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00:00<Razathorn>but really -- what causes that?
00:00<Internat>nah id say it would be a bug
00:00<Internat>io_tokens is a custom thing that caker has written
00:00<Razathorn>should I report a bug?
00:00<@caker>Razathorn: something you ran was eating IO, or you were swap-thrashing
00:01<Internat>oh there u go
00:01<Razathorn>but *max* tokens was 100
00:01<Razathorn>io_count=1106669 io_rate=0 io_tokens=100 token_refill=50 token_max=100
00:02<eFUDd>like i said. don't do that.
00:02<Razathorn>don't do what?
00:02<@caker>throttling is usually concurrent with how poor the effect was on the host
00:02<Razathorn>but why would it sit like that forever?
00:03<Razathorn>i mean I had to reboot to get any tokens back to token_max
00:03<Razathorn>nothing was running on this server for hours
00:03<Razathorn>when I logged in, nothing was running, no swapping, no cpu, but loadavg was high and all io was stuck
00:04<Razathorn>loadav was high because anything that *tried* to run took for ever
00:04<Razathorn>nothing was hitting the server though
00:04<Razathorn>and it was not swapping at all
00:04<eFUDd>for ever is a long time :/
00:04<eFUDd>btw, razathorn, ignore me. really. it is safest. I'm a troll. Or something.
00:05<eFUDd>mmmm jack daniels is good.
00:05<eFUDd>btw, fuck my conf call in 25 minutes.
00:05<eFUDd>and fuck my conf call in 55 minutes.
00:05<anderiv>eFUDd: tough morning, huh?
00:05<@caker>with others 1/2 way around the world, I assume
00:06<@caker>eFUDd: that reminds me...
00:06[~]caker goes away for a minute
00:06<eFUDd>caker, linode's income is now clearly enough to afford a Netapp FAS6070 for iscsi hosting.
00:06<eFUDd>indeed. singapore time. or something.
00:06<@caker>eFUDd: ballpark cost?
00:06<eFUDd>oh. no idea. .5M?
00:06<Razathorn>So when does token_max get dropped? Why was I at 100?
00:06<@caker>um ..
00:07<eFUDd>raza, probably due to thrashing?
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00:07<@caker>Razathorn: The oly times that'll happen is because of how poor the effect of the thrashing was on the host, to protect others
00:07<eFUDd>perhaps you need a larger linode to maintain your load?
00:07<Razathorn>man there's no load on this box
00:07<eFUDd>caker, honestly, i don't know how much our stuff costs. our FAS6070 is badass.
00:08<@caker>Razathorn: anything that you're running on that box that might produce high disk usage?
00:08<Razathorn>cpu for last month was 0%
00:08<eFUDd>latest-n-greatest. the 980s perhaps will drop in price soonish? those are -quite- capable and perhaps 1/4M loaded? i could be orders of magnitude off.
00:08<Razathorn>caker: imap is the only thing, and that's like 1 or 2 folks using it
00:08<Razathorn>caker: nothing that would cause massive io
00:08<eFUDd>raza, there is user count, and then "simply too much on a node"
00:08<eFUDd>what size lindoe are you on?
00:09<eFUDd>('scuse my Jack daniels induced typos)
00:09<Razathorn>not sure
00:09<eFUDd>you aren't sure what size linode you bought?
00:10[~]anderiv prefers the whiskey from across the pond :-)
00:10<Razathorn>but with 1% of my monthly transfer used, and 1% cpu averaged for the month, how can I be needing a bigger linode?
00:10<Razathorn>that makes no sense
00:10<eFUDd>I've got some macallen 18 ere also
00:10<eFUDd>but i'm saving that.
00:10<Razathorn>this isn't my linode, it's a friends
00:10<anderiv>eFUDd: mmmmm
00:10<Razathorn>I just happen to have access to stuff
00:10<eFUDd>raza, you know there is an entire _SCIENCE_ based on performance?
00:10<eFUDd>you ask a complicated question.
00:11<eFUDd>anderiv, indeed. yet it is ~$150usd/bottle
00:11<eFUDd>I found some macallen 50 recently
00:11<anderiv>the most I've spent is $40
00:11<eFUDd>i spent that in a night. :/
00:11[~]eFUDd drunkard
00:12<eFUDd>altho, a bottle of JD single barrel is probably only ~$55
00:12<anderiv>I've really taken a liking to the Islay malts.
00:12<TheFirst>$40 a night? that's it?!
00:12<eFUDd>I can't seem to ween myself off of a tennessee malt.
00:12<eFUDd>scotch whiskey is good in it's own right.. but....
00:12[~]anderiv has never tried JD.
00:12<anderiv> shoot me :-)
00:13<eFUDd>JD has a harshness associated with it... especially if not single barrell.
00:13[~]TheFirst shoots anderiv
00:13<eFUDd>(i.e., colmes from one barrel vs multiples)
00:13[~]anderiv tries to get his mind out of gentoo mode and into debian mode.
00:14<eFUDd>fuck apt-cache search
00:14<eFUDd>and fuck apt-get install
00:14<eFUDd>and fuck the bastardizations they call "package management"
00:14<anderiv>I see that JD is doing wonders for you tonight.
00:14<eFUDd>This isn't JD. this is my norm. :/
00:14<eFUDd>JD is the typos coupled with a laptop keyboard vs. my kinesis.
00:15<anderiv>man - I tried for a week to type on one of those things.
00:15<anderiv>...couldn't do it.
00:15<eFUDd>-love them-
00:15<Razathorn>the only thing I can think of is given the amount of services he is trying to run on this box with 160 megs of ram that he's hitting swap like a brick wall
00:15<anderiv>I know - several of my co-workers have 'em.
00:15<eFUDd>I switched approximately 2 weeks typing time ago on them...
00:15<Razathorn>but I haven't seen any so/si in vmstat for myself
00:15<anderiv>...they all love them.
00:15<eFUDd>I still can't quite get {} and [] right..
00:15<eFUDd>and i think alt-tab is a reach...
00:15<anderiv>I think my hands are too big or something...
00:16<eFUDd>but i've yet to setup the footpedals on mine..
00:16<anderiv>you got the expensive model...
00:16<eFUDd>refurbs, yes.
00:16<eFUDd>i've got semi-nasty carpet tunnel
00:16<anderiv>I *do* like the mechanical switches, though.
00:16<eFUDd>(typo on purpose)
00:17<eFUDd>I switched to their vertical mice also
00:17<anderiv>fortunately, no wrist issues yet here.
00:17<eFUDd>how old are you?
00:17<anderiv>...only been in the biz for 5 yrs, though. So we'll see.
00:17<eFUDd>i'm at 16.
00:17<eFUDd>i spent ~5 years doing laptops only. suggest not doing that.
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00:19<eFUDd>the pinky side of my left hand is generally in pain :/
00:19<anderiv>eFUDd: that sucks.
00:19<eFUDd>this dell laptop, which as not bothered me for 2 years, now causes me pain since siwtching to the kinesis
00:19<anderiv>about a year ago, I started mapping my CapsLock as a Ctrl key. That helped me a lot.
00:20<Razathorn>so if my linode is 'thrashing' the max tokens will get dropped and never get restored after any period of idle, only fixed by a reboot?
00:21<eFUDd>raza, that question is best posed directly to caker or mikegrb methinks.
00:23<@caker>Razathorn: or until we come along and remove the restriction, inform you if it continues and it gets resolved, etc
00:23<@caker> <-- eFUDd
00:24<anderiv>man all this whiskey talk is making me thirsty.
00:24<Razathorn>is there any log / way to determine when the token max went down?
00:24[~]anderiv goes for Laphroig...
00:24<eFUDd>while :
00:25<Razathorn>i'm running a vmstat 30 to a log right now to try and spot any thrashing in the future
00:26<anderiv> <----bourbon control center :-)
00:26<eFUDd>TOKENS_MAX=`cat /proc/io_status | cut -d= -f6`
00:27<eFUDd>if [ ${TOKENS_MAX} -le 400000 ];
00:27<eFUDd>mailx -s "I suck and am thrashing" root@yourdomain
00:27<eFUDd>(or something...)
00:28<Razathorn>it's gotta be swapping at some point
00:28<Razathorn>i'll just watch vmstat
00:28<eFUDd>add in
00:28<Razathorn>I think it's imap
00:28<eFUDd>vmstat 5 | mailx -s ...
00:28<eFUDd>then you'll find out
00:28<eFUDd>couple it with ps
00:28<eFUDd>and perhaps "halt"
00:28<eFUDd>(Did I mention /ignore me?)
00:28<Razathorn>one of our users thinks it's great to send 50 meg attachments
00:29<Razathorn>and imap really *loves* those
00:29<Razathorn>in sent folders
00:29<eFUDd> guess
00:29<eFUDd>you must be using, uh, not cyrus?
00:29<Razathorn>i dunno man!
00:29<Razathorn>not really my box
00:29<eFUDd>how often do you complain about how dirty someone elses car is?
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00:30<eFUDd>(I mean, they let you -look- at it. those bastards.)
00:30<eFUDd>caker, you suck. i envy that experience.
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00:31<@caker>eFUDd: it's really really cool -- I've been about 5 or 6 times .. only place I've ever been to where the motorcycle lot is closer, and separated than the normal lots/handicap spots
00:31<eFUDd>afk, conf call. :/
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00:37<eFUDd>entertain me.
00:38<eFUDd>damnit caker, install gallery. this rightclick+back sucks.
00:39<eFUDd>some rnadom php script i picked up
00:39[~]eFUDd reads source for url
00:39<eFUDd> // PhotoFrame
00:40<eFUDd>minor in .php configuration
00:40<eFUDd>creates .thumbs or whatever
00:40<eFUDd>no external deps.
00:45<eFUDd>01:41 <@eFUDd> <- cool. multiple levels.
00:45<eFUDd>01:41 <@eFUDd> s/03/04 - ditto
00:45<eFUDd>01:42 <@eFUDd> <- tolja JD was naturally occurring.
00:45<eFUDd>01:43 <@eFUDd> <- evil eyes
00:45[~]eFUDd completely sent those to the wrong channel
01:08<eFUDd>damn the pigdog mailing list is harsh.
01:09<eFUDd>who was it that turned me onto this damned thing... 'twas one of you
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01:12<@caker>, etc
01:13<eFUDd>ah. yes. fo0bar and/or crackmonkey+supadongzu
01:13<eFUDd>I blame the three.
01:13[~]eFUDd currently being attacked on pigdog
01:14<eFUDd>i've thus far only been called as "gay masochist" though. (summarizing of course)
01:14<eFUDd>the masochist point was reused twice.
01:31<Spads>the pigdog list is, as always, a shadow of its former self
01:32<eFUDd>everything is.
01:32<eFUDd>as you said.
01:32<Spads>it was always at its best when folks like mister bad posted super regularly
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01:32<eFUDd>i'm too, uh, aged to get riled by it.
01:33<eFUDd>plus i don't do politics.
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02:19<linbot>New news from forums: Unpretentious Question in General Discussion <>
02:31<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host52 in System and Network Status <>
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03:06<Eman>from slashdot "A flamewar on the Debian Mailing lists?" "Thats unpossible!"
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08:28<ximbiot>how do i make linbot send the second half of a weather report?
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08:35<npmr>!weather 60625
08:36<npmr>-!- linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:36<npmr>the internet sure has sucked the last couple of days
08:36<npmr>is there some new windows fux0r going around?
08:45<warewolf>wget javascript:document.dlform.submit()
08:45<warewolf>son of a
08:45<warewolf>why does sourceforge have to make all links to what you want to download impossible to cut-and-paste
08:45<warewolf>I don't *want* to download this file to this desktop. I *need* to download it to my server!
08:47[~]Majbour dances
08:54<kriby>i've never had a problem with it
08:54<kriby>just right click | copy link location, and paste it into the wget line
08:55<warewolf>see the javascript crap I just pasted above?
08:55<warewolf>that's what it is now.
08:55<kriby>i think you need to click on that link, and then it will give you an actual url, irrc
08:55[~]kriby goes off to check.
08:56<kriby>Your download should begin shortly. If it does not, try or choose a different mirror'
08:56<kriby>that page gives the link..
08:57<warewolf>now right click on that, copy link location, and paste it here.
08:57<warewolf>don't select and copy it
08:57<kriby>doh.. ya.. they've changed it..
08:57<kriby>curse them. :)
08:57<kriby>it used to work
08:57<kriby>oh well.. selecting and middle clicking works.
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09:16<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: ping
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10:32<ximbiot>gpd, , Spads, warewolf: if you were curious, I confirmed via benchmarking that my eAccelerator gains under Apache2 & mod_php were almost as good under lighttpd & fastcgi. Went from 5.98 -> 20.06 req/sec, compared to 6.72 -> 25.64. The 25% difference with lighttpd, fastcgi, & eA is starting to look more worthwhile than the earlier 5%-7.5% improvement, thuogh.
10:34<warewolf>what exactly is eAccelerator
10:34<ximbiot>not sure it's worth migrating my mod_perl stuff to php since it already runs at ~120 requests per second uder apache, but someone who has a php-only site might think it worthwhile.
10:34<ximbiot>warewolf, it's a plugin for PHP that caches the compiled scripts.
10:34[~]warewolf blinks
10:34<warewolf>php doesn't do that on its own?
10:35[~]warewolf headdesk
10:35<ximbiot>costs some memory, but i got some major speed improvements out of it.
10:35<ximbiot>warewolf, nope.
10:37<warewolf>I'm almost certian that mod_perl is about as close to writing an apache C module that you can get, without actually writing any C.
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10:41[~]ximbiot didn't realize that `headdesk' was a verb.
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10:42<warewolf>lemme go one step further
10:42[~]warewolf hates on PHP
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10:45<warewolf>holy shit
10:45<Majbour>jesus is back ?
10:45<warewolf>I just read up what magic quotes are and what register globals is in php
10:45<warewolf>those two things are every, VERY evil
10:47<warewolf>every time I read up stuff like that, it makes me like mod_perl and Mason that much more.
10:47<warewolf>maybe I should write a webpage that will teach people who write php how to write Mason
10:47<warewolf>and grant them amnesty from my flames
10:48<warewolf>LAMP (where M = mysql and P = PHP) is the BASIC of our generation
10:48[~]warewolf looks for that article on digg
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12:38<ximbiot>hrm. how do i buy an additional linode without creating a new account?
12:39<ximbiot>caker, mikegrb, I'm offerring you more $$ ^^^^^^^
12:42<@mikegrb>you don't
12:42<@mikegrb>it's the only way to do it
12:43<ximbiot>mikegrb, okay, so i need a second account. thanks.
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13:19<Ka>Hi there
13:19<Ka>Would have couple of questions on Bandwidth usage, anyone to help me please?
13:20|-|Ka changed nick to KaSt
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13:20<KaStKa>Hi there
13:21<KaStKa>Anyone ready to answer couple of questions please?
13:21<Spads>I am just a customer, but I may be able to
13:21<KaStKa>Do you know if apt-gets (Debiam) from count on bandwidth?
13:22<KaStKa>I mean downloading general packages for Linux installation...
13:22<Spads>well, yes
13:23<Spads>but it's statistical noise, really
13:23<Spads>I can't imagine you'd be downloading enough to make a dent in your quota
13:23<KaStKa>so if I download 255Mb of Gnome... It gets counted
13:23<Spads>I know I don't even see it
13:23<Spads>er, gnome on a linode?
13:23<KaStKa>Crazy, isn't it? ;)
13:24<Spads>I don't understand why people run X on linodes
13:24<Spads>but that's not my concern, in the end
13:24<KaStKa>I'm desperately trying to setup vncserver on my Linode...
13:24<Spads>you really shouldn't worry about apt-gets dinging your quota
13:24<Spads>sort of like worrying about the weight of the envelope you're using to send a letter
13:25<Spads>if you need to worry about it, you have other problems
13:25<KaStKa>Actually I know that even with the basic package we get loads of bandwidth... Fifty is a lot
13:25|-|KaSt [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
13:26<KaStKa>Thanks a lot for your help.
13:26<Spads>sure thing
13:26<KaStKa>Do they charge for scratching again and again, starting over...
13:26<Spads>you mean reinstalls?
13:27<KaStKa>Ok, off to start from scratch then
13:27<Spads>just time, really
13:27<KaStKa>yes, reinstall
13:27<Spads>it costs you time
13:27<Spads>nothing else that I've seen
13:27<KaStKa>as far as it cost's my time, part of the fun
13:28<KaStKa>Got this Linode 'cause wanted to setup a Jabber server on port "eighty"
13:28<KaStKa>(my "zero" key is broken, laptop)
13:29<KaStKa>Ok, thanks a lot for your help
13:29<Spads>then how are you typing ")"?
13:29<KaStKa>Got a Swiss French Keyboard
13:29<KaStKa>Didn't you hear my Italian accent? ;)
13:30<Spads>okay, I'm off to lunch
13:30<KaStKa>Less audible when I type
13:30<KaStKa>Lunch at 8pm? ;)
13:30<KaStKa>Have a good meal
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14:10<orospakr>hi! I am not sure if this is strictly a Linode problem or not, but I figure I might as well try my luck. A few days ago (perhaps sooner) certain applications, like nsupdate and mysqld, segfault immediately on invocation.
14:10<orospakr>any thoughts?
14:10<Battousai>mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.old?
14:11<orospakr>well, crap. it looks like some updates recreated my tls directory.
14:12<orospakr>thanks, attousai. I thought it might be something like that.
14:22<npmr>the newest 2.6 linode kernels support nptl, btw
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14:45<Quizzer>anything going on with host57 .. can connect to lish but it says my linode isnt running but the web-based control says it is running
14:45<Quizzer>control panel
14:56<@caker>Quizzer: there's a little delay between when the LPM is updated of your node's status
14:56<@caker>(for shutdowns)
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15:33|-|iggy_ changed nick to iggy
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15:50<Quizzer>ok ..
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16:15<warewolf>owie my head.
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19:05<backtrack>hey do you guys have the ut2004 server?
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20:20<FireSlash>Ok, fun mail snafu
20:20<FireSlash>If I send an email from to, I get it
20:20<FireSlash>No problem
20:21<FireSlash>But, if someone else sends an email to the same account? It never gets there
20:21<FireSlash>They don't get a bounce message either
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21:10<Antitribu>help, there an admin out there?
21:11<@caker>what's up?
21:11<Antitribu>ok, _weird_ error
21:11<Antitribu>basically linode is losing inittab
21:11<Antitribu>this is the second time its hapened
21:11<@caker>have you fsck'ed the filesystem?
21:11<Antitribu>linode crashes, aparently at randomo
21:12<Antitribu>yup, shows up fine
21:12<@caker>a force check? (-f)
21:12<Antitribu>linode boots
21:12<Antitribu>linode dies
21:12<Antitribu>inittab and fstab swapped
21:12<Antitribu>ok will run -f
21:12<Antitribu>sorry forgot about that in haste to get it running again
21:13<Antitribu>checking now
21:14<Antitribu>any idea what could cause something like this?
21:20<Antitribu>few file system errors
21:20<Antitribu>nothing major
21:20<Antitribu>inittab been the main one
21:52<Internat>i had that happen the other dya, my init tab became corrupted after my host froze
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22:11[~]linbot opens fire
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22:22<Antitribu>seems to be the happening thing
22:22<Antitribu>twice now
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