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00:00<taupehat>not that that ever happens
00:00<Internat>u sure? i promise i wont use it for malicious reasons ;)
00:00<Internat>*crosses fingers behind back*
00:00<taupehat>quite, thanks
00:01<encode>su -
00:01<encode>This is not my password but you can try it if you like
00:02<Internat>yeah thats a good quote
00:02<encode>which takes 5 minutes to enter
00:03<encode>and probably would've actually made a good password if i hadnt typed it here
00:03<taupehat>I think we should all set our root passwrods to "lolz"
00:03<Internat>yes.. lets
00:04<taupehat>you first
00:04<Internat>nah, i think its only fair that caker do it first, on host 1 ;)
00:04<encode>i will if i can verify you have done it
00:05<taupehat>years ago I had a hacked voicemail account (statute of limitations: this was 1990 or so), and the sysadmin would occasionally send broadcast messages. On Dec20 he asked us all to set our passcodes to our account numbers on dec31 for maintainance
00:05<taupehat>boy, I had fun with that
00:06<taupehat>actually, the broadcast messages were the best part of that account
00:06<encode>i could tell an amusing story about cracking, but it would be a lie
00:06<taupehat>"It has come to the attention of management that employees have been tilting the vending machines in the East Wing to obtain free product. You are reminded blah blah"
00:07<taupehat>this was a highly-regarded university/gov't collaboration...
00:07<taupehat>I didn't crack the account - a friend gave it to me
00:07<taupehat>he had quietly infiltrated the system and was handing out free voicemail accounts to all his friends
00:08[~]taupehat reckons the sysadmin had a lot of fun when that whole thing turned up in his logs
00:10[~]encode uses the term to distinguish from actual hacking, which imo refers to coding
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15:35<anderiv>so...anyone else seeing incredibly high latency into TP?
15:38<@mikegrb>should be taken care of shortly
15:38<@mikegrb>also, just took care of your billing stuff, btw
15:38<anderiv>mikegrb: okay - just wanted to make sure someone knew. Thanks!
15:39<@mikegrb>next month, the old account that was switched to monthly, will show a setup fee on the invoice, but it will also show a credit equal to it
15:40<anderiv>mikegrb: awesome...thanks.
15:40<anderiv>do I owe you anything else?
15:40<anderiv>great...gotta go - beer time.
15:41<anderiv>...must drink before moving my datacenter tonight :-)
15:43<Battousai>moving a datacenter :o
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15:50<eFUDd> 10 41 ms 42 ms 41 ms []
15:50<eFUDd> 11 305 ms 308 ms 311 ms
15:50<eFUDd> 12 42 ms 39 ms 40 ms []
15:50<eFUDd>isn't that nice.
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17:11<gpd>^^ triple post ?
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19:35[~]warewolf fg
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20:23<warewolf>if only I knew that there were fireworks going on at the concert near my house
20:23<warewolf>I'd have taken my tripod and my camera and taken photos
20:58<@mikegrb> /win last
21:00<warewolf>the more I read about concert photography, the more I understand that the lenses I own do not capture enough light.
21:00<warewolf>the more that I need to go rent ('cause purchase is out of the question) a lense.
21:21<encode> concert photography seems to be a very expensive hobby / profession
21:21<encode>with little margin for error
21:21<encode>i wish i was skilled and rich enough to do it
21:22<warewolf>yeah, it certinly looks that way.
21:22<warewolf>I believe I'm going to get the opportunity to shoot a friend's band
21:23<encode>try not to kill them </pun>
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21:24<kriby>warewolf: one of my attempts at that:
21:26<warewolf>kriby- what kind of camera were you using?
21:26<warewolf>what ISO?
21:26<warewolf>looks pretty high
21:26<kriby>3200 on some of them
21:26<warewolf>holy shit
21:26<warewolf>I don't think mine can do 3200
21:26<kriby>i thought they turned out pretty well for 3200
21:27<warewolf>are you using a firmware hacked 300?
21:27<warewolf>I'm curious how you got to 3200 ISO
21:28<kriby>yes, firmware hacked
21:28<warewolf>are you aware of any firmware hacks for the 350D?
21:28<warewolf>I havn't found any :(
21:28<kriby>not aware of any, but haven't been paying attention
21:31<kriby>i've recently bought the 10-22 lens.. next gig they have, i'm going to shoot some more pics
21:32<warewolf>what's the f/ on that lens
21:33<warewolf>I'm so new to photography I don't even know what that means, but I do know that it's a measurement of how much light the lens can capture
21:33<encode>id like to get a nice DSLR, but its not something i can afford
21:33<warewolf>see that's the thing, all me lenses are f/4.5-6 or something.
21:33[~]mikegrb doesn't think he has any lenses that slow
21:34<@mikegrb>maybe the 80-200
21:34<warewolf>yeah I have that one
21:34<@mikegrb>I doubt you have this one
21:35<@mikegrb>it's a nikor cpu lense
21:35<warewolf>ok, I have the canon version of it then :)
21:35<@mikegrb>nikkor even
21:35<warewolf>1 of: Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
21:37<warewolf>that's it
21:37<warewolf>apeture range.
21:37<warewolf>that's what the f/BLAH means. Ok. I should have put two and two together. I understood that already
21:38<afv-13>what can u use to test a dhcp server other than another computer?
21:39<warewolf>there's a switch to dhclient to retrieve a new lease, but not actually apply the settings
21:39<warewolf>read the man page
21:39<afv-13>cool, thanks
21:42<afv-13>lol, i guess it's not -d
21:50<warewolf>kriby- which mode on the camera did you shoot in, aperture priority, or shutter priority?
21:50<warewolf>well, or af or full on manual
21:51[~]warewolf rewinds
21:51<warewolf>my lens 18-55mm lens is 3.5-5.6 aperture
21:52<kriby>err... the 10-22 is 3.5-4.5, i used the 50 f/1.8 for some of those shots, and i generally shoot in ap prio mode
21:53<kriby>i'll tweak the other things (iso, time) to make it work with the ap that i want
21:53<kriby> for some of my other pics
21:53<warewolf>I probally should grab one of those 50mm fixed lenses for the huge aperture
21:54<kriby>hard to beat it for the cash.. you can get crisper, but you have to pay for it
21:56<warewolf>holy crap
21:56<warewolf>yeah that lens is $80
21:59<warewolf>I'm trying to stick with lenses that are =< $200
21:59<kriby>ahh.. good luck with that
22:01<warewolf>use the drop-down list on 'SHOW ME' to show the stuff I've already purchased for myself
22:01<kriby>monopod is a wonderful thing to get..
22:02<kriby>probably out of your budget, but the arca swiss quick release system is a dandy thing as well
22:02<kriby> has info
22:02<warewolf>wow that's slick
22:02<warewolf>it attaches to your existing mount on the tri/mono-pod?
22:03<kriby> commit that page to memory for future reference
22:05<kriby>also, read Thom's link on Galen Rowell (side bar of the support.htm page).. it's rather inspirational for a photographer
22:06<gpd>warewolf: wow - you actually paid $140 for the XT battery grip!
22:07<kriby>on that note, i'm going to bed.. rather tired
22:07<warewolf>gpd- yeah, I splurged buying stuff left-and-right off amazon for my birthday
22:11<gpd>I did similar - bought myself this for xmas:
22:17<warewolf> <-- bees
22:18<warewolf>pic I took just today
22:18<encode>heh, i get a dont steal bandwidth gif
22:19<warewolf>you do?
22:19<warewolf>yeah tmbo did that ok
22:19<encode>refresh works tho
22:19<encode>thats a pretty nice pic
22:19<encode>i like the way you blow up the bee
22:19<encode>so you can see the detail
22:19<warewolf>that was to show the det.. yeah
22:20<warewolf>that was my 18-55mm lens, with the "close up" lens attachment
22:20<encode>its a great photo, but imo its not artistic
22:20<warewolf>(basically a magnifying glass stuck on the end)
22:20[~]warewolf nods
22:20<encode>artistic-ness is what makes a good photo imo
22:20<warewolf><-- still a budding photographer, mmkay?
22:20<encode>i know
22:20<encode>wasnt meant to be criticism
22:20[~]warewolf nods
22:20<warewolf>I'm just tellin ya not to expect much .. yet :)
22:20<encode>i certainly cant take good photos
22:21<warewolf>I was trying for a macro pic
22:21<warewolf>worked pretty well for just that, I think
22:22<warewolf>I'll go back to my parents house tomorrow and take some more (hopefully better composited) pictures
22:22<warewolf>it started raining shortly after that pic
22:23<warewolf>heh, one amusing thing -- the bees were getting agitated at my presense
22:23<warewolf>the camera is nearly all black, the lens is all black, and I was wearing nearly all black.
22:24<warewolf>bees don't like the color black.
22:24<warewolf>they tend to like to sting it.
22:24<warewolf>that's why beekeeper suits are white
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22:37<encode>i didnt know that
22:41<encode> <-- photos taken by a friend of mine
22:41<encode>i consider them good photos
22:41<encode>especially ones like
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23:01<www-data>i'm seeing a lot of these in my linode's syslog - kernel: line_write_room: tty0: no room left in buffer
23:01<www-data>i'm using 2.6.15-linode16
23:05[~]encode wonders how secure it is to connect to irc as a user thats normally used to run apache
23:07<encode>eFUDd: sup?
23:08<eFUDd>me, barely
23:08<warewolf>drunk + irc = fun
23:08<Battousai>we dont need to hear about your semis
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23:09<eFUDd>fun? no.
23:09<warewolf>fun for us, but not necessarly fun for you.
23:10[~]eFUDd just arrive back from bar+dinner with wife.
23:10<warewolf>it's great parsing out what people really butcher
23:10<eFUDd>get your kicks on route 66. not here.
23:10[~]eFUDd = drunk
23:10<warewolf>especially if you /topic what they said, and then verify your translation later
23:10<eFUDd>the 'dronk' was on purpose
23:10<eFUDd>the . is due to a laptop keyboard whre i'm used to a kinesis.
23:10<eFUDd>move along.
23:11<eFUDd>find another dumbass. i'm intelligent, even when wasted.
23:12<warewolf>ok barbrady
23:13<eFUDd>Great comback Battousai.
23:13<Battousai>damn, you're a mean drunk
23:13<eFUDd>backt o my pr0n.
23:13<eFUDd>I'm a mean sober.
23:13<Battousai>whatever keeps you away from here
23:13<eFUDd>remember, time and time again my recommendation has been to permenantly /ignore me.
23:14[~]eFUDd hands himself ispell
23:15<warewolf>ispell, uspell we all spell for efudd
23:25<warewolf>holy shit
23:25<warewolf>some dude starts writing a letter purely by thought, with a skull cap with electrodes
23:28<encode>warewolf: did you take a look at those pics i linked earlier?
23:38<warewolf>I don't think I did
23:39<warewolf>oh wow
23:39<warewolf>very nice
23:39<warewolf>I obviously need practice, in compairison to these pics
23:41<encode>yeah well, you gotta start somewhere
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