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09:07<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: ping
09:07<JasonF>I need some help with something, asap
09:07<JasonF>The ODF linode needs rebooting and I have no record anywhere of what the login name+password is for it
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12:37<@caker>JasonF: done
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12:43<Karnaugh>hey, on anual subscription will my credit card be billed automaticaly again ??
12:43<Karnaugh>like net month when the 12 months is up
12:44<Karnaugh>ok cool
12:45<Karnaugh>anything new with Linode?
12:45<Karnaugh>I havn't checked up on it in like ages
12:45<@caker>check back in a few days
12:45<Karnaugh>free stripers with new signups or anything interesting?
12:45<Karnaugh>whats happening in a few days?
12:46<@caker>my lips are sealed
12:46<Karnaugh>how many is a few?
12:46<afv-13>hi Colin
12:46<Karnaugh>afv-13: hi
12:46<afv-13>you well?
12:46<Karnaugh>as well as can be
12:47<afv-13>not too bad thanks
12:47[~]Karnaugh wonders why so many people are complaining on the comunity forums
12:47<orospakr>let me guess!
12:48<afv-13>Karnaugh: that's probably the test xenode
12:48<orospakr>the Xen rollout!
12:48<Karnaugh>"Oh noes, I can't run a Quake 4 server on my Linode because of teh lame IO token cap"
12:49<Karnaugh>A Xen rollout doesn't thrill me
12:50<Karnaugh>unless its going to somehow happen without rebooting my linode :P
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13:19<JasonF>caker: can you email me the uname/password for that account?
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13:21<anderiv>Karnaugh: heh - I wouldn't count on it.
13:21<anderiv>Karnaugh: that *would* be impressive, though.
13:24<Karnaugh>anderiv: sad for my almost 300 day uptime :(
13:25<anderiv>wow - you've managed to excape the host lockups, huh?
13:25<warewolf>I bet I know what caker has in store for us
13:26<warewolf>and no I don't think it is a Xen rollout.
13:26<warewolf>I think it's much simpler.
13:26<afv-13>warewolf: i think i know also
13:27<warewolf>aha, I found it
13:27<warewolf>three cheers for caher
13:29[~]warewolf files a compliaint
13:29<Karnaugh>afv-13: indeed.
13:29<warewolf>caker- ping!
13:30<Karnaugh>erm, anderiv
13:30<anderiv>Karnaugh: yes?
13:30<@caker>warewolf: pong
13:30[~]warewolf will keep the secret to /msg
13:31<linbot>New news from forums: Who wants to manage my linode?! in General Discussion <>
13:31<Karnaugh>anderiv: I meant to direct the "indeed" to you
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13:32<anderiv>Karnaugh: ahh.
13:32<warewolf>foo I'm wrong on what the suprise is.
13:32<Karnaugh>anderiv: The HE hosts seem to be more stable :P
13:32<Karnaugh>less kiddies
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14:02<afv-13>is anyone having cron problems?
14:03<afv-13>for some strange reason a new fcron process spawns at random and then nothing gets done
14:03<npmr>caker, did host4 just break?
14:05<@mikegrb>npmr: looks good
14:06<npmr>dead linode then
14:06<@mikegrb> /linodeid npmr
14:06<npmr>was working fine, then it was off
14:06<npmr>not mine, the employer's linode
14:06<@mikegrb>what's the console log say?
14:06<npmr>looked like normal
14:07<npmr>i put a job in to boot
14:07<@mikegrb>what username?
14:07<npmr>says it booted now
14:07<npmr>[totalsolut@host4 lish] Cannot make directory '/tmp/uscreens/S-totalsolut': No space left on device
14:07<npmr>is your host out of disk space?
14:07<@mikegrb>not now
14:08<npmr>was it?
14:08<@mikegrb>old accounts don't get deleted automatically
14:08<@mikegrb>just moved into a holding dir
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14:08<@mikegrb>so if you migrate to a new host and then have a problem, original images are still there
14:09<npmr>booting slowly now
14:09<linbot>New news from wiki: OpenSSH Tutorial <>
14:09<npmr>mikegrb, sounds like you need a retention policy *badly*
14:10<npmr>that stuff should have a limited lifetime
14:10<npmr>and also, how is it that a disk space outage brought down a linode?
14:11<@mikegrb>dunno there
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16:32<blake->i'm considering getting a linode, what are the speeds i am guaranteed?
16:32<blake->any way i can have unmetered transfer?
16:33<@caker>blake-: we don't do unmetered, and we're on a 100mbit uplink minimum
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16:36<blake->but 100mbit is shared
16:36<blake->could i burst at 100mbit?
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16:41<@caker>it's possible
16:41<JasonF>caker: can you pull up the username/password for the odf linode and email them over to me?
16:42<blake->would it be possible for freebsd?
16:43<blake->or only linux?
16:44<npmr>freebsd not currently, but in the near future
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16:48<blake->linode is in massachusetts?
16:48<blake->can i colocate?
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16:49<JasonF>linode uses DCs in Texas and Cali
16:49<npmr>linode's hosts are colocated in dallas, tx and fremont, ca
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16:49<npmr>linode doesn't offer colocation, just virtual servers
16:50<npmr>the linode staff are located in nashville, tn and pensacola, fl
16:50<blake->i heard you fed your customers out
16:50<npmr>i'm not one of the staff members
16:51<npmr>also, what do you mean by feeding customers out?
16:52<blake->"hello, fbi, we have a customer running ircd with a bot sending out copyright movies. want there address?"
16:52<npmr>not so much
16:53<npmr>more like "oh hi fbi, can see your warrant?"
16:53<npmr>and yes, it has happened
16:55<blake->thats why i have my vps in .pl .ru .de
16:55<blake->"hello fbi, we don't have to give you anything, go die!"
16:55<blake->that's there response
16:56<npmr>yeah, there's definitely an extra level of separation there by going international
16:56<npmr>but even so, linode is no att
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16:57<blake->i mean i'm not a hardcore h4x0r
16:57<blake->but i must admit i need to be able to store photoshop etc.
16:57<blake->on my server
16:57<blake->for when i reformat
16:58<npmr>the company formerly known as SBC which recently bought the company formerly known as American Telephone and Telegraph
16:58<blake->SBC YAHOO DSLLL
16:58<npmr>dude, try calling up ATT and asking about having a telegraph line installed
16:58<blake->what will they say?
16:58<blake->i figured as much
16:59<npmr>not exactly
16:59<Battousai>not in so few words, of course
16:59<npmr>the service reps have no clue what you're talking about but will fumble around for a while before they figure out that they don't do telegraphs anymore
16:59<blake->well, let me ask this question
17:00<blake->you wont cut my server for having questionable content?
17:00<blake->only if fbi has warrant?
17:00<npmr><-- not linode
17:00<npmr>i am a customer
17:00<blake->but you know there policies?
17:00<npmr>of course *i* won't
17:00<blake->DUDE U OWN ME
17:00<blake->macrosawft is responsible for ur cc getting stolen, sue em
17:00<npmr>linode will cut you off if you violate the terms of service
17:01<npmr>and that means breaking laws
17:01<blake->so its not even like a
17:01<blake->"dont ask, dont tell"
17:01<npmr>yeah, basically
17:01<blake->or they turn a blind eye?
17:01<blake->cuz i gotta run ircd with like 3982452874975984567805987 bots on it
17:01<npmr>you won't last long
17:02<npmr>it won't take long before someone DoS's you
17:02<npmr>and then caker investigates it
17:02<npmr>determines you're an asshole
17:02<npmr>and cuts you off
17:02<blake->see, fuck that
17:03<Dream_3>blake-: i don't think we want you here :-)
17:03<blake->hosts that get rid of you cuz u were the victim of ddos
17:03|-|Dream_3 changed nick to Dreamer3
17:03<blake->they should stand behind you
17:03<Dreamer3>blake-: if you break the TOS, you out the door
17:03<Dreamer3>without your coat
17:03<blake->but that aside
17:03<npmr>a DoS against one customer usually affects everyone on that host
17:03<npmr>it's not about victim/attacker
17:04<blake->a host should stand behind a victim
17:04<npmr>it's about giving everyone else on your host the service they paid for
17:04<Dreamer3>npmr: i don't know that it's good cause to terminate an account, but when that account is in violate it surely is
17:04<blake->not dump them to stop the attack
17:04<blake->yes if violating
17:04<blake->i agree
17:04<blake->but what if its political site
17:04<npmr>Dreamer3, i've seen it happen both ways
17:04<Dreamer3>npmr: yeah
17:04<blake->and it gets ddos
17:04<Battousai>what does that have to do with anything?
17:04<Dreamer3>npmr: you have to protect the bottom line
17:05<npmr>i've seen caker and mikegrb jump through a lot of hoops to get DoS's blocked at the router
17:05<Dreamer3>npmr: ah, that's more like what i'd expect
17:05<npmr>and i've seen them pull the plug on a customer when they find that the DoS was provoked by activity that voilated the ToS
17:05<Dreamer3>right oh
17:06<npmr>politics does not violate the terms of service
17:06<blake->but it may cause ddos
17:06<npmr>kiddie porn, warez, spam, and money laundering do
17:07<blake->ok but say someone doesnt like a political site and desides to down it
17:07<blake->would linode get rid of them?
17:07<Battousai>if someone downs the site from a linode host, yes
17:07<npmr>politics does not violate the terms of service
17:07<blake->npmr: you don't understand what i'm saying?
17:08<npmr>i do
17:08<blake->then why u keep saying
17:08<npmr>do you understand what i've said?
17:08<blake-><npmr> politics does not violate the terms of service
17:08<blake->thats irrelevent
17:08<npmr>listen, kid
17:08<blake->rofl kid
17:08<blake->ur the kid
17:08<npmr>if what you're doing breaks laws, you won't last
17:08<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:08<Battousai>mmm cake
17:08<blake->but what if its a legit site getting ddos
17:09<blake->linode wont dump the legit site to stop ddos?
17:09<npmr>blake-, how many times do you need me to answer that question?
17:09<blake->thats all i needed
17:09<blake->npmr: one time would have been nice
17:10<Battousai>there's no clause in the ToS that says "You agree not to be the subject of a Denial of Service attack."
17:10<blake->but many hosts will get rid of you for it
17:10<npmr>do you get them much?
17:10<blake->does linode accept paypal?
17:10<blake->no, occasionly though
17:10<npmr>credit card only
17:11<blake->lol lemme go find someones card i can use
17:11<blake->jk jk
17:11<Battousai>yeah, whatever
17:11<blake->it's a virtual dedicated server
17:11<blake->not virtual server
17:12<blake->change topic
17:12<Battousai>thanks captain pedantic
17:13<@caker>JasonF: check pm
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17:21<brccc>host33 crash ?
17:24<brccc>Answering again
17:24<brccc>really slow, something bad happening ? :(
17:25<blake->ROFL DUDE#
17:25<blake->i hit host33 with 374584654756138648378196414354859 bots
17:25<blake->its down for next millenium
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17:34<brccc>Anyoen from support around ?
17:34<@caker>brccc: I'm looking into it now
17:34<brccc>thanks ! :)
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18:02<blake->well caker
18:02<blake->can i ask you a question?
18:02<blake->do you accect amex? can i use a gift card?
18:02<@caker>blake-: you can
18:03<blake->just for the first moth to try it out
18:03<blake->ok, sounds good
18:03<blake->and i wont run ircd with 432789548976167 bots either :)
18:03<brccc>Caker, my linode seems to be working fine again !Thanks !
18:03<@caker>blake-: read the TOS and AUP very carefully, please
18:03<blake->what u reccomend me to use for os?
18:03<@caker>brccc: excellent
18:03<taupehat>any postfix gurus in here know how to drop a regex in so it mangles mail sent to to
18:03<@caker>blake-: well, the majority of our clients run Debian
18:03<blake->well i will run ircd, but nothing illegal, i promise
18:03<blake->and can i get like 3 extra ip's
18:04<blake->it only gives option for one i think
18:04<Internat>yep.. last i looked u need a very good reason for more then 1 extra ip
18:04<Internat>and bncs/vhosts dont count
18:04<brccc>How are the xen tests going? Is it working ok ? I've had a XEN VPS at unixshell and it crashed and NEVER came back. Probrably unixshell's issue not xen :)
18:04<blake->Extra IPs $1.00/IP/mo
18:04<blake->i will take 3 of those
18:05<blake->or whatever i can get
18:05<blake->i would like seperate ip for ircd from web/ftp/etc.
18:05<blake->and seperate for bnc
18:05<@caker>brccc: probably a combination -- our work on supporting Xen is complete, but we haven't rolled it out yet because I don't feel Xen is mature enough
18:05<blake->caker: onle last question.
18:05<blake->can u set reverse dns
18:06<blake->i think its calleed arpa or something that i have to allow
18:06<blake->is that possible?
18:06<@caker>blake-: yes, through the LPM (control panel)
18:06<blake->linode sounds great then
18:06<blake->and changing payment method is allowed as well?
18:07<blake->it will be a diff credit card every month
18:07<blake->that ok?
18:07[~]caker considers renaming LPM to linpanel(also, .[com|net|org])
18:07<blake->can i change payment method via lpm every month?
18:07<@caker>blake-: you can change billing info, and as long as it passes our fraud checks, that'll be fine
18:08<@caker>blake-: why do you need a new one every month?
18:08<blake->im running down to store now to buy amex gift card
18:08<blake->cuz its a gift card
18:08<blake->is the name on it
18:08<blake->i always use them online
18:08<blake->nothing personal
18:08<brccc>caker: ok. Congratulations for your work. I really admire linode. I provide similar service in my counter using different tecnology and it gives lot of headeache :)
18:08<@caker>brccc: which technology?
18:08<blake->for one guy running it, it's amazing
18:09<@caker>blake-: there are two, btw
18:09<blake->two what?
18:09<blake->u get sick and boom, everything offline
18:09<blake->brb with amex gift card
18:09<Internat>thats what mikegrb is for :)
18:09<blake->thanks for your help
18:10<blake->i dont need a domain when i order, do i?
18:10<blake->will it ask for my domain?
18:10<brccc>caker: linux - vserver
18:10<@caker>blake-: try it and see
18:11<blake->well i dont have the cc yet
18:11<blake->i wanna make sure i can order a linode without a domain tied to it
18:11<@caker>blake-: domain not required, that would be silly :)
18:11<blake->i own a domain now but not sure if its what i want to use
18:11<blake->okk thanks for your help
18:11<blake->any way i can donate extra?
18:12<blake->the credit cards will have an extra 5 bucks on them every month
18:12<blake->well i will sort that out later
18:12<blake->maybe can use that 5 towards the next month somehow
18:29<Internat>u need a visa debit card :) it links to a savings account of ur choice so u only put as much in the savings account as u want on credit card, it cant go negatives, so therefor u cant get ripped off online from it
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18:51<blake->I GOT THE CARD
18:51<blake->im going to sign up
18:51|-|brccc [] has quit [Quit: [BX] This BitchX's for you]
18:54|-|bryan [] has joined #linode
18:55<blake->MAN WTF
18:55<blake->caker: i hate to do this to you
18:56<blake->are you there?
18:56<blake->i just got an amex gift card for 25 dollars exactly
18:56<blake->i didnt realize there was a setup fee
18:56<blake->any way u can waive the five until second month?
18:57<@caker>blake-: one sec
18:57<blake->ok thanks
18:57<blake->i wasnt paying attention :-\
18:58<@caker>blake-: ok, the setup fee is now $5.00
18:58<blake->thanks man
18:58<blake->i will get it to you next month
18:58<blake->cuz that will be another 25 card
18:58<blake->so it will even out
19:00<blake->No free email provider addresses, please.
19:00<blake->all i use is gmail
19:01<blake->is that a problem caker?
19:01<@caker>that's fine
19:05<blake->i cant find Issuing Bank Name
19:05<blake->on the card
19:06<blake->put amex
19:06<blake->or american express
19:06<blake->or what
19:08<blake->P.O. Box is ok
19:08<blake->for address?
19:08<npmr>most untraceable customer ever, here
19:08<blake->well i dont want to give my home address
19:09<npmr>amex gift card, gmail email address, p.o. box
19:09<blake->but i will put my cell phone for you to verify
19:09<blake->no im just paranoid
19:09<npmr>*and* he's interested in whether linode bends over for the fbi
19:09<blake->i have been a victim before :\
19:09<blake->npmr: no, haha
19:09<npmr>no, you're not paranoid, you're suspicious
19:10<blake->We're sorry, but the transaction failed. Please make sure your credit card information is correct and resubmit the form, or contact your credit card company for the reason your transaction failed. If you continue to have problems, please email
19:10<blake->i checked and it has a balance of 25
19:10<@mikegrb>call the number on the back of the card and ask why the denied it
19:10<npmr>probably the billing address didn't match your p.o. box number
19:11<blake->well its a gift card
19:11<blake->any adress should be ok
19:11<blake->the name on card is
19:11<blake->"GIFT CARD RECIPIENT"
19:11<npmr>so where does GIFT CARD RECIPIENT live?
19:11<@mikegrb>ur momma
19:11<blake->any1 know number for amex off hang?
19:12<npmr>should be on your card
19:12<@mikegrb>isn't there a number on the back of the card?
19:12<blake->to check balance
19:12<blake->no person
19:12<blake->and iut said balance is 25 and 0 cents
19:12|-|bryan changed nick to Battousai
19:13<npmr>well, i'm sure there are lots of things those 25 dollars are good for besides linodes
19:13<npmr>you could get something for your dad for father's day, for example
19:14|-|Quizzer [] has joined #linode
19:16<blake->i like linode
19:17<blake->just hope it's good
19:17<encode>blake-: its better than good
19:18<blake->caker: any way you can find out what the problem is from your end?
19:18<blake->the bank number or name wouldnt matter, right?
19:20<@mikegrb>not for putting it through
19:22<blake->i called
19:22<blake->they said it takes 4 hours
19:22<blake->cuz i paid cash
19:22<blake->that makes no sense
19:22<blake->but whatever
19:22<blake->will the link sent to my email still be good in 4 hours?
19:22<blake->or not?
19:23<blake->it's automated right, the creation of a linode?
19:23<blake->so i can register it at 3 am if nobody is around like you or caker
19:23<blake->or not?
19:23<Battousai>they need to press a button
19:23<blake->big red button?
19:23<Battousai>little beige button i think
19:24<blake->Battousai: being sarcastic, or is it really need to be done by them?
19:24<blake->oh :-\
19:24<blake->so i may not be able to use it until tomorrow
19:24<blake->FUCK AMEX
19:24<blake->it worker immediatly the other day
19:24<blake->i hope they die
19:26<Internat>i might be asking a stupide question, but generally isnt credit card details the only way linode back itself in the event of a customer that does use the service for malicious use?
19:27<blake->i never use it online
19:27<blake->always a gift card or paypal
19:28<blake->anyone that uses cc to get something online from a small company is a fool imho
19:28<blake->just a matter of time before you become a victim
19:28<blake->even large companies have there databases compromised
19:28<blake->t-mobile, aol, etc.
19:28<Internat>yeah that has nothing todo with the question i asked tho blake-
19:29<blake->well im not using it for malicious purposes
19:29<@mikegrb>actually, cc is more likely lost by a big company
19:29<blake->yes i know
19:29<@mikegrb>and normally because of an employee selling them
19:29<blake->but by small company abuse by owner etc. if they dont like you
19:29<@mikegrb>so it is smarter to give a cc number to a small company
19:30<@mikegrb>you are argreeing?
19:30<blake->maybe slightly better, yes
19:30<@mikegrb>that is exactly opposite of what you just said!
19:30<blake->but neither is a good practice
19:30<blake->well neither is a good practice i think
19:30|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:30<blake->i have had problems with paypal even
19:30<blake->taking money when no permission
19:32<blake->i trust offline companies with it though
19:33<blake->ie. utilities
19:33<blake->gas for my car i use it
19:33<Internat>do u swipe ur card urself, or give the card to them to scan?
19:34<Battousai>i dont even have a credit card
19:34<Battousai>just some crap check card
19:34<Battousai>to some small account with like 4 bucks in it
19:35<blake->caker: it worked
19:35<blake->Thank you for submitting a membership application!
19:35<blake->We will be contacting you soon to validate your membership. In some cases we will ask you additional details or require you to fax us a signed membership agreement. Membership applications with no response within 48 hours will be denied.
19:35<blake->u gonna call me to verify?
19:38<blake->caker: you could have charged me the full setup fee actually
19:38<blake->it was pro-rated
19:38<blake->so i would have been fine
19:39<blake->want me to send you another five bucks?
19:39<blake->payment goes through and everyone is afk
19:40<blake->just my luck
19:53<blake->is anyone here?
19:53<gpd>no, we have all lost the will to live
19:53<blake->i called the number on the site
19:53<blake->and nobody answered
19:53<blake->i'm anxious to login :)
19:54<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
19:54[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
19:54<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
19:54[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
19:54<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
19:54[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
19:54<linbot>blake-: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
19:55<linbot>blake-: acro, acronym, actor, add, alert, announce, any, aol, append, apply, apropos, artist, asin, at, auction, author, avail, babelize, ban add, ban list, ban remove, binary, bold, books, botsnack, bug, bugs, cache, calc, capabilities, capability add, capability list, capability remove, capability set, capability setdefault, capability unset, capitalize, change, changename, channel, channels, chr, cmd, cnn, coin, color, (5 more messages)
19:55<blake->!help color
19:55<linbot>blake-: (color <foreground> [<background>] <text>) -- Returns <text> with foreground color <foreground> and background color <background> (if given)
19:55<blake->!color blue green hi
19:55<linbot>blake-: hi
19:55<gpd>crap - didn't think that one through did I :(
19:55<blake->think what through?
19:56<blake->!help binary
19:56<linbot>blake-: (binary <text>) -- Returns the binary representation of <text>.
19:56<blake->!binary linode
19:56<linbot>blake-: 011011000110100101101110011011110110010001100101
19:56<blake->!binary blake
19:56<linbot>blake-: 0110001001101100011000010110101101100101
19:56<blake->!help auction
19:56<linbot>blake-: (auction <item>) -- Return useful information about the eBay auction with item number <item>.
19:57<Internat>no gpd u didnt
19:57<Internat>!rr gpd
19:57<linbot>Internat: (roulette [spin]) -- Fires the revolver. If the bullet was in the chamber, you're dead. Tell me to spin the chambers and I will.
19:57<blake->!auction 7773069313
19:57<linbot>blake-: Item #7773069313: 100 Dog Waste Disposable Bags poo poop Pick up pickup <>
19:58<blake->Internat: does caker normally go afk for long periods of time?
19:58<blake->im anxios to login to my new linode
19:59<Battousai>he might be eating dinner
19:59<Battousai>like me
19:59<Internat>he coudl be doing lots of things
19:59<Battousai>except he has a life and people to eat dinner with
19:59<blake->uh oh
19:59<blake->i signed up
19:59<blake->when it said 3 avail
19:59<blake->and now it says
19:59<blake->None Available
19:59<blake->Check Back Soon!
19:59<blake->Estimated Availability: 5/31/2006
20:00<blake->but mine hasnt been added yet
20:00<blake->and he already charged me
20:00<Battousai>dont worry
20:00<Battousai>it decrements automatically upon cc processing
20:00<blake->cant wait to login
20:00<blake->i have only had a bnc shell before
20:01<blake->never really experimented with linux too much
20:01<blake->it's still there
20:02<blake->you can see the linode 80 there
20:02<blake->but not there
20:02<blake->i hope it wasnt gone before i signed up
20:02<blake->he already charged me
20:03<@caker>blake-: I activated your account about 4 minutes after you completed it -- check your email?
20:03<blake->just got it
20:03<blake->this very second
20:03<blake->thanks caker
20:03<Battousai>how was dinner?
20:04<@caker>no dinner, lawn mowing :(
20:04[~]caker is lawnmowerman
20:04<@caker>*phones ring in the distance*
20:04<Battousai>is that kinda like the shoveler?
20:05<blake->what distro should i install? im new to linux for the most part
20:05<blake->prob rh9, right
20:05<Battousai>yeah, something simple like that would be best
20:05<@caker>rh9 is dead, don't use it
20:06<JasonF>if you use rhl9, baby jesus will cry
20:07<Battousai>thats the good stuff
20:07<gpd>caker: ubuntu 4.10 is also dead - probably better to remove it
20:07<JasonF>blake-: I'd say Debian for a newb on a linode
20:08<blake->too late
20:08<blake->its all the same from console though anyways, no?
20:08[~]caker mass suspends late payers
20:08<Battousai>uh oh
20:08<blake->i dont even notice difference between rh and freebsd lol
20:08<JasonF>oh noes!
20:08<JasonF>blake-: no
20:08<JasonF>blake-: use debian on a linode
20:09<blake->well i can change it later
20:09<blake->just setting up now
20:09<Battousai>i've given you so much money caker
20:09<Battousai>you better be as happy as i am
20:11<gpd>caker: <-- Warty died April 30 2006
20:11<blake->it works!!!
20:11<blake->i have a linode :-0
20:11<blake->ph33r m3
20:12<blake->how do i add an ip?
20:12<blake->in lpm
20:12<blake->dont see it
20:16<blake->i can do that later
20:25<blake->useradd blake -p dipset -D
20:25<blake->doesnt work
20:41<blake->Transfer/Mo 50.0 GB
20:41<blake->is that enough to run a semi-large website you think?
20:41<blake->not sure what that would be
20:42|-|sprouse [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:47|-|webbles [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
21:06<blake->caker: sorry to cause you so much trouble
21:06<blake->eth0: ( )
21:06<blake->eth0: ( )
21:06<blake->the second ip is not responding
21:06<blake->i rebooted the box too
21:08<@mikegrb>you need to set it up inside your Linode
21:08<blake->i did
21:08<blake->it's listed in my lpm
21:11<blake->[root@li2-73 root]# ifconfig eth:1 netmask up
21:11<blake->SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
21:11<blake->eth:1: unknown interface: No such device
21:11<blake->SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
21:11<blake->eth:1: unknown interface: No such device
21:11<blake->[root@li2-73 root]#
21:12<blake->i know im an idiot
21:22<@mikegrb>eth:1 doesn't exist
21:23<@mikegrb>it never will
21:26<blake->that was a type
21:31<blake-> PTR record: [TTL 86400s] [A=]
21:31<blake->i changed it to
21:31<blake->does it take a while?
21:53|-|Internat [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:01|-|jelson [] has joined #linode
22:03<jelson>I have a question about linodes, if anyone's actually here
22:03<gpd>ask away
22:03<jelson>Hi - thanks! First, linode rocks. A lot.
22:04<jelson>My question is this: I want to deploy an app that requires redundancy, and want to try to buy several (3-4) linodes and have each of them in a different data center. Is there any way to do that?
22:04<jelson>Or do I get randomly assigned?
22:06<gpd>i think you can request a data center, but you'll need to ask mikegrb or caker
22:06<jelson>OK; I guess they're not around, so I'll open a ticket
22:06<gpd>caker was last seen mowing his lawn :)
22:06<linbot>gpd: (seen [<channel>] <nick>) -- Returns the last time <nick> was seen and what <nick> was last seen saying. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.
22:06<gpd>!seen caker
22:06<linbot>gpd: caker was last seen in #linode 1 hour, 58 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: * caker mass suspends late payers
22:07<jelson>heh, thanks
22:07<jelson>!seen mikegrb
22:07<linbot>jelson: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 44 minutes and 46 seconds ago: <mikegrb> it never will
22:08<gpd>^^ classic mikegrb quote - could refer to his opinion on most matters ;)
22:09<jelson>now *that's* customer service
22:10<gpd>btw... afik there are only 2 linode data centers: and theplanet
22:10<gpd>since you said 3-4 in different ones... [/pedant]
22:12<jelson>ah; i see -- i guess just 2 then
22:12<jelson>i might get a couple from other providers of similar services; turns out there are quite a few
22:16<blake-> PTR record: [TTL 86400s] [A=]
22:16<blake->how long for it to change?
22:16<blake->it wont change over
22:17<gpd>jelson: such as?
22:17|-|jelson [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
22:18<blake->lol gpd just goes on as though i dont exist
22:18<blake->hmmm script
22:18<blake->i thought he was really doing that all along
22:29<blake->anyone have any idea how long that takes?
22:29<blake->for the PTR to activate?
22:30<npmr>it's entered into the zone within an hour
22:31<@mikegrb>npmr: 6
22:31<npmr>it may take up to a day for resolving nameservers to purge the old cached entry though
22:31<npmr>ok, 6
22:31<@mikegrb>but yeah
22:31<@mikegrb>seems there are a lot of crappy caching servers run by ISPs
22:31<@mikegrb>so it's not unusual for it to take two or three days
22:42|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:50<blake->makegrb: i could just be stupid...
22:50<blake->i can only edit the reverse dns for the first ip
22:50<blake->what am i doing wrong?
22:50<@mikegrb>I don't have any clue what you are doing so I wouldn't know what you are doing wrong
22:50<blake->ok i figured it out
22:51<blake->u put in a hostname and then it looks up which ip it matches
22:51<blake->my stupidity
22:53<blake->how many mb in a gb?
22:53<blake->oh fuck
22:53<blake->i used 6 mb already
22:53<blake->that means i can only use roughly 1500 a day
22:54<blake->to not go over my 50 gb
22:54<blake->and i used 6 just doing a few wget
22:54<blake->and a few ppl to test my ircd
22:54<@mikegrb>nobody else can see that
22:54<blake->silly me
22:55<blake-># Transfer/Mo 50.0 GB
22:55<blake-># Incoming: 5.17 MB
22:55<blake-># Outgoing: 1.36 MB
22:55<blake-># Total: 6.53 MB
22:55<blake->im scared
22:55<blake->oh well the 5 incoming was the wget
22:55<blake->1.36 outgoing isnt bad
22:55<blake->do you know how i can disable ping on my servers?
22:56<blake->so they dont respond to ping?
22:56<npmr>yes i do
22:56<@mikegrb>why would you want to do that?
22:58<npmr>add this line to /etc/sysctl.conf:
22:58<Eman>zomg someone will ping my irc server!
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<npmr>that will take effect at next boot
22:59<npmr>to make it happen immediately, also do this as root:
22:59<npmr>echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all
23:00|-|opello [~opello@] has joined #linode
23:06<blake->mikegrb: it's more secure, isn't it?
23:06<blake->to disbale ping?
23:06<blake->one less way you can be attacked
23:07<blake-> does it
23:07<@mikegrb>yahoo also uses qmail
23:07<npmr>no, it's not more secure
23:07<blake->they all dont respond
23:07<@mikegrb>PING ( 56 data bytes
23:07<@mikegrb>64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=55 time=77.956 ms
23:07<@mikegrb>64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=55.853 ms
23:07<blake->i didnt mean more secure
23:07<blake->ya yahoo does
23:07<blake->but aol
23:07<@mikegrb>you want to model your behavior after msn and aol?
23:07<npmr>you should say what you mean, then
23:08<blake->mikegrb: point taken
23:08<blake-><@mikegrb> you want to model your behavior after msn and aol?
23:08<@mikegrb>they have a somewhat legitimate reason to do it
23:08<@mikegrb>which wouldn't apply in most people's case
23:08<blake->whats there reason/
23:08<blake->to minimize bandwidth?
23:08<blake->cuz people would use them to test inet connectivity?
23:08<@mikegrb>they are well known, I imagine many people would try pinging them first when they suspect a problem
23:08<blake->ya thats what i thought
23:09<blake->i do it all the time
23:09<@mikegrb>it will still use their bandwidth
23:09<blake->but only 50% will be used
23:09<blake->no response
23:09<@mikegrb>yes, because google is smart
23:09<blake->Google is a genius.
23:09<@mikegrb>I said ity was a somewhat legit reason, not a legit reason
23:09<@mikegrb>google is too smart for their games
23:10<blake->CentOS 4.0 Vs. Debian 3.1 for IRCd / Web Server
23:10<blake->any suggestions?
23:10<@mikegrb>over half the linode customers use debian
23:10<blake->not rh9?
23:10<@mikegrb>rh9 is about 1%
23:10<@mikegrb>nobody uses rh9 anymore
23:10<blake->how many customers u have/
23:10<@mikegrb>why would you say really?
23:10<@mikegrb>do you think I'm just making stuff up?
23:11<blake->how many customers does linode have?
23:11<eFUDd>F RH.
23:11<@mikegrb>and what's with the ? marks on their own line?
23:11<eFUDd>blake, 2. :/
23:11<eFUDd>me and mikegrb.
23:11<blake->sorry if im bothering you guys
23:11<blake->just trying to learn
23:11<eFUDd>well, and 2 bots. :/
23:11<blake->its my first server
23:11<eFUDd>What are you trying to learn?
23:11<blake->unix in general
23:11<blake->the general commands
23:11<eFUDd>BTW, put me on /ignore. This is your only warning.
23:11<blake->how to manage a server
23:11<eFUDd>How does customer count help with learning unix?
23:12<blake->yeah i know
23:12<blake->sorry for bothering you
23:12<eFUDd>I missed something I guess. I thought you asked how many customers lindoe had?
23:12<eFUDd>no, no bother!
23:12<eFUDd>Just curious myself.
23:12<blake->i will try a support chan for the os i am using, not #linode
23:12<eFUDd>What OS?
23:12<blake->oh, just curiosity, cuz he said 1% uses rh9
23:12<eFUDd>Ah, yes.
23:12<blake->implying more than 100 customers
23:13<eFUDd>Ok, so you aren't completely dumb, good. :)
23:13<eFUDd>try debian.
23:13<eFUDd>linode has been around a few years now.
23:13<eFUDd>I'm edging towards my third year as a customer now.
23:13<blake->i will join a #debian chan for any further support not related to linode
23:13<eFUDd>I can't speak on customer count. More than 1, less than a billion. :)
23:13<blake->eFUDd: do you have linode 80?
23:13<@mikegrb>wow, eFUDd that's damn accurate
23:13<eFUDd>I have a 320 currently.
23:14<blake->what ram does that have?
23:14<eFUDd>I maintained the old -192 for a couple of years (~240 I gu ess it moved to?)
23:14<eFUDd>320 is 320MB of memory.
23:14<blake->im wondering if 100 mhz will be enough for me to run irc / web/ ftp /hlds
23:14<eFUDd>What is hdlds?
23:14<blake->half-life dedicated server
23:14<@mikegrb>eFUDd: super 1337 stuffs
23:14<eFUDd>Ah ha.
23:14<eFUDd>I'm guessing that hlds is a cpu/memory hog.
23:15<blake->it may be
23:15<blake->i ran it on a 350 mhz i own
23:15<eFUDd>You aren't "limited" to 100mhz tho, fwiw.
23:15<blake->from home i ran it
23:15<eFUDd>it's a logical vs. physical split for CPU.
23:15<eFUDd>physical for memory.
23:15<eFUDd>physical for disk.
23:15<blake->well is it 100 mhz limited? or 100 mhz guaranteed?
23:15<blake->cuz i assume if the server is not full i can burst more than 100 mhz
23:15<eFUDd>it's 100mhz based on cpu speed / customer count on that box.
23:15<eFUDd>for example, I generally use < 1% of my host. or something.
23:16<eFUDd>I genrally use < 5GB of my 200GB of bandwidth...
23:16<blake->you run website?
23:16<eFUDd>I could in theory chew up all the CPU on the host.
23:16<blake->cuz i was wondering what the 50gb would give me
23:16<blake->should be ok for decent size website?
23:16<eFUDd>but tha tjust owuldn't be polite.
23:16<eFUDd>What is your definition of decent. :)
23:16<blake->well not
23:16<eFUDd>I get a few K hits/month on bullshit I've colected over the years.
23:17<blake->like um...
23:17<eFUDd>If you really have a "decent" websie, you'll have a buncha dedicated servers. :)
23:17<eFUDd>If you have a few users on some off-the-shelf blog/crm/whatever, well, you'll be fine.
23:17<blake->insult to linode
23:17<eFUDd>insult? no.
23:17<blake->right a few users
23:17<blake->but what about like 500 unique hits a day
23:17<blake->should be ok
23:17<eFUDd>heh. Yes.
23:18<blake->thats ok then
23:18<eFUDd>500 hits is, uh, nothing.
23:18<eFUDd>with that said, I wouldn't use the smallest linode
23:18<blake->i prob get like 50 unique a day
23:18<eFUDd>but that's _just my opinion_
23:18<eFUDd>and preference.
23:18<blake->ya i know
23:18<eFUDd>I prefer more, not less.
23:18<blake->i can always upgrade, right?
23:18<blake->can i upgrade plans without losing my server?
23:18<eFUDd>I just switched to a 320 last month or so...
23:18<blake->did you switch plans or just do the upgrade
23:19<blake->and upgrade to 320 yourself?
23:19<eFUDd>I switched plans to the larger...
23:19<eFUDd>support (mikegrb/caker/etc) sets up a migration in the lpm
23:19<blake->cuz u can have like 350 mhz ram on the 80 plan
23:19<eFUDd>(web management tool you log into at
23:19<eFUDd>it says "HI. PLZ CLICK ME TO MIGRATE"
23:19<eFUDd>it moves me to a new host, and starts up in ~20-30 minutes depending.
23:19<blake->alright im out
23:19<blake->to experiment
23:19<eFUDd>Sure, good luck.
23:20<@mikegrb>looks like most months is < 50 GB
23:20<@mikegrb>hovers around there
23:20<blake->wow it didnt do a double hit
23:20<blake->rofl lol
23:20<blake->only did lolz
23:20<blake->not roflz
23:20<eFUDd>50GB is really a lot of data.
23:20<eFUDd> /shrug
23:20<eFUDd>afk!and good luck!
23:20<blake->i been messing around all night
23:20<blake->and used like 10 megabytes
23:20<blake->with wget
23:21<blake->and loading some friends on test ircd
23:21<@mikegrb>eFUDd: yeah, but that's counting db traffic, email and such too
23:21<blake->mikegrb: can i ask a question?
23:21<blake->i know nothing illegal is allowed
23:21<blake->but can i put like a cracked plesk or something on my server?
23:21<blake->or not?
23:21[~]eFUDd snickers
23:21<blake->just asking :)
23:22<@mikegrb>your account would get cancelled
23:22<eFUDd>"Hi. I just wanted to inform you I was going to run warez on your server."
23:22<@mikegrb>plesk would send us an email
23:22<@mikegrb>we would say, oh, ok
23:22<blake->how would they know? does the panel contact there site?
23:22<@mikegrb>we would send you an email "Bye, bye."
23:22<@mikegrb>they've contacted us before
23:22<@mikegrb>magic, I'm sure
23:22<blake->ok, just wanted to check
23:22<eFUDd>nano-gnomes :/
23:23<blake-><blake-> but can i put like a cracked plesk or something on my server?
23:23<blake->i didnt mean for others to download
23:23<blake->i mean running on the server
23:23<@mikegrb>you can't put cracked anything on your Linode
23:23<@mikegrb>did you not read the AUP and TOS you agreed to?
23:23<blake->have to find a free solution
23:23<eFUDd>I cracked my linux kernel. :/
23:23<blake->well i did
23:23<@mikegrb>eFUDd: you bad boy
23:23<blake->but i didnt know if it applied to something that fbi wont come around for
23:23<eFUDd>I even emailed Linus to taunt him.
23:23<blake->any free alternatives for a web panel like cPanel?
23:24<eFUDd>He just told me that he uses FreeBSD and didn't care. :/
23:24<eFUDd>blake, you tried ksh?
23:24<blake->lemme google it
23:24<eFUDd>uber admin tool.
23:24<eFUDd>Yup, that's it!
23:24<blake->hoping for something a lil more friendly
23:25<eFUDd>damn thing supports scripting!
23:25<blake->like cPanel
23:25<eFUDd>Heck, you can run it remotely.
23:25|-|internat [] has joined #linode
23:25<eFUDd>From say, a palm pilot!
23:25<eFUDd>It works on a serial connection.
23:25<eFUDd>Or SSH.
23:25<eFUDd>LAN and WAN.
23:25<eFUDd>Amazing piece of software.
23:25<eFUDd>built in editor to!
23:25<blake->everyone is so helpful here on linode :)
23:25<blake->will be sure to send my friends here
23:25<eFUDd>I did suggest putting me on ignore.
23:26<eFUDd>Then again, I also suggested 2 years ago that linode have a minimum aptitude test for purchasers.
23:26<eFUDd>I'm an asshole. :/
23:26<blake->I would still be looking for hosting.
23:26<eFUDd>I'm not elitist, just "tired".
23:26<eFUDd>you seem a good sport, so here is a piece of advise.
23:26|-|blake- changed nick to blake
23:26<eFUDd>I'm completely unaware of all web based control tools
23:27<eFUDd>I can't speak about them at all.
23:27<eFUDd>With that said, plesk isn't that pricy, is it? :)
23:27<blake>20 bucks a month is pricy
23:27<blake>for linode
23:27<blake>to me
23:27<blake>but worth it i think
23:27<eFUDd>How much did you pay for Windows?
23:28<eFUDd>At least the OS is free on linode....
23:28<eFUDd>It even works.
23:28<blake>eFUDd: i think we both know what i paid
23:28<eFUDd>now really, i'm gonna go smoke a smoke or toke a toke.
23:28<eFUDd>blake, indeed.
23:28<eFUDd>As an old pirate, I still bought all my software.... sad but true.
23:33<eFUDd>sigh. i'm a dumbass. I have a meeting at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 3pm. :/
23:39<blake>so i assume the only time i would be limited to 100 mhz would be if everyone else was using 100 mhz as well
23:39<blake>am i correct?
23:46<blake>vista beta avail for dl from
23:48|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:50<blake>A graphics processor that runs Windows Aero2.
23:52|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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