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03:17<@mikegrb>fo0bar: ?
03:17<tseng>mikegrb: ?
03:17<@mikegrb>tseng: ?
03:18<Battousai>that thread is epic
03:20<fo0bar>mikegrb: I need your legendary G5 for a finnix test ;)
03:20<fo0bar>but unfortunately I haven't uploaded it yet... should be about a half-hour
03:23<fo0bar> when it exists, u/p are in the login title
03:25<fo0bar>"finnix64" boot profile... I would like to know 1) if it even boots (I purged a package that may or may not be essential to running on a 64bit ppc), 2) if there are any big errors or anything you see (except for those zilog warnings you see during kernel init), 3) if the network card works (should, but grrrr)
03:26<fo0bar>oh, and I think there may actually be a proper module for fan control this time, if you can find it... too bad I have no idea how to automatically probe for such things
03:27<fo0bar>and remember, me love you long time
03:27<tseng>sucky sucky $5
03:28<fo0bar> <-- oh wow, that was quick
03:29<@mikegrb>give me a few minutes
03:30<Battousai>dont do it, it's a sploit!
03:36<@mikegrb>fo0bar: going to step out for a smoke
03:36<fo0bar>Battousai: the best sploits are open source sploits
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03:54[~]mikegrb burns finnix to a dvd :<
03:55<fo0bar>no CDs around?
03:56<@mikegrb>no :<
03:56<@mikegrb>need to buy some more
03:56<@mikegrb>looked at them at biglots today
03:57<@mikegrb>they had dvd-rs for a great price but the cds were a bit expensive
03:57[~]mikegrb installs software updates
03:57<fo0bar>heh, using the reboot as an excuse to update?
03:57<@mikegrb>10.4.7 just came out
03:58<@mikegrb>but I had a few others
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04:40<@mikegrb>la la la
04:40<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I ran hwsubmit
04:40<@mikegrb>fo0bar: also wtf is the fstype for mount for hfs+? I tried hfs but it wouldn't mount
04:41<@mikegrb>sata module was loaded automagically
04:41<@mikegrb>properly probed and found the drive and read the partition table
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06:58<sneakums>mikegrb: "hfsplus" apparently, although i guess you have it by now
07:01<@mikegrb>sneakums: was just trying a live cd to verify some functionality but thanks
07:01<@mikegrb>sneakums: I didn't expect it to work but did try hfs+
07:01<@mikegrb>guess I should have tried spelling it out
07:02[~]Spads submits a patch to rename it hfs+lol
07:02<sneakums>the plus means EVER MORE FOLDERS
07:02<@mikegrb>and journalling
07:02<sneakums>i was surprised to discover it arrvied with mac os 8 or so
07:02<sneakums>i'd always assumed it was an os x thing
07:03[~]mikegrb too
07:04[~]warewolf blinks at ethereal on his sparc
07:04<warewolf>there is absolutely no reason for you to take up a gig of memory for for a pcap file that is less than a meg in size
07:04<warewolf>what in the hell, you
07:05<sneakums>yes, you are being far too mild
07:05<sneakums>give us some language!
07:05<warewolf>use strict;
07:05<warewolf>use warnings;
07:05[~]warewolf screams 1.7gb
07:05<warewolf>what is going on
07:05<warewolf>a 17k pcap file
07:05<sneakums>some hilarious endianness issue i hope
07:06<warewolf>actually I think it's this /opt/csw crap
07:06<warewolf>I think I should have stuck with
07:07<Spads>time for stabbing!
07:07[~]mikegrb stabs warewolf
07:07[~]warewolf ahems
07:07<warewolf>the customer is always right.
07:07<warewolf>please remove your spork.
07:08[~]Spads sips another spork of Christian Bros.
07:17<warewolf>I am shocked and amazed how much utter crap this CSW pkg-get for solaris dumped in /opt
07:18<warewolf>duplicate copies of nearly all the gnome/gtk libraries
07:18<warewolf>duplicate copies of krb4 and 5
07:18<warewolf>thanks, Sun already gave me those, why can't you use them, instead of attempting to install a whole new OS in /opt?
07:19<warewolf>that's funny, the software from works just fine
07:19<warewolf>this isn't leenuks, my dear boy.
07:19<Spads>I know.
07:20<Spads>in leenuks you can
07:20<Spads>anyway, it's just pigheaded proprietary software thinking
07:20<@mikegrb>Spads: he uses redhat, you can't depend on it there either
07:20<Spads>mikegrb: ahhhhh
07:20<@mikegrb>Spads: proprietary software thinking there too
07:21<@mikegrb>Spads: RedHat: We Wish It Was Proprietary
07:21<warewolf>good lord
07:22<warewolf>this thing even installed another copy of perl in /opt
07:22<tseng>warewolf: apt-get install debian
07:22<@mikegrb>tseng: but then what could he complain about?
07:23<warewolf>no thanks, I would rather keep the ability to use my sunpci card.
07:23<tseng>the poor service at linode that doesn't admin his system?
07:23[~]tseng makes a funny face
07:23<Spads>in my worldview, free software doesn't belong in /opt
07:24<Spads>the whole point of /opt is a ghetto for proprietary shit
07:24<warewolf>and I prefer not having debian elitism shoved down my throat.
07:24<tseng>yeah, have fun with your busted package manager, then
07:24<@mikegrb>s/debian elitism/usable distro elitism/
07:25<warewolf>tell me when debian lets you do things a sane, standard way, instead of their-way, or the high way.
07:25<warewolf>s/standard/already existing standard/
07:25<@mikegrb>you mean redhat's way?
07:25<tseng>you mean like /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/eth75/gobblearse/doubleweeeee
07:27<Spads>warewolf: I'm sorry if you don't like the FHS
07:27<Spads>warewolf: I assume you miss BSD init?
07:27<warewolf>give me SYSV or give me death
07:27[~]mikegrb fires
07:28<warewolf>one thing I really dislike about debian: how you configure kernel modules
07:28<Spads>warewolf: oh sorry, I thought you were just arguing for backward-thinking cruft in general
07:29<Spads>I didn't realize your redhat-elitism was so dedicated
07:30[~]tseng snuggles warewolf
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07:39<warewolf>so did debian split away from SPI after that little spat between some maintainer and SPI lawyers or what?
07:40<tseng>given a random "some maintainer" in Debian, there has been a spat with pretty mcuh everyone
07:40<tseng>it doesnt reflect the direction of the entire project
07:40<warewolf>lemme clarify
07:41<warewolf>did the head debian maintainer cause debian to split away from SPI due to his fight over sun's java with SPI?
07:41<tseng>the DPL?
07:41<tseng>SPI provides most of Debian's funding
07:41<tseng>i find this unlikely
07:41<sneakums>and the DPL does not have such powers anyway
07:41<@mikegrb>and owns the trademark
07:42<warewolf>there was a particularly scathing email from SPI to the maintainer, and an equally scathing response saying such things as SPI doesn't tell debian what to do, etfc.
07:42<Spads>SPI never did
07:42<warewolf>lemme dig up the thread
07:42<Spads>welcome to separation of powers
07:42<tseng>scathing emails are the modus operandi of Debian
07:42<tseng>don't read so much into it
07:43<Spads>the debian executive branch can't throttle the judicial, and vice-versa
07:43<sneakums>it's like making sausages
07:43<warewolf>there we go, found it:
07:43<@mikegrb>tseng: redhat too, but they are all employees under nda so you don't get to see them
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07:43<Spads>of all the problems to bring up with Debian, you choose this?
07:43<tseng>mikegrb: yes well i am with them in person atm
07:43<Spads>I'd say the need to resort to referenda for every goddamn little thing is the real problem
07:43<@mikegrb>Spads: it was the worst he could find at short notice
07:43<sneakums>plenty of scathing e-mails from Red Hat people on public lists, if you know where to look
07:44<Spads>sneakums: Yes, but have you ever kissed a girl?
07:44<@mikegrb>tseng: yes, I was a month ago too
07:44<tseng>mikegrb: <3
07:44<sneakums>indeed i have
07:44<warewolf>right, but separating from their legal representation? That's a bit larger than usual.
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07:44<sneakums>the last time was approximately five minutes ago
07:44<Spads>sneakums: pædophile
07:44<Spads>you're a grown man!
07:45<sneakums>that explains why i am no longer a soprano, then
07:45<tseng>you called this email "scathing"
07:45<Spads>tseng is laughing because he is a castrato
07:45<sneakums>that's a fragrant lily by most standards
07:45<tseng>what the fuck?
07:45<tseng>did someone just switch the nutso switch on Spads
07:46<@mikegrb>tseng: watch your language, por favor
07:46<sneakums>"nutso" and "more nutso"
07:46[~]Spads watches mikegrb's language
07:46[~]Spads squints at it
07:52<tseng>mikegrb: ok.
07:55<tseng>mikegrb: what will be your next awesome graph?
07:57<Spads>mikegrb: watch your language!
07:57<sneakums>where's a chatroom monitor when you need one
07:59<Spads>sneakums: PLEASE READ THE TOS
07:59<Spads>and by TOS I mean Star Trek
08:03<sneakums>"Clearly it's time to RE-BOOT DEBIAN. A new five-year mission is called for. Remember the excitement when dpkg was rewritten in C? When apt first mooed? A re-booted Debian would bring back these glory days and capture a whole new generation of users."
08:03<sneakums>that's as much JMS parody as I can manage
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09:17<npmr>hee hee, spads said "the the original series"
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10:31<neale>Maybe you guys missed it when I said "hola"
10:31<neale>man screw you guys :<
10:32<neale>(maybe nobody here speaks spanish)
10:44<kvandivo>que pasa
10:55<lucca>se habla unicode
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11:05<neale>yeah, my friendly IRC client switched to latin1 for me
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12:52<alain>my token_refill has been lowered to 50!
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12:53<alain>is anybody out there?
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12:55<alain>Caker are you there? You're the only one who can save me
12:56<tseng>you can file a support ticket
12:56<tseng>and it will be looked at quickly
12:56<alain>did it
12:56<alain>they said they lowered because I am using too much CPU
12:56<tseng>maybe they are right
12:56<alain>I tought I was supposed to use up to 512!
12:57<tseng>512 is not any kind of cpu measure that I have ever heard of
12:57<alain>i mean token_refill
12:57<tseng>if you are using too much IO, they will cut you off to keep the service usable to other people
12:57<tseng>just makes sense
12:58<tseng>don't abuse the service
12:58<alain>they already cut off at 512!
12:58<alain>now they do at 50
12:58<tseng>they have very good tools to show them what is going on at each node
12:58<tseng>you arent likely to get hit for no reason
12:58<alain>I am not abusing anything: I have a mysql and an apache configured by caker. What the hell am I abusing?????
12:59<alain>ok tell me what is my mistake then
12:59<tseng>I am not a support technician
12:59<alain>what am I doing wrong
12:59<tseng>i am sure they will look at your ticket soon
12:59<tseng>and show you the actual data
12:59<tseng>that led to you being limited
13:00<alain>there is an actual limit in IO. That limit is 512! I never passed it of course
13:00<alain>so lets make rules clear: is the limit 512 or is it 50?
13:00<@mikegrb>512 isn't a limit
13:00<tseng>I am not going to go back and forth with you any more
13:00<alain>it is
13:01<@mikegrb>it's a default value that is the same as turning off the limiter
13:01<@mikegrb>average io rate is 10, so 512 is 51.2 times that
13:01<@mikegrb>if someone hits the io_limiter at 512 their linode is horribly abusing system resources
13:01<alain>mike so what I am doing wrong? As I said, my mysql and apache have been checked by caker himself
13:01<@mikegrb>perhaps those two programs are fine
13:02<@mikegrb>what else do you have running on your linode?
13:02<@mikegrb>and what does /proc/io_status actually say?
13:02<alain>perhaps the linode is nowdays only good to run a little statin home page
13:02<alain>io_count=-2002262700 io_rate=81 io_tokens=959 token_refill=50 token_max=2000
13:03<alain>i have been using this configuration for almost 3 years. All of a sudden I became an abuser
13:04<@mikegrb>you've used so much IO you've wrapped the counter around!
13:04<@mikegrb>I've never seen that happen before
13:04<alain>do the uptime have nothing to do with that?
13:04<@mikegrb>we look into io only when customers on a host complain or the loadavg on the host is getting too high
13:05<@mikegrb>your Linode doesn't have the highest uptime
13:05<@mikegrb>limiting your node corrected the problem
13:05<alain>329 days
13:05<@mikegrb>329.311606 days, actually
13:06<alain>mike what to say. I am not running 300 seti clients at once
13:06<@mikegrb>at any rate, from your paste of your io_status output, you aren't actually being limited
13:06<alain>I have a normal LAMP
13:06<alain>maybe I get more trafic that the others
13:06<@mikegrb>I doubt it, gets quite a bit of traffic and it's on a Linode
13:06<alain>my httpd is actually OFF since I cannot run it anymore
13:07<alain>ok so how come you realized I am a terrible abuser just after 3 years?
13:08<@mikegrb>are you certain nothing has changed in the last month or so?
13:08<alain>i didnt even login in the last month
13:09<alain>the load on my linode was terribly high... even when my cpu was so low. That has been since the very first day
13:09<alain>i mean sometimes it raised to 4 or 5 for a few minutes
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13:09<alain>for no apparent reason. I had nothing to do with it
13:09<shrap>Im getting high ping and packetloss on my linode
13:10<alain>sharp its probably because of alain the abuser
13:10<@mikegrb>alain: that would be because you were waiting on io
13:10<@mikegrb>alain: you were trying to do more io then the host could handle
13:10<@mikegrb>shrap: host15?
13:10<@mikegrb>shrap: can you pastebin a traceroute, or pm it to m e
13:11<alain>mikegrb if we can solve the situation then I'll be happy to contintue for another 3 years. Otherwise I really dont know what to do with this service anymore if not even running a simple limited webserver is now possible
13:12<@mikegrb>what else do you have running on your Linode?
13:13<alain>beside mysql and apache I have postfix
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13:17<alain>still there?
13:18<alain>so is spambayes the problem?
13:19<@mikegrb>I'm not very familiar with it
13:19<@mikegrb>so wouldn't know
13:19<@mikegrb>spam assasin certainly is a memory hungry piece of software
13:19<alain>is there anyway to understand where is the problem?
13:22<npmr>what was the average io_rate before token_refill was reduced?
13:22<alain>it was below 100
13:23<alain>sometimes (dont know why) it went up to the limit... but only for a few minutes
13:23<alain>it always happened
13:23<alain>since 3 years ago
13:24<npmr>does your system page memory in and out much?
13:25<alain>i dont know. All I know is that I configured it as I was told to do
13:25<npmr>find out
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13:26<@mikegrb>npmr: it was around 2-300
13:26<alain>what? token refill?
13:27<@mikegrb>no, io_rate
13:27<@mikegrb>hour or so
13:28<alain>gotta go now. I think I am done with linode. Thanks for everything and congratulations for configuring an abuser and finding out just after 3 years
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13:29<Shrapzilla>lalalal If i dont see the packetloss it doesnt exist...
13:30<fo0bar>mikegrb: thanks you for being a friend. traveled down the road and back again.
13:30<fo0bar>also: do you sleep anymore?
13:30<@mikegrb>sleep is wasteful
13:30<@mikegrb>think of how much time you spend sleeping
13:31<@mikegrb>now imagine if you had all of that time back?
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13:35<linbot>New news from forums: How to get a subversion repository to work... in General Discussion <>
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13:40<iggy>mikegrb: tell us your secret
13:41<afv-13>an additional 3 hours a day would be great
13:42<@mikegrb>just don't go to bed
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13:42<iggy>I tried that, then I started falling asleep in various random places
13:43<iggy>like work and in my car (while driving and not)
13:43<afv-13>same except for whiles driving
13:43<afv-13>fell asleep at a red light a few times
13:44<afv-13>hooters make the best alarms
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14:22<andy4>question out there to those on linodes.. where is your host load avg normally at? (low, med, or high)
14:25<@mikegrb>andy4: I'm taking a look at your host
14:25<andy4>it's been high med to high a lot lately
14:26<neale>andy4: mine seems to hover around 1 regardless of how much I kill
14:26<Shrap>My host is always low, my storage summary has been full since i got my linode.. even tho its not ;)
14:26<@mikegrb>andy4: do you have something running right now that is using a lot of io?
14:26|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has joined #linode
14:26<neale>oh my, it's at .52 now
14:27<@mikegrb>your averaging around 1000 io ops/sec right now
14:27<andy4>an apache make
14:27<neale>oh, well.
14:27<andy4>yes.. i've been playign around with different distribs lately
14:28<andy4>i've used mostly red hat in the past (9, centos, or FC)
14:28<andy4>thought i've give debian a spin today b/c of the really small core size
14:28<andy4>but it's io's are a TON higher
14:28<neale>why are you building apache?
14:28<@mikegrb>why are you compiling if you are using debian?
14:29<neale>I mean, that's going to take your load average up to be compiling stuff.
14:29<andy4>i used apt-get install apache
14:29<andy4>but it didn't have apxs2
14:29<neale>well, so debian running its installation tool uses more CPU than red hat doing nothing?
14:29<andy4>and i need that for php
14:29<iggy>it's probably in another package
14:30<neale>did you try apt-get install libapache-mod-php4?
14:30<andy4>that i did not
14:30<neale>try that
14:31<neale>(or libapache2-mod-php4 if you're running apache2)
14:31<@mikegrb>andy4: apxs2 is just for building apache modules from source, you don't need to do that with debian
14:31<neale>I bet he was building PHP
14:31<andy4>correct neale
14:32<neale>you hardly ever need to build anything from source with debian
14:32<iggy>I never built anything when I used debian
14:32<neale>I had to build ularn
14:32<neale>very important software, that
14:32<javafueled>are we saying that building from source is for chumps? :)
14:33<Beirdo>on a linode? yup
14:33<Beirdo>save those IO cycles :)
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14:34<javafueled>but wouldn't that just be a one time hit? maybe I missed something about the io limiters.
14:36<Beirdo>compiling is pretty IO and CPU intensive, so if you can avoid it, it would generally be in your best interest on a shared box ;)
14:36<javafueled>naturally, if you're doing nothing but compile jobs, the impact is across the host and just rude, but sometimes I see a need.
14:36<@mikegrb>javafueled: you've got to keep all of your software up to date if you don't want random people using your Linode to look for other vulnerable systems to compromise
14:36<@mikegrb>so compiling something isn't just a one time hit
14:36<@mikegrb>plus, the extra work load for yourself
14:37<@mikegrb>always making sure everything is the latest version available
14:37<@mikegrb>that alone could take hours per day
14:37<javafueled>mikegrb: agreed. i routinely run yum to make sure my software is up-to-date for my distro.
14:37<bendy24>emerge everything!
14:38<javafueled>let's see... I think i compiled apache 6 months ago.
14:39<javafueled>i understand the shared resources/community thing and respect it.
14:40<javafueled>i guess what I'm trying to argue here is that compiling should not be outright banned.
14:40<Beirdo>did someone say it was?
14:41<bendy24>it should be
14:41<javafueled>no. but the "air" of the conversation was taking on that.
14:42[~]Beirdo gets the Febreeze
14:43<javafueled>bendy24: get burned?
14:43<bendy24>only by my wife
14:44<javafueled>and with compiling being such a hit on the host, being not neighborly and all, doesn't that somewhat discourage even the notion of hosting a Gentoo linode?
14:46<@mikegrb>javafueled: compiling is okay, if there is a good reason for it
14:46<linbot>New news from forums: HE network problems? in General Discussion <>
14:47<@mikegrb>javafueled: but if your distro's binary packages will work for you, then why compile just to compile?
14:47<TheFirst>words of wisdom
14:47<@mikegrb>as for gentoo, it makes up a very very small percentage of Linodes (around 5% if I recall)
14:48<@mikegrb>and generally they seem to be on higher plans
14:48<javafueled>interesting. (also second "TheFirst")
14:50|-|raman [] has joined #linode
14:50<raman>Anyone having network issues on host16?
14:55<@mikegrb>raman: hi, I just updated your ticket
14:56<raman>mikegrb: thanks, let me take a look
14:57<@mikegrb>raman: btw, Battousai thinks you should be called an abuser, but pay no attention to him, nobody else does ;)
14:58<TheFirst>speaking of hosts...what changed with the xen box to make the i/o issues disappear a while back?
14:58<@mikegrb>TheFirst: less people on it
14:58<TheFirst>ah that's what i suspected...
14:59<Battousai>bendy left ;)
14:59[~]TheFirst has no qualms about that solution :P
15:03<afv-13>ignore that, just trying to get home
15:04<TheFirst>try a car...tends to work better ;)
15:04<afv-13>i blame semi-sloppy focus
15:08|-|andy4 [] has quit [Quit: andy4]
15:15|-|bendy24 [] has left #linode []
15:17<raman>mikegrb: Depends on what you want to accuse me of abusing :-) I may or may not deserve it :-)
15:18<javafueled>isn't there a referral program? seems like i recall one.
15:21<@mikegrb>javafueled: not yet, someday
15:22<@mikegrb>raman: Battousai accuses you of not abusing him, he seems to concider lack of abuse as abuse
15:22<@mikegrb>Battousai would have to answer any further questions in that regard though ;)
15:23<javafueled>bummer. i have a friend that has two linodes now. i was just abusing him for not listing me a the referral point. :)
15:24|-|adamg [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:26|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
15:36<raman>Battousai: #@)#&^ you
15:37[~]Battousai goes to his corner
15:42[~]raman runs away
15:46<guinea-pig>so, any word on the HE issues?
15:47<@mikegrb>unfortunately, no updates, just checked
15:47<Shrap>been makin' that face all day :/
15:48<guinea-pig>just got home from work a half-hour ago, but didn't notice until a few minutes recent
15:48<guinea-pig>note to self: type short words, small lines. makes lag less evil.
15:49<guinea-pig>i find it odd that i'm going through i don't think that's always been the case. maybe some major restructuring?
15:50<guinea-pig>besides... i thought telia was european
15:53[~]mikegrb too
15:54<@mikegrb>but appearantly they have a so so network over here too
15:54<taupehat>what is this HE issue?
15:54|-|javafueled [] has quit [Quit: javafueled]
15:54<taupehat>and does it have anything to do with what appears to be IO blocking?
15:57<taupehat>ah, so
15:57<taupehat>I see it
15:57<TheFirst>then lucky on me not noticing the issues :P
15:57<taupehat>10 ( 526.094 ms 520.843 ms 527.873 ms
15:57<taupehat>next four hops are similar
15:58<TheFirst> 9 ( 35.585 ms 36.142 ms 44.948 ms
15:58[~]TheFirst hides
15:58<taupehat>rub it in
15:59[~]TheFirst rubs salt all over taupehat
15:59<guinea-pig>routing seems fine from the other DC though. yay for having another shell to use
15:59<taupehat>lol bewm
15:59<taupehat>TheFirst: did you just get syslog into irssi?
15:59<taupehat>that was weird
16:00<TheFirst>syslog into irssi?
16:00<taupehat>I think 56 is falling over on top of everything else
16:00<taupehat>right into the window
16:00<TheFirst>uhh i dont run irssi on my node
16:00<taupehat>Message from syslogd@taupehat at Wed Jun 28 13:59:04 2006 ...
16:00<taupehat>taupehat kernel: [<c0105289>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
16:00<@mikegrb>that would be your node and not the host
16:00<@mikegrb>and that belongs in the beta channel, not here
16:04|-|taupehat_ [] has joined #linode
16:04|-|Shrap [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:06|-|raman [] has left #linode []
16:06|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:09|-|taupehat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:12|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
16:20<taupehat>doesn't show telia
16:22|-|taupehat_ [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
16:22|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
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17:15|-|kokoko [] has joined #linode
17:16<linbot>New news from forums: (Locked) Hacked in General Discussion <>
17:20<warewolf>heh, oops.
17:22|-|konoko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:25|-|D[a]rkbeholder [] has joined #linode
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17:38<warewolf>I have to move two websites off a box to my linode
17:38<warewolf>... and dns I think.
17:38<warewolf>not sure how I'm going to tackle the DNS part.
17:39<warewolf>just how exactly do you get a nameserver listed in the root servers?
17:39<TheFirst>why do you need to list it in the root servers?
17:39<warewolf>then maybe whois
17:39<TheFirst>you just point the domain ns records to your node (via the registrar)
17:40<TheFirst>then do the normal dns setup for a domain on your server
17:40<warewolf>I could be wrong, but I think there's something slightly more complicated than that.
17:40[~]TheFirst is using his linode for dns...
17:40<schultmc>only if you're changing the dns servers for a domain
17:41<warewolf>I used to be able to run 'whois' and it would come back with the hostname and IP
17:41[~]warewolf is puzzled now
17:42<schultmc>you still should be able to - unless you're changing you don't need to update the registrar
17:42<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:~$ whois
17:42<warewolf>No match for domain "NS1.SBDTECH.COM".
17:42<TheFirst>i took at as he wants to server dns for the domain...maybe i've misunderstood your statement?
17:42<warewolf>lemme start over
17:42<warewolf>I want to be MY OWN primary DNS.
17:43<warewolf>there's something to that, to get the root servers to "know" that you are infact,
17:43<TheFirst>ok then what i said was right
17:44<TheFirst>you log in to the registrar...point dns there and then setup the dns server on your linode
17:44<schultmc>right - your registrar should have a way to set a given IP up as
17:44<warewolf>ok lets take for example
17:44<warewolf>someone has to be 'authorative' for
17:44<warewolf>usually it's somebody else, not me.
17:44|-|womble [] has joined #linode
17:44<TheFirst>or, as is the case with godaddy, you have to set to your ip and then change the ns records to
17:45<warewolf>if I create an a record for and then tell dotster to point to it, (atleast the last time I checked) it complained that it wasn't a valid nameserver
17:45<warewolf>FIIK why
17:45<TheFirst>ok so you'd first setup a dns server on your node ...then to make it authoritative you'd config the dns server to be such (in djb a . line) and change the registrar records
17:45|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
17:46<warewolf>crap, I'm going to ahve to figure out split DNS too, because I have internal DNS
17:46<warewolf>I think that gets taken care of via ACLs ...
17:46<TheFirst>what dns server are you using?
17:47<TheFirst>sorry, then, can't help with the specifics on that one
17:47<warewolf>that's fine, I can RTFM
17:47<TheFirst>were it the other one i'd say and you're set :P
17:49<warewolf>they may have changed how it works, I dunno
17:49<warewolf>all I know is at one point I tried hosting my own DNS and doster told me that the names I pointed it to were not valid nameservers
17:49<warewolf>like it couldn't look them up w/o using dns or something
17:49<warewolf>like it had to be in whois
17:49<schultmc>right - you have to register the dns servers w/ dotster before you can use them
17:50<TheFirst>maybe your server wasn't configed properly to act as authoritative for whatever domain?
17:50<warewolf>possible, but I doubt it
17:50<TheFirst>was dotster giving you the error?
17:50<warewolf>at that time, yes.
17:51<warewolf>this was forever and a day ago
17:51<TheFirst>look in dotster for a place to specific say is W.X.Y.Z ip ... some registrars make you do that since they require the ns records to be and and such
17:52<warewolf>holy crap
17:52<warewolf>dotster now shows your numeric account ID when you login
17:52<warewolf>I .. apparently signed up with doster when they were very new.
17:52<warewolf>my account # is sub 6000
17:57<warewolf>sweet, remembered the root pw on my secondard ns
17:57<warewolf>er secondary
18:12|-|Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
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19:41|-|valen2 [] has joined #linode
19:44<warewolf>so uh
19:45<warewolf>is it bad when you start searching for dog poo on your carpet, and come to discover that the stench is eminating from your roommate's sandals?
19:46|-|Griswald [] has joined #linode
19:46<Griswald>Wee! :)
19:47<taupehat>warewolf: depends on how you handle it
19:50<Griswald>any debian users here?
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22:48|-|tofu [] has joined #linode
22:49|-|linbot` changed nick to linbot
22:54<tofu>hey, I seem to be having network issues to a linode
22:55<TheFirst>HE has been having routing issues all day...dunno if those are fixed yet
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:00<tofu>I did not see anything in the forums, it was happening from multiple different locations
23:00<tofu>and still seems to be happening
23:04<TheFirst>trace it
23:07<tofu>from rackspace it is fine :) 8 hops and quick
23:09<tofu>but not from where I am
23:10<tofu>I guess I will just wait
23:10<tofu>thank you!!
23:12|-|tofu [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:28|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:34<taupehat>yay, routing back!
23:34<taupehat>I can use my server again
23:35[~]taupehat doesn't know whether to thank telia or chew them out
23:52|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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