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01:11[~]warewolf rises from the dead
01:12[~]warewolf wonders if that special announcement has occured yet
01:12<warewolf>oh shit
01:12<warewolf>it has
01:13<Xel>There are a few
01:13<Xel>25% more ram for every package
01:13<Xel>and a complete DNS management package (in early beta)
01:13<TheFirst>the dns is old news :P
01:13<warewolf>yeah the dns thing is old news
01:13<TheFirst>the ram...yay
01:13<warewolf>extra ram is the awesome
01:13<TheFirst>and yet my greedy side still wants more :P
01:13<Xel>I just upgraded to the linode 120 yesterday
01:14<Xel>Didn't expect this
01:14<Xel>Im putting a game server up.
01:14<TheFirst>i was thinking about doing that i've got a good buffer zone
01:14<Xel>I have the ram now.
01:14<Xel>Hear that caker? Downgrade TheFirst's ram so that he has to upgrade.
01:15<warewolf>rof l
01:15<@mikegrb>mmm cake
01:15<Battousai>mmm cake
01:15[~]TheFirst thinks Xel needs a beating
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01:56<internat>so cacker when ur about next, is there anything in particular ud like us to test/attempt to break on the dns gui thingi?
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02:00<TheFirst>internat: i imagine normal usage is the best way to break...
02:01<TheFirst>sterile test beds only lead to overconfidence in code...
02:01<internat>well this is true.. tho sometimes the coders know of potential areas where there might be problems that need testing
02:02<TheFirst>like a coder would ever admit those...if people do find a problem that just means more work ;P
02:04<warewolf>how gay is that
02:05<internat>well im a coder, and when i get people to test my stuff i say can u look at this cause i think i might have an error
02:05<warewolf>the integrated lights out on this compaq(hp) DL360 supports using the integrated nic onboard, that the host OS uses
02:05<warewolf>so you don't have to run a separate cable to the ilo card itself
02:05<warewolf>but when you do that, you can't get remote console access anymore
02:06<warewolf>if you want remote console access, you gotta use the ilo nic on the ilo card itself :(
02:06<internat>err can i ask a stupid quesiton"? whats a ilo card?
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02:06<warewolf>03:05 < warewolf> the integrated lights out on this compaq(hp) DL360 supports using the integrated nic onboard, that the host
02:07<warewolf>ilo == integrated lights out
02:07<warewolf>it's a remote management card
02:07<warewolf>think hardware based VNC or remote desktop
02:07<warewolf>but it lets you power on/off the box remotely, and dick with the bios remotely
02:07<internat>oh inec
02:07<warewolf>yes, very nice.
02:08<warewolf>(yes, I parse your typo!)
02:08<internat>yeah that too lol
02:10<warewolf>this ilo card has a very strange concept of a virtual directory tree for peripherial settings
02:10<warewolf>like, to change the above setting of the ilo card using it's own nic, or the first host nic, I have to do this
02:11<warewolf>cd /map1/nic1
02:11<warewolf>set oemhp_shared_network=no
02:11<warewolf>and there isn't an 'ls' or 'dir' command, it's 'show'.
02:12<Eman>sounds like IOS
02:12<warewolf>this is the HP integraded lights out management card
02:12<warewolf>thankfully, it supports ssh.
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02:59[~]warewolf emails the admin of, and suggests adding of libmikmod (with a package attached)
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13:40<streamcipher>what are all the email addresses that must exist for a website to be standards-compliant?
13:40<streamcipher>no luck googling for such a list (yet)
13:41<afv-13>admin, webmaster, abuse
13:42<Xel>You can, of course, redirect them to /dev/null
13:42<Xel>But as long as they don't bounce, it is compliant.
13:42<npmr>which standard are you referring to?
13:43<kriby>the standard, of course
13:43<streamcipher>found one.
13:46<linbot>New news from forums: IPSet in Feature Request/Bug Report <> || Fedora Core 4 Support? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
13:46<npmr>i don't see anything there related to web sites
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13:56<clancey3>anyone heard from dryan
13:58<afv-13>caker: what was the issue with /proc/uptime with 2.6.17-linode20?
14:01<streamcipher>does have any google adword coupons?
14:01<gpd>afv-13: it reported >40yr uptime
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14:05<gpd>hmm... my load averages seem weird on 2.6.17 also
14:05<npmr>gpd, even with the date and time set correctly?
14:05<gpd>npmr: wrt uptime? yes
14:07<afv-13>time to reboot then
14:35<warewolf>so just as I water my plants, it pours raining.
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14:42<Battousai>he controls the weather!
14:43<bendy24>15:35 < warewolf> so just as I water my plans, it pours raining.
14:43<bendy24>15:35 < warewolf> so just as I water my pants, it pours raining.
14:43<bendy24>thats what i was going for
14:43<Battousai>bendy, watching the game tonight?
14:43<bendy24>is ice cold?
14:43<Battousai>not usually
14:44<bendy24>right. but yeah, go oilers!
14:44<Battousai>i'm gonna miss the rexall
14:44<Battousai>that place rocks
14:44<Battousai>they should've just had all seven games there
14:45<bendy24>who do you predict?
14:45<Battousai>i cant even predict at this point
14:45<Battousai>it can go either way
14:45<Battousai>and i don't even care who wins
14:46<Battousai>if it goes like 3 overtimes, that would be nice
14:47<Battousai>my educated guess will be the oilers for now
14:47<Battousai>unless cole plays better
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18:30<@caker>gpd: how's 2.6.17-linode21 working out?
18:33<gpd>seems fine so far
18:34<encode>its not working for me
18:34<encode>could be something to do with me not running it
18:34<Xel>Heya caker
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18:46<interferon>it seems like my linode (16) has gone down a couple times the past few weeks
18:46<interferon>is something going on?
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19:42<gpd>I seem to have 40M free RAM, almost no I/O but still I have a load avg (15min) of 0.3 ?
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20:21<streamcipher>is the most reliable way to check for anonymous/open proxies?
20:23<@caker>gpd: sounds like general cpu load to me .. is that really that unusual?
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21:04<streamcipher>gotta love googlebot crawling all the pages before a website is announced to the public, and then not returning to get finalized content. betrayed by dns provider having a page of domain names linked to ip
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22:11<blake>linode 80 has now become linode 100, will my account that was linode 80 automatically upgrade?
22:12<darkbeholder>it will when you reboot next
22:14<blake>it says i have 125 mb ram, i dont think i upgraded
22:14[~]linbot dispenses chocolate frosties
22:14<blake>whats with that? shouldnt it be 100?
22:14<@caker>blake: you added ram on the 13th
22:22<blake>did i add hdd space too?
22:23<blake>ya i just saw that i added it
22:23<npmr>ha ha
22:23<blake>nope just the ram
22:23<blake>i can afford it
22:28<Xel>I love linode :P
22:30<blake>same here
22:30<blake>what do you use yours for/
22:31<Xel>Whatever I want :)
22:32<internat>wait, u added ram but didnt remember doing it?
22:32<npmr>internat, and he's a new customer
22:33<blake>i knew i had added either ram or disk space
22:33<blake>i thought it was disk space but i guess i was wrong
22:33<blake>because i can only spend 25 a month
22:33<blake>so i figured may as well have a 5 dollar addon
22:33<blake>i use a 25 dollar prepaid credit card every month
22:34<blake>i cant wait to reformat
22:34<blake>so i can feel safe when i boot up my linode
22:34<blake>that i wont get owned
22:35<blake>caker: i put in a support ticket about 2 days ago to have my second ip removed
22:35<blake>will you do that before the end of the month so the billing wont be over 25 dollars?
22:38<npmr>why are you waiting to reformat?
22:40<blake>someone from this channel has root to my home pc
22:40<blake>and i havent had time to reformat
22:48<blake>i just purchased a brand new dell xps anyways
22:48<blake>im going to wait until then before i boot my linode back up
22:51<internat>i dont think ull find that it was someone from this channel that rooted u
22:51<internat>i think ull find that someone was trolling the channel logs that were published online
22:52<blake>i doubt that...
22:52<blake>internat: they're not all as innocent as you
22:52<blake>they're just not as blatant as i am about being a skiddie
22:52<blake>that's all
22:52<internat>well if anyone in this channel got caught, they would lose their linode.. i think ull find a lot of people dont want this to happen
22:53<blake>no they wouldn't, nor should they.
22:53<blake>if the linode wasnt part of the crime then thats it.
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22:53<blake>i take full responsibility for what happened to me, atleast they were harmless and hopped on #linode to show me it was rooted.
22:53<blake>instead of doing something to cause me to lose my linode
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22:57<blake>i just want to make sure caker gets rid of my second ip so i can afford it
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23:01<encode>when did the extra ram happen?
23:01<blake>i had added it and forgot
23:02<blake>oh when
23:02<blake>i thought you said why
23:02<blake>on the 13th according to caker
23:02<blake>same day i got my linode
23:04<darkbeholder>encode if you mean the increase everyone got:
23:05<blake>oh haha
23:05<blake>thats what you meant
23:06<blake>damn, linode is good though, they actually care about customers
23:06<blake>just randomly adding extra ram
23:07<encode>thats the 2nd time theyve done that while i've been a customer
23:07<internat>thats 2 ram increases ive gotten from linode :D tis awsome
23:07<blake>how long have you been a customer?
23:07<encode>now if only theyd hand out random disk allocation increases
23:07<internat>i think im going to mark on my calander the aniversary of linode, so ill know when to expect a nother suprirse :D
23:07<encode>although i guess i could always pay 12 monthly
23:07<darkbeholder>makes me really happy i decided to give them a chance
23:07<blake>i dont care about disk space to be honest
23:07<internat>yeah i pay yearly
23:07<blake>500 mb would be enough
23:07<blake>its ram / cpu i need
23:08<internat>500mb doesnt even cover my photos folder
23:08<lucca>internat: heh, yeah I started with a linode64
23:08<blake>well you run a website
23:08<blake>i dont
23:08<blake>whats the site internat?
23:08<internat>me 2, i started with the 64
23:08<internat>wouldnt u like to know ;)
23:08<darkbeholder>good old 64's
23:08<blake>yes, i would, thats whyi asked
23:09<blake>is it porn?
23:09<internat>for sure
23:09<blake>500 mb of porn images
23:09<internat>animal porn actually
23:09<blake>and then 2 gb of video
23:09<darkbeholder>lol, my ranking on rml is the best its ever been but it looks like something in the script stuffed up
23:09<internat>444M www
23:09<blake>whats rml?
23:09<internat>thats my www folder for my account
23:10<blake>lol 444mb of porno on apache httpd
23:10<internat>anotehr account i host is 333mb.. 500mb wouldnt not be close to it
23:10<blake>well all i run is ircd/irc services and hlds
23:10<lucca>internat: do you have a problem with people wgetting or similar?
23:11<blake>lucca: why would ge?
23:11<internat>do u have that problem?
23:11<lucca>not hosting a porn site :p
23:12<lucca>blake: hardly...
23:12<internat>yeah cause i like hosting porn.. get with it :P
23:12<lucca>I was curious though as it seemed like that type of webhosting would be particularly apt to have such a problem
23:13<internat>yeah im not hosting porn
23:13<internat>i was joking when i said that
23:13<blake>lucca = gullible
23:13<blake>lucca: i meant you got owned
23:14<lucca>internat: ahhh
23:14<lucca>heh, oh well.
23:14<Xel>lucca, arguing with the lammies?
23:14<blake>lucca: are you a new customer?
23:14<lucca>Xel: indeed
23:17<lucca>a pejorative of lemmings+pajamas, perhaps...
23:30<darkbeholder>ok apparently my linode has been up for over 40 years...
23:31<darkbeholder>00:30:57 up 14664 days, 1:15, 2 users, load average: 0.26, 0.22, 0.18
23:34<internat>yeah reboot
23:34<internat>that kernel had a bug in it
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23:35<internat>the next in the latest 2.6 tree has the fix :)
23:38<encode>i think thats a feature, not a bug
23:38<encode>better uptime sounds good to me
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