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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-06-17

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00:16[~]Eman quits to fix ident crap...
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00:20<Eman>i hate using bitchx but some asshat keeps attacking me when i connect from home
00:28<Xel>So set up a BNC
00:28<blake>Xel: got what he deserves :)
00:28<Battousai>use ipv6
00:28[~]Eman beats the shit out of blake
00:28<blake>haha dude
00:29<Eman>you pull that shit again, and i'll find where you live and kill you
00:29<blake>retaliation for rooting my box
00:29<blake>know it was u
00:29<Xel>Ok seriously, are you guys 12?
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00:29<Eman>wtf? i havent touched your box, moron
00:29<rko_>did host53 crash?
00:29<Xel>rko, the admins are afk.
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00:30<blake>lol Eman
00:30<blake>you got on it last night
00:30<Eman>i have far better things to do then root peoples machines
00:30<blake>and cam on #linode
00:30<Battousai>if it did, file a ticket
00:30<blake>Xel: how do you like your linode?
00:31<Xel>It's nice.
00:31<blake>what are you running?
00:31<Xel>mikegrb , you are there!
00:31<Xel>Nothing yet.
00:31<Battousai>it's a script
00:31<Xel>I'm going to put a ventrillo server up.
00:31<Xel>Battousai , ohh one of those autoresponders
00:31<Battousai>like this...
00:31<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:31<Battousai>mmm cake
00:31<Xel>I wasnt watching the channel, so I didnt see the immediate response
00:31<Battousai>kinda an inside joke ;)
00:32<Xel>Why do they let kiddies idle in their business channel?
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00:32<blake>thats wasnt him
00:32<blake>its a script
00:32<Eman>kiddie? no, im a long time linode customer
00:32<Battousai>how long?
00:32<Eman>since jan 05
00:33<blake>Xel: you're the kiddie
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00:34<Xel>I'm still hammering out the kinks in my iptables config.
00:34<rko_>thanks caker
00:34<Battousai>remember, -P DROP goes last ;)
00:34<Xel>I have it first :P
00:34<Xel>It's a shell script
00:35<Xel>So it doesn't matter.
00:35<Xel>I'm not doing it line by line in the shell
00:35<Xel>I need to add some lines for icmp's and such
00:36<Xel>Battousai , I found figlet!
00:36<Xel>I'm creating a banner with it for my box.
00:36<Battousai>heh, figlet
00:36<Xel>You remember figlet don't you?
00:37<Battousai>of course
00:39<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host53 in System and Network Status <>
00:39<Xel>blake, are you trying to brag about that stuff?
00:39<blake>they're my eggdrop's
00:39<blake>why wouldn't i be proud of my eggdrops?
00:39<Eman>more like botnet that you've been attacking me with
00:39<Battousai>same reason i wouldn't be proud of my leghairs
00:40<Xel>blake, bragging about violating usage policy in the channel run by the people whose policy you are breaking is probably a bad idea.
00:41<Xel>Just a thought.
00:42<Eman>[blake(] i bet i can use up 5 gigs of your bandwidth before 3 am
00:42<Xel>Battousai , have much experience with using iptables to drop excessive icmp's?
00:42[~]Eman ponders
00:42<blake>haha, i didnt break tos
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00:42<blake>a) they're eggdrop
00:42<blake>b) they're not on my linode
00:42<Battousai>Xel: here's my rule
00:42<blake>c) they cant attack
00:42<Battousai>iptables -A INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -m limit --limit 1/s --limit-burst 1 -j ACCEPT
00:43<Xel>Is that 1 icmp a second from each host?
00:43<Xel>Or 1 from ANY host?
00:43<Xel>(my iptables knowledge isn't expert level yet)
00:44[~]Battousai shrugs
00:44<Battousai>probably from all
00:44<Battousai>uses token bucket
00:44<Xel>What's that?
00:45<Battousai>there's some number of tokens in the hypothetical bucket
00:46<Battousai>say, one packet is one token
00:46<Battousai>that will ensure that in one second, there is automatically one token in the bucket at start
00:46<Battousai>once that is used it, packets can't get another token to pass
00:46<Xel>Ok cool
00:47<Xel>Thanks, I'm using that now
00:47<Xel>Added it to my script.
00:47<Xel>Just want to avoid ping -f people.
00:47<Battousai>that will do the trick
00:47<fake>host53 needs some bandaids ;/
00:48<Xel>I sent in a ticket to get my linode upgraded to a 120 earlier today
00:48<Xel>Can't wait for the extra ram.
00:48<Xel>2876 free according to 'free'
00:48<Xel>And no web server yet either
00:49<Xel>blake, didn't I ask you not to do that the other day?
00:49<Battousai>you'll wanna use the +/- buffers measurement
00:50<Xel>Battousai, I know that (generally), but I can't remember why.
00:50<Xel>Was it because of shared libs and such?
00:50<Battousai>generally, cache can more readily be swapped out
00:50<fake>wow i'm getting flooded
00:50<Battousai>and often doesnt get freed right away too, obviously
00:51<Xel>Are you really that big of a moron dude?
00:51<Xel>Not you Battousai, heh.
00:51<Battousai>well, sometimes ;)
00:51<Xel>Do you think that a botnet of 25 bots can do ANYTHING?
00:51<blake>who you talking to?
00:52<blake>wtf dude i dont got bots
00:52<Xel>You know what, you're getting a public ignore
00:52<blake>im not kiddie
00:52<blake>leave me alone
00:52<blake>u gotta stop talking shit
00:53<fake>man i haven't been flooded on IRC for years .. nice
00:53<Xel>I got a msgflood, it was cute.
00:54<Xel>BitchX can ignore that easilly.
00:54<Xel>But hmm
00:54<Xel>The stupid unignore doesn't work, heh
00:54<blake>why u telling me? i didnt do it
00:54<blake>stop blaming me
00:54<fake>persecution complex
00:54<fake>also you versioned me right before it happened
00:54<Xel>fake, what client are you using?
00:55<Eman>oh look, hes attacking me now
00:55<Xel>I used to know the mirc command to ignore all privmsg's
00:55<Xel>hmm check the doc for it.
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00:55<Battousai>i believe it's /quit ;)
00:55<blake>ya use /quit
00:55<blake>and stop harassing me
00:55<fake>oh boy more msg's.
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00:55[~]Eman appends his abuse ticket
00:56<fake>later guys .. enjoy the 12 year old script kiddie
00:56<blake>im sick of getting blamed just because im new to linux
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00:59<Eman>first you claim to have bots, then you attack people with them. after claming that they dont have the ability to attack people
00:59<blake>i have bots
00:59<blake>but they're eggdro
00:59<blake>and i only have like 4 of them
00:59<blake>for my chan on efnet
00:59<Eman>eggdrops on dsl/cable connections... sure...
01:00<blake>its run from some of y friends machines
01:01<blake>i need 5 incase some go offline
01:01<blake>they're for efnet
01:01<Eman>gee, I wonder why half of them come up with comcast, qwest and road runner
01:02<Eman>how about not.
01:02<Eman>im not joining some channel to have a flamewar with you.
01:05<blake>i dont want flame war
01:05<blake>i thought you were cool helping me out last night dude
01:05<blake>now you're being an asshole
01:05<Eman>i was nice until you attacked me
01:06<Eman>and loaded all your bots up on my ircd
01:06<blake>i didnt...
01:07<Eman>and then accused me of rooting your box
01:07<blake>you did
01:07<blake>you got on it somehow
01:07<blake>and logged into with my password
01:08[~]Eman rofls
01:08<Eman>i have better things to do with my time then root your box
01:09<blake>well someone did
01:09<blake>and you're only one i know in #linode
01:09<Eman>why do you even think it was rooted?
01:10<blake>someone came on this chan with my hostname
01:10<blake>with the nick nuclearirc4life
01:10[~]gpd awaits advertisements during pause in entertainment
01:10<blake>what gpd?
01:11<blake>i just got flooded with a ton of bots in mirc
01:11<blake>i cant even see the name of the channel haha
01:12<blake>all i see is the #
01:12<blake>and only half of it :-\
01:12<blake>you're the one with bots man
01:12<Eman>you are such an ididot
01:13<Eman>blaming me for shit, and YOU claimed to have the bots:
01:17<Eman>gee, did i call your bluff and now you're gonna stfu?
01:28<blake>wtf are you talking about?
01:28<blake>you edited that pastebin
01:29<blake>or something
01:29<Eman>you can edit them, but you cant remove the original, i just posted the link you posted
01:31<blake>ya i know dude
01:31<blake>those are eggdrop
01:32<blake>i thought you had better things to do, apparently not.
01:33<Eman>i do, im working on a website
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01:34<blake>cool, do that then
01:34<blake>arguing with me is never productive
01:34<blake>i always win
01:35<blake>i'm trying to learn php.
01:35<blake>it's not easy.
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02:11<blake>HOLY SHIT
02:11<blake>OMG OGMGOGM
02:11<blake>anyone know iprelay?
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02:47<blake>funny shit
02:57|-|opello [~opello@] has left #linode [*sigh* have fun]
03:06<blake>too funny
03:06<blake>this stuff is HILARIOUS
03:12<blake>omg, it just gets better
03:12<blake>someone read this shit
03:19<blake>"I'm just sick from this entire situation. I can't sleep and I just feel like I just want to die. I have too many financial problems right now and I just can't deal with another one."
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04:17<encode>its not nice to laugh at others misfortunes
04:22<Karnaugh>[0617 06h35.10] < blake> i'm trying to learn php.
04:22<Karnaugh>[0617 06h35.27] < blake> it's not easy.
04:22<Karnaugh>because its a rubish language
04:24<encode>Karnaugh: which language would you advocate instead?
04:25<encode>you're one of those people
04:25<Karnaugh>yes, I'm a *good* programmer
04:25<Xel>I personally thought he was going to say perl
04:25<Xel>Karnaugh, no you aren't.
04:25<Xel>I don't even need to see your ability to program to know it.
04:25<encode>i dislike python's use of whitespace for delimiting blocks
04:25<encode>i quite like perl
04:25<Xel>A good programmer isn't close-minded like that to a language such as PHP.
04:25<Xel>encode , perl is very nice.
04:26<Xel>I wish I knew it better
04:26<encode>and i believe i would like ruby, although i've never tried it
04:26<Karnaugh>Xel: I'm not closed minded, PHP is a crap language
04:26<Karnaugh>perl is an ugly language, but its not crap
04:26<Xel>encode , I have a friend who loves ruby
04:26<encode>i dont think theres a single person that could say they know perl 100%
04:26<encode>even larry wall
04:27<encode>i used to think i knew a lot about perl, before i joined #perl in freenode
04:27<Karnaugh>is that supposed to be a good thing that its almost impossible to become proefficient in it?
04:27<encode>Karnaugh: yes
04:27<Karnaugh>encode: because it scares away the PHP kiddies?
04:27<encode>its possible to be profficient in it easily enough
04:28<encode>but to use the real grunty powerful features of perl
04:28<encode>and to do in one short statement what would take ptyhon/php many statements to do
04:28<encode>requires a lot of learning and understanding
04:28<Karnaugh>please don't group Python and PHP
04:29<encode>which i admit is not necessarily a desireable attribute
04:29<Karnaugh>doing things in short statements is not good if those short statements are unparsable
04:29<Karnaugh>toa human at least
04:29<Karnaugh>thats just poor programming
04:29<encode>i only group python and php in the sense they are the other 'mainstream' scripting languages that are !perl
04:29<Karnaugh>Python is more than a scripting language
04:30<Karnaugh>its a high level interpreted language, like Java etc
04:30<encode>well now if you wish to be pedantic, sure, python is compiled
04:31<Xel>encode, he's just one of those snobs who picks a language and thinks that all others are bad.
04:31<encode>Xel: i wouldnt necessarily say that
04:32<blake>did nobody find those humorous?
04:32<blake>i couldn't stop laughing
04:32<Karnaugh>blake: no
04:32<blake>i use ip relay all the time
04:32<blake>make opr sing rap lyrics
04:32<encode>blake: i found them distressing more than humerous
04:33<encode>distressing to find there are people that are that naive
04:33<blake>well just dont send money to some black bitch living in nigeria you met on yahoo last week
04:33<blake>ya i know, encode
04:33<blake>agreed :)
04:33<blake>but they got what they deserve
04:33<Xel>I'm trying to perfect my firewall
04:33<Xel>I haven't had a box to manage for ages
04:33<Xel>I'm all excited that I've got one now.
04:33<Karnaugh>Xel: I'm just as critical of Django which is a Python framework
04:33<blake>I know, I'm the same.
04:33<blake>Did you use Debian 3.1?
04:34<Xel>Karnaugh, no useful conversation will occur between the two of us, so it is best that we don't try to have one to begin with.
04:34<blake>Uh oh, a little anger?
04:34<Karnaugh>Xel: I'd say that makes you the "snob"
04:34<blake>What's the problem between the two of you?
04:34<Xel>No. I just know how I react to people as close-minded as you.
04:34<Xel>And it isn't pretty.,
04:34<blake>Xel has made quite a few enemies in his short time on #linode
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04:35<blake>give him a ctcp version
04:35<blake>that normalyl gets a reaction out of him
04:36<internat>or we could not
04:36<blake>lol gmorning internat
04:36<internat>did u have fun re-installing ur server and home work station blake ?
04:36<internat>good evening :)
04:36<Karnaugh>[0617 09h36.10] Ignoring ALL from Xel [-replies]
04:36<Karnaugh>have fun
04:36<Xel>... I believe that I told him that I didn't want to talk to him to begi... ohh nevermind.
04:37<Xel>mmm I love debian.
04:37<Xel>We have an unhealthy relationship.
04:38<blake>ya i did the same Karnaugh
04:38<blake>he's not a nice guy to speak with. :-\
04:38<Karnaugh>Seems more like just a common IRC troll who thinks the world revolves around him
04:39<blake>he's not a troll
04:39<blake>customer sadly
04:39<Karnaugh>"blah don't talk to me. *fingers in ears* LALALALALA"
04:39<blake>your linode may go down when he gets ddos :-\
04:39<Karnaugh>because he can't argue a point if he had the book on it in his hands
04:39<blake>i suspect it wont be long before then
04:39<Xel>encode, are you a debian guy too?
04:39<Xel>debian/ubuntu seem to be taking over.
04:39<internat>im a debian guy :) debian is awsome
04:40<blake>a bit random internat
04:40<blake>to exclaim about debian but w/e
04:40<Xel>I love it. Have since '99.
04:40<Xel>The first time I saw the apt/dselect system, I fell in love. Never looked back.
04:40<internat>yeah ive been using debian since about 99/2000
04:41<internat>never used dslect, i just like apt
04:41<Xel>And they have always been really fast on the patching for security issues.
04:41<internat>package management for the win
04:41<Xel>I used dselect way back when. I completely forgot.
04:41<Karnaugh>dselect is ok
04:41<Xel>I just use apt and dpkg now.
04:41<Xel>But it WAS cool.
04:41<Karnaugh>for initial installation stuff it does the job fine
04:42<Xel>One thing that I like from the redhat side (and there are VERY few things) is chkconfig
04:42<internat>apt for the win!
04:42<Xel>chkconfig is a lot nicer than update-rc.d imho
04:43<internat>apt-get moo :D
04:43<blake>thats old internat
04:43<blake>never mention that
04:43<Xel>Man I'm tired.
04:43<blake>everyone knows about it
04:43<internat>not old.. :)
04:43<internat>so, its still good
04:43<blake>its not like its a surprise people dont know about
04:43<blake>its no longer an easter egg
04:44<Karnaugh>you should use the aptitude frontend
04:44<internat>obviously since its been arround for like 5 years
04:44<Karnaugh>so that it resolves dependancies and stuff properly
04:44<internat>and since its open source and anyone can see the code, u cant really have a hidden easter egg
04:44<internat>apt deals with dependancies
04:44<blake>Xel isn't very sociable. :-\
04:46<internat>this isnt really a social hangout tho so..
04:53<blake>it is for many of you
04:53<blake>it's about as close as you get
05:28<internat>no.. no its not
05:30<blake>go someone
05:30<blake>it's hilarious
05:31<blake>lookup the last name sanchez in phone book
05:31<blake>and ip-relay em at 4 am
05:31<blake>with rap lyrics
05:32<internat>yeah or not
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05:32<blake>internat: any idea what im talking about?
05:32<blake>you know what ip-relay is?
05:38<internat>yes i do
05:38<internat>and anyone that does that kinda stuff is just imature
05:38<internat>comeone its a service to help the disabled and people abuse it
05:39<internat>those are the kinda people that are just lame and obviously have no other life but to attempt to find humor at the expence of others
05:42<encode>Xel: im a debian guy that has converted to ubuntu
05:43<Xel>encode , I use ubuntu on the desktop, debian on the server
05:44<encode>Xel: i use ubuntu-server on my servers now
05:44<encode>it did a fantastic job of auto configuring my raid card
05:45<Xel>I haven't had a need to switch. What are some of the bigger differences server-side?
05:45<Xel>I know that desktop-side the video card detection is much better, and the default gnome config is very user-friendly
05:46<encode>i haven't switched per se - just on boxes i've installed recently, ive installed ubuntu server rather than debian
05:46<encode>sane auto configs, recent kernels, better hardware detection
05:47<internat>yeah i use kubuntu on my desktop and debian on my servers
05:47<blake>internat: i enjoy ip-relay
05:47<blake>it's fun to have a female operator call me and have her read me a sex novel
05:48<internat>yeah, that obviously says a lot about u does it\
05:48<blake>yes, it does. :)
05:48<internat>that wasnt a compliment
05:48<blake>i also spoof ani from whitehouse and fbi
05:49<blake>nobody kicked my door in yet
05:49<internat>as i said..
05:51<blake>internat: it's just for fun.
05:51<internat>yep cause abusing a disabiltiy orrientated service is fun
05:51<blake>looking up sanchez in phone book and having relay to get there lazy spic ass on other side of border
05:52<blake>yes, it is
05:52<blake>i cant even park within a mile of anything
05:52<blake>due to disabled
05:52<internat>sucks to be u
05:53<blake>one day maybe they wont get through to 911 when im pranking
05:53<blake>sucks to be them
05:54<internat>yep.. and in that case i hope they use the logs they get to prosecute u
05:55<internat>u seriously must be all of about 10 yrs old if you find that kinda thing amusing.
05:56<blake>internat: you're not very nice.
05:56<internat>sure i am
05:56<blake>are you disabled?
05:56<blake>you must be, the way you have reacted.
05:56<internat>no, i personally am not
05:57<blake>you're close to someone that is?
05:57<internat>no, i just dont find abusing a disabled service funny
06:01<blake>neither do i
06:01<blake>the outcome is what's humorous
06:02<blake>getting threatened by jose sanchez because you have called his home every night for the last two weeks
06:02<blake>at 4 am
06:02<internat>so if u have no problems doing it, why dont u do it from ur home phone number then?
06:02<internat>why abuse a disabled service to please u?
06:02<internat>anywho this is a linode server discussiony type place.. im not going to continue this converstation with u
06:06<blake>because the operator is hilarious
06:06<internat>see above
06:08<blake>not gonna argue with you
06:09<blake>you get your humor where you want, i get mine where i want
06:10<internat>for someone that doesnt wanna argue u seem to like continuing the discussion after i already said im not continuing it
06:21<blake>i gotta stop talking shit on here if i wanna keep my linode
06:22<blake>i will find somewhere else to bother people
06:23<blake>anyone tried beta 2 of win vista?
06:23<blake>should be good, im grabbing iso's now.
06:37<encode>blake: im running it right now
06:38<blake>is it good?
06:38<blake>irssi v0.8.9 - running on Linux i686
06:38<blake>thats not beta 2
06:38<blake>unless ur on your linode
06:38<encode>believe what you will
06:41<blake>haha, im not doubting you
06:41<blake>do you prefer it to windows xp?
06:41<blake>im still on xp because i thought it wasnt stable, but beta 2 should be almost as good as the official release, no?
06:42<encode>i prefer ubuntu
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06:43<blake>hi Kurt
06:43|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
06:44<blake>internat: owned!
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07:01<blake>internat: can't you find somewhere else to troll?
07:08<blake>i got rooted :'(
07:10<Karnaugh>that was quick
07:13<internat>excuse me.. i dont really thing sitting in this channel is considering trolling.
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10:01|-|Hunter changed nick to Huntier
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10:46<streamcipher>speaking of ubuntu...any news about when 6.06 will be ready at linode? (yea, i know about apt-get and upgrading from older versions)
10:50<warewolf>no soup for you!
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13:00<Eman>wow, he kept at it all night
13:36<xptek>Huh? :o
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15:03<Ciaran>Hi. :)
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16:01<Battousai>Eman: ridiculous :/
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17:02<streamcipher>is anyone else unable to reach -- keeps timing out since this afternoon
17:35|-|marcel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:29<gpd>[ahh - peace and quiet...]
18:42<Eman>rather nice aint it
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19:32<streamcipher>is this the same mikegrb that lives here?
19:34<streamcipher>nice :) i think i'll have to give the package a good review
19:39<streamcipher> requires perl 5.8.7 but i'm using 5.8.4 (debian stable)
19:44<warewolf>streamcipher: I doubt it actually requires 5.8.7
19:44<warewolf>streamcipher: just comment out that line in the moduel and I bet it will still function just fine
19:45|-|Xel [] has joined #linode
19:46<Xel>mikegrb, you did an account upgrade on my account this morning which involved a server switch (I appreciate it!), but I do have a question.
19:46<streamcipher>thanks, i'll try that
19:46<@caker>Xel: what's up?
19:46<Xel>The job that is supposed to move my filesystem (roughly 3gb) has been running for over 20 minutes now, and your email said it should take 2-3 minutes per gig.
19:46<Xel>I was moved from host44 to host47 (according to the email)
19:47<Xel>The 20+ minutes is well outside of what I was told it should take, I just want to make sure that nothing is wrong.
19:47[~]caker thinks this is a bug
19:48<@caker>Xel: last migration we did a few days ago did the same thing -- migration finishes, but something hangs at the end
19:49<@caker>root 15817 0.0 0.0 3640 552 ? S 20:23 0:00 grep bytes
19:49<@caker>^-- hanging
19:49<Xel>It's hanging on a grep?
19:49<Xel>That's... odd
19:53<@caker>Xel: it'll say the migration failed in the job queue -- it didn't, however
19:53<Xel>caker, there is a second file (the swap space) now in progress
19:53<Xel>Will it have the same issue do you think?
19:53<@caker>yeah, it already did
19:53<Xel>Stupid grep
19:53<@caker>mind if I take a moment to look at the code before releasing this one?
19:54<Xel>I didn't know that grep could be blocking
19:54<Xel>Go ahead
19:54<Xel>I'm in no hurry, and if it helps you figure this bug out, then I'm all for it.
20:00<@caker>Xel: no joy .. anyway, your migrations are finished
20:01<Xel>Well thanks, sorry I couldn't be the one to help you find the bug :\
20:02<@caker>thanks for letting me know
20:02<gpd>caker: countdown to mysterious announcement?
20:02<@caker>gpd: tonight/tomorrow
20:03<gpd>coolio - DNS thingy ?
20:03[~]caker zips lips
20:03<Xel>caker still there?
20:03<Xel>I just ran into another problem that might be related
20:03<Xel>Tried to resize the swap and it failed
20:03<@caker>yeah, one sec
20:03<Xel>fs_resize: Error determining blocksize ''
20:04<@caker>oh, well, you can't resize swap -- just delete it, recreate it, then add it back to your config profile
20:08<Xel>Ok well I'm booting 'er up
20:08<Xel>Woo. Everything seems to be working great.
20:09<Xel>Thanks caker.
20:10|-|Xel [] has quit [Quit: brb]
20:11|-|Xel [] has joined #linode
20:14<@caker>Xel: just an FYI -- a swap image larger than 256 is pretty much a waste -- you'll be limited by the token-limiter way before you hit anywhere near that (in most cases)
20:21<@mikegrb>streamcipher: perl 5.8.7 just refers to the perl license
20:22<streamcipher>ah thanks mike
20:22<@mikegrb>just needs 5.6+ if I recall
20:23<@mikegrb>streamcipher: make sure you check out the script in examples, it's pretty useful
20:23<streamcipher>thanks, i love examples
20:24<streamcipher>speaking of examples, anyone know how long after googlebot grabs a dozen pages from your site before it gets indexed at
20:25<@caker>streamcipher: up to a day or three, IME
20:25<@mikegrb>somebody messed up the zonefile for the reversedns
20:26<@mikegrb> PTR SOA Contact:
20:26<@mikegrb>they forget a . after the
20:26<streamcipher>1-3 days is fantastic.
20:48<streamcipher>nice -
20:49<eFUDd> <- 1 meelion ops/second.
21:39|-|dc0e [~dc0e@] has joined #linode
21:41<Eman>in 45 minutes, my 486 will have been running for 100 days
21:41<Eman>heh, i thought it would have blown out something by now
22:05<linbot>caker: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.17; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.17-rc6-mm2.
22:06<Battousai>stable my butt
22:11<@mikegrb>Battousai: good to hear
22:11<@mikegrb>Battousai: so the pills worked then?
22:14|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
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23:05<sprouse>msg caker Any update on the pricing plan changes? Will we know before the next billing cycle.
23:06<eFUDd>am not!
23:13|-|sprouse [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:26<@caker># uname -a
23:26<@caker>Linux none 2.6.17-linode20 #1 Sun Jun 18 00:04:18 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
23:27<@caker>gpd: # time sleep 10
23:27<@caker>real 0m10.038s
23:30<encode>wonderful, outlook 2007 beta consistently crashes when trying to display a self signed certificate used for ssl imap connections
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