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09:20<cmantito_>...holy crap
09:20<cmantito_>FUSE is awesome.
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09:20<cmantito>that's better.
09:37<warewolf>the userspace filesystem thing?
09:39<afv-13_>i tried using it with ssh but it was so slow that it just wasn't worth the frustration when tab completing
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09:47<cmantito>I don't have much problem with sshfs
09:47<cmantito>works well, seemingly.
10:20<webclient__>anyone try going from debian sarge to ubuntu dapper yet? is it even possible?
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11:30<TheFirst>weasel: i have on my home system..possible yes...though you'll have to uninstall/install some things with dpkg because of versioning issues
11:30<TheFirst>or at least, i did
12:13<warewolf>whelp that didn't work
12:13<warewolf>the local faire didn't let me take any pics of the bands playing
12:14<warewolf>I guess I'll come back after dark to take pics of the fireworks, now that I know what time they start.
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12:39<Dream_3>if i showed you all before, my apologies, but i couldn't remember
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20:14<wirehead>does anybody know off the top of their head where postfix's bounce behaviour is controlled?
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