii
12:37<Spads>er, mcm
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13:18<@caker>Spads: nice
13:20<@caker>taupehat: not your link, but that's nice too
13:21[~]taupehat wanders off, confused
13:24<erikh>hah, that's a great pic
13:25<fo0bar>heh, I just heard a xen guy pronounce RHEL as "rell"
13:25<erikh>our hell?
13:25<erikh>that's how I pronounce it.
13:26<taupehat>red hell
13:26<fo0bar>also, Novell = "noe vill"
13:26<fo0bar>no diggity
13:27<afv-13>i pronounce "Novell" like "De vill"
13:27<taupehat>I think in honor of the vista release, microsoft should name their next release after that formidable chevy: the nova
13:27<taupehat>or was it no-va?
13:27<erikh>no va means "doesn't work"
13:27<taupehat>and novas...
13:28<taupehat>don't go, actually
13:28<taupehat>sirve is 'work' iirc
13:28<fo0bar>erikh: but I've heard it's not gramatically correct in spanish
13:28<erikh>I'd have to ask the wife
13:29[~]erikh doesn't speak spanish
13:29<erikh>I suspect it's something snopes has already covered, though
13:29<fo0bar>which kills the whole "that's why it failed in spanish markets" myth... it's like americans hearing "pontiac firebird", thinking "oh god! they're firing at birds!" and not buying :)
13:30<erikh>let's all bite the wax tadpole before thinking about it.
13:31<afv-13>caker: purely out of curiosity: will there ever be an opensuse distro on linode?
13:31<@caker>afv-13: it's possible
13:32<gpd>wrt nova - there was a UK version = Vauxhall Nova - renamed Opel Corsa in Europe & Spain
13:32<afv-13>and South Africa
13:32<afv-13>afaik it's only UK that uses the name vauxhall
13:34<fo0bar>Assuming that Spanish speakers would naturally see the word "nova" as equivalent to the phrase "no va" and think "Hey, this car doesn't go!" is akin to assuming that English speakers woud spurn a dinette set sold under the name Notable because nobody wants a dinette set that doesn't include a table.
13:34<fo0bar>heh, that's a good analogy
13:34<taupehat>although I think they're wrong in one part
13:34<taupehat>"we don't really expect that anyone ever refrained from buying a Ford because he actually believed they needed to be repaired on a daily basis"
13:34<taupehat>I'm living proof that they're wrong there.
13:35<fo0bar>quite true :)
13:35<taupehat>note: I used to be a mechanic, and several 80's model Fords need such attention
13:35<@caker>found on road dead
13:36<fo0bar>my family had a taurus station wagon in the 80s... POS
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13:46<FireSlash>Recent fords are build significantly better.
13:46<FireSlash>If you want a shitty car, look at Kia :P
13:47<FireSlash>People need to realize the life of a car is based on how you drive it
13:50<FireSlash>Btw... 80s model Aerostar my parents owned was sold at 145k miles without anything critical ever going out. o.O
13:51<FireSlash>Anyway... I'll just be happy if I get another 10k out of my Shadow :(
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14:26<@mikegrb>gpd: MaxRequestsPerChild will take care of the creeping, that is it's purpose
14:29<@mikegrb>FireSlash: we're happy with our kia and it has never had any service other then oil changes, occasional air/oil filter changes etc
14:29<Battousai>you have a kia?
14:29<@mikegrb>well one of the horns recently died causing the horn relay to blow
14:29<@mikegrb>but I fixerated that
14:30<@mikegrb>Battousai: yes
14:30<Battousai>i have a 95 ford taurus
14:30<Battousai>i spit on it
14:30<@mikegrb>with the spiffy manumatic transmission
14:30<@mikegrb>it is very fun to drive
14:30<@mikegrb>quiet and smooth too
14:30<Battousai>manumatic transaxles make acceleromatrating fun
14:31<@mikegrb>first day driving home from work that I was doing 50 in a 45
14:31<@mikegrb>glanced down and I was doing 95
14:31<Battousai>95's too fast
14:31<@mikegrb>car was smooth and quiet, I had no idea I was going that fast
14:31<@mikegrb>it was an accident
14:31<@mikegrb>old car would have had hell of wind noise
14:31<Battousai>it would've been if you had kept going that fast
14:31<@mikegrb>and been shaky as hell
14:32<@mikegrb>well it's 4 lane divided with few side streets
14:32<@mikegrb>and at that time of day pretty empty
14:32<@mikegrb>otherwise other cars would have been a clue of my excess speed
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14:54<blorpy>haw haw
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15:11<fo0bar>taupehat: How Much Money did you Make from Blogging in April?
15:11<fo0bar>if you average my $25/year livejournal cost over 12 months, I lost $2.08
15:14<Eman>3500 views in an hour crashed the server? what kinda crappy setup are they hosting that on? windows 98 and pws?
15:14<taupehat>probably running RHEL
15:14[~]taupehat runs
15:15<Eman>i could maybe understand it crashing if it had 3500 per second, but in an hour? thats all the hosts fault
15:15<fo0bar>I need to make tshirts
15:15<taupehat>Your search - "your favorite distro sucks" - did not match any documents.
15:15<taupehat>that would make an excellent t-shirt
15:16<fo0bar>clearly an untapped market
15:16<fo0bar>what's a "distribution"?
15:17<fo0bar>Just so you don't scare potential Microsofties out of the place, here are some example topics not to be covering the same night:
15:17<fo0bar>2. How to build your own Linux distribution, from scratch.
15:17<fo0bar>10. The joy of configuring sendmail.
15:17<taupehat>I like 10 a lot
15:18<fo0bar>(true story: I once did build a linux system from scratch, before LFS existed. it ran... just not very well)
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17:23<gpd>looks like my various tweaks and fiddlings have improved my io problem - I am now 28th on RML and avg from boot is 19 :)
17:25<afv-13>any tweaks and fiddlings you wanna share?
17:25<Ciaran>gpd: Thanks for the Apache tweaks, but I don't think most apply to me.
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17:27<Dreamer3>on high speed
17:27<Dreamer3>what can i download to not waste it?
17:29<afv-13>start with the debian testing repo
17:29<afv-13>then give us access
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17:52<gpd>Dreamer3: Google Earth is quite amusing on High Speed :)
17:53<gpd>afv-13: tweaks ^^ & others mostly removing crap from cron.d
17:53<Dreamer3>gpd: hmmm
17:53<Dreamer3>was hoping for something useful to download :-)
17:53<Dreamer3>i have to pay for this :-0)
17:53<Dreamer3>not just play
17:54<gpd>if you like Dance Music then
18:03<Dreamer3>was thinking of more practical stuff
18:04<Dreamer3>i can think of tons of things when i'm at home suffering
18:04<Dreamer3>but i get high speed - i go blank
18:05<Dreamer3>i give up on darwin ports
18:05<Dreamer3>what cool shareware haven't i tried? :-)
18:07<Dreamer3>any huge open source... like open office i might want?
18:07<thoth39>If you just want to download stuff, go crazy at
18:09<Dreamer3>just want to think of stuff i need
18:10<Dreamer3>oh well, i have a few days hopefully
18:12<gpd>Dreamer3: what speed do you normally have?
18:13<Dreamer3>gpd: 28.8k dial-up :-)
18:13<gpd>game demos from come down quite fast
18:14<Dreamer3>i don't play games really
18:14<Dreamer3>gotta run :)
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18:15<gpd>28.8k - can't even imagine anything that slow - does not compute
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18:30<fo0bar>I haven't had dialup since 2000, and I was relatively late to the game in that respect
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19:45<@caker>well, I broke down and purchased a replacement battery for my ageing tibook
19:45<@caker>hopefully one that gives me more than 5-10 minutes of battery life
19:45<gpd>i need to do that for my fujitsu - where did you buy?
19:46<@caker>ebay :)
19:46<@caker>one sec
19:48<gpd>$64.95 for mine... hmm maybe i'll wait damn thing is too heavy to actually carry anywhere anyway...
19:49<@caker>Dell has (el cheapo) laptops for what, like $399 or something stupid?
19:49<gpd>bah - so much for selling mine then
19:49<gpd>caker: did you see jdike's response to the vmstat thing?
19:52<gpd>08:09 jdike> 15:09:10.019535 nanosleep({1, 0}, {1, 0}) = 0
19:52<gpd>08:09 jdike> 15:09:10.031563 lseek(3, 0, SEEK_SET) = 0
19:52<gpd>08:10 jdike> nanosleep 1 sec takes .011sec
19:52<gpd>08:10 jdike> that's performance for you!
19:53<gpd>08:11 jdike> OK, I'll have a look at this
19:53<gpd>08:11 jdike> blah
19:53<gpd>no idea what any of that means...
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20:09<@mikegrb>gpd: it means asking to sleep one second via nanosleep actually sleeps .011 secs
20:10<npmr>ha ha
20:10<@mikegrb>which is a bug and he will look into
20:10<@caker>gpd: yes, I did see it
20:10<npmr>nanosleep("new york second")
20:15<@mikegrb>npmr for the win
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20:42<Battousai>how does RML rank work?
20:43<@mikegrb>Battousai: it picks a random number for each linode and then ranks them by it
20:43[~]mikegrb runs
20:43<Battousai>i kinda figured
20:43<Battousai>i've gone from up near the top, to down near 20th, to back up to the top
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20:49<gpd>rml should have some measure of 'stuff going on'... otherwise low io may just mean you are not doing anything [this is probably rml2]
20:57<Eman>like a cpu use % ?
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21:10<@caker>!stock VG
21:11<linbot>caker: The current price of VG is 14.85, as of 4:03pm EST. A change of 0.00 from the last business day.
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22:23<Quizzer>anyone know whats going on with host57 .. my linode just powered off
22:25<@caker>Quizzer: Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel mode fault at addr 0x30313741, ip 0x0
22:25<@caker>Quizzer: congrats, you hit a bug
22:25<gpd>57 Xen? or just 56?
22:25<@caker>just 56
22:26<@caker>Quizzer: I copied the stack, will bring it up to jdike tomorrow
22:26<efudd>wheee. null instruction pointer.
22:26<@caker> <-- for reference
22:26<efudd>up. epi is 0.
22:27<efudd>as is most everything else.
22:27<efudd>looks like context was /completely/ removed out from under the UML.
22:27<@caker>my feeling is that the last few 2.6 kernels have been buggy, and that 2.6.17 has had a lot of UML work go into it
22:28<@caker>tls should finally work, bugs killed, etc
22:31<linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.17-rc4-mm3.
22:31<@caker>any day now ... ?
22:32<gpd>2.6.17-rc5 2006-05-25 02:15 UTC <-- 100min ago
22:32<@caker>I think the rc cycle has averaged around 5-6
22:34<gpd>so what are the chances of that timer bug being fixed by 2.6.17?
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22:35<gpd>and how serious do you think that is? that is what I meant ^^ when I said - not sure what that means...
22:35<gpd>running a linode on New York Second time might not be sensible
22:36<@caker>gpd: very good, I'd say
22:36<@caker>jeff wouldn't let something like that go out, esp with a final on the horizon
22:38<gpd>well my linode is now smooth at 16 avg since boot - i should reboot into 2.6.16 and turn on tls to see if that was a contributing factor to my io weirdness - or if it was just apache
22:38<gpd>however, i may wait until .17 final given your statements above
22:39<Quizzer>whats the dhcp client named in centos
22:41<Quizzer>would it be better if i would just stick with the 2.4 kernal instead of the 2.6.15-linode16
22:41<Quizzer>cause just shutdown again
22:43<Eman>ive been using the 2.4 kernel for over a year without a single crash, but ymmv
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22:43<Quizzer>whats that mean
22:43<Quizzer>never seen that
22:43<Eman>your mileage may vary
22:44<Quizzer>dont run anything important yet .. basically just using it as a learning experience
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23:16<@caker>This will hopefully be the last -rc before the final 2.6.17, knock wood.. - Linus
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23:22<gpd>wow xen really has lost its way - we have gone back to waiting for uml fixes and kernel releases :(
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23:33<smitty> is anyone around to help?
23:33<smitty>I have a migration in flight that is coming up failed
23:34<@caker>what's up?
23:34<smitty>there are still some jobs running
23:34<smitty>but they are failing one by one
23:34<@caker>ok, don't panic :)
23:35<smitty>the last 2 jobs are still running
23:38<smitty>they have all finished but failed
23:39<fo0bar>oy... 15-28 after 4 innings
23:39<fo0bar>I think we beat the spread :)
23:40<@caker>smitty: they actually migrated successfully, but something in my error checking is off
23:40<@caker>smitty: can you verify (I booted the node)
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23:41<smitty>i can look
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23:44<smitty>everything looks ok from the host
23:44<smitty>all services up and running
23:44<@caker>ok, shoot us a ticket if something's wrong
23:45<smitty>so did the migration complete?
23:45<smitty>ok ... thx
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