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01:16<blake>mikegrb: i updated the support ticket including the ip i would like to keep
01:16<blake>no rush on that as long as its done before the first of next month
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06:46<NeonNero>remind me again... to make console login work on a gentoo-based linode, i need to edit /etc/inittab, /etc/securetty, and.....?
06:49<NeonNero>d'oh! found it in the wiki
06:49<NeonNero>(command: init q)
06:50<NeonNero>for the curious ones of you,
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07:29<javafueled>#reboot == 25% more RAM. schweet! uptime be damned. Thanks caker, et. al
07:35[~]javafueled disappointed IRC client thinks ^#.* is a room link. :(
07:37<javafueled>anyone highly familiar with Apache vhost syntax lurking?
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09:14<blake>someone set us up the ddos :-\
09:14<blake>just kidding lol
09:14<blake>im so tired
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11:22<brocktic1>the extra RAM was totally worth the reboot
11:22<kriby>oh.. happy anniversary
11:23<brocktic1>indeed, indeed
11:24<blake>linode is going to be offering free dns to customers as well i just read
11:25<brocktic1>that's nice... I currently have to fork out $5/domain/year because I'm too lazy to find something better/cheaper
11:25<brocktic1>and I could certainly use a backup regardless
11:26<blake>i use zoneedit
11:26<blake>its pretty good
11:26<blake>and free
11:26<brocktic1>thanks for the tip
11:51<rko>zoneedit is good but limits to 5 zones
11:52<rko> is another worth looking for, they're free and with donation you can get unlimited number of zones
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12:02<blake>rofl pooned!
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12:10<blake>DCC SEND "getanewrouter" 0 0 0
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12:28<warewolf>and holy crap am I ever lagged
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12:31<blake>rko: you work for aol? haha
12:31<blake>hope you get free internet from them and they dont have your credit card
12:32<blake>i know people that can still get into merlin :-\
12:32<blake>kinda a joke to be honest
12:32<blake>you dont work with merlin, do you?
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12:49<warewolf>that was awesome.
12:51<warewolf>oh. my. god.
12:51<taupehat>so was the wow gimmic
12:51<warewolf>Did you all know that Asia Carerra is/was a computer geek?
12:51<warewolf> [NSFW]
12:51[~]taupehat is @work
12:52<warewolf>in related news, Asia Carerra's husband died on 6/10.
12:52<warewolf>she's now a widow, 8 months pregnant, with a 1 year old daughter.
12:52<warewolf>and she's accepting donations via paypal.
12:52<taupehat>I'll help her
12:52<warewolf>yeah I paypal'd her $20
12:53<taupehat>seriously, how'd her husband die?
12:53<warewolf>car accident.
12:53<warewolf> <-- details (this page, itself is worksafe)
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13:31<blake>she's a porn star, why help her? warewolf: i need a new graphics card, send me money plz
13:32<blake>you know how much she makes in a year?
13:32<blake>i work at a fucking deli
13:32<blake>send me money :)
13:33<blake>06/12 - Trying to pull myself together and take care of business today, put Don's bank accounts on hold (his ATM and credit cards are impounded with the destroyed vehicle and I don't know who can get to them), talked to some of his business partners about trying to keep his business continuing without him somehow, and I made a down payment on a nice little used car with a new car seat for Catty so we can get around town and try to take care of thin
13:33<blake>that doesnt sounds real
13:34<blake>do you really believe here?
13:35<blake>we had no life insurance, I have no car now, no job, no income, I'm pregnant, I have a one-year old baby...
13:35<blake>no job?
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13:42<kriby>that's about as strange as Screeech hawking t-shirts to make his house payment
13:43<blake>yeah, i know.
13:43<blake>what a bitch trying to scam people
13:43<blake>and of course warewolf falls victim to her lies
13:47<blake>that 20 bucks could have upgraded my linode, warewolf
13:47<afv-13>it could've organised a collective backup linode for us
13:49<afv-13>even the pornstars are turning to nigerian scams
13:50<blake>how is that a nigerian scam? she doesnt like in nigeria
13:50<blake>did you read what i posted in this chan last week?
13:51<blake>bout some nigerian kid that was 15
13:51<afv-13>k fine, nigerian-like scams
13:51<blake>tricking some fat bitch into thinking he was going to marry her, she sent him 10,000 dollars and a laptop
13:51<blake>met her on haha
13:51<blake>lemme find the link for you
13:51<blake>it was hilarious
13:52<blake>they had a pic of him after authorities got him
13:52<blake>he was this tiny little black kid that looked like he hadnt had a meal in years
13:58<blake>i cant find it
13:58<blake>oh well
14:00<blake>pwnt by nigeria
14:07<blake>thats the link
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14:17<ximbiot>caker: thanks for the extra memory! you guys are cool. it's your aniversary and you're giving us presents. :)
14:19<ximbiot>is there an easy way to search the irc logs?
14:19<Battousai>google maybe
14:19<blake>use search in your browser
14:19<blake>if you know the exact day
14:20<ximbiot>don't know what day. that's the problem. i'll try google. was thinking the logs were gzipped, but it doesn't look like it...
14:21<afv-13>i wonder how flexible caker or mikegrb will be in terms of a shared linode for backups between a few people, like more storage at the expense of bandwidth
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14:33<afv-13>omg! what a goal!
14:34<Battousai>watching the hockey game from last night?
14:34<afv-13>no, the football
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15:00<blake>ok, dont play
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15:09<streamcipher>has anyone here signed up for yahoo search marketing? is it possible to pause all advertisements like google?
15:13<blake>not sure
15:14<blake>but google ads suck
15:14<blake>i hear yahoo is better
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15:14<blake>Apache 1.3.37
15:14<blake>Apache 1337
15:21<tseng>aren't you clever
15:27<anderiv>heh - my thoughts exactly.
15:31[~]kriby starts a pool to determine how old blake is.
15:34<anderiv>blake: you play tennis?
15:35<Battousai>mario tennis maybe
15:35<anderiv>his name is on that page...
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15:46<blake>hate tennis
15:46<blake>lol oh ya
15:46<blake>i used to play
15:46<blake>thats me
15:47<blake>too bad you dont have a life and google peoples names
15:49<Battousai>this coming from the guy pasting nonsense links all day and flooding people with a botnet
15:49<blake>no i didnt
15:49<blake>get a life man
15:49<blake>your like what, 30? still hanging out on the pc on a fri. nite
15:49<blake>fat piece of shit
15:50<Battousai>22, it's tuesday, and i weight 145 pounds
15:50<Battousai>nice try though
15:50<gpd>he was a 'boy' in 1999... which makes him 23-25 - which is even more disturbing [but i refuse to get involved]
15:50<blake>and ur prob 5'0
15:50<blake>thats not even me
15:50<blake>i dont play tenning
15:50<blake>im 18
15:50<Battousai>no you're not
15:50<Battousai>you're like 15, tops
15:50<blake>i must be mistaken then
15:51<blake>lemme go check my license
15:51<Battousai>most people over 18 wouldn't stage someone cracking their server and then attack innocent people on a business's irc channel
15:51<blake>it did get rooted
15:52<blake>why you think its off right now?
15:52<blake>i pay 20 bucks just to shut it down?
15:52<Battousai>yet nobody here knew the ip address of it
15:52<blake>you're an idiot, man. fucking 50 years old and still talks shit to teenagers on the internet. must be real lonely.
15:53<Battousai>man, i must've been in college for a while to be 50 and having just graduated in may
15:53<blake>prob one of them old guys in community college
15:54<blake>get ur degree at 50 so u can make 12 bucks an hour
15:54<blake>instead of 7
15:55<Battousai>closer to $30 i think
15:55<blake>its all talk
15:55<blake>i could say im the president
15:55<Battousai>entry-level jobs don't pay much
15:55<blake>nobody is flattered by your words, old man. go meet some people in real life.
15:55<blake>instead of trying to impress people on the internet.
15:55<tseng>the unflattering one is you
15:55<Battousai>impress people?
15:56<@caker>blake: language, please. and please stop trolling
15:56<tseng>( so just let it go )
15:56<blake>im not, he started a whole bunch of bull with me
15:56<@caker>blake: well, don't bite then
15:56<npmr>blake, you're going to look back on these logs in a few years and cringe
15:57<npmr>and yes, they'll still be on the internet
15:57<blake>ya, im going to be idling in #linode in a few years
15:57<blake>checking logs
15:57<blake>unlike you, i have plans for my life
15:57<blake>it doesnt involve running a linux game server until i die either
15:58<blake>caker: no offense
15:58<npmr>which part did you think he might take offense at?
15:58<blake>well the part about you still chatting with your buddies here on #linode in 10 years time
15:58<blake>i found that a tad bit amusing
15:59<npmr>i don't expect to be, either
15:59<npmr>but the channel logs are on the web
15:59<blake>why would i even think of linode in 10 years to check the logs?
15:59<blake>and go "oh, i made an ass of myself"
15:59<gpd>!insult blake barrie
15:59<linbot>blake barrie - You are nothing but an egg-sucking accumulation of hugger-muggered snot.
15:59<gpd>search google for that...
15:59<gpd>you will find it in about an hours time ;)
16:00<blake>whats your point...?
16:00<gpd>my point is - anything you say on here is recorded... forever
16:00<gpd>as npmr says
16:00<gpd>it will haunt you... :)
16:00<blake>thats fine, im not ashamed...
16:00<Battousai>i dont know about forever
16:00<blake>i have done nothing wrong
16:00<gpd>any employer googleing your name --- for example
16:00<npmr>neither was i when i was 18
16:00<gpd>might be amused
16:00<npmr>but you will be
16:01<blake>employer googling names lol
16:01<gpd>i do it...
16:01<blake>what will they see? that i got in an argument with an old man on irc?
16:01<blake>that will cost me dearly
16:01<blake>i will never get a job
16:01<gpd>forgetaboutit... you will understand eventually
16:01<blake>well explain please
16:02<tseng>the dilusion will pass when you turn 18 and you finish high school
16:02<tseng>unless you want to go to college on your parents dime for another 4 years of being deluded
16:02<tseng>you'll come to it someday
16:02<Battousai>i did that
16:02<Battousai>except it's mostly my dime
16:02<tseng>Battousai: dude, you are 50
16:02<tseng>your parents are dead
16:02<Battousai>oh right
16:03<npmr>at some point you will want people to start taking you seriously, and you will notice that the internet's memory stretches back further than you'd like
16:03<blake>i dont understand what i am to regret... please tell me.
16:03<npmr>that point will probably come right about when you stop going to school full time and start going to work full time
16:03<blake>google "gearge w bush"
16:03<blake>tons of stupid shit will pop up
16:03<blake>and hes president
16:03<blake>so i think i shall do fine
16:03<npmr>and you're not him
16:03<blake>thanks for the concern though
16:03<Battousai>he's also rich
16:03<npmr>you're just an average no name
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16:04<Battousai>his daddy was president
16:04<blake>most people have lives, they dont google peoples names 24/7
16:04<blake>they have things to do
16:04<Battousai>that angle again?
16:04<blake>so it will only be those similar to you that will see it
16:04<Battousai>you need a new insult, son
16:04<npmr>blake, is this your life?
16:04<Battousai>i'm done with the flamewar
16:04<npmr>it's not mine
16:05<blake>nothing yet
16:06<blake>why would you want to harm me anyways?
16:06<blake>i have done nothing to you
16:06<blake>shall i paste your name in here so future employers see how you act?
16:07<kriby>some people are just like that, blake. rise above the taunts and be the man that you know you can be
16:07<npmr>i've had my job for nine years, but thanks for your concern
16:07<blake>read ^^^
16:07<blake>that wasnt the question
16:07<tseng>kriby: you are an all american hero
16:07[~]tseng pokes kriby to add to the silliness
16:07<Battousai>ooh kriby
16:07<kriby>tseng: i really enjoyed the theme song.. does that count?
16:08<Battousai>i keep reading your name as kirby
16:08<npmr>speaking of jobs, it's quittin' time
16:08<blake>good :)
16:08<blake>so when will that show up on google?
16:08<tseng>when the indexer runs
16:08<blake>please dont put my name in this channel again, last time i will ask you.
16:08<blake>!insult Brandon Hale
16:08<linbot>Brandon Hale - You are nothing but a fool-born mass of boil-brained squirrel.
16:08<Battousai>!insult bryan stine
16:08<linbot>bryan stine - You are nothing but an impure petrification of currish gunk.
16:09<Battousai>take that, lisa's beliefs
16:09<tseng>go for it
16:09<blake>If you are reading this, do not hire Brandon Hale, he is immature and unreliable!!!
16:09<Battousai>that's not what gentoo and ubuntu say
16:09<tseng>there are about 60 pages of real oss work in front of that
16:09<kriby>!insult Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
16:09<linbot>Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - You are nothing but a weather-bitten bucket of impertinent anal.
16:09<tseng>I think they will get tired of it first
16:09<blake>you get the point im trying to make
16:09<tseng>as for Blake Barrie they will just find a troll
16:10<tseng>and yes, they can read the entire log for context
16:10<tseng>!insult kriby
16:10<linbot>kriby - You are nothing but a currish quart of industrial pond.
16:10<blake>what about the other 50 results for my name?
16:10<blake>they wont know which one i am
16:10<Battousai>the bot likes currish
16:10<blake>im not that tennis one
16:10<tseng>blake: besides that none of them are you
16:11<blake>tseng: and this linode one could be someelse too
16:11<tseng>wow now you are catching on
16:11<tseng>take the next step and you'll be there
16:11<blake>not the point? why are you trying to hurt me? did you root my linode too?
16:11<blake>whats the next step?
16:11<tseng>it was a team effort
16:12<blake>caker: he just admitted
16:12<Battousai>i was the goalie
16:12<tseng>the whole channel took a turn
16:12<tseng>the bots, too
16:12<blake>why do you wish to harm me?
16:12<blake>i have done nothing to you.
16:13<tseng>you just blamed me for rooting your box
16:14<kriby>that's a capitol offense in some principalities
16:14<blake>you admitted to it.
16:14<blake>when someone googles you they shall see what you have done.
16:14<tseng>out of sarcasm to point out the ridiculous nature of the accusation
16:15<blake>why rediculous?
16:15<tseng>there is no e
16:15<blake>you're trying to harm me in other ways.
16:15<tseng>there is zero harm
16:15<blake>you said employers would see it
16:16<tseng>they probably wouldnt if your presence on the web was mostly positive
16:16<blake>i wont be looking for computer related work anyways, its just a hobby.
16:16<blake>i doubt anyone else will think to google an applicants name.
16:16<tseng>i think they would
16:16<blake>haha. who?
16:16<blake>besides someone it related
16:17<blake>manager of the 24/7 mart gonna google me
16:17<tseng>maybe not
16:17<tseng>is that your career goal?
16:17<tseng>big companies hire 3rd parties to screen potential candidates
16:17<tseng>who certainly know what google is
16:17<tseng>and now myspace, facebook, etc
16:17<blake>i dont use myspace or facebook
16:18<tseng>this is hard fact, for your sake
16:18<tseng>not to turn it around
16:18<blake>not to turn it around?
16:19<tseng>turn it around and say I am trying to harm you
16:19<blake>you said employers would find it
16:20<blake>thats not attempt to harm me?
16:20<tseng>no, its a fact
16:21<blake>you still did it, knowing that fact
16:21<blake>in an attempt to harm me
16:21<tseng>and how did it harm you?
16:21<blake>well it will
16:21<tseng>if I said: "the color of the sky is blue"
16:21<tseng>does that harm you?
16:21<Battousai>what if he's colorblind?
16:21<tseng>well there you have it.
16:22<blake>nobobdy will google that looking for me
16:22<blake>they may my name
16:23<blake>how you know my name anyways? i took it out. you memorize it?
16:23<tseng>i scrolled up
16:23<blake>to what?
16:23<tseng>to the last person that said your name
16:23<blake>i thought it was you
16:23<blake>it was gpd
16:24<blake>well how did he know it?
16:24<blake>probably by memory
16:24<tseng> /whois
16:24<blake>i took it out last night
16:24<blake>he memorized it, freak.
16:24<tseng>so he did it before
16:24<blake>prob /whowas
16:24<gpd>err... i have more than a 5 second memory...
16:25<blake>not for something like someones name though
16:25<blake>thats someone with no like
16:25<blake>that remembers a name like that over a 24 hr. period
16:25<Battousai>caker's name is christopher aker
16:25<gpd>meanwhile - pipe bursts 3 floors above us -- 2 inches of water cascading down the stairs
16:25<blake>ya but you have known him for a while
16:25<blake>not just once
16:25<gpd>200 cluster linux machine rather damp...
16:25<Battousai>tarp it
16:25<blake>where is host44 physically located?
16:26<blake>texas or california?
16:26<blake>thats good
16:26<blake>more central than california
16:28<blake>oh well
16:29<blake>gpd: drown
16:30<gpd>blake: don't speak in my other channels
16:31<blake>i will do as i please
16:31<gpd>i put your name in the channel to illustrate that this channel is logged
16:31<blake>its only 1 user in it anyways
16:31<blake>you had no right, its my name, not yours.
16:31<gpd>your name was until yesterday on /whois - sso it was public
16:31<gpd>get over it
16:31<blake>you had no right to put it there deliberately to cause trouble for me.
16:32<gpd>you are the only one causing trouble for yourself - and you are making it worse by the minute - just give it up already...
16:32<blake>!insult Jed Needle
16:32<linbot>Jed Needle - You are nothing but a fly-bitten half-mouthful of horn-beat guts.
16:33<gpd>this is why we all assume you are 15
16:35<blake>you're a member of the new mexico linux user group
16:35<blake>lets see what else we can google up
16:36<tseng>i am not sure what point you are making by proving something he said
16:36<tseng>and you disputed
16:37<blake>seeing how he likes having his shit exposed when someone posts his real name
16:37<blake>its not polite
16:37<tseng>you missed the point, then
16:37<blake>what was the point?
16:37<blake>trying to target me?
16:38<tseng>that's it
16:38<gpd>13:35 anderiv>,0,1966616.htmlstory?coll=fciac-sports-headlines
16:38<tseng>the point was to play nice, because someone might find it later
16:39<tseng>a lug isnt really something he is ashamed for you to dig up, I think
16:39<blake>i dont play tennis
16:39<blake>well i have in the past, but thats not me
16:40|-|gpd [~gpd@] has left #linode []
16:40<blake>sad thing is, all your name comes up with is either lug or something to do with exploits. says alot about what your life is, google.
16:40<blake>other people comes up with tenning, marathon, football. etc
16:41<blake>you come up with a LUG (way for reclusives such as yourself to socialize)
16:41<Battousai>i'm not sure he's part of a lug
16:41<blake>yes, he is.
16:41<blake>someone with the name "jed needle" is atleast
16:41<blake>not many jed needles
16:42<blake>wasnt jed the name of that retard on the beverly hill billies too?
16:42<Battousai>which one of us is jed needle again?
16:42<tseng>i was wondering that
16:43<blake>dpd or w/e his nick is
16:43<blake>so make fun of all you want that my name comes up with tennis, beats nothing but computer related.
16:43<Battousai>he's not even in here
16:43<blake>oh, he left?
16:44<blake>i thought i was owning him
16:44<Battousai>must be hard with someone who has such a big-shot life to have to use irc
16:44<blake>it is
16:44<tseng>especially with a bunch of old losers like us
16:45<anderiv>wow - I see I have a bit o' conversation to catch up on :-)
16:45<tseng>antisocial old losers
16:45<blake>its dpd that i have a problem with
16:45<Battousai>i doubt that
16:45<blake>tseng: i thought you had posted my name
16:45<blake>i was wrong
16:45<Battousai>considering his name is gpd
16:45<tseng>because he said your name?
16:45<blake>yes, with every intention of it harming me
16:45<tseng>was it harmful for you to acuse me of hacking you?
16:45<Battousai>why not just sic your bots on him?
16:45<blake>what bots?
16:46<blake>dude stop saying that
16:46<tseng>you going to appologize?
16:46<blake>im sorry
16:46<tseng>since you are so stuck on a stupid name
16:46<blake>to you
16:46<blake>not gpd
16:47<blake>its not what it was, it was the intent
16:47[~]anderiv realizes he didn't miss anything in the last ~30 minutes.
16:47<blake>the intent was for it to harm me
16:47<blake>not really, anderiv
16:47<Battousai>no, the intent was to show you how stupid you look
16:47<Battousai>and it obviously failed
16:48|-|prane [~refused@] has joined #linode
16:48<blake>what should it have shown me?
16:48<Battousai>he used the bot to demonstrate on you how you've been insulting people here the entire time...
16:49<blake>he meant for it to be indexed by google
16:49<blake>so someone would see it later on
16:49<Battousai>yes, like what you're saying is going to be indexed by google
16:49<blake>the logs will be
16:51<blake>if i want to create a linux group
16:51<blake>does it have to be LUG
16:51<blake>or can it be LG
16:52<blake>like NYLG
16:52<blake>New York Linux Group
16:52<blake>anyone know?
16:52<blake>or would it have to be NYLUG
16:53<npmr>holy crap, you're still going?
16:54<npmr>people have said my name in irc
16:55<npmr>it does not harm me
16:55<npmr>why does saying your name harm you?
16:55<blake>im talking about another topic
16:55<blake>dont bring that up again, its over.
16:55<blake>ya RILUG
16:55<blake>cuz that domain is taken
16:55<tseng>lugs are for antiscoial old losers
16:55<blake>but RILG is avail.
16:55<npmr>this is a wholly new and unanswered facet
16:55<tseng>(remember that?)
16:55<blake>what tseng?
16:55<tseng>you said it.
16:55<blake>alright, drop it.
16:56<blake>its over
16:56<blake>i apologized
16:56<tseng>not really, you're still an idiot
16:56<blake>ok, its over.
16:56<blake>does anyone know if linux group is appropriate or must it be linux user group?
16:56<npmr>i've heard both
16:56|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
16:56<npmr>but i think "linux user group" is more common
16:57<blake>i think i may register RILG.ORG since RILUG is taken
16:57<tseng>you could join rilug
16:58<blake>its just ads
16:58<blake>i think they must have stopped meeting
16:59<tseng>thats a squatter domain
16:59<tseng>people will register domains and host spam ads
16:59<tseng>no relation to the actual name
16:59|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:59<blake>ya i know
16:59<blake>i have a friend that pays rent that way
17:00<blake>parks them with sedo
17:00<blake>use to own - make a killing off it
17:00<tseng>anyway there are alot of real lugs already in ny
17:00<blake>but in this case was owned by a ri linux user group
17:00<blake>and the owner must have parked it
17:01<blake>guy that owns that probably makes like $100,000+ a month
17:01<blake>and he does nothing
17:02<JasonF>i can attest that it is possible to make lots of dollars
17:02<JasonF>but i doubt $100k
17:02<blake>ya but
17:03<blake>my friend owns stupid domains and he gets like 6k a month
17:03<blake>from them combined
17:03<blake>every stupid student looking for schools will try first
17:03<blake>its called a type-in domain
17:06|-|rko [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:07|-|rko [] has joined #linode
17:12<blake>[18:11] <blake> you work at aol?
17:12<blake>[18:11] <rko> yes
17:12<blake>[18:11] <blake> you know 12 year old have access to merlin?
17:12<blake>[18:12] <rko> send me their names :-)
17:12<blake>[18:14] <blake> haha
17:12<blake>[18:15] <blake> and before that, cris
17:12<blake>[18:15] <blake> dude, aol is so insecure
17:15<npmr>looks like old news to me
17:17<internat>yeah.. only 2003 nothing major
17:17<blake>they still got axs
17:17<blake>trust me
17:17<blake>after that being all over people still have access
17:19<internat>yep cause people i this channael are realy going to trust someone that got there box rooted within 24hrs of having it..
17:21<blake>think what you like
17:21<blake>when i put my new os up, it will be unhackable
17:21<internat>for sure..'
17:23<blake>anyone seen "running scared"
17:26|-|blake [] has left #linode []
17:30|-|Marcel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:31<internat>yah..! he leaves! *cheers*
17:31<anderiv>seriously...the guy has issues.
17:31<internat>bloody oath
17:32<internat>im waiting for him to get rooted again
17:32<anderiv>thats the second time he's claimed to have an "unhackable" os.
17:32<internat>it will be funny
17:32<internat>id love to know who did it
17:32<internat>buy em a beer :)
17:34<anderiv>...err make 'em a beer in my case :-)
17:39|-|streamcipher [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:40|-|streamcipher [] has joined #linode
17:45|-|Guest16147 [] has joined #linode
17:45<Guest16147>rhode island owns you, got it?
17:45|-|Guest16147 changed nick to blake
17:48|-|Antitribu [] has joined #linode
17:49<anderiv>hehe - today's featured article on Wikipedia is on Absinthe.
17:50[~]anderiv needs to get his hands on some of that.
17:50<blake>what is it?
17:50<anderiv>check the article...
17:52<blake>i need to think of a good domain name, any ideas?
17:52<npmr>that's a good one
17:53<npmr> is available
17:53<anderiv>blake: tell me more about this unhackable OS you're planning on putting on your linode.
17:53<Battousai>he calls it, "freebsd"
17:53<anderiv>ahh yes - that's right.
17:58<Xel>... why do you guys encourage him?
17:58<Battousai>why do you encourage us?
17:58<Xel>I love you guys.
18:00[~]npmr wonders how he intends to pay for a domain
18:01<Xel>6$/year is too much?
18:02<npmr>well, he paid for his linode with an amex gift card purchased at a convenience store with cash
18:02<Xel>So if he knocks off that convenience store he'll have more than enough.
18:03[~]npmr suspects he works there
18:05<Xel>Makes it easier to steal from.
18:09<anderiv>well gents...the fam is calling. Have a good evening.
18:10<blake>lol anderiv
18:11<anderiv>? that wasn't intended to be funny.
18:11<blake>unhackableserver is taken
18:11<blake>oh no its not
18:12[~]anderiv == out
18:12<blake>ok bye
18:12<blake>Xel: 6 bucks?
18:12<blake>what are you talking about?
18:14<Xel>To register a domain
18:16<blake>its not too much, did i say it was?
18:38|-|TRON [] has joined #linode
18:51|-|jekil [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:54<blake>TRON: what you doing here?
19:28|-|IntuiWorx [] has joined #linode
19:33|-|spr [] has joined #linode
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19:53<internat>woot payday
20:48|-|ElectricElf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:50|-|ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
20:55<blake>whats the code to make text bold in irc?
20:55<blake>i forget...
20:55<blake>im trying to make a cool motd
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22:22<taupehat>np: Unknown Artist - Unknown Album - 1.mp3 [03:32m/64Kbps/24KHz]
22:25<npmr>ha ha
22:25<taupehat>eFUDd: keys me!
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23:48|-|brad [~44040348@] has joined #linode
23:49<brad>hey dudes... I'm trying to sign up for a linode 100, but it tells me that there are no plans available that match my request
23:50<brad>even though the matrix shows that 1 is available
23:52<brad>alright, I'll just go with the more expensive plan
23:52|-|brad [~44040348@] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
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