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00:39<warewolf>you'll notice that there is no lilo on irc.
00:39<warewolf>that isn't unintentional.
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00:40<tronix>top o' night. question:
00:40<tronix>if i/o limited (refill tokens=50, max tokens=20,000),
00:40<tronix>will it still be i/o limited after a reboot?
00:40<warewolf>untill mikegrb/caker unlimit you
00:40<warewolf>you need to figure out why you are thrashing
00:41<gloin>hi warewolf
00:41<tronix>weekly backups
00:41<tronix>(which is done now.)
00:41<warewolf>you need to find a better solution, because if you're limited you were causing problems for other people most likely
00:41<tronix>yep, nice -20'ing to stretch out i/o writes
00:42<tronix>or whatever lowering priority was
00:42<warewolf>+20 is low priority
00:42<tronix>+20 :)
00:42<tronix>whatever low priority is.
00:42<warewolf>-20 is omfg give me priority now
00:42<tronix>+20 it was.
00:42<tronix>I just don't remember what it is now (tired) but it's
00:42<tronix>set correctly
00:42<tronix>for the next run.
00:43<warewolf>talk to caker/mikegrb, they might have some intelligent input for you
00:43<tronix>i'll find 'em later. no sweat. thanks.
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02:01<gene203>hi caker, mike, are you aware that host53 is dead?
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02:02<gene203>oops, my mistake
02:02<gene203>it seems okay now.
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09:10<hostwired>is the owner or admin of this server online please
09:10<warewolf>this server?
09:10<warewolf>please clarify
09:11<hostwired>i am looking for anyone that works or runs
09:11<warewolf>those would be mikegrb, and caker.
09:11<hostwired>thank you
09:12<warewolf>they might not be awake yet
09:13<hostwired>well they have 24 hours before i contact the datacanter so it fine i have time
09:13<warewolf>before you contact the datacenter?
09:13<warewolf>what's wrong?
09:14<hostwired>thats between the me and the owners of the server
09:14<warewolf>if this is an abuse complaint, I suggest you email
09:14<warewolf>if you havn't already
09:14<hostwired>thank you
09:15<warewolf> may also work, since that's the 'contact us' email address.
09:17<hostwired>thank you for your help
09:17<warewolf>no problem.
09:17<warewolf>if it's an abuse complaint, I'm sympathetic. I'm a sysadmin/forensic analyst.
09:19<hostwired>yes it is on my servers and i get 100 everyday and it is now starting to get on my wick atleast my firewall auto blocks after so many trys to get in
09:19<warewolf>are you a linode customer?
09:20<warewolf>so the complaint is on an IP that belongs to a linode.
09:20<warewolf>ok, once caker/mikegrb wake up, this will no doubt take top priority.
09:20<warewolf>they take abuse very seriously.
09:20<hostwired>i am sure they will all admins hate abuse :->
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09:27<warewolf>I hope he gets what he wanted
09:30<tseng>he could have figured out abuse@ instead of making a scene
09:30<warewolf>I just hope that whatever problem IP he has, it isn't bound to my host.
09:30<warewolf>I'd hate to have TP yank the power on my host
09:30<tseng>i used to have a xen beta node
09:30<tseng>then i got a regular plan
09:30<warewolf>as did I. I never used it.
09:31<tseng>i got blamed for something with my old ip :)
09:31<tseng>wasnt bad
09:31<tseng>just got some excited pings from our favorite admins
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10:02<iggy>silly people
10:02<iggy>100 of anything to my server a day isn't going to bug me
10:02<iggy>probably getting ssh probed or something
10:03<tseng>if its really coming from linode it should be shut down
10:03<iggy>true, but not worth all the handwaving and threats
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10:03<tseng>yeah no need to be a dick
10:04<mikegrb_>mmm cake
10:04<iggy>unfortunately for him, tp won't do anything about it other than contact mike/cake like he should do in the first place
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10:19<mikegrb_>TP won't do anything but ask us to fix it and ask us for root on the box
10:20<mikegrb_>more then HE will do
10:20<mikegrb_>HE will tell us 2 months after they receive a complaint that here was a complaint and ask us to fix it, then they will never mention it again
10:22<afv-13>what's the problem?
10:27<mikegrb_>some guy comming in threatening to contact the datacenter if he doesn't here from me or caker right away
10:27<mikegrb_>he sent an html only email with image attatchments
10:27<mikegrb_>he's lucky it wasn't automatically marked as span
10:27<mikegrb_>asked him to send a text only version so that I could actually read it
10:27<warewolf>lemme say that again
10:44<warewolf>I can't play racing games with a steering wheel joystick that doesn't function correctly, and moves on its own
10:45<warewolf>there has to be some kind of dirty pot or variable resister that is f*ing up or something
10:47<mikegrb_>ha ha "pot or variable resister"
10:47<warewolf>can you tell that I'm not an EE?
10:48<mikegrb_>I am.
10:48<mikegrb_>Well, was.
10:48[~]warewolf fumes
10:49<warewolf>and I havn't been knocking around this steering wheel neither
10:49<warewolf>I've kept pretty good care of it
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10:49<warewolf>from what I've read online, this controller was plagued with problems, because it was manufactured excessivly cheap.
10:50<warewolf>that's nice to know, snice I paid through the nose for it when I bought it.
10:52<Karnaugh>mikegrb_: TP just run root-kit scanners on the machine and go "It looks fine"
10:53<Karnaugh>mikegrb_: did it to someone else who kept spamming our segment with UDP crap
10:55<Karnaugh>generaly I take a "I'm concerned that something is wrong" stance than "OMFG TEH NETWORK ABUSE I SHUT DOWN YOUR SERVER!@#@!# HAX!@#" stance
10:55<Karnaugh>at least then if you're mistaken you don't look like a cock :P
10:55<warewolf>the internets are attacking me
10:55<warewolf>oh noes
10:55<warewolf>wait wait wait
10:56<Karnaugh>it am the intertron hax, oh noes!
10:56<warewolf>there's a reason I moved ssh off port 22.
10:56<warewolf>oh, that's right. People kept scanning and trying to log in.
10:56<Karnaugh>I'd do that except I'll get emails twice a day for a year before people realise that ssh is on a different port
10:57<Karnaugh>people trying doesn't concern me, people succeeding concerns me
10:57<warewolf>not enough people run sshd on nonstandard ports, so I don't see people knocking anymore.
10:58<warewolf>I run openvpn, and when I'm tunnled into my linode, ssh is on it's normal port 22.
10:58<Karnaugh>anyway, if you allow root login on SSH you deserve to get rooted
10:58<warewolf>not true
10:58<Karnaugh>totaly true
10:59<Karnaugh>there is no reason why anyone should have root login via ssh
10:59<Karnaugh>asside from masochists who are asking for trouble
10:59<warewolf>my sshd is configured: 'AllowRootLogins without-password'. Now that option is worded a little strange
10:59<warewolf>Karnaugh: ever had a box die because you had no more file descriptors or ptys?
11:00<warewolf>in those cases, anything to get root quick to fix the box is a must
11:00<warewolf>anyway, 'without-password' tells sshd NOT to allow plain-old keyboard-interactive password authentication
11:00<warewolf>it only allows pubkey auth
11:01<Karnaugh>thats only sane in small configurations
11:02<warewolf>how many mission critical systems do you touch on a daily basis, as root?
11:02<Karnaugh>quite alot
11:02<warewolf>I generally touch as little as 5, or as many as 150
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11:04<warewolf>I'm aware that there are OSS apps that will let you deploy servers in a cookie-cutter way, and manage them so they all stay the same, etc
11:05<warewolf>but that doesn't work for *nix based appliances where installing anything on the box voids your support contract
11:06[~]warewolf is honestly appauled at the number of GPL violations he's seen in appliance devices, that can't/shouldn't whistle-blow on
11:06<warewolf>er s/that can't/that he can't/
11:10<Karnaugh>most of the traffic shaping appliances are GPL violations
11:11<Karnaugh>closed source, non-free etc
11:11<Karnaugh>and all they do is interface TC
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11:16[~]warewolf turns off psx2, and goes to bed.
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16:40<warewolf>oh. my. god.
16:41<warewolf>if there's one thing that Rob Levin has, he has titanium plated testicles.
16:41<warewolf>He honestly wants people to donate money to him, to buy him a RV.
16:43<@caker>Current total:
16:43<@caker>Remaining total:
16:43<@caker>this guy wants a $320k mobile home?!
16:45<@caker>the gas mileage on those things is like 3mpg
16:47<@caker>that's $700 bucks to go from NYC to Chicago (~800miles)
16:48<warewolf>I should find a way to bring legal action against him.
16:48<warewolf>keeping all the donated money for himself, is not cool
16:48<eFUDd>i gotta put something so i can get a ferrari.
16:49<@caker>threaten to sacrifice chickens or rabbits or whatever
16:49<@caker>or kittens
16:50<@caker> <-- another "wish I thought of that" idea
16:50<warewolf>yeah the simplicity in that is jarring.
16:50<warewolf>it's all porn sites though
17:02<mikegrb_>caker: it doesn't matter about the gas, zombie freenode users will pay for it
17:03<mikegrb_>caker: it's his sole source of income
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