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07:13<Logan>Anyone avaliable in here?
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11:02<warewolf>SmackBook Pro
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11:15<Sh8d0w>is there a network problem? I can't ssh into host12
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12:12<anderiv>so...has anyone tried out Zabbix (monitoring/notification tool)?
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12:37<nas9>is something wrong with the HE network or is it just me?
12:38<nas9>ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out
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12:38<taupehat>nas9: I'm on a HEnet host and it's fine
12:38<taupehat>might be host12 though
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12:39<nas9>could someone try to ping it?
12:40<TheFirst>how about you?
12:40<taupehat>--- ping statistics ---
12:40<taupehat>16 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 15028ms
12:40<taupehat>looks like she might have fell over
12:40<taupehat>ping caker mikegrb
12:47<nas9>thanks for the help taupehat
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12:52<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host12 in System and Network Status <>
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13:10<ximbiot>hrm. having trouble creating a forum userid. anyhow, how long does it usually take for Hurricane Electric to "manually reboot" a host?
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13:16<gpd>ximbiot: not sure what you mean - do you mean linode reboot?
13:17<ximbiot>no, whole host. I'm on host12 - there is a forum post about 1.5 hours old from mikegrb stating that it panicked and is being manually rebooted by Hurricane Electric. Was wondering how long that might take.
13:19<afv-13>does anyone know of something that'll convert a mysql dump into sqlite?
13:21<ximbiot>afv-13, have you tried variations on mysqldump's --compatible flag?
13:21<gpd>ximbiot: your host is coming up according to caker
13:22<afv-13>ximbiot: nope, i'll try though, thanks
13:22<ximbiot>gpd, ah, yes. i see it. thanks.
13:22<gpd> <-- might help?
13:24<ximbiot>afv-13, I've also resorted to simple `sed' scripts to remove syntax produced by mysqldump which didn't appear to be understood by some other sql server in the past, but if --compatible works, it is probably simpler.
13:24<afv-13>the biggest problem seems to be auto_increment
13:25<gpd>afv-13: is this a cunning plan to remove MySQL from your linode?
13:25<gpd>to save memory?
13:25<afv-13>not really, it's my first go at a db on a linode
13:26<afv-13>don't have much room for a full on sql and hopes sqlite was an easy out
13:26<gpd>MySQL isn't too bad actually
13:26<gpd> 7314 mysql 16 0 26240 10m 3516 S 0.0 9.2 0:00.09 mysqld
13:26<gpd> 7316 mysql 16 0 26240 10m 3516 S 0.0 9.2 0:00.20 mysqld
13:26<gpd> 7317 mysql 15 0 26240 10m 3516 S 0.0 9.2 0:00.97 mysqld
13:26<afv-13>almost 30%
13:26<gpd>[but still pretty bad]
13:27<afv-13>what plan?
13:27<gpd>not sure if the threaded version is 10M or 30M -- npmr is the expert
13:27<gpd>I have an L120
13:27<afv-13>i should move to a 120 one day
13:27<ximbiot>afv-13, "sed 's/ auto_increment//' <dump.sql >newdump.sql". :)
13:28<afv-13>i'm pretty sure i need it though
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13:28<ximbiot>oh. well, unless sqllite has a synonym for it, you're in trouble, then.
13:29<warewolf>auto increment is bad
13:29<afv-13>it does though, but it's a weird way of setting it
13:29<warewolf>unless you're doing something really simple, auto increment can be a severe headache in the future
13:30<npmr>gpd, is 26240 the VSZ column?
13:30<ximbiot>if it has a synonym, you should be able to come up with a more complex sed script that works. or play with --compatible some more.
13:30<gpd>npmr: VIRT in top
13:30<npmr>ok, VIRT, same thing
13:30<npmr>mysql is threaded
13:31<gpd>so only using 10M :)
13:31<npmr>yours is using 26240 KB of virtual memory, of which 10M is paged in
13:31<npmr>the rest is paged out
13:32<gpd>where does 'paged out' stuff go? - it isn't in swap atm as I only have 7276k swap (i think i need to read about vm)...
13:32<npmr>it doesn't "go" anywhere
13:33<npmr>paged out means that the virtual memory pages of the processes vma are currently unmapped
13:33<warewolf>there are multiple kinds of swapping
13:33<warewolf>you can swap stuff into swap
13:33<warewolf>or you can just throw out parts of executables
13:33<npmr>i.e. there is no copy in memory
13:33<warewolf>only later to have the kernel load it back into system memory
13:34<npmr>that may mean that it's heap, and the on-disk copy is in swap
13:34<warewolf>so a system that has no swap filesystem, can still swap.
13:34<npmr>or it may be part of an mmapped file, which is somewhere in the filesystem
13:35<npmr>either way, the data that's in that vm page exists somewhere on secondary storage and can be loaded back into memory on demand
13:35<npmr>and in both cases, you'll see i/o load when it happens
13:36<gpd>hmm - well slightly clearer - but i think i need to read the basics to really understand
13:36<gpd>thanks though!
13:37<gpd> <- understanding virtual memory...
13:37[~]npmr looks
13:37<gpd>i tried once before but the article was too hard...
13:38<gpd>[not that one]
13:39<npmr>yeah, vmms are three parts science and one part voodoo
13:39<warewolf>windows, in vmware, viewed by vnc.
13:39<warewolf>too many virtuals in thre :_
13:43<ximbiot>heh. windows is virtually an operating system?
13:48<ximbiot>gpd, thanks for your help and good luck with vmm. node's up and i'm outta here. :)
13:48<gpd>see ya ximbiot
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13:53<warewolf>lets see if my windows install passes validation
13:53<warewolf>thaaat sucks.
13:54<warewolf>keygen'd VLK "corporate" (activationless) WinXP Pro
13:54<warewolf>I hate this whole "activation" crap
13:55<fo0bar>why not use the install disc and key from your boxed copy or from the manufacturer install disc?
13:55<warewolf>I did, I guess
13:55<warewolf>the problem is my "boxed copy" still requires activation.
13:55<warewolf>and it's an OEM variant of Win XP Pro
13:57<@mikegrb>fo0bar: (P.S., the CD arrived next-day, which is absolute proof that amazon didn't ship it directly.)
13:57<@mikegrb>fo0bar: awesome
13:58<@mikegrb>so don't use windows, seems a simple solution
13:58<@mikegrb>fo0bar: hunter likes the song
13:58<fo0bar>mikegrb: how old is he? :)
13:58<@mikegrb>20 months
13:59<warewolf>"aka Almost two years"
13:59<fo0bar>I was about to say stop playing it by the time he starts understanding the words, but now that I think about it that song was pretty tame
13:59<fo0bar>others on the CD were more graphic :)
13:59<fo0bar>but the beat is always catchy
14:00<warewolf>you would not believe how difficult it is to locate that url
14:00<fo0bar>mikegrb I'll be sure to throw a couple CDs on my phone before I leave next week :)
14:00<warewolf>the WGA plugin for firefox
14:01<fo0bar>I also just bought a joan jett cd on itunes. god bless the classics :)
14:02<@mikegrb>warewolf: not really
14:03<@mikegrb>1 month is a huge difference in the development of someone his age
14:03<Sh8d0w>mikegrb: are there problems with the linodes on host12 after the reboot?
14:03<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: I just got a ticket from someonw that said they were having problems
14:04<@mikegrb>oh, that's you
14:04<Sh8d0w>yeah =)
14:05<@mikegrb>give me a few moments to explore
14:17<@mikegrb>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 May 25 14:45 inittab -> 1537
14:17<@mikegrb>/etc/inittab is a symlink to 1537 which doesn't exist
14:17<@mikegrb>maybe a typo caused it
14:17<@mikegrb>I can replace it from the distro image
14:20<npmr>perhaps it's fs corruption
14:21<npmr>did you run fsck?
14:21<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: do you want me to copy a copy of initab over
14:21<Sh8d0w>mikegrb: are u getting my pm's?
14:21<@mikegrb>npmr: it's showing as clean
14:21<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: nope
14:21<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: in channel
14:22<Sh8d0w>oh, umm, I'm not sure I want to boot it in the current condition
14:22<Sh8d0w>there seems to be some kind of corruption to the fs
14:22<@mikegrb>it shows as clean
14:22<npmr>Sh8d0w, ext3?
14:22<Sh8d0w>but I didn't touch any of the files, and it was booted up before
14:23<Sh8d0w>then it just died and can't reboot
14:23<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: the change could have been made long ago when it was running
14:23<@mikegrb>but since init already had the file open/or had already read it, it didn't affect anything
14:23<@mikegrb>until trying to reboot when it discovered it couldn't get it's config
14:23<Sh8d0w>hmm, I shall try booting from a recovery distro first
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14:30<Sh8d0w>hmm, I'm trying to run Finnix according to
14:30<Sh8d0w>but I can't boot
14:33<Sh8d0w>mikegrb: is the finnix iso available?
14:34<@mikegrb>but I can tell from the console you didn't follow the directions properly
14:34<@mikegrb>it's still trying to boot from your existing images
14:36<Sh8d0w>that's odd since I selected the new profile
14:37<Sh8d0w>it says: Profile has no root partition
14:40<Sh8d0w>mikegrb: I followed the instructions on that page, am I missing something?
14:42<@mikegrb>just a min
14:51<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: ok, you are up
14:51<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: you need to add your other disk images to the recovery proflie so that you can mount them
14:52<Sh8d0w>wut was the problem?
14:53<@mikegrb>bug in some code
14:54<@mikegrb>finnix causes arguments of a different format
14:54<Sh8d0w>heh, ok, so I'm not out of my mind =)
14:54<@mikegrb>so the check doesn't think a root device has been defined since the format isn't what it expects
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14:54<@mikegrb>well, you still need to go back through the finnix instructions as you don''t have your partitions defined
14:55<@mikegrb>so it won't be any help in fixing the problem until you fix that
14:55<Sh8d0w>I know, I did, I was just checking to see if it would boot by itself
15:17<Sh8d0w>everything seems ok now, thanks mikegrb
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18:15<Spads> 3 ND+ May 26 Jennifer Bell [14.4] obligingly self-fulfilling prophecy
18:15<Spads>that's a fantastic spam Subject:
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22:26[~]gpd installs picasa2 on Dapper desktop - contemplates Dapper LTS on Linode
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22:28[~]caker tries to determine the max length of a domain name
22:28<@caker>I thought it was closer to 255, but other places I'm reading say 64, 67...
22:28<@mikegrb>67 sounds right
22:29<@mikegrb>there is a domain name
22:29<gpd>called 'thisisthelogestname..' or seomthing
22:29<taupehat>on postfix: versus - what's the difference? Should I keep everything in one so I don't have to go chasing shit all around, or are they separate for a good reason?
22:32<gpd>taupehat: i think they are different...
22:32<@caker>ok, looks like max for a host+domain is around 255
22:32<gpd># service type private unpriv chroot wakeup maxproc command + args
22:32<gpd>^ master
22:34<gpd>In theory, this subdivision can go down to 127 levels deep, and each label can contain up to 63 characters, as long as the whole domain name does not exceed a total length of 255 characters.
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22:35<gpd>are you working ont he dns thingy again?
22:37<@caker>yeah, prepping for some hours on it tomorrow
22:41<fo0bar>caker: have you looked into what it takes to become an opensrs reseller? it may be worth considering... "congrats on your new linode! by the way, want a new domain name?"
22:42<@caker>fo0bar: I did many years ago, in fact: (ancient)
22:42<@caker>I think I'm still registered as a reseller
22:42<@caker>I never followed through since the margins on domains is miniscule, but it would be a nice VAS
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22:46<Newsome>you ought to petition for a new TLD! .caker or .linode
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22:46<encode>Newsome: haha
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