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07:51<linbot>New news from forums: Hacked in General Discussion <>
07:58<Spads>someone's awake
07:58<Spads>on the interchat
07:58<Spads>it's awfully lonely, here in BST
07:59<Spads>which part didn't you understand?
07:59<Spads>I'll start at the beginning
07:59<Spads>Spads is my nick on IRC
07:59<Spads>it appears to the left of everything I say
08:00<internat>shit eh
08:00<internat>would never has guessed that
08:00<internat>i was thinking more the bst
08:01<Spads>Mon Jun 26 14:01:34 BST 2006
08:02<internat>its mon jun 26 23:02 here :)
08:04<Spads>Australopithecine Daylight Time
08:05<internat>yep.. brisbane here
08:07<Spads>I'm in london
08:07<Spads>Shepherd's Bush
08:07<Spads>which is where all the aussies hang out
08:07<Spads>I'm avoiding my fellow merkins, who spend all their time in chelsea
08:09<linbot>New news from forums: New Feature - CPU Usage Graphs in Announcements <>
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10:16|-|[] changed the topic of #linode: The Linode Virtual Server hang out | | | | | This is a public channel which is logged; don't submit information you don't want to see in search engines (email addresses, etc)
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10:24<warewolf>dear god
10:24<warewolf>love, warewolf.
10:27<tronix>:) in the dc/md/de area, I take it?
10:27<tronix>heard it's really coming down hard there
10:27<warewolf>va/md/dc area actually
10:27<warewolf>no kidding.
10:28<warewolf>nothing wakes my groggy ass up after a long shift like fscking hydroplaning in my car.
10:28<tronix>btw, unrelated... the Rob Levin thing... did he ask for donations for a different purpose then bait-and-switched to his own personal use?
10:29<tronix>but yeah, pretty cheeky of him to want people to just up and buy him a luxury home.
10:29<tronix>I'm not familiar with the whole donation story, but sounded interesting.
10:31<tronix>heh, no biggie. i'll look it up later.
10:35<warewolf>oh sorry, was afk
10:35<warewolf>need to prepare for a new hire
10:36<warewolf>I get to play "mentor" today.
10:36<warewolf>Eg, "Hi, I'm one of your coworkers. Do you have any questions?"
10:36<warewolf>the only reason I get to play "mentor" today is because I just came off shift, and I live litterally next door to corporate HQ.
10:47[~]warewolf -c corp HQ &
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17:07<anderiv>is that so?
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20:03<Demonicpagan>i'm wondering if someone could help me with something reguarding my linode box, i just got an additional ip, and am needing help on how to activate it
20:06<@caker>Demonicpagan: towards the bottom
20:06<@caker>Demonicpagan: also, you'll need to reboot to have the new IPs routed to your node
20:18<Demonicpagan>i've done so and have since i've got a debian distro, i've followed what was in the wiki and can't seem to connect to it
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20:21<Helen9>Hi - I'm running Fedora Core 2 on a Linode and just installed a KISS firewall, and it can't find the iptable modules that are supposed to be in the kernel folder (under /lib/modules...). Do the modules exist somewhere else?
20:34<JasonF>no modules
20:34<JasonF>everything is compiled into the kernel
20:35<Demonicpagan>hmm i've rebooted my linode and when i connect to the console, i have this "Enter runlevel:" prompt
20:41<Helen9>ok, great - we have iptables support. So KISS is trying to locate these files : ip_tables.ko, ipt_state.ko, and ipt_multiport.ko. Where can I find these?
20:43<fo0bar>Helen9: they're compiled directly into the kernel. if the software is trying to locate those files specifically as opposed to the *functionality*, then that's broken behavior
20:46<Helen9>ok, thanks!
20:51<Demonicpagan>i'm having problems booting my linode, i get a message that says INIT: No inittab file found, and then it asks for Enter runlevel:
20:52<@caker>Demonicpagan: geez ... debian, right? Here's a fresh inittab:
20:52<Demonicpagan>have no idea how i did that
20:53<@caker>Demonicpagan: set your config profile to boot with "init=/bin/bash", reboot, connect to Lish, remount your fs r/w (mount -o remount,rw /), move that file into place, sync && reboot
20:53<@caker>Demonicpagan: change your config profile back to default runlevel, and reboot the node...
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21:02<Demonicpagan>i go to remount the fs i get this error: warning: can't open /etc/fstab: Input/output error
21:02<@caker>your fstab is missing, too?
21:03<Demonicpagan>i guess.. dunno how
21:03<@caker>can someone on a debian Linode paste ubda and ubdb entries?
21:03<@caker>/dev/ubda / ext2 defaults 1 1
21:03<@caker>/dev/ubdb swap swap pri=1 0 0
21:03<mikegrb_>/dev/ubda / ext3 defaults 0 0
21:03<mikegrb_>/dev/ubdb swap swap defaults 0 0
21:03[~]mikegrb_ too slow :<
21:03|-|mikegrb_ Your nick is now mikegrb
21:04<Demonicpagan>i put those in /etc/fstab ?
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21:14<chris>mike/caker: I just moved cross country and there aren't any Chase branches out here so I need to get a new account and wait for a new card, told I'll get the new card late next week. Can I delay payment on the current card on the first so I can switch it to this new account?
21:16<Demonicpagan>hmm, i can't place those values in my fstab :-\
21:35<mikegrb>chris: pm
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21:57[~]Demonicpagan does surgery on his linode
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22:18<@caker>Demonicpagan: there's also the Finnix method of recovery (
22:20<Demonicpagan>it may be my only solution
22:20<Demonicpagan>tried everything i can think of
22:20<fo0bar>speaking of which
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22:20[~]fo0bar needs to get off his butt and compile powerpc kernels
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22:22<womble>In penance for your sins, fo0bar, you must do it all with tiny magnets. <grin>
22:24<fo0bar>womble: :)
22:25<Demonicpagan>now that i've booted into finnix, what do i need to do to repair my distro?
22:26<@caker>Demonicpagan: mount /dev/ubdc someplace, then make repairs thee
22:27<eFUDd>caker, buy me this as thanks for being an almost-3-years-customer:
22:27<eFUDd>promise i'll stay another year as thanks! scouts honor! :)
22:28<Demonicpagan>that's if i have my distro on ubdc, right? i have my distro on ubdb
22:28<@caker>Demonicpagan: correct
22:30<mikegrb>eFUDd: I don't see caker having a problem with it so I had better order it real quick while it's still available
22:30[~]mikegrb runs
22:30<eFUDd>mike, ok, good. There are 2 available. get yourself one also.
22:31<mikegrb>good call
22:31<@caker>eFUDd: not bad. I'd prefer this, however: (
22:31[~]eFUDd waits impatiently on next paycheck that should have bonus
22:31<eFUDd>caker, if money is no object for you, I can spec out a better 3-yr present!
22:32<JasonF>caker: any chance of getting more disk space next anniversary? :)
22:32<JasonF>thx for the new ram
22:32<JasonF>i sent a customer your way the other day, btw, someone from my lug
22:32<JasonF>they told their friend and their friend signed up
22:32[~]eFUDd ponders what is using up his disk space ><
22:33<JasonF>i want to run a freedos mirror again
22:33<eFUDd>"If you love it, let it go."
22:37<eFUDd>there. 2 more gig free.
22:39<JasonF>cialis ~ # df -h
22:39<JasonF>Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
22:40<JasonF> /dev/ubda 1.5G 1.2G 330M 78% /
22:40<JasonF> /dev/ubdb 4.4G 3.2G 1.3G 73% /web
22:40[~]eFUDd watches jasonF figure out about cut-n-paste
22:40[~]JasonF needs more space :(
22:40<JasonF>the / was taken up by irssi
22:40<eFUDd>get a larger linode!
22:40<eFUDd>/dev/ubd/0 9049528 6926740 2122788 77% /
22:40<JasonF>i'll pay yearly to get 1.5x the space before I do that
22:40<eFUDd>with another 3GB unallocated.
22:40<JasonF>i don't even use all my ram as it is
22:40<eFUDd> total used free shared buffers cached
22:40<eFUDd>Mem: 316060 308716 7344 0 48168 123204
22:40<eFUDd>-/+ buffers/cache: 137344 178716
22:40<eFUDd>Swap: 263160 364 262796
22:41<eFUDd>systems automatically grow to use everything available. :)
22:41<eFUDd>Oh. I could reboot for 400MiB.
22:42<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
22:42<JasonF>Mem: 151 149 2 0 25 75
22:42<JasonF>-/+ buffers/cache: 48 103
22:42<JasonF>Swap: 128 21 107
22:42<JasonF>over half of that is cache
22:43<eFUDd>what the fuck. 'free' now has a damned '-m' option.
22:43<eFUDd>Stupid linux users.
22:43<JasonF>yeah. free -m
22:43<JasonF>df -m
22:43<JasonF>most all the gnu apps have a -m now
22:43<eFUDd>I want free -n, count in nibbles.
22:43<eFUDd>also pages. Yes, pages.
22:43<eFUDd>so a -p is needed...
22:44<eFUDd>Then we need a -u where it's user defined arbitrarily.
22:44<eFUDd>That'll help standardize things.
22:44<JasonF>oh, please
22:44<JasonF>free has had a -m for a while
22:44<eFUDd>The first time a customer sends me a "free -m" from a linux box, I'm going to think their shite is broke.
22:45<JasonF> Options
22:45<JasonF> The -b switch displays the amount of memory in bytes; the -k switch (set by default) displays it in kilo-
22:45<JasonF> bytes; the -m switch displays it in megabytes.
22:45<eFUDd>Yes. I read the manpage.
22:45<eFUDd>I do think some systems (solaris perhaps?) actually displays it in 512byte blocks anyway.
22:49<JasonF>I think oBSD is my fave OS atm
22:50<eFUDd>BSD gives me hives.
22:50[~]eFUDd starts schemeing a scheme that'll allow for quicker ordering of T-rex 450SE
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22:59<Demonicpagan>got my distro working again :)
23:19<Demonicpagan>i've noticed i seem to not have /etc/init.d/network :-\
23:29<fo0bar>sounds like one messed up system...
23:29<fo0bar>ryan@feh:~$ dpkg -S /etc/init.d/network
23:29<fo0bar>dpkg: /etc/init.d/network not found.
23:29<fo0bar>ryan@feh:~$ dpkg -S /etc/init.d/networking
23:29<fo0bar>netbase: /etc/init.d/networking
23:29<fo0bar>you may want to apt-get --reinstall install netbase
23:30<Demonicpagan>and all i did was get another ip and try and set it up
23:31<Demonicpagan>i've got no internet access on the box :-\
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