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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-06-15

---Logopened Thu Jun 15 00:00:21 2006
00:01<blake>what am i doing wrong
00:01<blake>httpd@li2-73:~/apache$ /home/httpd/apache/bin/apachectl start
00:01<blake>/home/httpd/apache/bin/apachectl start: httpd started
00:01<blake>it should run port 80 by default?
00:01<blake>i cant get to it
00:02<anderiv>you should use the scripts in /etc/init.d/ to start/stop services.
00:02<blake>it's running on 8080
00:02<blake>i just port scanned my machine
00:02<blake>why would it run 8080 on default install?
00:02<blake>anderiv: it wont be in /etc/init.d/
00:02<blake>i did wget to get apache
00:03<anderiv>blake: why didn't you just use apt?
00:03<@mikegrb>why would you do that?
00:03<blake>i dont know
00:03<blake>i guess im just stupid
00:03<blake>was that bad to do that?
00:03<blake>i can rm it
00:03<blake>but why don't do that
00:04<@mikegrb>if you install stuff from source it will take 4 or 5 hours of your time every day to go around to websites and make sure every piece of software has the latest version installed
00:04<@mikegrb>if you use apt, it will take 20 seconds
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00:04<blake>but i mean now that it's done
00:04<anderiv>blake: if you know what you're doing, installing one-off pieces of software like that can be okay. In your case, however, stick w/ apt.
00:04<blake>should i leave it/
00:04<anderiv>blake: no offense.
00:05<blake>but now that it's done shall i leave it?
00:05<@mikegrb>no, you shouldn't leave it
00:05<blake>then there must be another reason besides it taking longer?
00:05<blake>is it insecure?
00:05<anderiv>blake: have you ever adminned a linux server before?
00:05<blake>just wget
00:05<blake>thats about it
00:05<@mikegrb>well you either put the 5 hours a day in or else it will be insecure
00:05<blake>5 hrs a day?!!?
00:06<@mikegrb>to check the website for every program you have installed
00:06<anderiv>apt will take care of all package dependencies/conflicts/etc.
00:06<@mikegrb>to see what the latest version is
00:06<blake>lemme stop it then
00:06<@mikegrb>compare it to the version you have installed
00:06<@mikegrb>and upgrade
00:06[~]anderiv used to like doing that...until I had to admin a flock of servers as a *job*.
00:06<blake>apt-get apache
00:07<blake>just do that?
00:07<blake>will that be the latest 1.3?
00:07<anderiv>blake: you should probably read up on the apt system.
00:08<blake>apt doesnt even have 1.3.36
00:08<blake>how can it be secure?
00:08<blake>when it doesnt have the latest version?
00:08<@mikegrb>you are using debian stable
00:08<blake>yes i know...
00:08<anderiv>blake: latest != most secure.
00:08<@mikegrb>they backport security fixes
00:08<@caker>!= == not equals
00:08<blake>so apt-get apache
00:09<@mikegrb>apt-get install apache
00:09<anderiv>heh - thanks for translating.
00:09<blake>that will be secure?
00:09<@caker>mikegrb: yeah
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00:10[~]anderiv thinks blake should worry less about security and more about basic system administration for the time being.
00:10<blake>httpd@li2-73:~$ apt-get install apache
00:10<blake>E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)
00:10<blake>E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?
00:10<blake>i have to run it as root?
00:10<@mikegrb>sudo apt-get install apache
00:10[~]eFUDd thinks we are being trolled.
00:10<@caker>like the sands of time...
00:10<blake>i'm a customer not a troll. :)
00:11<blake>httpd@li2-73:~$ sudo apt-get install apache
00:11<blake>-bash: sudo: command not found
00:11<@caker>You must be this -- tall to ride this ride
00:11<blake>i got it
00:12<blake>do i need a user called httpd?
00:12<blake>or rmuser
00:12<blake>w/e the cmd is
00:12[~]anderiv wonders why he's still awake....
00:13<anderiv>blake: unless you want apache to run as root, you should probably keep the httpd user around.
00:13<@caker>won't apt add it if required/specified?
00:13<@mikegrb>anderiv: the deb will create the user automagically
00:13<anderiv>I know...
00:13<blake>this is going to sound really stupid
00:13<blake>when you apt-get
00:14<anderiv>don't're already there.
00:14<blake>how do you know where the program wa sinstalled?
00:14<@mikegrb>now somebody will exploit his server by logging in as httpd with password httpd
00:14<blake>i never know where it was installed
00:14<blake>lol pw is not httpd
00:14<anderiv>blake: there's really no "Program Files" equivalent in linux. Files are frequently scatterred all over the filesystem.
00:14<blake>so when you apt-get install apache
00:14<blake>how do you know where the htdocs folder is
00:15<blake>understand where i'm going?
00:15<eFUDd>Trolled. :/
00:15<anderiv>if you're looking for the location of a specific executable, run `which ls` or whatever.
00:15<eFUDd>they have manuals.
00:15<@mikegrb>it puts the binaries under /usr/bin (or sbin) the config files in /etc/apache the logs in /var/log/apache and www root in /var/www
00:15<Battousai>he's not a troll, he's a nub
00:15<blake>mikegrb: thanks, but how do you find that out?
00:15<eFUDd>I dunno.
00:15<anderiv>blake: magic.
00:15<blake>i cant ask everytime i wget a program
00:15<@mikegrb>you don't wget
00:15<blake>or apt-get i mean
00:15<@mikegrb>you use apt
00:15<eFUDd>at least we agree.
00:16<@mikegrb>apt follows a pattern
00:16<@mikegrb>eFUDd: ha
00:16<@mikegrb>a standard
00:16<@mikegrb>binaries in /usr/bin config files in /etc etc
00:16<eFUDd>Somp'n aint rite 'bout dat boy.
00:16<@caker>Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to use the net and he won't bother you for weeks
00:16<@mikegrb>also... look in /usr/share/doc/<package name>/
00:16<@mikegrb>there is normally a file named README.Debian.gz
00:17<anderiv>...there's some good learnin'
00:17<eFUDd>caker, by 'use' you mean drink and by 'net' you mean beer?
00:17<@mikegrb>it mentions anything weird about the debian package and why it is weird
00:17<blake>thats what i needed to know
00:17<@mikegrb>eFUDd: what else can he mean?
00:17<eFUDd>Well, Dunno.
00:18<anderiv>blake:'re gonna screw things up. It's *going* to happen. Learn from it, and in a month after your linode is a disaster, delete your disk images and re-deploy a fresh spin of debian.
00:18[~]eFUDd sends 800600010000120009022000010100803280060002000009000902200001010080320904000002ffffff0007058202400000070502024000008006000200002000 out his usb port
00:18<eFUDd>ooh, sign lights up.
00:19<@caker>eFUDd: sign?
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00:19[~]gpd returns from gym to find #linode has become #blake
00:19<@mikegrb>they have unlimited movies for $10/month
00:19<eFUDd>caker, yah. picked up an 80x7 surface mount tri-color LED (64 total color reproduction) USB sign from sams club.
00:19<@mikegrb>wonder what the selection is like
00:19<eFUDd>the software that comes with it is ass.. so I'm REing it so I can automate signage.
00:19<@mikegrb>and how crappy the drm is/if there is mac support
00:19<eFUDd>sign sits above my area.. in front of my area at work is one of those "please take a number" signs
00:20<@mikegrb>eFUDd: I've always wanted one of those
00:20<eFUDd>I intend to ultimately have the display's counter hooked up to a port listening on an embedded device that's linked to my staples easy button :)
00:20<eFUDd>when the line goes hot, the listener will send a new message....
00:20<@caker>eFUDd: hmm, url or product name/model?
00:20<eFUDd>mike, ditto.. then i found this one.
00:21<eFUDd>that's the "prism" which is what i picked up in store for $200 usd
00:21<eFUDd>it runs the alphanet protocol over USB
00:21<eFUDd>historically alphanet runs over rs232...
00:21<@caker>Case dimensions . 3.8"H x 25.9"W x .9"D ... nice :)
00:21<eFUDd>anderiv, that's the old rs232 stuff methinks.. but...
00:22<eFUDd>Yeah, that's the classic.
00:22<eFUDd>this device has a micrium embedded usb controller in it
00:22<@mikegrb>eFUDd: yeah, I've seen that one, it's not a bad price but a bit to expensive for me to get as a toy, not all of us are as rich as ye ;)
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00:22<eFUDd>mike, bah. :)
00:23<@mikegrb>I always look at them and lust when at sam's though
00:23<blake>checking for openssl... not found
00:23<blake>Apparently you do not have both the openssl binary and openssl development libraries installed.
00:23<blake>You have two options:
00:23<blake>a) Install the needed binaries and libraries
00:23<blake> and run ./Config
00:23<blake>b) If you don't need SSL...
00:23<blake> Run ./Config and say 'no' when asked about SSL
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00:23<blake>but i did
00:23<eFUDd>blake, please don't spam that output here.
00:23<anderiv>dude - don't do that.
00:23<blake>apt-get install openssl
00:23<blake>didnt notice it was that long :-\
00:23<@mikegrb>you want apt-get install openssl-dev
00:23<anderiv>try pastebin
00:23<eFUDd>Didn't you suggest you were going to go to #debian or something?
00:23<eFUDd>Maybe you could actually do that?
00:24<blake>it said binaries though
00:24<blake>is that still dev?
00:24<eFUDd>mike, biggest problem with this one is I have to RE the win32 usb driver for it to write an app that hooks into it.. -then- actually RE the driver's internals and write an OS one :/
00:24<blake>E: Couldn't find package openssl-dev
00:25<eFUDd>the signs have a lotta programming capabilities in it. that prism has half meg memory in it...
00:25<eFUDd>you can tag start/end times for "files" (what is displayed)
00:25<eFUDd>piezo speaker with support in alphanet to modulate it
00:27<blake>this si weird
00:28<@mikegrb>blake: it's called libssl-dev
00:28<blake>it needs to know the dir of openssl
00:28<@mikegrb>apt-cache search <keyword>
00:28<blake>no i need the binary though
00:28<blake>i already have it
00:28<@caker>blake: don't install from source and you shouldn't have any problems
00:28<@mikegrb>you need the headers for compiling stuff against it
00:28<blake>i didnt
00:28<blake>i did apt-get install openssl
00:28<blake>which is the binary
00:28<@mikegrb>yes that is binary only
00:29<blake>isnt that all i need?
00:29<@mikegrb>you can't compile something with just the binary library installed
00:29<@mikegrb>it doesn't work that way
00:29<@mikegrb>but like caker said, why compile anyway?
00:29[~]eFUDd suggests a copy of IDA Pro
00:29<blake>apt-get install libssl-dev
00:29<eFUDd>apt-get install windows :/
00:29<blake>lol already got it
00:29<blake>thanks tho
00:30<anderiv>alright...this sucka is off to bed. Thanks for the good times :-/
00:31<blake>it's tough learning this stuff, but i'm getting there.
00:31[~]gpd wonders if this is the most work caker and mikegrb have ever done for $25
00:31<@mikegrb>what are you compiling and why?
00:31<@mikegrb>and the why?
00:31<blake>for me and a few friends
00:31<blake>im starting a network
00:31[~]anderiv is scared
00:31<blake>but for now it will just be one server
00:32<blake>you can come chat on it if you like
00:32<@mikegrb>remember apt?
00:32<@mikegrb>and that spiffy apt-cache search command?
00:32<blake>i forgot the cache one
00:32<@mikegrb>"apt-cache search ircd"
00:32<blake>well i did compile from tarball
00:32<@mikegrb>and then you don't have to compile anything
00:32<blake>for unreal
00:32<blake>because debian doesnt have one
00:32<blake>i looked
00:33<@mikegrb>remember when it was a bad idea to do that with apache?
00:33<blake>yes, i know
00:33<blake>but i can manage the ircd
00:33<blake>i won't have a problem
00:33<blake>i hope
00:33<blake>besides debian doesnt have a package, i have no choice
00:34<@mikegrb>it has about it has 7 different ircd packages
00:34<blake>i know
00:34<blake>unrealircd is not one of them
00:34<blake>i know unrealircd like the back of my hand
00:34<blake>i'm used to it
00:35<@mikegrb>t don't forget to check the website each day to see if there are updates
00:35[~]anderiv is out.
00:35<blake>no i know
00:35<blake>unreal doesnt have vulns often tho
00:35<blake>like httpd's
00:35<blake>ircd doesnt normally have too many vulns i dont think
00:36<blake>many large networks like IRcQ still run 3.2.1
00:36<@mikegrb>they most certainly do
00:37<blake>well i don't mean to make you work this hard for my 25 bucks
00:37<blake>just this is the only chan with friendly people and answers
00:38[~]caker wants to scream G O O G L E :)
00:38<blake>i get that alot
00:39<@caker>know what to search for (be smart) and you'll find the answers -- I'm sure someone else has ran into the same things you're running up against.
00:39<blake>using the correct query is the problem
00:41<blake>caker: can i use multiple cc's as payment?
00:41<blake>like one for 20 and one for the other 5?
00:41<blake>or other 6 actually
00:41<blake>because i buy $25 gift cards and the plan i have now costs 26
00:42<blake>or you can just remove my second ip
00:42<blake>i probably wont use it
00:42<blake>figure it out end of the month
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00:50<jelson>caker: can i sign up for a 2nd linode at a separate data center than the first?
00:57<@mikegrb>jelson: you are in TP now?
00:58<jelson>i have 1 linode, host55 i think? i'm not sure what TP is
00:58<@mikegrb>yeah, TP is one of our datacenters, the one host55 is in
00:58<@mikegrb>and yes, your Linode is on host55
00:58[~]mikegrb looks at availability
00:59<jelson>how many data centers do you folks have?
00:59<@mikegrb>just two
00:59<@mikegrb>if you signed up for another one now, it would most likely end up in the other datacenter automagically
00:59<jelson>within a data center can i get more than one linode on separate networks?
00:59<@mikegrb>if not, we could move it for you as we have open slots
00:59<jelson>i'll sign up right now and let you know what happens
00:59<@mikegrb>we just have one uplink within the actual datacenter
01:00<@mikegrb>TP is quite well connected though
01:00<jelson>ah, ok - from looking at some of the docs it seemed that you had multiple class-c's
01:00<jelson>i have an app that requires redundancy so i'm trying to get a presence in various datacenters and on redundant networks, etc
01:00<jelson>hold on, let me sign up for a 2nd linode and i'll see where it ends up
01:02<jelson>is there a way to sign up for a 2nd linode without creating a separate account? on the member page i see only linode upgrades, and when i click on the linode page it asks me for my email as if i'm signing up as a new customer
01:02<@mikegrb>yes, you will have to signup for an additional account at this time
01:03<@mikegrb>it's on the todo list though
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01:03<jelson>ok, this will take a sec then
01:03<jelson>oh, i actually need to create a separate username, etc
01:04<jelson>ick :-)
01:04<jelson>i signed up as jelson2
01:04<@mikegrb>many people append a two to their current name
01:04<jelson>where are you guys - on the west coast?
01:05<jelson>must be late there then
01:05<jelson>that's customer service!
01:05[~]mikegrb is working on soon to be announced new feature
01:06[~]jelson wonders
01:06<darkbeholder>didnt you know that mike and caker don't sleep?
01:06<@mikegrb>that too
01:06<jelson>no, i'm new here :-)
01:07[~]jelson waits for the autogenerated email with bated breath
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01:20<encode>mikegrb and caker never sleep cos they're only bots ;P
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01:58<blake> = online
02:00<blake>i have had my linode for 2 days and only used 20 mb
02:01<internat>lucky u
02:06<blake>i know
02:06<blake>internat: will you be an ircop?
02:12<blake>apt-get install mysql-server
02:12<blake>thats all i need to compile a program with mysql support?
02:15<@mikegrb>no, you will need the dev package also
02:15<@mikegrb>and mysql-client
02:15<@mikegrb>but I think mysql-server installed mysql-client
02:20<blake>what's the client?
02:21<blake>don't you run that from home?
02:21<blake>or a desktop?
02:21<blake>not on the server/
02:23<@mikegrb>a client is anything that connects to a server
02:24<@mikegrb>a mysql client is any program that connects to a mysql server
02:47<Battousai>my face needs to connect to a food server quick
02:47<Battousai>those burgers didnt do the trick apparently
02:49<blake>Battousai: just get back from 24/7 McD's?
02:49<blake>fill urself up with 5 double cheeseburgers just before going to sleep
02:49<Eman>and stay up all night puking :p
02:50<blake>some people enjoy it
02:50<blake>men with breasts normally
02:50<Battousai>i once tried filling myself with taco bell before going to sleep
02:50<Eman>i enjoy mcdonalds, but it makes me sick if i eat too much of it
02:50<Battousai>ended up taking an 8-hour crap
02:50<Battousai>combined with an 8-hour nap
02:51<blake>Battousai: do you have breasts?
02:51<Battousai>yes... yes i do
02:51<blake>that's when you know you eat at McD's one too many nites a week
02:51<Battousai>i dont eat at mcdonald's
02:51<Eman>to quote uncyclopedia: SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Consuming Taco Bell by ANYONE may result in fecal injury, premature turds, and explosive diarrhea, followed by temporary feelings of euphoria.
02:51<Battousai>and i weigh like 140 pounds
02:51<blake>but dude taco bell is good
02:52<Battousai>that it is
02:52<@mikegrb>Battousai: how to make a date in mysql?
02:52<blake>beef and potato borrito
02:52<Battousai>mikegrb: what kinda date?
02:52<blake>cheesy fiesta potato
02:52<@mikegrb>Battousai: make date takes year and day of year
02:52<@mikegrb>Battousai: I want something similiar but I want to give it month, day, and year
02:53<@mikegrb>I'm trying to get seconds since midnight the morning of the first of this month
02:53<@mikegrb>use unixtimestamp on date/time value that is year(now),month(now),1,0,0,0 or some such
02:53<Battousai>what about DAYOFMONTH()?
02:53<@mikegrb>and subtrackt it from unixtimestamp(now)
02:53<Battousai>you said mysql right?
02:54<@mikegrb>could do dayofmonth(now) * 24 * 60 * 60 to get seconds
02:54<@mikegrb>and then convert the time to seconds since midnnight
02:55<@mikegrb>Returns the time argument, converted to seconds.
02:55<Battousai>SELECT TIME_TO_SEC('2006-06-01' - NOW());
02:56<Battousai>i think i went the wrong direction ;)
02:56<@mikegrb>it says 9378
02:56<@mikegrb>!calc 9378 seconds in minutes
02:56<linbot>mikegrb: 9,378 seconds = 156.3 minutes
02:57<@mikegrb>time since mindnight
02:57<@mikegrb>!calc 24 * 60 * 60
02:57<linbot>mikegrb: 24 * 60 * 60 = 86,400
02:57<@mikegrb>heh, could have just donw
02:57<@mikegrb>!calc 1 day in seconds
02:57<linbot>mikegrb: 1 day = 86,400 seconds
02:59<@mikegrb>select day(now()) * 86400 + time_to_sec(now())
02:59<@mikegrb>!calc 1306728 seconds in days
02:59<linbot>mikegrb: 1,306,728 seconds = 15.1241667 days
02:59<@mikegrb>Battousai: thanks
02:59<@mikegrb>Battousai: you caused me to think about my problem differently
03:00<@mikegrb>I was focused on trying to figure out how to implement it the other way
03:00<Battousai>SELECT (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2006-06-01 00:00:00'));
03:01<Battousai>oh well
03:01<@mikegrb>but how about make that date dynamic
03:01<Battousai>which date?
03:01<@mikegrb>the one you typed as a string
03:01<@mikegrb>I mean, you could do it in the language that generates the query
03:01<@mikegrb>but for stuff like this I'd rather have it be pure sql
03:02<@mikegrb>oh snap
03:04<Battousai>i think you need a day()-1
03:05<@mikegrb>fixerated i t
03:05<@mikegrb>ancient server version
03:05<@mikegrb>Day() doesn't exist
03:05<@mikegrb>query worked with the local mysql server but not when I tested it against the production server
03:05<@mikegrb>gave me an icky syntax error
03:05<Battousai>oooh, you almost got fired
03:06<Battousai>but i think it's only been 14 days since june 1 ;)
03:07<@mikegrb>it's the 15th
03:07<@mikegrb>but yeah
03:10<blake>mikegrb: this may sound silly
03:10<blake>can you remove my second ip?
03:10<blake>i can't afford it
03:11<blake>it will push my hosting to 26, and i can only spend 25 a month
03:11<@mikegrb>yes, just put in a support ticket
03:11<blake>due to limit on amex gift cards
03:11<@mikegrb>make sure you specify which one you want to get rid of
03:11<blake>i also owe caker five dollars
03:11<blake>want the credit card for that?
03:11<blake>because i only paid 5 setup not 10
03:17<warewolf>mikegrb- badass, they push down to the box the season pass data. That rocks.
03:18<@mikegrb>uh huh
03:18<Battousai>he thinks youre badass now, wait till he finds out you're a reverend
03:18<@mikegrb>I like the kidzone guru guide
03:18[~]warewolf hrms
03:18<@mikegrb>a lot of the shows in it we already recorded
03:18<@mikegrb>now we can tell it keep 5 total of all of the shows
03:18<warewolf>I wonder how that plays with the privacy statement TiVo has on personal info
03:18<@mikegrb>rather then 1 or 3 of the individual shows
03:18<warewolf>grb- what's this kidzone stuff
03:19<@mikegrb>you have to agree to the new privacy statement to use the guru guides
03:19<@mikegrb>so if you don't, they don't get the data
03:19<@mikegrb>kidzone == parental controls done right
03:19<@mikegrb>when in KZ mode, now playing list has only approved stuff
03:19<warewolf>how's it better than before?
03:19<@mikegrb>when you go to live tv
03:19<@mikegrb>hit the channel buttons and it only scans through approved channels
03:20<@mikegrb>simpler interface
03:20<blake>mikegrb: i would like to donate to linode, how can i do that?
03:20<@mikegrb>no access to set recordings and what not
03:20<@mikegrb>blake: can't
03:20<warewolf>my fisher-price TiVo?
03:20<@mikegrb>donations are for charities
03:20<blake>kidzone lol
03:20<@mikegrb>worst thing is, 4 hours of inactivity and it goes back to KZ and you have to enter a PIN
03:20<blake>i used to hax those things to get to porno
03:21<blake>when i was like 10
03:21<@mikegrb>hunter is too young for us to worry about it
03:21<@mikegrb>so it's kind of an annoyance
03:21<blake>is hunter a haxor?
03:21<blake>runs a mean botnet
03:21<@mikegrb>brought up interesting questions though
03:21<@mikegrb>by highschool he won't have any filtering for sure
03:21<Battousai>we do not insult hunter
03:21<@mikegrb>but what age to take it away
03:22<blake>take away at like 13
03:22<@mikegrb>Battousai: sounds reasonable
03:22<@mikegrb>Battousai: I was thinking possible a bit younger, depends on him at the time though
03:22<Battousai>thats the age they start showing boobies in titanic
03:22<@mikegrb>I mean, he's going to get to porn anyway
03:22<blake>mikegrb: they had filtering programs when you were 13? no offense...
03:22<Battousai>yeah, that terrible movie with whats his face in it
03:22<@mikegrb>might as well make it so it's in his room
03:22<Battousai>and whats her h0
03:22<warewolf>I remember the first time my parents discovered I had porn downloaded
03:23<@mikegrb>so he isn't getting busted at the library
03:23<Battousai>wait a minute
03:23<Battousai>you can download porn?
03:23<@mikegrb>Battousai: shh, don't tell anyone
03:23<warewolf>that was also the first time I rang up a huge ass phone bill dialing a long distance BBS
03:23<Battousai>were they related? ;)
03:23<warewolf>mmhmm :)
03:23<Karnaugh>"This is a public channel which is logged; don't submit information you don't want to see in search engines"
03:24<blake>mikegrb: how long have those netnanny programs been around?
03:24<blake>i thought fairly new
03:24<Eman>too long
03:24<warewolf>BIN LADEN 9-11 NUKE
03:24<blake>fbi gonna take ur pc idiot
03:25<warewolf>I'd like to see them /try/.
03:25<Eman>dirka dirka
03:25<blake>if you ssh to with the login of like osama
03:25<blake>they take ur pc
03:25<blake>i heard
03:25<Battousai>i heard the fbi can't afford ssh
03:25<blake>atleast if you're in the usa
03:25<blake>they will
03:25<@mikegrb>Battousai: they use telnet
03:25<warewolf>NO WAI
03:25<Battousai>i would not be surprised at all
03:25<warewolf>Battousai: NO WAI
03:25<Battousai>telnet, pop3 and ftp
03:25<blake>password: gobush
03:26<Eman> returns no ip :p
03:27<warewolf>it's to keep blake out
03:27<blake>ya you're right
03:27[~]warewolf goes back to patching windows boxes
03:27<blake>how does it redir. to then?
03:27[~]blake is confused
03:27<Eman> does, but does not
03:27<Eman>it uses FM
03:28<blake>Funny Music? Frequency Modulation?
03:28<warewolf>(F)ucking (M)agic.
03:28<Eman>FM and 42 are appropriate answers to any question
03:29<warewolf>I prefer "w00t" actually.
03:30<warewolf>w00t is the univeral word.
03:30[~]blake is tired
03:31<blake>how many people here run an ircd on there linode/
03:31<blake>or counter-strike server
03:32<Battousai>i'm sure there are plenty of ircds
03:35<blake>i hope i'm not lagging others on my host44
03:36<blake>im wget and its going like 700 kbps
03:36<blake>will others be ok?
03:36<blake>alright good
03:36<blake>wget 445 mb file
03:36<Eman>you generally dont need to worry about others as the hosts throttle you back as needed
03:36<blake>not fun :-\
03:44<blake>what was he referring to?
03:44<blake><@mikegrb> there is a sample perl and bash script in the forums
03:44<blake>cant find it
03:47<@mikegrb>search for xml in the announcements forum
03:57<blake>mikegrb: i read the aup
03:57<blake>i'm unclear on one thing
03:57<blake>my friend has an irc network
03:58<blake>and he allows people to run any channel
03:58<blake>they like
03:58<blake>if it has a warez chan somewhere on the irc network, may i not link
03:58<blake>nothing illegal would be done from my linode, but he doesn't stop xdcc channels
03:58|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has joined #linode
04:04<@mikegrb>that wouldn't be alowed
04:04<@mikegrb>as the irc server on your Linode would be allowing access to it
04:05<@mikegrb>if you wanted to link the channels would have to be server local channels on the other server
04:05<@mikegrb>so that they weren't propagated to yours
04:05<blake>ya i could do that
04:05<blake>make it policy no bots on my server
04:05<blake>only clients
04:06<blake>i want to be very careful, i love linode
04:06<blake>thinking of upgrading for next month
04:25<Karnaugh>if you put warez on your linode and some retarded government organisation seazes the whole cluster
04:25<Karnaugh>I will personaly hunt you down and kick your ass
04:27<blake>not warez
04:27<blake>linked to a irc network that has bots that have movies on another server
04:27<blake>not mine
04:27<blake>even efnet has warez chans
04:27<Karnaugh>piratebay also didn't store warez
04:27<Karnaugh>tell that to the 10 companies sueing sweeden
04:27<Karnaugh>their only crime was being in the same rack :P
04:28<Karnaugh>blake: yeah, but you *know* about it
04:28<blake>no i dont
04:28<blake>know bout wut?
04:29<Karnaugh>you just said you do
04:29<blake>wasnt me
04:29<blake>my brother was on my comp joking
04:29<blake>i just saw it now
04:38|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
04:43|-|Dream_3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:57|-|blake [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:19|-|womble [~mpalmer@] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
05:39<warewolf>someone stop me
05:39<warewolf>please stop me from buying a SunBlade 2000 off ebay.
06:07|-|jelson [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
06:36<encode>warewolf: thats easy
06:36<encode>i'll give you my paypal address
06:36<encode>send me the money instead
06:43|-|linville [~linville@] has joined #linode
06:45|-|pytone [] has joined #linode
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07:50|-|sunny [] has left #linode []
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10:09|-|streamcipher [] has joined #linode
10:21<npmr>hooray! blake left!
10:22|-|bendy24 [] has joined #linode
10:22[~]warewolf looks
10:22<bendy24>who submitted that?!
10:23<warewolf><warewolf> "It sucks when you sneeze with a dildo in, and inadvertantly become a one-round-gun."
10:23<warewolf>I love that one.
10:23<warewolf>and it isn't even mine.
10:23<warewolf>but it's still damn funny
10:24<npmr>so who's dildo was it?
10:24<warewolf>dunno. friend of a friend's girlfriend.
10:24|-|Spads [~crack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:40|-|spr [~spr@] has joined #linode
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11:02|-|Xel [~mdkaufman@] has joined #linode
11:03<Xel>On the 'Linodes' page, it says that the estimated avail. date for a Linode 80 is 5/31/06... Is there an accurate estimation somewhere?
11:04|-|jlr [] has joined #linode
11:04<anderiv>Xel: you'll have to ask mikegrb or caker.
11:04<Xel>Ahh k. Are they often here around now?
11:04<Xel>Or much later in the day?
11:05|-|jlr [] has left #linode []
11:05<anderiv>Xel: they were up late, so I'm guessing they'll be around later today.
11:29|-|Dream_3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:41|-|streamcipher256 [] has joined #linode
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11:44|-|spr__ changed nick to spr
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13:08|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
13:12|-|spr [~spr@] has joined #linode
13:42<Dreamer3>mikegrb: ping
13:42<Dreamer3>caker: ping
13:46<Xel>they've been idle for many hours
13:46|-|EmRe_17 [huseyin@] has joined #linode
13:47<anderiv>!seen caker
13:47<linbot>anderiv: caker was last seen in #linode 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <caker> know what to search for (be smart) and you'll find the answers -- I'm sure someone else has ran into the same things you're running up against.
13:47<anderiv>!seen mikegrb
13:47<linbot>anderiv: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 9 hours, 42 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <mikegrb> so that they weren't propagated to yours
13:47<Dreamer3>there is probably no way to get 100s of megabytes of data off my linode if i don't have a highspeed link, is there?
13:47<anderiv>Dreamer3: I'd guess not.
13:48<anderiv>you could get it off...slowly.
13:55<Dreamer3>ah well
13:55<Dreamer3>such is life in the boonies
14:02<lucca>Dreamer3: if it's for repetitive backups, consider rsync and similar tools
14:02<Dreamer3>lucca: no, for analysis of logs
14:03<Dreamer3>and i'm on dial-up
14:04<lucca>dialup beats pigeons at least
14:04<Battousai>not by much
14:05<Xel>gamesurge batts?
14:06<Battousai>err... no?
14:06<Xel>Ahh k. Just someone with the same nick.
14:24|-|cinix [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:30<anderiv>it's quiet in here today...funny, cause at 1AM today, the channel was hopping.
14:30|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:42|-|blahaha [~edavis@] has joined #linode
14:50|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:50|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
14:51<Xel>aww est. avail. is 6/30 for more linode 80's
14:52|-|blake [] has joined #linode
14:55<anderiv>Xel: you could get lucky if someone cancels an /80 account before then.
14:56<@caker>Xel: yeah, give me about 5 minutes
14:56<anderiv>caker: was a late night for you and mikegrb huh?
14:57<blake>ya up till 5 am helping me :)
14:57<anderiv>ugh - you again.
14:57<@caker>yeah -- I had cocacola at the movies for the first time in a long while -- one of the giant "Regulator" cups, too
14:57<@caker>kept me up for a long time
14:57<blake>lol anderiv
14:58<blake>we're all just fellow customers. no worries. :)
14:58[~]anderiv gets to be at work from 0100 till 0400 tonight. Our ISP is moving their cabinet in our building, and I get to be present to make the necessary cabling changes.
14:58<anderiv>lucky me.
14:58<blake>would you prefer working at a deli? slicing your fingers off?
14:58<blake>that's what i do.
14:58<anderiv>blake: umm no.
14:59<blake>cut half my finger off last week
15:00|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:00<anderiv>blake: so how are you and apt getting along?
15:01|-|blahaha [~edavis@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:01<blake>i use apt for most things now
15:02<blake>and i used apt-get upgrade
15:02<blake>hopefully that will help with my security
15:02<blake>just not for ircd or irc services
15:02<blake>i can manage those on my own
15:02<blake>everything else, i use it for
15:02<anderiv>blake: make sure to apt-get update before running the upgrade.
15:02<blake>i did that
15:02<blake>it couldnt find a package and told me to do that
15:03<anderiv>...anyone ever used Jive Software's wildfire jabber server?
15:04<blake>any other security tips besides using apt-get upgrade?
15:04<anderiv>blake: disable ssh root login.
15:04<blake>i use that all the time
15:04<blake>to run ircd
15:04<blake>and eggdrop
15:04<anderiv>blake: you should have it turned off. Ssh in as your normal user and then su to root.
15:05<blake>ok, i can do that
15:05<blake>why though?
15:05<anderiv>so you don't get rooted :-)
15:05<blake>if any user gets compromised i would be likely to reformat anyways
15:05<blake>paranoid what was done with that user
15:06<blake>can a regular user do anything like a backdoor or something?
15:06<blake>or when i deluser everything they did is gone?
15:06<anderiv>blake: it depends on if you have any other other software on the system that has privileges escalation vulnerabilities.
15:07<anderiv>...if you (or a small number of people) will be the only one(s) sshing to the server, I'd suggest disabling ssh password auth and using keypairs.
15:16|-|bdragon [] has joined #linode
15:17|-|bdragon [] has left #linode []
15:18|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:29|-|insanum [] has quit [Quit: User disconnected]
15:29<anderiv>blake: you should probably run chkrootkit or rkhunter periodically as well.
15:32|-|EmRe_17 [huseyin@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:33<npmr>if i were him i'd run rm a lot too
15:37<blake>thanks for all that
15:37<blake>but i may just disable ssh all together
15:37<blake>as i can just get on using
15:37<npmr>there's also a tool called "wipe" which will get rid of viruses and trojans
15:38<npmr>i recommend running it on your system libraries
15:38<anderiv>blake: that's probably overkill, but do as you wish.
15:38|-|bendy24 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:38<npmr>it'll clean 'em right up
15:38<blake>security is my numbr one concern :)
15:38<anderiv>blake: if you stick to keypair auth only, you're pretty dang secure.
15:38<blake>what are keypairs?
15:39<blake>well right now
15:39<blake>i have my website and ircd/services
15:39<blake>thats all i need
15:39<blake>and its unhackable
15:43<anderiv>unhackable: famous last words.
15:44<npmr>the titanic was "unsinkable"
15:44<blake>i never said that
15:44<npmr><blake> and its unhackable
15:44<blake>but you cant say that someone else said titanic is unsinkable
15:44<npmr>your memory is shorter than goldfish memory
15:45[~]encode hacks blake's unhackable website
15:45<blake>i cant be responsible for there works
15:45|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
15:45<blake>go ahead
15:45|-|cinix [] has joined #linode
15:45<blake>try to deface
15:45<blake>or hack
15:45<blake>cuz its too secure
15:45<npmr>also, you've got password authentication enabled
15:45<anderiv>blake: that's a fair amount of bravado.
15:45<blake>it rivals
15:46<npmr>passwords are horrible security
15:46<blake>in security
15:46<npmr>*any* password
15:46<blake>what do i use instead of a password?
15:46<blake>magic to verify my identity?
15:46<npmr>rsa authentication
15:47<anderiv>blake: google ssh keypair'll get the full story there.
15:47<npmr>or i guess they call it pubkey authentication now, since it could be rsa or dsa
15:47<anderiv>blake: with RSA/DSA auth, you don't even need to remember a password if you don't want to.
15:48<anderiv>...not highly recommended though, unless you're very careful with your private key.
15:48<npmr>like i am
15:49|-|Dreamr3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:50[~]anderiv thinks it's funny that blake is tempting people to hack his server, when he couldn't manage to get apache started up ~12 hours ago.
15:52[~]anderiv has been administering *nix servers for ~6 years now and would never think to do that.
15:53<npmr>what? invite attacks?
15:53<anderiv>yes - sorry..
15:53<anderiv>...just seems like bad policy.
15:53<anderiv>you never know when someone around will take your invite seriously.
15:53<npmr>i remember being young and stupid
15:54<npmr>and my system was owned for about six months
15:54<lucca>now we're old and stupid
15:54<blake>well not inviting attacks is foolish, someone that can do something will, regardless of the invite :)
15:54[~]anderiv could probably be considered young...surely not stupid, though. I've learned my lessons :-)
15:54<blake>may as well taunt people
15:54<npmr>subjecting yourself to frequent attack is not going to harden your system
15:55<npmr>it's not like a cold or the flu
15:55<npmr>you're not going to magically become immune through exposure
15:56<npmr>if anything, getting your ass handed to you a few times will teach you how much of an ass you are
15:56<anderiv>npmr: what - you haven't implemented mod_antihax_ai yet? ;-)
15:56<npmr>ha ha
15:56<anderiv>I hear it's the latest and greatest.
15:56<npmr>if you knew what i started to go to grad school for, you'd know that that's much funnier than you think
15:57<anderiv>so yah - I gotta go...if y'all could be on the channel tonight from 0100 to 0400 that would be great. I'll need entertainment while I'm waiting for our ISP to move their cab.
15:58<blake>lol anderiv
15:58<blake>what isp?
15:58<anderiv>no - twtelecom.
15:58<anderiv>does verizon do business-class?
15:59<anderiv>I thought they just did DSL.
15:59<blake>they do business dsl
15:59<blake>business fios
15:59<blake>and a business fiber that is not fios
16:00<blake>.udp 999999999 65500 1
16:02<anderiv>blake: ...and your point?
16:03<npmr>64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.6 ms
16:03<npmr>you're on my subnet
16:04<npmr>also, we're you making noises yesterday about how insecure ping replies are?
16:04<blake>they are
16:04<npmr>just checking
16:04<blake>possibility to use up tons of bandwidth
16:04<blake>if enough bots are pinging
16:04|-|blake [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:05|-|blake [] has joined #linode
16:05|-|blake [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:06|-|blake [] has joined #linode
16:06<anderiv>blake: how's that working out for you?
16:06<blake>i had to use my bnc
16:12|-|linville [~linville@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:13<@mikegrb>[15:04] <anderiv> blake: disable ssh root login.
16:13<@mikegrb>[15:04] <blake> i use that all the time
16:13<@mikegrb>[15:04] <blake> to run ircd
16:13<@mikegrb>[15:04] <blake> and eggdrop
16:13<@mikegrb>if you use root to run an ircd and eggdrop you might as well add this sentance to your webpage:
16:14<@mikegrb>"My root password is ______________." and fill in the blank
16:18<blake>that was a joke
16:18<blake>to get everyone excited about my stupidity
16:18<blake>i know not to do that :)
16:18<blake>i have a user
16:18<blake>and a user eggdrop
16:19<blake>and a user blake
16:19<blake>and thats it
16:19<Battousai>i have a user sexyboi
16:19<Battousai>it's me
16:19<blake>mikegrb: are you a reverend or is that a joke?
16:23|-|spr [~spr@] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
16:23<Xel>I am too.
16:23<Xel>Universal Life Church, baby.
16:27<Xel>They ordain you on the 'net.
16:27<Xel>I think I just grabbed the linode 80 that went up for sale for a few minutes. I hope so, anyways.
16:28<blake>Xel: why do you want it?
16:28<Xel>Haven't had a machine for messing with new freshmeat packages on for a while.
16:28<Battousai>i'm a good friend of the space pope
16:28<Xel>Want to get back into the swing of things.
16:28<Battousai>crocodylus pontifex
16:29<Xel>Is there a reason that you are versioning me?
16:29<Battousai>he's haxxing you
16:29<blake>to see what client you are using, obviously
16:30<blake>thats like asking why someone says hello to you
16:30<Battousai>that's like asking why someone shoves a camera up your ass to see what's inside
16:30<Xel>Nevermind, heh.
16:31<blake>i dont think a ctcp version is comperable to shoving a camera up someones ass
16:31|-|Marcel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32<Battousai>i dont think it's comparable to saying hello
16:32<Xel>I'm not going to get into an e-argument over this. Just thought it was something worth mentioning.
16:32|-|jlr [] has joined #linode
16:32<blake>well it's comperable to asking someone politely what kind of car they drive
16:33<blake>no, it's not just you Xel.
16:33<npmr>how come i don't get a ctcp version request?
16:33<Battousai>actually, it's comparable to following someone out of the office and watching which car they get into
16:33<blake>many otherwise intelligent people will go "WHY DID YOU VERSION ME?!?!"
16:33<blake>i dont understand it
16:33<Xel>blake, it is rude.
16:33<Xel>It is unnecessary
16:33<Xel>It is often seen as intrusive.
16:33<blake>ya i noticed
16:33<blake>just not sure why :)
16:33<Xel>You should have no reason for needing to know what IRC client I'm running.
16:34<blake>many people get upset about it
16:34<Xel>That's all I'm saying about that </gump>
16:34<npmr>because that's the social norm of irc, shitheel
16:34<blake>well no offense, it's in the rfc 1459 for a reason
16:34[~]Xel whistles to himself.
16:34<Xel>Fine, you get one more line.
16:34<Battousai>ctcp isn't in rfc1459
16:34<Xel>ICMP responses are written into an RFC somewhere, I'm sure.
16:35<Xel>That doesn't mean that I can packet-flood with you icmp's
16:35<Xel>That was two.
16:35<blake>i didnt flood
16:35<blake>i did one ctcp version
16:36<Xel>Now apparently I'm waiting for one of those sexy linode admins to call and verify my info.
16:36<blake>they dont call
16:36<blake>just check your email
16:36<blake>it should send
16:36<Xel>The page said that they did.
16:36<Xel>I got a receipt and everything from the order.
16:36<blake>i was waiting all last nite for a call when it was in my inbox all along
16:36<npmr>Xel, calling is only a last resort fraud check
16:36<npmr>if they can verify you without calling they will
16:36<Battousai>they called me thrice
16:37<Battousai>but only because they wanted to hear my voice
16:37<blake>thats becuz ur known for cc fraud
16:37<Xel>npmr, ahh. Know the typical turnaround?
16:37<npmr>it's really only if they need you to explain something about your info
16:37<blake>Xel: mine was up in like 10 minutes
16:37<Xel>k cool.
16:37<blake>i just got my linode last night
16:37<blake>love it
16:38<npmr>i called mikegrb once and we talked dirty about voip
16:38<Battousai>he has a fetish
16:38<npmr>it was a totally free call
16:39|-|adamg [~misthos@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:39<@caker>Xel: all set
16:39<Xel>caker, ohh awsome. Thanks.
16:39<blake>see how fast they are? :)
16:41<Xel>caker, will I get an email with initial setup info?
16:41<blake>its the pw you used to signup
16:41<blake>just login to
16:41<blake>and all the ip's etc are there
16:46<blake>what am i doing wrong
16:47<blake>oh nvm
16:47<blake>i figured it out
16:48|-|jlr [] has quit [Quit: User disconnected]
17:00<blake>i filed a support ticket to drop my second ip
17:00<blake>ticket num 20355
17:09|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
17:11|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
17:21|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
17:29|-|Eman [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Guest141))]
17:29|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
17:44|-|Spads [~crack@] has joined #linode
17:47<taupehat>I just got the best happy birthday present ever:
17:48|-|Eman [] has quit [Quit: A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0157:BF7FF831 in VXD VMM(01) + 00010E36. The current application will be terminated.]
17:48|-|Xel [~mdkaufman@] has quit [Quit: .]
17:55<Battousai>happy birfday taupehat!
17:57<Battousai>so you're what, 13 now?
17:57[~]Battousai runs
17:58<blake> :-P\
17:59|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:18|-|spr [] has joined #linode
18:52|-|webbles [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
18:54<webbles>hey, anybody know how to speed up dropbear? When I try to log on it takes ~1 minute before I can type my password and then ~1 minute to finally login. I just have the basic debian dropbear
18:54|-|Spads [~crack@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:55<blake>webbles: this isnt debian support
18:55<blake>try #debian
18:55<webbles>I know
18:57|-|Spads [~crack@] has joined #linode
19:31|-|IntuiWorx [] has joined #linode
19:40<cinix>weasel, do you see anything in the system logs? what's your CPU usage like? I don't think dropbear would take a long time doing anything, must be waiting on something like pam
19:40<cinix>weasel, sorry, I meant webbels
19:42<cinix>Must be this heat, time to turn on the A/C. ugh I didn't spell their name right again, webbles, read up that message was supposed to be to you if your still around
19:45<@mikegrb>webbles: which linode?
19:45<webbles>cinix, cpu is really low (average load average is .05)
19:45<blake>my avg load is .01
19:45<blake>beat that
19:46<cinix>webbles, heh I'm just another linode user, so the linode #'s mean nothing to me. I use dropbear on a couple embedded systems, never on a server
19:46[~]gpd beats blake
19:46<webbles>cinix, mikegrb asked which linode
19:47<webbles>as for the logs, don't see anything strange
19:47<cinix>ah. dropbear -F will leave it outputting on the console, that might lead to some more leads
19:47<cinix>have to /etc/init.d/dropbear stop first (guessing on the init script name)
19:49|-|Xel [] has joined #linode
19:54<webbles>cinix, I did -F and -E (log to stderr) and nothing strange is happening. It shows "Jun 15 20:51:09 Child connection" and then "Jun 15 20:53:09 password auth succeeded"
19:55<blake>webmin is free, right?
19:56<blake>i think i will use that
19:56<blake>cuz im newbie
19:56<cinix>2 minutes to login, that sure does bite.
19:57<Xel>webmin is a memory hog last i checked
19:57<webbles>though, sometimes it does goes pretty fast, but that is pretty rare
19:58<gpd>try s/webmin/
19:58|-|internat [] has joined #linode
19:59<Xel>Honestly, when you are trying to save resources a la a linode, learn to do it via commandline
20:00<gpd>yes - general opinion is that webmin blows goats
20:01<internat>lol yeah thats for sure, gui stuff is painful
20:01<internat>id be interested to know if anyone runs x on the nd3e
20:02<cinix>webbles, maybe you hit some limits on your linode and your being throttled which is slowing down your login. maybe try to login via the virtual console, not sure what else to call it, but the hostname is in your linode config. then you could see if it's slow logging in there, which would rule out dropbear
20:02<cinix>what's nd3e?
20:03<@mikegrb>plus the occasional remote code execution as root exploiut
20:03<@mikegrb>not the kind of software you want to run if you mind other people using your box
20:03<webbles>yeah, I thought that, though with opensshd, don't have a problem. Also have checked my io_rate and it is fine. I think I'll probably just switch back to openssh, thanks though
20:04<blake>thats webmin
20:04<blake>but it wont work, see
20:04<blake>Error - Bad Request
20:04<blake>This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://li2-73:10000/ instead.
20:04<@mikegrb>did you try reading what it says?
20:04<@mikegrb>you don't want to have webmin running anyway
20:04<blake>i did https://
20:04<blake>and no it says
20:04<blake>Error - Access denied for
20:04<blake>how do i allow my ip?
20:04<internat>u have ip filters on
20:05<@mikegrb>did you try reading the docs?
20:05<@mikegrb>internat: *bzzzt* wrong
20:05<blake>fuck that
20:05<internat>twaqs a guess
20:05<blake>i just did apt-get install webmin
20:05<blake>webmin is good, right?
20:05<blake>for easily managing a server
20:05<Battousai>if you like to get pwned
20:06<blake>how do i allow it?!
20:06<internat>blake, out of corisoty, have u ever used linux before having a linode? by used linux i mean as a server admin, not a user
20:06<blake>no, sorry
20:06<@mikegrb>internat: "u"?
20:06<blake>i'm having fun with it though. :)
20:07<internat>when did we become caring about the differences of u and you?
20:07<@mikegrb>internat: if you don't think what you have to say is important enough for you to take the time to write it, why would you think it is important enough for us to take the time to read it and try to figure out what all your abbreviations mean?
20:07<blake>how do i allow it from my ip?
20:07<@mikegrb>blake: If you dono't want anyone and everyone to be able to run anything they want on your Linode, I would suggest not allowing any ips
20:10|-|webbles [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]]
20:16<gpd>mikegrb: dono't ? ips - do you mean Internet Protocols plural? /me runs
20:17<gpd>!acronym ips
20:17<@mikegrb>no. ip addresses
20:17<linbot>gpd: No definitions found.
20:17<@mikegrb>since he was asking about ip addresses
20:17<gpd>Internet Protocol Addresses?
20:18<gpd>Clearly you are not tollerant of abbreviations atm (at the moment)
20:18<@mikegrb>clearly everyone in here knows wtf an ip address is
20:18<@mikegrb>if not, they have no business being in here
20:18<gpd>well everyone knows what u is... although i agree a 2 letter saving is a bit weak
20:18<@mikegrb>there is a difference between saying ip and consistently saying "u" "cuz" etc
20:19<@mikegrb>it means internat doesn't think what he says is worth us taking the time to read
20:23<internat>no it means that i think the content is overly more important that the way its said. and that id rather spend more time writing the important parts then minor details such as that
20:23<internat>that = than
20:23<blake>anything like webmin, cpanel, or plesk that is free and secure?
20:23<blake>i cant get webmin to work
20:23<blake>it has an error
20:25<Battousai>cpanel and plesk aren't what you think they are
20:25<blake>what do you mean?
20:25<blake>i have used them before
20:25<blake>i need something like that to do reselling on my linode
20:25<Battousai>they don't really just plug in though
20:25<blake>cPanel does
20:26<Battousai>there's vhcs2, which is functionally similar and open-source, but requires a lot of administration to get running
20:26<blake>does everything for you
20:26<blake>dream come true = cPanel on a FreeBSD linode
20:26<@mikegrb>cPanel is kind of like it's own distribution
20:26<@mikegrb>it takes over the entire system
20:27<@mikegrb>most of those sorts of programs do
20:27<blake>i dont mind
20:27<Battousai>whereas webmin oversees what's already happening
20:27<blake>it's easy :)
20:28<Battousai>if you want free, you won't be able to get it going
20:28<blake>but mikegrb said if its not 100% legit he's pulling my linode
20:28<Battousai>vhcs2 installation is far, FAR from trivial
20:29<internat>virtualmin kinda does the virtual hosting, but its a plugin to webmin if i remember properly
20:29<blake>it looks cool
20:29<blake>you think i could get it running?
20:30<blake>you think i could get vhcs setup?
20:32|-|schultmk [] has joined #linode
20:32|-|schultmk changed nick to schultmc_
20:35|-|schultmc_ [] has quit [Quit: ]
20:36|-|nuclearirc4life [] has joined #linode
20:40<@caker>Calculating world dependencies... done!
20:40<@caker>[blocks B ] sys-apps/pam-login (is blocking sys-apps/shadow-4.0.15-r2)
20:40[~]caker needs emerge help
20:40<Battousai>emerge -C shadow
20:41<@caker>scweet, thanks
20:41<Battousai>shadow login replaces it
20:41<Battousai>don't log out before installing shadow though
20:42<@caker>Battousai: any recommendations for modifying the gentoo template while I'm at it?
20:42<@caker>...besides bringing it up to date
20:42<Battousai>not really, i dont use gentoo on my linode
20:43<@caker>what's the hard and deep syntax or whatever it's called for an emerge update?
20:43<Battousai>emerge -uD
20:43<@caker>emerge --update --deep world <-- best method for doing essentially a dist-upgrade?
20:43<@mikegrb>Battousai: caker wants it hard and deep
20:43[~]mikegrb runs
20:44<@caker>ok, groovy
20:44<Battousai>add -av and it'll show you the dep order and USE flags, then prompt to continue
20:46<gpd>17:58 gpd> try s/webmin/
20:48<gpd>^ blake ispconfig = an alternative to webmin | plesk | cpanel
20:58<blake>it's all shit
20:58<blake>i like cpanel
20:58<blake>no work
21:00<internat>i would imagine that you would like cpanel cause you were the user, not the admin. There is always going to be work in setting packages up.. and getting cpanel to work properly etc. I think you will find that the case with all hosting/reseller managing software
21:01<blake>i suppose :-\
21:02<internat>out of corisoty what Distrubution did u choose?
21:03<blake>debian 3.1
21:03<internat>okies :)
21:03<blake>that good?
21:03<internat>package management is good :)
21:04<internat>i use debian on my node
21:04|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
21:06<blake>this must be a joke
21:07<blake>thats the livechat support for
21:07<npmr>gpd, did anyone answer your apt question from the other night?
21:07<blake>wont host with them :-\
21:09<nuclearirc4life>they suck
21:09|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:11<blake>who is nuclearirc4life :)
21:11<nuclearirc4life>your bro man
21:11<npmr>ha ha
21:12<blake>he got in
21:12<blake>someone hacked it
21:12<blake>who was it
21:12|-|nuclearirc4life [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:12|-|blake [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:12|-|blake [] has joined #linode
21:12<blake>who did i?
21:12|-|tseng [] has joined #linode
21:12<blake>who did it*
21:12<Battousai>you got your linode pwned already?
21:12<npmr>that was AWESOME
21:13<blake>how did you get in so i can secure it
21:13<blake>not cool at all
21:13<tseng>try not running a bnc
21:14<blake>did you root the box?
21:14<blake>or just get the bnc pw?
21:14<blake>now i had to shut it down
21:15<Battousai>for your sake i hope the attacker doesnt have your lish password
21:15<blake>i doubt it, how could they?
21:15[~]tseng shrugs
21:15<@mikegrb>how could they use irc from your linode?
21:15<blake>i had a bnc
21:16<blake>i thnk they guessed the pw
21:16<blake>or something
21:16<blake>it was dipset
21:16<@mikegrb>do you know for sure they were using your bnc?
21:16<@mikegrb>they could have been connected locally
21:16<blake>well i think it was
21:16<blake>ya i know
21:16<Battousai>did you seriously just say your password on irc?
21:16<@mikegrb>Battousai: he wouldn't be that stupid
21:16<blake>ya i did
21:16<@mikegrb>Battousai: it's probably not the right one
21:17<blake>cuz it was the pw for the bnc and nothing else
21:17<blake>but the bnc i will have to get rid of
21:17<blake>mikegrb: was it either you or xcaker messing with me?
21:17<@mikegrb>this is a business
21:17<blake>who was it then?
21:17<@mikegrb>we don't do stuff like that
21:18<blake>i'm upset.
21:18<blake>i hope it was just the bnc password guessed
21:18<blake>but i dont see how
21:18<tseng>you sure that they only got the bnc password?
21:18<blake>no idea
21:18<tseng>maybe they have a shell
21:18<blake>well i shutdown the box for now
21:18<blake>until i figure it out
21:18<tseng>will you rebuild it?
21:18<blake>they couldnt have my lish pw, could they?
21:18<blake>to boot it back up?
21:19<tseng>you cant boot from lish if it is down
21:19<tseng>but they could have a rootkit
21:19<blake>well lish pw is also for
21:19<blake>ya i will just get a new os now, not try to scan for rootkit
21:19<blake>safest way
21:19<blake>but same thing will happen again
21:19<blake>unless i figure out what they did
21:19<tseng>maybe not if you dont use bnc
21:20<blake>well was it a vuln in bnc?
21:20<blake>or what?
21:20<Battousai>aren't you even gonna check logs?
21:20<blake>where are the logs?
21:20<blake>lemme know where to look
21:20<tseng>run 'dmesg'
21:20<blake>actually i will login with lish
21:20<blake>and kill eth0
21:20<blake>safest way, right?
21:20<blake>until i know what happened
21:23<blake>login as: blake
21:23<blake>'s password:
21:23<blake>[blake@host44 lish] Thu Jun 15 22:23:10 EDT 2006
21:23<blake>[blake@host44 lish] Linode Shell (lish) Console starting...
21:23<blake>[blake@host44 lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching blake.
21:23<blake>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
21:23<blake>[blake@host44 lish]#
21:23<blake>he's already on using lish?!
21:23<blake>because it is booted up
21:23<internat>no u said u shut it down
21:23<internat>it takes a few seconds from when u click boot to when it boots
21:23<internat>look at ur job queue
21:24<blake>no its up
21:24<blake>[blake@host44 lish]# status
21:24<blake>[blake@host44 lish]#
21:24<Battousai>did you issue a reboot by mistake?
21:25<blake>its going up now
21:25<blake>i think
21:25<@mikegrb>blake: there is only one connection to lish from
21:25<@mikegrb>blake: you shut it down but it is running now?
21:25<@mikegrb>blake: what jobs are in your queue
21:25<blake>its up now
21:25<blake>its ok
21:25<@mikegrb>did you issue a reboot instead of a shutdown?
21:25<blake>ya i must have
21:25<@mikegrb>did you boot it?
21:25<blake>cuz its up now
21:26<@mikegrb>look at the job queue tab on the website
21:26<blake>i di dmesg
21:26<blake>nothing of interest
21:26<@mikegrb> 2006-06-15 22:21:42 <-- last login to the website for your account
21:26<blake>thats not my ip
21:26<blake>is my ip
21:26<tseng>24 isnt an ip
21:27<tseng>and your firewall or cable model nats your internal ips to the internet
21:27<blake>so soeone has my login to!
21:27<blake>not just a shell or access to the bnc?
21:27<blake>mikegrb: that can't be correct
21:27<blake>i'm on it now.
21:27<tseng>did you understand a word i just said?
21:27<@mikegrb>was the password the same as for inside your linode?
21:28<blake>no mikegrb
21:28<blake>not the same
21:28<@mikegrb>or did you have the password stored on your Linode?
21:28<blake>no i didn't
21:28<@mikegrb>are they stored on your desktop?
21:28<blake>only on a text file on my pc
21:28<@mikegrb>what os does your desktop run?
21:28<blake>win xp
21:28<blake>i ran netstat
21:28<blake>nobody on it
21:28<blake>and i have a firewall and all patches
21:28<Battousai>thats not much help when you get pwned
21:29<blake>mikegrb: did someone login to with that ip?
21:29<@mikegrb> 2006-06-15 22:21:55 <-- this one is you, right?
21:29<blake> is me
21:29<@mikegrb>I'd suggest reinstalling your Linode
21:29<@mikegrb>and your desktop
21:29<blake>somebody else logged in though?
21:29<@mikegrb>and changing all your passwords
21:29<@mikegrb>from that other ip
21:30<blake>at what time
21:31<@mikegrb>I pasted it
21:31<@mikegrb>[21:26] <@mikegrb> 2006-06-15 22:21:42 <-- last login to the website for your account
21:31<blake>i logged in to the site after that
21:31<@mikegrb>when I pulled up your account though, that was the most recent
21:32<blake>and they just attempted or succesfully logged in?
21:32<@mikegrb>refreshing I saw your other one
21:32<@mikegrb>that was successful
21:32<blake>the pw is nowhere but on my pc
21:32<blake>let me check my firewall log on pc
21:33<blake>see if someone got on
21:33[~]caker stabs commiecast
21:33<blake>caker: any way they couldhave gotten it some other way?
21:34<tseng>caker: man
21:34<tseng>caker: my comcast has died 3 times this month
21:34<blake>if you're not 100% sure they got on my home computer i don't want to reformat
21:35<@mikegrb>blake: anyway, you're going to have to change your website password and reinstall at a minimun but you should probably reinstall your desktop
21:35<blake>are you 100% sure?
21:35<@mikegrb>well, they logged in once, successfully
21:35<blake>ya i will reinstall my linode
21:35<blake>why would they login to though?
21:35<@mikegrb>they didn't guess it with unsuccessfull attempts
21:35<@mikegrb>I don't know
21:35<@mikegrb>the logs from this channel are on the web
21:35<blake>that's pointless.
21:35<@mikegrb>google picks them up
21:35<@mikegrb>it sounds like they issued a boot
21:36<@mikegrb>you were telling people to hack your linode
21:36<@mikegrb>some one googling for hacking probably found the irc logs
21:36<blake>i said it couldn't be.
21:36<blake>very funny
21:36<blake>i doubt that
21:36<blake>well i have learned my lesson
21:36<blake>i know either you or caker was playing around
21:37<blake>how can i view logs?
21:37<blake>of what the person did?
21:37<internat>is that a new record for how quick a new linode has been hacked?
21:37<@mikegrb>Inside your linode?
21:37<@mikegrb>there are logs in /var/logs
21:38<blake>no such directory
21:38<blake>they got rid of it
21:38<@mikegrb>and each user's home directory has a file named .bash_history
21:38<blake>there is no /var/logs
21:38<Battousai>just /var/log
21:38<Battousai>no s
21:39<@mikegrb>but yeah, they could be modified
21:39<blake>nothing in .bash_history
21:39<@mikegrb>you can't really trust anying in the logs
21:39<blake>except what i did
21:39<blake>ya i bet
21:39<@mikegrb>or on the system
21:39<blake>well mikegrb: i can deal with compromised linode
21:39<blake>but if my home pc
21:39<blake>i do banking from it
21:39<Battousai>if the attacker was smart, the logs had already been cleaned by the time he entered the channel
21:39<@mikegrb>need to back up your data
21:40<@mikegrb>reinstall and change all of your passwords online
21:40<@mikegrb>banking, linode, etc
21:40<blake>i have all win32 patches
21:40<blake>any way u can change the pw for me?
21:40<Battousai>right, there's probably a good chance your desktop was the point of entry
21:40<blake>and when u see me come on irc from my ip
21:40<@mikegrb>yeah, but you do know how much time goes between a vulnerability being announced and a patch actually being published
21:40<blake>u can give it to me
21:40<blake>well i have a firewall too
21:41<@mikegrb>blake: I'll just change it to the last 6 digitis of the cc number you used
21:41<@mikegrb>blake: do you still have the card?
21:41<Battousai>firewalls are subject to code injection too
21:41<blake>that will do mike, yes i do
21:42<blake>is there any other way they could have done it?
21:42<@mikegrb>not that I can think of
21:42<blake>reformatting is such a pain
21:42<@mikegrb>on the bright side your computer will be 700 times faster
21:42<blake>i reformatted 2 dyas ago
21:42<Battousai>2 days?
21:42<blake>microsoft is going to give me hell for reformatting again
21:43<@mikegrb>well :<
21:44<@mikegrb>remember to download the patches for windows and burn them to a cd first
21:44<@mikegrb>then unplug the desktop from the network when you reinstall until you get the patches installed
21:44<blake>ya i know
21:45<blake>that 2 minutes can kill you
21:45<@mikegrb>what do they say the average is for a windows computer to get owned after install is?
21:45<@mikegrb>yeah, something like that
21:45<Battousai>it's like 3 hours or some nonsense
21:45<blake>windows server 2003 blocks all traffic until you run windows update
21:45<blake>xp should do the same
21:45<Battousai>i cant block ALL traffic
21:45|-|opello [~opello@] has joined #linode
21:45<Battousai>because windows update is traffic
21:46<blake>well you know what i mean
21:46<@mikegrb>Battousai: last article I saw was in the minutes
21:47<Battousai>robots don't say ye
21:48<blake>is it possible someone on the same host as me just used my ip
21:48<blake>to get on irc
21:48<Battousai>probably not
21:49<Battousai>without arp poisoning
21:49<@mikegrb>not even with arp poisoning
21:49<@mikegrb>linodes can only arp for their ips
21:49<@mikegrb>and send/receive traffic for their ips
21:49<blake>i just cant believe someone got on my home pc
21:54<blake>mikegrb: make sure to shut my linode down for me too please
21:55<blake>i'm off to reformat
21:55|-|blake [] has quit [Quit: ]
21:57<eFUDd>I really think he is trolling.
21:57<Xel>mikegrb/caker: Do either of you have a 'favorite' ssh daemon that you would use over OpenSSH to save on system resources (Linode 80 = not a lot of ram for ssh daemon spawns)
21:58<Xel>I tried dropbear but it seems to have some issues.
21:58<@caker>Xel: not off hand, and it's usually mysql/apache that have ram hungry configs out of the box
21:58<Xel>Well yea, but with 80mb of ram, I want to slim down everything
21:58<Xel>sshd has a vsz of 8mb
21:59<Xel>err not 8mb
21:59<Xel>It's a lot :P
22:00|-|womble [~mpalmer@] has joined #linode
22:07|-|blake [] has joined #linode
22:07<blake>if they wanted to own me they would not have make themselves know
22:07<blake>i bet they dit get on my home pc
22:13<eFUDd> <- Great Flash.
22:20<opello> :)
22:20<opello>great video
22:45<@mikegrb>opello: :>
22:46<opello>mikegrb: have to share it everywhere!
22:56|-|Xel [] has quit [Quit: .]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<blake>i have to use windows.
22:59<blake>hopefully a router will help
22:59<blake>i had this pc as dmz
22:59<blake>if i disable that i should be ok, riht?
23:00<gpd>opello: laugh out loud
23:01|-|IntuiWorx [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:01<gpd>linbot: are you a very nice girl?
23:02|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
23:03<linbot>I'm the kind you don't take home to mother.
23:03|-|internat [] has joined #linode
23:07<blake>linbot: did you hack me?
23:07<blake>linbot: are you a very nice girl?
23:08<gpd>linbot: continue in private msg ;) <3
23:09<internat>yep cause linbot is awsome at hacking people
23:09|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
23:13<gpd>poll: least worst webmail? ilohamail|squirrelmail|imp|roundcube|sqwebmail|twig
23:14<TheFirst>i like me some imp
23:14<@caker>sprint phone as USB modem for desktop++
23:14<@caker>comcast being quirky this past week--
23:15<internat>i like imp mysel
23:17<Battousai>comcast sucks
23:17<gpd>imp was nice but the new horde is rather large
23:17<Battousai>and i agree, imp is the least horrible of those
23:17<gpd>which version are you fellas using?
23:18<gpd>npmr: no - i ended up doing ar package.deb and copying by hand
23:19<gpd>ilohamail is FAST - but that is about all i can say about it
---Logclosed Fri Jun 16 00:00:02 2006