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06:01|-|asalia changed nick to hail
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06:50<Draje>hi all there is someone from
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06:51<encode>Draje: what are you after?
06:51<Draje>i hae
06:51<Draje>on for admin
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06:51<Draje>have question for admin*
06:52<encode>they're not around at the moment, most likely asleep
06:52<encode>if you're a customer and its urgent i suggest you fill out a ticket on teh webpage
06:52<encode>otherwise maybe someone here can help, or post in the forums
06:54<Draje>but i have question for serwers:D
06:56<hail>if it is a general question why dont you just ask it and see if anyone here knows
07:04<Draje>its only for admins:-]
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07:08<warewolf>man it is fucking amazing what a little caffiene will do
07:08<warewolf>here I was almost nodding off at work
07:08<warewolf>now I'm functional again
07:08<hail>heh yes caffeine is ood
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07:09<hail>although coffee is the only caffeine that works for me
07:09<hail>colas and energy drinks from last experiments dont appear to work
07:09<warewolf>hmm. Mountain dew isn't a cola, right?
07:11<warewolf>mountain dew works for me
07:12<hail>weird :p
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07:26<henrysixwives>Hey guys, can anyone see host37 or host39? I can't ping either of them.
07:27[~]encode looks out his window
07:27<encode>nope, i cant see them
07:28<henrysixwives>hmmm, must be a network problem. They're responding to bootup and shutdown via the linode interface.
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07:29<encode>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
07:29<encode>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.06 ms
07:29<encode>works ok for me
07:29<encode>not 39 though
07:29<henrysixwives>ahah! Now it works. Has been that way for a good hour or two.
07:31<henrysixwives>OK, looks like things are getting fixed then. Thanks guys! :-)
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10:10<naif>i would like to know linode provide VPS only in the USA
10:10<naif>or also in the UK
10:16<bendy24>of a
10:18<heidi>linode is based in the usa, but sells linodes to people all over the world
10:19<heidi>the servers are all in the usa
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10:32<warewolf>TICKET: CLOSED
10:32[~]warewolf cheers
10:32<warewolf>finally SourceForget does something correctly, for once
10:32<eFUDd>js thing?
10:33<eFUDd>hrm. no comment by burley :)
10:33<eFUDd>oh. i see it.
10:34<eFUDd>i had assumed that comments were added to the bottom vs. top
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13:01<eFUDd> 1 Million Ops/Second with SpecSFS at 1.53ms/op. :)
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13:08<graham>mikegrb ?
13:09<guest468>is there anyone here that can help me with the status of a refund?
13:09<graham>I have a migration in progress which seems to be taking a while. Could someone take a look ?
13:13<guest468>this is obsurd, I have been trying to get support for two weeks and no response. Needless to say, I am *very* dissapointed with Linode in respect to this
13:14<warewolf>have you emailed, or opened a trouble ticket?
13:15<warewolf>and I think you mean "absurd"
13:15<lucca>graham: did you shrink the fs's and so forth before starting?
13:15<warewolf>oh yeah, shrinking the FS helps a _lot_
13:16<graham>lucca: I just shutdown via the web interface.
13:16<lucca>guest468: billing can't be handled via irc... this is for your safety
13:16<graham>How do you shrink the FS ?
13:16<lucca>graham: next time be sure to go into the disk image menu and shrink first... makes it a lot faster
13:16<graham>Ok thanks for the tip.
13:17<graham>Migration has just failed actually.
13:17<warewolf>yeah, delete or compress as much junk as you can, then shrink, then migrate.
13:17<@mikegrb>graham: no, it's okay
13:17<@mikegrb>graham: it completed the migration of the image but was hanging
13:17<@mikegrb>so I killed the process then checked the md5sums
13:17<graham>mikegrb: Glad to hear that.
13:17<@mikegrb>655MB done on the next image so far
13:18<@mikegrb>will have to look into why it didn't exit when it was finished
13:18<graham>Cool. Will the web interface know when the job completes ?
13:20<@mikegrb>1020M done
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13:28<@mikegrb>2.8G done
13:29<graham>When it completes, I boot via the interface and Voila job done ?
13:34<rko>did something just happened to host53? my load spiked up to 32+
13:34<rko>it's coming down now
13:34<@mikegrb>graham: yes
13:35<eFUDd>ha. my boss just walked by the "Take a Number" sign i attached to the cube shaking his head yet saying nothing.
13:35<graham>rko: I think host53 is the one I'm migrating my Linode too. Might explain the load.
13:36<@mikegrb>3.9 done
13:36<rko>graham, ok... maybe I should do mine, too
13:37<rko>I didn't know they had started...
13:38<graham>Not sure what you mean. I'm upgrading my Linode and as part of the upgrade it gets migrated to a new host.
13:38<graham>you host :-)
13:38<graham>(I mean 'your')
13:38<rko>ah, upgrade... what I mean is that everyone is supposed to migrate off from host53 in coming weeks
13:39<rko>welcome to host53 :-) please don't hog it
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13:39<graham>Odd about migrating off it - why move me there in the first place.
13:40<graham>Maybe mikegrb can shed some light ?
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13:40<@mikegrb>I forgot about that :/
13:41<@mikegrb>uptime is 17 days
13:41<@mikegrb>which isn't spectacular
13:41<@mikegrb>but it's not going down every week
13:41<@mikegrb>graham: it
13:41<@mikegrb>s tje pmer
13:42<@mikegrb>it's the only h ost with a free slot at this time, if you'ld like I can cancel the migration and you can remain on your current host for the time being
13:42[~]bendy24 cuffs Battousai
13:42<graham>No, that's ok.
13:42[~]Battousai submits
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13:43<Battousai>a little tighter please
13:43<rko>do we have ETA for migrating off from host53?
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14:14<graham>mikegrb: Migration is still marked as in progress on the site. Might it be hanging ?
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14:17<graham>mikegrb: I take that back it just completed.
14:17<graham>booting ...
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14:22<graham>mikegrb: Memory seems to of increased but not disk space.
14:22<graham>Ok take that back
14:23<graham>All is well off home. Thanks.
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15:53<taupehat>yeah haha
15:54<taupehat>loving the reviews
15:54<taupehat>Amazon if you're hiring and want programmers who write code that doesn't send out idiotic review-requests for stuff like this, email me.
15:55<taupehat>eFUDd: try this one:
15:55<taupehat>run sol.exe as SYSTEM =]
15:56<taupehat>I've tried it - it works./
15:56<eFUDd>no reason why one shouldn't be able to.
15:57<taupehat>especially when you originally logged in under the guest account
15:58<taupehat>it's an amazingly simple hack
15:58<taupehat>and very typical of M$ idiocy
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16:03<@mikegrb>yes, running windows is an amazingly simple hack
16:04<Eman>thats the funniest thing ive ever seen
16:04<taupehat>it's a hack allright, but I wouldn't call it anything simple. Quite the opposite - overcomplicated doesn't even begin to touch it. Witness: registry
16:05<taupehat>Eman: which bit - the amazon thing or the doze hax?
16:05<taupehat>I find them both funny
16:05<Eman>winshit thing
16:05<taupehat>it's just so perfect
16:05<taupehat>works great, too
16:06<Eman>it didnt work on this box cause the task scheduler service is broken some how, but worked on my other box that was just reinstalled
16:06<taupehat>however, you can prevent it by removing task scheduler access via group policy
16:06<taupehat>which I'd already done to the student accounts here, otherwise I'm sure someone would start trying it next year when the kids get back
16:07<taupehat>the high school kids in particular hate my guts - I banned myspace (with full support of administration, mind, but you'd think I stole their lunch money)
16:07<taupehat>so they'd like nothing more than to install all kinds of crap on the machines to get back at me
16:07<Eman>my college gave up on that... they just use deepfreeze to reimage them on boot and let us login as admin
16:08<taupehat>yeah, deepfreeze is nice that way
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16:08<Eman>its really nice cause the machines arent fucked up every time you use them
16:08<taupehat>the local uni here just ghosts all the labs weekly
16:08<taupehat>which isn't quite as good
16:08<taupehat>since by thursday or friday the machines are all boogered up with warez
16:09<@mikegrb>mmm cake
16:10<Eman>they've also told us using IE is grounds for losing computer access
16:10<taupehat>haha, rad!
16:10<taupehat>odd, though - what if you really need a site that's idiotically-coded?
16:10<taupehat>you know, the ones that use ActiveX for fancy stuff like drop-down menus
16:11<Eman>their answer is too damn bad
16:11<taupehat>what school you attend?
16:11<Eman>st clair college in windsor ontario
16:11<taupehat>ah, so
16:11[~]taupehat has a kid coming up, wants to know which schools are worth a shit, and that's one consideration
16:11<taupehat>hell, I might apply there some day =]
16:12<Eman>the teachers seem to know their shit
16:12<taupehat>I have to go deal with an emergency - someone spilled ranch dressing in her keyboard
16:12<taupehat>bbl =]
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16:18<Eman>i also love places that disable cmd.exe but not
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16:38<Eman>that reminds me, i assume people have seen the screen saver escalation trick?
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17:49[~]Eman wonders why the webpage and lish says his linode is off, but is clearly running
17:52<@mikegrb>[newhorizons@host9 lish]# status
17:52<@mikegrb>website says it is up too
17:52<Eman>i should have been more specific, its xen4
17:53<@mikegrb>[xen4@host48 lish]# status
17:54<Eman>[xen4@host48 lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching xen4.
17:54<Eman>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
17:55<@mikegrb>that doesn't say it is not running for sure
17:55<Eman>website says:
17:55<Eman>Your Linode is currently
17:55<Eman>Powered Off
17:57<@mikegrb>sure, but lish says it is running
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18:01<@mikegrb>anyway, stuff related to the xenbeta should be brought up in the xenbeta channel
18:02<Eman>k, i always forget
18:03<Battousai>mikegrb... you're mean
18:03<Battousai>you didnt even slap him...
18:03[~]mikegrb slaps Battousai
18:04<Battousai>that bowling alley... nice
18:04<Battousai>a little small though
18:04<Battousai>my hook would be eaten alive
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21:41<gpd> <-- now native Linux Beta
21:54<Spads>02:24 <@Spads> ha ha google earth for linux
21:54<Spads>02:24 <Dumont> ha ha google earth for linux
21:54<Spads>02:24 <@sneakums> yay, more badly-ported crap from google!
21:54<Spads>02:24 <@sneakums> "see kids, this is how NOT to do it"
21:54<Spads>02:25 <@Spads> <Google> You may now suckle our teat.
21:54<Spads>02:25 <@Spads> <Google> If you wanted it clean, why did you not bathe us?
21:54<Spads>02:25 <@Spads> now now, children. Don't be evil.
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