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03:48<blake>idiots in #debian
03:48<blake>anyone know the default password for phpmyadmin?
03:51<Eman>look in the config
03:52<blake>/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'secret'
03:52<blake>found it
03:52<blake>#debian deserves to die
03:52<blake>flaming morons
03:52<Eman>thats mysql's root pass, not phpmyadmin
03:52<@mikegrb>there is no default
03:53<@mikegrb>just like they told you in #debian
03:53<blake>ya but you use the rootpw from mysql to get into phpmyadmin
03:53<blake>mikegrb: they knew what i wanted, they didnt need to play around with me like that.
03:53<@mikegrb>if you had treated them nicer, they probably would have told you that
03:53<@mikegrb>they way you treated them, I don't blame them
03:53<@mikegrb>I wouldn't have told you either
03:54<blake>mikegrb: what kind of church are you a rev in?
03:54<@mikegrb>a nondenominational church
03:54<Eman>mikegrb is a bishop in the church of linode, while caker is the pope
03:55[~]Eman falls asleep... downloads at 4.7kb/sec from the ukraine make me bored
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04:22<Neurosis>can i ask you guys a question about distro choice? I have recently fucked my current distro royally... need to install a new one and was hoping for some advice
04:23<Neurosis> i just want it to be a server for apache,pop3 email(preferably with smtp-auth options that i have been unable to configure thus far),c/c++ dev,run php & mysql of course, and ftp... thats all i really need..
04:23<blake>they're going to tell you debian 3.1
04:23<blake>but im not sure
04:23<Neurosis>i've never used debian b4
04:23<blake>im trying to get mysql to work with it now
04:24<blake>people will tell you debian or ubuntu, they know better than me.
04:24<blake>dont use like redhat 9 or something though
04:24<Neurosis>lol cant be any worse than fc2
04:24<@mikegrb>over half of the linodes have debian installed
04:24<blake>thats what they told me
04:24<blake>so i use debian
04:25<Neurosis>is it simple?
04:25<blake>ya kinda
04:25<blake>more than other
04:25<blake>its a bare os
04:25<Neurosis>i was pondering slackware but i had some probs with that
04:25<blake>no bloat
04:25<blake>even gcc is not included
04:25<blake>just the basics
04:26<blake>Neurosis: give it a try
04:26<Neurosis>k i have to backup my web stuff real quick tho
04:26<blake>what are you on now?
04:27<Neurosis>im on my home comp now lol
04:27<Neurosis>mirc blake
04:28<Neurosis>this laptop goes apeshit on linux
04:28<Neurosis>and for what its worth xp64 is pretty fast on it..
04:28<Neurosis>gotta have my games...
04:30<Neurosis>i got a question.. allowing smtp access on ports other than 25 after an auth and allowing relay after auth of valid user... whats the best way to do that?
04:30<blake>im buying a new pc with 64 bit processor
04:31<Neurosis>i love 64bit
04:31<blake>does a 64 bit xp really make a difference?
04:31<blake>explain please
04:31<Neurosis>hehe yea
04:31<blake>besides running 64 bit apps, whats the advantage?
04:31<Neurosis>games i couldnt play on this machine w/ 32bit xp... play almost too fast under xp64
04:32<blake>wouldnt that be the graphics card that determines that?
04:32<Neurosis>the performance in all areas even 32bit apps is tenfold
04:32<Neurosis>yea but cpu does too
04:32<blake>like photoshop etc.
04:32<blake>run faster?
04:32<blake>progs like that?
04:32<Neurosis>o yea
04:32<blake>im getting an AMD 3800+ 64
04:32<Neurosis>i can open photoshop and 3dsmax while jamming winamp and then pop open gta san andreas without even thinking twice
04:33<Neurosis>i got 3200+
04:33<blake>with dual 512 mb gfx cards
04:33<blake>and 4 gigs ram
04:33<Neurosis>thats nice
04:33<blake>on ebay for $1,200
04:33<Neurosis>no kidding?
04:33[~]Neurosis forces himself to not go for his wallet
04:33<blake>WHAT GAMES YOU PLAY?
04:34<blake>the pc im on now barely plays cs 1.6
04:35<blake>cant wait for ups to show up with my new pc
04:35<Neurosis>the farcry w/ 64bit patch and extra content
04:35<Neurosis>omfg makes me want to jizz myself its so beautiful
04:35<Neurosis>the only issues i have now
04:35<blake>i cant wait for my new pc dude
04:36<Neurosis>are compatibility
04:36<@mikegrb>watch the language please
04:36<Neurosis>not speed
04:36<blake>lol Neurosis, only because young children may be on an irc channel for linux vps at 5:30 am
04:37<blake>either that or some people cant handle "naughty words" in here
04:37<blake>one or the other
04:37<blake>Xel in specific
04:37<blake>i think hes like 8
04:37<@mikegrb>there are young children here now
04:38<blake>who? me?
04:38<blake>that the joke?
04:40<Neurosis>k backing up server and going to take the plunge
04:40[~]Neurosis is gonna need more coffee
04:43<@mikegrb>Neurosis: are you on duty or just staying up all night?
04:43<blake>what is he? like security guard or something?
04:43<blake>i always thought that would be a cool job doing that late at nite
04:44<blake>just getting to chill out
04:44<Neurosis>my current orders have me in night school so i tend to stay up til 6am
04:44<Neurosis>blake: navy
04:45<blake>lol navy
04:45<Neurosis>i made 3rd class yay
04:45<Neurosis>i have that havent watched it yet
04:46<Neurosis>is it any good?
04:47<blake>you shouldnt have it, its not on dvd.
04:47<blake>admitting to warez?
04:47<blake>thats an auto kill of your linode
04:47<blake>be careful sir
04:47<Neurosis>there are no warez on my linode i assure you
04:48<Neurosis>most of my traffic is from email spammers relaying cuz i dont know how to config sendmail proper lol
04:50<blake>i watched running scared dvdrip
04:51<blake>get that, its a great movie.
04:51<Neurosis>that is a good movie
04:51<blake>ya i know
04:51<Neurosis>u seen the remake of the hills have eyes?
04:51<blake>just watched it tonight
04:51<blake>before the dvd
04:51<blake>and loved it
04:51<blake>i like when they get eaten
04:51<Neurosis>hehe my girl flipped out when she saw it
04:52<Neurosis>everytime something jumped out i bumped her she doesnt speak great english so she turns to me after about the fifth time i scare her and goes "I swear, one time more, I am fight you"
04:52<Neurosis>i of course simple cracked up
04:53<blake>dude owned
04:53<blake>what is she, like russian?
04:53<Neurosis>gorgeous too
04:53<tseng>blake: that is the most tasteless thing ive seen you say so far
04:54<blake>tseng: what,
04:55<tseng>if you dont understand why that is in bad taste, you should probably just close your client now
04:56<blake>explain to me
04:56<tseng>its enough for you to be a jerk to people in here with no provocation
04:56<tseng>and then to act like a baby when someone turns it around on you
04:56<blake>who turned what on me?
04:56<tseng>personal attacks against someones girlfriend who isnt even here is pretty over the top
04:57<tseng>you've had at least one "final warning"
04:58<blake>i didnt attack
04:58<blake>never mind
04:58<tseng>yes, nevermind. please leave.
04:58<blake>it wasnt meant to be an attack
04:58<blake>i see how it came off that way
04:58<tseng>do you understand the word "connotation"
04:58<blake>lemme google it
04:59<tseng>its ok
04:59<tseng>you wouldnt understand.
05:01<Neurosis> <--- ethiopian hotness
05:01<Neurosis>i like russians too tho ;)
05:03<Neurosis>k here goes the neighborhood... installing debian
05:03[~]Neurosis crosses fingers
05:03<Neurosis>if anything explodes on you guys end.. just know i am very sorry
05:06<blake>whats secondlife
05:06<blake>a game?
05:06<blake>like the sims?
05:06<Neurosis>not at al like the sims
05:06<blake>like sims online i mean
05:06<blake>is it free?
05:06<Neurosis>free accounts yes.. but u cant own land
05:06<Neurosis>the world is much hugermongous than the sims online
05:06<blake>rofl own land
05:07<blake>and you have to pay for homes and stuff?
05:07<blake>sounds kinda cool
05:07<Neurosis>you make them
05:07<blake>how do you build a house?
05:07<Neurosis>its 100% user created world
05:07<blake>free once you own land?
05:07<Neurosis>you can always build
05:07<blake>not if you dont have land...
05:07<Neurosis>they have sandboxes
05:07<Neurosis>for that
05:08<blake>that sounds cool
05:08<Neurosis>you can make something then take into inventory
05:08<blake>is it graphics card intensive?
05:08<Neurosis>the whole world loads as you see it lol
05:08<Neurosis>its constantly changing
05:09<Neurosis>its fun and some ppl make a good deal of real money in there
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05:10|-|blake kicked [#linode] mikegrb [language. you've had many, many, many warnings]
05:40<Neurosis>what is TLS?
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06:47<warewolf>caker/mikegrb- any good spam abuse contact info for TP? There's a spammer in TP (who bought a netblock from TP) who I want to kill.
06:59<Dreamr_3>is there a swap thrashing fix for Xen yet?
06:59[~]warewolf kicks sendmail
06:59<warewolf>dammit, spammers go away
06:59<warewolf>now spammers are DoSing me by holding X number of SMTP connections open
07:00<warewolf>and now I can't send mail until one goes away
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07:05<encode>warewolf: kill -9 sendmail
07:06<warewolf>I -15'd three obviously spam processes.
07:07<JasonF>warewolf: email abuse@theplanet
07:07<JasonF>or call their customer support number
07:07[~]warewolf nods
07:08<JasonF>I'd say do both
07:08[~]JasonF works for an email marketing company
07:08<encode>warewolf: while you're waiting for them to stop, watch this hilarious clip about cancelling an AOL account ->
07:08<warewolf>saw it
07:08<warewolf>on MSNTV
07:09<encode>oh :S
07:11<warewolf>haha HAHAHAAHAHA
07:11<warewolf> 100 percent power and network SLA
07:11<warewolf>I wonder how much money caker gets out of TP for breaking that SLA
07:12<JasonF>warewolf: do you have a full set of headers from one of those emails?
07:12<warewolf>you want a forward?
07:12<JasonF>care to paste it to me in a pm
07:12<warewolf>how about I nopaste it
07:12<JasonF>i just wanna get a look
07:14<JasonF>The Planet reserves the right at all times to investigate any actual, suspected, or alleged violations of this AUP, with such investigation to include accessing of data and records on, or associated with, any Server.
07:14<JasonF>yikes@the last clause
07:14<JasonF>my conspiracy alarms just went a-wailin
07:14<warewolf>don't you remember?
07:14<warewolf>TP was begging mikegrb for root on a linode
07:14<warewolf>he politely told them to fuck off
07:15<encode>thats something i've always wondered about - how do you politely say that to someone?
07:15<@mikegrb>they do it twice a week
07:15<JasonF>warewolf: #
07:15<@mikegrb>the answer is always no I says
07:16<JasonF>warewolf: lines 43-37
07:16<JasonF>report them to
07:16<warewolf>yeah I know
07:16<warewolf>servermatrix == theplanet
07:16<JasonF>spammers are annoying
07:16<warewolf>TP is annoying.
07:16<warewolf>mikegrb- btw, keep up the good work telling TP to go away.
07:17<JasonF>I work in opt-in email marketing, and it pisses me off. Everyone is so touchy about blacklisting any bulk mailers, even the non-spammy ones
07:17<JasonF>and it's all because of SPAMMERS!
07:17<warewolf>well the thing that annoys me, is you see the X-Envelope-To: header?
07:17<warewolf>that's a custom sendmail hack for me to save the smtp envelope address
07:17<warewolf>that address is my PERL CPAN ADDRESS
07:17<warewolf>those bastards harvested it out of perl cpan
07:17<JasonF> 1-$ bash
07:17<warewolf>I get *so much spam* to that address
07:17<JasonF>well good luck
07:18<JasonF>i have to go take care of my 1mil emails/day servers :P
07:18<warewolf>for some reason, this "Carl E. Jones" "Clown school" crap gets through all my filters
07:18<warewolf>even after I make SA train on it
07:18<JasonF>make something custom on procmail for it
07:18<warewolf>I probally will
07:18<warewolf>get this
07:18[~]warewolf nopastes again
07:19<warewolf>check that out jasonf
07:19<warewolf>"I think some addresses were added to this list in error"
07:19<warewolf>what a crock
07:20<warewolf>actually I think I'll blackhole
07:20<JasonF> people who say "ooopsie" are usually idiots
07:21<JasonF>trust me, some people have no idea that purchasing a list of email addresses is wrong
07:21<JasonF>we have to filter through those idiots daily
07:22<JasonF>snail mail him a box of poo
07:22[~]JasonF leaves for work
07:22<warewolf>I would, but that would be violating federal law.
07:22<encode>it would?
07:23<encode>how about if someone from another country did it?
07:23<warewolf>probally a violation of customs, importing a biohazard.
07:23<encode>oh yeah, heheh
07:23<warewolf>I saw a scan of a letter mailed out to fairfax county residents
07:24<encode>maybe a letter saying "you've got anthrax" and some talcum powder then
07:24<warewolf>someone was "depositing human feces" in a public mail-box.
07:24<encode>although thats probably even more of a violation of federal law
07:24<warewolf>ya know, the big blue ones USPS puts on random street corners.
07:24<encode>well, no
07:24[~]encode does not live in the US
07:25<warewolf>they're the same size as street-side newspaper vending machines
07:25<warewolf>I know you have those ;)
07:25<warewolf>you don't have street-side newspaper vending machines:?
07:25<warewolf>you're kidding
07:25<warewolf>where do you live?
07:25<encode>i've never seen one in australia
07:25[~]encode lives in sydney
07:26<@mikegrb>he lives in !us
07:26<encode>you know, like the 5th biggest city in the world :P
07:26<@mikegrb>they aren't very popular outside the us
07:26<warewolf>I saw them in london
07:26<warewolf>so I assumed they were everywhere
07:27<encode>well now you know better
07:27<warewolf>.au sucks for two reasons in my head now
07:27<warewolf>1) anti-porn legislation
07:27<warewolf>2) no newspaper vending machines
07:27<encode>3) expensive/slow broadband
07:28<warewolf>anyone remember the "virtual girlfriend"
07:29<warewolf>bernadette taylor, based out of Perth
07:39<JasonF>warewolf: yeah, I went to australia
07:39<JasonF>never seen it
07:39<JasonF>those aren't newspaper vending machines, those are mailboxes
07:40<JasonF>they have vending machines
07:40<JasonF>i got a copy of the western australia times or something like that outta it
07:40<JasonF>when i went there
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07:50<warewolf>ok that's four times my upses have screamed now
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07:54<{aaron}>hi guys, is there any official solution from redhat (or anyone) for the fc3/uml/db4 issue?
07:54<{aaron}>or do I just download the random RPM and cross my fingers and hope it doesn't munge my system?
07:54<warewolf>what exactly are you talking about
07:54<warewolf>what's the issue
07:55<{aaron}>the issue is that db4 for FC3 is apparently compiled in a way that is incompatible with UML
07:55<{aaron}>(and hence linode)
07:55<{aaron}>apparently you have to download a 3rd party RPM
07:55<warewolf>hold on, still reading
07:55<graham>My linode seems to of wedged during boot (host35).
07:55<warewolf>oh, it's NTPL?
07:56<{aaron}>warewolf: ... i guess
07:56<{aaron}>warewolf: there is a long redhat bug thread on the problem
07:56<warewolf>$ rm -f .dbtest/* ; LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 ./locktest
07:56<warewolf>see that in the redhat bug?
07:56<warewolf>you're talking about RPM locking up on a futex, right?
07:56<{aaron}>whatever raman posted about yes
07:57<warewolf>I just pasted that LD_ASSUME_KERNEL thing in there.
07:57<warewolf>the issue you're haing is rpm "locks up" right?
07:57<warewolf>and you have to kill -9 it to get it to die, right?
07:57<{aaron}>no. the issue is actually with cyrus-imapd
07:57<{aaron}>rpm is cool (as far as i know)
07:58<{aaron}>if you look in the comments, other people are mentioning cyrus also
07:58<graham>Did a Lish reboot and it's better now.
07:58<{aaron}>comment 54 is exactly what is happening to me:
07:59<warewolf>aaron- try tweaking your cyrus /etc/init.d script to run cyrus-imapd with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 cyrus-imapd
07:59<warewolf>aaron- if that works, leave it that way
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07:59<{aaron}>warewolf: ok, thanks
07:59<warewolf>that LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 is generally the fix for that
08:00<warewolf>any particular reason you're usingcyrus imap?
08:00<warewolf>dovecot is an excellent alternate.
08:00<{aaron}>no particular reason except that's what the existing tutorials for setting up ssl/tls/postfix/saslauthd all reference
08:00<{aaron}>i may have looked at dovecot, but i forget now
08:00<{aaron}>i'm open to alternatives
08:01<warewolf>what's your mail store
08:01<warewolf>mbox, or maildir?
08:01<warewolf>eh, doesn't really matter, dovecot supports them all
08:01<{aaron}>no clue... let me check, i presum mbox
08:01<{aaron}>i have no useful mail on this system anyway ;p
08:01<warewolf>where's the user's mail stored, $HOME/Maildir or /var/spool/mail/$USER or something else?
08:02<warewolf>er, /var/mail/$USER too.
08:02<{aaron}>i have a $HOME/Maildir
08:02<{aaron}>there is also /var/spool/mail/$USER, but it's empty and the Maildir isn't, so I guess that means it's landing in Maildir
08:02<warewolf>ok then your mail format is Maildir.
08:03<{aaron}>dovecot looks nice...
08:03<warewolf>very feature rich, high performance, and designed with security in mind.
08:03<{aaron}>cool, i'll give it a shot
08:04<{aaron}>cyrus always seemed old and clunky to me...i don't even know if it is actively maintained any more
08:04<{aaron}>and saslauthd sucks
08:04<warewolf>dovecot even has a plugin methodology
08:04<warewolf>I know someone who wrote a plugin for spam training
08:04<{aaron}>cool, there is a yum rpm... i'll give it a shot
08:05<warewolf>don't use an out of the box rpm for dovecot
08:05<warewolf>compile it yourself
08:05<warewolf>it's easier that way
08:05<warewolf>less error prone
08:05<warewolf>with libraries and crap
08:05<internat>is dovecot better then courier?
08:05<{aaron}>courier is also an MTA i think
08:05<warewolf>I like dovecot, but whatever suites you is best
08:05<warewolf>take a look at it
08:06<internat>nah i just use courier {imap|pop}
08:06<warewolf>no no courier is a MDA
08:06<internat>i use postfix as a mta
08:06<warewolf>mail delivery agent
08:06<internat>there is a courier mta
08:06<warewolf>ala procmail
08:06<warewolf>you're kidding
08:06<warewolf>why does courier have to do everything?
08:15<warewolf>the girl who stuck me yesterday when I gave blood did an excellent job of hitting the vein dead-on
08:15<warewolf>no bruise
08:15<kriby>you should take the credit for that. you apparently didn't "make a muscle"
08:16<warewolf>you mean tense up?
08:16<warewolf>I'm always relaxed
08:16<warewolf>I have no issues with giving blood
08:16<kriby>i do, therefore i don't
08:16<warewolf>so I guess you don't give blood often
08:17<warewolf>unless it's like, to get bloodwork tests done
08:17<kriby>unless i get stabbed (and, thankfully, that hasn't happened yet) i don't
08:17<npmr>no one's ever had a problem getting a needle into me veins
08:17<npmr>they are big and near the surface
08:17<npmr>but damn i hate the experience
08:17<kriby>needles comprise my most obvious and annoying irrational fear
08:17[~]warewolf loves giving blood
08:18[~]mikegrb checks the calendar
08:18<warewolf>kriby- I have a coworker who says things like this: "I hate needles. More than that, I *really* hate *BUGS* with needles."
08:18<@mikegrb>saturday I give blood
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09:09<linbot>New news from forums: Jabberd2 Works for users inside the server, but not S2S... in General Discussion <>
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11:50<linbot>New news from forums: Very restrictive access? in Linux Networking <>
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12:46<linbot>New news from forums: Slackware 10.2 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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12:52<xinu>my linode died and finnix won't let me login, help?
12:53<xinu>lish login just hangs at: VFS: Mounted root (squashfs filesystem) readonly.
12:57<xinu>looks like it's gonna be one of those days...
12:58<tseng>how did it "die"?
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13:00<xinu>i just turned it off and then it wouldn't restart, it hangs at this: VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.
13:02<xinu>i didn't change anything and it's been up for about a year now, never seen this error.
13:04<xinu>up for a year, in between kernel panic every few days
13:04<tseng>sounds like the fs is managed
13:05<xinu>finnix did work one time, and i was able to fsck my partitions, they're fine.
13:06[~]xinu kinda wonders if other nodes on this host will have the problem when they restart...
13:13<@caker>xinu: try booting with "Latest 2.6"
13:14<xinu>that's what i usually use
13:14[~]xinu tries again...
13:17<@caker>xinu: look good to me
13:17<xinu>did you fix something?
13:17<@caker>I didn't touch anything
13:18<xinu>you just payed attention and it fixed itself =)
13:19<xinu>thank you sir
13:23<afv-13>any idea why php's exec doesn't work when i'm using fastcgi and lighttpd?
13:29<afv-13>well if works when i call php -f from bash
13:29<kriby>is it a path issue?
13:29<kriby>or are you exec'ing absolute path'd executables...
13:30<afv-13>lemme try absolute path
13:31[~]afv-13 slaps himself
13:31<afv-13>thanks for the help kriby
13:31<afv-13>it was pebkac
13:45|-|xinu [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
13:46<{aaron}>hi i'm testing out mail and i notice that apparently zoneedit is refusing connections from, apparently, a linode ip (it's not my host ip)
13:46<{aaron}> Service unavailable; Client hos
13:46<{aaron}>t [] blocked using
13:46<{aaron}>is there anything to do about this?
13:46<{aaron}>or does it just mean my VPS is on a host with a VPS that blacklisted?
13:47<@mikegrb>that's not a linode ip
13:47<@mikegrb>that's zoneedits ip
13:47<@mikegrb>this log is from your mailserver/
13:47<{aaron}>Hah. it looks like mail5.zoneedit is refusing mail4.zoneedit
13:48<@mikegrb>they shouldn't get themselves blacklisted
13:48<@mikegrb>of course, they should have their own mailservers whitelisted
13:48<{aaron}>that's pretty funny
13:52|-|xinu [] has joined #linode
13:59<{aaron}>actually that may be a spurious error from postfix...if i try to send mail without TLS my postfix gives me that error also until I enable TLS on the maybe it just has it's error messages mixed up
14:00<xinu>caker: i got into the node but many programs that usually run via cron were not working properly. so i shut it down, restart and get the readonly problem again.
14:02<xinu>it was strange, apache wasn't sharing memory and mysql only had 1 process (usualy around 10)
14:16<@caker>xinu: lemme try rebooting, one sec
14:22<@caker>xinu: I believe this is a bug in UML with large memory allocations ... reducing your memory (in the config) to 450M and it's booting correctly now
14:26<@caker>xinu: know off-hand what the previously working kernel version was?
14:28|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:29<xinu>iirc it was set to latest 2.6 series
14:29<@caker>yeah, that would have been 2.6.15
14:30<@caker>xinu: if you want/need that memory back, you might want to give latest 2.4 a try
14:30<@caker>that is, until we can debug this further
14:30<xinu>can the kernel just be switched without breaking anything?
14:31<@caker>I believe so
14:32<xinu>want me to try 2.4 right now and see what happens?
14:32<@caker>Sure -- make sure to set the memory radio box back to Max
14:33<Xel>caker, I really like the DNS manager from when I was playing with it.
14:33<xinu>ok let's see...
14:33<@caker>Xel: cool .. now all it needs to do is work :)
14:34[~]xinu had a feeling it was the host, too weird =)
14:34<@caker>xinu: I saw this exact problem a few weeks back, with another client that had loads of RAM
14:34<@caker>xinu: we had to do the same thing (reduce memory)
14:34<Xel>caker, well make mikegrb work on it.
14:35<Xel>You do enough around here
14:35[~]Xel hides from mikegrb .
14:35<@caker>Xel: :)
14:35<xinu>i guess the free ram upgrade is a downgrade for some of us, heh
14:35<Xel>I better not piss mikegrb - I don't want a personal bofh story about linode.
14:35<kriby>caker: xinu just said to give his extra ram to my account
14:35<@caker>kriby: oh, ok
14:37<@caker>xinu: pfft.. same issue with 2.4
14:37<xinu>good thing i don't need the ram, yet
14:40<@caker>xinu: I booted you back into 2.6, w/ 550M
14:40<@caker>it worked.
14:40<xinu>do you think the uml bug can eventually be fixed?
14:40<@caker>xinu: I'll let Jeff know and see what he says
14:40<xinu>cool, thanks man
14:41|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has joined #linode
15:07|-|JavaWoman [] has joined #linode
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15:20|-|valen2 [] has joined #linode
15:22|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
15:23<taupehat>ping caker mikegrb
15:27<xinu>how do we subtract extras, like ram
15:27<Eman>support ticket
15:27<@mikegrb>open a ticket
15:28|-|taupehat changed nick to taupehat_
15:28<xinu>ok, how much ram can a linode rally have b4 that uml bug kicks in?
15:28<@mikegrb>no clue ;)
15:29<@mikegrb>around 4-500 or so
15:29<tseng>use xen :)
15:29<@caker>xinu: not sure
15:29<xinu>does it vary between nodes?
15:29<@mikegrb>tseng: xen has pretty crappy preformance compared to uml :<
15:29<tseng>mikegrb: seriously?
15:29<@mikegrb>tseng: it's not an "enterprise" application yet
15:30<tseng>i thought it was the opposite
15:30<tseng>silly me
15:30<@mikegrb>it has lower cpu overhead, but that's not the only factor
15:30<xinu>how much max ram is known to be safe?
15:30<@mikegrb>we don't really know
15:30<@mikegrb>this is only the second time it's been an issue
15:30<xinu>since you sell 400 i thought that might be it
15:33<xinu>are you saying i need a new host?
15:34|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
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15:35<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (2006-06-22) in Xen Public Beta <>
15:36[~]xinu set ram to 400 and apache actually started, progress...
15:36<taupehat>haha, I'd hope so!
15:37<xinu>well it wouldn't start with 450 or more
15:40|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
15:42|-|valen2 [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
15:44<@caker>xinu: what was the problem with mem=550M?
15:44<@caker>xinu: stuff didn't work correctly?
15:49<@mikegrb>xinu: looks like jdike found the problem
15:49<@mikegrb>xinu: an option in the kernel config
15:51|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
15:51<xinu>things just don't look right but it seems fixable from inside the node, i was hoping it was b/c of the ram issue.
15:52<@caker>xinu: give me a few then I'll have a new kernel for you to try
15:53<xinu>programs that usually run via cron don't run, apache isn't sharing enough memory, mysql only has 1 process (usually around 10), just odd stuff.
15:53<xinu>np, thanks caker
16:11|-|xinu [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
16:18<Battousai>uh oh
16:20|-|xinu [] has joined #linode
16:23|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
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17:21[~]xinu got 500 ram working under the latest 2.4, 550 was too much
17:24<warewolf>that was fun.
17:24<warewolf>Subject: Red HAt Subscription Termination Notice from Account Representative
17:24[~]warewolf replies
17:25<warewolf>"No thanks, RHEL is too expensive for home use. I only needed to try it out before I got my office to commit to purchasing."
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17:56|-|ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
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18:55<konoko>i seem to have routing problems between my linode server and my swiss server, does anyone know if there is currently a routing problem at theplanet's datacenter?? i can connect to both servers from here, but i cannot link the servers and using traceroute from one server to the other gets "lost" after about 8 jumps
18:55<tseng>where does it get lost?
18:55<tseng>8 hops sounds like it is well out of linode's area of control
18:56<konoko>from the swiss server to the linode it gets lost at
18:56<konoko>from the linode to the swiss server it gets lost at
18:58|-|ishomatic [] has joined #linode
19:02<ishomatic>I have a quick question.
19:03<ishomatic>I'm trying to configure sendmail. and I think something's blocking port 25 from the outside.
19:03<tseng>probably more like your isp at home is blocking 25 outbound
19:03<tseng>linode doesnt block it.
19:04<ishomatic>no. I can telnet to port 25 on other boxes, just not my linode
19:04<tseng>linode doesnt block it.
19:04<konoko>check your firewall
19:05<ishomatic>I know redhat disables sendmail from listening to requests coming from other than localhost, but I'm pretty sure I changed that.
19:05<ishomatic>yeah, I was thinking about the firewall. so is that ipchains?
19:05<tseng>netstat --listen --tcp
19:05<Xel>iptables -L
19:06<Xel>But unless you configured it, it isn't going to have any rules
19:07<ishomatic>tseng, what should I look for with netstat? it includes the following: tcp 0 0 *:smtp *:* LISTEN
19:07<tseng>so, the * disproves your theory about listening to local host
19:07<tseng>was the point
19:08<Xel>ishomatic, what is the IP of your host?
19:08<Xel>I'll run an nmap (as long as that's ok with you) and tell you what I see.
19:10<tseng>it seems to be firewalled somewhere
19:10<tseng>it black holes
19:10<Xel>It's running
19:10<Xel>22, 21, 80
19:10<tseng>run 'setup;
19:10<tseng>and look at the firewall config
19:11<Xel>tseng: What did you use to get the drop response?
19:11<tseng>thats the point, DROP doesnt give a response
19:11<tseng>$ telnet 25
19:11<tseng>it black holes, no response
19:11<Xel>I got a deny
19:12<Xel>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
19:12<tseng>maybe my isp is black holing it
19:12<tseng>you're right
19:12<tseng>its a reject
19:12<Xel>It's either iptables with reject
19:12[~]tseng mumbles something about US ISPS
19:12<Xel>Or hmm...
19:12<Xel>something messed up
19:12<Xel>I set up my little iptables set the other day
19:13<Xel>1 icmp / sec
19:13<Xel>I'm thinking about posting my custom ruleset to the forums for people to use
19:13<Xel>But no one uses the forums anyways
19:14<ishomatic>so, setup doesn't seem to have any of my networking information... maybe because I configured things by hand.
19:15<Xel>ishomatic, is iptables -L empty?
19:15<Xel>... is there a rule for port 25?
19:16<Xel>ps auwx | grep sendmail | grep -v grep
19:16<ishomatic>no, it looks kind of weird. hold on a sec
19:16<Xel>(assuming you are running sendmail)
19:16<tseng>it is listening
19:16<tseng>already established that
19:16<Xel>tseng, could be fubar zombie process
19:16<Xel>Have to go from the more to less obvious/likely.
19:17<ishomatic>root 24448 0.0 3.3 5912 2524 ? S 19:37 0:00 sendmail: accepting connections
19:17<Xel>Ok, isho... you have to have a firewall blocking it then.
19:17<ishomatic>hmm.. that's not very readable
19:17<Xel>Yes that is.
19:17<tseng>try on the localhost
19:17<tseng>telnet 25
19:17<Xel>Yea do what tseng said
19:18<Xel>telnet localhost 25
19:18<Xel>Or that.
19:18<tseng>> HELO
19:18<tseng>it should respond
19:18<ishomatic>yeah that works.
19:18<tseng>ok then.
19:18<ishomatic>I tried that
19:18<Xel>It works?
19:19<ishomatic>yes, I can telnet as well
19:19<ishomatic>from the box
19:21<Xel>I'd need to see your firewall config to know that that wasn;t it.
19:21<ishomatic>iptables -L returns a line like this: ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:smtp flags:SYN,RST,ACK/SYN
19:21<ishomatic>also this: ACCEPT all -- anywhere anywhere
19:21<Xel>but defaults to drop
19:21<Xel>ill bet
19:21<ishomatic>no drop's
19:21<ishomatic>there are two reject lines
19:22<Xel>It doesnt say
19:22<Xel>Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
19:22<Xel>at the top?
19:22<ishomatic>no Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
19:22<Xel>Do you use a script to set your firewall up usually?
19:23<ishomatic>no, I don't recall doing any firewall setup.
19:23<ishomatic>where would I look for that script?
19:25<ishomatic>hey that's really strange
19:25<Xel>Maybe /etc/init.d
19:25<ishomatic>it seems to be working now.
19:25<Xel>ishomatic , I was going to tell you to type iptables -F
19:25<Xel>But that'd clear the iptables out
19:25<Xel>And I dont know where you load em from
19:25<tseng>250 Hello [], pleased to meet you
19:26<tseng>good job
19:26<ishomatic>but, I don't know what I did.
19:26<Xel>You registered your name .us tseng ?
19:27<tseng>Xel: i did
19:27<tseng>Xel: it was cheap
19:27<Xel>Dork :P
19:27<tseng>oh sorry
19:27<tseng>I was supposed to come up with something corny^wwitty
19:28<tseng>two words that dont normally go together .org
19:31<linbot>New news from forums: 'Announcements' mailing list? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
19:43<ishomatic>so is an mx record required? what if the domain resolves to the same IP as the mail server?
19:43<@mikegrb>technically no, in practice, yes
19:43<@mikegrb>many servers will reject mail from you if you don't have them
19:44<ishomatic>ic, thanks.
19:45<@mikegrb>just remember, the mx record must be a name and not an ip
19:50<ishomatic>really? Can it be a name in a different domain?
19:51|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
19:53|-|internat [] has joined #linode
19:57<ishomatic>I think I finally got this working.
19:57<ishomatic>thank you all for the help. you guys are great
19:57|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
19:57<ishomatic>special thanks to Xel, tseng, and mikegrp
20:05|-|kokoko [] has joined #linode
20:06[~]caker takes on a clogged drain and loses
20:07<@caker>I'm surprised (and scared) that snaking the drain didn't fix it
20:12[~]mikegrb snakes caker
20:12[~]mikegrb runs
20:12|-|konoko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:12<@mikegrb>caker: at lori's?
20:12[~]caker flows freely
20:13<@caker>otherwise, I'd be on the horn with the apt people
20:13<@mikegrb>how long was the snake?
20:13<@caker>(that's apartment, not apt for you geeks)
20:13<@caker>15 footer
20:13<@caker>direct feed into the drain
20:13<@caker>yeah, the trap and friends are all free
20:13<@mikegrb>all the drains slow/clogged?
20:14<@caker>No, which makes me think it's just from there to the main drain (you said main drain)
20:14<@caker>can't plunge it because there are two sinks, and the dish washer which I can't plug
20:14<@mikegrb>know how far it is? is it possible it's longer then 15 ft?
20:15<@mikegrb>not feeling anything with the snake I presume
20:15<@caker>Doubtful - I didn't have the snake in all the way (maybe 6 feet left) but it felt like I got it ..
20:15<womble>Jeez, you can get tech support for *anything* in #linode...
20:15[~]mikegrb watches way to much of the DIY network
20:15<@caker>yeah, time to take it all apart again, once it drains the water I used to test it with
20:15<@caker>womble: heh
20:16<@mikegrb>well it doesn't sound like it's the main line which is good
20:16<@caker>yeah, no kidding -- scary
20:16<@mikegrb>root problems mainly occur in the line from the house to the sewer line
20:16<@mikegrb>and can be costly to repair
20:16<@mikegrb>lots of digging
20:16<@caker>yup -- that happened at my previous g/f's house, but she was renting
20:16<@mikegrb>and replacing of pipe
20:16<@caker>it was nasty
20:16<@caker>these are all cast iron drains, too (this house is ~50 years old or so)
20:17<@mikegrb>but those sewer lines should all be above ground in the crawlspace, right?
20:17<@caker>mikegrb: funny that last year when you came for your interview, that there were plumbing problems, too
20:17<@mikegrb>but they can corode and rust
20:17<@caker>that kitchin hates me
20:17<@caker>I've fixed a bunch of stuff in there already
20:17<@mikegrb>swimming pool in the crawl space
20:17<@caker>btw, that required a new water feed from the street -- as the house had settled and pinched the pipe
20:18<@mikegrb>exepsnive and left a good bit or yard along the route distrubed, no doubt
20:19<@caker>oh, actually I think she worked it out so they didn't have to dig an entire new line, maybe just the part through the foundation was replaced
20:19[~]mikegrb grew up watching this old house, new yankee workshop, hometime, etc on saturday mornings instead of catoons
20:19<@mikegrb>that's much better
20:19<@caker>har .. I tivo TOH and get up to a "new" episode every day (the re-run ones)
20:19<@caker>TOH classics
20:19<@mikegrb>there are many
20:20<@mikegrb>unfortunately there aren't so many new for me :<
20:20<@mikegrb>but diy has lots of stuff I haven't seen
20:20<@mikegrb>we never had cable when I was growing up
20:29|-|ishomatic [] has quit [Quit: ishomatic]
20:33<@caker>yeah, was posted to my moto list this morning .. nutsd
20:42[~]eFUDd looks at amex
20:42<eFUDd>Redeem for a HP IPAQ for as low as 94,008 points
20:43<@caker>is that a lot?
20:44<eFUDd>it's generally about 1:1 dollar spent for point earned
20:44<eFUDd>hey, start using amex to buy your gear for linode :)
20:45<eFUDd>ooh. smoothie machine for 7500pts
20:46<@caker>hmm, smoothie machines via google are only like 40 bucks
20:46<eFUDd>yes..slight sarcasm on my part.
20:46<eFUDd>amex points are only really useful when you have a few hundred K of them and get a vacation or soemthing
20:46<eFUDd>i'm up to 10k points thus far this year
20:47<@caker>my dad got suckered into signing up for one of those cash back/matching citibank cards .. their contract is a mile long/lots of limits,etc... basically, not worth it
20:47<eFUDd>amex points are straight forward really.
20:47<eFUDd>10k points gets you $100 gift certificate at places..
20:48<eFUDd>Richard Petty Ride-Along Experience
20:48<eFUDd>Sports & Adventure
20:48<eFUDd>Richard Petty Driving Experience
20:48<@caker>what's that cost, IRL?
20:48<@caker>a few grand, I assume?
20:48<eFUDd>oh. ride-along...
20:48<eFUDd>prolly $100? :)
20:49<@caker>cheaper than I expected
20:49<eFUDd>hah. 404 for the first link on google searching for "Richard Petty Ride-Along Experience"
20:50<eFUDd>yeah $~100 for ride along
20:51<eFUDd>i'd like to to the bondurant vette thingy
20:51|-|thoth39 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:52<eFUDd>think it's bondurant anyway.
20:52|-|ElectricElf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:53<eFUDd>so, for about 10-12k, you can learn to drive nascar!
20:55<eFUDd>yeah, saw that.
20:55<@mikegrb>I've concidered the idea off the led signboards in the back window before
21:00|-|ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
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22:14<warewolf>it is storming outside.
22:14<warewolf>I feel like I should go get my camera
22:14<encode>i feel like you should too
22:14|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
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23:17<warewolf>I think it was way too overcast for me to take pictures
23:28<Dreamer3>any Xen people around?
23:29<warewolf>damn, I did actually manage to get a picture of a bolt of lightning, but it was mostly obscured by a cloud
23:30<warewolf>if I turn up the exposure two steps in after processing one pic looks like daylight
23:31<warewolf>wow is it ever grainy too
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