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00:06<andy7>question: what do you think is the most popular os run on a linode?
00:08<mikegrb>linux is the only os we offer
00:10<fo0bar>if you mean distros, it's debian by a long shot
00:10<fo0bar>err wide margin
00:11[~]mikegrb shoots fo0bar long
00:11<fo0bar>how long are your long longs?
00:12<mikegrb>longer then the longest long of them all
00:12<fo0bar>one long to long them all; one long to long them
00:13<mikegrb> <-- these rock
00:14<andy7>ahh yes.. distro is what i ment
00:14<andy7>and thanks
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03:22<ferfer>hi there
03:22<ferfer>can anyone ssh into
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03:24<ferfer2>hi, sorry if you get these twice: can anyone ssh into
03:33<internat>nope.. is dead
03:56<Dreamr_3>host 22?
03:57<Dreamr_3>i think i'm on host22
03:57<Dreamr_3>my linode is up
03:57<Dreamr_3>bah, i dunno for sure
03:59<encode>this is what ratemylinode is good for
03:59<encode>at least one linode on host 22 was up as of 4 minutes ago
04:00<internat>ratemylinode needs a like check if hosts are up
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06:10<shrap>Anyone having packetloss issues?
06:14<internat>umm u know now that u say something my connection has been a bit hay wire, i just assumed cause my friend was leeching
06:14<internat>what host/ data centre are u on?
06:14<shrap>i have 900ms ping to my linode
06:15<shrap>host 15 i think
06:15<shrap>100ms ping
06:15<shrap>and no packetloss
06:15<shrap>well thats a bit better...
06:16<shrap>Packets: Sent = 218, Received = 182, Lost = 36 (16% loss)
06:17<shrap>seems ok now
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08:26<internat>anyone here have good knowledge of regexpressions
08:26<npmr>i'm sure someone does
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08:26<internat>cause my knowledge is crap yet i need to know how to fix these rules before i start crying
08:27<Spads>exclusion character classes are the magic everyone should use
08:28<Spads>it fixes like 90% of bad regexes
08:28<internat>^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ in.imapproxyd\[[0-9]+\]: LOGOUT: *$
08:28<internat>i dont know why that doesnt match
08:28<internat>Jun 27 19:57:41 broken in.imapproxyd[1730]: LOGOUT: '' from server sd [9].
08:28<Spads>you want .*$
08:28<Spads>except that you don't
08:28<Spads>just kill the *$ at the end
08:29<Spads>what you have is " *$"
08:29<Spads>which is "any number of spaces, even zero, at the end of the line"
08:30<Spads>you're already working with the beginningof the line because of the ^, so just let it short out when it matches the front
08:30<internat>well i basicly want it to be any characters after LOGOUT: until end of line
08:30<Spads>trust me
08:30<Spads>end on the space after LOGOUT
08:30<Spads>and you'll be fine
08:31<internat>so leave *$ there?
08:31<internat>oh right
08:31<Spads>that is the exact opposite of what I told you
08:31<internat>end ON
08:31<internat>i thought u said end the space
08:31<internat>asin get rid of it
08:31<internat>my bad
08:31<Spads>you can get rid of it. it won't matter much
08:31<Spads>but basically ".*$" or "^.*" are a waste of cycles
08:33<Spads>so the fix is " *$" -> " .*$"
08:34<Spads>and then
08:34<Spads>the optimization is " .*$" -> " "
08:34<internat>aho k
08:34<internat>i really do need to sit down and learn regex
08:34<Spads>although that's just the most obvious fix. it may still have problems I haven't squinted at enough. I'm on battery power now and my screen is dim
08:34<tseng>you could learn regexp standing up
08:34<tseng>if you were so inclined
08:34<Spads>yeah, the problem is that there are like a dozen different implementations, each with their own syntax
08:34<internat>ah ok
08:35<Spads>so there's POSIX, Perl, EMACS, vi, etc etc etc
08:35<internat>well that seemed to have fixed the most hurtful logcheck message
08:35<Spads>I think Perl's syntax is widely regarded as the best designed
08:35<internat>ah ok
08:35<Spads>but then you get all angry when sed won't do what you want, or whatever
08:36<Spads>I think logcheck needs the POSIX style
08:36<Spads>I always have to remember the metacharacter games I have to play in vi
08:36<Spads>and it's all finger memory now that i can't explain in words any more
08:36<internat>fair enuff
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09:39<Spads>oh hi neale
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09:39<neale>what's shakin'?
09:39<Spads>George Clinton is playing here soon
09:40<neale>Well all right!
09:40<neale>The extra-terrestrial brother
09:40<neale>alias the long-haired freak
09:40<neale>doin' it to you in your eardrum
09:40<Spads>I don't think he's allowed to market Parliament here
09:41<Spads>no idea
09:41<neale>is the real Parliament concerned about brand confusion?
09:41<Spads>they're more worried about the mothership
09:41<neale>ahhh, well, sure, I can understand that
09:42<Spads>especially with the torchwood project and all
09:43<neale>that looks like a neato show
09:44<neale>Dr. Who was still running in 2005?
09:44<Spads>running again
09:44<Spads>welcome to 2005
09:44<Spads>they had a year of christopher eccleston, and now they're on another guy
09:45<Spads>the doctor/companion relationship is a little too x-files for my taste
09:45<Spads>they're trying to work a little steed/peel in or something
09:46<Spads>I'm just saying that they're trying to add a little frisson into a place where it kind of doesn't belong
09:47<neale>I have to wonder if it's a deliberate attempt to "modernize" things. Although having never seen it I couldn't say.
09:47<Spads>I do believe that it is.
09:47<Spads>the trouble is that the character, even when played by Davison, was always meant to be a GRANDFATHER
09:47<neale>But like, you know, something like how Christian paintings suddenly all got halos after some dude came back from Japan.
09:48<Spads>you know, I have prints of byzantine icons from like the 6th century, and they have halos
09:51<neale>I guess it was the other way
09:51<neale>Japanese dudes picked it up from Greek dudes.
09:52<neale>er, Indian.
09:52<neale>I should have paid more attention to Amy's notes when she took that art class.
09:52<Spads>buddhism got it from eastern europe
09:53<neale>well ANYWAY
09:54<Spads>anyway, I was just making a comparison, not insinuating any sort of cause/effect relationship
09:54<Spads>in fact, X-files did take many cues from the avengers
09:55<neale>well I think the real lesson we can take away from this is: BBC is making new Dr. Who episodes.
09:55<Spads>have been for a year and a half, too.
09:55<neale>at least, that's what I'll take away from it.
09:55<neale>it takes a while for things to get over here to the US
09:55<Spads>it does not
09:55<neale>and then longer for them to get to New Mexico
09:55<neale>and even longer to get to me
09:55<Spads>I watched these in oakland
09:55<Spads>the eccleston ones anyway
09:56<Spads>man, I remember in 1995 when the big troll on rec.arts.sf.drwho or whatever was to start LOUDLY DENYING that the next doctor would be Eric Idle
09:56<Spads>could you imagine?
09:56<Spads>it would have been stupendous
09:57<neale>So how's London?
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09:57<neale>Do you walk everywhere?
09:57<Spads>we managed to find a 265 pound le creuset set for 100
09:57<Spads>I so do
09:57<Spads>and I take the tube
09:57<Spads>I'm an easy walk to Hammersmith and City line, or Central line
09:57<Spads>and a moderate walk or an H&C ride to piccadilly and district
09:57<neale>Crazytown, NM is making noises about a bus system
09:58<neale>for a town of 12,000
09:58<neale>we really miss walking.
09:58<Spads>they can get one bus
09:58<Spads>and just weave a lot
09:58<Spads>yes, this is your fate
09:58<neale>people here are so spoiled
09:59<neale>I don't know if there are any other towns that get funding from congress.
09:59<Spads>I have lost like 50 pounds in the past few years
09:59<Spads>and more during the move
09:59<neale>so you're a skinny dude now
09:59<Spads>I was like 320 before
09:59<neale>oh my
09:59<Spads>and I'm like 270 now
09:59<neale>skinnier, then.
09:59<Spads>working on it
10:02<neale>50 pounds in 2 years is probably a good rate
10:02<neale>what the crap is wrong with my network connection
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11:30<fo0bar>caker: have you experimented with the v9 SKAS line?
11:30<fo0bar> <-- this doesn't fill me with confidence
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12:30<afv-13>anything funny going on with host32?
12:37<mikegrb>host looks excellent
12:37[~]JasonF looks excellent
12:37<afv-13>k, thanks
12:47<afv-13>it's a record breaking network usage month for me, nearly 5%
13:14<JasonF>I hover around 20%
13:14<JasonF>but I did almost breech once when my site got linked from like the first comment on a /. post
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13:59<afv-13>great, i've managed to break my debian
13:59<afv-13>dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/coreutils_5.96-3_i386.deb (--unpack)
14:15<neale>that's all?
14:15<afv-13>there's more, but it's sorted now
14:16<neale>what was the problem?
14:16<neale>I'm guessing corrupted deb
14:16<afv-13>diverted version of an old textutils md5 man page
14:16<neale>ah, I lose
14:16<afv-13>took a `dpkg-divert --remove /usr/share/man/man1/md5sum.textutils.1.gz' to fix
14:17<neale>why'd you divert that?
14:17<mikegrb>to trick neale
14:17<neale>well, it worked.
14:17<afv-13>cause dpkg moaned about it when trying to upgrade coreutils
14:17<mikegrb>he has been waiting for this day to come
14:17<neale>Hola, Mr. The Greb.
14:17<mikegrb>and finally his plan has come together
14:17<mikegrb>you played right into his hand
14:17<afv-13>and since it didn't exist...
14:17<neale>Drat! Foiled again!
14:18<mikegrb>Hola, Mr. The Pickett.
14:18<neale>How's the wife and kid?
14:18<mikegrb>good good
14:18<mikegrb>kid has started saying "was that" and poing at stuff
14:19<mikegrb>oh and lots of "see. see. see. SEE! SEEE! SEEE!" and pointing at stuff
14:19<neale>wow, he just launched into two-word sentences?
14:19<mikegrb>he's been doing the see thing for a while
14:19<afv-13>sounds like the start dirty joke
14:19<mikegrb>every now and then he busts out with a sentance
14:19<mikegrb>or other words out of the blue
14:20<mikegrb>"higher mommie" while swinging
14:20<neale>nice, so language is taking off then
14:20<neale>that must be sort of a relief
14:20<neale>in terms of frustration for kid and parets
14:20<mikegrb>oh, and if you tell him what something is and he doesn't feel like trying to say it he just says "shush" or "shush shush" for two syllable words
14:21<neale>Ginnie's been signing
14:21<mikegrb>well he isn't talking a llot
14:21<neale>but we still have a lot of times where we have to go through everything she could possibly want until she quits screaming.
14:21<mikegrb>he does see see a lot
14:21<mikegrb>sometimes we can figure it out based on where he goes to scream
14:22<mikegrb>i.e. counter near the cereal bars
14:26<afv-13>\o/ penalty!
14:29<anderiv>mikegrb: I see you gave up your op-hood.
14:39<mikegrb>I'm camoflouged
14:39<mikegrb>so I can sneak up on my prey
14:39<mikegrb>but now you spoiled it and neale knows :<
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15:04<@caker>fo0bar: one of my oldish host kernels was based on -pre9/sb end
15:05<@caker>fo0bar: It didn't cause and problems, but this was back when I was trying to figure out the problem with the problematic hosts -- so now I've been using all v8.2 patches
15:06<fo0bar>caker: well, it sounds like v9 is going to be "stable"
15:07<fo0bar>I just compiled 2.6.17 final with skas-2.6.17-rc5-v9-pre9.patch.bz2, and it seems to be working ok
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15:25<nasakai>hello hello
15:25<nasakai>is it possible to move a linode 100 to a linode 200?
15:26<nasakai>actually my real question is, i'm getting super slow response time on my linode 100 mediawiki website and i was wondering if there was anything that can be done about it.
15:27<nasakai>i suspect it has to do with the amount of traffic that's going into the host server
15:28<@mikegrb>Filename Type Size Used Priority
15:28<@mikegrb>/dev/ubdb partition 513016 259348 -1
15:28<@mikegrb>io_count=29827779 io_rate=37 io_tokens=-18 token_refill=50 token_max=2000
15:28<@mikegrb>you're /way/ into swap and thrashing, the io_limiter is keeping your Linode from hurting the preformance of other Linodes on the same host
15:28<@mikegrb>default configs for things like apache and mysql assume they are running on a system with unlimited ram
15:29<@mikegrb>so you will need to tune the configs for running in a low memory enviroment
15:29<@mikegrb>then you should see much better preformance
15:29<nasakai>ah! okay thanks
15:29<nasakai>are you able to give me some pointers for apache and mysql configs?
15:30<@mikegrb>mainy the set-variable bits
15:31<nasakai>great thank you v. much!
15:31<@mikegrb>you should also add "skip-innodb" unless you are using innodb tables (you should know if you are)
15:31<nasakai>ok got it
15:31<@mikegrb>that one alone will about half the amount of ram mysql uses
15:31<@mikegrb>and take you from around 10 to around 3 threads
15:31<@mikegrb>for apache you will want to limit the number of servers
15:32<nasakai>my god, okay, i'll change the configs asap so i don't get in the way of other folks
15:32<warewolf>actually innodb on a linode in general is a bad idea I've seen
15:32<@mikegrb>StartServers 3
15:32<@mikegrb>MinSpareServers 2
15:32<@mikegrb>MaxSpareServers 4
15:32<@mikegrb>MaxClients 20
15:32<@mikegrb>MaxRequestsPerChild 50
15:32<@mikegrb>^ example apache2 mpm-prefork values
15:33<nasakai>'k thanks and thanks again!
15:34<@mikegrb>are you using apache 2 or 1.3?
15:34<nasakai>+ squid
15:35<nasakai>trying to stop the server now actually, i'm sorry it's been misbehaving
15:35<@mikegrb>it's okay, that's what the io_limiter is for, keeps it from hurting others
15:35<@mikegrb>also keeps others from hurting you
15:37<Dreameer3>anyone here do greylisting?
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15:40<warewolf>I greylist
15:40<warewolf>in sendmail though, so I might not be of much help to you.
15:42[~]Battousai sa-exim
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15:46<Dreameer3>what timeout do you use for greylisting?
15:47<Battousai>20 minutes i think
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15:47<warewolf>I use 1h
15:47<warewolf>otherwise spam (not necessarially the same one) gets through
15:48<warewolf>I've seen two messages, from the same "from" address that are different come to me within minutes of each other
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15:55<Dreameer3>i use 7 minutes (i did some stats when i first started and decided that was safe) but sometimes i have messages that take hours to come back (legit)
15:55<Dreameer3>their MTA just doesn't try again quickly
15:56<warewolf>I must get more spam than you then.
15:56<Dreameer3> (college) has been missing for 4 hours now (i have a web based UI to track all this)
15:56<warewolf>heh cool
15:56<Dreameer3>warewolf: i wrote it in Rails :-)
15:57<warewolf>that's another word that is entirely left handed
15:57<Dreameer3>the filter service that postfix connects to is rails also, ruby server :-)
15:57<warewolf>bastard again
15:57<Dreameer3>i've had 0 problems with it so far :-) guess i know how to write a greylister :-)
15:58<warewolf>I don't know why, but now I find it enjoyable to type 'bastard'.
15:58<Dreameer3>i see
15:58[~]warewolf hmms
15:58<warewolf>I wonder what words are entirely right handed
15:58<warewolf>lets go for one that is longer
15:58<warewolf>something five letters or more
15:59[~]warewolf accepts no-op
15:59[~]warewolf can't think of any
15:59<@mikegrb>it doesn't meet your chosen standards
15:59<warewolf>c'mon, there are three vowels over here
16:00<@mikegrb>there are no vowels on my keyboard
16:00<@mikegrb>long gone
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16:02<nasakai>much better, thanks mikegrb
16:03<@mikegrb>no problem
16:05<kvandivo>that mikegrb... he's the man
16:05<@mikegrb>not today, today you are the man
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18:01<neale>actually, I am the man.
18:02<neale>And I will thank you to remember that fact in the future.
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18:10<lucca>i hate it when datacenters lose power
18:10<lucca>heh, happened here at work
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19:33<gaydongs>DCC SEND "lksdjfklsajdflafkl" 0 0 0
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19:46<arcaner>need support, cant use my linode anymore
19:46<arcaner>any admin available ?
19:47<arcaner>Failed to mount /selinux/: No such file or directory
19:47<arcaner>line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDSIGACCEPT called
19:47<arcaner>INIT: /etc/inittab[7]: id field too long (max 4 characters)
19:47<arcaner>then it doesnt boot
19:47<arcaner>i got some important data that i need to copy
19:48<arcaner>i tried to delete another partition to install a new system and mount the partition from where i need to do a backup
19:48<arcaner>but the delete doesnt work
19:48<arcaner>it just fail silently
19:48<arcaner>the delete from the website
19:49<arcaner>k, the website delete finnaly worked
19:53<@caker>arcaner: hmm
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19:53<@caker>arcaner: the ioctl message you can ignore, I think -- the selinux thing sounds like an fstab problem?
19:54<@caker>arcaner: not sure about the inittab message, but I think that's a warning
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19:54<@caker>arcaner: anyhow, you should be able to boot with init=/bin/bash, and fix your fstab
19:54<@caker>(change that in your config profile)
19:57<arcaner>i just checked my fstab on the broken image, and it contain what an initab would contain
19:57<@caker>odd, you're like the 5th person to have hit that
19:58<arcaner>maybe a problem on the linode :/
19:58<arcaner>it just stopped working
19:59<arcaner>anyway, i just fixed it, we will see
19:59<arcaner>yes, but that content were in the fstab
19:59<arcaner>that why it didnt boot
19:59<arcaner>"i think"
20:02<arcaner>k, and my inittab containted a motd file..
20:11<guinea-pig>this is why i
20:11<guinea-pig>'m afraid to reboot into a new kernel :P
20:12<@caker>guinea-pig: if anything, it was caused when the host froze a month ago (my best guess)
20:12<guinea-pig> makes sense... are they all from the samew hose?
20:12<guinea-pig>you know what my typos intend to be
20:13<@caker>lemme check something
20:14<arcaner>k, my problem is fixed
20:14<@caker>last user might have been on host55, so guess not
20:14<@caker>arcaner: how much ram on your node?
20:14<@caker>100M, looks like
20:15<guinea-pig>but you can throw out one as an anomaly
20:21|-|Eman [] has quit [Quit: A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0157:BF7FF831 in VXD VMM(01) + 00010E36. The current application will be terminated.]
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21:27<FireSlash> <-- GG gateway support
21:28|-|internat [] has joined #linode
21:58|-|Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
21:59<Dreamr_3>whats up
21:59<Dreamr_3>how is Xen coming, still in the distant future?
22:00|-|gloin changed nick to taupehat
22:02<taupehat>ping caker
22:04|-|Dreameer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:24<eFUDd>Bullterrior Vs. porcupine.
22:25<taupehat>stupid dog
22:25<taupehat>once a dog starts after porcupines, they never stop either
22:26<taupehat>my neighbor's dog used to come home with a snout full of quills about once a month
22:26<taupehat>not nearly that bad though - they probably had to put that dog under general if not all the way down
22:26<eFUDd>don't really see porcupines here.
22:27<taupehat>where you at?
22:27<eFUDd>NC. (I took the tipe to whois, lazy.)
22:29<eFUDd>yanno, seeing two hot "lesbians" going at it is all cool until they start fingering each other's ass.
22:29|-|ElectricElf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:29<taupehat>holy offtopic, fudman
22:29<eFUDd>Yeah, trying to find new pr0n.. ADD y0.
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