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00:11<gpd>does anyone mirror their linode locally and use Xen|UML|VMware|? to test stuff?
00:11<gpd>I have done that with Xen in the past but I don't have a Xen Kernel for Dapper on my desktop
00:12<gpd>There seems to be only kernel-patch-uml in the repos - so i presumably will have to build a kernel for UML too
00:13<gpd>[wanted to test breezy->dapper to satisfy my urge to break things]
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00:20<@mikegrb>gpd: you can download a kernel
00:21<taupehat>picasa on linux is pretty nicely-done, particularly when you consider it was a wine project
00:21<@mikegrb>oh there are some 2.6.16 and such there
00:21<taupehat>very nicely done, in fact
00:21<@mikegrb>didn't realize it was that current
00:21<@mikegrb>gpd: anyway, saves you some time
00:21<gpd>mikegrb: good point - downloading :)
00:22<gpd>taupehat: agreed - seem quite smooth
00:22<taupehat>it's cool to see this - I've been a desktop linux geek for years now, and it's always good to see the big players putting some work in
00:22<taupehat>their contribs back to the wine project can only help
00:23<gpd>when google earth comes along then I will be VERY happy :)
00:23<taupehat>lol, I won't
00:23<taupehat>since I can't load that program without dicking around for 4 hours
00:23<taupehat>and doubtless it'll be released while I'm at work
00:23<gpd>hah - that is what i suspected you would say - me too
00:24<gpd>'tis weird to look back at old haunts and houses
00:24<gpd>even my parents were identifying their old houses from 30+ yr/ago
00:25<taupehat>I looked at my old swimming hole, and wished I was there.
00:25<@caker>!weather 37216
00:25<taupehat>and "walked" upriver like I used to do when I was flyfishing with my dad
00:25<linbot>caker: Temperature: 72°F / 22°C | Humidity: 69% | Pressure: 29.83in / 1010hPa | Conditions: Light Thunderstorms and Rain | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 12mph / 18km/h; Tonight - Showers and thunderstorms likely. Some thunderstorms may be severe. Lows in the upper 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Friday - Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the (1 more message)
00:25<linbot>caker: upper 80s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.; Friday Night - Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 60s. West winds around 5 mph.;
00:25<@caker>yay, more rain
00:26<taupehat>at least it's WARM rain
00:26<taupehat>!weather 97525
00:26<linbot>taupehat: Temperature: 52.3°F / 11.3°C | Humidity: 69% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017.2hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 5.0mph / 8.0km/h; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. Lows in the lower to mid 40s. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Friday - Showers likely in the morning...then showers likely and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s. (1 more message)
00:26<linbot>taupehat: West winds around 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.; Friday Night - Showers and isolated thunderstorms in the evening...then showers after midnight. Lows in the mid 30s to lower 40s. West winds around 10 mph.;
00:26<Eman>!weather 48226
00:26<linbot>Eman: Temperature: 64°F / 18°C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 29.54in / 1000hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 10mph / 17km/h; Rest of Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms. Lows 61 to 65. South winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.; Friday - Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms. Highs 72 to 76. Northwest winds 5 to 15 (1 more message)
00:26<taupehat>!weather 12345
00:26<linbot>taupehat: Temperature: 60.7°F / 15.9°C | Humidity: 74% | Pressure: 29.76in / 1007.7hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h; Overnight - Partly cloudy early...then becoming mostly cloudy. Patchy fog. Not as cool with lows in the upper 50s. West winds around 5 mph...becoming south around 5 mph.; Friday - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the morning...then showers with (2 more messages)
00:27<taupehat>where the hell is zipcode 12345?
00:27<Eman>somewhere in nyc?
00:28<Eman>google says: 12345 Schenectady New York NY ZIP code
00:28<taupehat>Schenectady, ahh
00:28<taupehat>cool name, too
00:28<taupehat>!weather 98765
00:28<Eman>i have no idea how to even pronounce that
00:29<taupehat>22:28 <linbot> Error: Could not retrieve weather for "98765".
00:29<Eman>!weather 10001
00:29<linbot>Eman: Temperature: 64°F / 18°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 29.77in / 1008hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h; Overnight - Cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Lows in the lower 60s. South winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming southeast.; Friday - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in the morning... then showers likely with a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. (2 more messages)
00:40<womble>!weather 90210
00:40<linbot>womble: Temperature: 65°F / 18°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 29.81in / 1009hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h; Tonight - Clear in the evening then low clouds and fog. Lows near 60. Southwest winds around 15 mph in the evening.; Friday - Low clouds and fog clearing to near the beaches by afternoon. Highs in the mid 60s to around 70. Southwest afternoon winds around 15 mph.; Friday (1 more message)
00:40<womble>C'mon, someone had to do it
00:41<gpd>that is just round the corner from me :)
00:41<womble>Wow, the same weather as 10001, but with the wind from the opposite direction...
00:41<taupehat>gpd: you live in West Hellaweird, right?
00:41<gpd>90095 - ucla baby
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00:43|-|dprice changed nick to ximbiot
00:44<gpd>linbot: list
00:44<linbot>gpd: AcronymFinder, Admin, Alias, Amazon, Anonymous, Babelfish, BadWords, Channel, Config, Currency, CyborgName, Debian, Dict, Dunno, Ebay, Factoids, Filter, Format, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Internet, Lart, Later, LinodeAvail, Linux, Memo, Misc, News, Nickometer, Note, Owner, Plugin, Praise, Quote, RSS, Rhyme, RootWarner, Scheduler, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Sourceforge, Status, Stock, String, Success, Supybot, (1 more message)
00:44<taupehat>!amazon samba
00:44<gpd>!nickometer ximbiot
00:44<linbot>gpd: The "lame nick-o-meter" reading for "ximbiot" is 0.0%.
00:45<@caker>!books samba
00:45<taupehat>!nickometer gloin
00:45<linbot>taupehat: The "lame nick-o-meter" reading for "gloin" is 0.0%.
00:45<@caker>gpd: !list amazon :)
00:45<taupehat>!amazon books samba
00:45<@caker>huh, I had an amazon key
00:45<taupehat>not anymore!
00:45<taupehat>!nickometer d|i|g|i|t|a|l
00:45<linbot>taupehat: The "lame nick-o-meter" reading for "d|i|g|i|t|a|l" is 99.91%.
00:45<taupehat>yeah, baby!
00:46<gpd>sorry ximbiot - just wondered why you changed from dprice ;)
00:46<ximbiot>hey caker, are there filters in place that would prevent me from querying DNS other than the three default linode DNS?
00:47<@caker>ok, key entered
00:47<ximbiot>dprice is my name, is my web site and ximbiot is my linode user name. figured "ximbiot" was more meaningful here. :)
00:47<@caker>ximbiot: no
00:47<taupehat>!amazon books samba
00:47<linbot>taupehat: Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Tiger Ed (Missing Manual), written by David Pogue; published by O'Reilly Media, Inc.; price: $18.87, LDAP System Administration, written by Gerald Carter; published by O'Reilly Media, Inc.; price: $26.37, Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration, written by Michael Bartosh and Ryan Faas; published by O'Reilly Media, Inc.; price: $31.47, Samba-3 by Example : (3 more messages)
00:47<taupehat>!amazon books samba3 by example
00:47<linbot>taupehat: No books were found with that keyword search.
00:47<taupehat>!amazon books samba 3 by example
00:47<linbot>taupehat: Samba-3 by Example : Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment (Bruce Perens Open Source), written by John H. Terpstra; published by Prentice Hall PTR; price: $28.34
00:47<taupehat>there we go
00:47<taupehat>highly recommended
00:47<taupehat>it's a recipe book
00:47<gpd>Ximbiot is a consulting and support company for CVS - wow
00:49<gpd>do you worry about the 'newer' versioning systems - svn etc? or are you taking them onboard?
00:49<ximbiot>anyone have any idea why i might be able to dig a domain via the linode DNS but not dig at the authoritative DNS directly?
00:50<@caker>ximbiot: which domain?
00:50<ximbiot>gpd, I'm not very worried. People still hire me. If business starts dwindling, I may take SVN or some other VC on board.
00:51<ximbiot>caker,, specificly, via the secondary DNS.
00:52<gpd> <-- fail
00:52<@caker>yeah, was just running that
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00:52<gpd>ERROR: Some of your nameservers listed at the parent nameservers did not respond. The ones that did not respond are:
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00:54<gpd>you probably need to change the primary nameserver to (or whatever your parent server expects)
00:55<ximbiot>that's the one. :( if i turn on a logging firewall on that host for outgoing DNS packets, I see the outgoing packets hit the firewall after a query, but when i remove the firewall entry, the client never receives an answer. :(
00:55<gpd> --> SOA record primary nameserver
00:56<ximbiot>my primary is working fine. it's on the linode. i noticed when host12 went down today that my secondary dns didn't work.
00:58<ximbiot>when the firewall is on, i can see the packet has the correct addresses, protocol, goes out the correct interface, etc. but somewhere between the secondary and my linode (and the packet disappears.
00:58<@caker>ISP filtering?
00:58<ximbiot>is very odd. everything else, including incoming and outgoing mail, http, etc, works fine.
01:00<ximbiot>caker, maybe. it's the only thing i can think of. i know they have a filter - it used to switch on automatically to filter my smtp ocassionally when i had my mail server misconfigured to relay spam, but i can't imagine why they would filter outgoing dns.
01:00<@caker>ximbiot: I think traceroute can use UDP and take a port option -- maybe try sending some probes to your Linode from that box
01:01<@caker>well, that doesn't make much sense, since the returning port != src port
01:01<gpd>caker: uml 101 - can i use your uml kernels for host and guest?
01:01<ximbiot>i dread explaining this to their customer service dept. wish i could get speakeasy here. :(
01:01<ximbiot>caker, huh? filter doesn't make sense?
01:02<@caker>ximbiot: incoming 53 is getting to you
01:02<@caker>ximbiot: responses going back out aren't on port 53
01:02<ximbiot>responses from my secondary are not coming from 53?
01:02<@caker>ximbiot: and, I assume they're not filtering UDP on a wide-range of ports that could be used for everything (games, p2p, whatever)
01:03<@caker>ximbiot: replies aren't going back out port 53, I assume
01:03<@caker>maybe I should just be quiet
01:04<@caker>gpd: no, uml kernels are ELF binaries
01:04<@caker>gpd: like /bin/ls, etc
01:04<gpd>so i need to compile a host kernel for myself
01:04<ximbiot>caker: i believe they are. just a sec. i had reviewd this but all these source.dest numbers are new... :)
01:04<@mikegrb>gpd: but you can run the kernels from what ever keren you are in now
01:04<@mikegrb>no special host kernel needed
01:04<gpd>oh - cool :)
01:04<@mikegrb>host patches give better preformance
01:05<@mikegrb>but aren't necessary
01:05<@caker>gpd: If you don't patch the host with SKAS3, the recent 2.6 kernels will run in skas0 mode -- almost as fast, but not quite
01:05<@caker>gpd: the "old" non-skas[0|3] method was called TT mode, and is teh suck
01:05<@mikegrb>I've used those kernels locally with my normal kernel on he host for testing code
01:05<@mikegrb>anyway, I have to go to bed now, my boss told me to
01:05<@caker>mikegrb: I'll tuck you in, in a few
01:05<gpd>very cool - thanks mikegrb
01:06<@mikegrb>caker: thx. will be waiting
01:06[~]mikegrb runs
01:07<@caker>gpd: anyhow, <-- the place to go for host patches
01:07<gpd>k - atm the kernel is panic'ing ":(
01:07<@caker>with no root device, I guess?
01:07<gpd>please append a correct 'root='
01:08<@caker>yeah ...
01:08<@caker>./linux ubda=/path/to/root_fs
01:08[~]gpd looks for TFM
01:08<@caker>gpd: cat /proc/cmdline in your node for syntax hints
01:08<gpd>ok - and that path can be a regular dir
01:08<@caker>gpd: you've got a disk image already?
01:08<@caker>yeah, or device node, if using a partition
01:09<gpd>ok - that means i need to create lvm foo
01:09<gpd>no other method supported i suppose...
01:09<@caker>as in a tree of files on the host's fs?
01:09<gpd>something like that...?
01:09<@caker>there are, but I don't suggest using it
01:10<@caker>hostfs/humfs, but again: big red flag
01:10<@caker>you're better off just creating an image (or lvm partition) and lobbing the files onto it
01:10<gpd>k - no prob - i have plenty of space
01:11<@caker>!calc baker's dozen * 1
01:11<linbot>caker: baker's dozen * 1 = 13
01:11<@caker>google is soooo smart
01:12<gpd>oh... shiny.. 'booting...
01:15<ximbiot>caker, hrm. traceroute lets me set the destination port but not the origin. packet that doesn't make it goes from 53 to 1027.
01:15<gpd>caker: great - thanks was contemplating asking ;)
01:15<@caker>ximbiot: right, so target 1027 in traceroute, origin port is irrelevant
01:15<ximbiot>did. it made it. and my firewall can filter on origin port.
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01:17<tchang>anyone have any idea about how long it will take for a rDNS update to occur?
01:18<@caker>tchang: 8-36 hours
01:18<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
01:18<@caker>likely no more than 24
01:18<tchang>I know about propagation delays and all... but I haven't seen ANY nameserver return this IP
01:18<tchang>even the NS's listed as authoritative
01:18<tchang>nor the ones in my linode's /etc/resolv.conf
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01:19<tchang>erm, rather any nameservers return the desired PTR
01:20<@caker>tchang: are you sure? I just tested your IP and it returned your rdns
01:21<tchang>tony@shell:~$ host -t ptr
01:22<Eman>for me, returns
01:23<tchang>which nameserver?
01:24<Eman>my internal one, that pulls from the root servers (im probably abusing them somehow but w/e)
01:26<gpd>1.3G into transfer of linode files to local machine - did ifconfig eth0 promisc up -- lost connection :(
01:27<gpd>of course doing tar -cvf - | ssh m@mine 'cat > linode.tgz'
01:27<gpd>so no way to recover it...
01:27<Eman>tchang: my isps servers reply the same if you wanna see...
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01:36<Eman>unrealircd drives me crazy... 3.2.3 compiles perfect, 3.2.2 and 3.2.4 make gcc go insane, i ended up just copying files from one box to another
01:38<Eman>and i cant keep a sane sentance going at this hour
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01:42<gpd>caker: still there? not finding my hda5 - despite working once?
01:43<IntuiWorx9>gpd: Are you on host53 also?
01:44<gpd>hah - er no... just fiddling with my own desktop
01:44<IntuiWorx9>oh, ok
01:44<IntuiWorx9>My Linode can't find hda or hdb and consequently won't boot ... :-(
01:44<@caker>IntuiWorx9: INIT: version 2.86 booting
01:44<@caker>INIT: No inittab file found
01:44<@caker>that doesn't look good
01:45<gpd>hmm... second inittab missing today ???
01:45<IntuiWorx9>Yup, that's it.
01:45<@caker>gpd: when else did that happen?
01:45<@caker>gpd: that was init missing, not inittab
01:45<gpd>earlier this afternoon...
01:45<@caker>from what I guess was a hack
01:46<gpd>12:17 @mikegrb> /etc/inittab is a symlink to 1537 which doesn't exist
01:46<@caker>IntuiWorx9: if you want, I can take a look at your fs real quick
01:46<@caker>gpd: ahhh
01:46<ximbiot>caker, thanks for the dnsreport link. it helped me fix a few problems anyway. i'll find out tomorrow if it sent me in the right direction to fix them all. good night.
01:46<@caker>that's definately a hack
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01:47<gpd>Sh8d0w ^^ was the person
01:47<IntuiWorx9>caker: thanks ... I also just submitted a support ticket that shows the entire boot process up to "no inittab file found"
01:48<@caker>IntuiWorx9: hold off on booting for a minute
01:49<@caker>ls: inittab: Input/output error
01:49[~]caker runs fsck
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01:50<gpd>12:20 npmr> perhaps it's fs corruption
01:50<gpd>12:21 npmr> did you run fsck?
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01:56<@caker>IntuiWorx9: still fscking
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01:57<@caker>Entry 'inittab' in /etc (59393) has deleted/unused inode 59491. Clear<y>? yes
01:58<IntuiWorx9>might as well, no use in not clearing that I can see ... right?
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02:01<gpd>/dev/hda5 16T 16T 0 100% /media/hda5
02:02<@caker>IntuiWorx9: ok, inittab was moved into lost+found, along with a copy of your fstab, but that looks ok
02:02<@caker>IntuiWorx9: should be good to go booting up again
02:02<IntuiWorx9>caker: thx ... even if they are broke, I've got a backup of them from ~1 pm yesterday
02:03<@caker>they looked fine
02:03<IntuiWorx9>it occurs to me now that I could have done all this via Finnix ... right?
02:03<@caker>dunno how recently you've updated gentoo, but I'm pretty sure they've gotten rid of devfs, so I dunno if your swap will mount (still referencing devfs style in your fstab)
02:03<@caker>IntuiWorx9: you could have, but the limiter would have sucked for doing an fsck
02:04<IntuiWorx9>Hmmm ... that's true.
02:04<@caker>trick: resizing down 1MB will run an fsck on the host, non-io-limited
02:04<IntuiWorx9>I've been updating regularly ... but hadn't thought to check the fstab
02:05<IntuiWorx9>Thanks for the tips ...
02:05<IntuiWorx9>and the help
02:05<@caker>sorry for the host bombage -- I should have a replacement and migrations set up in a few days
02:06<IntuiWorx9>no worries
02:11<IntuiWorx9>caker: ok, she's up and running now ... once again, thanks!
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02:34<gpd> <- 22-Mar-2006
02:40|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
02:40<gpd>sweet - booted my linode locally - now for network
02:54<@caker>gpd: have you rebooted in the past day or two?
02:54<gpd>yes - why?
02:54<@caker>gpd: if so, have you noticed them taking the full 2min 30secs every time?
02:54<gpd>what? boot up?
02:54<@caker>no the shutdown
02:55<gpd>didn't notice - seemed quick ?
02:55<@caker>ok .. hunting a bug that came over with the new host libs I deployed to all the boxes
02:55<gpd>did take a while to go down from LPM
02:55<gpd>ended up doing LISH reboot to help along
02:56<gpd>but second time - i remember waiting and it went down
02:56<@caker>yeah, shutdown jobs from the LPM (when the node is still up)
02:56<gpd>yes - that was definitly slow
02:57[~]gpd updates local linode to dapper-rc1
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03:14<gpd>updated to Ubuntu Dapper Drake - no problems so far
03:15[~]gpd experiments with different sized linodes - 256M would be nice!
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03:39<linbot>New news from forums: Ever heard about Nav4All software in General Discussion <>
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04:01<Eman>in the topic thats in, it just makes me laugh
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05:28<Quizzer>anything wrong with host57 .. seems to be really really slow ..
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10:10|-|lhunath [] has joined #linode
10:11<lhunath>any status updates on the issues?
10:13<lhunath>or not ;o
10:13<@mikegrb>what issues?
10:28<lhunath> being down, at least for me .. including my own personal linode, naturally
10:28<lhunath>or is it just a router somewhere on the way to you? ;|
10:30<gpd>no problem from here
10:34<@mikegrb>I haven't heard any reports
10:34<lhunath> 15. 0.0% 15 158.6 150.5 138.8 161.0 7.6
10:34<lhunath>16. ???
10:34<lhunath>I die at hop 16
10:34<lhunath>what's ?
10:35<npmr>and that 12.blah is at&t
10:35<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ host
10:36<npmr>also helps to know that att owns
10:36<npmr>so it gets as far as dallas, anyway
10:36<warewolf>ATT owns 12.x.x.x
10:36<npmr>but that looks like a noc problem on their end, and not a customer link problem
10:37<npmr>warewolf, we've established that, but thank you for alerting us to your presence
10:37<warewolf>er, sorry I misparsed your statement.
10:38<warewolf>I appreciate the sarcasm after only moments ago waking up.
10:38<npmr>you should at least wait until you've eaten
10:45<lhunath>so basically, att dallas can't manage to find me a next hop, nuts
10:45<gpd> 8 ( <-- tell them to try that one ;)
10:46|-|Spads [~crack@] has joined #linode
10:46<lhunath>you mean you have the same hop in your traceroute as hop 7?
10:47<gpd>so i was just being faceious - sorry
10:47<gpd> 7 (
10:48<lhunath>can't even resolve
10:48<gpd>I'm not sure I understand routing - or why there are not more options
10:48<lhunath>what's the router right before ea. their ISP?
10:49<gpd>in my crazy mixed up world packets should just 'find their way'
10:49<gpd>11 ( 4
10:49<gpd>12 (
10:49<lhunath>everything should be hubs and we should all be in one big subnet
10:49|-|p0seidon [~p0seidon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:50[~]lhunath blaims for lack of better
10:53<@mikegrb>you should blame AT&T
10:54<lhunath>they get blaimed for so much already
10:57<gpd>so why can't packets just 'go a different way'? stupid ISPs not sharing information or fundamental hardware issue?
10:58<gpd>[/me demonstrates ignorance again - goes off to RTFM]
10:58<lhunath>they're in need of IT staff that knows about iproute2 & multipath routing
11:00<@mikegrb>gpd: TP has a link from AT&T
11:00<@mikegrb>gpd: so AT&T is going to want to put all TP destined traffic through that link
11:00<@mikegrb>gpd: rather then going through a third party and then to TP
11:00<@mikegrb>that way, they maximize income from the link
11:01<@mikegrb>also minimize traffic going though other providers
11:01<@mikegrb>which puts them in a bargaining position
11:04<lhunath>odd thing, lets us through to when traceroute is initiated on a US server, but not from europe
11:05<lhunath>the US vs Europe war must be starting
11:08<Spads>yeah, I've been having wonky connectivity from London
11:08<Spads>seems okay now, I guess
11:09<Spads>16. 98.6% 71 157.2 157.2 157.2 157.2 0.0
11:33[~]gpd manages to route himself to work - although some sidewalk construction almost caused me to give up and vanish into thin air... luckily the construction workers had allowed multipath routing using the 'other side of the road' [/me swallows a couple of pills, gets to work]
11:37|-|Nando [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
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12:14|-|schultmc [] has joined #linode
12:20<lhunath>whatever work that is, I prescribe you less of it
12:44|-|jimcooncat [] has joined #linode
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13:20|-|spr [] has joined #linode
13:21<warewolf>shit, wtf is going on
13:21<warewolf>someone illegal attempt to update using time 1148658601 when last update time is 1148658602 (minimum one second step)
13:22<warewolf>someone on host 47 is running two copies of the RML agent, or something
13:22<warewolf>or it's clock is off
13:24<warewolf>gpd- ping
13:24<gpd>you suspect moi?
13:24<warewolf>are you running two copies of the RML client?
13:24<gpd>don't think so
13:24<warewolf>how are you running it?
13:24<gpd>i did yesterday night
13:25<gpd>i ran it from cmd line
13:25<gpd>as my password had changed
13:25<warewolf>Yes, I noticed :) I have a string of error emails
13:25<gpd>apologies :(
13:25<warewolf>no problem
13:25<warewolf>RML uses RRDTool as a backend
13:25<gpd>couldn't login - so changed passwd - then found it not updating
13:26<warewolf>right, your password is in the RML client .pl script
13:26<gpd>so ran from cmd line - saw ps error - changed
13:26<warewolf>you have to edit it too
13:26<gpd>- realized pw was in the client at this point ;)
13:26<warewolf>well the last error was at 14:00
13:26<warewolf>and that would have been 5 updates ago
13:27<warewolf>so if you're still running it, whatever the problem was is gone now
13:27<gpd>14:00 what time zone?
13:27<warewolf>Fri May 26 14:27:43 EDT 2006
13:27<warewolf>that's the current date EST5EDT
13:27<warewolf>Fri May 26 18:27:54 UTC 2006
13:27<warewolf>and gmt
13:27<gpd>well i thought i fix0rd it y'day afternoon - so that sounds about right
13:28[~]warewolf needs to prune inactive people out of RML
13:28<gpd>is there a way to get the graph images to have different names - so they don't require a hard refresh?
13:29<warewolf>different names?
13:29<warewolf>the graphs only update once every interval for them
13:29<gpd>random name - so no browser cache
13:29<warewolf>the browser should not be caching them
13:30<warewolf>the webserver is sending proper date headers
13:30<gpd>mine does - i have to do SHIFT-Reload in the 'my graphs' page
13:30<warewolf>so if it checks it, it should catch up that the image is new
13:31<warewolf>ETag: "6f5aa-7c2-438ec4cb"
13:31<warewolf>Content-Length: 1986
13:31<warewolf>Last-Modified: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 09:39:23 GMT
13:31<warewolf>that's not right.
13:31<gpd>my graph looks super weird right now... must be my dist-upgrade
13:31<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (2006-05-23) in Xen Public Beta <>
13:31<@caker>^-- old
13:32<warewolf>on the ball there caker
13:32<gpd>32767 1d/y !
13:32<@caker>pruning spam from the forums, grr
13:32<gpd>andrewjw's not doing too well either
13:33<warewolf>I wonder where the hell apache is getting that date
13:33<warewolf>see, I do some sneaky stuff behind-the-scenes
13:33<warewolf>you hit otf.html (on-the-fly) which will regenerate a graph if it is necessary
13:33<gpd>i still don't understand the numbers in those graphs...
13:33<warewolf>if it isn't necessary, it does a back-end internal redirect to the static image
13:34<warewolf>gpd- which numbers?
13:34<warewolf>gpd- in general, the numbers are io ops per second
13:34<gpd>the ones overlayed over the graphs
13:34<warewolf>those are a little skewed because they're averages of averages
13:35<warewolf>my graph for daily on actually says 33 io ops/second
13:35<warewolf>but the number overlaid says 29
13:35<warewolf>so it's slightly messed up
13:36<gpd>the but the week numbers change daily...
13:36<gpd>does that depend on boot ?
13:37<warewolf>the daily graph has a data-point interval of 5 minutes
13:37<warewolf>so it has 86400/3000 (one day, dividied by 5 minutes) points
13:37<warewolf>288 points
13:37<efudd>anyone aware of any rss feeds like gizmodo and engadget?
13:38<warewolf>the weekly has um
13:38<gpd>i expect weekly overlaid number to be 'average io rate over preceeding week'
13:39<gpd>therefore it should not change very much in one day...
13:39<gpd>[clearly this is not how it is]
13:39<warewolf>the weekly overlaid number is the average of the week
13:39<warewolf>for 30 minutes
13:39<warewolf>six points from the 5 minute graph are averaged (30 minutes) into one point on the weekly graph
13:40<gpd>why not just average the whole week's numbers?
13:40<gpd>[too much data] ?
13:40<warewolf>it does
13:40<warewolf>the number overlaid on the weekly graph is an average of the entire week
13:40<warewolf>or atleast it's supposed to be
13:40|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40<gpd>so how can it change from 40 to 11 in 2 hours!?
13:41<gpd>and why is my year colum now at 32767?
13:42<gpd>and my boot column is 2!?
13:42<warewolf>I think because you've got a wide gap in data
13:43<warewolf>that's interesting though
13:43<gpd>the gap was b'cos i renamed the script's folder and didn't notice for 'a while'
13:44<warewolf>32767 honestly sounds like something got confused, actually
13:44<warewolf>that's a little too close to a power-of-two
13:45<warewolf>$ perl -le 'print 1 << 15'
13:47<gpd>dstat -f -a 60 <-- my new fav tool
13:57|-|IntuiWorx [] has joined #linode
14:04|-|harshy [] has joined #linode
14:04|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
14:09<warewolf>god damn fuck chase bank
14:09<warewolf>they keep calling
14:09<warewolf>fucking telemarketers
14:09<warewolf>I hope the threat of a FCC fine gets them to STFU now
14:10<warewolf>this is the second time I've told them we're on the do not call list
14:10<warewolf>yes, the FCC maintains the "do not call list"
14:11<npmr>chase farms a lot of things out to subcontractors
14:11<warewolf>yes, and these are all indian
14:11<npmr>i don't know if that makes a difference or not, as far as the fcc is concerned
14:11<warewolf>it doesn't.
14:12|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
14:12|-|timothy [] has joined #linode
14:13<warewolf>er I'm sorry, the Federal Trade Commission manags the do not call registry
14:13<warewolf>the FCC also happens to enforce it.
14:14<npmr>i suppose it's par for the course for the federal government to turn a fairly simple concept into a total clusterfuck
14:17<timothy>pardon me. I'm setting up a new Linode and honestly getting nowhere.
14:17<timothy>is there a "How To" anywhere for a straight forward webserver on a linode?
14:17<@caker>timothy: what's up?
14:17<warewolf>what's up?
14:18<warewolf>timothy: how familiar with linux are you?
14:18<@caker>timothy: ?
14:18<timothy>I've setup the distro, but vnc is not cooperating
14:18<warewolf>oh, you might need to start the Xvnc server
14:18<timothy>I've setup a Linux server before.... Gentoo as a LAMP
14:19<timothy>I started vncserver and it appeared to work well
14:19<warewolf>caker- I don't remember, is the default VNC port blocked by TP?
14:19<timothy>but any attempt to connect times out
14:19<warewolf>timothy: run this 'netstat -lanp | grep vnc' and it
14:20<timothy>okay, 1 min
14:21<@caker>warewolf: it's not blocked. None of the distros run it by default, or having it installed (with the exception of maybe the RH-large install, but it's so outdated, I don't recommend using it)
14:21[~]warewolf nods
14:22<warewolf>caker- remember, I started with the rh-large install 8-)
14:22<warewolf>then again, I consider myself a fairly well experienced RH admin :)
14:22|-|gpd [~gpd@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:24|-|gpd [] has joined #linode
14:25<warewolf>ok so it looks like you have a VNC server running in port 5801
14:26<warewolf>so point your vnc viewer at
14:26<warewolf>actually you appear to be running two copies of vncserver
14:26<warewolf>one process id 13416, and the other 13498
14:26<warewolf>13416 is your :1 display, and 13498 is your :2 display.
14:27<timothy>I've made several attempts
14:27<warewolf>do you have a firewall running on your linode?
14:27<timothy>should I kill one or does it matter?
14:28<warewolf>I'd kill the second one (13498) because you're not going to be using it.
14:28<timothy>not unless it's on by default
14:28<warewolf>I couldn't tell you
14:28<warewolf>regardless you don't need two
14:29<timothy>okay.... so 'vncserver --kill' ...something?
14:29<warewolf>kill -15 13498
14:29<warewolf>that'll terminate it
14:29<timothy>did it
14:30<warewolf>on your linode, what happens when you try 'telnet localhost 5901' ?
14:30|-|harshy [] has quit [Quit: I give up!]
14:30<warewolf>type control-], then type 'quit' followed by the enter key to quit out of telnet
14:32<timothy>it connects
14:32<warewolf>what happens on your linode when you do 'telnet 5901' where is your linode's IP ?
14:32<warewolf>same thing?
14:33<timothy>it connect
14:33<timothy>connects even
14:34<warewolf>do you know if you have a firewall running on your linode?
14:35<warewolf>you can disable it by running 'iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT ; iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT; iptables -F INPUT; iptables -F OUTPUT'
14:36<warewolf>after trying that, try connecting to your linode with your vncviewer
14:36<warewolf>but be aware, your linode is open to the entire world like that
14:36<timothy>type the whole thing? or are they four seperate commands?
14:36<warewolf>that's four separate commands
14:37<warewolf>that sets the default policy on the INPUT and OUTPUT chains to accept, and then deletes all the rules from the INPUT and OUTPUT chains
14:37<timothy>okay 1 min
14:40<timothy>still timing out
14:40|-|harshy [] has joined #linode
14:40<warewolf>ok it looks like something might be blocking you
14:41<warewolf>can you /msg me your linode's ip address? I'll try seeing if I can reach your vncserver from my computer
14:42<warewolf>it connects just fine
14:42<warewolf>are you sure you're telling the vnc viewer application to connect to ?
14:42<warewolf>the :1 part is very important
14:44<timothy>on that attempt, I used: but I just tried it with the IP address and it worked
14:44<timothy>thank you so much
14:45<warewolf>attention to detail helps.
14:46<timothy>I'm on a mac w/ a pc simulator.... vnc viewer works in the simulator, but everything's slow while using that.... is there a way to get Chicken of the VNC working?:
14:46<@caker>there are plenty of mac VNC clients, and they'll all connect in the same method
14:46<warewolf>.. there should be a vnc viewer app for mac
14:48<timothy>this is where I found the downloads:
14:49<warewolf>yes, that's a popular vnc client
14:50<warewolf>another thing you can use is the built-in webserver java vnc client
14:50<warewolf>go point your web browser at http://your.linode.ip.address:5801/
14:51<IntuiWorx>timothy: If you can't get Chicken on the VNC working (which I have experienced with certain VNC servers), you might try VNCViewer. The author's web site seems to be down, but if you're interested, I'll post a zip file on my Linode that you can download.
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---Logopened Fri May 26 14:56:46 2006
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14:57<warewolf>wtf happened
14:57|-|mikegrb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:57|-|encode [] has joined #linode
14:57|-|caker_ changed nick to caker
14:57|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 38 sekundy
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14:57|-|timothy [] has joined #linode
14:57<warewolf>looks liek a server got rotated
14:57|-|efudd [] has joined #linode
14:57|-|cmantito [] has joined #linode
14:57<warewolf>er derotated
14:58|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
14:58<warewolf>smack me up with that big +o caker
14:58<timothy>If my last few messages didn't come through, I'm very interested in a download
14:58|-|linbot` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:58<warewolf>I promise I'll be good
14:59|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
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15:02|-|mode/#linode [+o mikegrb_] by caker
15:02|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
15:04|-|mikegrb_ Your nick is now mikegrb
15:12|-|timothy [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
15:12|-|timothy_2 [] has joined #linode
15:13<timothy_2>Chicken of the VNC worked!!! cannot have the :1 after the IP on that
15:13<timothy_2>thank you guys
15:14<warewolf>caker- in case you didn't realise, I was asking you to /kick me.
15:14<warewolf>that was the joke.
15:32<gpd>caker: reboot from lish also taking a while
15:35<gpd>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603 <- how do i fix that again?
15:36<@caker>gpd: same diff -- lish just inserts shutdown and boot jobs
15:39<gpd>caker: thanks, what about those errors?
15:39<gpd>crw------- 1 root root 4, 0 May 26 13:34 /dev/tty0
15:42<@mikegrb>gpd: to make it quicker you can do "shutdown -h now" inside your linode
15:42<@mikegrb>then issue a shutdown job via lish or website
15:43<gpd>ok - good tip - thanks -- any clue on the other one - seems to keep appearing on lish console
15:46<timothy_2>warewolf, what was that link you gave earlier?
15:46|-|timothy_2 changed nick to timothy
15:48<@mikegrb>no clue
15:50|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:54<gpd>so update seems to have busted something...
15:54<gpd>resolv.conf points to localhost
15:55<gpd>but bind is responding with nonsense
15:55<gpd>client query: IN A +
15:56[~]caker stabs grub
15:57[~]gpd stabs self for starting this upgrade
15:59|-|Ciaran_H [] has joined #linode
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16:29|-|gpd [~gpd@] has joined #linode
16:30<gpd>greetings from Dapper Linode
16:30<Eman>your home linode?
16:32<gpd>no - my real one ;)
16:33<gpd>typical gpd - couldn't leave it alone...
16:37|-|Damaja1 [] has joined #linode
16:53<gpd>ln: creating hard link `/var/spool/postfix/var/run/courier/authdaemon/socket' to `/var/run/courier/authdaemon/socket': Invalid cross-device link
16:53<gpd>varrun 57M 76K 57M 1% /var/run
16:53<gpd>varlock 57M 8.0K 57M 1% /var/lock
17:02<timothy>another question guys
17:02<timothy>what nameservers should I use for a domain name?
17:02<timothy>a domain that I wish to point to my new linode
17:13<timothy>HELLO?!?! ....echo "hello, hello, hello"
17:14<gpd>doesn't really matter what nameservers you use
17:14<gpd>i do bind on my box - so my primary nameserver is my linode
17:14<gpd>and i register as my linode IP
17:15<gpd>but caker has a DNS thing in preparation - so you might want to use that
17:16<gpd>many ppl use easydns or similar
17:16<gpd>seems quiet for a friday afternoon - everyone must be down the pub ;)
17:16<timothy>no doubt
17:16<gpd>oh - and it is a long weekend...
17:17<gpd>so probably all US ppl are travelling
17:17<gpd>timothy: who is your domain registrar?
17:18|-|D[a]rkbeholder [] has joined #linode
17:18<gpd>yeah - you can do pretty much any option you want with godaddy - i use them too
17:18<timothy>but I plugged in the main IP and it gave me an error
17:18<gpd>you need to setup as your IP first
17:19<timothy>how is that done?
17:19|-|lhunath [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:19<gpd>if you want to do bind on your box
17:19<gpd>if not then change it to easydns or whatever
17:19<gpd>let me look at mine
17:19<timothy>I don't understand either of those options, which do you reccommend?
17:20<gpd>depends if you want to run BIND on your linode == maximum flexibility
17:20|-|Netsplit <-> quits: darkbeholder
17:20<gpd>easydns is free but you are slightly limited by 5 domains or something per account
17:20<gpd>what do you want to use this domain for?
17:20<timothy>eventually I want 20 or so
17:21<timothy>website, email, mysql db, ftp.......
17:21<gpd>well you could do bind for now and then offload to caker's value added service
17:22<timothy>how do I setup BIND then?
17:22<gpd>what distro are you using?
17:22<timothy>Red Hat
17:22<gpd>and how big is your linode?
17:22<timothy>the 160
17:22<gpd>and do you want to learn bind?
17:22<gpd>[so many questions]
17:23<timothy>If I need to, yes.... but I'm on someone elses dime, so I shouldn't learn something if I don't need to
17:23<timothy>right now at least
17:23<gpd>In my godaddy - Domain Host Summary --- that allows you to setup the to an IP address
17:24<gpd>hmm... well probably up to them then how they want to play it...
17:24<gpd>bind is not too difficult to setup - you basically copy and paste a hosts file for each domain
17:25<timothy>okay, than I'm up for it
17:25<gpd>and check on that it works
17:25<gpd>unfortunately I have to scan my microarrays that have just finished washing...
17:26<gpd>but setup the domain host summary in godaddy - then use the nameservers you created in nameservers summary
17:27<gpd>... will log back in on the array scanner ;)
17:32<timothy>my apologies... step 1 and I'm already lost. There doesn't appear to be a Domain Host Summary
17:49<@mikegrb>bind is not too difficult to setup - yo
17:54|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
17:56<timothy>*reading frantically*
18:02|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:08|-|Damaja1 [] has quit [Quit: ]
18:10<timothy>okay, I've got the domain setup on the default parked servers from godaddy, and I've setup ns1 and ns2 to route to my linode ip
18:11<TheFirst>timothy: you want quick and easy dns ... ... step by step how to set things up
18:11<TheFirst>onlything it doesn't cover is afxrdns for zone transfers but that's a cinch to setup if it's needed
18:11|-|Quizzer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:13<TheFirst>er axfrdns ... whoops
18:17|-|Quizzer [] has joined #linode
18:18<timothy>I've got to go. Looks like I'll have to work on this some other time. Thank you all for the help.
18:23|-|timothy [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
18:31<gpd>mikegrb: did you mean 'dont' bother setting it up - use godaddy's service' -- or here is a handy page that tells you how to do it (further down)
18:34<@mikegrb>don't bother
18:34<@mikegrb>seems running bind is overkill for what he needs
18:34<@mikegrb>he just wanted to point a domain at his linode's ip
18:34<gpd>he said he wanted 20 domains 'in the end'
18:35<gpd>anyway - i'm stuck on this varrun chroot'd postfix crap :(
18:36<gpd>other than that my Dapper upgrade seems to have gone smoothly
18:37|-|Ciaran [] has joined #linode
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18:44|-|spr [] has joined #linode
19:26<gpd>warewolf: any idea what is wrong with my rml? if not can you reset the data?
19:35|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has joined #linode
19:56|-|silverblade [] has joined #linode
19:59<silverblade>Hi guys, Im considering using Linode to host my sites, but I'm mainly interest in running a ShoutCast server for a small number of users (sadly I can only support 2 users on my home ADSL connection). I'm assuming this is possible, but wanted to check?
20:01<silverblade>I've seen web hosts offering "virtual dedicated servers", which *appear* to be the same thing as Linode offers, but according to their help desk, it's just the same as a standard shared server, except it's not shared :/
20:02<gpd>silverblade: should be fine [assuming all legal]
20:02<gpd>silverblade: you realize that linodes are /unmanaged/
20:02<silverblade>What does that actually mean?
20:03<silverblade>(the legal bit is fine... 99% of it will be live improvisation..)
20:03<gpd>think of it as a blank pc on which you can install linux through the website
20:03<gpd>that's pretty much it - not much different from your local linux box
20:03<silverblade>the only thing it makes me think is "nobody there to actually fiddle with the pc if something goes wrong"
20:04<gpd>caker: and mikegrb can fiddle remotely with most stuff
20:04<gpd>beyond that the coloco people can get involved
20:04<silverblade>ah cool
20:04<gpd>but you can login as root and do pretty much anything you want
20:04<silverblade>So unmanaged = not a bad thing?
20:05<gpd>entirely depends on what you want
20:05<gpd>anyone who doesn't know what linux is == very bad thing
20:05<silverblade>Ah, I run it on some of my home PCs
20:05<@mikegrb>silverblade: you have remote console access
20:05<@mikegrb>and can shutdown/boot/reboot/partition/boot from a live cd etc from the website
20:05<silverblade>ahh nice
20:06<@mikegrb>so it's almost like it is in the room with you
20:06<silverblade>I notice ArchLinux is in testing... I use this on my desktop and it seems to work nicely. Is there a way to make the distro smaller? (Since default install for me was pretty tiny)
20:06<@mikegrb>if something gets really screwed up though, unmanaged technically means we don't help you out, but we will certainly do what we can to give you a hand
20:06<@mikegrb>well, once you install it, you can remove anything that was installed you don't want
20:07<@mikegrb>I'm not sure what exactly is included with the base install
20:07<silverblade>Well Arch's installer recommends just doing base, then adding stuff later... via the network
20:08<gpd>silverblade: sounds like you are a prime candidate for a linode :)
20:08<silverblade>So I did that, and well, it just seemed to work
20:08<gpd>as a customer i can highly recommend their service
20:08<silverblade>Cool.. Im currently with DreamHost for my site hosting needs. They kinda went crazy and gave everyone 20 GB space, 1 TB bandwidth a month etc. but i dont use it... and their servers seem to have issues
20:10<gpd>is that cPanel?
20:10|-|silverblade3 [] has joined #linode
20:10<silverblade3>i got disconnected... if anyone replied to me, please repeat message
20:10<gpd>is that cPanel?
20:11<gpd>ouch $50 setup fee!
20:11<silverblade3>DreamHost use their own control panel. Its very nice, and they offer loads of services, but I need ShoutCast and theres no point in paying for 2 services when one will suffice
20:11<gpd>oh - month to month...
20:11<silverblade3>Heh I avoided that by paying for a year up front
20:13<gpd>go for it... you know you want to ;)
20:14<silverblade3>I just need to check out my bandwidth and disk usage on dreamhost
20:15<silverblade3>actually i host a few sites for friends - i can just bung a control panel on a linode, cant i? (or write my own...)
20:15<gpd>you can use something like ispconfig.(net|org)
20:15<gpd>depends what you want the cpanel to do
20:16<silverblade3>hmmm.... i'll cross that bridge when i reach it i guess lol
20:16<silverblade3>what was the lolz for? lol
20:16<silverblade3>oh its automated
20:16<silverblade3>i thought so
20:16|-|silverblade [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:17<gpd>good spot
20:18<silverblade3>so is it possible to install a custom distro (ie one not listed)?
20:18<gpd>it is possible
20:18<silverblade3> \o/
20:18<gpd>why / which ?
20:18<gpd>you are limited to Linode Kernels however
20:18<gpd>but that normally isn't an issue
20:18<taupehat>found that out the hard way
20:18<silverblade3>ah right. just wondered in case i wanted to fiddle around.
20:19<gpd>i think you'll have plenty to fiddle with! :)
20:19<silverblade3>(as if trying to maintain my home network was annoying enough!)
20:20<gpd>does your isp block port 80?
20:20<silverblade3>i dont think so no
20:20<silverblade3>actually i KNOW it doesnt...
20:20<silverblade3>i have a little PHP script that shows the status of the computers on my home LAN
20:21<gpd>also you said only 2 shoutcast limit?
20:21<silverblade3>256 kbit upstream
20:21<gpd>is that due to bandwidth?
20:21<silverblade3>i like to give my listeners something high quality to listen to
20:21<silverblade3>and whenever i run it, both my gf and one of my friends tune in lol
20:21<silverblade3>ok im going to stop laughing
20:21<gpd>I think JasonF runs a shoutcast server from his linode
20:22<silverblade3>work well?
20:22<silverblade3>also, one of the "uses" suggest on the linode site was to store files remotely. but i notice NFS is blocked in the FAQ...
20:23<gpd>you can use ssh - fuse - other methods
20:23<gpd>rsync... scp ...
20:23<silverblade3>anything that works seamlessly / can be "mount"ed?
20:24<gpd>I think fuse allows you to do that - don't quite me
20:24<silverblade3>not that im particularly bothered, just curious really. I'd be tempted to use it to backup my critical files
20:24|-|Daveozz [] has joined #linode
20:25<gpd>svn repository on your linode is 'da funk'
20:25<Daveozz>Hi I am wondering does linode run Fedora 5
20:26<silverblade3>gpd - huh??
20:26<gpd>Daveozz: I think you can with
20:26<Daveozz>Sorry I am just new here - what does mean?
20:27<gpd>it is a kernel that supports NPTL - that is required by Fedora > 4
20:27<Daveozz>ok thanks
20:27<gpd>there are some reports on the forum about upgrading
20:27<gpd>there are of course 'other distros'
20:28<Daveozz>Does anyone here run JSP on linode
20:28<gpd>[without wishing to get into a distrowar]
20:28<silverblade3>oh thats another thing... X can be run, cant it?
20:28<gpd>silverblade3: yes
20:28<Daveozz>u use jsp sliverblade
20:28<gpd>Daveozz: not many ppl around as it is a holiday weekend...
20:29<gpd>not heard many ppl talk about it - but tomcat has been mentioned
20:29<Daveozz>ok i c - I am form Australia
20:29<gpd>i think memory might be an issue if you want java stuff
20:29<Daveozz>yeh I want to use tomcat
20:29<gpd>i tried tomcat on an 80 and it was a little tight
20:29<gpd>otherwise there is no reason why not
20:29<Daveozz>ic - so do u mostly use PHP
20:30<Daveozz>ok - wish I did too but not
20:30<Daveozz>I mean not had much experiance with it
20:30<gpd>you'd probably want Minimum 120 - pref 160 (but guessing)
20:31<Daveozz>yes u r right
20:31<gpd>you can always upgrade (seemless) if required
20:31[~]gpd does mikegrb and caker's job for them...
20:31<Daveozz>really to where
20:31[~]gpd attempts to analyze microarray data
20:31<gpd>Daveozz: ?
20:32<Daveozz>I mean how do I upgrade to make jsp work with lonode services
20:32<gpd>you can upgrade between linode plans easily
20:32<gpd>just more memory / disk
20:32<Daveozz>no problem?
20:32<gpd>no problem - just submit a ticket
20:32<gpd>[and pay the money!]
20:32<Daveozz>ok guys - this is my firstime here - are you all this helpful?
20:33<gpd>no just me ;)
20:33<gpd>no this is a very friendly channel :)
20:33<silverblade3>Daveozz join the newbie club...
20:33<silverblade3>like me :)
20:33<gpd>there are some knowledgable ppl around too - but as i say - holiday w/e
20:34<Daveozz>Are you using linode hosting?
20:34<gpd>for about 18months
20:34<silverblade3>is it holiday for the US, too? or just UK? (like here)... and im not with linode ... YET
20:34<Daveozz>are you happy here
20:34<gpd>never looked back - love my linode
20:34<gpd>silverblade3: yes, memorial day weekend here...
20:35<Daveozz>ok what u hosting gpd?
20:35<gpd>just random sites for myself and friends - about 10 total
20:35<gpd>also do all my mail, bind, etc on it
20:35<gpd>and irc, etc etc
20:36<gpd>keep essential files on there
20:36<gpd>mostly fiddle with it for learning / amusement
20:36<Daveozz>well guys I wil take a tour around the site and thanks for the advice- have agreat holiday there ok
20:36<gpd>cheers Daveozz
20:37<gpd>search the forum for tomcat
20:37<gpd>ask caker or mikegrb any questions - caker is the owner
20:37<gpd>mikegrb: is the PFY
20:37[~]gpd runs
20:39<silverblade3>My current host also has a CPU usage restrictions - if you use more than 60 CPU minutes per day, they get in touch...
20:39<silverblade3>im assuming linode doesnt have this, due to the way it works
20:40<gpd>no - there is an io limiter that prevents thrashers -- but it is not a 'limit'
20:41<gpd>pure CPU is not limited at all
20:41<gpd>mikegrb: may have a better explanation
20:41|-|Daveozz [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
20:42<silverblade3>just checking :) also what happens if you go over your allocated bandwidth?
20:43<gpd>not sure - nver got near mine!
20:43<gpd>prices are listed there... but if you are over by a lot probably better to upgrade to a higher linode
20:44<silverblade3>i doubt i will be but i just want to make sure
20:45<silverblade3>and im guessing that there will always be new linodes due when they go "out of stock"?
20:45<gpd>yeah, caker pushes new hosts out on demand
20:46<silverblade3>good good... as i wont be signing up for a little while i just wanted to make sure it'll be here for when i do
20:47|-|Daveozz [] has joined #linode
20:47|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:49<@mikegrb>well, if you go over by a /lot/ we normally give a discount
20:50<@mikegrb>if it's a little and isn't a regulary occurance, no bigger
20:53|-|Daveozz [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
20:56<Battousai>where's my quarterly ram increase?
21:04|-|silverblade3 [] has quit [Quit: silverblade3]
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23:08<JasonF>mikegrb: caker: anyone thrashing on 51?
23:10<Eman>its just ready to crash again :p
23:40|-|xptek [] has quit [Quit: Fucking irssi.]
23:43|-|cami [] has joined #linode
23:44<cami>Hi all.. i'm trying to get gentoo updated and glibc wont compile
23:44<cami>'cannot set up thread-local storage: set_thread_area failed when setting up thread-local storage'
23:47|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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