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---Logopened Thu Jun 01 00:00:36 2006
00:01<npmr> DNA, EasyGPS Binary, Fugawi, Garmin serial, loc,
00:01<npmr> Tab-separated data, Tiger, TopoMapPro, Topo by National Geographic,
00:01<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ ach powerful | wc -l
00:01<gpd>I am less powerful than you :(
00:01<npmr>i use debian
00:01<gpd>that was dapper... wonder what powerful stuff they removed
00:01<gpd>was ach a typo of acs?
00:02<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ alias | grep ac[hs]
00:02<npmr>alias ach='apt-cache search'
00:02<npmr>alias acs='apt-cache show'
00:03<gpd>ah.. 'course
00:03<npmr>it's a shell alias
00:03<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ alias kansas
00:03<npmr>alias kansas='ssh'
00:03<gpd>yes, just didn't get the h
00:03<gpd>similar to shaboom - using sagi, sagc etc
00:03<npmr>right on
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00:16[~]gpd discovers Esc. while looking for bash alias tips
00:19<gpd>echo -en \\0033c <-- clear terminal and buffer
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00:33<gpd_>oh dear
00:34<gpd_>Job Entered 01/04/1974 12:00:00 AM
00:34<gpd_>JobID: 256395 - Host initiated restart
00:36<gpd_>caker: so much for you getting any sleep
00:37<@caker>blips and beeps from cell phones/pages make me convulse
00:37<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host47 in System and Network Status <> || Linux from Scratch? Or am I trying too hard? in General Discussion <>
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01:02<Internat>fucker host 47 dammit
01:03<Internat>and my node refuses to resond after reboot.. yah1
01:14<Dreamr3>how long do you all use for greylisting?
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01:23<Battousai>maybe i should try that
01:30<Internat>umm i use like 30 seconds
01:30<Internat>cause nothing seems to retry that quick
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02:34<Internat>so my node died when 47 went down
02:34<Internat>now its asking for the default run level and not doing anything when i connect via lish any ideas?
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04:13<linbot>New news from forums: Network Spike in General Discussion <>
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04:45<Internat>neone had the inittab: no file found after host has frozen?
05:03[~]encode wonders why his load average is around 10
05:03<Internat>u on host47?
05:03<encode>but top shows hardly anything using cpu
05:03<encode>not 47
05:04<Internat>mines dead :/
05:04<encode>im on 49
05:04<encode>how can i see what is making my load average so high?
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06:59<encode>well, it seems like doing extensive io on a 2nd partition, accessed via a symbolic link, is responsible for my high load average
06:59<encode>it wasnt my io_tokens - they were fine
06:59<encode>as soon as i move the files to the main partition, everything goes back to normal
06:59<Majbour>ur 2 smart encode :P
07:01<Spads>that's his problem
07:01<Spads>he was so smart that the brain-rays broke is linode
07:02<Majbour>no that was his edo
07:02<encode>if only that were true
07:03<encode>im so smart i gave the correct answers in the IQ test before they told me the questions
07:04<encode>ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration
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07:10<warewolf2>so I see host 47 died
07:10<warewolf2>dhclient eth0 does not appear to work
07:10<encode>warewolf2: you're very observant
07:12<warewolf2>anyone else having dhcp issues?
07:14<warewolf2>I think my linode just crashed and instantly rebooted
07:17<warewolf2>yes, I have no network connectivity even after I manually set my ip address settings
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07:21<warewolf2>is anyone else having network connectivity issues with their linodes on host 47?
07:22<warewolf2>holy crap
07:22<warewolf2>my IPs changed
07:25<warewolf2>*blinks* I'm at now?
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07:28<warewolf2>it looks like I'm suffering from a partial Xen migration, or something.
07:28<warewolf2>I think Lish thinks I'm on a xen box now
07:28<warewolf2>but I'm not
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07:28<warewolf2>I'm still on host 47 @ theplanet
07:29<@mikegrb>what were your ips?
07:29<warewolf2> and
07:30<@mikegrb>those are domain names, not ips
07:30<warewolf2>1 sec
07:30<warewolf2> has address
07:30<warewolf2> has address
07:30<warewolf2>beware that I previously had two different gateways because those IPs were on different subnets
07:30<warewolf2>those gateways were ..
07:30<@mikegrb> why beware?
07:31<@mikegrb>of course there were two gateways
07:31<warewolf2> and
07:35<@mikegrb>reset and rebooting
07:35<warewolf2><-- punches 'reboot' in on his local console
07:36<warewolf2>eth0 came up
07:37<warewolf2>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=0 ttl=47 time=47.6 ms
07:37<warewolf2>thank you mikegrb
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08:59<Internat>mikegrb, i did attempt to fsck the system and it said the file system was clean
08:59<Internat>it did it very quickly tho.. so would that be that it didnt actually force a check?
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09:51<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:51<ximbiot>Internat, you should offer him a piece of cake.
09:57<@caker>Internat: problems?
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10:54<bakins>just cancel my account but had a billing question. can't log in now. Is this appropriate place?
10:55<kriby>if your ? contains sensitive info, best to /msg caker or mikegrb.. otherwise, ask away
10:56<bakins>not sensitive. just I cancelled today on my renewal day, but looks like my card still got charged...
10:56<npmr>today is the first day of the new month
10:56<Spads_>mailman day
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11:50<gpd>FAILED LOGIN (1) on `tty0' FOR `UNKNOWN', User not known to the underlying authentication module
11:50<gpd>isn't tty0 LISH console?
11:53<Spads>better change your account password
11:53<gpd>actually it might have been me after the reboot
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13:34<st0ng>Hi, i've ordered a linode 80 account, unfortunaly I lost my username and password and no matter how many times I request them, the page reads that the info has been sent but I never receive anything on my email, nor even in the spam folder.
13:34<st0ng>Can anyone from the admin tell me what's goig on?
13:37<gpd>you need to ask mikegrb or caker - they are at a conference atm but they check back regularly
13:38<gpd>did you put in a ticket?
13:38<Spads>kind of hard without knowing username or password
13:39<tierra>there is a phone number on the bottom of btw
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13:45<lucca>you need to log in to make tickets, so I don't think he can
13:45<lucca>ah, I read too slow
13:48[~]gpd quietly evangelizes about Dapper Drake LTS
13:48<gpd>OMG PONIES
13:49<anderiv>already have it installed :-)
13:49<gpd>on your linode?
13:49<anderiv>no - I wish....on my laptop.
13:49<gpd>bah... seems like i am the only one still
13:49<afv-13>how is it?
13:49<gpd>'tis nice and shiny
13:50<anderiv>seems decent...I don't have much experience w/ ubuntu, so I don't have much to compare to.
13:50<anderiv>the install was slick, though, that's for sure.
13:50<gpd> apache2 2.0.55-4ubuntu2
13:50<gpd> bind9 9.3.2-2ubuntu1
13:51<gpd> gcc 4.0.3-1
13:51<gpd> mysql-server 5.0.21-3ubuntu1
13:51<gpd> php5-common 5.1.2-1ubuntu3
13:51<gpd> postfix 2.2.10-1
13:52<gpd>if nothing else it is up-to-date...
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13:59<Quizzer>gpd : thier an easy way to upgrade to dapper from 5.10
14:00<gpd>yes, just edit sources.list -- s/breezy/dapper/
14:00<gpd>we should pressure caker to make an image now that it has officially been released
14:00[~]gpd dons fanboy hat
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14:02<afv-13>gpd: i don't remember you ever taking it off
14:03<gpd>good point, well made
14:08<npmr>is it *powerful*?
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14:09<Battousai>i have dapper on my linode
14:10<Battousai>not bad
14:11<afv-13>gpd: did you say after you moved to ubuntu it used more resources?
14:11<afv-13>how bad was it?
14:12[~]afv-13 is tempted for some strange reason
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14:32<@mikegrb>st0ng: what name/email address/or something did you use when signing up?
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14:34<Battousai>mike greeeeeeb
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14:37<npmr>1773 linodes
14:40<@mikegrb>oh noes
14:40<@mikegrb>not you again
14:40[~]mikegrb bobs npmr on the head
14:40[~]mikegrb runs away before npmr can figure out what is going on
15:03<npmr>was i right?
15:20<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: Host3 in System and Network Status <>
15:21<gpd>afv-13: no that turned out to be spurious, now running with very low i/o AND with with TLS
15:24<afv-13>a snapshot feature would help in case i want to go back
15:25<afv-13>is lighttpd in ubuntu stable?
15:26<Spads>since "stable" as of today is v6.06
15:26<Spads>Package: lighttpd
15:26<Spads>Priority: optional
15:26<Spads>Section: universe/web
15:26<Spads>^-- note that it's in "universe"
15:26<Spads>not in the core system
15:26<Spads>so you'll need to add the repo
15:26<afv-13>isn't universe like testing?
15:26<Spads>It is not.
15:27<Spads>It's everything that doesn't fit on the core CD
15:27<Spads>and therefore don't follow the same release schedule as the core CD
15:41<afv-13>and then the multiverse?
15:46<Battousai>non-gpl iirc
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15:51<gpd>(multi|uni)verse is also not supported by canonical support
15:52<gpd>but there is a 'Masters of the Universe' team that works on stuff in there - so it is unofficially supported
15:56<ximbiot>By the Power of Greyskull!
15:56[~]gpd has the power
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16:10<gpd>heh - <-- they got rid of server-girl
16:16<kriby>there was a girl there?
16:17<Eman>girls dont use linux
16:17<gpd>there were 7 girls on the front page last night
16:17<gpd>obviously they realized their error
16:17<afv-13>that's actually a perfect way to cover up a slow installation
16:17<kriby>now if they'd just realize that 1.5 inch wide columns on the front page aren't cool
16:18<afv-13>put attractive women on the software cover
16:19<lucca>heh, ubuntu...
16:19<lucca> (not work safe)
16:22<lucca>heh, ya
16:46<@mikegrb>afv-13: you can copy your disk imagesfrom the disk images tab of website
16:51<afv-13>oh of course! thanks
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16:52<linbot>New news from forums: FIREHOL and LIGHTTPD doesn't like each other. in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
16:53<Battousai>rawr caps
16:54<@mikegrb>rawr Battousai
16:55<@mikegrb>npmr: oh, were you guessing?
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17:11<npmr>mikegrb, yes
17:11<@mikegrb>it's an accurate rough estimate
17:12<@mikegrb>I don't know the number off hand
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17:44<Bdragon>Did host45 just go down?
17:47<Bdragon>I'm having trouble using the lish
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18:02<Bdragon>Ahh, got a shell finally...
18:03<Bdragon>lish is still hanging
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18:11<Bdragon>Hmm, my load average is 13.
18:12[~]Bdragon kills off some stuff
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18:28<Bdragon>Bah, java ran away.
18:29<Spads>It does that
18:30[~]Bdragon brings his load average from 15 down to <2.
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18:39<Bdragon>Meh. Sorry bout the false alarm. 'later!
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19:03<encode>theres gaps in all the RML graphs now :S
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19:14<Internat>yes btw, my file system was slightly corrupted, force fscking seemed to fix it, but i rebuilt the inittab file from scratch initially cause it seemed to be the main problem
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19:54<gpd>is anyone else getting: line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603
19:54<gpd>I spoke to jdike on #uml and he said it was 'harmless'... but it is rather annoying
20:00<Internat>i think ive seen it somewhere
20:00<gpd>i have 369 copies in syslog since reboot last night
20:01<Internat>yeah i have a couple of entries of it
20:01<Internat>all arround the 5603 area
20:02<gpd>and why does everyone's inittab seem to get messed up recently - mine is not even open according to lsof
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20:12<npmr>gpd, inittab isn't kept open
20:12<Battousai>i get that a lot too yeah
20:12<npmr>it's only read once at boot by init
20:12<npmr>or when you run "telinit q"
20:12<gpd>but 3 ppl in the last 2 weeks have had inittab corrupted... ?
20:12<npmr>yes, i've noticed
20:12<npmr>very odd
20:13<npmr>i wouldn't expect it to show up in lsof output, though
20:13<Battousai>they're the ones who tick off mikegrb
20:13<npmr>that seems pretty normal to me
20:13<gpd>no, i agree about lsof - just thought it odd too
20:14<npmr>doesn't the host mess with /etc/inittab when you reboot?
20:14<npmr>like, resets it to some known-sane state or something
20:14<npmr>except of course that means messing with your images
20:14<gpd>ah - could be... tty0 or somesuch
20:14<npmr>which could go wrong in theory
20:15[~]npmr wonders what would happen if i set the immutable attribute
20:15<gpd>If enabled, Helper Options run right before you boot and do things like repair /etc/inittab, /etc/fstab if you make a mistake. The only current option is to make sure updatedb cron jobs are disabled (chmod a-x), which helps keep host load averages down at night. Please consider keeping this option turned on, and using "updatedb" manually if you use the "locate" facility.
20:16<gpd>^ s/repair/destroy/
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20:48<arcaner>huh ?
20:48<arcaner>why did my linode just got powered off ?
20:49<arcaner>JobID: 256665 - Host initiated restart
20:49<arcaner>Job Entered 01/04/1974 12:00:00 AM
20:55<Internat>what host are u on
20:57<Internat>inittab wasnt the only thing corrupted but it was the most noticiable.. namely cause it wouldnt boot
20:59<arcaner>im on host 44
21:03<Internat>i would imagine the host died
21:05<arcaner>it restarted
21:05<arcaner>i work now
21:05<arcaner>:/ but i have lost a more than 140 day uptime :(
21:06<Internat>i lost my uptime of 150ish yesterday when 47 died
21:12|-|FyberOptic [] has joined #linode
21:12<FyberOptic>hiya, I was popping in to see if there was a host 44 problem
21:13<TheFirst>you people and your uml nodes and your 100+ days over here on the xen box when we hit double digits we throw parties! :P
21:14<Battousai>22:14:13 up 214 days, 6:28
21:14<FyberOptic>lol I lost my 150 days a few days ago when I rebooted, but my linode went out earlier and isn't wanting to start back up now
21:15<FyberOptic>so at least not much uptime was lost there
21:15<Internat>umm by not wanting to start up
21:15<Internat>what happens when u connect via lish?
21:15<arcaner>FyberOptic, yes, same for me on host 44
21:16<FyberOptic>lish connects, but I get the "Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active."
21:16<FyberOptic>and telling it to boot does nothing
21:16<arcaner>it will restart
21:16<arcaner>mine restarted
21:16<FyberOptic>I just figgered I'd pop in and see if it coulda just been mine
21:18<Internat>it does take a tad for it to reboot
21:19<FyberOptic>It's truckin' along now
21:20|-|arcaner [] has left #linode []
21:25<FyberOptic>hmm, it says the screen is dead
21:28<FyberOptic>there it goes
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22:24<linbot>New news from forums: Randomness in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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22:54<linbot>New news from forums: slowness on Host 45 in Performance and Tuning <>
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23:55<gpd>Can a .pqi image be used in `dd if=image.pqi of=/dev/hda bs=???` [/random question]
23:56<@mikegrb>wtf is pqi?
23:56<gpd>some symantec crap
23:56<gpd>it is a factory.pqi image that came on my laptop - ie. WinXP
23:57<gpd>but of course i resized the partition and now the software can't quite cope
23:57<Eman>its ghost 10 i believe
23:59<@mikegrb>gpd: try "file <blah>" and see what it thinks it is
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