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00:15<FireSlash>Has my linode bill ALWAYS been 19.95, or have I just been mentally adding those extra 4 cents?
00:15<JasonF>it's always been 1995
00:25<Spads>Slackware was always the distribution of choice
00:25<Spads>We have always been at war with OS/2
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03:59[~]encode wishes he had a room full of screens like mikegrb's picture
04:04<warewolf>mikegrb- holy crap
04:04<warewolf>mikegrb- that jpg is awesome
04:04<warewolf>mikegrb- is that someone you know?
04:05<warewolf>someone has a spidey-caty.
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06:51<warewolf>you have got to be kidding.
06:51<warewolf>header('Content-Type: ' . $attachment['mimetype'] . '; name="' . $attachment['real_filename'] . '"');
06:51<warewolf>that's (code from phpbb) how you set the content-type in PHP?
06:51<warewolf>you have to manually craft the fscking header?
06:55<encode>i like perl's way better
06:55<encode>print header();
06:58<Internat>probably is a better way phpbb is gay
07:00<warewolf>I like mod_perl's better
07:00<warewolf>you can call $r->content_type("content/type"); as many damn times as you want
07:00<warewolf>sending an actual header multiple times is bad.
07:01<warewolf>until you actually start printing out content to the browser, no headers are sent
07:04<encode>yeah, has a similar thing - something about using headers once, dont remember it exactly
07:07<warewolf>one of these days I'll finish coding up my mod_perl based wiki
07:07<warewolf>and I'll create a node called WhyPhpSucks
07:07<warewolf>and fill it in with all the stupid shit I see every day
07:07<warewolf>I'll create sub nodes like WhyPhpSucks/XML_RPC and WhyPhpSucks/Register_Globals
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07:08<encode>ive never used mod_perl actually
07:08<warewolf>and WhyPhpSucks/MagicQuotes
07:08<warewolf>there is no magic in programming
07:08<warewolf>especially web development programming.
07:08<encode>there is if you dont understand it
07:08<warewolf>then. you. need. to. stop. doing. it. and. fucking. learn.
07:09<encode>to a person from the dark ages, any aspect of a computer would be considered magic
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07:09<encode>as far as my grandmother is concerned, the way windows works can be described as magic, for lack of a better term
07:10<warewolf>your grandmother isn't distributing code though.
07:10<warewolf>if you're a programmer and consider something "magic" in YOUR code, you need to stop coding and rtfm.
07:10<thoth39>PHP is very nice.
07:10[~]warewolf cringes
07:13<warewolf>I just realised, the last time host 47 went down I disconnected from a certian irc network where I was proud to have almost a month of idle time, and almost six months of connect time
07:13<warewolf>now I have to go hunt down that network's connect password :(
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07:53<Majbour>weasel : wat if it really is magic
07:53<Majbour> weasel + warewolf
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10:22<Majbour>i killed the channe l
10:23<Spads>with kindness
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11:37<linbot>New news from wiki: Linux Packaging <>
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11:46<otherBBS>warewolf you around?
11:51<Majbour>dont think so
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13:30<djtansey>i just submitted a support ticket on this, but then saw the option to get on IRC. does linode do backups of VPSs?
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14:44[~]gpd plays HL2: Episode 1
15:02<fo0bar>gpd: damn you
15:03[~]fo0bar is still about 800 miles from his steam account
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15:14<Spads>oh boy
15:14<Spads>thank you
15:14<fo0bar>no prob
15:14<Spads>I truly did not know what water vapor was
15:14<Spads>and was asking you!
15:15<Spads> <-- is this the proprietary bullshit to which you were referring?
15:17<Spads>I'll take that as a "Yes, Spads! For I, fo0bar, am an enemy of freedom!"
15:20<Redgore>Spads: sounds to me like your against freedom
15:20<Spads>my what?
15:21<Redgore>freedom is about choice correct ? so he can choose to use "propietory bullshit" as you put it
15:22<Spads>you should be able to choose slavery, then!
15:23<Spads>by your logic, abolition of slavery is against freedom, because it limits our property rights
15:23<Spads>and i never said "propietory"
15:23<Redgore>there is a big big difference
15:23<Spads>and yet the logic is flawed in both cases
15:23<Spads>I say "fo0bar, your use of proprietary software hurts freedom"
15:24<Spads>I did not say "when hitler comes to power, you will be slaughtered for using proprietary software"
15:24<Redgore>16:15 < Spads> <-- is
15:24<Redgore> this the proprietary bullshit to which you were referring?
15:24<Redgore>16:17 < Spads> I'll take that as a "Yes, Spads! For I, fo0bar, am an enemy of
15:24<Redgore> freedom!"
15:24<Spads>not "propietory"
15:24<Redgore>in either case the logic is correct
15:24<Spads>is it?
15:24<Redgore>freedom is about choice in part
15:24<Redgore>he chooses to use something you choose not to
15:24<Spads>so you're saying that abolishing slavery *is* a violation of freedom?
15:25<Spads>well I'm glad we cleared that up, then
15:25<Redgore>slavery is forced#
15:25<Redgore>nothing to do with freedom
15:25<Spads>so you think you should be able to sell yourself into slavery?
15:25<Spads>US law forbids that
15:25<Spads>do you think this is a limit of your own freedom?
15:25<Redgore>Spads: you can choose not to be in a crap job
15:26<Spads>21:23 <Redgore> there is a big big difference
15:26<Spads>as you say
15:26<Redgore>slacvery is forced
15:26<Spads>not always
15:26<Spads>in the days before the atlantic system, it was often entered into as a contract
15:26<Spads>again, as I say
15:26<Spads>the US realized that it had to forbid an act in order to preserve freedom
15:27<Spads>however, once again
15:27<Redgore>now your making this into something its not
15:27<Spads>no you are
15:27<Redgore>I simply said he can choose to use what he wants
15:27<Spads>you're the one who said that in both cases the logic was perfect
15:27<Spads>yes, he can
15:27<Spads>and I can point out that he harms freedom by doing so
15:27<Redgore>then stop insultuing hiom for doing that
15:27<Spads>how am *I* harming freedom simply by making this argument?
15:27<Spads>Redgore: I think you should go back and re-read all your statements from the beginning. You've been distressingly inconsistent.
15:28<Spads>nevertheless, apology accepted.
15:28<Redgore>what a[pology ?
15:28<Redgore>I dont appologise to people like you
15:28<Redgore>I dotn know what the hell race you are and dont care
15:28<Redgore>I am not racist
15:28<Spads>methinks he doth protest too much
15:28<Spads>maybe you should wear a big t-shirt that says "I AM NOT RACIST"
15:29<Spads>because people might be confused, what with the things you say
15:29<Spads>maybe you could begin all your racist sentences with "I am not a racist, but..."
15:29<Redgore>how the fuck is it racist ?
15:29<Spads>I tell you what
15:29<Spads>I'll give you a month to file your apology formally.
15:29<Spads>just because I'm feeling generous.
15:30<Redgore>where did I mention race ?
15:30<Redgore>"people like you" is a general statement for assholes
15:31<Redgore>not race
15:31<Redgore>so enjoy the wait for the apology that wont come
15:34<Spads><Redgore> I'm not a racist, but I dont appologise to people like you
15:34<Spads>I even kept your misspelling of "apologize"
15:34<Spads>HTH, HAND
15:34<Redgore>uhm im engthe s is there because Im english
15:34<Spads><Redgore> I'm not a racist, but enjoy the wait for the apology that wont come
15:35<Redgore>the p I acceot
15:35<Redgore>accept ^
15:36<Redgore>I never once mentioned race, you never once told me what race you are. hence I made no reference to race
15:36<Spads>listen to you
15:36<Spads>race race race race race
15:36<Spads>is that all you *ever* talk about?
15:37<Redgore>im trying to defend myself from idiots like you sayingh I am racist when I am not
15:37<Spads>I'm helping you to
15:38<Spads>all you have to do is say "I'm not a racist, but..." in front of every sentence
15:38<Spads>I've even shown you some past examples
15:38<Spads>I think I've been more than generous here
15:39<Spads>you're the one who thinks that slavery is the same as telling someone that proprietary software licenses hurt freedom.
15:39<Spads>I even gave you a month to apologise!
15:39<Redgore>I made no direct relation to it
15:39<Spads>s or z!
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16:04<lucca>I think you broke him.
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16:31<warewolf>anyone here happen to be on a cablemodem?
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16:51<warewolf>that's absolutely badass
16:52<warewolf>one of my favorite electronic music artists actually sent me an 82mb mp3 when I was offering to pay for it.
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17:00<warewolf>not that this is related to linode, but is anyone having issues getting to hosts in
17:00<warewolf>I can't reach
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19:58<chris|home>hmm, mike/caker, someone here?
20:14<chris|home>I can't ssh to host4, and I can't seem to process a reboot either
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20:28<chris|home>Can anyone access host4?
20:28<Spads>it pings all right
20:29<chris|home>ssh to hos4 itself is giving me ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
20:30<Spads>me too
20:30<Spads>file a ticket
20:30<chris|home>Did already
20:30<Spads>are you sure you have the right username?
20:30<chris|home>Back when my node stopped responding to everything, including a host reboot
20:30<Spads>hmm, it doesn't get far enough to even exchange credentials, come to think
20:31<chris|home>They're stuck waiting on host, so I assume host4 is buggered
20:31<mlc>yes it seems to be
20:31<mlc>i am seeing the same problem
20:32<Spads>caker: mikegrb: host4 dead?
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20:38<chris|home>and there goes my irc client
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20:49<Antitribu>hi all, host 4 doing the wacky?
20:49<Antitribu>or just me again?
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20:54|-|Thrakka changed nick to Antitribu
20:54<Antitribu>uh... guys?
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21:10<Antitribu>help, there an admin out there?
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21:32<Antitribu>well thats hands down the weirdest thing i've ever seen
21:32<Antitribu>the fstab and the inittab files, got swapped
21:33<Antitribu>as in contents....
21:35<Antitribu>odd doesn't come close
21:35<Antitribu>my problem is what else got swapped
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22:13<encode>ooh../. looks different now
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