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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-06-30

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00:04<@caker>anyone allowing zone transfers ( or could allow them for ) and not using bind/named?
00:04<@caker>need to test zone import stuffs
00:07<warewolf>why the "not using bind/named" stipulation?
00:07<warewolf>dns is dns is dns
00:07<warewolf>or atleast, it should be.
00:08<warewolf>you could try xfering from, it should work, but it's named
00:10<warewolf>I guess it is locked down, last time I tried checking it, it was wide open
00:10<@caker>it worked for me
00:10<warewolf>$ dig -t axfr
00:10<warewolf>; Transfer failed.
00:11<@caker>dig -t axfr
00:11<@caker>formatting looks the same as the other zones I've pulled .. so dig (and also named-xfer) are doing formatting... good
00:12<warewolf>if I understand the DNS protocol correctly, transfer requests should return "records" the same way any other query is returned
00:12<warewolf>so I don't think formatting is based on the protocol, but on the application performing the query and dumping it to stdout
00:13<warewolf>check out Net::DNS in perl
00:13<warewolf>you'll see what I mean
00:13<@mikegrb>caker: are you planning on parsing output from dig or named-xfer?
00:13<warewolf>it's all about records, etc
00:13<@mikegrb>caker: why not us Net::DNS or are you planning on it being handled in the web interface
00:14<@caker>mikegrb: I was just going to suck it into CFM
00:14<@caker>easy enough to parse there
00:15<warewolf>might be a good idea to write your xfr client in perl, so you know what to expect, possibly making the output easier to suck into CF
00:16<warewolf>unless CF speaks low-level DNS that will let you pick apart DNS response packets
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00:42<taupehat>potential NSFW issues
00:43<taupehat>but if you're at home, please do click
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00:52<warewolf>haha yeah I saw that
00:52<taupehat>quote of the DAY
00:52<taupehat>"It was not always a given that the United States and America would have a close relationship." -George W. Bush, Squatter. 6/29/2006
00:53<taupehat>it just doesn't get any better than that =]
00:53[~]warewolf headdesk
00:53<warewolf>Ladies and Gentlemen,
00:53<warewolf>our president.
00:53[~]warewolf headdesk
00:54<warewolf>Someone could probally write a 700 page book with telephone book size type of all the stupid shit that has manged to escape his mouth.
00:55<taupehat>I've got a tear-off calendar with 365 gems
00:55<warewolf>haha nice
00:55<taupehat>honestly, he makes dan quayle look intelligent
00:55<warewolf>coworker of mine has a "You might ba redneck if ..." tear-off calendar.
00:55<taupehat>if only the dems had put lloyd bentsen against bush in the election
00:55<warewolf>he got miffed at me when he came in after being out for three days, after I had already tore off the pages he wasn't present for.
00:55<taupehat>so we could have another "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment
00:56<warewolf>I saved the torn-off pages in his desk drawer, like did, but he still accidentially tore-off the current day's page.
00:56<warewolf>he put the torn-off page back with a puzzled look on his face, I was told.
00:57[~]warewolf -c sleep &
01:01<taupehat>even better
01:09<OvrLrd-Q>oh well, the court ruling is no big deal overall :)
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02:19<internat>anyone done much with apache2 and mod_perl and asp support"
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06:52<linbot>New news from forums: Cancelled yearly account early, still no evidence of refund in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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08:14<Dreameer3>mikegrb: is host22 dragging?
08:15<Dreameer3>caker: ping
08:15<Dreameer3>i can't get into my box
08:17<Dreameer3>how do you page someone around here?
08:17<warewolf>open a support ticket.
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08:23<ashtaroth>any idea when a 100 plan will be available?
08:23<Dreameer3>100 plan?
08:23<linbot>warewolf: Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 2, Linode400 - 2
08:23<warewolf>there are no linode 100 plans
08:23<warewolf>nor are there any linode 150 plans.
08:24<Dreameer3>they changed them again?
08:24<warewolf>did you reboot?
08:24<warewolf>free upgrade.
08:24<ashtaroth>the website lists 100
08:24<warewolf>ok, then the website is out od date.
08:24<Dreameer3>i should have more ram then
08:24<warewolf>out of date I mean
08:25<Dreameer3>man 100mb for $20, that's a steal
08:25<ashtaroth>so my first experience of a company i might want to use is an out od date website?
08:25<Dreameer3>my machine is 20 load
08:25<warewolf>ashtaroth: this was a recent change
08:25<npmr>no, there is a 100 plan
08:25<npmr>but for some reason the irc bot is ignoring it
08:25<npmr>the website is fine
08:26<warewolf>guess i'm wrong then
08:26<npmr>the plans are 100, 150, 200, 300, and 400
08:27<warewolf>ok yeah, npmr's right. there are 5 plans. Back from when I made Linode buttons on RML
08:27<ashtaroth>k, i want to try a 100 before i get too carried away
08:27[~]warewolf hasn't updated those neither
08:29<Dreameer3>load going back down
08:29<Dreameer3>wonder if they fixed something
08:29<warewolf>what host was it?
08:29[~]warewolf checks rml
08:29<Dreameer3>22 i think
08:30<Dreameer3>going back down to normal levels
08:30<Dreameer3>then i'll reboot in a bit to get more RAM
08:30<warewolf>there's only one person reporting to rml on 22
08:30<warewolf>and they don't appear to be thrashing
08:30<Dreameer3>i had 400,000 io tokens
08:30<Dreameer3>so it's not me
08:30<Dreameer3>but someone else was blocking disk i/o
08:31<warewolf>dreamer3- while you're here, go sign up for rml :P
08:31<ashtaroth>what is the server time there? how long till it clicks over to 01/07/06
08:31<warewolf>ashtaroth: hrm? What do you mean?
08:31<warewolf>ashtaroth: most (if not all) linode "hosts" are in eastern time zone
08:32<ashtaroth>well the signup page says i will be charged for an extra month because i am signup up after the 28th
08:32<warewolf>they'll pro-rate it.
08:32<warewolf>don't worry about it. You'll only get charged for how long you've been a member of linode.
08:32<ashtaroth>also, it says that a 100 plan might be available on the 30th.. so im hoping that on the 1st a 100 plan will appear :)
08:33<warewolf>plans come available as they bring online new hosts, or people migrate upwards (or if they quit all together)
08:33<ashtaroth>so my wait might be in vane?
08:33<ashtaroth>Estimated Availability: 6/30/2006
08:33<warewolf>you probally won't need to wait long.
08:34<warewolf>try sending an email
08:34<warewolf>service at linode dot com
08:34<ashtaroth>i was looking for some sort of 'email me when a plan is avaiable' but didnt see anuthing
08:35<ashtaroth>the 200 plan is tempting me now though :P
08:35<ashtaroth>apparently there is a 48 hr seyup time, that you are not told about until you finilize the order
08:35<warewolf>it is usually less than that.
08:36<ashtaroth>no admins here atm that can do my order if i punch one through now? :P
08:36<warewolf>sometimes it's just a few minutes
08:36[~]warewolf points at caker and mikegrb
08:36<warewolf>those are your linode employees.
08:37<warewolf>they might not be awake yet, (sometimes they work late into the night) but I'm positive you will get a reply to an email sent to them.
08:37<ashtaroth>and with the web console, lets say i screw up my linux install, can i justr click a botton and get a fresh install?
08:37<ashtaroth>nice.. because i aint no expert :)
08:37<warewolf>there's a bunch of linode OS images you can drop on your disk space
08:38<warewolf>would this be your first time adminstering a linux system?
08:38<warewolf>if yes, see if you can grab a copy of 'Linux for Dummies' as a starter. It will help a lot.
08:38<ashtaroth>ive had a linux box here at home before, so i can navigate a console.. but i havent been exposed to managing things like IP's etc.. and DNS and all that stuff
08:39<warewolf>oh ok
08:39<ashtaroth>the box is really just for me to have fun and learn something
08:39<ashtaroth>hence why the 100 plan would be nice
08:39<ashtaroth>but the 200 isnt that much more
08:39[~]warewolf nods, it's really cheap.
08:39<warewolf>and you get a heck of a lot for what you pay.
08:40<ashtaroth>is there a lock in contract period?
08:40<warewolf>um, I'm not quite sure
08:41<kvandivo>if you pay month to month, your contract is one month
08:41<warewolf>I do know that you get extra disk space if you pre-pay a full year
08:42<ashtaroth>so if i have heart failure and need the money for surgery, i can just cancel :) nice...
08:42<Dreameer3>ashtaroth: stop being a pessimist
08:42<kvandivo>a bit of a morbid way to look at it, but yes
08:42<ashtaroth>you never know when cronic heart failure is going to appear :)
08:42<kvandivo>and, i don't want to know what sort of heart surgeons you'll be going to if $20 is going to make a difference
08:43<ashtaroth>and that $39.95 a month could be all i need to survive it
08:43<ashtaroth>is that an admin awake?
08:43<warewolf>no, that's a script
08:43<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:43<ashtaroth>haha, damn! :P
08:44<Dreameer3>what's up with the free memory upgrades over and over again?
08:44<Dreameer3>did caker win the memory lotto?
08:44<Dreameer3>not that i'm complaining
08:44<warewolf>Dreameer3: my best guess is that the memory is going unused, so they give it away just to use it
08:44<Dreameer3>ah, no one bought spare memory
08:45<warewolf>Dreameer3: that has two plusses behind it, 1) people thrash less (hopefully) 2) it makes people happy
08:45<Dreameer3>maybe i'm the only one :-)
08:45<warewolf>I've got a little extra ram
08:45<Dreameer3>an extra 40mb is enough to one low use rails app
08:45<ashtaroth>do many people run game servers ?
08:46<Dreameer3>darn, i still don't have enough VPSes for all my apps
08:46<ashtaroth>im so tempted to signup for that 200 plan
08:47<Dreameer3>just do it
08:47|-|Dreameer3 changed nick to Dreamer3
08:47<ashtaroth>haha, waiting for it to be activated will give me insomnia though :P
08:47<warewolf>ashtaroth- take a look at the linode wiki, it has useful tips for new linode members.
08:48<warewolf>ashtaroth: the biggest thing to pay attention to is your memory usage. Linodes don't have unlimited RAM, and if they swap a lot, you will get limited by the I/O limiter.
08:49<ashtaroth>so the 200 plan with 200mb's is 200meg of ram ?
08:49<warewolf>today's software expects servers with GIGs of memory, so you have to reconfigure it
08:49<ashtaroth>in linux land though thats a fair amount isnt it ?
08:50<warewolf>apache, mysql, etc
08:50<ashtaroth>turn it into tight arse mode :)
08:50<warewolf>ashtaroth: it's a fair amount, if you use it correctly.
08:50<ashtaroth>anyone run a bf2 server on there linode here?
08:51<warewolf>not sure, see if someone posted on the linode forums
08:51<ashtaroth>hrm.. doesnt look like 200 is enuff.. it states 512mb minimum
09:03<ashtaroth>Thank you for submitting a membership application!
09:03<ashtaroth>i couldnt wait.. im impatient
09:05<warewolf>welcome to the linode community :)
09:06<ashtaroth>why thank you! :)
09:06<ashtaroth>i hate callback verification.. the phone delay sucks and accents are hard to understand
09:06<warewolf>that'll only happen if something is strange with your info.
09:07<ashtaroth>ah, k.. ive had callback';s before and the yank on the other end couldnt undertand me.. haha..
09:07<warewolf>I assume you're a brit then?
09:07<ashtaroth>hell no.. australian
09:08<ashtaroth>a mate uses your service's and told me about it today
09:08<ashtaroth>he wouldnt shutup about it
09:08<warewolf>yeah, linode is great.
09:08<warewolf>quite possibly the best VPS service out there.
09:08<ashtaroth>hehe, i hope so..
09:08<warewolf>sometime have caker point out all the competitors who keep stealing his plans/web layout.
09:08<warewolf>imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
09:09<warewolf>something you may find amusing:
09:10<warewolf>a coworker of mine took a holday to visit .au, and went to a local zoo that had kangaroos
09:10<ashtaroth>hrm.. just got an email saying my account has been activated..
09:10<warewolf>ashtaroth: see? mere minutes. Told ya.
09:10<ashtaroth>i cant find my user id though
09:10<ashtaroth>oh, i entered it before didnt i
09:10<warewolf>same userid/pass you signed up
09:11<warewolf>anyway, coworker started hopping in imitation of the kangaroos ... and nearly started a 'roo stampede.
09:11<ashtaroth>nice.. i thought it was some number :P my bad
09:11<ashtaroth>ooo, dsitro wizard.. im so excited! :P
09:12<ashtaroth>now i need to select a dist.. argh! :P
09:12<warewolf>pick what you're comfortable with, but from what I've heard, many linode users use debian.
09:12<warewolf>and don't go overboard on swap
09:13<ashtaroth>yeah, im a debian fan..
09:13<warewolf>any more than what you've got in real RAM is not very useful
09:13<ashtaroth>ive got 200ram im pretty sure
09:13<ashtaroth>so 200 is a nice setting?
09:13<ashtaroth>debian is tiny.. its must be a very basic install
09:14<warewolf>apt-get is your friend
09:14<ashtaroth>ill have to find a tutorial so i can setup a dns and use my own host
09:17<ashtaroth>i have a big smile on my face.. this is exciting :)
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09:18<kvandivo>if you went debian, has some useful info on it
09:19<warewolf>ashtaroth: I think you'll find the linode user community extremely supportive.
09:19<npmr>ashtaroth, just curious, who do you know who referred you to linode?
09:19<eFUDd>oh yes. i'm supportive.
09:21<ashtaroth>npmr: im not sure if his username.. but his irc nick on my other network is 'thadius'
09:21<npmr>hmmm, ok
09:21<ashtaroth>if he gets something for referering me, i will endevour to find out his username for you :)
09:22<npmr><-- not staff
09:22<kvandivo>it merely warms the cockles of his heart
09:22<ashtaroth>oh, hehe
09:22<warewolf>yeah, mikegrb and caker are linode staff.
09:25<npmr> <-- coming in third place, BLAKE BARRIE of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
09:28<kvandivo>is _that_ why peole have been wondering if he's around?
09:28<kvandivo>people, even
09:28|-|mode/#linode [-bbb *!*52c61503@* *!*fdgfdg@* *!*] by mikegrb
09:28<warewolf>speaking of
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10:07<n9urk>hi, this is slightly OT but is anyone familiar with a "wolf" user? We have this on our linode and neither the other admin and nor I remember putting it on there. Is there a program that needs the wolf users or is this a possible explotation? Thanks
10:07[~]warewolf peers at n9urk
10:08<warewolf>what distro?
10:08<warewolf>hum. no idea then.
10:08<warewolf>isn't there some way you can grep portage or something?
10:08<warewolf>has that user logged on?
10:08<warewolf>check last
10:09<warewolf>what's your QTH btw? (curious)
10:09<n9urk>Wilmington, NC
10:09<warewolf>Fairfax, VA here
10:09<warewolf>KE4OPK here.
10:09<n9urk>we are doing a resize as our diskspace has been taken up
10:10<n9urk>and then we will look to see when/if he/she logged in last
10:10<warewolf>go emerge chkrootkit and/or rkhunter
10:10<n9urk>resize is taking > 20 minuets
10:10<warewolf>resizing up?
10:10<warewolf>shouldn't take that long
10:10<warewolf>oh wait
10:11<warewolf>was it resizing, or a migration that was stalling ...
10:11<warewolf>I think it was migrations
10:11<warewolf>not sure though
10:11<warewolf>resizing up should be very quick
10:11<warewolf>the job _is_ running in the host's queue, right?
10:12<n9urk>what is your license class Wolf?
10:12<warewolf>tech no code
10:12<n9urk>cool, you do Echolink?
10:13<warewolf>but I have heard of it, and hear nothing but praise
10:13<n9urk>I own the *NC* conference server if you ever do get using it
10:13<n9urk>a good way to waste a lot of time
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10:13<n9urk>Hi Jeremy,
10:13<n9urk>Warewolf is helping with the problem here
10:14<warewolf>well uh
10:14<warewolf>I wouldn't say helping
10:14<warewolf>I would say providing input
10:14<n9urk>(that is to the other admin of our linode)
10:14<warewolf><-- not an employee of linode
10:14<n9urk>when it comes to IRC providing input == help
10:14<warewolf>I come from the land of IRC where all you get is abuse :)
10:14<n9urk>as there are too many idiots on IRC that just hollar "noob alert"
10:15<n9urk>so I appreciate your help
10:15<n9urk>even more since you are not a Linode Employee
10:16<IntuiWorx>Hi, warewolf, thanks for the input/help, or whatever you call it ...
10:19<IntuiWorx>warewolf: n9urk sent me the IRC log, I've got rkhunter on the machine and will re-run it when I'm back up
10:19<kvandivo>noob alert! noob alert!
10:20<warewolf>IntuiWorx: good
10:20<warewolf>I actually rather like rkhunter
10:20<IntuiWorx>I'm wondering if this disk resize will finish today or tomorrow ...
10:22<n9urk>Why would resizing take > 30 minutes?
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10:24<ashtaroth>anyone have a turotial for setting up bind on linode ?
10:27<npmr>n9urk, it shouldn't normally
10:27<npmr>n9urk, i'd open a ticket
10:27<n9urk>it just took ca 35 minutes
10:28<warewolf>it finish?
10:28<npmr>ashtaroth, install bind, configure bind.... it's no different than setting up bind on any other linux system
10:28<warewolf>er, did it finish?
10:28<n9urk>jsut did
10:28<IntuiWorx>warewolf: last wolf shows nothing
10:28<IntuiWorx>also running rkhunter now
10:33<IntuiWorx>warewolf: this 'wolf' user seems to be related to an app I installed under tomcat, though I'm not sure how ...
10:33<IntuiWorx>so I may be clean as far as a compromise goes
10:34<IntuiWorx>rkhunter doesn't see anything out of the ordinary so far
10:40<n9urk>Thanks for your help in our problem warewolf!
10:41<kvandivo>nothing in standard portage creates a user called 'wolf' ( grep -r --include=*.ebuild enewuser * | grep wolf ) [ at least it hasn't found anything yet.. been searching for a few minutes]
10:41<warewolf>I hope that wasn't a past kv
10:41<warewolf>is enewuser some portage specific thing?
10:42<kvandivo>just finished.. nothing there creates 'wolf'
10:42<warewolf>I'd grep for newuser, simply because that'd catch people not using 'enewuser' along with people using it.
10:42<kvandivo>you do that. :)
10:42<n9urk>Thanks for your help as well kvandivo!
10:44<IntuiWorx>kvandivo ... it wasn't installed from portage, I installed it manually
10:44<IntuiWorx>the contents of the directory are directly related to the web app, so I'm 99% sure that's where it came from
10:44<kvandivo>so be it.. someone had asked before you logged in if it could have come from portage
10:45<IntuiWorx>plus I don't actually have the user in my passwd file
10:45<IntuiWorx>Oh, ok. Sorry ... missed that.
10:46<kvandivo>out of curiosity.. where are you seeing the wolf user, if it's not in 'last' and not in passwd ?
10:46<IntuiWorx>I've got a dir in /home called 'wolf'
10:46<kvandivo>owned by?
10:47<IntuiWorx>hmmm ... root
10:47<kvandivo>a bit unique...
10:47<npmr>anything interesting in there?
10:48<IntuiWorx>It looks like the eclipse workspace for the webapp in question.
10:48<IntuiWorx>I have in there download/eclipse/workspace/eXist-0.8/webapp/WEB-INF/attachments/
10:48<kvandivo>what's running as root that would have created it?
10:48<IntuiWorx>(eXist being the webapp in question that I installed)
10:48<IntuiWorx>I think I may have somehow in the install process.
10:49<kvandivo>well.. fair enough.. sounds like you've tracked it down
10:49<IntuiWorx>I'm not exceptionally familiar with Tomcat and web apps, so it took me a few times to get it straight
10:49<IntuiWorx>I think so
10:49<IntuiWorx>Scared the crap outta me when I saw the dir there though ... I keep up with updates, so couldn't figure out where a compromise might have come from.
10:56<n9urk>guys, thanks for the help in our problems. i have to say 73 and scrounge up some lunch
10:56<IntuiWorx>rkhunter is happy with the system state too, as if I hadn't figured that out already.
10:57<IntuiWorx>I feel better now ...
10:57<IntuiWorx>Thanks for the help, guys!
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11:02<kvandivo>np, and gl
11:05<n9urk>KE4POK, 73 de N9URK
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13:35<warewolf>.. and onward to InuYasha ep 70
13:35[~]warewolf waits on whites to finish in the washing machine
13:37<kvandivo>even warewolves have to have their tidy whities.
13:37<warewolf>socks and t-shirts, my dear boy.
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14:49[~]warewolf checks on laundry
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15:45|-|laptop_jake [] has joined #linode
15:46<laptop_jake>caker, mikegrb you around? i have a special billing request
15:50|-|JavaWoman [] has quit [Quit: Logging out]
15:50<@caker>laptop_jake: what's up?
15:51<laptop_jake>the next billing starts tomorrow, right?
15:51<laptop_jake>well, with the nice little lack of being paid on time, i was finally able to clear some room on my credit card this morning
15:52<laptop_jake>however, knowing my past experiences with Visa and recognizing my payments on time, i was wondering if there was any way i could get a short postponment on being charged?
15:52<@caker>one moment
15:56<@caker>laptop_jake: there's no method for me to do that, however you could enter in an invalid CCnumber until you're ready to be charged... 4111111111111111 should do it
15:56<laptop_jake>it should only take until monday or tuesday at the very latest
15:57<laptop_jake>and my VPS wouldn't be disconnected between now and then?
15:57<@caker>we give notices on the 3rd or so, usually give people until the 10th or 12th to reconcile before suspending accounts
15:58<laptop_jake>yeah, if it takes Visa that long, I'll cancel my account
15:58<laptop_jake>and get a new CC
15:58<laptop_jake>cancel my Visa account*
16:12|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:18|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
16:22|-|coumbes [~coumbes@] has joined #linode
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17:38|-|silverblad [] has joined #linode
17:38<warewolf>man there's nothing like a cleanly shaved head.
17:38[~]warewolf rubs bald head
17:39<warewolf>and no, not that one you pervs.
17:40<silverblad>im currently with a vps which offers 128 mb RAM, but Im running out of memory with even just a few processes running. Would Linode VPSs suffer from the same problem?
17:40<warewolf>that depends
17:40<warewolf>what sort of apps are you running?
17:40<warewolf>you may need to tune them to get the best performance out of them
17:41<silverblad>er... i tried Apache and MySQL
17:41<silverblad>but Apache wouldnt even start on its own
17:41<warewolf>ok, both of those are notorious for being memory hogs on linodes
17:41<warewolf>not just linodes though
17:41<warewolf>those apps expect GIGs of ram by default
17:41<silverblad>see, i was hoping to move my site over to a different host eventually
17:42<warewolf>no no no
17:42<silverblad>a central place to do it all basically
17:42<warewolf>there's nothing preventing you from running apache/mysql on a linode
17:42[~]npmr does it
17:42<warewolf>that's what I do actually
17:42<warewolf>you just have to limit how much memory they use
17:42<silverblad>i only want a VPS so i can run shoutcast lol
17:42[~]warewolf hunts where's that my.cnf
17:42<silverblad>man i hate that autololz
17:42<Battousai>but it's so amazing
17:43<silverblad>yeah anyway i just wondered if it was a problem with the vps im on or just a general problem
17:43<warewolf>there you go
17:43<warewolf>take a look at that
17:43<silverblad>ie if i threw a bit more money at it would it fix it... probably only if it was dedicated server heh
17:43<warewolf>that's a mysql config suitable for a linode
17:43<npmr>those applications can be configured to more prudent about memory use
17:43[~]warewolf nods with npmr
17:44<npmr>but depending on the volume of data you're working with, they still might exceed capacity
17:44<warewolf>infact, I run mysql, and two copies of apache
17:44<npmr>in which case no vps will work for you
17:44<silverblad>my site isnt too advanced. the biggest use of mysql is one of my forums which my family use to talk to each other (all live in different places)
17:44<warewolf>something like phpbb?
17:44<warewolf>I run forums on my linode
17:44<silverblad>im thinking of moving over to smf
17:44<warewolf>doesn't really matter what forums s/w you use
17:44<warewolf>just gotta tune mysql/apache
17:45<warewolf>or postgres for the matter
17:45<Battousai>smf is slightly heavier than stock phpbb, but with a small application like that it won't matter much
17:45<silverblad>i tried to install postgres but i had issues with that - the the php interface for it refused to let me log in
17:46<silverblad>anyway i just thought id ask here, see if a vps from linode would be better
17:46|-|silverblad changed nick to silverblade
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19:13<linbot>New news from forums: How to get a subversion repository to work... in General Discussion <>
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21:03|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
21:06[~]Eman is slightly annoyed
21:07<Eman>two days doing php that works flawlessly on my local machine, but runs like shit on my linode and spits out errors like crazy
21:31|-|spr [] has joined #linode
21:42|-|javafuel1d [] has joined #linode
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21:50|-|javafuel1d changed nick to javafueled
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22:15<encode> have you guys seen this? (ext4)
22:18|-|Netsplit <-> quits: internat
22:19[~]mikegrb uses ext242
22:20<encode>what is ext242?
22:21<encode>i dont believe you mikegrb
22:21|-|Netsplit over, joins: internat
22:21<guinea-pig>why not? i use it, too
22:21<@mikegrb>encode: it's super sekrit though
22:22<encode>ookay then
22:23<guinea-pig>more sekrit than the pope's illegitimate grandson
22:24<encode>alas, i will have to make do with ext3 and (insert os x filesystem name here)
22:25<ashtaroth>host45 down?
22:26<encode>hfs+ that sounds right
22:27|-|chris29 [] has joined #linode
22:27<encode>is there something wrong with theplanet's network? accessing my linode is reeeaaaally laggy currently
22:28|-|chris23 [] has joined #linode
22:28<ashtaroth>encode: same
22:28<ashtaroth>i cant even connect atm
22:28<@caker>we're working on it
22:28<encode>ahh cool
22:28<encode>(its funky seeing text appear 30 seconds after you type it)
22:29<@caker>suffice to say, that any recent (last few weeks) transit problems w/ Dallas nodes were caused by one client, who will be leaving Linode very soon.
22:29<@mikegrb>was it monday or tuesday /me forgets
22:29<anderiv>mr blake?
22:29<encode>ooh that sounds nasty
22:30[~]encode hopes he never gets on the wrong side of caker
22:30|-|gene203 [] has joined #linode
22:30<chris23>i have a job in the query that seems to be stalled- it started about an hour ago and was support to create a 2.5gb disk (about) and is still hasn't finished, is that normal?
22:30<@caker>chris23: possibly not -- which host?
22:30<@caker>or better, linode username?
22:30<guinea-pig>possibly? heh
22:31|-|rainkid [] has joined #linode
22:31<chris23>i just got an account- i haven't used linode before. i had another lvs from another company and was hoping for something better...
22:31[~]anderiv hopes it was blake. That kid pwned.
22:31<chris23>the server is new- though...
22:31<@caker>it was not blake
22:32|-|chris29 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
22:34<encode>the lag seems to vary considerably, but that could just be australia's international link i guess
22:34<anderiv>encode: no, I'm seeing the same thing.
22:34<ashtaroth>host45 is unreachable for me atm
22:35<rainkid>so whats the verdict?
22:35<anderiv>rainkid: 22:29 <@caker> suffice to say, that any recent (last few weeks) transit problems w/ Dallas nodes were caused by one client, who will be leaving Linode very soon.
22:35<rainkid>okay.. so it's a bad client huh
22:36<anderiv>rainkid: sounds like it.
22:36<rainkid>okay, at least we know what it is
22:36<@caker>he won't be causing any problems after the next few minutes .. yay for null-routing
22:36<rainkid>still experiencing huge packet loss
22:36<@caker>no, a deliberate troublemaker, IMO
22:37<rainkid>that does suck
22:37<rainkid>ruins it for all of us
22:37<anderiv>thanks for taking care of the issue.
22:37<rainkid>yea, we appreciate the quick response
22:37<ashtaroth>im slowly getting response back from my box.. woo :)
22:37<ashtaroth>yes, thanks for the quick action
22:37|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:38[~]anderiv turns off notifications in nagios temporarily
22:38<anderiv>...I've gotten about 15 pages in the last 5 minutes :-)
22:38<@caker>anderiv: does that actually work for you? Ours ignores it
22:38<anderiv>caker: nagios?
22:38<rainkid>appears to be stable now
22:39<@caker>anderiv: yes, turning on/off notifications
22:39<anderiv>yah - works great.
22:39<@caker>weird .. we get double notifies, too
22:39<@caker><-- nagios newb
22:39<encode>caker: maybe its cos mikegrb is using ext242?
22:39<encode>also, the lag seems to have gone, cheers
22:40<@mikegrb>encode: probably :<
22:41<@mikegrb>anderiv: you suck
22:42<@mikegrb>anderiv: also, if I reload the tactical overview it toggles back and forth between notifications enabled and notifications disabled on the display
22:42|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:42<anderiv>mikegrb: really? that's odd.
22:43<anderiv>caker: for a while, I couldn't get the notification on/off to work, but then discovered that you need to have the permissions right on your /usr/local/nagios/var/rw folder.
22:43<anderiv>mikegrb: what version of nagios are you guys running?
22:44<encode>o oh, the lag is back
22:44<ashtaroth>encode: yeah :(
22:45<anderiv>I'm running 2.0b3 currently.
22:46<anderiv>I've started evaluating zabbix, though, as a nagios replacement. Haven't had time yet, to give it a good once-over, though.
22:47<ashtaroth>there goes host45 again :(
22:47<anderiv>ashtaroth: it's not just's linode's internal network in the Dallas DC.
22:48|-|tronix [] has joined #linode
22:48<tronix>top o' day. seeing 20-40% packet loss to host28 and linode on it
22:49<tronix>some miscreant DoS'ing one of the Linodes on host28? :)
22:49<encode>tronix: yeah, caker is on it
22:49<tronix>ok sweet
22:49<tronix>thanks. i'll go back to slacking :)
22:53[~]tronix offers book on kneecapping techniques to caker (for once the offender is located)
22:55<@caker>better now?
22:56<ashtaroth>much.. wikid :) thanks
22:56<anderiv>caker: si.
22:56<tronix>mucho, thanks
22:56[~]tronix rolls out red carpet for caker
22:57[~]caker points to mikegrb for making the call
22:57[~]tronix rolls out red carpet for mikegrb too
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
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23:00[~]guinea-pig spills green paint on the red carpet, and declares it christmas in july
23:00<guinea-pig>(how appropriate that red carpet timing, just before midnight ;)
23:14|-|chris23 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
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