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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-05-30

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00:13<@caker>Redgore: ping
00:14<Eman>does anyone have experience with grub on an ide zipdisk?
00:17<Eman>argh, f**king thing... partition isnt bootable
00:24<fo0bar>Eman: no, but syslinux will work
00:24<fo0bar>(well, grub will work too I guess)
00:24<fo0bar>of course you need fat32 for syslinux
00:25<Eman>im trying to use it as my system bootloader to select between 4 drives
00:26<Eman>dos 7 boots off the zipdisk, so i know its able to boot off the drive
00:32<@caker>step 1. install grub onto a zipdisk
00:32<@caker>step 2. get your bios to scan that drive before others with a bootloader
00:33<Eman>step one is proving to be a bitch
00:33<@caker>from the grub shell, or using grub-install?
00:35<Eman>i think its cause the disk is formatted weird by the iomega software
00:35<@caker>eyeeeee, oooooo, meeeeegggg, aaaaaaaa
00:35<fo0bar>also: ha ha zip
00:36<Eman>fo0bar: it was free and i have 300+ disks for it
00:36<@caker>< Eman> of which, 12 work
00:36<fo0bar>I think I had more zip drives than disks at one point
00:36<Eman>12 of 300 would be better stats then the 2 of like a million floppys laying around
00:37<warewolf>beware the click of death
00:37<@caker>I had sooo many students literally cry as their school provided "zipdisk" crashed and burned their final project's data
00:38<Eman>did they learn to never store important shit in only one place?
00:38<warewolf>back in the day, I owned a 100mb scsi zipdrive
00:38<warewolf>chucked that
00:38<fo0bar>these days I'm taking the Linus Torvalds method of doing backups
00:38<warewolf>then bought the usb 250mb version (the one that required an external power source)
00:39<warewolf>then I gave that to the girl I liked at the time
00:39<warewolf>now I have like 4 remaining zip disks and no drive for them
00:39<@caker>fo0bar: distribute to millions of people
00:40<fo0bar>caker: yeah. I'm having difficulties locating the actual quote, since most google results seem to be paraphrases
00:40<warewolf>that's awesome
00:40<fo0bar>BTW, finnix is only about 30MB. what do you think the other 70MB are? :)
00:41<Eman>stupid f'in disk... bad primary partition 0: partition begins after end of disk
00:41<fo0bar>as it always should
00:41<Eman>figures, i used windows to format that disk
00:41<fo0bar>speaking of which
00:42[~]fo0bar downloads finnix iso to the laptop and hunts for blank CDRs
00:42<warewolf>I enjoyed how zip disks always were partitioned so that their one and only partition was partition 4.
00:42<@caker>"There were many copies"
00:42<Eman>hdb4 :S
00:42<fo0bar>warewolf: yeah. damn thing crossed over into the bootable usb thumbdrive arena
00:43<warewolf>on man
00:43<warewolf>I shat a brick when I accidentially left my mp3 player plugged into it's docking cradle and rebooted my pc
00:44<warewolf>"wtf? a toshiba disk? Why is it trying to boot from a toshiba disk? Did someone fuck with my computer? Is someone trying to own my box via hardware?"
00:44<warewolf>(I only use WD drives in my machine)
00:45<TheFirst>WD fail
00:45<warewolf>so you say.
00:45<warewolf>I've had no problems.
00:45<encode>i have a usb thumbdrive, that when left plugged in on boot, causes every machine i've tried it on to not boot
00:45[~]fo0bar raises his hand and screams SEAGATE
00:45<encode>doesnt get past post
00:45<@caker>"Backups are for wimps. Real men upload their data to an FTP site and have everyone else mirror it."
00:45<@caker>^-- Linus?
00:45<fo0bar>but I'm like that
00:45<encode>caker: indeed
00:45<encode>where is the FTP site though?
00:45[~]encode needs write access
00:46<fo0bar>caker: that's one of the 10 different versions of the quote I found :)
00:46<warewolf>hda: 40088160 sectors (20525 MB) w/2048KiB Cache, CHS=39770/16/63
00:46<warewolf>hdb: 156301488 sectors (80026 MB) w/2048KiB Cache, CHS=155061/16/63
00:46<warewolf>hdc: 234441648 sectors (120034 MB) w/2048KiB Cache, CHS=232581/16/63
00:46<warewolf>hda: WDC WD205BA, ATA DISK drive
00:46<warewolf>hdb: WDC WD800BB-32CAA0, ATA DISK drive
00:46<warewolf>hdc: WDC WD1200BB-00CAA1, ATA DISK drive
00:46<TheFirst>warewolf: that's it? :P
00:46<encode>warewolf: how did you generate that list?
00:46<efudd>novell used to be the c0re w4r3z site on the net!
00:47<efudd>dmesg output.
00:47<warewolf>encode- dmesg | grep hd
00:47<encode>warewolf: ok
00:47<fo0bar>one day I aspire to write a distributed backup server. back up data on the computer, split it into chunks, add parity, then send it to peers. a peer can specify how much data it's willing to share
00:47<warewolf> 9 Power_On_Hours 0x0012 044 044 000 Old_age Always - 41375
00:47<warewolf> 9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 052 052 000 Old_age Always - 35456
00:47<fo0bar>mostly as a lan backup system, but it could work over the internet too
00:47<warewolf> 9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 082 082 000 Old_age Always - 13196
00:47<warewolf>a, b, c
00:47<@caker>fo0bar: it's called bittorrent, just name your files like so: "paris_hilton.mpg"
00:48<encode>my desktop is running windows currently, with 360GB hdd
00:48<encode>my fileserver only has 2x300GB WD disks in raid 1
00:48<efudd>i'm lame. still on 60GB drives.
00:48<TheFirst>caker: or generic <skanky blonde slut>.mpg
00:48<encode>i need more disk, but i cant afford it
00:48<@caker>or, "the_divinci_code_0day.rar"
00:48<encode>so dvd-r will have to do
00:48<warewolf>my oldest drive has been spining for almost 5 years
00:48<fo0bar>backup:~# df -h
00:48<encode>caker: as if waste bandiwdth on that
00:49<fo0bar>/dev/sda4 1.5T 693G 787G 47% /backup
00:49<warewolf>I think the last drive I pulled was spinning for almost eight years
00:49<encode>/dev/hda1 8.9G 2.3G 6.2G 28% /
00:49<TheFirst>caker: *gasp* you're a pirate n stuff! :P
00:49<encode> 276G 231G 31G 89% /data
00:49<fo0bar>"I remember when 1.5TB was a lot"
00:49<encode>gg weird device names
00:49<efudd>the problem with drives increasing in size is that eventually the only method to backup the data is another drive. :/
00:49<encode>or uber expensive tape
00:49<fo0bar>efudd: I came to that conclusion years ago :)
00:50[~]fo0bar hasn't touched a tape drive in ages
00:50<efudd>tape doesn't quite scale the same way as spinning media does encode.
00:50<TheFirst>efudd: this is true....and it sucks :(I
00:50<encode>one of our sites backs up 670GB of data to tape every night
00:50<warewolf>my backup is called a raid 5
00:50<warewolf>with a hot spae
00:50<efudd>670GB is _nothing_ :)
00:50<warewolf>so says the man who works for netapp.
00:50<encode>our main site backups up terabytes of data / night using TSM
00:50<fo0bar>it's just not practical unless you spend $50k on a tape jukebox the size of a cray
00:50<efudd>ww, of course.
00:50<Eman>my backup is purely FM
00:50<efudd>50k for a tape jukebox the size of a cray? :)
00:50<encode>efudd: it is when its just mail and file servers
00:50<efudd>I've been inside multimillion dollar tape devices.
00:50<encode>for only 1000 people
00:51<efudd>door, doorbell, and a butler.
00:51<Eman>warewolf: the last two letters in your CBFM resolution code
00:51<efudd>(some of sony's tape systems are large enough to walk through.)
00:51<fo0bar>warewolf: my media center was raid5 with a hot spare. one day, a drive failed. the next day, another drive failed, and then another
00:51<efudd>petastore or whatever it is they called it
00:51<encode>raid is not a backup solution
00:51<encode>warewolf: this means you
00:51<warewolf>fo0bar: I have three spare drives on hand wlays
00:52<encode>fo0bar: what happens when a power surge destroys all your online disks?
00:52<warewolf>fo0bar: three spare drives, for my 5 drive array.
00:52<encode>or an accidental rm -RF /
00:52<warewolf>then so be it
00:52<encode>ok then
00:52<warewolf>I don't have anything all that important
00:52<fo0bar>"as long as you know the risks"
00:53<warewolf>I mean, like, I'd be a little distraught for a few days, since all my porn and mp3s were gone
00:53<warewolf>it's not like I can't go dl more
00:53<efudd>Hmmm. I g uess one could take a byte and convert it to a 10digit telephone number, then setup a modem to dial that number.
00:53<efudd>That way, the goverment will do your backups for you over time.
00:53<efudd>In 20 years when you want to recover that data
00:54<efudd>just use the FOIA.
00:54<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:54<warewolf>speaking of FOIA
00:54<warewolf>apparently, all my mail at the IRS is subject to FOIA
00:54<@caker>!google meta linode porn
00:54<@linbot>caker: Search for "linode porn" returned approximately 108000 results in 0.03 seconds.[]
00:54<warewolf>freedom of information act
00:54[~]caker scratches head
00:54<warewolf>so anyway
00:54<warewolf>how fucking evil would it be to request all the mail from my project manager?
00:55<encode>i guess warewolf shouldnt be commenting about superiors via email then
00:55[~]encode becomes a us citizen and requests access to warewolf's email
00:55<warewolf>that's fine
00:55<efudd>ww, FOIA just means they have to send you the email.
00:55<efudd>not the contents.
00:55<efudd>black magic marker+copier /nod
00:56<warewolf>no wait
00:56<warewolf>lets do a PDF where you can cut and paste the "marked over" text
00:56<warewolf>(stupid AT&T, jesus christ)
00:56<efudd>I <3 technology.
00:56<encode>hehe yep
00:56<Eman>one of my teachers in highschool did that with a m$ publisher assignment
00:56<encode>gotta love it when people do dumb things
00:57<encode>like scan an expense report using the networked combined printer/scanner, and then email it to half the company
00:57<encode>like my team leader somehow did this morning
00:57<encode>i was disappointed i was in the half that missed out
00:57<warewolf>someone sent a chain letter to the all-users distro list here at the office
00:57<warewolf>and then half the enterprise decided to "reply all"
00:58<encode>i dont even know how he did it - whenever i've used the scan function, i've had to manually enter my email address
00:58<efudd>yeah. ours is the same.
00:58<fo0bar>encode: well, "rfinnie" is right next to "reno staff" on the network copier menu :)
00:58<warewolf>we had to put in a block for the contents of the subject line to block it
00:58<efudd>(altho is linked up to exchange)
00:58<encode>ahh yes, every so often we get people doing a reply all to an all staff distribution list
00:58<warewolf>I wish our badass copier was jacked into the newtork
00:58<warewolf>you could copy to it
00:58<warewolf>scan from it
00:58<encode>fo0bar: but as far as i knew, the copier didnt even store email addresses
00:58<warewolf>it's got a fucking VGA port on it, wtf?
00:59<efudd>um, what? :)
00:59<warewolf>a copier with a 15 pin DIN VGA connector
00:59<warewolf>it does, I swear
00:59<warewolf>ethernet & USB too
00:59<Eman>grub-install /mnt/hdb1 (being the zipdrive) gives me... "Format of install_device not recognized." any ideas?
00:59<warewolf>it's a peecee in disguise
00:59<encode>its probably got a SBC in there somewhere
00:59<fo0bar>efudd: I wish our copier's address book was linked to our exchange server. whenever we hire somebody new, my job (among others of course) is to go into the copier and add the person
00:59<warewolf>eman- um. try using /dev/hdb1 instead of /mnt.
00:59<efudd>foobar, ow :/
01:00<fo0bar>if you ever break into our office and want to haxor the copier, the admin username is "admin", and the password is "password"
01:00<encode>fo0bar: kthx
01:00<fo0bar>it was intentionally left that way :)
01:00<encode>where do you work again?
01:00<warewolf>oh man
01:00<Eman>ok, now i get "/dev/mapper/casper-snapshot does not have any corresponding BIOS drive."
01:00<warewolf>so I got the folks at one of our main computing centers to hook a serial console server up to our netcaches
01:01<warewolf>so I log into this box and get a restricted menu
01:01<efudd>mmm netcache.
01:01<warewolf>"What? they didn't give me root?"
01:01<warewolf>I portscan the fucker
01:01<warewolf>it has open every port imaginable
01:01<warewolf>rsh, telnet, chargen, ftp, echo, X11 .. some shit in the 2000-2018 range
01:01<warewolf>so I telnet to port 21
01:01<warewolf>say hello
01:01[~]efudd doesn't do netcache
01:01<warewolf>figure out what model it is
01:02<warewolf>STFW for default admin passwords
01:02<warewolf>I have root.
01:02<warewolf>the best thing?
01:02<warewolf>here's how you get root
01:02<encode>warewolf: can you reboot it at will
01:02<warewolf>telnet 7000
01:02<warewolf>at the prompt, type
01:02<encode>i'd love to do that for our copier
01:02<warewolf>bang, you got root.
01:02<encode>just wait till someone is printing off heaps, then reboot
01:02<encode>telnet: could not resolve Name or service not known
01:03<efudd>ww, I'm guessing you are running something antiquated.
01:03<encode>its not fair
01:03<encode>you lied
01:03<warewolf>efudd- this is the serial console server
01:03<efudd>oh. i thought you said the netcache.
01:03<warewolf>efudd- and yes, it is a full 1.0 release behind on it's firmware
01:03<efudd>you meant the *SERIAL SERVER* that happens to have a netcache connected to it.
01:03<fo0bar>the baytech power management snmp mib is quite braindead. two of the keys displayed during a snmpwalk are ro community and rw community
01:03<warewolf>efudd- no no, the netcaches are fine. Besides swallowing up disks that are supposed to be spares and adding them into the array
01:04<warewolf>efudd- yes, the remote serial console server.
01:04<efudd>heh heh.
01:04<fo0bar>so, umm, if you have read-only access, you're 1 command away from read-write access on baytech units
01:04<warewolf>oh what was it
01:04<warewolf>baysomething fibre channel switches for SANs
01:04<warewolf>they have a web interface
01:04<fo0bar>bay networks?
01:04<warewolf>our snort sensors fired on someone admining one of them
01:05<warewolf>"REMOTE ADMIN: linksys wireless router default password"
01:05<efudd>I love when people open cases for snort or some other scanner saying that Data ONTAP is subject to $MICROSOFT_BUG_HERE.
01:05<warewolf>apparently this fibrechannel switch uses 'admin/password
01:05<warewolf>efudd- OH dude, tell me how to do this
01:05<fo0bar>warewolf: no, linksys default is no username, "admin" password
01:05<warewolf>efudd- I want to put a public ssh key into the netcache
01:06<fo0bar>though some models will accept anything for a username, so it's usually admin/admin
01:06<warewolf>efudd- so I can log into it with a passwordless ssh key and dick with it in an automated fashion
01:06<efudd>I don't do netcache. :)
01:06<efudd>(honest. never touched one.)
01:06<warewolf>efudd- but. it's. the. same. os.
01:06<efudd>I wouldn't know.
01:06<warewolf>and don't tell me it's not, because it does CIFS and NFS and jack too
01:06<warewolf>shit that a http cache has no business doing
01:06<efudd>I wouldn't know. :)
01:07<warewolf>you suck as a tech support dood then
01:07<efudd>Yeah, I'm only good for critical problems :)
01:07<warewolf>efudd- oh, here's a strange thing I discovered recently
01:07<efudd>we have monkeys to read manuals.
01:07<warewolf>efudd- do not enable X forwarding on your ssh client when sshing to a netcache.
01:07<efudd>that's an old bug.
01:07<warewolf>we're in the process of doing that now
01:07<efudd>at least, i presume that's fixed now.
01:08<efudd>sure it's public.
01:08<efudd>search now.
01:08<warewolf>bah I hate now
01:08<warewolf>I live in the past
01:08<warewolf>for those of you not in the know, "NOW" is netapp's support website.
01:08<warewolf> or someshit
01:08[~]efudd ponders what NOW stands for
01:08<efudd>Netapp On The Web?
01:08<warewolf>something like that
01:09<efudd>Netapp OnWine?
01:10<Antitribu>anyone have a quick (and trivial) script to forward a port from machine X to machine Y under linux, had no joy on the howtos
01:10<efudd>man ssh
01:10<efudd>look at -R
01:10<efudd>or check out netcat
01:10<efudd>get imaginative.
01:11<efudd>any bnc ....
01:11[~]Antitribu puts down the iptables manual
01:11<efudd>I'm sure ipfw/iptables can do it also :0
01:13<Antitribu>i'm trying to trick a windows server into been a little more secure...
01:13<Antitribu>its harder than it sounds
01:14<encode>Antitribu: i have some advise for you
01:14<encode>remove sever from either network or power
01:14<efudd>linode avail
01:14<encode>that will make it secure
01:14<efudd>linbot, avail?
01:14<efudd>er, hrm.
01:14[~]efudd clearly forgets the command
01:14<encode>!linbot avail
01:14<@linbot>encode: Linode80 - 8, Linode120 - 8, Linode160 - 8, Linode240 - 8, Linode320 - 8
01:15<efudd>oh right.
01:15[~]efudd clicks upgrade to 320
01:15[~]encode clicks subscribe to efudd's bank balance
01:15<Antitribu>encode: true enough, necessary evil though
01:15<encode>Antitribu: yeah
01:16<encode>keep patches up to date, set an explicit allow external hardware firewall
01:16<encode>and make sure you know what your apps do
01:16<Antitribu>its a windows small buisiness server
01:16<Antitribu>and i'm trying to proxy IIS through apache
01:16<encode>ok, i dont know anything about that
01:16<Antitribu>however the remote workplace has a really interesting way of working
01:17<Eman>IIS? do you enjoy cutting yourself?
01:17<Antitribu>worse, IIS with sharepoint!
01:17<encode>Antitribu: ok, forget about security
01:17<encode>just re-ghost it every night
01:18<Antitribu>eitherway remote workplace only opens ports to the authenticating server, so i need to port forward from the linux box as well as apache proxy
01:18<Antitribu>i was just going to put the login/password on a post it note on the monitor
01:18<Antitribu>save people time and effort
01:19<encode>put it in the whois record too
01:19<Antitribu>or establish a big red button ala
01:19<Eman>ive got myself nearly off windows for my server here at home
01:19<Antitribu>ooo good idea
01:19<Antitribu>my problem is i like exchange :(
01:19<Antitribu>(i'm sick, i'm seaking professional help)
01:20<encode>o oh
01:20<encode>i pushed the red button twice
01:21<Eman>if it wernt for the couple of game servers i run, id be ready to move my server off windows
01:22<Antitribu>mmm, if someone can show me an alternative to exchange that works as well or better i'll think about it
01:22<Antitribu>no ones managed it yet
01:22<Antitribu>for work though, some numbnut decided that SQL server was a fantastic theing to standardise our accounting package on
01:23<Antitribu>oracle? postgres? naww sqlserver.....
01:23<Antitribu>and about the only thing worse than running windows i can think of
01:23<Antitribu>is running windows _and_ netware
01:23<Antitribu>so off to windows i trot
01:24<Antitribu>none of this fixes my immediate problem of requiring a port forward...
01:28<Antitribu>not sure if ssh is what i'm after
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02:38<efudd>caker/mike, migratiion going along properly? (need to get a status on bytes copied in the queuing system :)
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02:57<efudd>ah. yup. looks fine.
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03:03|-|efudd_ changed nick to Efudd
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03:53<Antitribu>dont know if i've asked this before
03:53<Antitribu>but if you guys start doing xen in a big way
03:53<Antitribu>what are the odds of a non-linux vm?
03:56<Antitribu>doubt its ever something i could afford :P but just curious
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04:11<warewolf>no, IIRC caker said that there won't be anything but linux VMs
04:30<Antitribu>no funsies
04:30<Antitribu>i want to banish my exchange server from my home
04:37<warewolf>you can't run windows under vmware.
04:37<warewolf>under xen
04:38<warewolf>CMU got the stuff to run windows under xen via a NDA agreement with microsoft.
04:38<warewolf>microsoft apparently doesn't want windows running under xen.
04:41<Antitribu><says he tapping away at a few vm's under virtual server>
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05:33<@mikegrb>warewolf: yes you can
05:33<@mikegrb>warewolf: out of the box
05:33<@mikegrb>warewolf: you just need a cpu with hardware virtualization
06:01<warewolf>oh? you can do it now under xen with cpus with vmx?
06:02<warewolf>er vme
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08:26<fo0bar>warewolf: also: xensource (the private arm of xen) and microsoft are working as partners
08:30<Redgore>caker, mikegrb: ping
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09:37<@caker>Redgore: your node on host17 (pretty sure that's you) is thrashing hard (200+M into swap)
09:39<warewolf>huh. nobody (atleast publicly) on RML is reporting from host17
09:40|-|redgore_2 [martlev@] has joined #linode
09:41<redgore_2>caker: I cant find anything using excessive memory
09:41<@caker>redgore_2: cat /proc/swaps?
09:42<redgore_2>I know it must be something cause my irssi session is being extreemly slow
09:42<@caker># iocheck martlev
09:42<@caker>OK Filename Type Size Used Priority
09:42<@caker>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 262252 -1
09:42<@caker>OK io_count=143717604 io_rate=12 io_tokens=60 token_refill=100 token_max=2000
09:43<@caker>redgore_2: something's seriously broken/misconfigured
09:44<redgore_2>ill start stopping services till we find an improvement
09:45<@caker>redgore_2: top, then "M" doesn't help?
09:45<redgore_2>just puts top at the top, everything else being near 0
09:45<@caker>or paste "ps auxhf" output into pastebin?
09:46<@caker>capital M?
09:46<redgore_2>lemme get a working connection to it and ill start pasting stuff for you
09:47<redgore_2>im sure I did shift+M yes. Ill go through it all again if I ever get back
09:48<redgore_2>I must be swapping bad, cant connect via ssh or lpm
09:49<redgore_2>argh, nvm putties key error didnt pop over other windows
09:51<redgore_2>got it
09:51<redgore_2>spamd causing problems
09:51<warewolf>oh man
09:51<warewolf>unless you tweak spamassassin heavilly, do not run it on a linode
09:51<warewolf>it's uber leaky
09:53<redgore_2>its odd how its only just started causing problems though
09:53<@caker># iocheck martlev
09:53<@caker>OK Filename Type Size Used Priority
09:53<@caker>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 239184 -1
09:53<@caker>OK io_count=143776779 io_rate=70 io_tokens=-16 token_refill=100 token_max=2000
09:53<@caker>not much improvement
09:54<fo0bar>too early
09:54<redgore_2>dev:~# cat /proc/io_status
09:54<redgore_2>io_count=143782068 io_rate=0 io_tokens=199980 token_refill=100 token_max=200000
09:54<@caker>redgore_2: yeah, but your swap usage is insane
09:55<@caker>redgore_2: ahh, it's down to 55M
09:55[~]caker shakes redgore's hand
09:55<redgore_2>I just stopped apache
10:02<JasonF>nothing like a little IO freakout to start the day
10:02<JasonF>caker: you should get users to install htop to view mem usage ... it's like top on steroids
10:02[~]redgore_2 gets ready to go back to 50000 spam a day instead of 500
10:03[~]JasonF <3s htop
10:03[~]JasonF has the perfectly tweaked linode. No swap usage, 2M ram free
10:03<anderiv>htop *is* quite nice.
10:04<darkbeholder>mine could probably use more tweaking :)
10:04|-|redgore_2_ [martlev@] has joined #linode
10:05[~]caker is now known as tokenman
10:05<Redgore>caker: I suppose I could use irssi again now :P
10:05<anderiv>so...I'm wanting to make the gentoo->debian switch. Would anyone have any hints as to how to minimize downtime? My current linode is a /120, but I'd be willing to rent an /80 or something as an "intermediary" server.
10:06<JasonF>anderiv: why are you switching off gentoo?
10:06|-|redgore_2_ [martlev@] has left #linode []
10:06<JasonF>I've run gentoo off my linode for ... how long? a year? more?
10:06<JasonF>I don't know, it's been a while, lol
10:06<anderiv>JasonF: really no reason other than wanting to re-learn debian. I've run gentoo for ~2 yrs now as well.
10:07<JasonF>I *love* my gentoo.
10:07<JasonF>and runnign portage niced down a bit minimizes impact on other hosts
10:07<anderiv>all of my servers @ work are gentoo, so I get plenty of experience with it.
10:07<JasonF>running gentoo on work servers?
10:07<JasonF>I couldn't see myself doing *that*
10:07<JasonF>we run debian at work
10:08<anderiv>well - we've had zero issues in 3+ years. You just gotta be smart about software updates.
10:09<JasonF>how many servers do you admin?
10:10<anderiv>JasonF: ~25. Roughly half and half windows/linux.
10:11|-|redgore_2 [martlev@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:13<JasonF>anderiv: I admin about 45 servers, all linux
10:13<JasonF>I couldn't imagine deploying gentoo-style updates to them all
10:13[~]warewolf is on average between 75 and 100mb into swap
10:13<warewolf>but, my io rate isn't too large
10:14<warewolf>32 ops/sec
10:14<JasonF>*any* server, linode or not, should EVER be into swap as a general rule
10:14<JasonF>if you're into swap, you need to tweak services or add ram
10:14<warewolf>true, I guess.
10:14<warewolf>if you're a finatic
10:15<JasonF>I have nagios swap monitoring setup on all my servers ... if I go more than 20% into swap, I get paged
10:15<JasonF>because somethign is horribly wrong
10:15<warewolf>you're anal
10:16<JasonF>I'm not anal, it's just the truth. If a server is >20% into swap, the way I have mine configured, either a proc has runaway or something is leaking memory
10:16<JasonF>usually it ends up being a piece of our webapp leaking ram
10:16<warewolf>holy crap
10:16<warewolf>baby born with three arms:
10:16<warewolf>jasonf- so I assume this >20% into swap stuff is for non-microsoft OSes only?
10:17<JasonF>hah, I admin 45 linux servers
10:17<JasonF>all debian
10:17<warewolf>Debian: "Would you like elitism with your fries?"
10:20<JasonF>They all were running debian pre-my arrival. And I think debian is the best for our situation. I surely have no desire to upgrade OSes more than every 3 years.
10:20<JasonF>Upgrading OSes for me means a sleepover in the colo
10:20<JasonF>aah, that's what J likes to see:
10:20<JasonF>aah, that's what J likes to see: SWAP
10:20<JasonF>OK 05-30-2006 11:20:01 0d 0h 0m 25s 1/4 SWAP OK: 100% free (2048 MB out of 2048 MB)
10:25<Redgore>I need to do something about my spam problem, 5000 emails a day of spam is a PITA to sort through
10:25<Redgore>nb: I might be overexagerating the number
10:27|-|{aaron} [] has joined #linode
10:27[~]warewolf blinks
10:27<warewolf>just exactly how much hardware ram do you have?
10:29|-|{aaron} [] has quit [Quit: ]
10:32<JasonF>warewolf: in that box? um... 2GB i think
10:32<JasonF>lemme check
10:32<JasonF>Mem: 2027 2019 8 0 57 966
10:33<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
10:33<JasonF>that's a mysql DB server
10:37<warewolf>I was just making sure you didn't have an absurd amount of swap in comparison to your actual amount of ram.
10:37<warewolf>swap == ram is usually best
10:38|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
10:50|-|jekil [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:50<@caker>warewolf: up to a point .. on my 8/16G RAM boxes, that much swap just seemed damn wasteful
10:52<JasonF>I'd never make a swap partition larger than 2G
10:52<@caker>... so I went with 2G
10:58|-|Quizzer [] has quit [Quit: anonymous user has left irc...]
10:58|-|konoko [] has joined #linode
11:32|-|Quizzer [] has joined #linode
11:36|-|tierra_ changed nick to tierra
12:14|-|afv-13 [] has joined #linode
12:44<afv-13>my debian is getting fat :(
12:46|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
12:47|-|Ciaran [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:49<TheFirst>afv-13: so get it a jenny craig membership
12:52<afv-13>if it works for kirsty alley it can work for my linode
13:00<fo0bar>afv-13: deborphan is your friend
13:00<afv-13>i use it after every apt-get upgrade
13:00<afv-13>i think cruft is the solution
13:01<afv-13>it's just a little resource intensive
13:06|-|Ciaran [] has joined #linode
13:07<Ciaran>Brb again, my bad.
13:07|-|Ciaran [] has quit [Quit: ]
13:25|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
13:28|-|javafueled [] has joined #linode
13:30<javafueled>caker: on 05-29 ... "03:07 * caker bounces host52". curious about the reason, if any. Thanks.
13:32<@caker>^-- javafueled
13:33|-|chris_ changed nick to chris
13:36<javafueled>any data loss?
13:38<javafueled>my linode appears to in working order, so no complaints, but want to know if I should be looking out for anything.
13:56<javafueled>\help quit
13:56|-|javafueled [] has quit [Quit: javafueled]
14:13|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:21|-|sol42020 [] has joined #linode
14:21<sol42020>any tech support here?
14:21<@caker>sol42020: what's up?
14:21<sol42020>Hello. I sent in a trouble ticket that was closed but not resolved
14:23<sol42020>I take it this isn't a tech support chat area.
14:23<@caker>sol42020: ok .. I see it. I just opened a new ticket for you
14:23<@caker>sol42020: can you paste the output of "ifconfig" and "route -n" into that ticket?
14:24<sol42020>Do you want me to open a new ticket?
14:24<@caker>sol42020: no, I opened one for you already :)
14:25<sol42020>one moment...let me open up the trouble ticket area
14:27<sol42020>ok...all done
14:28<@caker>ok, your eth0 is assigned (??) intsead of your IP address
14:28<@caker>ifconfig eth0 netmask up
14:28|-|sdbrown [] has joined #linode
14:29<@caker>route add default gw
14:29<@caker>^-- to fix
14:30<@caker>]# ping
14:30<@caker>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
14:30<@caker>64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=1.19 ms
14:30<@caker>64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=63 time=0.763 ms
14:30<Efudd>mmmd ogs lof trucks.
14:30<sol42020>I know what I did now.
14:30<Efudd>dogs love trucks also.
14:30<anderiv>sol42020: you'll want to change your config files too so that your interface will come up with the right addy when you reboot as well...
14:30<sol42020>I was configuring another box on ssh and had my linode open too. I configured the wrong box...
14:31<Efudd>I actually just have my network startup scripts setup to random
14:31<Efudd>keeps things interesting.
14:31<sol42020>Thanks Caker
14:31<anderiv>Efudd: maybe I should try that.
14:31<Efudd>highly recommended.
14:32<anderiv>so all the ssh brute force probes I've been getting can be blamed on you trying to find your box, right?
14:32[~]caker misses eFUDd
14:32<Efudd>makes sense now.
14:32|-|Efudd changed nick to eFUDd
14:32<eFUDd>knew something was wrong with that nick. :)
14:32<eFUDd>started to just lowercase it.
14:36<anderiv>caker: so from a LPM standpoint, is having multiple linodes per username anywhere on the horizon?
14:37<@caker>anderiv: not multiple per username per se, but you'll be able to "link" accounts and switch easily between them w/o logging in again
14:38<anderiv>caker: okay - makes sense.
14:38<@caker>it's high on the to-do list, but I can't give you an estimate .. maybe a few weeks?
14:39<anderiv>caker: I mentioned this a bit earlier today...I'm looking to rent an /80 for a few months as a temporary holding spot for my services while I rebuild my /120. That's why I asked about the LPM thing.
14:39|-|linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:39<eFUDd>Hmm.. intel VT or AMD PAcifica.... /ponder
14:39|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
14:40<anderiv>linbot: botsnack
14:40<linbot>anderiv: Botsnacks are stupid, donate to my project instead.
14:40<@caker>eFUDd: from what I've read, they're only slightly different interfaces, but functionality is the same <grain of salt>
14:40<anderiv>ooh - either I had some lag there or linbot is having a slow day.
14:40<@caker>the xen people implemented both with minor changes (from what I gathered)
14:41|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
14:46<eFUDd>sure. the amd version included hardware memory management on CPU
14:46<eFUDd>whereas the intel one is off-chip. requires the hypervisor to do more work
14:46|-|ximbiot [] has joined #linode
14:47<ximbiot>hey caker, mikegrb: if i buy a second linode, is there some way to make sure it is on one of the hosts at The Planet rather than HE?
14:48|-|sol42020 [] has quit [Quit: sol42020]
14:51|-|javafueled [] has joined #linode
15:01|-|User [] has joined #linode
15:01<User>someone out there ?
15:01<anderiv>User: maybe
15:01<User>lol ok
15:02<ximbiot>nobody here but us chickens.
15:02<ximbiot>hey, mikegrb: you see my question?
15:02<User>anderiv, I try to use it from Kopete but it gives me some error, like if the irc server was down
15:02<anderiv>User: huh? You tried to use what?
15:02<User>server port is 6667 isn't it ?
15:03<@caker>ximbiot: if the node isn't where you want it to be, submit a ticket before deploying
15:03<ximbiot>caker: okay, thanks.
15:03<User>from Kopete anderiv, it works good under other irc servers
15:04<User>Kopete is some instant messager from debian from example (lol)
15:04<anderiv>I guess I'm not following your question. You're trying to connect to some unknown irc haven't told us which one, and you haven't mentioned what, if anything, this has to do with linode.
15:05<User>the channel is #linode, but I try to connect with
15:06<User>what are your configuration parameters ?
15:06<anderiv>User: I've never used kopete, so I can't help you. Sorry. I'm an irssi guy myself...won't use anything else for irc.
15:07|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
15:09<User>anderiv... anyway, don't you use any irc or else messenger that has to be configured to manage msn or else at the same time ?
15:09<anderiv>User: no.
15:09<User>mikegrb, it seems that you get it funny isn't it ?
15:11<JasonF>User: you might want to try on a channel specificly for kopete
15:11<User>Laught Out Loud JasonF
15:12<User>JasonF, there is nothing related to Kopete
15:12<anderiv>User: agreed. try #kopete on
15:12<User>Kopete tooks an irc server address, a port and a channel
15:13|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:13<User>and I will tell them that I try to log onto #linode channel ?? lol
15:13[~]anderiv suggests finding a real irc client.
15:13<User>Laught of Lol
15:14<User>mikegrb what is your role out there ? OP ? COP ? voice ? laugher ?
15:15<anderiv>User: he's the Chief Curmudgeon.
15:15<User>very interesting... he does nothing and he's the chief... okay
15:15<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:15<anderiv>oh he does something alright...he likes to talk about cake.
15:16<User>I see it
15:16<User>maybe that he likes to talk about caker LOL
15:17<User>anyone interested from some tobaccoe smoke out there ?
15:20<User>waht is the theme of this shitting irc channel ?
15:20<User>"lolz" ?
15:21<ximbiot>or, less flatteringly,
15:22<@caker> <-- lol!
15:22<User>lolz, I'm caking some LOL by ssh and I am on the expect to taste it right now, it sounds like you smell like some pice of cake
15:24<@caker>" lolled (also spelled "lol'd") - past-tense form; as in the sentence, "I lolled at the movie."
15:24<@caker>oh man .. I hope that schools are failing kids for using this stuff in school papers, etc
15:25<User>as I am sensed to apologize M Caker... I'm sure that you're on the right way to do such Lol'd
15:26|-|oberon [] has joined #linode
15:27<oberon>heh. isn't it groovy the way language evolves?
15:27<User>hellO M Oberon
15:27|-|oberon changed nick to ximbiot_
15:27<anderiv>oberon, huh? Any relation to Bell's Brewery?
15:27<ximbiot_>oops. :) netsplit or something.
15:27<User>language does not evolve really or some
15:28<User>explicitly out there
15:29<User>ximbiot, you're not up today ? I thought you were protect youself by getting up as much fast as you can Lol'd
15:29<ximbiot_>anderiv, probably tangential. i started using that nick as a teen (twenty years back) based on the king of the universe, basically, in a sci-fi series by Roger Zelazny. He probably stole it from shakespeare, who stole it from celtic myth. Likely Bell's took it from the same places - Oberon is one of the characters in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and isn't Oberon Bell's summer ale?
15:29<anderiv>yah - it's a summer wheat.
15:29<javafueled>i need some of that.
15:30<ximbiot_>good beer though. :)
15:30<anderiv>Not my favorite of their offerings, though, IMO.
15:30<User>sounds like bitches
15:30<anderiv>User: /topic
15:30<javafueled>that too.
15:30<User>you're deceaving me
15:31<kriby>i'm not sure what that is, but it sounds painful
15:31<anderiv>ximbiot_: but yes. Bells does make some incredible beer. I'm particularly fond of their Third Coast Old Ale and their Two-Hearted Ale.
15:31<User>'unlock the power of linux' LOL
15:31<User>and waht is done about Linux here ? Lolz ?
15:32<anderiv>User: do you have anything constructive to say? This is a channel for current and/or perspective linode customers.
15:32<ximbiot_>haven't tried those, i think. like Oberon and their original offerring. the name escapes me.
15:32<User>yes I have much to say that is constructive anderiv
15:32<anderiv>let's have it.
15:33|-|ximbiot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:33<User>I am a linux user and I am about to turn this using to deep using
15:33|-|ximbiot_ changed nick to ximbiot
15:34[~]anderiv wanders off...
15:34<User>anderiv, you tell me 'well I know nothing' lol, but what is this irc channel for ?
15:34<ximbiot>later, anderiv
15:35<User>I want to share ideas from yourself to you
15:35<User>I have some things interesting, but I cannot start alone
15:35<ximbiot>User, linodes are virtual linux boxes that you can buy access to from read up there.
15:35<User>buy ? LOL
15:36<User>rent ? re-LOL (like matric-reloaded)
15:36<ximbiot>rent would be more correct english.
15:36<ximbiot>more to the point.
15:36<ximbiot>more accurate.
15:37<User>yes I am on that point
15:37<ximbiot>what is your point?
15:37<User>my point (lol'd) ...
15:37<User>I don't know really where I am on that channel
15:38<ximbiot>User, on what channel?
15:38<User>I thought it was to talk about some strange behaviour about linux
15:38<ximbiot>nope. it is specific to
15:38<ximbiot>this channel, that is.
15:38<User>ximbiot, on #linode channel
15:38|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:38<User>and what is #linode dude
15:39<ximbiot>#linode it about
15:39<User>and what about a shitting summary to make me away ?
15:39<User>you know about linux ?
15:40<User>you know about ssh ?
15:40<User>you know about login ?
15:40[~]ximbiot needs to get back to work.
15:40<User>you know about unstable ?
15:41<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:41<User>have a good cake ximbiot ;-)
15:42<User>I go to lunch, okay you some caky people
15:42|-|javafueled [] has quit [Quit: javafueled]
15:59|-|User [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
15:59<anderiv>boy was that ever a stimulating conversation.
16:03|-|stocksy [] has joined #linode
16:27|-|thoth39 [] has joined #linode
16:49|-|IntuiWorx [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:51|-|sdbrown [] has quit [Quit: BitchX: need we say more?]
16:57|-|Antitribu [] has joined #linode
17:32|-|Ciaran [] has joined #linode
17:32<Ciaran>Hi. :)
17:36<Antitribu>i think they are all asleep
17:45<Antitribu>i'm probably not good enough to help ya but i'll sound interested in your problem :P
17:45<Antitribu>whats up?
17:46<Ciaran>I don't have a problem.
17:46<Antitribu>wow, i am that good :P
17:46<Ciaran>I'm just a Linode customer. I come in here now and again to hang out.
17:47<Antitribu>fun fun
17:47<@linbot>New news from forums: Cancelled yearly account early, still no evidence of refund in Sales Questions and Answers <>
18:00|-|Lukine [] has joined #linode
18:00|-|Lukine changed nick to Griswald
18:46|-|erikh [] has quit [Quit: Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.0.5]
18:48|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:53|-|erikh [~erikh@] has joined #linode
19:20|-|Lukine [] has joined #linode
19:20|-|Lukine [] has left #linode []
19:26|-|Griswald changed nick to Lukine
19:27<Lukine>ttyl :)
19:27|-|Lukine [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
19:41|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:57|-|dprice_ [] has joined #linode
19:58|-|erikh [~erikh@] has quit [Quit: Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.0.5]
20:04|-|ximbiot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:37[~]gpd returns from snowboarding to find linode ranked #9 in RML :)
20:38|-|javafueled [] has joined #linode
20:38|-|javafueled [] has left #linode []
20:56|-|Spads_ [] has joined #linode
20:57|-|Spads [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:58|-|Spads_ [] has quit [Quit: ]
20:58|-|Spads [] has joined #linode
21:06<@mikegrb>gpd: good job
21:06<@mikegrb>gpd: I will give you a cookie.
21:16<taupehat>I thought you were at a conference.
21:20|-|thoth39 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:34|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
21:34<Spads>mikegrb: I'm worried about your health
21:34<Spads>mikegrb: I think you may have this disorder:
21:34<Spads>mikegrb: but according to that page, "Symptoms may be resolved spontaneously over time. It may be helpful to reassure the patient that this symptom is harmless."
21:35<Spads>mikegrb: your exploding head will stop exploding after a while
21:43|-|helpme42 [] has joined #linode
21:43<helpme42>hi I need help
21:43<@mikegrb>try it now, any better?
21:43<helpme42>omg you're awesome
21:44|-|helpme42 [] has quit [Quit: ]
21:44<Spads>mikegrb: the cost of your psychic tech support powers are that your head explodes every night
21:44<@mikegrb>I know :<
21:44<@mikegrb>Spads: I am currently sharing a bed with fo0bar, it makes it all better
21:44<Spads>mikegrb: you should add that to the Treatment section on wikipedia
21:44<@caker>what about me>
21:45<fo0bar>Spads: don't listen to him, I'm currently at disneyland
21:45<@mikegrb>well, caker is in the room
21:45<@mikegrb>but he isn't in the bed
21:45<@caker>I'm watching
21:45<@mikegrb>it could be the close proximity to a man sculpted of pure cake that did it
21:45<@mikegrb>I would have to isolate the two possibilities to determine which
21:52[~]kriby wonders what conversation he accidently walked in on.
21:53<@mikegrb>kriby: I think I saw your brother
21:53<Spads> <-- kriby
22:04|-|kokoko [] has joined #linode
22:11|-|konoko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:18|-|Sarpy_Sam [] has left #linode []
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:09|-|IntuiWorx [] has joined #linode
23:32<fo0bar>ok, this hotel is so big I had to give directions to caker on how to find the snack counter
23:41<fo0bar>in related news: yes, I have met caker and mikegrb, and I have confirmed they do exist, contrary to rumors
23:45<Spads>are you traveling for redhatomaticon?
23:45<Spads>or whatever?
23:46<fo0bar>it's redhatolicious
23:46<fo0bar>actually no talks yet. just a reception by dell, with full bar, no cost, no tip
23:46<fo0bar>and footstuffs
23:46<fo0bar>foodstuffs too
23:48<gpd> <-- this it?
23:48<fo0bar>the talks actually look interesting. just the subject lines make LWE look like crap, but that's not hard to do
23:49<gpd> #rhsummit on freenode --- hah
23:49|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
23:50<fo0bar>but that would involve connecting to freenode
23:51<fo0bar>and CORY DOCTOROW will be talking
23:52<fo0bar>cory doctorow is not a real doctor
23:52<gpd>so deadrat are just paying for it - looks like all round OS event...
23:53<fo0bar>yeah, there are some talks specific to RHEL/fedora, but a lot look to be general
23:53<fo0bar>lots of virtualization stuff
23:53<Spads> <-- gpd
23:54|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:54<fo0bar>Spads: thank you, I was looking for that
23:54<gpd>curious chap
23:54<Spads>fo0bar: it was on
23:56<fo0bar>it's 21:55 currently, but the locals are insisting it's 23:55. stupid people.
23:57|-|womble [~mpalmer@] has joined #linode
23:57<gpd>no sign of the T man on there
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