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06:44<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.17-linode21 (Latest 2.6) in Announcements <>
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08:40<{aaron}>hi guys, just curious: i saw that announcement about the ram upgrade, but I don't think i'm seeing mine... i have a "linode 80" (now 100) but top is showing ~74mb
08:40<tseng>you need to reboot
08:40<{aaron}>i think i have
08:41<{aaron}>i can try again though
08:41<{aaron}>just wanted to check before i did it again
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08:50<javafueled>caker, how's that FC5 image coming along? :)
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09:14<internat>type free to see how much memory u have properly btw
09:15<Karnaugh>karnaugh@kalfu:~$ free -m total used free shared buffers cached
09:15<Karnaugh>Mem: 93 89 3 0 8 49
09:15<Karnaugh>-/+ buffers/cache: 31 62
09:16<internat>yeah close enuff :)
09:18<internat>nf@broken:~$ free -m
09:18<internat> total used free shared buffers cached
09:18<internat>Mem: 141 128 13 0 3 17
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09:43<{aaron}>yeah i've used free, reports the same
09:44<internat>if its showing up as 80 still
09:44<internat>check ur config on the LPM
09:44<internat>cause u can limit ram size there for testing purposes so maybe u set it to 80
09:44<internat>rather then MAX
09:44<{aaron}>the profile is set to max/100, i'll just reboot and see
09:45<{aaron}>but now i'm ensuring i have init scripts for my services
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10:07<{aaron}>yeah, rebooting caught it :)
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12:50<tierra>ugh, wrong keyboard, gotta stop doing that
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13:19[~]javafueled wonders what keyboard tierra was using
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13:23<tierra>just got a new iMac, but haven't gotten my hands on a KVM just yet, so I've got 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk, it gets a little confusing sometimes
13:23<tierra>doesn't help that the keyboards and mice look very similar
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14:24<@mikegrb>ha, yes
14:25<@mikegrb>tierra: install it on both
14:26<@mikegrb>tierra: move the mouse past the edge of one screen and it starts controlling the other
14:27<@mikegrb>nifty screensaver sync doesn't work with mac version yet (makes the screen saver of both computers turn on/off at the same time)
14:43<tseng>synergy is cool for awhile
14:43<tseng>i gave up on it and put my kvm back
14:44<@mikegrb>tseng: kvm with monitors not hooked up?
14:44<tseng>1 monitor intsead of 2
14:44<tseng>the 2nd monitor was only 15"
14:44<@mikegrb>tseng: I used it back in the day with an /old/ thinkpad for running irssi
14:44<@mikegrb>so that I had my main monitor free
14:44<tseng>i used it to control a windows and linux pc with one mousey
14:45<tseng>mostly to run Outlook all day
14:45<tseng>and cut/paste from emails/excel into shell
14:47<javafueled>mikegrb do you know how the FC5 image is coming along? caker mentioned it in the kernel thread a few days ago.
14:48<@mikegrb>I don't believe it's been started, but you would have to check with him
14:48<@mikegrb>it's not an extreme priority afaik
14:50<javafueled>caker did infer that he was "working on an FC5 image now." but no biggie. The FC2 image is humming along.
14:52<@mikegrb>if you already have it installed, why not just upgrade instead of reinstalling from scratch?
14:52<@mikegrb>it seems reinstalling from scratch is common for people not using debian/ubuntu
14:52<@mikegrb>guess it's more of a people used to windows thing
14:52<tseng>redhat recommends it
14:52<tseng>right in the installer
14:53<tseng>because rpm blows at upgrades, and they dont qa it
14:53<javafueled>oh, no. I'm actually pondering a FC2 > FC5 upgrade over yum. I recently did this with FC4 > FC5, no hiccups.
14:53<tierra>mikegrb: thanks, that could come in extremely useful
14:54<@mikegrb>tseng: yeah, just makes no sense, why someone would choose such a distro is beyond me, especially on a server
14:54<tierra>I remember hearing about that a long time ago, but completely forgot about it
14:54<@mikegrb>tseng: I mean, arbitrary downtime just to upgrade stuff, gross
14:54<tierra>the copy & paste feature is ++
14:55<@mikegrb>tierra: yeah
14:55<tseng>mikegrb: well, the distro choice is questionable
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14:55<javafueled>oh jeez. :)
14:55<tseng>doing an online upgrade of fc2 > fc5
14:55<tseng>doesnt sound smart either
14:55<@mikegrb>well no, I wouldn't do that with debian either
14:56<@mikegrb>but 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 should take < 10 mins and have no risk of problems
14:56<javafueled>well, I skipped the intermediate steps in my IRC short hand. :)
14:57<javafueled>i would follow the 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 method.
14:57<javafueled>and it is always a little more complicated that even that.
14:57<@mikegrb>javafueled: right, I understood that
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14:59<javafueled>brandon hutchinson documents it pretty well. all the way from Shrike (RHL9) to FC5. (
15:03<javafueled>question about using a different kernel on linode.
15:04<javafueled>i see that there is this new "2.6.17-linode21" kernel. how do I use this new kernel?
15:04<javafueled>set it in my configuration profile?
15:05<@mikegrb>or set it to "latest 2.6"
15:05<javafueled>reboot naturally.
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16:40<eFUDd>jason@forever ~ $ date;sleep 10;date
16:40<eFUDd>Fri Jun 23 17:39:40 EDT 2006
16:40<eFUDd>Fri Jun 23 17:39:49 EDT 2006
16:40<eFUDd>something is going wrong.. :)
16:40<eFUDd>'vmstat 1' produces MASSIVE spam like clock cycles are off.
16:41<eFUDd>load averages going up with no CPU users from a process perspective.
16:41[~]eFUDd thinks the host clock might be doing sompn fonky
16:41<@mikegrb>which kernel are you using?
16:41<eFUDd>Linux forever 2.6.17-rc2-linode19 #1 Wed Apr 26 17:31:10 EDT 2006 i686 UML User Mode Linux GNU/Linux
16:42<@mikegrb>yeah reboot to 2.6.17-linode21 iirc
16:42<eFUDd>what's wrong with this one?
16:42<@mikegrb>sleep 1 sleeps for 1 nsec
16:42<eFUDd>(been fine for 25 days.)
16:42<eFUDd>oh. HEH.
16:42<@mikegrb>slight bug
16:42<eFUDd>ok. i'll do it later, heading to dinner.
16:43<eFUDd>my visual load average is going up.. so if this node does sompn funky, free free to kick itmike.
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16:44<@mikegrb>need to login to the member's site first if you haven't recently
16:44<@mikegrb>summary: you're okay cpu wise
16:44<eFUDd>yah. figured...
16:44<eFUDd>only looking cause i just had a power outage locally...
16:45<@mikegrb>host is /excellent/
16:45<@mikegrb>so no worries
16:45<@mikegrb>enjoy dinner
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19:39<eFUDd>Wow. The local library has "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley classified as "Culture, Propaganda, Brainwashing"
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