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00:20<Dreamer3>caker: ping
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00:44<guinea-pig>You have reached caker's ping-messaging service. Caker is not currently available to pong. Please leave a message after the fnord.
00:59<fo0bar>it's like fsck, but not
01:06<encode>that clears up nothing
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01:11[~]tronix sends a spoofed pong back to Dreamer3
01:11<encode>o oh, spoofing is not nice
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02:17<Xel>caker, mikegrb : Either of you around?
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06:55<Nathan>Hi, I just bought a service plan with linode and while I know that the server is not going to be set up already I thought I'd be able to login to and check on my account like the emails they have sent me so far say.... Is there any reason I have not been able to log in yet or just it just take time for it to get set up?
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07:06<linbot>New news from forums: Firehol and vsFTPd in Linux Networking <>
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12:41<JonR>did I do something in particular to get my token_refill set to 75, or was that just an automatic consequence of the IO burst when I did an apt-get upgrade?
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13:13<JasonF>io_count=8610967 io_rate=0 io_tokens=399980 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
13:13<JasonF>you musta been swap thrasing
13:14<JasonF>and apt-get upgrade doesn't thrash enough to make it do that
13:14<JasonF>you might wnna check your swap usagew
13:14<JonR>I keep a close eye on that.
13:14<JonR>and I don't think that's what it was.
13:14<JasonF>hell, I use gentoo, andI don't even get turned down during compilation
13:15[~]JonR shrugs.
13:16<JonR>it's been quite annoying; I've tried using caker's recommended my.conf and apache.conf values, but they don't seem to help.
13:17<JonR>I'm just running Apache 1.3, with mysql used only for a wordpress blog. and courier for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4.
13:18<JasonF>paste the output of free -m
13:18<JasonF> total used free shared buffers cached
13:18<JasonF>Mem: 151 148 3 0 17 78
13:18<JasonF>-/+ buffers/cache: 52 99
13:18<JasonF>Swap: 128 21 107
13:18<JonR>I'd love to.
13:19<JonR>my linode, however, is being very unresponsive.
13:19<JasonF>heh, i stil haven't rebooted into the ram upgrade
13:19<JonR>what are you running on your box that you don't need the ram?
13:20<JasonF>lighttpd, postfix, mysql, unrealircd, several screens+irssi
13:23[~]JonR is still working on getting to a command line.
13:24<JonR>yep, the apt-get update is chewing on my tokens.
13:25<JonR> total used free shared buffers cached
13:25<JonR>Mem: 73 64 9 0 2 19
13:25<JonR>-/+ buffers/cache: 42 31
13:25<JonR>Swap: 528 28 500
13:25<JonR>that's after I managed to kill apt-get, mind you.
13:26<JonR>jon@li5-50:~$ cat /proc/io_status
13:26<JonR>io_count=436255728 io_rate=34 io_tokens=189 token_refill=75 token_max=200000
13:30<JonR>any ideas?
13:32<JonR>and, yep, when I try running apt-get update, I go from 17452 tokens to -41 in a matter of seconds.
13:32<JonR>brb, gotta reboot
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13:53<JonR>hm, also, I'm supposed to have 100 MB ram. guess it's time to reboot again.
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14:00<JonR>much better
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16:42<eFUDd> <- HEH.
17:02<eFUDd> HA
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18:39<@caker> <-- testme
18:44<eFUDd>error processing CFFILE Error attempting to read '/tmp/linode-named-xfer.txt.' No such file or directory (error 2)
18:44<eFUDd>The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFFILE), occupying document position (67:2) to (67:75) in the template file /virtual/
19:15<@caker>eFUDd: was that after a "failed" zone xfer? .. guess you wouldn't know that unless you entered invalid values
19:17[~]caker adds a FileExists check
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19:32<sprouse> /msg NickServ IDENTIFY monkey
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20:14<@caker>sprouse: ouch
20:30<Xel>caker, any idea why bind9 spawns 5 processes?
20:31|-|sprouse changed nick to Guest153
20:32<@caker>Xel: bind9 is multithreaded, unless you compile it not to be
20:32<@caker> <-- #7
20:33<Xel>caker, using the default debian debs
20:33<Xel>for stable
20:33[~]caker shrugs
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20:35<Xel>thanks caker
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20:47<eFUDd>caker, ok, that looks better. I now get a denied, as i expect.
20:47<eFUDd>But uh, please don't use /tmp/linode-named-xfer.txt without some randomization on the name. Ktnx. Race condition.
20:47<@caker>server-wide lock
20:48<eFUDd>I see.
20:48<eFUDd>ok. I'll move you a little further away from the default "idiot" column and closer to the "not quite an idiot."
20:48<eFUDd>(note, I'm just to the right of "not quite an idiot" myself.)
20:49[~]caker hacks the gibson
20:49<eFUDd>my fingers hurt from putting ballinks together on the head of my helicopter. :/
20:49<eFUDd>Couldn't find any ball link pliers locally today.
20:49<@caker>eFUDd: tell us more about your helicopter
20:49[~]caker wants to know
20:51<@caker>~$500 a typical investment for a setup (I imagine you need a decent transmitter, which could be expensive itself)
20:51<eFUDd>still have to buy Tx, gyro, reciever, servos, batteries and some specialized tools. $1100 more.
20:51<eFUDd>$500 for that as is, altho i paid for overnight so it was really $460.
20:51<eFUDd>one could go with cheaper parts...
20:52<eFUDd>and i have a Tx that'd technically work.. but...
20:52<eFUDd>I've got servos that'd technically work... but again...
20:52<@caker>ok, so that's just the mechanics (in that kit), eh?
20:52<eFUDd>That's the mechanics+Esc+motor
20:52<eFUDd>Tx i want is $580
20:52<eFUDd>Gyro is $140
20:52<linbot>New news from forums: TXT record truncated in DNS Manager (pre-beta) <>
20:52<eFUDd>servo for gyro is $100
20:52<eFUDd>case to hold it all is $100
20:53<eFUDd>3 servos for the CCPM is $90
20:53<eFUDd>receiver is cheap..
20:53<eFUDd>2x 2100mah lipos are ~$100 total.
20:53<@caker>tx is .. the controller/transmitter, right?
20:53<@caker>neat stuff
20:53<eFUDd>relatively high end 9 channel one with PCM (bits vs. analog) and synthesized crystals
20:54<eFUDd>well, pcm is digital with ACKing or somesuch.
20:54<@caker>They make mini-turbine engines, right? I've had an interest in turbines since I saw this a few weeks ago:
20:54<eFUDd>Dunno. perhaps. large scale electrics sound /just/ like turbines tho :)
20:54<@caker>that's basically what I was getting at :)
20:55<eFUDd>in a small scale, one primarily hears rotor wash with electric.
20:55<@caker>chick magnets?
20:55<eFUDd>I guess. :)
20:55<eFUDd>some of the stuff I have gets used with my trucks and planes.. but if one wanted "all the best" with that heli in one complete package (tools, chargers, etc), it's probably.. hrm... $2200.
20:56<eFUDd>that includes a toolbox tho :P
20:56<@caker>you do this on your own, or do you have common-interest friends that feed the fire?
20:56<eFUDd>altho cowrokers have intrest, just haven't moved to it yet.
20:56<eFUDd>I expect a few will join me RSN.
20:57<eFUDd>This Trex is technically my 3rd heli.
20:57<eFUDd>I expect to rebuilt it many times.... :)
20:57<@caker>should we expect some onboard camera videos anytime soon?
20:58<eFUDd>I've yet to have a successful flight on heli #2 yet.. but it's a relatively cheap ($200 all inclusive) beast that is, uh, lacking.. lots of slop in the controls makes it difficult to fly.
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20:58<eFUDd>perhaps. $100 will buy a self contained unit that does rebroadcast to a base at 2.4Ghz
20:59<eFUDd>one of my car buddies is building a 50 sized nitro for doing ariel photography
20:59<@caker>very cool ... there's a nashville "weather balloon" (for lack of a better phrase) group that sends them up with all sorts of electronics -- cameras, gps, etc, all broadcasting back
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21:03<eFUDd>that's everything one needs for a Trex. $1500
21:05<eFUDd> <- word
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21:22<linbot>New news from forums: [RFT] Zone AXFR Import Feature in DNS Manager (pre-beta) <>
21:24<@caker>eFUDd: holy crap
21:27<@caker>^-- rc motorcycles
21:27[~]caker wants
21:32<ashtaroth>omg..i want one
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21:48<eFUDd>caker, those are $300
21:49<eFUDd>ready to go.
21:49<eFUDd>sorry, $370 ready to go
21:50<@caker>does that seem overpriced to you? I would expect there to be true toys that are sub 20 bucks or whatnot
21:50<@caker>I know YGWYPF
21:50<eFUDd>that's nitro :)
21:50<@caker>oh, an actual engine?!
21:51[~]caker drools
21:51<eFUDd>there. combo with _everything_ for $420
21:52<eFUDd>I want.
21:53<eFUDd>linux based smartphone, quadband, rs232 port on it, wifi, edge, usb port, runs a 2.4.x kernel..
21:53<eFUDd>GPS built in.
21:55<eFUDd>oh. and bluetooth.
22:04<jams>I just added some space to my linode, where do I find the device information so it can be mounted?
22:05<@caker>jams: you can either resize your existing image, or create a new one and add it to your config profile (and reboot)
22:06<jams>thanks caker, I will add it to my profile
22:06<jams>attempting to switch OS without incurring to much downtime
22:09<jams>nice..worked like a charm
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22:31<@caker>dhall: which kernel have you been running?
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22:59<eFUDd>whoot. head built and the main frame.
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