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00:52<knehcsa>is caker or mike around?
00:53<knehcsa>hey.. i'm having a weird issue on host37
00:53<knehcsa>it's not letting me boot into anything
00:54<knehcsa>i've even tried finnix, and the job queue page shows that it sucuessfully booted
00:55<knehcsa>and the overview page will show my linode as running for maybe 45 seconds.. then powerd off
00:55<Xel>Did you check the terminal?
00:55<Xel>ie. ssh to
00:55<Xel>with your account credentials?
00:55<Xel>While it is booting?
00:55<knehcsa>and it always says
00:55<knehcsa>"your linode isn't running.....
00:57<Xel>Honestly, you should probably put in a support ticket
00:57<Xel>caker and mikegrb seem afk.
00:57<@caker>no, looking into this
00:57<Xel>Like I said, caker is right here
00:57<knehcsa>haha. yea
00:57<knehcsa>thanks caker
00:57<@caker>hmm, somehow the permissions on your Linode's homedir were changed
00:58<@caker>Xel: doubtful
00:58<Xel>Bah I can't believe I used leetspeak
00:58<blake>caker: not doubtful
00:58<blake>happened to me
00:58<knehcsa>it refused my key for ssh and said my homedir is permission denyed
00:58<Xel>afk some
00:59<@caker>knehcsa: should be fixed now
00:59<knehcsa>i did a disk resize
00:59<knehcsa>before hand.. don't know if that had anything to do with it
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01:02<knehcsa>thanks again caker!
01:03<@caker>knehcsa: np
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03:13<OvrLrd-Q>I suppose SysRq: Emergency Sync is a Bad Thing (tm)
03:14<blake>i think
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03:15<blake>hi shaun
03:15<Battousai>it flushes unwritten data to disk
03:15<blake>Battousai: shutup
03:15<blake>!insult Bryan Stine
03:15<linbot>Bryan Stine - You are nothing but a crook-pated accumulation of foul samples.
03:15<internat>excuse u
03:15<blake>!insult internat
03:15<linbot>internat - You are nothing but a gorbellied tongueful of spongy cat.
03:15<Battousai>good to avoid fs damage i guess
03:16<internat>oh wow, u can use an insult function cause ur too lame to make up ur own
03:16<internat>wow.. go that great skill
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03:16<OvrLrd-Q>your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries
03:16<Battousai>oh god
03:16<Battousai>the ignore list was making things confusing for me
03:17<blake>!ignore Battousai
03:17<Battousai>i thought i was getting yelled at
03:17<blake>!insult Battousai
03:17<linbot>Battousai - You are nothing but an unmuzzled enema-bucketful of off-color poop.
03:17<internat>im wondering how many ppl in this chnanel have blake on ingore so far
03:17<OvrLrd-Q>!insult linbot
03:17<linbot>linbot - You are nothing but an impertinent thimbleful of swag-bellied squirrel.
03:17<Battousai>not enough
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03:17<internat>tru tru
03:18<OvrLrd-Q>double true
03:18<Battousai>so was that something you saw in your syslog?
03:19<OvrLrd-Q>oom killer went insane, and so I restarted the box, and that popped up a couple times
03:19<internat>on ur node?
03:20<OvrLrd-Q>no i came in here to related problems with a 3rd party vendor ;)
03:21<Battousai>might wanna ask caker/mikegrb about that, i dont know if they run scripts or anything that do that during thrasher time
03:21<OvrLrd-Q>oooh more memmory
03:21<OvrLrd-Q>guess it needed rebooting anyways
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04:01<@mikegrb>when you shutdown or reboot from outside your linode, the host sends a ctl+alt+del to your node to get it to shutdown cleanly
04:02<@mikegrb>after about 2 minutes if it is still running it sends a few sysreq + s's and then a few halts
04:02<@mikegrb>then kills the kernel
04:03<@mikegrb>so since you had all of your ram and swap used up and were probably being limited by the io_trottler, a normal shutdown probably would have taken an hour or more
04:03<encode>can i do that to blake's host?
04:13<Karnaugh>mikegrb: why if you send a reboot from inside the linode it just halts and never comes up?
04:15<internat>its cause of the way uml works
04:15<internat>it doesnt do the uml stuff that is needed to boot properly.. or something clsoe to that from memory
04:16<internat>if u have to reboot, u can use the lish console :) theres a good example on the forums of making reboot in ur node point to a ssh script that connects to lish and issues the reboot command
04:17<@mikegrb>Karnaugh: we have modified our uml kernels to halt instead of reboot because of some housekeeping tasks that need to run on the hosts between boots
04:18<Karnaugh>ahh ok
04:18<@mikegrb>Karnaugh: so it's a linode thing rather then a uml thing
04:18<internat>oh my bad :(
04:26<blake>does anyone thing geek squad would hire me?
04:28<blake>Have you helped celebrities?
04:28<blake>That information is currently classified, so we can neither confirm nor deny that we have helped several famous rock stars, models and actors. This information may be de-classified at a future date.
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08:07<w00t>/server -m -j #help
08:07<w00t>/server -m -j #help
08:07<w00t>/server -m -j #help
08:07<w00t>/server -m -j #help
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08:42<alvin>we seem to have a hacked machine at li14-233
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08:47<internat>what makes u think that?
08:48<alvinswim>because I got about 2GB of mail flowing from that host to mine..
08:49<alvinswim>yup.. I turned off mail.. to block that host
08:49<alvinswim>and I messed up on some configs too.
08:49<alvinswim>so I'm fixing that
08:49<internat>is that blakes box again?
08:53<alvinswim>dunno who that is...
08:53<alvinswim>from address for most of the mail I see is <>
08:53<internat>is it spam?
08:54<alvinswim>all from this guy
08:57<npmr>internat, no blake's box is
08:57<internat>yeah i just found that
08:57<npmr>he is, unfortunately, on my subnet
08:57<alvinswim>yea.. a pain..
08:58<npmr>which i happily share with eFUDd, Battousai, and warewolf
08:58<internat>u have my condolences
08:59<npmr>so anyway, your mail server is properly rejecting the mail, right?
08:59<npmr>and hopefully not on a source-basis
08:59<alvinswim>its was rejecting most of it.. but I saw some go through because I messed up on my relay config...
09:00<npmr>is the sender domain a real domain or is it bogus?
09:00<npmr>if it's bogus, you should be able to reject it in real time regardless of where it's coming from
09:00<alvinswim>he was using so nope.
09:01<alvinswim>I have to change it so its only from my host not mydomain
09:01<alvinswim>so I messed up
09:05<alvinswim>yea..,. so just letting you all know... I have my side under control now
09:06[~]anderiv wishes it would have been blake's node.
09:06<internat>has everyone set the linode to automaticly drop packets from blakes?
09:06<anderiv>internat: that's a good idea...
09:06[~]anderiv goes to munge his iptables...
09:07<alvinswim>I think I blackhole that IP anyway
09:07<npmr>his node is off right now anyway
09:08<internat>indeed cause he doesnt want to bring it up without his "unhackable" os
09:08<internat>see the smart idea would be brign it up, disable eth0, and use lish to fix it, and find out everything
09:09<npmr>bring it up using finnix with no network
09:09<internat>or that
09:09<npmr>i'm sure he's got no idea what to look for anyway
09:09<internat>it does seem a bit like that
09:10<internat>id like to see if anyone has had their box rooted in a quicker time
09:10<npmr>and it should have been obvious to everyone that the easiest way into his linode would have been to own his home pc and collect his password as he typed it in
09:10<internat>for sure
09:11<npmr>someone guessed my root password once
09:11<npmr>no exploits, no vulnerabilities
09:11<anderiv>npmr: heh - that'll learn ya :-)
09:11<npmr>just plain *guessed* the password
09:11<npmr>first try, too
09:13<internat>thats wierd..
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09:15<alvinswim>I don't allow root login's
09:15<anderiv>alvinswim: ditto.
09:16<alvinswim>and I have a filter that only allows certain accounts to login
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11:17<OvrLrd-Q>whats the mystery behind 'blakes box'?
11:17<anderiv>OvrLrd-Q: oh - you've missed some quality conversation w/ Mr. Blake the last week or so.
11:19<anderiv>OvrLrd-Q: the synopsis is that he signed up for his first linode, fired it up, and it was 0wned within a few hours. Since then, he's been talking about this "unhackable os" he's planning on putting on his reincarnated linode in a few days.
11:19<anderiv>this "unhackable os" he's touting is FreeBSD. Little does he know that *BSD won't run on UML.
11:20<OvrLrd-Q>any os is hackable if you got an idiot running it
11:20<anderiv>anyway - nearly everyone else in the channel has passed him off as a troll...largely ignoring his pointless rants.
11:23<OvrLrd-Q>which distro was he using?
11:23<anderiv>OvrLrd-Q: debian I believe.
11:23<anderiv>he didn't know about apt, so he went about installing all of his apps from tarballs.
11:25<OvrLrd-Q>well atleast he wasn't using rpm's ;)
11:25<anderiv>I believe there is an rpm2deb package out there to do the conversion.
11:25<anderiv>...never used it, though.
11:34<ximbiot>does deb have an equivalent to rpm -q --whatprovides or rpm -q --list?
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11:37<OvrLrd-Q>dunno what either of those do
11:38<OvrLrd-Q>if whatprovides means what package does this file belong do, yes
11:38<OvrLrd-Q>and if list means what files this package contains, yes again
11:38<ximbiot>exactly. and -q --list lists all files provided by a package.
11:39<ximbiot>what are the deb equivalents?
11:39<OvrLrd-Q>dpkg -S and dpkg -L respectively
11:41<ximbiot>that did the trick. thanks.
11:57<lucca>I always just looked at /var/lib/dpkg/info/(package).list
11:58<lucca>dpkg is probably a cleaner way to go from an abstraction point of view, but knowing about dpkg's directories is handy when you need to edit the postinstall or pre/post remove scripts
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17:12<bvanderveen>i've invested a lot of time into a java servlet-based web application, and since the beginning i've been planning to run it on a linode. however, it is a serious memory hog. i'm talking 60+ megs just for the application (this is under windows, with tomcat 5.5.9 stand-alone, not the apache module). add in the postgresql database, other sites which depend on apache2/php/mysql, and assorted services, and it's going to be a
17:12<bvanderveen>i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with java servlets on linodes. is the tomcat apache module smaller than the standalone? is there another servlet container that is lighter than tomcat? any other suggestions for someone in my situation? thanks a lot.
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18:02<linbot>New news from forums: Distro: Ubuntu 6.06 in Announcements <>
18:09<linbot>New news from forums: New Feature - CPU Usage Graphs in Announcements <>
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18:30<rainkid>does linode offer a 30 day money back guarantee? also, are asterisk servers allows?
18:30<tseng>no and yes
18:30<@caker>rainkid: 7 day
18:30<rainkid>7 day money back guarantee?
18:30<rainkid>done deal. sign me up.
18:30<rainkid>i'll do it online :)
18:34|-|rainkid2 [] has joined #linode
18:35<rainkid2>okay.. the other question is, how much bandwidth (as in connection speed, not bandwidth allowance) is available to a linode 200 account?
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18:36<@caker>rainkid: it's a shared 100-200mbit link (depending on datacenter)
18:36<rainkid2>can i asked shared among how many?
18:36<@caker>rainkid2: our average usage per datacenter is 20-30mbit, so there's usually always surplus b/w
18:37<rainkid2>now, the last question. your disk IO is normal right? i test drove another VPS provider before finding you guys, and their disk IO was 28X slower than my dinky 10GB harddrive from eons ago.
18:38<tseng>people can cripple the IO by being jerks
18:38<@caker>rainkid2: we've got a special patch that allows us to limit IO on nodes that abuse disk usage, so that protects the other nodes on the same host
18:38<tseng>but normally it is very fast
18:38<rainkid2>its important for asterisk voicemail
18:38<@caker>ya .. basically, if you don't swap thrash you'll be fine
18:38<rainkid2>besides porn/spam, is there anything else you guys do not allow?
18:39<@caker>rainkid2: basically don't do anything illegal/DDoS/SPAM and you'll be fine
18:39<Eman>no porn? /me deletes files
18:39<rainkid2>got it.
18:39<rainkid2>really signing up now
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18:49<@mikegrb>Eman: legal porn is okay
18:49<@caker>his stuff is OK -- I checked
18:50<@caker>mikegrb: I got jpod, but haven't started reading it yet
18:52[~]mikegrb hasn't gotten it yet
18:53<bvanderveen>where can I find the terms of service for linodes?
18:55<bvanderveen>forget it, found them
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19:26<internat>Morning all
19:32<anderiv>internat: evenin'
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19:35<Quizzer>when you cancel an account is it cancelled effective once you click the button .. i just dont want to be charged next month
19:37<internat>yeah it is effective immediately
19:37<Quizzer>ok cool ..
19:37<internat>if u dont want to be charged for the next month, from memory, u have to cancel ur account, literally the nite before
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19:55<Eman>486 + windows 3.1 + ethernet + cash register program = hell
19:55<Eman>i have never been more irritated in my life then fixing that crap
20:02<internat>what was that for?
20:02<internat>id delete and make them get something new
20:02<Eman>some cash registers that all backed up data to an ancient server
20:03<Eman>the software worked rather well, they were having hardware failures tho
20:05<Eman>heh, first thing i did was rip out the coax ethernet
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22:16<rainkid>hi, running a centos 4.0 config. can i update to 4.3?
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22:49<@caker>rainkid: I don't see a reason why not ... just make sure you're running "Latest 2.6" kernel in your config
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