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00:27<linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.17-rc6-mm1.
00:31[~]gpd plays with new toy: Polar S725X Heart Rate Monitor
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00:40<TheFirst>pfft there's two heart rates you need to care about, any and none....and with none you're unable to care so heartrate monitors are useless :P
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03:48[~]encode wonders if anyone here has had experience with windows 2003 clustered print servers
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03:55<zoot>hi there. i haven't been around for some time, so this may have been discussed already.... when are more recent slackware images going to be made available? release 10.2 has been out for some time already, yet only 10.0 is available.
04:03<linbot>New news from forums: Slackware 10.2 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
04:16<encode>ahh, i have discovered how to do what i wanted :)
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05:51<linbot>New news from forums: How do I make qmail-smtpd listen on 2 different ports? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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07:01<Internat>having a few problems there Antitribu
07:05<warewolf>a few I think.
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08:50<ximbiot_>.nick ximbiot
08:50|-|ximbiot_ changed nick to ximbiot
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11:25<zoot>hi, are caker or mikegrb here?
11:27<zoot>anyone know whether slack 10.2 will be made available and when? (slack 11.0 is due out soon too)
11:28<SupaZubon>you mean you can't just install the latest and upgrade automatically from there?
11:30<zoot>i could i suppose, but it's a lot more work....
11:31<SupaZubon>that's not a problem with most other distributions
11:32<zoot>slack doesn't have dependency tracking and i have a whole heap of custom-compiled software, so would prefer to start from a clean slate
11:33<SupaZubon>sounds like a poor choice of distribution, really
11:35<zoot>whatever... i don't have the time to get into this kinda debate, as i'd have to explain why i need o do this for my particular linode. usually, this is quite simple to do (upgrade that is)
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11:36<gpd>caker: is the person to ask about new distro images
11:37[~]gpd goes away for coffee
11:38<gpd>can't help noticing the discrepancy however:
11:39<gpd> but it's a lot more work. v. is quite simple to do (upgrade that is)
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11:47<javafueled>just got back from a vacation. so... L52 needed a reboot, eh? Anybody looking at the NIC?
11:48<javafueled>[me@li11-191 rc.d]$ sudo /sbin/ip route show
11:48<javafueled> dev lo scope link
11:48<javafueled>RTNETLINK answers: File exists
11:48<javafueled>RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable
11:48<javafueled>i can LISH to the box, but no remote'n
11:50<javafueled>box won't build configuration for NIC on reboot. digging in the logs now... but thought I would see if anyone else on L52 is having problems.
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11:51<javafueled>AFK... honey do list creeping up on me... :)
11:51<kriby>a couple of peopl on rml are on 52 and they seem to be doing ok
11:52<npmr>try using ip with the -n option
11:53<npmr>you may be able to get some more information by skipping the dns lookups, particularly if you net is down
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12:35<SupaZubon>you net broken by ramon
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13:08<javafueled>hmmmm... back for a min. have to continue tending to the "honey do list" a bit more... npmr "ip -n" ? can you elaborate on this onliner you were thinking of? not sure this is an option (FC2). only "lo" is coming up. have not changed my configuration in 9 months across numerous restarts, both linode and voluntary. will dive into logs shortly. AFK.
13:36<ximbiot>javafueled, npmr may have been thinking of `netstat -rn'? shouldn't matter if the interface isn't even up, though. i would expect linode config if the interface isn't coming up and you haven't changed your config. would be interested in seeing your log error messages, tho.
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13:39<ximbiot>javafueled, i assume you've tried `ifup eth0'? :)
13:39<npmr>and 'ifconfig eth0', for that matter
14:16<JasonF>Anyone know of a backup service which uses some kind of remote-mountable FS and/or allows use of rdiff-backup
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14:49<javafueled>back at keyboard.
14:50<javafueled>nothing in the logs of interest.
14:50<SupaZubon>but plenty in the logs of disinterest
14:51<SupaZubon>01:33:72 apathyd[2726]: user javafueled showed intense disinterest on port 3336
14:52<javafueled>but think it was a typo I introduced in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts when looking at them after the reboot in late may (5/29)
14:53<javafueled>i made the mistake of habit and opened them in "vi" ... there was a ":q" at the end of the DEVICE line.
14:53<javafueled>duh. all better now.
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14:59<linbot>New news from forums: Randomness in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
15:27[~]npmr doesn't consider opening a text file in a text editor a mistake
15:30<javafueled>yeah, but it's a configuration file. should have page'd it (less||more) if just reviewing it.
15:30<ximbiot>vi -r works too.
15:31<afv-13>if you were reviewing why switch to insert?
15:31<javafueled>actually it was ":n" ... must have entered insert mode by accident.
15:31<ximbiot>vi -R, rather. or `view' on many systems, if your symlinks are set up correctly.
15:32<javafueled>ximbiot, where do you keep all of this arcane vi knowledge? :P
15:32<ximbiot>i've been using vi for many years. :)
15:33<javafueled>i still haven't figured out that trick I saw you do with block commenting. :)
15:33<ximbiot>maybe even more than you, old man. :P
15:33<ximbiot>which one?
15:34<ximbiot>javafueled, which trick, that is?
15:35<javafueled>it was some masterful key-jitsu as I recall. as I recall you commented one line then repeated it across a vhost. nothing special I'm sure not covered in the vi docs.
15:35<brocktice>javafueled: it's pretty easy in emacs
15:35<brocktice>not to start a flamewar or anything
15:36<ximbiot>was probably just i#<esc>, then repeatedly arrow-down + `.'. (`.' repeats the last command).
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15:37<javafueled>"daddy, why are the cops chasing us?" "because son, we use vi, they use emacs" :p or some such t-shirt cartoon.
15:37<javafueled>no, it was something more elegant than that ximbiot.
15:38<javafueled>it was like a repeat range movement.
15:38<ximbiot>ximbiot, i might have used a sed command.
15:38<ximbiot>`.,+10s/^/#/' or somesuch.
15:39<ximbiot>er, javafueled
15:39<ximbiot>damn tab completion.
15:41<ximbiot>javafueled, and don't forget to enter command mode with `:', so, revised: `:.,+10s/^/#/' or somesuch.
15:42<ximbiot>to insert a # in front of each of the current line and the next ten lines.
15:44<gpd>stupid question: how do i see man page 7 - eg. debconf(7) -- I thought it was man 7 debconf - but no joy - man man is lenghty
15:44<Battousai>it is man 7 debconf
15:44<Battousai>if that's what it says it is anyway
15:45<ximbiot>man 7 debconf should work, but maybe you have an old man. man -S7 debconf and man debconf.7 are alternatives i've seen.
15:45<gpd>well i keep getting 'no manual entry'
15:45<gpd>must be missing
15:45<ximbiot>are you sure it exists? is the directory it exists in in your MANPATH?
15:46<gpd>not sure it exists but referenced from debconf(1)
15:46<gpd>original question: what is lower than dpkg-reconfigure -plow
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15:47<javafueled>aren't must man files gzip'd? gzcat could be "yet another way to do it"
15:48<gpd>ya - debconf(7) seems not to exist
15:48<gpd>despite multiple references to it in man dpkg-reconfigure etc
15:48<tseng>its in section 1
15:49<gpd>tseng: it tells you to use -pVALUE - but not what VALUE is... ie. low, high, medium...
15:50<gpd>looks like low is the lowest value anyway :(
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16:00<ximbiot>are the SIZE, RSS, and SHARE fields in top output in megabytes?
16:01<ximbiot>er, kilobytes, rather
16:02<npmr>and they are also all multiples of 4
16:03<ximbiot>why is that?
16:03<npmr>because linux allocates on a page basis, with 4KB pages
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16:03<ximbiot>fair enough.
16:09<SupaZubon>on 32-bit systems, yes
16:09<SupaZubon>my alpha had 8k pages
16:11<@mikegrb>my cake has 32k pages
16:12<@mikegrb>mmm cake
16:12<SupaZubon>mikegrb: time to get onto the cake boat!
16:18[~]gpd gets out magnifying glass
16:18<TheFirst>uh like anyone can read that
16:22<afv-13>privoxy hates that site
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16:36<@mikegrb>mmm cake
16:36<tseng>mmm, cake
16:37<gpd>that phrase will never be the same again - thanks SupaZubon :|
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16:46<Battousai>mmm tseng
16:47<Battousai>what brings you here?
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21:29<`>hey caker/mikegrb, just a quesiton out of interest, for ur linode management/billing/paymet stuff, do you use a web based application for that, if so , is it custom or prebuilt, and if not, same questions
21:30<@caker>it's all in-house
21:30<`>ah okies, so web based?
21:30<@caker>and yeah -- web based
21:30<`>kewlies :)
21:31<@mikegrb>bars that serve kids++
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21:33<`>built in coldfusion, or some other language? (im corious cause im just interested in building my own web based management stuff for my webhosting stuff)
21:33<@mikegrb>web stuff is coldfusion
21:34<@mikegrb>rest is in perl
21:34<`>okies :)
21:35<TheFirst>thikn for building something the philosophy: use what you know ... is a good one to follow
21:35<`>no no , i plan on using what i know, i was just corious as to what other people have used :)
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21:42<`>wtf, i just realised my name is `
21:42|-|` changed nick to Internat
21:42<Internat>dunno what happened there
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23:24<gpd>fo0bar: <-- they stole your idea
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23:59<taupehat>su -
23:59<Internat>wanna type ur password whilst ur here ;)
23:59<taupehat>nah, that's ok
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