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00:57<warewolf>caker- awesome
01:00[~]gpd returns from pub... pressures caker to build Dapper image ;)
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01:31<TheFirst>gpd: if you can type after coming back to the pub you better have demanded your money back
01:36<gpd>asf auq asdf qpowier 23 rh;l 3r 09 abura;ql
01:37<TheFirst>still too legible :P
01:38<gpd>it's worse than that... i just restored my latop using the factory.pqi...
01:38<gpd>probably not wize at zis time
01:47<gpd>restart 1...
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06:56<MyTreo>hi everyone, just got my linode going with ubuntu - nice stuff. Question: do I need a firewall on a linode? Opinion seems mixed and I am struggling to install APF which I normally use. Is it enough just to tighten up ssh (prevent root login, restrict users etc) and webmin (ssl only, restricted by IP) and not use a firewall?
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07:21<encode>MyTreo: personal preference really
07:26<MyTreo>seems so
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12:54<Spads>treasures and...
12:56<gpd>having fun there Spads ?
12:57<Spads>trying to translate kokoko's quit message
12:57<gpd>oh - i thought you were commenting on your quit,joined,quit,joined...
12:57<Spads>h no
12:57<Spads>that was just Mrs. Spads unplugging the router to move it
12:59<Spads>anyway, it seems like some kind of proverb
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12:59<Spads>konoko: welcome back
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12:59<Spads>konoko: what's your quit message about treasured things and all that? some kind of proverb?
13:00<konoko>hi Spads
13:00<konoko>it transerlates to " it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice"
13:01<Spads>the romaaji was a little odd for some of the words, but lately I've come to use uim-anthy for my stanard
13:02<konoko>i have no idea how correct the japanese is though... one of my friends transerlated it to japanese for me....
13:02<Spads>I can't figure out "yuukoto"
13:03<konoko>no idea
13:03[~]konoko slaps mikegrb with an auto lol script
13:03<cmantito>hmm...anyone here ever run a UT dedicated server on linux?
13:03<Spads>Never been to Utah, sorry.
13:04<konoko>i run unreal ircd on my linux servers, not unreal tournament... :p
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13:07<cmantito>or hybrid.
13:07<cmantito>or bahamit.
13:07<cmantito>RFC people!
13:10<konoko>i run two unrealird servers and two irco servers
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13:42<Griswald>I like ircu
13:42<Griswald>unrealircd is..... ok. but not great.
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17:52<Ciaran>Hiya. :)
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18:46<silverblade>hey people, still considering getting a linode, even more so after my web host's servers were DoSed for the second time this week :/
18:46<silverblade>what does linode have in the way of protection against such attacks
18:47<sonorous>assuming you're at theplanet, theplanet have their own anti-ddos measures. take a look at their website
19:04<silverblade>im not with linode... yet
19:08<Spads>you have to understand, though
19:08<Spads>there is little anyone can do against DDoS attacks, except for moving the target elsewhere
19:08<Spads>and even that does little
19:09<silverblade>yeah true
19:09<silverblade>just thought id ask anyway
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20:22<brandon2020>i just got a new cell phone and my number is 3 be a hack if you add the K lmao
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20:29<Newsome>hmm...I think maybe he was trying to say his number is '3beahac'
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20:30<brandon2020>my phone number spells 3-be-a-hac lol all you have to do is add a k. what a fitting number for me..
20:34<@caker>cmantito: yes (re UT)
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20:50[~]fo0bar sells his number to haliburton to use as a recruitment number
21:09<@caker>ugh .. Post Las-Palmas Syndrome
21:10<@caker>(mexican food)
21:20<Spads>the taqueria next to my current apartment is called las palmas too
21:20<@caker>there are about 15 of them in Nashville (family chain)
21:20<Spads>I'm going to miss mexican food when I go back to london
21:20<@caker>PLPS = that very full, almost sick but still want more feeling
21:21<@caker>Spads: when?
21:23<Spads>guh, in a week
21:23<@caker>for good this time, too, right?
21:23<Spads>we're just trashing the apartment in oakland now
21:23<Spads>trying to get ready for the move
21:24<Spads> <-- please buy our furniture
21:25<@caker>they find you jobstuffs yet?
21:25<Spads>yeah, my permit is actually free
21:25<@caker>cool beans
21:25<Spads>turns out, as a lawfully wedded husband to a permitholder, I win free work rights
21:25<Spads>they don't advertise that too broadly
21:25<Spads>you can see why
21:26<@caker>joking -- I've found it interesting the views of US from foreigners
21:26<Spads>the internet is full of foreigners
21:27<@caker>nice furniture, btw
21:27<Spads>wish we could keep it
21:28<@caker>shipping would be mega expensive, I'm sure
21:28<Spads>the bed looks like it belongs in a galeon. always made me feel like a pirate
21:28<Spads>especially that kitchen table
21:28[~]caker is tempted
21:28<Spads>it's a single solid piece
21:28<Spads>we actually have to take the door off its hinges to get it out of here
21:29<@caker>"You will need to send at least two individuals to move the furniture." :(
21:29<Spads>that's what it took to get it in
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22:15<nrs>so...... should I get a linode? are ya'll happy?
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22:22<npmr>nrs, i am a satisfied customer
22:22<npmr>have been since september 2003
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22:59<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host51 in System and Network Status <>
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23:24<@mikegrb> <-- she was playing doom but changed the screen just for the picture
23:24[~]JasonF peers eviily at host51
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23:24<JasonF>When are those fixes going out?
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