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02:47<linbot>New news from forums: Does this email suggest a vulnerability in my mail server? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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08:23<npmr>gpd, apt-get install --reinstall
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09:20<npmr>you know, i thought about telling him that the easiest way to get into his linode would have been through his home pc
09:20<npmr>i guess he figured it out
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09:30<gpd>thanks npmr
09:31<gpd>haven't used that option for a while but remember dismissing it as not touching files that already existed - suppose you can just delete the ones you want to replace
09:52<Dream_3>how is xen coming?
09:58<gpd>last i heard it was still in beta with no way of controlling i/o thrashers - caker may have an update however
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13:28<Xel>caker, mikegrb: If I am interested in bumping my linode up to the next highest one, how do I go about doing that? Do I just open a support ticket?
13:29<gpd>that is certainly a good place to start
13:29<Xel>Didn't know if that was the right way to go about it.
13:29<gpd>yes - that is the first step
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13:54<Dream_3>caker: ping
13:54<Dream_3>mikegrb: ping
13:54<Dream_3>any plans to provide NAS storage for linode backups?
13:58<npmr>network attached storage storage
13:59<gpd>= a room
14:02<gpd>there was supposed to be a mysterious 'announcement' from caker ... ?
14:03<npmr>is today the day?
14:04<gpd>not sure - any ideas what it is?
14:04[~]gpd suspects new DNS tool
14:04<npmr>(xen) (xen)
14:05<gpd>xen with no thrasher limiter? scary
14:07<gpd>12:45 <@caker> check back in a few days
14:08<npmr>i don't know what the status really is with xen
14:08<gpd>if (few eq 3) and (caker = stickler) then we have 47 minutes ;)
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14:59<anderiv>ugh...why do ISPs always have to screw stuff up?
15:05<anderiv>...Time Warner had to move their POP in our building last night...they brought everything down at 1AM and were supposed to be finished by 4. They went late. I left work at 5:30.
15:05<anderiv> to see a fiber optic fusion splicer in action, though, which was very cool.
15:11<anderiv>should be cool, though, for $20k
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15:19<Karnaugh>what building? ::P
15:23<anderiv>oh - just the small office building where I work. They only have two customers in the building...
15:24<anderiv>...which is crazy cause they have 24 runs of single-mode fiber coming into our building. At least they shouldn't run into capacity issues on our node for a while :-)
15:26<Karnaugh>that makes me sad
15:27<Karnaugh>South Africa really needs to get a clue and start running fibre quickly, but thanks to the retarded government legislatiion prevents it
15:27<anderiv>ooh - that sucks
15:28<anderiv>both our data and phone drops come in on fiber...frac DS3 for data (10Mbit FD) and a T-1 PRI for phone.
15:29<anderiv>Karnaugh: you spelled "fiber" wrong, BTW ;-)
15:31<gpd>anderiv: other countries exist other than USA - fibre is variant of fiber
15:31<anderiv>gpd: I know. It was a joke...notice the winking emoticon?
15:31<gpd>ok - forgiven :)
15:32<anderiv>sorry if my humor wasn't obvious enough....
15:34<Karnaugh>fiber is what kellogs provide
15:34<gpd>you mean Kellogg's /me runs
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17:07<Dream_3>are Xen images different than UMl ones?
17:08<npmr>disk images?
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17:25<gpd>moral puzzler: do I setup my girlfriend's mail to be on my linode... or do I persuade her to continue using yahoo
17:25<gpd>she wants the benefit of imap sent mail folders...
17:26<tseng>maintaining someone elses email on your server is a pita
17:26<tseng>if it goes down for a minute
17:26<tseng>they go ape
17:26<eFUDd>I moved one of my domains to google's "hosted" beta service :)
17:26<tseng>don't keep someone from their pointless meial
17:26<eFUDd>== free, easy, good uptime, gmail interface.
17:26<eFUDd>no pain for me!
17:27<eFUDd> Click here to send an email to the NRC Duty Officer. We do not accept reports that are emailed to the NRC.
17:27<eFUDd>(National Response Center for Chemical Spills and such...)
17:27<gpd>does google offer imap these days? i seem to remember they do... ?
17:28<Eman>google does pop3
17:30<gpd>eFUDd: how does the DNS work on that Hosted gmail stuff?
17:30<eFUDd>I point my MX at their servers.
17:30<gpd>do you hand over your domain to them entirely - or just the mx ?
17:30<eFUDd>was for a domain I didn't use fer email.
17:34<gpd>how many addresses - or does it all go to one gmail account?
17:34<eFUDd>i think beta limits one to 5 or so...
17:34<eFUDd>at some point, it'll cost a little money for the users i think. unsure.
17:35<gpd>is there a way to do sent folder syncing using pop3?
17:35<gpd>i suppose you can CC yourself - or another account
17:35<eFUDd>Account plan
17:35<eFUDd>Up to 25 users for free
17:35<gpd>she could then setup a filter in the yahoo system to move that mail to a sent folder
17:36<eFUDd>lesse, can change colors, logo, enable/disable chat, set a default timezone, and catchall addresses.
17:36<eFUDd>can import users via csv...
17:37<gpd>i'm not seeing how that differs from just using the godaddy email forwarding
17:37<gpd>[for this particular case]
17:38<eFUDd>gmail _hosts_ it for me.
17:38<eFUDd>I don't have to do shite for those users.
17:38<gpd>yes, but i could just forward to a gmail account on that domain
17:38<eFUDd>Sure, I guess.
17:45<eFUDd> <- damn that is cool. :)
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18:38<gpd>bah - now I can't seem to get to put sent mail into a folder on another account :(
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18:51<Karnaugh>so uhm, has caker given any news yet?
18:52<gpd>!seen caker
18:52<linbot>gpd: caker was last seen in #linode 19 hours, 38 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <caker> comcast being quirky this past week--
18:54<streamcipher256>fyi - at HE tried to crawl a bunch of awstats URLs on my linode
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18:57<gpd>mtr suggests that ip is behind
18:57<gpd> 9.
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19:16[~]gpd evicerates Thunderbird for not supporting direct vCard import
19:18<streamcipher>thanks for the reminder, i need to install the latest thunderbird
19:19<gpd> ?
19:21[~]gpd descends into 'everything is crap' mode
19:24<gpd>complete email and addressbook portability remails elusive
19:25<gpd>i may have to give in and use gmail
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22:01<gpd>hmm... trying to do rdiff-backup - but get SpecialFileError Socket error: AF_UNIX path too long on /var/spool/postfix/var/run/courier/authdaemon/socket
22:02<gpd>despite putting - /var/spool in my config file ?
22:02<gpd>maybe because that directory is bind mounted
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22:21<Xel>heya mikegrb
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