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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-05-28

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00:01<Eman>wow, is lagged way to hell
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00:03<@linbot>caker: *click*
00:08<@linbot>FireSlash: *click*
00:11[~]caker makes progress on the dns manager
00:12<TheFirst>how far you gotten?
00:12<FireSlash>dns manager?
00:12<FireSlash>linode provided? :O
00:12<@caker>todo: resource record editor, and then the zone creator (on the ns servers)
00:12[~]TheFirst still nudges caker to ditch bind ;)
00:13<@caker>FireSlash: yes, for a rough preview
00:13<FireSlash>Will it support subdomains? :O
00:13<FireSlash>Will it be free, or an addon?
00:13<efudd>how about making stable hosts instead?
00:14<efudd>I'd pay money for that.
00:14<efudd>Oh, Wait, I already do.
00:14<FireSlash>efudd, The hosts will get stable as soon as people stop futzing with them. :P
00:14<efudd>I've had *6* unplanned outtages this month.
00:14<TheFirst>are you on the xen box?
00:15<efudd>No, I am not. Thanks.
00:15<FireSlash>I'm working of 140 days of uptime now.
00:15<efudd>I *USED* to.
00:15<efudd>I've been with linode going on 2.5yrs now.
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00:16<efudd>lately I just expect to wake up to an unplanned host reboot due to crash.
00:16<efudd>Relatively sad expectation to have......
00:17<@caker>efudd: I mentioned in the last reboot posting that I'm working on getting a replacement host for you guys -- you can wait until then, or move back to host6. I think you initially moved off that host because of thrashers, but it's been stable/non-thrasher-occupied for a long time
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00:17<@caker>efudd: your call
00:17<efudd>Oh? I only checked the thread I commented on.
00:18<@caker>Yeah, one of the new AMD+hardware raid boxes that have been performing nicely in Fremont
00:18<efudd>Guestimation on ETA?
00:19<Spads>Guesstimated Time of Arrival
00:19<@caker>Wednesday. I would have shipped it out yesterday, but GRUB refused to function to my satisfaction. It wants an upgrade to the same version on the deployed hosts, methinks
00:19<efudd>I see.
00:19<efudd>I'll go back to my hole for another month then. :-)
00:19<@caker>no host6 for you? It works.
00:20<efudd>does it still have the same quantity of users on it?
00:20<@caker>yeah, but a different mix, no abusers
00:20<efudd>I'll sleep on it.
00:20<TheFirst>send thrashers my way...i got a baseball bat that says i can stop them ;)
00:21[~]FireSlash is currently using 0% of his swap, so HDD thrashing may not be a big issue for him either way <3
00:25<@caker>efudd: btw, doesn't look like your swap mounted
00:25<efudd>i had a lot of fucked up shit this last time.
00:25<efudd>not that i ever hit swap.
00:26<efudd>host was so hosed on the last reboot due to load that it started out *SOCKETS* on my node.
00:26<@caker>maybe your last gentoo updates pulled in udev, and got rid of devfs?
00:26<efudd>I've been on udev for a while.
00:27<efudd>I was watching the bootup... shit was fokked due to host CPU load/cycles. manually restarted a couple of services and things were ok.
00:28<fo0bar>caker: did you get a minisd card for your htc?
00:28<efudd>regardless, I probably need to redo much of this system at some point.
00:28<@caker>fo0bar: no, not yet
00:29<fo0bar>well if you do, I recommend this:
00:29<fo0bar>even though it's $$ :(
00:30<Spads>haw haw
00:30<fo0bar>I'm ripping a few movies for the trip next week
00:30<fo0bar>Spads: all hail shareware!
00:30<Spads>ha ha pocket pc
00:31<Spads>on your CARPHONE
00:32<Eman>free as in beer shareware or free as in screensaver shareware?
00:32<Spads>shareware is never free
00:32<Eman>exactly my point :p
00:32<Spads>there's always a catch
00:32[~]warewolf watches caker get lagged
00:32<TheFirst>nver legally free
00:32<Spads>fo0bar: CARPHONE
00:33<fo0bar>openbsd should totally make "shareware wants to be free" their next release song
00:33<Spads>and sing about PKZIP
00:33<Spads>and Telix
00:33<warewolf>no no no
00:33<warewolf>that as the most badass of all com apps
00:33<Spads>telemate was the badass
00:34<Spads>telemate could kick terminate's ass
00:34<warewolf>oh yeah?
00:34<warewolf>how many external protocol handlers did you have?
00:34<Spads>it was a whole multitasking environment
00:34<Spads>me? about a dozen
00:34<Eman>so it was emacs?
00:34<Spads>mostly we stuck with and HSLINK
00:34<warewolf>I had gif-modem, hslink, .. and a whole fuckload more I can't recall
00:34<Spads>Eman: close
00:34<Spads>it was scriptable
00:34<Spads>but it had lots of hardcoded stuff
00:34[~]fo0bar is proud to say he can't remember which terminal program he used in the BBS days
00:34<Spads>like it had one textfile viewing window and one textfile editing window
00:35<warewolf>mmmmmmm... RIPterm
00:35<warewolf>ripterm + lord was the shit
00:35<warewolf>OOH DRAGON
00:35<Spads>remember the VGA tradewars client?
00:35<warewolf>I raise your lame BBS door and hand you another: usurper
00:36<Spads>the problem with LORD was that it was always meant to be extended with add-ons
00:36<warewolf>barren realms elite
00:36<Spads>pimp wars
00:36<warewolf>that was godly
00:36<warewolf>haha pimpwars
00:36<Spads>I preferred solar realms elite
00:36<efudd>i loved pimpwars
00:36<Spads>there's a pimpwars game in debian
00:36<Spads>and ubuntu
00:36<Spads>network play
00:36<Spads>go go go
00:36<warewolf>holy shit, there's a game in ubuntu that's in debian?
00:36<Spads>okay, gotta fly back to the states now
00:36<Spads>um what.
00:37<Eman>i know im breaking the license, but i have used a piece of shareware for years because the newer versions suck ass... paint shop pro
00:37<warewolf>apparently your sarcasm detector needs adjusting spads
00:37<Spads>no, I'm just wondering why this was soooo worth snarking on
00:37<Spads>I think your sarcasm generator is set to "eager fucking beaver"
00:38<warewolf>only for you spads.
00:38<Spads>gotta go to the airport now
00:38<warewolf>go on and get outtahere
00:38<warewolf>I had no idea camera lenses were so fucking expensive
00:38<warewolf>I went out and bought a SLR 8mp camera
00:38<Eman>this will be fun to backup... 261M www.tar.gz
00:39<fo0bar>$ whois tar.gz
00:39<fo0bar>No whois server is known for this kind of object.
00:39<fo0bar>why doesn't whois know about Grozenia?
00:39<warewolf>it came with: a usb cable; a TV adapter cable; a battery; a battery charger; the camera; a shoulder strap; and the camera body itself.
00:40<warewolf>I need to buy another two lenses, a soft-case for each, "UV" filters (also known as cheap lense protectors), a "gadget bag" (camera+lense carrying case), and a soft-case for the camera
00:41<warewolf>oh, and anotehr CF card, a CF reader, and mroe batteries.
00:41<efudd>hrm. has the udev console device changed to vcs0 from vc/0?
00:42<@caker>efudd: afaik, tty0 works w/ gentoo+udev
00:42<Eman>another loss for dd-wrt... f**king is showing its config page to the internet even after i disabled it
00:43<efudd>indeed it does.
00:43[~]warewolf is breaking corporate policy (bigtime) while working from home
00:43<warewolf>but my breakage is allowing me to be functional
00:45<efudd>Last login: Sun Oct 9 20:20:51 on vc/0
00:45<efudd>heh. hadn't used that in a while.
00:46<efudd>maybe i'll switch to a 2.6 kernel.
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00:50<Eman>ping caker
00:51<Eman>or anyone around...
00:51<Eman>at what point does the uptime counter rollover?
00:52<Eman>cause ive got some strangness going on... job queue says i havent touched it since jan 10, 2005, but server says 4 days up
00:56<@caker>Eman: I think 2.4's uptime rollver point is around 16 months
00:57<@caker>497 days, methinks
00:57<Eman>ok, so no strange reboots i didnt notice until now?
00:57<@caker>which host?
00:58<@caker>[root@host9 root]# uptime
00:58<@caker> 01:57:52 up 754 days, 9:01, 2 users, load average: 2.65, 2.66, 2.97
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01:03<efudd>Hey caker, don't you want to colo a 1U box for me? :)
01:04<@caker>I'm not into that, but thanks
01:04<fo0bar>caker don't swing that way
01:04<efudd>damn i'm tempted to buy this 1U box.
01:05<Eman> <-- cakers hands? :p
01:05<@caker>no, the unknown stock photo subject
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01:17<efudd>damnit. not quite cost effective to buy my own system and colo it yet.
01:18<gpd>greetings from Mammoth Mountain, CA
01:19<Eman>efudd: how much are you thinking per month to colo a 1u?
01:19<efudd>oh. that's relatively easily done for $100/month or less.
01:19<efudd>it's just also getting a decent machine for ~$1k with rails and a secured inband console.
01:20<Eman>ah, now i get you
01:20<efudd>that's doable for ~$1200 from dell or $2k from sun
01:38<fo0bar>speaking of which... caker: how's the IPMI module stuff on supermicro?
01:43<@caker>fo0bar: I bought one to experiment with, and could never test it because of a special cable it needs...
01:44<@caker>one that I ordered from the uk, but it never arrived
01:45<@caker>an IDC10 to IDC10 cable, a short one
01:46<@caker>and I never bothered to buy the parts necessary to build them myself .. not worth it
01:47<@caker>48 ports at ~ 60 a piece is close to $3k, and I can get a console unit and RPCs for cheaper than that
01:48<fo0bar>still, if you want to test... does length matter?
01:48[~]fo0bar currently has a ~12in IDC10 cable in his hands :)
01:49<@caker>plus the new console units I'm using have more features (console buffering, remote loggin), and there's something to say for flipping power at the plug than relying on some weirdo card
01:49<@caker>ahh, nice
01:49<@caker>fo0bar: sure
01:49<fo0bar>I'll throw it in my bag
01:50<fo0bar>it was part of a USB daughterboard for a mobo I no longer have... what odd luck I remembered it existed, and knew exactly where it was :)
01:51<Eman>idc10 to idc10? you can make one out of the parts in most 486s
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02:37<efudd>!!! Your current profile is deprecated and not supported anymore.
02:37<efudd>!!! Please upgrade to the following profile if possible: default-linux/x86/2006.0
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03:12<fo0bar>caker: anyone you know?
03:12<@caker>just a crazy story
03:12<@caker>brought to you by
03:12<fo0bar>good, then I won't feel as bad about posting this as a reply:
03:18<@caker> <-- another
03:23<fo0bar> <-- jeez, chain control in june (well, almost june)
03:24<fo0bar>see also: it's frickin cold out down here in the basin
03:26<taupehat>oh goddamn
03:26<taupehat>toonces the cat!
03:27<taupehat>haven't seen that in ages
03:27<taupehat>catchy tune and all
03:27<fo0bar>I think I still have a VHS tape of the special that was on
03:28<taupehat>they did a whole series of toonces skits on SNL
03:29<fo0bar>yeah, they did a special where they compiled all the skits into a show.... then they realized that the runtime of all of the skits were only about 5 minutes total, and put filler inbetween them
03:29<taupehat>the tooncinator
03:30<fo0bar>yep, with linda hamilton
03:30<taupehat>it's rad!
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08:33<southern>60 people an no one chatting
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09:01<elw00d>Damn southeners :-p
09:01<elw00d>but if anyone in Leeds, UK tonight Thought-Crime are playing at the Fenton...
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10:46<warewolf>*signs up for a flickr account*
10:46<warewolf>now that I have a camera, it is useful to me :)
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11:29<@linbot>New news from forums: mysql cluster in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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11:50<warewolf>my bonsai trees:
11:50<warewolf>that's the gallery sorry
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11:58<Spads>bone sigh
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12:30<@linbot>New news from forums: strace(1) doesn't work in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
12:40<@caker>!weather 37216
12:40<@linbot>caker: Temperature: 72°F / 22°C | Humidity: 73% | Pressure: 30.12in / 1020hPa | Conditions: Heavy Thunderstorms and Rain | Wind Direction: Variable | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h; Today - Partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 90s. South winds around 5 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the upper 60s. (1 more message)
12:59[~]caker starts building an ark
12:59<afv-13> just send some rain this way
13:00<afv-13>winter is a little too dry
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13:12<square>Evening folks, how is linode at this present time?
13:13<@caker>square: good, and yourself?
13:14<square>i'm good
13:14<square>back yet again dude
13:16<square>moved over to xen yet?
13:16<@caker>nope -- we're letting xen mature a little more before picking it back up
13:17<square>Remember me? :p
13:17<@caker>what's up?
13:17<square>that good or bad? :p
13:19<JasonF>caker: I want some of that host7 uptime goodness
13:20<fake>53 isn't fairing too well lately
13:20<JasonF>I'm on 51 :(
13:20<JasonF>51+53 aren't playing well recently
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15:48<Eman>and there goes 51
15:53<@caker>he just had to jinx it, didn't he
15:53<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host51 in System and Network Status <>
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15:57[~]Jay-Laptop peers at host51 evily
15:57[~]Jay-Laptop wants a piece of host7 700-day-uptime
15:57<Eman>host9 :p
15:57<Eman>and its all mine :p
15:57<Jay-Laptop>Eman: die
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16:03<afv-13>Eman: where do you see the host uptime stats?
16:03<Eman>[1:58:11AM] <@caker> [root@host9 root]# uptime
16:03<Eman>[1:58:11AM] <@caker> 01:57:52 up 754 days, 9:01, 2 users, load average: 2.65, 2.66, 2.97
16:03<Eman>[1:58:12AM] <@caker> :)
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16:03<Jay-Laptop>The worst thing about when the host goes down is the slow time period between stuff working and it working usably fast
16:04<Eman>at least you have everything autostarting now
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18:53<@caker>are there any situations where a record inside a domain might point to another domain (CNAMEs, etc)?
18:53<@caker>rather, useful situations
18:54<cmantito>what do you mean?
18:54<@caker>I'm placing limits/input validation for the dns manager
18:54<cmantito>like, CNAMEs to
18:55<cmantito>so if you have a dynamic IP, you only need to update one record and then other domains resolve against that?
18:55[~]caker processes that
18:55<@caker>is that even possible/allowed?
18:56<Eman>i know a couple people that do it
18:56<cmantito> doesn't let a top-level be a cname
18:56<cmantito>but other dns managers do
18:56<cmantito>zoneedit did.
18:57<@caker>The way I'm setting up the CNAME interface, is that it asks you what hostname you want, and then displays a drop-down of the A/AAAA records you've already entered, which are obviously only for that zone
18:57<@caker>which is a nice way to avoid people making mistakes/typos/thinkos
18:58<@caker>but would prevent free-wheelin entries
18:59<cmantito>perhaps throw an 'other' option in the dropdown?
18:59<@caker>I guess
19:00<@caker>I'm going to leave it off for now, if people need/want it, they can explain it to me :)
19:01<cmantito>good idea.
19:01<cmantito>what's new in the linode world, I haven't been paying attention of late because I've been busy moving.
19:02<@caker>cmantito: still in the states?
19:02<@caker>well, the DNS manager should be ready in a few weeks or less, been busy building new hosts, xen is on hold while it matures...
19:03<@caker>Mike and I are going to the Red Hat summit in Nashville next week
19:03<cmantito>ah, nifty
19:03<cmantito>I heard you guys were going.
19:03<@caker>more for an excuse to meet up, than for Red Hat
19:03<@mikegrb>caker: I used to do that
19:03<@caker>mikegrb: for the dyn dns example?
19:04<@mikegrb>using a dyndns provider
19:04<@mikegrb>then cnamed a subdomain from my domain to the hostname they provided
19:04<cmantito>I used to update it by hand
19:04<@caker>so you'd cname in zone "" something like "" which points to "" ?
19:05<@mikegrb>cmantito: I do that now
19:05<cmantito>so I'd set one record to point at my IP, then all my domains and subs would be cname's of the one
19:05<cmantito>and when it changed, I only had to update one instead of 20
19:05<@mikegrb>caker: yes
19:05<@caker>what if I provided a way to do dyndns, you wouldn't need (or equiv)
19:06<cmantito>wait...linode is getting DNS services?
19:06<@mikegrb>well, I only have two names now, home... and the computer's name
19:06<@caker>you just set your homepage to "" ?
19:06<@mikegrb>caker: sure, but then you've got to create a client for updating, or support one of the protocols that has clients already
19:07<cmantito>caker: there's a standard dyndns protocol and clients that will update it, and you just provide a server for it and point the client updater at that server
19:07<@caker>there are PROTOCOLS?!
19:07<cmantito>it's a standard HTTP request, really, but it's calle da protocol
19:07<@caker>cmantito: yeah, that's what I'm working on... rough templates here:
19:08<@caker>the interface (add/update/delete) is almost done
19:08[~]cmantito clicks
19:08[~]cmantito shoots macdan.
19:08<cmantito>Your internet is too slow
19:08<cmantito>and how many records are allowed?
19:09<@caker>cmantito: one million
19:09<cmantito>I see..
19:09<@caker>if by records you mean zones, I've been doing this with the consideration that there won't be a limit, or it'll be a very high one
19:09<@caker>do you see that as a problem?
19:10<cmantito>I was just wondering.
19:11[~]cmantito has been considering setting up a DNS server on his linode for a bit now.
19:11<cmantito>I've got to blow my whole linode away and rebuild it from scratch.
19:11<cmantito>I made a mess.
19:12<cmantito>but, at the same time, I'm a lazy person.
19:12<cmantito>and I start my new job in a few days.
19:15<@caker>cmantito: in the UK now?
19:15<cmantito>Fareham, Hampshire.
19:16<@caker>nice follow-through
19:16<cmantito>Working in Portsmouth
19:16<cmantito>When I said I wanted out of south Jersey, I wasn't kidding.
19:21<Eman>yay, fixed my monitor again
19:34[~]cmantito is away.
19:35[~]warewolf is present.
19:44[~]warewolf is now going to work!
19:44[~]warewolf &
19:45<@caker>I guess CNAMEs can point to CNAMES
19:45<@caker>maybe I should just make this a textbox
19:46<@caker>and let bind complain about the zone if they make a mistake
19:46<Battousai>ajax some comparisons in :>
19:46<Battousai>make sure the cname's there and such
19:46<Battousai>mmm...waste of time
19:57<gpd>cmantito: my parents live in the New Forest...
19:58<@mikegrb>I prefer the old forest
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22:43<warewolf>that was more difficult than I anticipated.
22:43<warewolf>getting wpa2 working in linux with ndiswrapper is ++unfun
22:52<@caker> <-- test away (delete functionality is still in progress)
22:54<encode>if i add stuff there, can i potentially break my existing dns records?
22:55<@caker>no, it's not connected to anything but two database tables
22:55<@caker>no named/bind involved
22:57<encode>ok cool
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22:59<encode>what happens if i change the defaults for a master zone? (when this is up and runnning), since it says "Values below should remain the defaults"
22:59<@caker>They'll be applied to the zonefile
22:59<@caker>the "Default TTL" in the master section defines the TTL for all the RR entries when their TTL is set to "Default", and get updated when/if that default ttl value is changed
23:00<encode>so saying they should remain the defaults is potentially confusing, since its pretty clear the values can be changed from their defauls
23:01<@caker>maybe we should just control those, or should we make it flexible like it is now?
23:01<encode>"These values should remain defaults unless you really know what your'e doing"
23:01<encode>or something like that
23:02<@caker>--- Values below should remain the defaults unless you really know what you're doing ---
23:04[~]warewolf puts his workstation(s) on a UPS at work
23:04<@caker>I'm sure I'll need to add a bunch of hand-holding stuff to it
23:04<encode>why does datacentre bandwidth in .au have to be so expensive?
23:05<encode>what sort of handholding stuff can you add? the explanations on the right seem pretty clear, theres predefined values for each option...
23:05<encode>although, one thing you could do is to make sure the SOA email isnt the same domain as the record
23:06<@caker>what to do after you add your domain, as in set our dns servers in your registar's info, etc
23:06<@caker>when the hell is that ever used, actually?
23:06<@caker>(SOA email)
23:06<encode>no idea
23:06<encode>i think, only in terms of proving ownership of the domain
23:06<encode>in a dispute
23:07<encode>i know with my registrar (registerfly) if you forget your password for the account, it sends a password reset email to the SOA email address
23:09<@caker>deletes work now... I think editing/deleteing the zone info still isn't done
23:10<@caker>but that should be it
23:10<@caker>oh, and IPv6/AAAA records (/me pokes mikegrb)
23:12<Battousai>delegate the dirty work to the new guy
23:12<Battousai>i see how it is
23:14<encode>Battousai: you mean that doesn't happen at your place of work?
23:14<encode>its happened everywhere i've worked
23:15<Battousai>we give it to the annoying guy who's been there 5 years that they wanna have quit
23:16<warewolf>caker- oh, beware on SOA records.
23:16<warewolf>caker- if a user has a period in user of you have to escape it
23:17<warewolf>caker- eg, bill\
23:17<@caker>warewolf: ok, good to know
23:17<warewolf>because the first . turns into a @
23:17<@caker>makes sense
23:18<warewolf>caker- I'll give you $31 this month if you add SPF record mojo
23:18<@caker>it's in there already, TXT
23:19<warewolf>true, but I kinda meant something like the autoconfigurator
23:19<Battousai>die hard w/ vengeance is on fx
23:19<encode>spf is not really going to work for me, since i frequently relay mail through my ISP's mta
23:19<Battousai>i wish it wasn't hacked to death though
23:19<warewolf>encode- wrong!
23:20<warewolf>encode- you can include your ISP's spf records
23:20<warewolf>(that is, if they publish any)
23:20<encode>warewolf: that implies my isp has spf records
23:20<encode>which, as far as i can tell, they do not
23:20<encode>hence my earlier statement
23:20<warewolf>also, you could submit mail through the MSA port, instead of SMTP
23:21<warewolf>try using the smtps port (465). That's what I use.
23:22<warewolf>I don't know who your ISP is, but I know my local doesn't block smtps
23:22<encode>hmm, then i would have to configure smtps for postfix
23:22<encode>maybe another day
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