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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-06-24

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00:11<warewolf>needs more cowbell.
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00:51<blake>im an idiot. does anybody know how amd processors run? i was assuming a 3800 would be 3.8 Ghz.
00:51<blake>I guess not.
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00:59|-|blake kicked [#linode] mikegrb [ban evasion]
01:01<warewolf>I concur
01:02<Eman>hahaha he got owned :D
01:02<warewolf>honestly I hope he lost other certian privileges aswell.
01:03<Eman>what did the jackass do to get banned?
01:03<warewolf>I'm sure logs will tell.
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01:37<Xel>He should be gone for other stuff
01:37<Xel>ie. attacking linode members with DDoS.
01:37<Xel>(or attempting to)
01:38<Eman>tards will be tards
01:40<lucca>tupperware parties are a very strange experience
01:41<warewolf>oh god
01:41<warewolf>this wasn't that kind of tupperware party, was it?
01:41<warewolf>if yes, I feel sorry for you man.
01:42<lucca>if by 'that kind' you mean where the decorated the house with 50s americana, dressed the part, and had a drag queen, then yes
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01:42<Xel>lucca, I could see you rivet-dancing in a sun-dress
01:42<warewolf>that wasn't what i meant, but I still feel sorry for you.
01:43<Eman>i think that warrants a 'lol'
01:43<lucca>a sun-dress eh?
01:43<Xel>Well not really.
01:43<warewolf>the kind of tupperware party I'm referring to is one that services uh .. women clientelle only, and uh .. has products named the "silver bullet".
01:44<Xel>Yea lucca, did you buy a vibrator?
01:44<lucca>not that I know of
01:44<warewolf>oh god I think I just bust my gut laughing
01:44<warewolf>"not that I know of"
01:44<Xel>Wait, you really did go to a tupperware party?
01:45<lucca>yep... heh
01:45<lucca>long story. I was more there for the barbeque held afterward
01:45<lucca>but they did chase me around with several long plastic things
01:46<lucca>mostly I'd say it was a surreal experience
01:46<warewolf>I'm not going to continue.
01:46<lucca>all that pastel colored plastic must do things to people
01:54[~]warewolf continues InuYasha marathon
01:55<warewolf>Subject: GOODBYE from
01:56<warewolf>finally unsubscribed from a list I don't read anymore
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02:07<@mikegrb>my wife does passion parties
02:07<@mikegrb>makes quite a bit
02:08<@mikegrb>made about 300 this evening
02:09<warewolf>right, those would be the "tupperware" parties I've heard about.
02:13<warewolf>wow, that was a stroll down memory lane
02:13<warewolf>I just figured out why I keep thinking this tuna salad I'm eating is missing crackers
02:14<warewolf>it was because back when I was younger, my mom used to pack me these little cans of tuna that had crackers, mayo, and sweet pickle relish
02:14<warewolf>lunchbox tuna salad sammich, except with crackers instead of bread
02:18<Battousai>i should unsubscrube from gentoo-dev
02:19<warewolf>with what, a bar of soap?
02:21<warewolf>er, I've apparently stumbled across some back-end web repo on
02:22<warewolf>this must be "What Giant is stocking this week" or something
02:28<linbot>New news from forums: Linode Three Year Anniversary and 25% additional RAM in Announcements <>
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04:17<Dreamr_3>any reason i acn't run nmap?
04:22<@mikegrb>as long as you have permission from the target
04:23<Dreamr_3>my vps to my vps
04:24<Dreamr_3>22, 80 and 443 :-)
04:25<Dreamr_3>now i'm trying how home connection
04:27<Dreamr_3> saw that paste and got curious about my boxes
04:27<stocksy>has anyone here got lighttpd + php5 working on debian sarge?
04:28<stocksy>I'm using the lighty and php5-cgi packages from backports and it segfaults
04:28<Dreamr_3>you can build lighty yourself though
04:28<Dreamr_3>not hard
04:29<@mikegrb>stocksy: which kernel?
04:29<Dreamr_3>what is segfaulting php or lighty?
04:29<stocksy>lighty is segfaulting
04:29<@mikegrb>try latest 2.6
04:30<Dreamr_3>stocksy: what verson of lighty?
04:30<stocksy>i did a strace here:
04:30<stocksy>it's 1.4.11
04:30<Dreamr_3>mikegrb: you seen
04:31<Dreamr_3>i don't think they are competition per se, but very nice Rails optimized VPSes :-)
04:31<Dreamr_3>i'm now a customer here and there :-)
04:31<@mikegrb>what makes them "rails optimized", that they have rails in their name?
04:32<Dreamr_3>no, they have Capistrano optimized gems that connect your local tools with there servers and makes deploying an app take like 5 minutes...
04:32<Dreamr_3>creates your database, setups or dir structures, reconfigures apache
04:32<Dreamr_3>nothing you couldn't do yourself, but it all works out of the box
04:33<stocksy>installing a 2.6 kernel now...
04:33<encode>would a train be considered rails optimised?
04:33<@mikegrb>encode: hopefully
04:33<Dreamr_3>encode: i'd think so ;-)
04:33<@mikegrb>so trucks are too
04:33<Dreamr_3>anyone else want an nmap scan? :-)
04:33<encode>Dreamr_3: yeah do me
04:33<Dreamr_3>encode: how do i know it's really YOU? :-)
04:34<@mikegrb>stocksy: it doesn't look like what I was thinking but I'd still suggest trying latest 2.6
04:34<encode>Dreamr_3: well considering you dont know me at all, its rather a pointless exercise to consider whether I am really me or not
04:34<@mikegrb>stocksy: 2.4 uml branch hasn't been maintained in some time, 2.6 has significant increases in preformance
04:34<Dreamr_3>stocksy: looks like a fastcgi issue
04:35<Dreamr_3>encode: make said i can't just hit up anyone, nor would iw ant to :-)
04:35<stocksy>mikegrb: Will the kernel-image-2.6-686 from the repo work ok with a linode?
04:35<@mikegrb>stocksy: the kernel is outside your Linode
04:35<Dreamr_3>encode: hit from that box and then i'll scan you
04:35<@mikegrb>stocksy: go to the member's site, click the configurations tab, click your config
04:36<@mikegrb>stocksy: then there is a dropdown for kenel selection
04:36<encode>Dreamr_3: got it?
04:36<Dreamr_3>encode: ip?
04:36<stocksy>I'll have a look..
04:36<@mikegrb>select latest 2.6 then hit save at the bottom of the page and reboot
04:36<Dreamr_3>encode: do you have a firewall or something to see if you can detect the scan if i do it stealth?
04:37<Dreamr_3>encode: confirm your IP
04:37<Dreamr_3>i think i got it though
04:37<stocksy>mikegrb: well I'll be damned :)
04:37<@mikegrb>stocksy: don't worry, I won't damn you, just bless you
04:38<encode>Dreamr_3: im not telling you my ip - if you cant figure it out from /whois and me hitting that website, then you dont deserve to nmap me
04:38<Dreamr_3>hold on, let me whois you :-)
04:38<stocksy>lol, rebooting now...
04:38<Dreamr_3>your whois is useless
04:38<Dreamr_3>i saw a wget hit, but i want to make sure it's you
04:38<Dreamr_3>i don't just scan people
04:39<encode>Dreamr_3: pm me the ip - i'll tell you yes or no
04:39<Dreamr_3>encode: hit /dumb_file
04:39<Dreamr_3>a much better test
04:39<Dreamr_3>got you
04:39<Dreamr_3>one sec
04:40<encode>just as well you're not a h4x0r, you'd never get a potential mark to be so cooperative
04:40<@mikegrb>stocksy: going to step out for a smoke but I'll be back
04:41<encode>Dreamr_3: ooh there we go
04:42<Dreamr_3>hahaha, what are you using?
04:51<Dreamr_3>encode: watching log is cheating
04:52<encode>yes it is
04:52<Dreamr_3>encode: care to paste a line or two of your log? what rules was catching it
04:56<stocksy>mikegrb: if you're back, I tried it again under 2.6, still broken :( I've also just tried it on my ubuntu laptop, no good there either
04:58<@mikegrb>stocksy: k, after seeing the syscall trace didn't expect it to
04:59<stocksy>ok. I was just using strace cus I know i'm supposed to - I didn't actually understand the output
05:10<Dreamr_3>stocksy: it looked like a fcgi problem
05:10<Dreamr_3>but i use Rails and mongrel now, so i don't even fool with fcgi anymore :-)
05:10<Dreamr_3>good riddance
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05:18<Eman>heh, my laptop crashed and popped up a nice box that said "UNKNOWN HARD ERROR"
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05:52<Eman>hrm, how hard is it to run your own nameserver?
06:01<Karnaugh>not hard
06:01<Karnaugh>but you do need two of them
06:02<Karnaugh>and its often very irritating to keep up with the random restrictions that certain registries impose
06:04<Eman>i guess i can wait for linode's dns stuff to be available
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06:09<Karnaugh>I want to steal Linodes DNS control panel :(
06:09<Karnaugh>doing that sort of stuff with Bind9 is easy though
06:09<Karnaugh>not so fun with tinydns
06:14<stocksy>Dreamr_3: Sorry, I was away. When you say it's an fcgi problem, what do you mean? Do I need another package?
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06:16<stocksy>if i do 'php5-cgi -v' it tells me it is cgi-fcgi
06:49<Eman>[7:49:15AM] <DogWomble> !8ball will i ever get married?
06:49<Eman>[7:49:16AM] <afro_> DogWomble, The Magic 8Ball replys, with of course when Linux 2.6 stablizes.
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08:16<nathany>i have a question re: adding storage to my linode
08:17<nathany>the interface says that the host has storage available, but when i try to add it I get an error message
08:17<nathany>any ideas?
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13:09<warewolf>it's not a good thing when the CPU you were considering purchasing is reviewed as a 'fairwell to socket939' and will 'go obsolete overnight'.
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14:17<Dreamr3>stocksy: just looked like it was bombing in the fcgi code is all
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16:44<fo0bar>warewolf: true. just get a 754... no wait, that's going to be dropped in about a year. what about AM2... err, I heard rumors that will only last a year or so as well. F? Err wait, that's not out yet.
16:44[~]fo0bar doesn't care too much
16:45<fo0bar>I never buy a >$100 mobo anyways, and rarely swap out CPUs on a mobo, so to me it rarely matters what socket a CPU is
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17:30<warewolf>I have the Asus A8V-Deluxe mobo
17:30<warewolf>it's still half decent, with how many HDs you can connect into it
17:35[~]fo0bar still has an original A7V
17:35<fo0bar>with a duron 750
17:36<warewolf>I'm considering upgrading my Athlon64 3500+ to an Athlon 64 FX 60
17:36<warewolf>dual core, 2.8ghz
17:36<warewolf>500mhz more umph, and another core
17:36<warewolf>oh, and another 512k of cache in each core
17:37<fo0bar>my most powerful machine is a 3400 754, which I am perfectly happy with
17:37<warewolf>er, pentium iv?
17:37<warewolf>or 754 pin?
17:37<warewolf><-- hasn't kept up on hardware these days, the whole SLI PCIX crap has me confused
17:38<warewolf>why do 1x PCIX slots look like oldschool "AMR" (audio modem riser) slots
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21:42<linbot>New news from forums: Stupid question time: kernel upgrade in General Discussion <>
21:44<Eman>hmmm anyone see this?
21:44<Eman>We have 1337 registered users
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22:47<taupehat>lol @ freenode
22:58<coumbes>anyone else having trouble on freenode?
22:58<taupehat>it's hacked
22:58<taupehat>someone stole lilo's account, k-lined all the staff, and did /squit to all the server
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22:59<coumbes>wow :-(
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23:00<Eman>did freenode run on blakes server then?
23:02<Eman>i was cracking a joke about blake and his hacked server
23:02<taupehat>don't know who blake is
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23:04<lucca>arg, poor freenode
23:04<taupehat>was bound to happen
23:05<taupehat>lilo was pissing too many people off
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23:06<Dreamer3>what's up with freenode tonight?
23:06<Eman>[11:58:34PM] <taupehat> someone stole lilo's account, k-lined all the staff, and did /squit to all the server
23:07<Dreamer3>are you serious?
23:07|-|taupehat changed nick to gloin
23:07<Dreamer3>a script kiddie took down the entire IRC network?
23:08<gloin>it's down, dead, kersplot
23:08<Dreamer3>scary, i feel like i don't know where to go
23:08<gloin>oftc, my friend
23:09<gloin>debian moved here a while back, I'm sure others are soon to follow
23:10<Dreamer3>debian was on freenode?
23:10<gloin>for years
23:10<Dreamer3>what happened to scare them?
23:10<gloin>long story
23:10<gloin>google it if you feel the need
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23:16<Dreamer3>back up
23:17<gloin>I'll let irssi reconnect it when it rolls around again
23:17|-|womble [] has joined #linode
23:18<gloin>21:17 [freenode] -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server port 6667 [Connection refused]
23:18<gloin>they're probably sewing all the servers back together
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23:25<fo0bar>ha ha freenode
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23:36<Dreamer3>does no one here like freenode?
23:36<Dreamer3>i've been on like 1.5 years and this is the first problem like this i've seen
23:36<gloin>I've been on freenode (openprojects) since about 1999
23:36<gloin>it's getting worse
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