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08:29<petert>grr, spent some time tracking down packet loss before finding my linode was off
08:30[~]petert makes note of the first thing to check
08:31<valen2>Mine automagically turned itself off today
08:31<valen2>Best yet... I will not even start.
08:32<petert>same for me
08:32<javafueled>what host?
08:33<petert>host56 for me:
08:35<valen2>It's been flakey for me the last two or so days
08:35<valen2>First the kernel would do bizzare stuff with quotas on
08:35<petert>yeah, me too.. though i didn't pay attention to whether it was the host or network
08:35<valen2>Now it just plain doesn't start
08:35<valen2>"Turning on quotas. / Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 70707557"
08:35<valen2>Not a good sign.
08:36<petert>i can't ssh into lish - there's a disk space error trying to create the screen socket
08:36<sneakums>that address sure looks like a memoery poisoning pattern
08:36<javafueled>memory poisoning pattern? elaborate, that doesn't sound good either.
08:37<sneakums>they're patterns written into memory that was freed or otherwise marked as unused
08:37<sneakums>the idea being that code using it later when it shoudlnt' will trip over it and log a recognisable value
08:38<javafueled>ahhh... so not malicious poisoning, but poisoning by design, for garbage collection and the like?
08:39<sneakums>yeah, it's a debugging feature
08:40<sneakums>another think you might do is bracket chunks of allocated memory with poison values, to catch out-of-bounds access
08:40<sneakums>all that being said 70707557 doesn't show up on google
08:42<sneakums>it's not in this 2.6.17 tree either, so it's either a xen-specific value or just a random number
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10:26<neale>good morning
10:39<warewolf>I challange that statement
10:39<warewolf>who said there was anything good about it?
10:44<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (2006-06-29) in Xen Public Beta <>
10:46<neale>I did
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10:49<npmr>hi neale
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11:47<ximbiot>hey, did blake-whatever from a week or two back ever say why he thought he was owned? it dawned on me after reading that that the first time i saw thrashing i thought i was owned too, and thrashing is pretty common with novice linode owners.
11:48<warewolf>he was banned from #linode for excessive foul language
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11:48<ximbiot>shame if he had just failed to describe his thrashing properly.
11:48<TheFirst>that guy was a complete idiot
11:49<ximbiot>okay. i only saw mentioned of him after the fact.
11:49[~]ximbiot shurgs.
11:49[~]ximbiot shrugs twice, to make up for shurging.
11:50<TheFirst>iirc that was the guy asking about running pirated software and other idiotic things
11:51<warewolf>not running, distributing
11:51<warewolf>he pasted some wget into channel and then everyone wondered why
11:51<warewolf>he said "oops"
11:51<TheFirst>the were a cpanel q, no?
11:51<warewolf>oh haha
11:51<warewolf>I had forgotten about that
11:51<warewolf>personally I can't stand cpanel/ensim/all that stuff
11:52<TheFirst>now you've got me check the logs...i'm curious on what else he said
11:53<ximbiot>okay. i didn't know about all that. i only heard something about him claiming he was owned and wanting to run BSD on a linode. and maybe that he was an idiot, without any other details.
11:54<npmr>ximbiot, someone other than him joined #linode from his ip
11:54<npmr>ximbiot, mikegrb confirmed that someone other than him had logged into his account on
11:55<ximbiot>npmr, ah. okay. not thrashing then. just wondering.
11:55<npmr>i don't know if there was another incident after he "cleared up" that mess, but i wouldn't be surprised
11:55<warewolf>I hope his linode account was cancled
11:56<warewolf>oh noes
11:56[~]fo0bar is TEH WAREZ
11:56<warewolf>fo0bar is transfering warez
11:56[~]npmr touches his nose and points at fo0bar
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12:11<TheFirst>hah read back those logs i idiotic can one person be
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15:18<warewolf>TheFirst: I have a quick and easy answer to you
15:18<warewolf>TheFirst: back in the day, it took a lot of money to get connected to the internet. Getting a dedicated connection (something above dial-up), purchasing a domain name, colocation, all were prohibitivly expensive.
15:19<warewolf>things have gotten a crapload cheaper, and with VPS services like linode, people who really aren't experienced enough flock out of the woodwork.
15:19<kvandivo>based purely on how long it took me to read that, i wouldn't call that a quick answer
15:20<warewolf>I blame AOL.
15:23<@mikegrb>so you are contridicting yourself then?
15:24<@mikegrb>wouldn't be the first time, I suppose
15:26<warewolf>I'm not going to bother with a response.
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15:44[~]warewolf goes back to watching InuYasha
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16:41[~]TheFirst slaps warewolf with anime of non-suck
16:48<warewolf>I watch it all, except the really crappy stuff
16:48<warewolf>like macross
16:48<warewolf>I don't liek 80s anime
16:48<warewolf>well, I guess the exception to that is dbz
16:48<warewolf>since it's really ancient to begin with
16:49<TheFirst>an 80s anime is my fav :P
16:49<TheFirst>but of the stuff that airs here...99.9% of it sucks
16:49<warewolf>ok I hate poorly drawn anime
16:50<warewolf>which much of "80s anime" seems to be
16:50<warewolf>what's your fav?
16:50<TheFirst>ronin warriors
16:50<TheFirst>minus the ova's ...those sucked
16:51<warewolf>never heard of it. I'll see if I can locate it
16:51<TheFirst>it's a bit like mmpr ... 5 teens call on legendary armor to save the world
16:52<TheFirst>they only aired the 5 part starter here when i was a kid and i was hooked...took me years to remember the name of the show
16:53<TheFirst>actually i think it aired on CN a few years ago...
17:00<warewolf>I detect the presense of mikegrb kitty, or spawn.
17:00<warewolf>probally kitty.
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17:44<linbot>New news from forums: Who wants to manage my linode?! in General Discussion <>
17:46<kvandivo>won't that thread die?
17:49<@mikegrb>hmm spam
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18:24<encode>who here knows about configuring bind9?
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18:33<encode>ive followed the guide at adapting it for my home network
18:34<encode>everything works, except i can't resolve partially qualified names for computers on my lan
18:34<encode>any ideas?
18:41<OvrLrd-Q>not a clue, sorry
18:41<encode>thanks anyways
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22:38<neale>encode: I'm pretty partial to dnsmasq
22:38<neale>encode: it's about a billion times easier to set up and isn't as well-known a target
22:39<encode>neale: can you setup dnsmasq to be an authoritative name server also?
22:39<encode>oh well
22:39<encode>ive got bind running now
22:39<neale>you wouldn't want to use it for a big site or anything
22:39<neale>but for a home network or small office it's a good fit
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