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00:17[~]Majbour slaps encode around a bit with a large trout
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00:57<warewolf>Note to self: do not use this condom!
01:03<Battousai>crazy ISO with their standards
01:20<@mikegrb>met chris blizzard last thursday
01:21<@mikegrb>saw that prototype friday
01:22<encode>warewolf: hahahahah - i got a good laugh out of htat
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02:25<linbot>New news from forums: Total dapperfication of breezotic server failed on LVM? in General Discussion <>
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03:18<npmr>linbot, roulette
03:18<linbot>npmr: *click*
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03:29<warewolf>linbot: roulette
03:29<linbot>warewolf: *click*
03:42<encode>well, seagate's RMA process works
03:42<encode>albiet slowly
03:43<encode>gg enormous warranty - till 2010
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04:18<warewolf>that must be a brand new drive, and SATA or some shit
04:18<warewolf>because nearly all PATA IDE drives went to a 1 or 2 year warranty
04:18<warewolf>5y is unheard of now adays
04:18<warewolf>and only enterprise class drives have a respectable warranty today
04:29<encode>its a seagate laptop disk
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04:53[~]warewolf looks at his shoulders
04:59[~]warewolf wonders how much use gets nowadays.
04:59[~]warewolf hasn't looked in months
05:01<encode>well its going to get a lot of use now
05:01<warewolf>it actually doesn't appear to be doing much at all
05:02<warewolf>except well, bots
05:03[~]warewolf churns the webserver
05:04<warewolf>yep, someone in taiwan is still #1 user of the service
05:04<encode>i found a nasty thing about blog:cms last night
05:05<encode>it has an unsecure mailing page, where one can specify the origin and destination email address
05:05<encode>i only picked it up from the hits it got, listed in my webalizer summary
05:07<warewolf>someone short-linked a catherine bell sex scene on
05:07<warewolf>someone knows my tastes in women :)
05:07<encode>is that good or bad?
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05:11<encode>well jekil thinks its bad
05:39<warewolf>the asf stream is evading my attempts to play it with mplayer
05:56<Majbour>kick it
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07:16<Internat>evening all :)
07:17<Internat>i see its been a quiet day for everyone, not much new on the forums, which is always a good sign
08:12[~]ximbiot stretches.
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10:39<npmr>caker, mikegrb: had a linode spontaneously reboot last night on host4, any clue why that might have happened?
10:41<npmr>caker, mikegrb: last recorded activity in syslog was at 20:20 EDT, system booted back up at 21:45
10:44<npmr>caker, mikegrb: munin and ratemylinode graphs show downtime during that entire period, and no significant i/o activity
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11:14<JonR>so... my linode is being slow. a 'cat /proc/io_status' took like ten seconds. I do have a load average in 3-4.5 range, but my cpu is free, my io_tokens are near full, and I don't think I'm heavily into swap.
11:14<JonR>where should I look?
11:17<anderiv>you don't *think* you're heavily into swap? Have you checked?
11:18<JonR>sure, I checked. but what counts as 'heavily'?
11:18<JonR>gpd: what's that?
11:18<JonR>Mem: 75388k total, 71020k used, 4368k free, 3224k buffers
11:18<JonR>Swap: 541680k total, 77208k used, 464472k free, 14192k cached
11:18<gpd>it is a traceroute program to check for packet loss
11:18<JonR>ah, haven't got that installed. wonder if fink has it.
11:19<JonR>looks like not
11:19<anderiv>are any specific process taking up CPU?
11:19<gpd>mtr - Combines 'traceroute' and 'ping'
11:19<gpd>^ fink
11:19<JonR>anderiv: no. i have like 95% idle cpu. top is taking the most.
11:20<anderiv>what were the results of cat /proc/io_status?
11:20<JonR>io_count=388584097 io_rate=36 io_tokens=399986 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
11:21<anderiv>looks okay to me :-)
11:21<JonR>wow, mtr requires x? guess I won't be installing that.
11:21<JonR>anderiv: heh, yeah
11:23<gpd>you could try `dstat -f` on your linode
11:23<JonR>and I'm getting 72ms ping times. can't run mtr, but I don't suspect my net is the problem.
11:23<gpd>there is an mtr-tiny package for debian that does not include X
11:29<JonR>okay, I ran dstat -f... not sure how to interpret it, though. paging is mostly 0s, with occasional 4k or 8k in. idle cpu is usually 100, and the net stats are low.
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11:33<JonR>hm, looks like 1.6% packet loss?
11:33<kriby>what's the page say that the load on your host is?
11:33<JonR>couldn't ssh into LISH, either...
11:33<JonR>kriby: medium
11:39<JonR>yipe! "load average: 9.79, 4.57, 2.94"
11:40<Battousai>multiply those by 10, then call us
11:41<JonR>well, maybe. but when that was happening, my imap server wasn't responding, etc.
11:50<JonR>ah well
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12:22<nutbar>hey, are there any linode forum mods on here? tried to reg to the forums and apparently your smtp settings aren't working (smtp auth is busted)
12:23<nutbar>i just wanted to post one reply to a thread i found very useful (and found an answer to a problem)
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12:30<@caker>huh, pop-before-smtp screwed up .. I'll fix
12:30<@caker>nutbar: thanks
12:30<nasakai>hi can anybody help me with logging into linode?
12:31<@caker>nutbar: what's up?
12:31<nasakai>i bought a linode 80 yesterday and i've received a payment receipt but i'm unable to log into
12:32<nasakai>oh wait i'm so sorry i just got an account activation email
12:32<@caker>nasakai: your account has been activate -- have you tried today?
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12:32<nasakai>thanks caker i'm happy as a peach
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13:02<afv-13>i've known some very sad peaches
13:02<afv-13>the ones that sit at the bottom of the can and get squashed by the rest
13:05<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host52 in System and Network Status <>
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13:10<cmantito>uhh...linode problems?
13:10|-|cmantito changed nick to cm
13:11<afv-13>cm: host52?
13:11<cm>panic? =/
13:11<afv-13>20:06 < linbot> New news from forums: Reboot: host52 in System and Network Status <>
13:11<cm>well, I missed that because I proxy IRC through the linode ^.^
13:11[~]cm grumbles.
13:12<cm>mine didn't come BACK up.
13:12[~]cm investigates
13:13<cm>this is odd
13:13<cm>it says it's running, but I can't connect.
13:13<@mikegrb>you didn't wait long enough
13:13<cm>through lish.
13:14<@caker>give me a few
13:15<cm>ok. o.O did I do something bad?
13:24<cm>is all of host52 still busted or did I do something special? :P
13:25<anderiv>cm: no...the linodes are coming up...
13:25<anderiv>mine just returned from the dead.
13:25<anderiv>cm: the linodes boot in sequence so that the host doesn't get swamped.
13:26<cm>I know that much, but lish said it was running :P
13:26<cm>so I assumed that, you know, it was running ;)
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13:31<anderiv>yah - my LPM said mine was runing as well. I think they get a bit screwed up when the host reboots.
13:31<cm>one assumes it would take less than 20 minutes to come back up? ;)
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13:41<cm>it's been in the host queue for 3 minutes at least now =/
13:44<cm>over 5 minutes. *prods caker and mikegrb*
13:45<cm>lish says it's running; web says it's not; and it's been processing in the host's queue for some time now.
13:46<cm>booted. finally.
13:46<cm>a 10 minute boot, I'm impressed.
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13:50<cm>thar ve go
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15:14<anderiv>mikegrb: you around?
15:19<anderiv>mikegrb: ticket 20211. Let's make it so. Do you need anything from me?
15:19<kriby>blood, sweat, and tears
15:19<anderiv>hrm...lemme see if I remembered to bring those with me today.
15:20<@mikegrb>that's you
15:20<anderiv>mikegrb: I assume since this in an inter-datacenter move, I can keep the same ip, correct?
15:20<@mikegrb>ideally the new linode is same dc
15:21<@mikegrb>then when you are ready we can just move the ip to the new account
15:21<@mikegrb>so you don't have to wait for dns changes and such
15:24<@mikegrb>anderiv: migration to new host setup
15:24<@mikegrb>if you downsize images before migration, it will go a bit quicker
15:27<gpd>s/inter/intra/ ?
15:27<anderiv>okay...if I don't downsize, will the migrate script take care of it for me?
15:28<npmr>mikegrb, any idea on that spontaneous reboot?
15:28<anderiv>gpd: correction noted.
15:28<@mikegrb>no, you would need to downsize after migrating
15:28<@mikegrb>npmr: I believe host4 was rebooted but caker forgot to post in the status forums
15:28<afv-13>it's good to see that etch is making use of depends httpd
15:29<afv-13>was getting so sick of everything wanting apache
15:29<npmr>is there any place i can look and see the host uptime?
15:29<@mikegrb>unfortunately not
15:29<@mikegrb>well, you can look here
15:29<@mikegrb> 16:28:22 up 18:51, 20 users, load average: 0.74, 1.20, 1.21
15:30<chris>Prior to last night's host4 crapping out I had 244 days up
15:30<chris>I'm somewhat sad now
15:30<anderiv>mikegrb: okay...thanks.
15:30<afv-13>mikegrb: can i see host32's uptime?
15:30<afv-13>cause it's kicking ass
15:30<@mikegrb>351 days
15:30<npmr>yeah, so's host34
15:30<afv-13>npmr: no dude, my host > yours
15:31<Battousai>host11 pwns all j00r hosts
15:31[~]afv-13 starts singing
15:31<chris>ahem, host 4 was the FOURTH host sir. We're 'old skewl'
15:31<@mikegrb>762 days is the winner
15:32<npmr>chris, actually my employer's linode on host4 was moved there in an upgrade
15:32<npmr>chris, was originally on host30
15:32<chris>npmr: bah, I've been on it the whole time at least :o
15:32<npmr>chris, mine was originally on host5, is now on host34
15:32<Battousai>that'd be nova right mike?
15:32<SupaZubon> 21:32:51 up 38 days, 3:51, 23 users, load average: 2.33, 3.87, 4.45
15:32<SupaZubon>Frotz finally found a stable host
15:33[~]SupaZubon touches wood
15:33<@mikegrb>Battousai: nope
15:33<@mikegrb>host 9
15:33<@mikegrb>there are a couple over 700
15:33<@mikegrb>handfull at 400+
15:34<anderiv>mikegrb: the migrate button shows up when you power down the linode, correct?
15:34[~]npmr knows a linode on host9
15:34<npmr>[inkblot@trisha:~]$ uptime
15:34<npmr> 20:34:47 up 10 days, 6:13, 1 user, load average: 0.02, 0.08, 0.04
15:35<@mikegrb>anderiv: you will need to log out then back in
15:35[~]gpd would rather have a shiny new kernel than a long uptime :|
15:35<anderiv>mikegrb: okay
15:35<npmr>mikegrb, has host9 ever been rebooted since it was put in he?
15:35<npmr>mikegrb, that's about the right timeframe, i think
15:37[~]gpd notes a bunch of uml fixes committed 67min ago
15:37<gpd>including my sleep bug :)
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16:12<@caker>npmr: it was during the power outage at HE two years ago, I forget if I had 2.6 deployed before then - if not, once before the power outage for the upgrade
16:13<@caker>gpd: yeah, I pasted you the link a few days ago :)
16:18<npmr>caker, host9's uptime is longer than mikegrb's, though right?
16:23|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
16:27<@caker>npmr: 763 days up
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16:50<linbot>New news from forums: Review: UML Book by Jeff Dike in General Discussion <>
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17:31|-|Damaja1 [] has joined #linode
17:50<Quizzer>anyone know why i get this when starting mysql, after just installing
17:50<Quizzer>error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111)'
17:50<Quizzer>Check that mysqld is running and that the socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' exists!
17:50<Quizzer>using Ubuntu 5.10
17:51<@caker>Quizzer: there's a mysql log file somewhere .. /var/log/mysql.log or somesuch
17:51<Quizzer>its a fresh install though
17:51<@caker>Quizzer: 2.6 kernel?
17:52<Quizzer>i did that mv command for tls
17:52<@caker>that's why -- mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
17:52<@caker>oh? .. check the log file then
17:52<Quizzer>mv: cannot overwrite directory `/lib/tls-disabled/tls'
17:52<Quizzer>thats what i get when i run the mv command
17:52<Quizzer>running it as root
17:52<chris>Just have dpkg divert the folder
17:52<@caker>right, because it's a directory, and then you moved it into that directory, and another one is there again
17:53<@caker>chris: at some point, divert changed to not being able to divert directories
17:53<@caker>dunno if it works again in Ubuntu
17:53<@caker>yeah, weird
17:53<Quizzer>so check for the log file
17:53<chris>I haven't paid attention to my divert
17:53<Quizzer>is their a fast way of searching for the log
17:53<@caker>Quizzer: no -- rm -rf /lib/tls-disabled; mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
17:54<@caker>Quizzer: that'll fix it
17:54<@caker>Quizzer: tail -n 100 /var/log/whatever (view the last 100 lines of a file)
17:55<Quizzer>how do i view the Please take a look at the syslog.
17:59<chris>That line itself is... creepy
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18:23|-|neil [~neil@] has joined #linode
18:23<neil>is there any kind of referral program?
18:24<@caker>neil: no
18:25|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
18:25<neil>getting ready to sign up, was going to try to toss someone a referal credit
18:36<neil>only it keeps erroring out
18:36<@caker>oh? what error?
18:38<@caker>I just un-did something I was changing, but it shouldn't have had any effect
18:39<neil>transaction failed, try again
18:39<neil>keep trying but nothing works
18:39<neil>sending message to service@ now
18:39|-|Eman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:39<@caker>that's me -- sometimes you just need to call the number on the CC and say "OK" to the charges
18:40<@caker>banks have various levels of paranoia, so you'll only need to do this once more than likely
18:41|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
18:42<neil>yeah, they're kinda wierd, no problems with letting through, a site based in russia, but they wont' let me charge gas at the local gas station
18:43<@caker>99.9% of the time, the phone call approval to the bank/CC will take care of it when this has happened... I should add that to the error message
18:44<Spads>we're still having trouble convincing amex that we really are going to be doing business in London
18:45<fo0bar>Spads: mail them some tea and crumpets
18:45[~]Spads mails fo0bar a punch in the face
18:46[~]gpd notes recent change in Spads' mood - stays well clear
18:49<@caker>ahh, already have it:
18:49<@caker>"We're sorry, but the transaction failed. Please make sure your credit card information is correct and resubmit the form, or contact your credit card company for the reason your transaction failed. If you continue to have problems, please email service@.."
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18:56<neil>visa says they haven't declined anything
18:56<neil>at all
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19:13<neil>yeah... tried it every which way I can think of - quadruple checked the card number and information...... e-mail sent to service@... let me know
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21:01<anderiv>mikegrb: caker: either of you around?
21:03<anderiv>I just did the 120 -> 80 migration...looks like the disk images transferred okay, but now LPM is showing that my node is "Brand New" and doesn't give the boot option. I've done a migration before and didn't remember having to do anything special after migrating the disk images to get it to boot...
21:04<@mikegrb>you can click boot on the left
21:06<anderiv>did you switch my account on that 80 to monthly billing? And if so, when I sign up for my new 120, how would I go about applying that credit to an annual account?
21:06<@mikegrb>I've switched the specs to 80
21:06<@mikegrb>but not the billing stuff yet
21:06<@mikegrb>you just need to let us know when you sign up the new one
21:06<@mikegrb>I'll take care of it ;)
21:07<anderiv>great - so when I create a new account for the 120, should I just send you a note w/ the new username so you can apply the credits?
21:07<@mikegrb>and I can make sure it is in the same DC at the time
21:08<anderiv>I'll do it right now I guess...the username will be "anderiv2" I guess :-)
21:11<anderiv>created...waiting for the acct activation email, though.
21:15<@mikegrb>waiting on the address confirmation email you mean?
21:16<anderiv>that email acct uses greylisting, so emails take a while to come through sometimes.
21:16<anderiv>no biggie...
21:19|-|Guest141 changed nick to Eman
21:30<gpd> <-- some interesting ideas
21:30<anderiv>gpd: I read through that earlier...I'm going to be setting up my 1st ubuntu linode here shortly.
21:30<anderiv>Any gotchas?
21:31<gpd>well i'd skip the ftp server...
21:31<gpd>and i require php - so that is out
21:31<gpd>you can't synchronize the clock on linodes
21:31<anderiv>right...I run a gentoo node currently.
21:31<@mikegrb>you can
21:31<gpd>other than that it is similar to my setup
21:31<gpd>mikegrb: oh
21:31<@mikegrb>the uml instance stores the time as a delta from the system time
21:32<@mikegrb>but the hosts run nptd
21:32<gpd>isn't sytem tim ntp correct anyway?
21:32<anderiv>to get to Dapper Drake, it's just a matter of editing sources.list, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, correst?
21:32<@mikegrb>except apt-get dist-upgrade
21:32<anderiv>ahh right.
21:33<gpd>anderiv: freenode #ubuntu-server has the server team on it ;) - eg. infinity
21:34|-|sprouse [] has joined #linode
21:35<gpd>caker: you should make a Dapper LTS image and ride the marketing wave
21:37<@mikegrb>gpd: LTS?
21:37<anderiv>Long-Term Support?
21:37<gpd>long term support (5yr)
21:37<anderiv>I think.
21:38<@mikegrb>I believe he already made a dapper image
21:38<gpd>not mentioned on - probably just needs a dist-upgrade if so :)
21:40<@mikegrb>it's not available via the distro wizard yet either
21:51<@mikegrb>----> <----
21:57<fo0bar>fo0bar, by comparison, lasted a good 3 seconds (but the activist judges decided to round down to 2)
22:25|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:28<FireSlash>Heh. running out of IO tokens while updating MySQL = oh noes :X
22:30<gpd>updating ?
22:31[~]anderiv guesses emerging...
22:42[~]mikegrb sleeps
22:57<encode>anyone here used vmware's p2v assistant?
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23:04<FireSlash>apt-get upgrade
23:04<FireSlash>apt-get update
23:04<FireSlash>That kind of updating.
23:06<taupehat>encode: I was considering it until I found out that it costs six bloody grand
23:06<taupehat>for one server, forget it
23:06<taupehat>I'll do the grunt work by hand
23:09<encode>$6k for one use only? or unlimited license
23:11<taupehat>not sure how it's licensed
23:11|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:11<taupehat>but 6 grand was way way too high a bar for me to climb
23:11<taupehat>that's 3/5 of my annual budget!
23:12<encode>it doesnt worry me - not my money
23:12<taupehat>mine neither
23:12<encode>im sure the company has it licensed somewhere
23:12<taupehat>but it's my budget to spend the best way i can
23:12[~]encode works for a large company
23:12<taupehat>and 6 grand to save me 3 hours worth of work is silly
23:12[~]taupehat works for a small rural school district
23:12<encode>big difference ;)
23:12<taupehat>if I had a room full of servers that needed to get crammed together on VMs, I'd feel differently
23:13<encode>what are you guys using vmware for?
23:13<taupehat>currently the only production server on a VM is mail
23:13<taupehat>I'm going to put the only doze server on another VM - it does WSUS, Sophos EM Lib, and Ghost
23:14<taupehat>then I'll put a backup domain controller on a VM on the backup storage array
23:14<taupehat>which is offsite
23:14<encode>sounds giid
23:14<taupehat>I could just jam it all on the main OS on the backup box, but simple is good
23:14<encode>which version of vmware are you using?
23:15<encode>running on linux host?
23:15<taupehat>runs well on Debian
23:15<taupehat>the newest release does a lot better with SMP, too
23:15<encode>i wonder if ESX makes much of a performance difference to server running on linux
23:15<taupehat>yeah, it takes a decent performance hit
23:16<taupehat>the only reason I can get away with it on my hardware is that the mailserver is lightweight, and I don't give a shit if the windows server is fast or not
23:17<encode>so you're saying ESX would perform better on given hardware than just normal vmware server with linux host?
23:17[~]taupehat cusses when he's not at work and when his daughter is asleep - making up for lost time
23:17<encode>what would the difference be?
23:17<taupehat>don't know
23:17<taupehat>but I know someone who does
23:17<encode>oh well
23:17[~]taupehat asks
23:17<encode>i might find out
23:17<encode>when i attend my ESX training course
23:18<taupehat>that actually sounds like something I'd enjoy
23:18<encode>i think i'll enjoy it
23:18<encode>i figured i'd get some experience under my belt before the course
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23:19<encode>rofl @ that dailywtf earlier
23:19<taupehat>attack of the keys
23:20<taupehat>I do like DateDate as a column
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